125 Nerdy and Geeky Baby Names: for Budding Professors

If you’re raising the next Albert Einstein, your kid should have a geeky baby name to match.

Not all kids captain the soccer team or ace cheerleading. What about kids in the science or chess club? If your mini professor has what it takes, choose nerdy and geeky baby names to match their fascinating personality.

Forget Brad or Steve; we’re talking about Anakin and Albus here. Whether it’s sci-fi or Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, the world of nerdy baby names is full of movie and book references.

So, let’s fire up the flux capacitor, create some weird science, and win ten points for Gryffindor as we present the coolest list of geeky baby names for your tiny tech hero.

125 Nerdy Baby Names for Tiny Geeks

Nothing says dorky like a geeky baby name. Let’s take a look!

  1. Ada – meaning “noble,” Ada Lovelace was a mathematician and Lord Byron’s daughter.
  2. Adria – means “from Hadria” and is a character from Stargate SG-1.
  3. Alastair – from the Greek “Alexandros,” meaning “defender of man,” who features in Harry Potter and Doctor Who.
  4. Albert – meaning “bright,” geeky baby names don’t get any smarter than Albert Einstein.
  5. Albus – meaning “white light,” no list of nerdy baby names is complete without Albus Dumbledore.
  6. Aldous – a medieval Germanic name meaning “old” and the name of novelist Aldous Huxley.
  7. Alfred – means “elf counsel” in Old English; Alfred can be shortened to Alfie, which is quite trendy.
  8. Alice – meaning “noble,” Alice features in movies and literature; plus is a language used in programming.
  9. Allana – means “precious and awakening” and belongs to Leia and Han Solo’s baby daughter.
  10. Anakin – meaning “warrior,” Anakin is the name of the badass Darth Vader.
  11. Arthur – from the Celtic for “bear and king,” and the hero in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.
  12. Arwen – from The Lord of the Rings, meaning “noble maiden,” Arwen is an immortal half-elven woman.
  13. Ashildr – from Old Norse meaning “battle god,” Ashildr also features in Doctor Who.
  14. Aston – is Old English for “noble stone;” Francis Aston invented the mass spectrograph.
  15. Aurora – from the northern lights, Aurora is also a Disney princess.
  16. Barbara – from the Greek, meaning “foreign,” and Barbarella in the classic 60s sci-fi movie.
  17. Bethesda – a Hebrew name meaning “house of mercy,” and the gaming company that develops Fall out.
  18. Blaise – means “lisping” and is the name of Blaise Pascal, the French female mathematician.
  19. Blanche – from the French nickname meaning “fair,” also featured in Pokemon Go.
  20. Brienne – a variation of Brian, meaning “noble,” and a unique female character in Game of Thrones.
  21. Calem – a great unisex combo meaning “dove,” Calem is also a Pokemon X and Y character.
  22. Carol – meaning “army and warrior,” Carol Danvers is none other than Captain Marvel.
  23. Cassian – meaning “empty and vain,” Cassian Andor is a character from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.
  24. Cecil – meaning “sixth,” Cecil is of Roman and Welsh origins and the ultimate geeky name.
  25. Cecilia – from the Latin word for “blind,” and the patron saint of music and musicians.
  26. Clark – meaning “clerk,” fans of the Superman movies recognize geeky journalist Clark Kent.
  27. Cordelia – from the Welsh translation, meaning “sacred object,” although it could also mean “heart.”
  28. Daisy – from the delicate flower and a cute Pokemon character.
  29. Dax – short and sweet; Dax is a town in France and a character in Star Trek.
  30. Deanna – from Diana, meaning “divine,” who can forget Deanna Troy from Star Trek: The Next Generation?
  31. Deckard – possibly meaning “roofer,” Deckard is the ultimate geek crush from the Blade Runner films.
  32. Desmond – a Gaelic word meaning “South Munster,” associated with the legendary Bishop Desmond Tutu.
  33. Dexter – means “right-handed and skilled” in Latin; Dexter is the serial killer in the TV show.
  34. Dione – meaning “of Zeus” and the name of one of Saturn’s moons.
  35. Dmitriy – means “mother earth” in Russian and is the scientist who discovered the periodic table.
  36. Doris – means “Dorian woman,” Doris Day is the quintessential goody-two-shoes in the movies.
  37. Echo – from Greek mythology, Echo was a nymph and character from the Daredevil comics.
  38. Emmett – meaning “universal” who can forget nerdy Doc Emmett Brown in Back to the Future?
  39. Ender – means “very rare” in Turkish and is a character in the sci-fi classic Ender’s Game.
  40. Eowyn – means “horse joy” and is a girl in LOTR who dresses as a guy for battle.
  41. Erasmus – meaning “beloved” in Greek, his nickname was St. Elmo of the movie St. Elmo’s Fire.
  42. Erwin – possibly means “army” or “friend,” associated with the scientist who developed Schrodinger’s Cat theory.
  43. Evelyn – means “desired” in German, Evelyn Boyd Granville developed the trajectory of the Apollo Space Mission.
  44. Evey – meaning “to breathe” in Hebrew, Evey Hammond is in V for Vendetta.
  45. Felicity – means “good luck” or “intense happiness,” Felicity Smoak appeared in the DC. Comics Arrow Universe.
  46. Finnick – means “demanding,” from the Hunger Games character Finnick Odair.
  47. Fleur – is French for “flower,” and the name of Fleur Delacour from Harry Potter.
  48. Florence – the ultimate female hero, Florence Nightingale, means “flourishing and prosperous” in Latin.
  49. Galen – a geeky fantasy name from Star Wars, meaning “calm.”
  50. Ganon – a short version of Ganondorf, meaning “fair-skinned,” and a character in the Zelda video game.
  51. Geordi – Star Trek: Next Generation fandom will recognize Geordi, meaning “farmer.”
  52. Guinevere – is of Welsh origin meaning “white phantom,” and King Arthur’s beloved queen.
  53. Hank – nicknames don’t come any catchier than Hank, meaning “estate-ruler.”
  54. Harry – the most famous boy wizard, Harry means “home-ruler.”
  55. Hattie – has several meanings, including “power, leader, ruler, and army.”
  56. Hera – from the goddess in Greek mythology and a character in Battlestar Galactica.
  57. Hermes – the Greek god Hermes is also the spaceship’s name in The Martian novel.
  58. Hogarth – from Old English, meaning “pig herder,” William Hogarth was a famous painter.
  59. Hypatia – is Greek, meaning “highest or supreme,” and a 4th-century female philosopher.
  60. Idris – besides the actor, Idris means “enthusiastic lord” and was an 80s computer operating system.
  61. Isaac – is Hebrew for “rejoice,” associated with Isaac Newton and Isaac Asimov, the sci-fi writer.
  62. Jamie – means “he who supplants” in Latin and is the lead character in Outlander.
  63. Jareth – means “descendant” and was also David Bowie’s character in the movie Labyrinth.
  64. JeanLuc – means “God is gracious,” associated with Jean-Luc Piccard, the best Starfleet commander.
  65. Jemma – means “precious stone” and is a biochemist from Marvel’s Agents of Shield.
  66. Jesse – the crazy character Preacher from DC Comics, meaning “gift” in Hebrew.
  67. Jessica – means “to behold,” and the character Jesse Jones in the Marvel franchise.
  68. Jorah – means “he teaches” in Hebrew and is a top male character from Game of Thrones.
  69. Joss – means “of the Goths,” Joss Whedon created Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
  70. Kaiden – means “companion,” Kaiden features in the Mass Effect video game series.
  71. Kara – from the Turkish for “courageous,” she was the cousin of Kal-El (Superman).
  72. Kenobi – derived from Obi-Wan-Kenobi, this Star Wars name works for your little geek.
  73. Kent – a county in England, Kent, and the last name of Superman’s alter-ego, Clark Kent.
  74. Khaleesi – from Game of Thrones, meaning “queen,” Khaleesi was the Mother of Dragons.
  75. Leeloo – a French nickname meaning “leader” and a supreme being from The Fifth Element film.
  76. Lei – is Hawaiian for “flower,” Lei is the superhero Aero in the Marvel Universe.
  77. Leia – Princess Lei is the queen of geeky baby names, meaning “weary.”
  78. Leliana – meaning “lily,” Leliana is a spymaster in the Dragons Age video game series.
  79. Leonard – from German, meaning “brave lion,” there’s only one Mr. Spock, Leonard Nimoy!
  80. Logan – meaning “little hollow,” is Wolverine’s first name in the X-Men series.
  81. Lyra – means “lyre,” and the main character in Philip Pullman’s Dark Materials books.
  82. Magnus – a character in Fantastic Beasts, meaning “great” in Latin.
  83. Maya – means “good mother, water, or illusion,” depending on which culture you follow.
  84. Maz – created for Star Wars, Maz is a unisex name meaning “gift of God.”
  85. Morrigan – another name from the Dragons Age video games, meaning “great queen.”
  86. Natasha – means “born at Christmas” and an ultra-cool superhero Black Widow.
  87. Nikola – means “victory of the people” and is the name of scientist and inventor Nikola Tesla.
  88. Nyota – is Swahili for “star” and the first name for Lieutenant Uhura from Star Trek.
  89. Oberon – the inspiration for Obi-Wan-Kenobi, Oberon features in Midsummer Night’s Dream and means “elf ruler.”
  90. Oliver – is Old Norse for “ancestor’s descendant,” associated with the Green Arrow, Oliver Queen.
  91. Peeta – is straight from The Hunger Games, meaning “rock.”
  92. Peggy – from the Greek, meaning “pearl,” Marvel’s Peggy Carter was in the French resistance.
  93. Peregrine – is Latin, meaning “traveler,” Peregrin Took features in The Lord of the Rings.
  94. Persephone – an ideal name for mythology nerds; Persephone is Zeus’s daughter.
  95. Primrose – the “first rose” and the name of Katniss Everdeen’s sister in Hunger Games.
  96. Quill – from Latin, meaning “eagle;” last names don’t come any cooler than Star-lord, Peter Quill.
  97. Quinn – nerdy and geeky baby names don’t come any better than Harley Quinn, the badass anti-hero.
  98. Raiden – straight from Metal Gear Solid and Mortal Kombat, meaning “thunder.”
  99. Rhodes – meaning “clear lands in the woods,” and Col James Rhodes in the Marvel Universe.
  100. Ripley – the most royal of geeky baby names, meaning “strip of land,” and a badass film character in Alien.
  101. Ronan – an arch-villain from Guardians of the Galaxy, meaning “little seal.”
  102. Rory – one of the best nerdy baby names from Doctor Who, meaning “red king.”
  103. Rose – the flower and one of the best Time Lord assistants in Doctor Who.
  104. Rowena – means “fame and happiness;” Rowena features in a novel by Sir Walter Scott.
  105. Sarah – means “lady,” Sarah Connor gave birth to the savior of humanity in the Terminator series.
  106. Selina – translates as “moon” in Greek; Selina is also Catwoman in the Batman films.
  107. Sheldon – the stereotypical geek from Big Bang Theory, Sheldon means “steep valley.”
  108. Sonya – Mortal Kombat gamers will instantly know this pick among gamer baby names, meaning “wisdom.”
  109. Sora – is of Japanese origin, meaning “sky,” and a character in Stargate Atlantis.
  110. Spike – meaning “pointed metal,” Spike appears in the fantasy show Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
  111. Steve – means “wreath and crown;” who can forget Steve Austin, The Six Million Dollar Man?
  112. Tauriel – is elvin for “forest maiden,” she features in the Lord of the Rings film but not the book.
  113. Thalia – from the Percy Jackson novels, Thalia means “blossom” and was the goddess of festivities.
  114. Theo – possibly means “gift of God” or “bold” and is a top character in Lord of the Rings.
  115. Tobias – means “God is good” and is Severus Snape’s father in Harry Potter.
  116. Trillian – refers to “a noble daughter of bold men,” Trillian appears in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.
  117. Tyrion – another gem from Game of Thrones, meaning “rock,” Tyrion is not your typical nerd.
  118. Victor – meaning “victorious conqueror,” Victor Frankenstein appears in Mary Shelly’s masterpiece.
  119. Wade – meaning “to go,” serious fandom might recognize Wade from the funny movie Deadpool.
  120. Wesley – translates as “western meadow” and none other than badass Blade Wesley Snipes.
  121. Willamina – from Germanic, meaning “desire,” Willamina is better shortened to Mina.
  122. Winston – means “joy and stone” and is the lead character in Orwell’s novel 1984.
  123. Xavier – from Spanish, meaning “new house,” Xavier is pronounced Zavier.
  124. Zack – from Final Fantasy VII, meaning “laughter, the Lord recalled.”
  125. Zelda – from the famous video game, meaning “dark battle.”

Nerdy and Geeky Baby Names FAQs

What are Some Nerdy Names for Boys?

Some of the best nerdy names for boys come from popular fiction and movies. Anakin, Harry, Ronan, Peter, and Logan are all popular choices. Other rich sources of nerdy names include Greek mythology, Roman folklore, Old English, and Hebrew. So, the next time you meet someone called Quill, Isaac, Cecil, or Magnus, you know where it comes from.

What are the Most Playful Nerdy Names?

The most playful nerdy names are the quirky ones like Peggy, Rory, Rowena, Theo, and Jamie. Other playful contenders include Blanche, Clark, Hattie, and Doris.

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