87 Native American Last Names: for Your Little Warrior

Unleash your inner tribal warrior with these remarkable Native American last names.

Native American last names are often a mix of traditional habitational clan names and names from the early European settlers. It’s why European names like Alberty and Bernard sit alongside Thundercloud and Bravebird.

Native American names are usually fluid and may change throughout their lives. For example, if a warrior shows bravery, his elders may choose a new name reflecting his acts in a naming ceremony.

There is loads to discover among the rich diversity of Native American surnames below -so get in touch with your tribal side and find the perfect fit for your little warrior on the way.

87 Incredible Native American Family Names

With so many descriptive Native American surnames, this list is littered with a rich history of ancient family names.

  1. Acothley – means “joyful” in English and “cowboy” in Navajo.
  2. Adakai – is a Navajo name meaning “gambler” or “gambling hands.”
  3. Ahyoka – this Cherokee name means “she brought happiness.”
  4. Akecheta – a classic Lakota/Sioux last name meaning “soldier.”
  5. Alberty – derived from the Italian name “Alberti,” meaning “noble and bright.”
  6. Alexander – this Greek name means “defending men.”
  7. Altaha – an Apache name possibly meaning “bird” and given to stockmen.
  8. Angpetu – this pretty Sioux name means “daytime or day.”
  9. Anoki – a cute Native American name meaning “actor.”
  10. Apache – derived from the generic name for the Apache nation.
  11. Arrow – after the sharp projectile fired from a bow and the ideal warrior name.
  12. Awiakta – a descriptive Indian American Cherokee name meaning “eye of the deer.”
  13. Begay – derived from the Navajo “biye,” meaning “his son.”
  14. Benally – another Navajo Indian word meaning “his grandchild or paternal grandchild.”
  15. Bernard – from Old French and German, meaning “strong, brave bear.”
  16. Bitsuie – this Navajo name means “his grandchild.”
  17. Blackfoot – taken from the Native American tribe with the crow name “Siksika,” meaning “Blackfeet people.”
  18. Blackrock – a habitational name for a tribe living near the area of Blackrock.
  19. Branham – an Old English word possibly meaning “sorrow, homestead, or river meadow.”
  20. Bravebird – referring to birds of prey, it’s a traditional name for brave warriors.
  21. Bylilly – native American last names are full of mysticism like Bylilly, meaning “magical powers.”
  22. Catawanee – this Cherokee name of unknown meaning refers to various clans in the Cherokee nation.
  23. Chaska – a Native American Sioux name meaning “first-born son.”
  24. Chatto – a great Apache name for a “chief” – means “educated and good understanding.”
  25. Chewey – a Cherokee surname that means “compassion.”
  26. Chumani – some Native American surnames have the prettiest meanings, like “drops of dew.”
  27. Claw – a sharp animal claw, possibly meaning ”wickedly beautiful or left-handed.”
  28. Cly – a short and sweet Navajo name meaning “the left-handed.”
  29. Cornfield – a habitational name for someone living in or near a cornfield.
  30. Cosay – a name given to residents of the Apache White Mountain reservation.
  31. Countryman – a common American Indian name given to “people living in the countryside.”
  32. Cubbuck – an Americanized spelling of the German “Shubach,” meaning “fur.”
  33. Deere – meaning “deer” or “dear,” this Anglo-Saxon name is used across the globe.
  34. Denton – is of Old English origin, meaning “green, valley town, or settlement.”
  35. Dosela – a popular Apache name among the Southwest American First Nation Tribes.
  36. Edwards – an Old English surname meaning “son of Edward.”
  37. Enepay – it’s important to be of “courageous appearance” in the Sioux nation and to “roar bravely.”
  38. Ethelbah – a common name among residents of the Apache White Mountain reservation.
  39. Etsitty – an indigenous Navajo name meaning “to pound.”
  40. Eubank – an Anglo-Saxon name meaning “yew’s bank.”
  41. Filemonsen – derived from the Greek Philemon, meaning “son of Filemon.”
  42. Galihai – this Cherokee name is perfect for “pretty and attractive” daughters.
  43. Gaylord – derived from the French word “gaillard,” meaning “high spirited and boisterous.”
  44. Goseyun – another common name among Apache White Mountain residents.
  45. Hatathli – in Navajo, Hatathli means “medicine man.”
  46. Hensley – of English and American origin, meaning “one who is ambitious.”
  47. Holt – this cool Old English name means “son of the unspoiled forest.”
  48. Howakahn – in Lakota, it means “sacred voice” and “mysterious voice.”
  49. Huaman – an indigenous surname from South America, meaning “winner, adorable, and strong.”
  50. Irving – a Scottish habitational last name meaning “fresh, green water.”
  51. Ishtasapa – another name from the Lakota language meaning “dark eyes.”
  52. Kadoka – a pretty Sioux name meaning “hole in the wall.”
  53. Kanoska – a Cherokee surname of unknown meaning.
  54. Kipp – from Old English, meaning “pointed hill.”
  55. Lewis – derived from Old English and German, meaning “famous warrior.”
  56. Lisenbe – some Cherokee names are simply “inspiring.”
  57. Macawi – a common name used in Zuni, Hopi, and other native tribes, meaning “coyote.”
  58. Maize – possibly an occupational or habitational name for someone living and working near “corn.”
  59. Maka – a cute Lakota surname meaning “soil, ground, or earth.”
  60. Mato – derived from Portuguese, Mato means “bush or scrubland.”
  61. Mescal – from the Aztec Nahuatl language, meaning “oven-cooked agave.”
  62. Nahimana – is taken from the Dakota language meaning “secret.”
  63. Nakai – this African/Native American name possibly means to “be beautiful” or “one who wanders.”
  64. Nanouk – is a funny and descriptive Alaskan name meaning “polar bear.”
  65. Nelowie – a Cherokee surname meaning “keen, inventive, and reliable.”
  66. Nez – possibly a diminutive form of Nesbit, meaning “nose-shaped bend in.”
  67. Nozie – an Apache name found among the residents of the White Mountain reservation.
  68. Paddock – this Old English habitational name fits someone working with animals in an enclosure.
  69. Peshlakai – a Navajo name meaning “silver and shiny.”
  70. Pompey – a Latin variant form of Pompei, meaning “five” in Roman.
  71. Shanta – of Old French, American, and Hindi origin, meaning “stone and peaceful.”
  72. Summerhill – possibly Old Norse meaning “summer battle” or “summer grazing” in Old English.
  73. Swiftwater – a habitational name for someone near a fast-flowing river, meaning “mankind” or “great lover.”
  74. Tabaaha – is a pretty Navajo name meaning “shore, beach.”
  75. Tatik – such a cute Alaskan name meaning “love.”
  76. Tessay – a commonly found surname of the White Mountain reservation.
  77. Thunderhawk – a classic Lakota Sioux name meaning “expert, serious, and perfect.”
  78. Tsinajinnie – this Navajo name means “caretaker, courage, and investigator.”
  79. Tsosie – a short and sweet Navajo name meaning “slender, slim, and skinny.”
  80. Uentillie – a traditional Navajo name meaning “great leader, problem avoider, and good judger.”
  81. Uskilith – a Navajo shortening of Guy Uskilith, meaning “white boy.”
  82. Vance – an Old English habitational name referring to “someone who lives near a marsh.”
  83. Warcloud – some Native American family names are so descriptive, like Warcloud, meaning “wise.”
  84. Welch – an Anglo-Saxon name meaning “Welsh or foreigner.”
  85. Yargee – this Cherokee family name means “wisdom, truly, and attractive speaker.”
  86. Yazzie – the perfect name for “little” Navajo kids.
  87. Yuka – this Alaskan Inuit name is perfect for your little “bright star.”

Native American Last Names FAQs

What Are Traditional Native American Last Names?

Traditional Native American last names include Blackfoot, Thundercloud, Thunderhawk, Swiftwater, and Nanouk. Other examples like Paddock, Lewis, Vance, and Welch derive from Old English, Welsh, and European names introduced by the early settlers.

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