100 Powerful Native American Names for Boys

Inspired by nature, animals, great warriors, or the majesty of the unspoiled land, these Native American-inspired names are brilliant to consider for your baby son.

Choosing the right Native American-inspired name for your baby is an all-important cultural experience for your family.

From names inspired by the endless beauty of our earth, the wisdom and fearlessness of animals, or the honor and power of Native American ancestors, we are here to help you with 100 brilliant and beautiful Native American boy names to consider for your new baby.

Keep reading to delve into Native American language, culture, and history with us, and let’s find that perfect name for your beautiful baby boy!

100 Cool Native American Names for Boys

These powerful and meaningful Native American names for boys are bound to inspire you to choose a culturally rich name for your son!

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👦 Boy 🏷️ Stylish, Unique, Cool
  • Origin: Native American
  • Meaning: Keeper of the flame
  • Pronunciation: a-bornazi-ne

Abornazine is a stylish Native American name, meaning “keeper of the flame,” offering warm, protective connotations. Although the name is most commonly pronounced a-bornazi-ne, it could also be changed to ab-orna-zine too. Whichever pronunciation you choose, Abornazine is certainly a unique and memorable name to bestow upon your baby boy.


👦👧 Unisex 🏷️ Short, Strong, Cool
  • Origin: Native American, Latin
  • Meaning: Unity
  • Variations: Acer, Jace, Ase
  • Namesakes: Ace Atkins, American crime reporter and author. Ace Vergel, Filipino actor.

Ace might be the coolest name for the new “number one” in your life! Commonly used as a nickname for someone excelling in their field, the name Ace just radiates positivity and uniqueness. This unisex name would also make an awesome middle name for your little star.


👦 Boy 🏷️ Nature-inspired, Stylish, Sweet
  • Origin: Cherokee
  • Meaning: Lives in the woods

Meaning “lives in the woods,” Adahy is a magical, earthy name for your new baby boy. This short, three-syllable name is unique and has an attractive spelling. A strong name for a boy, the name makes us think of rustic timber and the beautiful fresh breath of the outdoors!


👦 Boy 🏷️ Nature-inspired, Strong, Unique
  • Origin: Kiowa
  • Meaning: Tree
  • Variations: Adoet, Adoerte, Adooeette

Adoeete is a strong name, which means “tree” in Kiowa. An earthy name inspired by the beauty of nature, Adoeete is a unique but sturdy name choice for your outdoorsy baby boy.


👦 Boy 🏷️ Spiritual, Sweet, Animals
  • Origin: Native American, Hebrew
  • Meaning: Beaver, God is my master

The beaver is a symbol of great skill, so it is an honor to name a baby after these magnificent creatures. Adriel is also a Hebrew name meaning “God is my master,” so a beautifully heavenly name to bless upon your beautiful new boy.


👦 Boy 🏷️ Unique, Strong
  • Origin: Navajo
  • Meaning: He fights
  • Variations: Ahyga

Ahiga is a brilliant, impactful name of Navajo origin. It is soft-sounding and would sound perfect with a shorter surname. Meaning “he fights,” Ahiga carries all the power of a warrior and would be a strong name for a baby boy.


👦 Boy 🏷️ Cool, Unique
  • Origin: Native American
  • Meaning: Ambush

Akando has a beautifully rhythmic lilt to the name. Although “ambush” may not be the cutest of meanings, it is reminiscent of a strong warrior spirit. Akando is also the name of a beautiful Lake Akando in Japan, which pools at the foot of Mount Akandake.


👦 Boy 🏷️ Cool, Stylish, Animals
  • Origin: Native American
  • Meaning: One who looks up
  • Pronunciation: aa-KUWUWL, or aa-KOO-lay
  • Variations: Akul

Meaning “look up,” Akule is a beautiful name for your new little daydreamer. But did you know that the name Akule also has a natural meaning to it too? Akule is the Hawaiian name for a popular type of oceanic reef fish. These “akule” travel in shimmering clusters – and the name is as dazzling as the fish themselves!


👦 Boy 🏷️ Spiritual, Short, Cool
  • Origin: Hopi
  • Meaning: One who is a spiritual guide
  • Namesakes: Alo of Maui, High Chief Mo’i of Maui ca. 1186

From Hopi origins, Alo means “one who is a spiritual guide.” We think this would be an adorable name to bless upon your beloved new baby companion! A short name, Alo may also be found to have origins in Estonian, Italian, and other cultures. It is not a common name, but still very accessible and a cool name for guys.


👦 Boy 🏷️ Cool, Strong
  • Origin: Native American, Scandinavian
  • Meaning: A strong and brave man
  • Variations: Andreas, Andrew, Anderson
  • Namesakes: Anders, a Canadian rapper and singer.

The name Anders is linked to Native American origins and means “a strong and brave man.” This powerfully masculine name is commonly seen as a surname but makes a strong first name or even middle name too. If you are considering naming your child after a relative named Andrew or Andreas, consider Anders as a unique alternative.

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👦 Boy 🏷️ Nature-inspired, Animals
  • Origin: Cherokee
  • Meaning: Fish
  • Pronunciation: a-CHA-di, or a-tsa-di

The name Atsadi is a strong, masculine choice from Cherokee origins. Meaning “fish,” Atsadi is a fresh, earthy but sweet name. Depending on your personal preference, you may choose to pronounce Atsadi in a couple of different ways. However, a-CHA-di would be the best pronunciation to honor the name’s Cherokee heritage.


👦 Boy 🏷️ Unique, Cool, Powerful
  • Origin: Hopi
  • Meaning: One who follows orders

Ayawamat is a unique, impactful name of Hopi origin. If you are looking for a longer name for your son, this is a good, full-bodied choice and the perfect way to incorporate Native American culture into your baby’s life. Ayawamat also offers plenty of scope for shortening should you prefer to give your son a nickname, with options such as Aya, Yawa, or even Matt.


👦 Boy 🏷️ Short, Sweet, Cool
  • Origin: Native American, Irish, Old Norse, English
  • Meaning: Tall, Friendly
  • Variations: Blighe
  • Namesakes: Robert Bly, American poet.

Although it is one of the shortest names on this list, Bly holds a lot of meaning in its three letters. Meaning “tall,” Bly is also used as an English name, meaning “friendly.” Literature and popular culture fans may recognize Bly as the name of the gothic estate in Henry James’ novella “The Turn of the Screw.” Despite the spooky relation, we think Bly sounds like a perfectly romantic and unique name for a baby boy.


👦 Boy 🏷️ Strong, Cool
  • Origin: Apache
  • Meaning: Fire Maker

A beautiful baby boy brings warmth and glowing hope, so a name meaning “fire maker” would be a perfect fit for your new arrival. Bodaway is a dreamy but strong name and draws imagery of adventure and power. It’s not a common name, but we’re sure it’s one that will be met with approval and admiration.


👦 Boy 🏷️ Strong, Sweet
  • Origin: Native American
  • Meaning: Warrior of life
  • Variations: Calien, Calyan

Calian is a name of Native American origin, but its attractive lilt and stylish meaning make it a choice that is growing in popularity around the world. You could easily play around with the spelling of the name Calian to suit your preference – any way you choose, it will be a stunning option.


👦 Boy 🏷️ Cool, Nature-inspired, Strong
  • Origin: Sioux
  • Meaning: Sand bar

Chardon is a unique, unisex name from Native American Sioux origins. Meaning “sand bar,” this nature-inspired name brings relaxed connotations of the coast while also offering a strong-sounding pronunciation. Interestingly to note, “chardon” is also the Latin word for “thistle,” which is another fun, nature-inspired interpretation of the name!


👦 Boy 🏷️ Nature-inspired, Animals, Strong
  • Origin: Native American
  • Meaning: Falcon

Just one of the beautiful bird-related Native American male names on this list, Chaytan means “falcon.” This majestic, nature-inspired name is unique and earthy, evoking freedom and flight. Chaytan can be shortened to the sweet nickname Chay.


👦 Boy 🏷️ Cool, Strong, Spiritual
  • Origin: Hopi
  • Meaning: Spirit warrior
  • Variations: Tseeveyo

Meaning “spirit warrior,” the name Cheveyo manages to be both mystical and mighty. Fans of storytelling and culture may be interested to hear that the similar-sounding Tseeveyo is Hopi for a monstrous mythological figure!


👦 Boy 🏷️ Cool, Strong
  • Origin: Native American
  • Meaning: Victorious
  • Variations: Coulson
  • Namesakes: Colson Whitehead, Pulitzer Prize-winning US novelist.

The name Colson means “victorious” and would therefore be a lovely way to set your new baby boy up for success! You may not know this, but Colson is also said to derive from the much more common name Nicholas, which is also a strong name for a successful baby boy. Both are proud, masculine names, beautiful for your handsome new son.


👦 Boy 🏷️ Strong, Powerful, Unique, Historic, Animals
  • Origin: Native American, Cherokee
  • Meaning: Standing turkey
  • Namesakes: Conocotocko of Chota, a Cherokee elder

Conocotocko is one of the strongest names on this list. Rich with culture and unique in style, Conocotocko is a bold name to consider for your new baby boy. In Native American history, Conocotocko of Chota served as the First Beloved Man of the Cherokee, a valiant namesake to bestow upon your child.

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👦👧 Unisex 🏷️ Stylish, Locational
  • Origin: Sioux
  • Meaning: Friend, an ally
  • Namesakes: Dakota Abberton, an Australian surfer. Dakota Fanning, an American actress. Rayne Dakota Prescott, an American football quarterback.

Not only is Dakota the name for two states in the USA, but it is also a cool name for your baby. Suitable for boys and girls, the name Dakota could be a trendy nod to both a birthplace and Native American heritage.


👦 Boy 🏷️ Powerful, Unique
  • Origin: Cherokee
  • Meaning: The warrior
  • Pronunciation: dah-noo-woa-ah

Danuwoa is a rhythmic-sounding, majestic Cherokee name. Meaning “the warrior,” Danuwoa would be a fitting name for a tough, strapping baby boy destined for greatness.


👦 Boy 🏷️ Strong, Cool
  • Origin: Native American
  • Meaning: Chief
  • Pronunciation: Day-sin, DEY-sahn

Since Dasan means “chief,” we think it is the perfect name to define the newest leading man in your life! With a unique pronunciation, this cool name would be a good, strong option for a baby boy with Native American heritage.


👦 Boy 🏷️ Stylish, Cool, Strong
  • Origin: Native American
  • Meaning: Beloved
  • Variations: David
  • Namesakes: Davian Clarke, a Jamaican athlete.

Davian is a pretty variation on the name David. Both names mean “beloved,” which is a beautiful tribute to the love you have for your new baby boy. Like the name David, nicknames like Davy or Dave may derive from Davian. However, the full version of Davian is cool and strong enough as it is, without the need to be shortened.


👦 Boy 🏷️ Powerful, Nature-inspired, Heavenly
  • Origin: Athabascan
  • Meaning: The great one

The name Denali is of Athabascan origins, meaning “the great one.” Its popularity as a name may, in part, come from being the name of the Denali, the highest mountain peak in North America, located in the Denali National Park and Preserve in Alaska. From this, the name offers connotations of strength, majesty, and greatness. What better way to sum up the love you feel for your new baby son?


👦 Boy 🏷️ Nature-inspired, Animals, Strong
  • Origin: Cherokee
  • Meaning: Spring frog
  • Variations: Dusty, Dustin

Meaning “spring frog,” Dustu is a wonderful name choice for a baby boy born in the springtime. Nature-related names remain popular, but Dustu is a delightfully unique option, with rugged and masculine undertones.


👦👧 Unisex 🏷️ Heavenly, Short, Sweet
  • Origin: Zuni
  • Meaning: Full of grace

Elu is a gorgeous name for both baby boys and girls, originating from the Zuni tribe of the New Mexico area. Meaning “full of grace,” Elu is heavenly and identifies your baby as a perfect blessing. Despite being a short name, baby boys named Elu may be nicknamed El, Lou, or even Louie. It is a good name to make your own, while still incorporating Native American heritage into your baby’s life.


👦 Boy 🏷️ Cool, Popular, Strong
  • Origin: Native American, English, Germanic
  • Meaning: Entire
  • Namesakes: Emmett Barrett, an American football player. Dr. Emmett Brown, a fictional character from the “Back to the Future” trilogy.

Perhaps the name Emmett is most recognizable as a cognate of the hugely popular girls’ names Emma and Emily. But did you know it has Native American origins too? The city of Emmett in Idaho holds a rich cultural history, making it a worthwhile name to add to this list. Emmett is a cool-sounding and masculine name, and certainly one to consider for your new baby boy.


👦 Boy 🏷️ Earthy, Unique, Powerful
  • Origin: Native American
  • Meaning: One who lives alone
  • Pronunciation: EHN-kuh-DAH-bu-WOW-UW

Enkoodabooaoo is unique in both name and meaning and a spectacular name for men. It has an attractive lilt, appears powerfully on paper, and certainly won’t be forgotten. One of the longer names on this list, Enkoodabooaoo, is a rare but magnificent Native American boy’s name to consider.


👦 Boy 🏷️ Nature-inspired, Animals, Strong
  • Origin: Native American
  • Meaning: Walks as a bear
  • Pronunciation: e-nye-to, en-yeto

Enyeto is an adorably endearing name for a boy. One of a few names on this list relating to a bear, it offers both strong but sweet connotations for your cuddly new baby.

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👦 Boy 🏷️ Animals, Nature-inspired, Powerful, Unique
  • Origin: Navajo
  • Meaning: Raven

Another of the traditional animal-related names we found, Gaagii is a Navajo name meaning “raven.” These beautiful birds have many fascinating depictions, but in Native American culture, the raven bird is considered to be wise, a savior, and a transformer. Gaagii is a powerful name for your baby boy, with a unique intonation and memorable spelling.


👦 Boy 🏷️ Nature-inspired, Short, Heavenly
  • Origin: Native American, Navajo, Hebrew
  • Meaning: Juniper tree
  • Variations: Gadiel

As its Navajo meaning suggests, the name Gad is a tall-standing, evergreen name for a beautiful baby boy. As well as having Native American origins, Gad is also a biblical boy name, meaning “fortune” and “luck” in Hebrew.


👦 Boy 🏷️ Cool, Strong
  • Origin: Native American, English
  • Meaning: Companion

Gatlin is a cool, sharp name for a baby boy and is the perfect way to honor the bond and lifetime companionship you will be sharing with your new son. Gatlin also lends its name to a couple of historical places across the United States, such as the archaeological Gatlin Site in Arizona and the military site Fort Gatlin in Florida.


👦 Boy 🏷️ Unique, Strong
  • Origin: Native American
  • Meaning: Leaper
  • Pronunciation: gow-SHEY-vahn

Gosheven is a name not typically heard, making it a brilliant choice for a rare but stunning, Native American-inspired name. Meaning “leaper,” the name Gosheven would no doubt inspire its owner to take chances, offering connotations of freedom and possibility from the start of your baby’s life.


👦 Boy 🏷️ Powerful, Nature, Strong
  • Origin: Native American, Norse
  • Meaning: Fire
  • Namesakes: Haakon, Crown Prince of Norway.

Hakan is a smart, stylish, and solid, two-syllable name. As well as its warm and exciting meaning of “fire” in Native American, the name Hakan also means “noble” in Norse. Hakan sounds punchy and rhythmic and very cool for a masculine name.


👦 Boy 🏷️ Spiritual, Unique, Sweet
  • Origin: Native American
  • Meaning: Spirit warrior
  • Pronunciation: HHAHNYAA, HHA-ni-ya

Hania is a stunning unisex name and certainly one to consider for your unique little “spirit warrior”! The name gives off a magical, earthy vibe and isn’t one to be forgotten. Hania is also a good name for offering a range of pronunciation options to suit your preference. “HHAHNYAA” is a masculine, rhythmic and majestic name for a boy, whereas “HHA-ni-ya” may sound more feminine and sweet.


👦 Boy 🏷️ Powerful
  • Origin: Native American, Scandinavian
  • Meaning: Army ruler
  • Variations: Harold
  • Namesakes: Haroldo de Campos, a Brazilian poet. Haroldo Conti, an Argentine writer and professor.

Haroldo is a full, strong name for a man. Although the name has Native American origins, it could also be used as a more modern variation on the popular name Harold. If you are hoping to name your son after a relative named Harold, Haroldo is a wonderful option to consider. Haroldo is also easily shortened to the timeless classic of a nickname, Harry.


👦 Boy 🏷️ Cool, Unique, Powerful
  • Origin: Navajo
  • Meaning: Man
  • Variations: Hosteen
  • Namesakes: Hastiin Klah, a Navajo artist and healer.

Hastiin is a powerful and culturally rich name to give to your new little “man.” The name has Navajo origins and is actually used as a polite, respectful term of address for a male. It would be an honorable name to bestow upon your son and is unique enough to be remembered.


👦 Boy 🏷️ Strong
  • Origin: Native American
  • Meaning: Warrior spirit who sings

Hototo means “warrior spirit who sings,” which we think is an impressively powerful meaning for a name so pretty and rhythmic. Three repetitive syllables make up this rare but strong name, which would sound fearless when coupled with a short surname.


👦 Boy 🏷️ Cool, Heavenly, Nature-inspired, Popular
  • Origin: Blackfoot
  • Meaning: The moon
  • Variations: Jacie, Jac, Jace

Meaning “the moon,” Jacy is a heavenly name of Blackfoot origin to consider. It is soft-sounding and makes a lovely alternative to the more commonly-used Jack. If you like the name Jacy but prefer to select a different name for your baby, it could still be a sweet nickname derived from the initials “J.C.”

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👦 Boy 🏷️ Nature-inspired, Animals, Sweet
  • Origin: Cherokee
  • Meaning: Rabbit
  • Pronunciation: JEESE-du
  • Variations: Jisdu

Jistu is the name of a legendary trickster rabbit in Cherokee culture, making it an adorable name for your sweet baby mischief-maker! A cute, animal-inspired option, we’d love to see the baby name Jistu gain in popularity.


👦 Boy 🏷️ Strong, Stylish
  • Origin: Native American, Germanic, Slovak, Hebrew, English
  • Meaning: A dove
  • Variations: Jonah, Yonas, Jonys

The name Jonas is one of the more popular baby names on this list and is common as both a male given name and a surname. It derives from many different languages, making it a meaningful way of naming a child from a multi-ethnic heritage. We have included it here as it has links to Native American culture, too, particularly the Cherokee nation.


👦 Boy 🏷️ Historic, Strong
  • Origin: Cherokee
  • Meaning: Meaning unknown, name originates with a historical Cherokee leader
  • Variations: Gulkalaski
  • Namesakes: Junaluska, a western North Carolina Cherokee leader in the early 19th century.

The name Junaluska is an impactful and historically rich name to choose for your baby. In the early 19th century, Junaluska was a Cherokee leader, praised for saving the life of former president Andrew Jackson. Now, many areas of natural beauty across the United States are named after the cultural figure. It would be lovely to visit Lake Junaluska or Junaluska Creek with your son in honor of his namesake.


👦 Boy 🏷️ Short, Cool, Nature-inspired
  • Origin: Navajo, Hawaiian, Japanese
  • Meaning: Willow tree

From Navajo origins, the name Kai holds all the grace and mystique of a “willow tree.” But the natural beauty represented by this short, sweet name does not stop there, as Kai also means “ocean” in both Hawaiian and Japanese. A name with origins and popularity across cultures would be a perfect choice for a baby born from a rich, multi-ethnic family tree, and Kai is a delightful option for those who love the outdoors.


👦 Boy 🏷️ Cool, Stylish
  • Origin: Native American
  • Meaning: Walks without sound

Kajika is a stylish, unique-sounding name of Native American origin. Its meaning, “walks without sound,” holds an aura of swiftness, modesty, and wisdom. Interestingly to note, Kajika is also the name of a Japanese manga series, written and illustrated by Akira Toriyama.


👦 Boy 🏷️ Strong, Cool
  • Origin: Native American
  • Meaning: Upriver
  • Variations: Karok

If your baby son has lineage from the Karuk Tribe, why not consider it as a name for him? The Karuk Tribe resides in northwestern California, and this tribal name means “upriver people.” As a baby name, Karuk sounds strong and masculine, rich in culture while still being a unique name. It would also make for a proud middle name for your son too.


👦 Boy 🏷️ Short, Animals, Nature-inspired, Sweet
  • Origin: Hopi
  • Meaning: Sparrow
  • Namesakes: Kele Okereke, an English musician.

All names inspired by animals are lovely, but there’s something about bird names that just destinates your baby to fly high! The name Kele means “sparrow” in Hopi. Like the bird itself, the name is short but sweet and would make a delightful name for a baby boy.


👦 Boy 🏷️ Historic, Cool
  • Origin: Native American, Sauk
  • Meaning: Watchful, alert
  • Namesakes: Chief Keokuk, former leader of the Sauk tribe.

Keokuk is a strong male name from rich Native American history, honoring the recognized and admired Sauk leader from the early 1800s. Keokuk also lends his name to the southernmost city in Iowa and is a sharp-sounding choice to name your curious baby boy.


👦 Boy 🏷️ Nature-inspired, Animals, Sweet
  • Origin: Miwok
  • Meaning: One who fishes for salmon

Kosumi is a sweet, nature-inspired name from Miwok origins. Thanks to its meaning, it would make an adorable choice of name in particular for the son of a spear fisherman or just a unique, outdoorsy name in general. A fun fact about the name Kosumi is that it also serves as the name of a move in the Chinese strategy game Go.


👦 Boy 🏷️ Cool, Stylish
  • Origin: Native American
  • Meaning: Man

Lenno is a Native American name and means “man,” making it a bold, masculine choice for your new baby boy. We think Lenno is a fun update to honor family members named Leonard or Lionel as your son’s namesake. Nicknames from Lenno could be Lenny or Len, which are popular names not just in the US but across the world.

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👦 Boy 🏷️ Heavenly, Nature-inspired, Stylish
  • Origin: Zuni, Irish
  • Meaning: Cloud

Of Zuni origin and meaning “cloud,” Lonan is a perfectly dreamy name for your heavenly son. Interestingly, Lonan is also considered to be a name of Irish origins, where it translates as “blackbird.” Lonan would sound especially stylish with a shorter surname, and we hope it is one you’ll consider for your baby boy.


👦 Boy 🏷️ Nature-inspired, Animals
  • Origin: Sioux
  • Meaning: Bear
  • Variations: Mateo, Matteo, Matt, Matthew

Meaning “bear,” Mato is a strong, brave name for your newborn baby boy. Particularly if you would like your son’s name to echo family members named Matthew or Matteo, Mato is a short, beautiful variation of Sioux origin.


👦 Boy 🏷️ Cool, Strong, Stylish
  • Origin: Native American, Metoac
  • Meaning: Famed, powerful, periwinkle
  • Variations: Metoac
  • Namesakes: Merrick Garland, an American judge.

Merrick is undeniably a cool name and a fresh, strong name to bless upon the newest center of attention in your life. The Native American origins of the name Merrick come from the Metoac tribe of Long Island, New York, of which Merrick was a sub-nation. The name is also considered to be of Welsh origin and works as a strong given, first, or surname for a man.


👦👧 Unisex 🏷️ Animals, Nature-inspired, Cool
  • Origin: Omaha-Ponca, Native American, Japanese, Hebrew, Finnish
  • Meaning: Raccoon
  • Variations: Micah, Mica
  • Namesakes: Mika, a Lebanese-British singer-songwriter. Mika Häkkinen, a former Finnish racing driver.

In the Osage and Omaha-Ponca languages, Mika means “raccoon” and is an intelligent and adorable nature-inspired name. However, Mika also features as a unisex name in many different languages and cultures across the world, including Japanese, Finnish, Hebrew, and Russian. It is a name increasing in popularity and certainly a good option to consider for your baby boy, regardless of which origin of the name entices you the most.


👦 Boy 🏷️ Nature-inspired, Earthy, Cool
  • Origin: Miwok
  • Meaning: Rippling water

Misu is a stunning name for a baby boy, with a meaning holding all the tranquility and beauty of a rippling brook. Although it is perhaps more commonly recognized as a grain-based Korean beverage, Misu is a sweet choice of name for your beautiful new son.


👦 Boy 🏷️ Strong, Cool
  • Origin: Native American, Algonquin
  • Meaning: Eaters of men

Mohawk is such a strong, culturally rich name to consider for your son. Its origins lie in the feud between the Kanienʼkehá꞉ka and Algonquin tribes. The Algonquin tribe gave the name “Mohawk” to their enemies – the self-named Kanienʼkehá꞉ka – which became the name best associated with that tribe today. Mohawk literally means “eaters of men,” which may sound like an aggressive name to give a sweet baby but actually describes the powerful, fierce warriors. For a cool name with an interesting meaning, Mohawk would be a brilliant option.


👦 Boy 🏷️ Earthy, Unique
  • Origin: Native American
  • Meaning: Elk
  • Pronunciation: mo-hee, mo-he

Mohe is an uncommon name but has strong, earthy connotations. Meaning “elk,” Mohe is a robust, nature-inspired choice of name, which sounds very masculine and will age well with your baby as he grows into a strapping young man.


👦 Boy 🏷️ Strong, Earthy
  • Origin: Cherokee
  • Meaning: Rainmaker

The name Moytoy is considered a Native American name as it refers to Moytoy of Tellico, who was recognized as the Emperor of the Cherokee during the 1700s. A unique and memorable name with a rhyming rhythm, Moytoy is a strong choice of name for a man.


👦 Boy 🏷️ Earthy, Sweet, Cool
  • Origin: Native American, Hawaiian
  • Meaning: Forest
  • Variations: Nahaliel

Nahele is a beautiful-sounding, nature-inspired name of Native American and Hawaiian origins. Meaning “forest,” Nahele draws fresh, earthy imagery inspired by the adventure of the outdoors.


👦 Boy 🏷️ Short, Stylish
  • Origin: Native American
  • Meaning: Friend

Nitis is a sweet, stylish name to give to your favorite new companion. Meaning “friend,” Nitis draws feelings of fun, loyalty, and happiness, making it a cute choice to define the relationship you share with your son.

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👦 Boy 🏷️ Earthy, Spiritual
  • Origin: Ojibwe
  • Meaning: The wind
  • Variations: Noodin

Nodin is a stunning name for a boy, derived from the Ojibwe word for “wind.” Not only this, but the name is also reminiscent of the Norse God named Odin, also a powerful, unstoppable force of nature.


👦 Boy 🏷️ Unique, Nature-inspired, Animals
  • Origin: Cheyenne
  • Meaning: Yellow wolf
  • Pronunciation: OWKAHN-owaw-erst
  • Variations: Ocumwhowurst

Ocunnowhurst is a particularly unusual name, not commonly seen used today. The name has the strong meaning of “yellow wolf,” and Ocunnowhurst is certain to stand out amongst his peers. It may not be the most simple of names to spell, but it would make a stunningly unique choice for a baby boy.


👦 Boy 🏷️ Cool, Strong
  • Origin: Sioux, Lakota
  • Meaning: Friend, peaceful relationship
  • Variations: Odakotah

Odakota is a strong, rhythmic name meaning “friend.” This amicable name also carries inspirations from the stunning US landscape, lending its title to the Odakota Mountain, located in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Odakota has a fun lilt and would make a cool name for a guy.


👦 Boy 🏷️ Strong, Historic, Cool
  • Origin: Sioux
  • Meaning: Winner
  • Variations: Ohíye S’a
  • Namesakes: Charles Eastman (Ohíye S’a), a Native American physician and writer.

Meaning “winner,” Ohiyesa is a name of high standards to bless upon your baby. Ohiyesa is a variant of the title given to Charles Eastman, who was the first Native American to be certified in western medicine. An honorable and culturally-significant Sioux namesake and a cool name to give to your son.


👦 Boy 🏷️ Strong, Nature-inspired, Animals
  • Origin: Native American, Spanish
  • Meaning: Eagle

Not only is the eagle a majestic bird and the national animal of the US, but it is also the meaning of Paco, a masculine name with Native American origins. Short but strong, Paco is a lovely name with which to bless your high-flying son. Paco is also of Spanish origins, being a common nickname for the name Francisco. It makes a sweet cross-cultural name consideration for your baby boy.


👦 Boy 🏷️ Strong, Stylish
  • Origin: Sioux
  • Meaning: Fire
  • Variations: Payton

Paytah is a strong, solid name for a man. Meaning “fire,” Paytah sparks images of warmth, stability, and adventure.


👦 Boy 🏷️ Powerful, Unique, Heavenly
  • Origin: Native American, Mapuche
  • Meaning: God of thunder and lightning
  • Variations: Pilan

Pillan is the name of the Mapuche God of stormy weather, making it a powerful Native South American name choice for an electric baby boy. The name itself sounds soft and familiar but is nevertheless a unique and bold choice to bless upon your son.


👦 Boy 🏷️ Animals, Unique, Strong
  • Origin: Native American
  • Meaning: Hump of a buffalo

Although its meaning of “hump of a buffalo” may sound like an odd thing to name your baby after, the name Pochanaw is an undeniably cool-sounding choice for your baby son. With Native American origins and a spelling to remember, Pochanaw is a strong, full-bodied name to give to your one-in-a-million baby boy.


👦 Boy 🏷️ Cool, Stylish
  • Origin: Native American
  • Meaning: Wealthy

If you consider your new baby to be all the wealth you need, Powa would be an adorable name to bless upon him. Meaning “rich” or “wealthy,” this name is sure to add unique value to the life of your beautiful baby boy.


👦👧 Unisex 🏷️ Heavenly, Earthy
  • Origin: Native American
  • Meaning: The creator
  • Variations: Rain, Rayni

Not only does the name Raini seem to carry the freshness and beauty of a stormy day, but it is also a name of Native American origin meaning “the creator.” Whether you believe your son will grow up to create laughter, love, inspiration, or success, Raini would make a stunning name option to give him.

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👦 Boy 🏷️ Strong, Cool
  • Origin: Native American, Spanish, Catalan
  • Meaning: Principal
  • Pronunciation: ROW-kah, roh-kah
  • Variations: Ruca, Rocha

Roca is a strong but sweet name for the radiant new principal guy in your life. The name can be traced to both Native American and Spanish origins, albeit with different pronunciations, so it can be a flexible name to suit your and your family’s preference.


👦 Boy 🏷️ Animals, Unique, Stylish
  • Origin: Cherokee
  • Meaning: Flying squirrel

The name Salonitah means “flying squirrel.” An adorable but fascinating creature, this would be an interesting species to be part of your child’s name. Salonitah evokes adventure, sincerity, and style, and the unique name is certain to stand out.


👦 Boy 🏷️ Cool, Earthy, Nature-inspired, Animals
  • Origin: Cherokee
  • Meaning: Sparrow
  • Variations: Sequoia
  • Namesakes: Sequoyah, the creator of the Cherokee writing system.

Sequoyah is a stunning name for a baby boy. From the small beauty of the “sparrow” to the breathtaking majesty of the California redwood trees of the same name, the name Sequoyah draws beautiful imagery and patriotic feelings of adventure. The polymath, Sequoyah, was credited with creating the Cherokee writing system, an honorable and culturally significant namesake to give a child with Cherokee heritage.


👦 Boy 🏷️ Earthy
  • Origin: Sioux
  • Meaning: Red thunder
  • Pronunciation: SHAA-pae, shap-pah

Shappa is a full-bodied, powerful Native American boy’s name with Sioux origins. The name Shappa is generally said to mean “red thunder,” which would make it a meaningful name to give a baby born during a storm.


👦 Boy 🏷️ Locational
  • Origin: Algonquian
  • Meaning: Southerner
  • Variations: Shawnee

The name Shawney is a masculine variation of the name Shawnee, the name of an Algonquian-speaking tribe. Meaning “southerner,” Shawney would be a wonderful way to offer a nod to your local heritage through your son’s name, as well as being a Native American cultural variation on the more common Irish name Sean.


👦 Boy 🏷️ Stylish
  • Origin: Navajo
  • Meaning: Brother
  • Variations: Shiloh

Meaning “brother,” Shilah would be a lovely name to give a second-born baby boy. The name has Navajo origins and is unique with an attractive lilt.


👦 Boy 🏷️ Powerful, Sweet
  • Origin: Native American, Urdu
  • Meaning: A brotherly one

Similar to the name Shilah listed above, Shillan means “a brotherly one” and would be a sweet name to give to your baby boy. Interestingly to note, Shillan is also recognized as an Urdu name for both boys and girls, meaning “flower.”


👦 Boy 🏷️ Heavenly, Earthy, Nature-inspired
  • Origin: Chumash
  • Meaning: Clouds, Wind
  • Variations: Shimiji, Shimiyi

Simi is a sweet, airy name to consider for your dreamy new baby boy. It is derived from the Chumash word “shimiyi,” which means “clouds” or “wind.” In fact, Simi Valley in California was named this way in reference to the unique clouds typical of the city – a fun, local insight to share with your future son.


👦 Boy 🏷️ Nature, Cool, Earthy
  • Origin: Navajo
  • Meaning: Frozen water

Meaning “frozen water,” Tahoma is a soft, airy name to give to your calm baby boy. You’ll hear Tahoma in connection with a variety of natural wonders across the United States, such as Lake Tahoma in North Carolina, Little Tahoma Peak in Washington, and the Tahoma stratovolcano also in Washington.


👦 Boy 🏷️ Unique, Cool, Stylish
  • Origin: Sioux
  • Meaning: Friend to everyone

Takoda is a fun, amicable name of Sioux origin. Meaning “friend to everyone,” it would be a lovely name to give to your cheerful, babbling baby boy.

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👦 Boy 🏷️ Powerful, Nature-inspired
  • Origin: Hopi
  • Meaning: Rainbow
  • Pronunciation: TAANG-GAA-KWAHN-uw

With its rhythmic style and memorable spelling, Tangakwunu is one of the brilliant Native American male names. However, its meaning of “rainbow” may also hold a firm significance to you and your family. The term “rainbow baby” has been coined to represent a baby born after its parents suffered a miscarriage, stillbirth, or neonatal death. Rainbows are a beautiful way to honor the blessing of a child after such tragedies. So, if this meaning strikes a chord for you, Tangakwunu may be a deeply personal option for your baby boy.


👦 Boy 🏷️ Unique, Animals
  • Origin: Sioux, Lakota
  • Meaning: A horse
  • Pronunciation: tah-sahngke

Unique as a name in both spelling and pronunciation, Tasunke is an uncommon but sweet choice of name for a baby boy. The name means “horse,” a loyal and beloved animal namesake for a child. A beautiful name unlikely to ever be shortened, Tasunke is a memorable option worth considering as a name for your son.


👦 Boy 🏷️ Popular, Sweet, Short
  • Origin: Native American, Lakota Norse, Old English
  • Meaning: Talkative, cheerful
  • Variations: Tayt, Tatum, Tȟaté
  • Namesakes: Tate Donovan, an American actor. Tate Reeves, an American politician. Tate Adams, a Northern Ireland-Australian artist.

Tate is one of the more commonly-used names on this list but is still rare and unique in its own right. There are few things sweeter than a chatty baby, and as Tate means “talkative” and “cheerful,” it would be an adorable name to give your babbling baby boy. Another fun meaning of Tate relates to Tȟaté, a wind spirit in Lakota mythology!


👦 Boy 🏷️ Animals, Nature-inspired, Sweet
  • Origin: Lakota
  • Meaning: Deer
  • Variations: Tatakna

Tatonga is a rhythmic, stylish name with Lakota origins. Tatonga means “deer,” which is a sweet, majestic, and loveable animal after which to name a boy. Tatona, alongside its variant Tatakna, is unlikely to be shortened and draws imagery of nature, freedom, and hope.


👦 Boy 🏷️ Cool, Animals, Stylish
  • Origin: Laguna
  • Meaning: Young eagle
  • Variations: Tuari

Tauri is a sweet name originating from the Laguna tribe. Meaning “young eagle,” it would be a beautiful and honest name to give to a baby you believe is destined for greatness.


👦 Boy 🏷️ Heavenly, Unique, Sweet
  • Origin: Native American, Swahili
  • Meaning: Of the sun

Meaning “of the sun,” Tawa would be a beautiful name to give a child born on the brightest of days. Tawa may be a Native American name but also can be recognized as being of Swahili origin, meaning “devout.”


👦 Boy 🏷️ Stylish, Unique, Cool
  • Origin: Native American
  • Meaning: One with self-restraint

Teneca would make a cool-sounding and unique name for your baby boy. Meaning “one with self-restraint,” the name Teneca would hopefully bless your son with patience and virtue, as well as being an earthy, stylish choice.


👦 Boy 🏷️ Earthy, Animals, Nature-inspired
  • Origin: Dakota
  • Meaning: A fox

Foxes are generally viewed as being crafty, wise, and beautiful animals, making Tokala a lovely choice for a baby boy. A name unlikely to be shortened, Tokala is an earthy option, inspired by nature and sounding perfectly rhythmic and unique.


👦 Boy 🏷️ Sweet, Historic
  • Origin: Cherokee
  • Meaning: Charlie
  • Pronunciation: saw-lee, soll-y
  • Namesakes: Tsali, a Native American folk hero.

A culturally significant name among Native Americans, Tsali is a beautiful and valiant name for your son. Tsali was a notable Cherokee leader in the 1800s through two significant periods of tribal history, becoming recognized as a prophet and folk hero. If you wish for your son to have a particularly meaningful namesake in Cherokee culture, Tsali would be an honorable option.


👦 Boy 🏷️ Strong, Short, Sweet
  • Origin: Navajo
  • Meaning: Rock

Another three-letter name on this list, Tse is a short but mighty name for your son. Meaning “rock,” this Navajo name evokes strength, stability, and loyalty, all highly honorable qualities for a man to have.

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👦 Boy 🏷️ Strong, Powerful, Cool, Animals
  • Origin: Chinookan
  • Meaning: Chief, leader
  • Variations: Ty, Tye

Meaning “chief,” Tyee is a short but strong name to bestow upon a boy destined for greatness. Tyee takes inspiration from nature, as “tyee” is another name for Chinook salmon and the name of a stunning mountain in British Columbia, Canada.


👦 Boy 🏷️ Powerful, Short
  • Origin: Cherokee
  • Meaning: Chief

In eighteenth-century Cherokee culture, an appointed leader of the clan was called an “Uku,” or “First Beloved Man.” An uncommon name today but culturally significant nonetheless, Uku would make a strong, proud name for a baby boy. Interestingly, Uku is also the name for the God of weather in Estonian mythology!


👦 Boy 🏷️ Strong, Unique, Animals
  • Origin: Mohegan
  • Meaning: A fox
  • Variations: Wonkus

An uncommon, bold name from Mohegan culture, Uncas means “a fox.” It would make a strong given name or middle name for a strapping baby boy, evoking the wisdom and craftsmanship of the beautiful animal.


👦 Boy 🏷️ Earthy, Unique, Cool
  • Origin: Algonquian
  • Meaning: East wind
  • Namesakes: Waban, of the Nipmuc group, the first Native American to convert to Christianity in Massachusetts.

Waban is an uncommon but bold name for a baby boy. Waban has a particularly rich cultural significance in the state of Massachusetts but would be a cool, earthy name option for a baby boy born in any state.


👦 Boy 🏷️ Heavenly, Strong, Stylish
  • Origin: Sioux
  • Meaning: Sacred

A strong Sioux name, Wahkan is a unique but admirable choice of name for a baby boy. Meaning “sacred,” this honorable name could encapsulate the bond and love between you and your beautiful new son.


👦 Boy 🏷️ Unique, Short, Cool
  • Origin: Sioux
  • Meaning: Lucky

Wapi is a short but cool name of Sioux origin. It means “lucky” and will hopefully induce fortune and hope into your child’s precious life.


👦 Boy 🏷️ Unique, Sweet
  • Origin: Native American, Hopi
  • Meaning: One who brings
  • Pronunciation: WIHK-vay-ah

Wikvaya is a bold name of Hopi origin. Its meaning, “one who brings,” is particularly enchanting, as the arrival of a new baby certainly brings so much light and love into the family! Wikvaya is a sweet-sounding, unique name certain to stand out and a lovely way to carry Hopi heritage into your son’s life.


👦 Boy 🏷️ Strong, Sweet, Stylish
  • Origin: Lakota
  • Meaning: First born

Wynono is the lesser-used male cognate of the popular female name Wynona. Both variations are strong names and mean “firstborn.” This meaningful name perfectly captures the infinite love and bond shared between a parent and their first child, making it a beautiful option for your first son.


👦 Boy 🏷️ Nature-inspired, Short, Unique, Stylish
  • Origin: Navajo
  • Meaning: Snow
  • Variations: Yaz, Yass

Meaning “snow,” the name Yas would be the perfect choice for a beautiful boy born in the wintertime. The name has Navajo heritage and is a short but stylish name for a man. It is easy to spell and remember, with absolutely no need to shorten it into a more memorable nickname!


👦👧 Unisex 🏷️ Strong, Nature, Animals, Short
  • Origin: Native American, Indian, Hebrew
  • Meaning: A bear
  • Variations: Jonah

Yona is another of the shorter names on this list, but no less stunning! A name that means “bear” connotes strength and power but also works as a sweet, earthy choice. Yona is a unique alternative to the more commonly-used Jonah and works as a unisex name too.

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Native American Names FAQs

How Do You Say Baby In Cherokee?

The Cherokee word for “baby” is “Usdi.” This is pronounced oos-DIH.

What is the Cherokee Name for Love?

The Cherokee word for “love” is “Adageyudi,” “I love you” would be “Gvgeyu” in Cherokee.

What are Some Popular Native American Boy Names?

There are many popular Native American names for boys, with some of the most recognizable including Jacy, Hototo, and Tahoma.

Many Native American baby names are gaining in popularity outside of Native American culture, too, such as Dakota and Tyee. Some names also have cross-cultural origins, for instance, Mika, Bly, and Kai, which make for popular choices for babies around the world.

Which are the Rarest Native American Boy Names?

Native American baby names are not always the most common, but this doesn’t mean they aren’t beautiful!

Bodaway, Cheveyo, and Akule are all rare Native American names, as are many listed in our article above. Perhaps they will gain in popularity in the future, once they become more recognized for being beautiful, strong, and powerful options for Native American names for boys?

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