116 Names That Mean Wind, Sky, or Storm: Boys & Girls

Choosing the right weather name for your baby will be a breeze with these gorgeous names meaning wind, sky, and storm.

Grab your hat, coat, and boots, as the best atmospheric array of weather names just blew in with the blustery breeze.

It’s natural for parents to incorporate the beauty of nature when choosing the perfect name for their baby, and we think the weather is a fantastic place to draw inspiration from.

Whether your baby was born during a springtime storm, a wintery blizzard, or anytime in between, we have gathered this list of cute names that mean wind, sky, and storm, and we “forecast” you’ll be using them someday soon!

36 Girl Names Meaning Wind, Sky, or Storm

These dreamy weather names for girls will sweep you off your feet.

  1. Aella – a beautiful name from Greek mythology, meaning “whirlwind.”
  2. Alizée – a breezy French girl’s name meaning “trade wind.”
  3. Alizeh – a Persian girl’s name meaning “wind.”
  4. Ambhom – a unique Thai pick among girl names meaning “sky.”
  5. Amihan – a beautiful Tagalog name for a baby born during a “winter storm.”
  6. Anemone – a pretty Greek feminine name meaning “daughter of the wind” and another name for the “windflower.”
  7. Anila – a Muslim girl’s name with the blustery meaning of “wind, air.”
  8. Atarangi – beautiful for a daybreak baby, this Maori girl’s name means “morning sky.”
  9. Audra – not just a variant of the English Audrey, this cool feminine choice also means “storm” in Lithuanian.
  10. Awel – a pretty Welsh pick among girl names that mean “wind, breeze.”
  11. Ba-Ram (바람) – a trendy Korean girl’s name with meanings including “wind, tornado, breeze, and hope.”
  12. Brisa – the Spanish word for “breeze” makes a fairy-like name for a dainty girl.
  13. Brontë – traditionally, a gorgeous Irish name meaning “bestower,” yet also means “thunder” in Greek.
  14. Corentine – a feminine variant of the masculine Corentin, meaning “hurricane” in French.
  15. Cua – a cute Hmong name meaning “wind.”
  16. Damini – a Sanskrit name meaning “lightning” and “self-controlled,” perfect for a level-headed little storm baby.
  17. Doireann – an Irish name ideal for a little whirlwind, meaning “tempestuous.”
  18. Era – derived from Albanian, this short yet sweet girl’s name means “wind.”
  19. Fiza – a perky Muslim girl’s name meaning “growth” or “wind.”
  20. Haizea – a popular pick from Basque, this melodic name means “wind.”
  21. Hau – a pretty Maori choice among girl names that mean “wind.”
  22. Lani – a romantic Hawaiian pick among girl names that mean “sky” or “heaven.”
  23. Mealla – some say this Irish girl’s name means “lightning,” others interpret it as “honey.”
  24. Meltem – a hardy Turkish girl’s name referring to the wind off the sea.
  25. Mystral – an intriguing name meaning “cold, northerly wind,” rooted in French.
  26. Noelani – a dreamy and evocative Hawaiian weather name meaning “heavenly mist.”
  27. Nuit – meaning “sky,” the ancient Egyptian goddess of the heavens, makes a cool namesake.
  28. Pilvi – a Finnish girl’s name with the daydreamy meaning of “cloud.”
  29. Thyra – meaning “dedicated to Thor,” this stormy girl’s name is great if you’re a fan of the Norse god of thunder.
  30. Tora – if you like Thor – the name of the Norse god of thunder – you’ll love this stormy feminine variant.
  31. Toril – a fierce Scandinavian name for a stormy girl, meaning “thunder.”
  32. Tuuli – this Finnish girl’s name meaning “wind” is simply adorable.
  33. Tuulikki – an adorable variant of Tuuli, also the name of a Finnish forest goddess.
  34. Tyra – a Norse name with the most epic meaning of “thunder warrior.”
  35. Wendy – created by J.M. Barrie for Peter Pan, this cute name meaning “friend” sounds almost “windy!”
  36. Zepour – an Armenian girl’s name with the refreshing meaning of “breeze.”

56 Boy Names Meaning Wind, Sky, or Storm

These weather names for blustery boys sound like they blew in from the breeze.

  1. Aeolus – meaning “quick-moving” or “changeable,” Aeolus was a mythological Greek god of winds.
  2. Akash – a Sanskrit name meaning “sky, open air,” is full of potential.
  3. Amiri – a handsome Maori male name meaning “from the east wind.”
  4. Anil – a handsome Indian boy’s name meaning “wind.”
  5. Anore – a soft-sounding “wind” name from Greenland.
  6. Aquilo – the Roman god of the north wind, makes a cool namesake for your little legend.
  7. Asnee – meaning “lightning,” Asnee is a striking pick among Thai storm names.
  8. Ayaz – a Turkish name, romantically signifying a cool night breeze.
  9. Barak – a presidential Hebrew name meaning “lightning.”
  10. Boreas – the Greek god of winter, meaning “north wind.”
  11. Corentin – a charming yet chaotic French-rooted male name meaning “hurricane.”
  12. Djalu – a traditional Australian boy’s name meaning “lightning,” perfect for a confident boy.
  13. Ehecatl – a standout “wind” name after the Aztec wind deity.
  14. Fūjin – a Japanese male name taken from the intimidating Shinto god of the wind.
  15. Hayate – a unique Japanese name, possibly meaning “sound of the wind.”
  16. Horus – vast and powerful, after an ancient Egyptian god of the sky.
  17. Ilmarinen – a Finnish name meaning “air,” and a mythological figure said to have created the sky itself.
  18. Jovan – a handsome Roman male name derived from Jupiter, the god of the sky and thunder.
  19. Jupiter – an out-of-this-world name after the chief Roman deity who ruled over the sky and thunder.
  20. Keanu – a stylish and slick Hawaiian boy’s name meaning “cool breeze.”
  21. Nodin – a handsome name derived from the Native American (Ojibwe) word for “wind.”
  22. Notus – a name from Greek mythology, after the god of the “south wind.”
  23. Ociel – a romantic Latin name for angelic boys, meaning “from the sky.”
  24. Pavan – a Hindi boy’s name meaning “wind” that’ll sweep you off your feet.
  25. Perëndi – a god of sky and thunder in Albanian mythology, meaning “heavens.”
  26. Perun – after the bold Slavic god of the sky, thunder, rain, law, and order.
  27. Pillan – the electric name for the god of stormy weather in Mapuche (Native American) legend.
  28. Poyraz – an unusual male Turkish name meaning “north winds.”
  29. Pyry – a blizzard of a name, meaning “snowstorm, snowfall” in Finnish.
  30. Qīng – meaning “blue sky,” this Chinese boy’s name is full of life and possibility.
  31. Ramiel – a heavenly name for a stormy angel, meaning “thunder of God.”
  32. Rangi – a Maori and Samoan name meaning “sky” or “heavens.”
  33. Rüzgar – a Turkish name meaning “wind,” pronounced “rooz-gar.”
  34. Shappa – this Sioux name meaning “red thunder” is a name with a bang!
  35. Simi – a cute pick derived from a Native American (Chumash) word meaning “wind, clouds.”
  36. Stribog – the bold name belonging to the Slavic god of the winds.
  37. Strom – a watery German boy name meaning “stream,” yet looking very similar to Storm.
  38. Svarog – after the divine ruler of the sun and sky in Slavic mythology.
  39. Tarran – an Old Welsh storm name after the god of thunder in Celtic mythology.
  40. Thor – a badass name after the heroic Norse god of the thunder and storms
  41. Torbjörn – an epic storm name for a lad, meaning “thunder,” from Swedish.
  42. Tore – from Old Norse, this badass pick means “thunder warrior.”
  43. Tuoni – a stormy name taken from the Finnish god of the underworld and the Italian word for “thunder.”
  44. Typhoon – a forceful word name meaning “great wind” in Chinese.
  45. Ukko – with the unusual meaning of “old man,” Ukko is a god of the sky and thunder in Finnish mythology.
  46. Uranus – a Greek god of the heavens and an uncommon but undoubtedly cool space name meaning “sky.”
  47. Vayu – after the primary Hindu deity of wind and air.
  48. Venti – refers to a group of minor wind deities in Roman mythology.
  49. Veon – an unusual Irish option among names meaning “sky.”
  50. Wambua – a stormy African boy name for a baby “born during the rainy season.”
  51. Wayra – a Native American (Quechua) name meaning “wind, or gust of wind.”
  52. Wyndham – an English surname and given name meaning “from the windy village” or “the winding village.”
  53. Zeferino – a Portuguese name meaning “the west wind,” after the Greek god Zephyros.
  54. Zenon – a badass Polish boy name derived from Zeus, the Greek god of the sky and thunder.
  55. Zeru – a slick pick among names that mean “sky” in Basque.
  56. Zeus – after the supreme king of the gods in Greek mythology, meaning “sky father.”

24 Unisex Names Meaning Wind, Sky, or Storm

Your little angel will shine like the sky after rainfall with one of these gender-neutral weather names.

  1. Anemoi – after the group of wind gods in ancient Greek mythology.
  2. Aouli – a dreamy Hawaiian pick meaning “blue sky” ideal for a clear-headed baby.
  3. Arkansas – a great locational name if you’re from that State, meaning “of the south wind.”
  4. Cielo – the Spanish word for “sky” makes a dreamy, gender-neutral name.
  5. Coro – a Native American name meaning “wind,” and the Spanish word for “chorus,” if you have a vocal baby.
  6. Enakai – a powerful choice among Hawaiian names meaning “storm,” symbolizing a stormy sea.
  7. Esen – an easy-breezy Turkish choice among “wind” names.
  8. Falak – an ethereal Hindu name meaning “star” or “sky.”
  9. Guthrie – meaning “windy place,” Guthrie is a Scottish surname, given name, and place name.
  10. Ha-neul – a Korean name meaning “sky,” lovely for babies with high-reaching dreams.
  11. Hurricane – you won’t want to mess with a baby born with this mighty word name.
  12. Indra – meaning “possessor of the rain,” Indra belonged to the ancient Hindu deity of the sky and weather.
  13. Makani – the Hawaiian word for “wind” is a gorgeous choice for a baby.
  14. Moe – a popular nickname for various “Mo-” names, plus a Burmese name meaning “rain.”
  15. Myrsky – a feisty Finnish option if you like names that mean “storm.”
  16. Quilo – a name from Roman mythology relating to the north wind.
  17. Raiden – a powerful Japanese name after the legendary god of storms.
  18. Rain – another unique English word name inspired by the weather.
  19. Scirocco – a stylish Italian name with the comforting meaning of “warm wind.”
  20. Sky – a popular and dreamy English name for a baby with a big, bright future ahead.
  21. Skye – a sweet variant to Sky, also good if you hold the Scottish Isle near and dear.
  22. Soar – not technically a name, but a cool word that’d suit a baby destined to fly high.
  23. Storm – a thunderous English weather name for a little whirlwind baby.
  24. Wind – an uncommon pick among English word names, but great for a baby born in a blustery storm!

Weather Names FAQs

What Name Means Gentle Breeze?

If you’re looking for a “gentle breeze” name for your baby, consider Awel, Zepour, or Brisa for a girl and Ayaz or Keanu for a boy.

What Name Represents Thunder?

There are some powerful names meaning “thunder” to choose from for babies! We love Brontë and Toril for girls, or Ramiel, Shappa, and Tarran for boys.

Name variations of Thor – the Norse god of thunder – are also cool choices, such as Thyra and Tora for girls or Tore for boys.

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