100 Cool Names That Mean Winter, Ice, and Snow

These gorgeous winter names for babies are as beautiful as a morning frost.

Grab your scarf and gloves, and prepare for an icy blast. These gorgeous names that mean winter, ice, and snow are perfect for the most chilled-out babies, especially those born during the magic of the colder season.

Wintertime is beautiful, from the delicate flurries of snow to the sparkle of an evening frost. To help you capture this magic for your baby, we have gathered some of the most enchanting winter names and listed them below.

With all their frosty meanings, origins, and more, your little snow angel will have the perfect winter name in no time!

54 Magical Girl Names Meaning Winter, Ice, and Snow

Your Arctic princess will sparkle perfectly with these gorgeous winter names.

  1. Ailbhe – meaning “white,” this gorgeous Old Irish wintery name is pronounced, “al-va.”
  2. Alaska – after the cold State, this wintery locational name means “mainland.”
  3. Amihan – a pretty Filipino girl’s name meaning “winter storm.”
  4. Berfin – this rugged “snow” name comes from Kurdish.
  5. Bora – an Albanian female name meaning “snow.”
  6. Cherith – meaning “winter stream,” this Hebrew girl’s name is a tranquil choice.
  7. Crystal – a sparkling gem of a name derived from the Greek meaning “ice.”
  8. Dōngméi – fruity and floral, this popular Chinese name means “winter plum.”
  9. Drífa – an Old Norse mythical snow princess, and name meaning “snow drift.”
  10. Edurne – a rustic-sounding Basque name meaning “snow.”
  11. Eira – a pure Welsh pick among girl names that mean “snow.”
  12. Eiriol – a gorgeous variant of Eira, meaning “snowy” or “to advocate” in Welsh.
  13. Elsa – meaning “God is my oath,” best associated with the Ice Queen in Disney’s Frozen.
  14. Fanney – meaning “snow drift,” although this Icelandic name could be interpreted as a vulgar word in the UK.
  15. Fionnuala – meaning “white-shouldered,” like a girl caught in the snow, from Old Irish.
  16. Fjolla – a gorgeously-spelled Albanian name meaning “fine snow” or “snowflake.”
  17. Frostine – an icy name meaning “frosty, freezing,” inspired by French.
  18. Fuyuko – meaning “winter child,” this Japanese girl’s name is beautiful for a snowy princess.
  19. Gola – a Cherokee name meaning “winter,” also “treeless” in Polish, and “mountain hollow” in Italian.
  20. Gyeo-Wool (겨울) – a Korean pick among “winter” names for girls.
  21. Haukea – meaning “white snow,” this Hawaiian girl’s name is pretty and delicate.
  22. Haunai – meaning “beautiful snow,” this Hawaiian winter name is fit for a princess.
  23. Havaska – an icy Hungarian girl’s name meaning “snowy.”
  24. Himani – a melodic Sanskrit choice among girl names meaning “snow.”
  25. Irwen – an earthy Welsh girl’s name with the frosty meaning of “white snow.”
  26. Ísdís – a unique Icelandic name for a little “ice goddess,” perfect for a little ice fairy.
  27. Íshildur – an Icelandic name meaning “ice battle,” great for a winter warrior.
  28. Isolde – a German female name meaning “ice ruler” for a powerful winter queen.
  29. Ísveig – meaning “ice power,” this Icelandic name is full of wintery magic.
  30. Jökla – a happy-sounding Icelandic girl’s name meaning “ice, glacier.”
  31. Kalda – from Old Norse, this unique name means “chill, or cold.”
  32. Kawisenhawe – an Indigenous American (Mohawk) name for a girl who “holds the ice.”
  33. Khione – a Greek mythological name meaning “snow” for your icy little nymph.
  34. Kirsi – the Finnish word for “frost,” and a cute variant of Christina, meaning “follower of Christ.”
  35. Koleda – a mythological Slavic deity of the winter sun and a romantic name relating to “Christmas.”
  36. Lixue – a Chinese girl’s name perhaps meaning “beautiful snow.”
  37. Miyuki – a perky and cute Japanese name signifying “happy, deep snow.”
  38. Morana – a dark, magical Slavic name taken from the mythological goddess of death and winter.
  39. Natalie – a popular English name meaning “Christmas day,” full of winter magic.
  40. Natalka – a Polish and Ukrainian name meaning “Christmas day,” great for a festive blessing.
  41. Neus – a Catalan girl’s name meaning “snow,” pronounced the same as “news.”
  42. Nevada – another State name, Nevada means “snow-capped,” in Spanish.
  43. Neves – this Portuguese girl’s name meaning “snow” is a beautiful flurry of a name.
  44. Nieve – the Spanish word for “snow” makes a cozy choice among chilly snow names.
  45. Nilak – meaning “freshwater ice,” this Arctic princess name sure packs a punch.
  46. Noëlle – a French girl’s name meaning “Christmas,” full of wintry chill.
  47. Patil – an Armenian name meaning “snowflake,” perfect for your one-of-a-kind princess.
  48. Piren – a stylish Mapuche name meaning “to snow, to hail.”
  49. Qinoq – a cool-sounding Greenlandic name with the not-so-sexy meaning of “ice sludge.”
  50. Sarma – a friendly Latvian name meaning “frost.”
  51. Sarmīte – a variant of the Latvian Sarma, meaning “frost, freezing.”
  52. Setsuko – meaning “snow child,” this Japanese name is great for a winter-born baby.
  53. Syvne – an indigenous Nenets name from northern Russia, meaning “winter woman.”
  54. Talvi – sweet and snowy, this Finnish pick means “winter.”

36 Cool Boy Names Meaning Winter, Ice, and Snow

These snow names for boys are perfect for your little chilled-out guy.

  1. Agdulak – we love this unusual Greenlandic pick among winter names, meaning “hole in the ice for fishing.”
  2. Aisi – a cool and frosty boy name, meaning “ice” in Tongan.
  3. Andri – a unique Icelandic name, perhaps from Old Norse, meaning “snowshoe.”
  4. Ayaz – a Turkish choice among ice names for boys, meaning “frosty.”
  5. Boreas – meaning “north wind,” the Greek god of winter makes a chilly namesake.
  6. Chion – a slick Greek pick among boy names meaning “snow.”
  7. Dong – a male name element in Chinese, meaning “winter.”
  8. Fannar – a unique name from Old Norse, meaning “snow drift.”
  9. Finlay – a badass name meaning “white warrior” in Gaelic.
  10. Frediano – rooted in Latin, this Italian boy’s name means “cold,” and offers some cool nicknames.
  11. Himesh – an Indian male name for your icy little “lord of the snow.”
  12. Isa – derived from a short form of longer, Germanic “Is-” names, meaning “ice” or “iron.”
  13. Ísarr – meaning “ice army,” this Icelandic name is as tough as a blizzard.
  14. Isbert – an ancient Germanic pick meaning “bright ice.”
  15. Ísleifr – combining Old Norse elements for “ice” and “descendent” creates this sweet snow baby name.
  16. Izotz – a spicy Basque pick among cool boy names meaning “ice.”
  17. Jack – a popular English name meaning “God is gracious,” associated with the folklore personification of winter, Jack Frost.
  18. Jaki – this cute Icelandic Jack variant means “iceberg.”
  19. Jöklar – the Icelandic word for “glacier,” Jöklar looks like it’d make a cool name for a handsome lad.
  20. Jökull – another Icelandic name meaning “ice, glacier,” full of icy chill.
  21. Kanrou – a Japanese winter name, possibly meaning “cold son.”
  22. Led – the Russian word for “ice” makes a unique but sharp male name.
  23. Ledimir – a strong Slavic name perhaps meaning “ice peace.”
  24. Morozko – a festive Russian name for the figure of “Father Frost.”
  25. Noël – the French word for “Christmas” makes an excellent festive boy’s name.
  26. Pyry – a Finnish male name meaning “snowfall,” that’s crisp, white, and charming.
  27. Sioc – a very rare Gaelic masculine name, perhaps meaning “frost, freezing.”
  28. Tushar – a soft Hindi pick among boy names that mean “winter, snow or frost.”
  29. Ullr – after the Norse god of winter, snow, and skiing.
  30. Urmas – a hot Estonian name with the chilly meaning of “frost.”
  31. Vetle – a bold Norwegian name meaning “winter traveler,” great for an adventurous ice warrior.
  32. Vindkaldr – a feisty fantasy name from Norse mythology, meaning “wind-frozen.”
  33. Warrin – an Australian Aboriginal name destined for a baby “born in the colder months.”
  34. Yas – a short but punchy boy’s name meaning “snow” from Navajo.
  35. Yukio – meaning “snow boy,” this Japanese boy’s name sure is sweet.
  36. Yule – this archaic word for “Christmas” would beautifully suit a winter-born baby boy.

10 Unisex Names That Mean Winter, Ice, and Snow

These gender-neutral winter names are cool as can be.

  1. Hima meaning “snow” or “frost” in Sanskrit, Hima is a cool unisex winter name.
  2. Lasta – a Quecha name meaning “snow,” a gorgeous sounding pick among ice names.
  3. Lumi – a sweet and enlightening Finnish name meaning “snow.”
  4. Nollaig – another great name for a baby born on Dec. 25, this Irish name means “Christmas.”
  5. North – a stylish celebrity name, reminding us of the winter chill of the North Pole region.
  6. Quilo – a unique name from Roman mythology relating to the icy North Wind.
  7. Robin – this red-breasted bird makes us think of cozy winter snow scenes.
  8. Snow – this ever-wintery word would make a fantastic gender-neutral name.
  9. Winter – an icy name for a baby born during the cooler months.
  10. Zima – a Slavic surname and given name meaning “winter.”

Winter Names FAQs

What Name Means Ice Princess?

Thanks to Disney’s Frozen, Elsa is a popular girl name associated with the ice princess. Drífa is also a lovely name for a mythological snow princess, as is the Icelandic Ísdís.

What Name Means Frost?

Kirsi is a delicate girl’s name meaning “frost,” as is the Latvian Sarma. For boys, Sioc, Ayaz, and Jack make great names for frosty babies.

What Are Some Japanese Winter Names?

Fuyoko, Setsuko, and Miyuki are gorgeous choices among winter-inspired Japanese names for girls. For boys, we love Kanrou or Yukio.

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