65 Powerful Native American Girl Names: And Their Meanings

Edited by April Wright
These specially chosen Native American girl names combine strength with beauty.

If you’re looking for powerful Native American girl names, our carefully researched list has what you need!

We include specific tribes, in-depth meanings, some famous namesakes, and notes on popularity rankings. Whether timelessly popular or off-the-charts unusual, read on to discover the perfect name for your girl throughout her life.

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65 Powerful Native American Names for Girls

Here are unique and strong Native American girl names fit for the female warriors of today.


Ahyoka is a beautiful and authentic Native American girl’s name. It also has a lot of power behind it since the Cherokee Nation is matriarchal and led by women. As a strong, pretty name, Ahyoka could be perfect.

  • Origin: Cherokee
  • Meaning: She brought happiness
  • Pronunciation: ah-yoh-kah
  • Namesakes: Ahyoka, the recording artist. Ahyoka Haas, the screenwriter.


Though not a matriarchal tribe, Ojibwe women are known for being assertive and powerful. The Ojibwe meaning of Aki is our planet, Earth. So choosing this Native American name for your daughter can symbolically start her off with the world at her feet. This vivid, short name is used for boys in Finland, and in India, Aki is a boy’s name meaning Autumn.

  • Origin: Ojibwe
  • Meaning: Earth
  • Pronunciation: ah-kee
Strong, Dynamic


Although mainly a name for girls, Alaska is sometimes given to boys. In the Aleut language, Alaska literally means “the object toward which the sea is directed” and named the state. Alaska can be an impressive option if a strong, venturesome-sounding Native American place name is something you’re considering.

  • Origin: Aleut
  • Meaning: Great Land, mainland
  • Namesakes: Alaska Packard Davidson, the first FBI special agent.
  • Popularity: Alaska rose in baby name usage after the 1970s. It peaked in 2020 to become quite popular at 827 in the U.S. Top 1000 charts.
Powerful, Bold


The power of water is tremendous, so naming a baby girl after such a vital life source makes sense. It’s good to keep in mind, though, that Ama’s three letters in modern English also form the acronym for “Ask Me Anything.” AMA is now commonly used in Internet chat interviews. That’s probably a small detail that won’t affect your choosing this powerful and lovely name, but it’s something to consider.

  • Origin: Cherokee
  • Meaning: Water
  • Pronunciation: ah-MAH
Traditional, Rare


Anaba can be a great fit if you want a powerful and authentic Navajo woman warrior name. Ana as a nickname might work nicely as well.

  • Anaba
  • Origin: Navajo
  • Meaning: She returns from battle
  • Variations: Annabah, Annaba, Anabah
  • Popularity: Anaba is an extremely rare name. There are only about 15 babies in the U.S. given this first name.
Strong, Rare


Angeni is thought to be derived from the Algonquian languages of Ojibwe and Potawatomi from the words relating to angel. Angeni might be a good option if you want an unusual take on a more common spiritual name like Angela.

  • Origin: Algonquin
  • Meaning: Angel, heaven-sent powerful spirit
  • Pronunciation: ayn-jahn-ee
  • Popularity: Angeni is a very rare baby girl name that peaked at around the 8,000 mark on U.S. charts in 2003. It then dropped to 16468 by 2014.
Modern, Nontraditional, Rare


Anna stems from the Hebrew girl’s name, Hannah, meaning grace. It continues to be a favorite female name worldwide in many cultures, including Native American, with its powerful definition, “mother.” Since it’s also a flowing yet shorter name, Anna can make a good accompaniment to a longer last name.

  • Origin: Lenape, many other origins
  • Meaning: Mother
  • Style: Classic, Popular, Pretty
  • Namesakes: Anna Tsouhlarakis, Native American artist, Anna Lee Walters, Indigenous writer/lecturer. Anna Faris, Anna Kendrick, and Anna Paquin, the American actresses.
  • Popularity: A timeless classic, Anna held the second spot after Mary from 1880 to 1899. It waned in its extreme popularity by the 1950s and 1960s. In 2020, Anna ranked at 68 on the U.S. baby girl name charts.


In Blackfoot Native American lore, the butterfly symbolized the power of sleep and dreams. Aponi may be a consideration for you if you’re looking for an unusual nature-inspired, dynamic girl name.

  • Origin: Algonquin
  • Meaning: Butterfly
  • Pronunciation: uh-pah-nee-wah or uh-pah-nee
  • Variations: Apani
  • Popularity: Ranking at 24502 on the U.S. baby name charts, Aponi is one of the rarest girl names.
Traditional, Dynamic, Rare


If you embrace the ideals of peace as the ultimate power, Aquene can be a great pick. It’s good to keep in mind, though, that this Native American girl’s name is likely to be mispronounced in English. Yet it would likely sound like “a queen” – in itself a powerful concept, so this might not be a dealbreaker.

  • Origin: Native American
  • Meaning: Peace
  • Pronunciation: ah-KEE-neh
  • Variations: Aqueena
  • Namesakes: Aquene Freechild, Indigenous voting advocate.
Rare, Pretty


Aquinnah is an Indigenous place name and still the name of the Massachusetts island town, where Martha’s Vineyard is now. This baby girl name offers the flexibility of a melodic longer sound and the option of the shortened nickname, Quinn.

  • Origin: Wampanoag
  • Meaning: Land under the hill
  • Pronunciation: ay-kwhin-nah
  • Variations: Aquina, Akeena, Quina, Quinna, Quinn
Pretty, Unusual, Dynamic
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Asdza is a powerful name in the matriarchal Navajo culture as it relates directly to Asdzaa Naaleehi. She is called the Changing Woman, believed to be the creator and mother of the Navajo people. This name is powerfully beautiful and certainly an uncommon baby name choice.

  • Origin: Navajo
  • Meaning: Woman
  • Popularity: Asdza is one of the rarest Native American baby names in the U.S. In 2018, there were less than 10 babies named this nationwide.
Bold, Rare


At first, the meaning of little one may not seem like one of the more powerful Native American girl names. It becomes clearer when we know that the Chippewa tribe was one of the most feared and fierce tribes. Plus, the tribe also grew in large numbers. So the unusual and beautiful name of Ayasha can hold power behind it as you grow your family.

  • Origin: Chippewa/Ojibwe
  • Meaning: Little one
  • Namesakes: Ayasha Loya, Indigenous artist and painter.
Pretty, Rare


If you find off-the-charts names that are a bit mysterious in their origin and meaning intriguing, Catori may appeal to you. It’s said that Catori means spirit in Hopi, but this hasn’t been confirmed. There is speculation that any faint Native American meaning got overshadowed in an invented English blend of Catherine and Victoria. No one seems to know for sure, but this girl’s name, which is also a gender-neutral name, is boldly alluring.

  • Origin: Native American (Likely)
  • Meaning: Spirit
Creative, Modern, Nontraditional


Since the Native Indian female name, Chante, is in the Lakota Sioux group of languages, the ‘t’ is pronounced ‘d’. This differs from the French girl name meaning singer, spelled the same but ending in an accent apostrophe. If you want a more unusual name that relates to the heart, Chante might make your list. This could also be the perfect name for a Valentine’s Day baby girl!

  • Origin: Lakota
  • Meaning: Heart
  • Pronunciation: ch-ahn-day


The baby name Chardon is thought to be influenced by both Sioux origins and French settlers. It seems likely it’s connected to the place name of Chardon, Ohio, where both the Sioux and French settled. The power of this name is in its bold sound and ability to be gender-neutral. It also contains the strong nickname, Char.

  • Origin: Sioux, French
  • Meaning: Sandbar
Creative, Modern, Nontraditional


Chenoa is a beautiful girl name often incorrectly said to mean white dove in Cherokee. (The Cherokee word for dove is “woya.”) Chenoa is of Native American origin, but probably related to an Indigenous place name in Illinois or Kentucky. It has a melodically strong sound to it which can make Chenoa a good powerful name choice.

  • Origin: Native American
  • Meaning: Unknown
  • Namesakes: Chenoa Egawa, Coast Salish performance artist.
Pretty, Rare


The Plains Algonquin Cheyenne tribe of Montana and Oklahoma was known for its bravery. This historical reputation can make Cheyenne a powerful baby name option. Cheyenne also has a pretty and pleasing sound to it. Though more commonly used for girls, it can also be a boy name.

  • Origin: Cheyenne
  • Meaning: The Cheyenne tribe, people of a different language
  • Namesakes: Cheyenne Jackson, actor. Cheyenne, the capital city of Wyoming.
  • Popularity: Cheyenne peaked at #68 on the US charts by 1997 and was #581 in 2020, making it a popular choice.
Pretty, Popular, Dynamic


An Indigenous connection to Citana is unclear though it’s often listed as a Native American baby girl or unisex name. It could be that the name’s origins are from a Native American language that got combined with English. In any case, Citana is different, pretty, and gives the vibe of city stars.

  • Origin: Native American (Likely)
  • Meaning: One who is a star in the sky
Unusual, Creative


There seems to be no doubt that Dakota is one of the coolest unisex Native American baby names. It does not mean friend, though, as is widely reported on many baby name websites. Rather, in the Siouan language of Dakota, the correct meaning is ally, as in someone who is in an alliance. Dakota is a beautiful and powerful tribal name to consider for your baby girl.

  • Origin: Dakota
  • Meaning: Ally
  • Namesakes: Dakota House, Aboriginal Canadian actor from “North of 60.” Dakota Fanning and Dakota Johnson, American actresses. Dakota Allen, the American football player. North Dakota and South Dakota, U.S. states.
  • Popularity: Dakota began being used commonly as an American boy name in the mid-1980s and for girls in the mid-1990s. The name Dakota is now used about equally for both sexes and is very popular at 324 on U.S. charts.
Cool, Popular, Nontraditional


The Old English girl’s name, Dena, stems from the word “dene,” meaning valley. The Native American connection to this name is unclear, but the Athabaskan people are called Dena’ina or Dena. They named the tall Alaskan mountain Denali which means high one, so it is the opposite of a low valley. In any case, Dena might be a great consideration if you’re looking for a pretty, yet strong-sounding, shorter girl name.

  • Origin: Old English, Athabaskan
  • Meaning: Valley, the people
  • Namesakes: Dena Takruri, the Palestinian-American journalist.
  • Popularity: Dena is a rare baby girl name in the U.S. ranked in 2020 at 7959.
Rare, Pretty
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Denali was the original Native American name for Alaska’s Mount McKinley. In 2015, President Obama renamed Mount McKinley Denali. If you’re intrigued by an Indigenous nature name with a historical background, Denali is a great selection.

  • Origin: Athabaskan
  • Meaning: High one
  • Namesakes: Denali National Park in Alaska
  • Popularity: Denali is a rare baby name. It’s more common in Alaska than in other states.
Unusual, Strong, Historic


Donoma, in the Siouan language Omaha, means sight of the sun with “don,” meaning sun. If you’re hoping for a beautiful and unusual girl name with a powerful Indigenous meaning, consider Donoma. It might be an especially fitting choice for a summer baby!

  • Origin: Omaha
  • Meaning: Visible sun or sight of the sun
  • Popularity: Donoma is a very rare Native American name for girls, with only about five babies named this in the U.S.
Unusual, Dynamic


Meaning winter in Cherokee, treeless in Polish, and a mountain hollow in Italian, Gola is infused with natural significance. With its distinctive Cherokee pronunciation and seasonal meaning, Gola could be a very powerful name for a winter baby.

  • Origin: Cherokee, Italian, Polish
  • Meaning: Winter
  • Pronunciation: GOH-lah
  • Popularity: At 16923 on the 2020 U.S. charts, Gola is a very unique baby name.
Unusual, Strong


Inola, as a Native American girl name, is likely connected to the town named this in Oklahoma. It also seems to have evolved from the leader Enoli Black Fox, Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation. The unusual name, Inola, with its historical background, is both beautiful and powerful.

  • Origin: Cherokee
  • Meaning: Black fox
  • Variations: Inoli
  • Namesakes: Inola, the Oklahoma town.
  • Popularity: Inola is a rare baby name first recorded in 1920. At 12791 on the U.S. charts, the name is more common in Oklahoma than in other states.
Rare, Historic


With the powerfully beautiful meaning of rainbow lady and its unique appeal, Ixchel might be a girl name to consider. The feminine prefix, ‘Ix,’ signifies the Mayan goddess of midwifery. Ixchel could work well if you’re searching for a bolder name ending in a consonant rather than a vowel.

  • Origin: Mayan
  • Meaning: Rainbow lady
  • Namesakes: Ixchel Coutino Angulo, film producer.
  • Popularity: Ixchel is a pretty rare name.
Strong, Rare


The significance of the willow tree meaning for the Navajo version of Kaia is symbolic. The Navajo are considered a Willow Clan, meaning that the willow tree symbolizes powerful beliefs. These meanings include longevity and strong growth through old age. So Kaia can be both a hopeful and beautiful baby girl name to be sure!

  • Origin: Navajo, Other origins
  • Meaning: Willow tree
  • Namesakes: Kaia Tsosie, Navajo artist. Kaia Jordan Gerber, the model.
  • Popularity: In 2020, Kaia ranked 302 on the U.S. baby girl name charts making it a very popular choice. The name is especially common in Hawaii, where Kaia’s Indigenous Hawaiian meaning is the sea.
Popular, Pretty


Kateri Tekakwitha, who became a Catholic saint, is the inspiration for this name. It’s a beautiful name to consider and unusual in its relevance to Native American culture and the Catholic religion. Keep in mind that the English pronunciation is likely to sound much different than the traditional Mohawk version.

  • Origin: Mohawk
  • Meaning: Catherine
  • Pronunciation: gah-daw-lee
  • Namesakes: Kateri Aki Wenzie-Damm, the Anishinaabe writer and spoken-word performer. Kateri DeMartino, lawyer and actress. Kateri Dion, model. Kateri Walker, the actress.
  • Popularity: Ranking at 12986 on the 2021 U.S. baby girl charts, Kateri is a very rare name.
Traditional, Rare


Kimimila is one of the very rare Native American female names and means butterfly in the Lakota language. The Lakota Sioux believed that butterflies were the spirits of deceased relatives returning. The beautiful name of Kimimila, with its powerful family meaning, might work well with a departed loved one’s name as a middle name.

  • Origin: Lakota Sioux
  • Meaning: Butterfly
Rare, Pretty


Koko is often misinterpreted to mean the word night, although the correct meaning is close as it means moon. Koko is derived from the Blackfoot word Ko’komiki’somma meaning moon. In Hawaiian, koko commonly refers to a net for storing or carrying food. This fun, short name might be a cute choice for your little one.

  • Origin: Blackfoot, Hawaiian
  • Meaning: Moon, food net
  • Namesakes: Koko Taylor, American blues singer. The Koko Head Crater, Oahu, Hawaii. Koko, The Gorilla Foundation’s gorilla who used sign language.
  • Popularity: Koko is ranked at 3302 on the U.S. baby girl name charts for 2021, making it an uncommon name.
Cool, Bold, Dynamic


Lahoma is part of the state name Oklahoma. Oklahoma comes from the Choctaw words “okla” for people and “humma” for red. So the shortened, Lahoma, is thought to mean the people, likely Indigenous persons. It can make for a lovely yet mighty-sounding girl name.

  • Origin: Choctaw
  • Meaning: Lahoma is thought to mean “the people.”
  • Namesakes: Lahoma Van Zandt, actor. Lahoma, Oklahoma town.
  • Popularity: The name Lahoma is extremely rare. It ranked at 45784 in 2018 on the U.S. baby girl name charts.
Rare, Strong
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For an unusual and strong Native American name, Liluye may be a good choice. It offers a unique twist on names like Lily or Louise and the meaning of a powerful bird. As for the singing part, Liluye could be an ideal pick if you have musical talent in your family tree.

  • Origin: Miwok
  • Meaning: Singing soaring hawk
  • Pronunciation: liy-LUW-yiy
Rare, Strong


If you’re considering a Native American female warrior name with a strong yet pleasing sound to it, Lozen may work. It’s a historic name from the days of Geronimo, but the “zen” part of it fits with contemporary English names. The Apache warrior Lozen was also known for her strategy and medical knowledge, so Lozen also embodies intellectual power.

  • Origin: Apache
  • Meaning: Horse taker
  • Namesakes: Lozen, famous Apache woman warrior. Lozen, the rapper. Lozen, the musical group.
Historic, Powerful


Macawi means female coyote and not motherly as some claim. The coyote is a powerful symbol in Sioux mythology. Either in animal or human form, the coyote is often a protagonist and/or trickster figure who learns from mistakes. Macawi could be a unique and interesting Native American girl name.

  • Origin: Sioux
  • Meaning: Female coyote
Bold, Unusual


Macha means aurora in Lakota and refers to the polar night sky phenomenon, also called the northern lights. The Lakota believed the colored lights were spirits of future generations waiting to be born. This interesting meaning may help make Macha an intriguing baby name choice to consider. Macha also refers to an Irish Celtic war goddess.

  • Origin: Lakota, Other origins
  • Meaning: Aurora
  • Namesakes: Macha Grenon, Canadian actress. Macha Van Der Vaart, Netherlands field hockey player.
Strong, Dynamic


The beautiful name Maiara offers a strong maternal line meaning of great-grandmother. Plus, it means wise, too, for an added bonus.

  • Origin: Tupi
  • Meaning: Great-grandmother, wise
  • Variations: Ara, Mai, Maia
  • Namesakes: Maiara Walsh, the Brazilian-American actress.
  • Popularity: Maiara is considered a very rare name choice.
Rare, Pretty


In the Aztec, or Nahuatl, language, Metzi is gender-neutral and relates to the moon and a moon goddess or god. Consider this name if the moon holds a special meaning to you or you’re intrigued by the unique name Metzi.

  • Origin: Atzec
  • Meaning: Moon
  • Popularity: With a baby name popularity ranking of 78205, Metzi is extremely rare.
Rare, Bold


Miami can be a fun, bold place name that’s also a Native American tribal name. It’s unique and strong in sound and also in meaning as it’s a tribe’s own meaning for itself. If you’re thinking about a more unusual place name and wanted something with an Indigenous connection, Miami could fit.

  • Origin: Algonquin
  • Meaning: The Prairie Algonquin Miami tribe
  • Popularity: Miami is a very rare name ranked at 8103 on the U.S. baby girl name charts in 2021.
Rare, Bold


In many Native American tribes, the raccoon is a Power Animal. It’s said the raccoon teaches us how to reveal our true selves beneath the mask. The Indigenous meaning of Mika is raccoon (not “intelligent raccoon” or other embellished definitions). Mika has many other origins and meanings in Russian, Japanese, Hungarian, and other languages and is a popular name.

  • Origin: Osage, Omaha, Many other origins
  • Meaning: Raccoon
  • Namesakes: Mika, the Lebanese-British singer-songwriter. Mika Pikazo, the Japanese illustrator.
  • Popularity: Mika is a popular girl name at 316 on the 2021 U.S. charts. It’s very popular in Israel – at position 61 in 2021.
Bold, Powerful


A famous Cherokee woman, Nanye-hi, was known by her English name, Nancy Ward. For her strong political leadership, she was given the title “Ghighau,” meaning beloved woman. Nanye-hi is an authentic, powerful, and unique Native American female name to consider for your beloved baby.

  • Origin: Cherokee
  • Meaning: The beloved woman known as Nancy Ward
Historic, Powerful


Instead of Natalie, Nellie, or Naomi, why not consider Nayeli if you’d rather find a Native American name? It’s really tough for any name to top Nayeli’s powerful Zapotec meaning of “I Love You” for your precious girl.

  • Origin: Mexican Native American
  • Meaning: I love you
  • Namesakes: Nayeli Abrego, Canadian recording artist. Nayeli Rangel, Mexican soccer player.
  • Popularity: Nayeli is a popular U.S. girl’s name at #434 on the 2019 charts.
Popular, Powerful, Pretty
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Neve is a beautiful name with both an elegance and a simplicity about it in its shortness. If your girl is born on the fourth or is your fourth child, the Cheyenne meaning can especially fit. The meaning of dazzling in Irish makes Neve a great choice if you’re hoping for an Indigenous and Irish name.

  • Origin: Native American, Irish, Latin
  • Meaning: Four in Cheyenne, dazzling in Irish
  • Namesakes: Neve Campbell, the Canadian actress. Neve McIntosh, the Scottish actress.
  • Popularity: Neve is a rare name at #4922 in 2020 on the U.S. charts.
Rare, Strong


Meaning bear in the Choctaw language, the Native American girl name, Nita, embodies strength and power. It can be a great choice when you want a shorter name option, like the shortened version of the Spanish girl’s name Juanita. Nita is also a fairly common girl name in India.

  • Origin: Choctaw, other origins
  • Meaning: Bear
  • Namesakes: Nita Whitaker, American actress. Nita-Josee Hanna, Canadian model and actress. Nita Strauss, American rock musician.
  • Popularity: Ranked at 17717 in popularity, Nita is a rare baby name in the U.S.
Rare, Strong


If you value beauty, Nizhoni can be a great Indigenous name choice as it means beautiful. Parents often hope their kids embody the power of inner beauty along with their outer looks. A name like Nizhoni may give your girl a great start in this regard!

  • Origin: Navajo
  • Meaning: Beautiful
  • Pronunciation: ni-ZHO-nee
  • Popularity: Only about 30 baby girls in the U.S. are given the name Nizhoni each year.
Rare, Bold


To the Mohawk Iroquois, the stars symbolize the origin of human life. So naming your baby “star” in this language can be beautiful and fitting. If you want a unique, off-the-charts Native American name for girls, Ojistah may be one to consider.

  • Origin: Mohawk Iroquois
  • Meaning: Star
Rare, Bold


Orenda is a religious word to the Iroquois and relates to the meanings Great Spirit or Creator. It does not mean “magical powers” at all and is much closer to the meanings, Holy Spirit or God. Orenda is sometimes used as a baby name and has a beautiful quality to it.

  • Origin: Iroquois
  • Meaning: Creator or Great Spirit
  • Namesakes: Orenda Fink, the singer.
Rare, Bold


The bold, short name, Peta, with its meaning of golden eagle in Blackfoot, makes it an appealing Native American name. It’s worth considering that the letters also form the acronym for the group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Peta, as a short form of the Greek, Petra, and the Spanish, Pepita, and is more popular outside the U.S.

  • Origin: Blackfoot, other origins
  • Meaning: Golden Eagle
  • Variations: Petah
  • Namesakes: Chief Peta Nocona, historic Comanche chief. Peta Murgatroyd, the professional dancer. Peta Wilson, the Australian actress.
  • Popularity: Peta is an extremely rare baby name in the U.S., charting at 22838 in 2018.
Rare, Strong


Quannah is the beautiful female version of the Comanche chief, Chief Quanah Parker. You may find this Indigenous name a very unique alternative to more popular names such as Hannah and Savannah.

  • Origin: Comanche
  • Meaning: Fragrant
  • Variations: Quanah
  • Namesakes: Quannah Chasinghorse, American model.
Rare, Historic


If you hope to support your girl to reach her goals in life, Shania may be a great name. Ojibwe for “on her own way,” Shania is both a powerful and pretty Indigenous female name option.

  • Origin: Ojibwe
  • Meaning: On her own way
  • Pronunciation: sh-ah-NYE-ah
  • Variations: Shaniya
  • Namesakes: Shania Twain, Canadian singer-songwriter. Shania Junianatha, model and actress.
  • Popularity: Shania is an uncommon baby girl name in the U.S.
Uncommon, Pretty


If you’re considering an Indigenous tribal name, or one related to Idaho Native Americans, Shoshone is a unique choice. It has a soft, pretty sound to it yet symbolizes the powerful Shoshone Nation.

  • Origin: Shoshone tribe
  • Meaning: Grass house people
  • Namesakes: Shoshone, city in Idaho. Shoshone Fort Hall Reservation, Idaho.
  • Popularity: Shoshone is a very rare name.
Rare, Historic


Taima is an Indigenous baby girl name that relates to the Meskwaki Indian Chief Te:wame:ha, or Chief Taimah in English. It can also be a boy’s name. Taima does not mean thunderclap. It still makes a powerful baby name, though!

  • Origin: Native American and English
  • Meaning: Chief Te:wame:ha/Taimah
  • Variations: Tama, Taimah
  • Namesake: Dr. Taima Moeke-Pickering, a Canadian-New Zealand scholar in Indigenous relations.
  • Popularity: Taima is a very rare baby name.
Rare, Powerful
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What an unusual yet delightful-sounding name Tallullah is! And whether the “leaping water” meaning refers to a waterfall or something else, water is in itself a vital power.

  • Origin: Choctaw or possibly Creek
  • Meaning: Leaping water
  • Namesakes: Tallulah Willis, American actress and daughter of actors Bruce Willis and Demi Moore. Tallulah Bankhead, American actress 1902-1968. Tallulah Greive, Australian-Scottish actress.
  • Popularity: Tallulah is a very rare baby name in the U.S. at #8378 in 2020.
Unusual, Dynamic


Tashima is a rare Indigenous girl’s name. It’s meaning, “her shawl,” is said to refer to the garments that several Sioux warrior women wore. These female warriors fought in historic battles, including Little Big Horn. Tashima is also a fairly common Japanese last name.

  • Origin: Sioux
  • Meaning: Her shawl
  • Namesakes: Tashima Thomas, the actress.
Rare, Modern


Although the Native American place name, Tennessee, is used more often for boys, it can be a girl name. It has an interesting rhythm to its sound and is easy to pronounce. You could also use the spelling of the village name, Tanasi.

  • Origin: Cherokee
  • Meaning: From the Cherokee village name, Tanasi
  • Namesakes: Tennessee Williams, American playwright. Tennessee Thomas, U.K. drummer and actress.
  • Popularity: Tennessee is a very rare baby name, ranking at 8166 in 2021 in the U.S.
Rare, Creative


As the name of a Chinook male chief, this extremely rare name is typically used for boys. Yet, Tyee can also be a powerful girl’s name as well.

  • Origin: Chinook
  • Meaning: Name of a Chinook chief
Rare, Strong


The Native American girl name, Urika, is very rare and can be an unusual alternative to Erika or Erica. It means useful or capable in the Omaha language, which is something most parents would hope their children will be.

  • Origin: Omaha
  • Meaning: Useful, capable
  • Variations: Uriqua, Uricka
Strong, Rare


Weayaya, as a girl or boy’s name, offers a lot of personality and a great, nature-inspired meaning. If you find sunsets powerfully beautiful and want a super unique name, Weayaya could be a consideration.

  • Origin: Sioux
  • Meaning: Sunset or setting sun
Unique, Bold


Woman warrior Wilma Pearl Mankiller was the inspiration for the Native American meaning of the name Wilma. She was the first female chief of the Cherokee Nation, so this is a very powerful indigenous name for girls!

  • Origin: Cherokee, Other origins
  • Meaning: Cherokee female chief Wilma Mankiller
  • Namesakes: Wilma Rudolph, the American athlete. Wilma Flintstone, cartoon character.
  • Popularity: Wilma was a Top 100 female name in the U.S. between 1912-1949. Today, it’s very rare at #6697. But in 2020, Wilma ranked at 5 in Sweden and at 359 in Germany.
Historic, Rare


Since Winona means first daughter, of course it would be perfect for your first daughter. It’s also a strong name that, to English ears, has the powerful word “Win” in it.

  • Origin: Lakota Sioux
  • Meaning: First daughter
  • Namesakes: Winona LaDuke, the Native American environmentalist. Winona Ryder, the American actress.
  • Popularity: In 1957 in the U.S. Winona peaked in the Top 100. Today, it’s an uncommon Indigenous baby name.
Uncommon, Dynamic


Yana is a short and flowing name that tends to work well with all types of last names. In addition to its Native American tribal meaning, Yana is also Hebrew for God is gracious. Yana is a more common baby name in many other countries, including Russia and Persia.

  • Origin: Yana, Hebrew
  • Meaning: The Yana tribe
  • Pronunciation: YAH-nuh
  • Namesakes: Yana Perrault, American actor and musician. Yana Kunitskaya, Russian mixed martial artist. Yana Julio, Indonesian singer.


If you love mermaid myths and hope to find a related Native American name for girls, Yara might fit. Yara is the powerful mermaid of Brazilian legend.

  • Origin: Tupi and Guarani
  • Meaning: Lady of the waters
  • Variations: Iara, Hiara, Uiara
  • Namesakes: Yara Martinez, Puerto Rican actress. Yara Shadidi, American actress. Yara Greyjoy, the “Game of Thrones” character.
  • Popularity: Yara is a somewhat popular U.S. name, ranking 1252 in 2020.
Strong, Bold
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Yolotl is thought to be Aztec and means “heart” in Nahuatl. This unique name is great for a Valentine’s Day baby or for your girl or boy who has your heart!

  • Origin: Mexican Native American
  • Meaning: Heart
  • Style: Rare, Bold
  • Variations: Yoloti


From the Arizona Native American Yaqui word, Yo’oko, for “jaguar,” Yooko is a very rare name given more to boys. Yet, with its similarity to the Japanese girl’s name, Yoko, meaning “good girl,” it can make a fierce female name.

  • Origin: Yaqui
  • Meaning: Jaguar
Powerful, Unusual


There are not too many qualities that are more important in life than honesty and dependability. So, Zonta, meaning both of these, can be a wonderfully meaningful “Z” name to give any future daughter.

  • Origin: Lakota Sioux
  • Meaning: Honest, dependable
Strong, Rare


The unusual, gender-neutral name, Zuni, has a bold sound to and is easy to spell. The Zuni tribe was known for their matriarchal society and strong women, so it’s a mighty name choice.

  • Origin: Zuni
  • Meaning: The Zuni tribe
  • Popularity: Zuni is a very rare name in the U.S.
Rare, Powerful


A gorgeous Native American name for girls, Zyanya has the powerful meaning of eternity. Your girl will always and forever have your heart, even when she’s grown, so Zyanya might be the perfect name!

  • Origin: Aztec/Zapotec
  • Meaning: Forever, always
  • Style: Rare, Beautiful
  • Pronunciation: zee-anya
  • Variations: Xania
  • Popularity: With a ranking of 4322 in 2020, Zyanya is a very rare name in the U.S.
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