180 Classic Nonbinary Names: for Androgynous Children

Why label kids with a gender-specific name when they can be free with agender monikers?

Gender-neutral names are neither masculine nor feminine. Although unisex examples crossover to nonbinary names, they do not differentiate on gender.

So, if you want your baby to grow up free of gender shackles and to live life without labels, you’ll find this list of agender names a rich source of inspiration.

Let’s dive right in!

180 Unbelievable Non Binary Names

Some nonbinary names are well-known, some were once gender-specific, and some will surprise you.

  1. Addison – this Old English name means “son of Adam” and is the perfect nonbinary name.
  2. Alaska – it may seem weird naming your child Alaska, but it is a cool unisex moniker.
  3. Alec – means “defender of men” and is the short form of the Greek name Alexander.
  4. Alexis – is of Greek and Old English origin, meaning “defender.”
  5. Allyn – is of Gaelic origin and perfect for your “precious” little human being.
  6. Aly – another variant of Alexander, meaning “man’s defender” and “exalted” in Arabic.
  7. Andi – this unique nonbinary name means “man, warrior,” and “virile.”
  8. Ariel – androgynous names don’t come any better than Ariel, meaning “lion of God.”
  9. Asher – this Hebrew name meaning “happy” is perfect for cheerful cherubs.
  10. Ashley – the perfect name for a demiboy, meaning “dweller near the ash tree meadow.”
  11. Ashton – is of Old English origin, meaning “ash tree town.”
  12. Aspen – a cool American gender-neutral name meaning “quaking tree.”
  13. Astor – a posh genderfluid English name meaning “preying” or “thunder god.”
  14. Austen – a masculine and feminine name of Greek origin, meaning “great/magnificent.”
  15. Avery – your demigirl could be the “ruler of the elves” with this English name.
  16. Azriel – this unisex name is of Hebrew origin, meaning “God is my help.”
  17. Bai – the first Chinese entry on the list, meaning “pure.”
  18. Bao – a cool Vietnamese name meaning “treasure” and perfect for your precious child.
  19. Bay – a cool nonbinary name meaning “berry.”
  20. Beck – this Old Norse name meaning “stream” has a modern feel.
  21. Bellamy – this French name meaning “handsome friend” is from a surname.
  22. Bergen – this Scandinavian name translates as “lives on a hill or mountain.”
  23. Berlin – the German capital city and a unique no-gender name meaning “borderline.”
  24. Beu – a cute genderfluid name of French origin, meaning “handsome.”
  25. Blaize – a super-cool Latin name for no-gender babies, meaning “lisp, stutter.”
  26. Blake – a classic unisex name that means “black and white.”
  27. Blue – from Old English and German, meaning “the color blue.”
  28. Brighton – from the English seaside town, meaning “bridge settlement.”
  29. Brook – a nonbinary English name meaning “small stream.”
  30. Caelen – the first Irish/Gaelic name on the list, meaning “victorious people” or “slender.”
  31. Callaway – typically used in middle names, meaning “pebbly place.”
  32. Cameron – is of Scottish and Gaelic origins, meaning “crooked nose.”
  33. Carlin – your daring “little champion” deserves this unique name.
  34. Carlisle – this English and Scottish name means “from the protected tower.”
  35. Casey – this Gaelic name is perfect for “alert and watchful” kids.
  36. Cedar – the Latin origins of this name means “tree.”
  37. Charlie – a cute name meaning “free man” works wonderfully for badass kids.
  38. Crimson – meaning “rich deep red,” Crimson stems from the Arabic Qermez.
  39. Crow – is from Anglo-Saxon, meaning “dark-colored” or “bird.”
  40. Cruise – this English name is perfect for brave kids because it means “bold and fierce.”
  41. Dakota – a Native American name meaning “friend” and the U.S. state.
  42. Dallas – this Irish/Gaelic name is the city in Texas and means “skilled.”
  43. Delaney – another enchanting name from the Emerald Isle, meaning “black river.”
  44. Dell – gender-neutral English names are rarely as unique, meaning “small valley or glen.”
  45. Denver – the place in Colorado, Denver also means “green valley” in Old English.
  46. Derby – from the English city, this Anglo-Saxon name means “farmstead where deer are kept.”
  47. Drew – of Welsh origin, Drew is ideal for “wise” nonbinary babies.
  48. Dusty – with several meanings, Dusty could be “Thor’s stone,” a “dusty place,” or “brave warrior.”
  49. Eli – one of the best Hebrew agender names, meaning “uplifted.”
  50. Ellery – is related to the Latin Hilary and means “alder tree” in Old English.
  51. Ellis – is of English and Welsh origin, meaning “benevolent.”
  52. Emerson – it may mean “Emery’s son,” but modern translations also apply to daughters.
  53. Emery – this short and sweet name is Norman and means “loving.”
  54. Everest – from the mountain and a rare they/them name.
  55. Everly – this Old English name means “wild boar in a woodland clearing.”
  56. Evren – this Turkish name is out of this world, meaning “cosmos” and “the heavens.”
  57. Fable – an uncommon name associated with Greek mythology, meaning “story.”
  58. Fallon – a powerful Gaelic and Irish name meaning “leader.”
  59. Fen – of Chinese origin, this popular Christian name means “scent.”
  60. Finch – a sweet transmasc name of English origin, meaning “songbird.”
  61. Finley – from the Scottish/Gaelic name meaning “fair warrior.”
  62. Fio – from the Latin meaning “flowering,” this pretty name is ideal for cute babies.
  63. Forest – this English name means exactly what it says.
  64. Frankie – a Latin name derived from Francesca or Francis, meaning “free.”
  65. Galaxy – an ideal hippy name for nonbinary kids, meaning “large system of stars.”
  66. Garland – an unusual moniker on the name list, meaning “from the spear land.”
  67. Garnet – a semi-precious red stone; Garnet gets its name from “pomegranate.”
  68. Greer – a Scottish and Latin name meaning “watchful and vigilant.”
  69. Grey – a simple nonbinary name translated as “grey-haired.”
  70. Hale – an Old English place name meaning “nook” or “hollow.”
  71. Harbor – nonbinary names like Harbor are from Old English, meaning “boat dock on the shore.”
  72. Harlow – another Old English topographic name meaning “army hill.”
  73. Harp – the short form of Harper with Scottish musical origins, meaning “harp player.”
  74. Harper – the long form of Harp, referring to “one who plays the harp.”
  75. Haven – an English name meaning “safe place” or “sky; the abode of God.”
  76. Hawkins – from Old English, meaning “little hawk.”
  77. Hayden – meaning “heathen,” this badass name is a great option for your kid.
  78. Henley – from the famous Thames town in England, meaning “high meadow.”
  79. Holland – the generic name for the “Netherlands” makes a great nonbinary name.
  80. Hollis – from “dweller at the holly tree” to “island man,” Hollis has several sweet meanings.
  81. Hopper – meaning “leaper, dancer, and hop-grower,” this Old English name stands out.
  82. Indiana – from the U.S. state, it means “land of the Indians” in Native American.
  83. Indigo – from the color “blue,” a less common name for boys and girls.
  84. Ira – a short and snappy name from Hebrew, meaning “watchful.”
  85. Jamie – a derivative of James, this Hebrew name means “one who supplants.”
  86. Jay – taken from the “bird,” Jay is masculine in some parts of the world.
  87. Jerry – is from Old German and Hebrew, meaning “spear ruler.”
  88. Jett – this hot gender-neutral name from the precious stone means “jet black.”
  89. Jody – meaning “Jehovah increases,” agender names don’t get any better.
  90. Jules – this French and Old English name means “downy-bearded youth.”
  91. Justice – a classic genderqueer name meaning “to deliver what is just.”
  92. Kai – from Welsh, Scandinavian, and Greek origins, meaning “keeper of the keys.”
  93. Kayden – this Arabic name has several meanings, including “round, gentle, cask, and companion.”
  94. Kelby – from the Old Norse, meaning “farm by the spring,” a perfect nonbinary name.
  95. Kelly – this unisex Irish name means “bright-headed.”
  96. Kendall – a classic gender-neutral English name meaning “valley of the River Kent.”
  97. Kimber – agender nicknames don’t come any cooler than Kimber, meaning “Cynegurg’s field.”
  98. Kirby – from Old German, this original name means “settlement by a church.”
  99. Kit – a popular nickname for Christopher and Katherine, meaning “bearing Christ.”
  100. Kodi – this American name is perfect for “helpful” kids.
  101. Laine – meaning “path or roadway,” this Old English name has a beautiful aesthetic.
  102. Lake – from the Anglo-Saxon meaning for a “family living close to a lake.”
  103. Landry – meaning “ruler” in French, big personalities deserve a name to match.
  104. Lark – of American origin, Lark translates as “songbird.”
  105. Larkin – this Irish name belies a “rough and fierce” meaning.
  106. Leaf – a stereotypical hippy name for girls and boys.
  107. Lee – the perfect gender-neutral English name, meaning “clearing in the woods.”
  108. Lennon – another name from Irish stock, meaning “dear one.”
  109. Linden – an Old English word meaning “lime tree” and a popular genderfluid name.
  110. London – from the Roman Londinium, with an uncertain meaning, and the UK’s capital.
  111. Lou – is of Germanic origin meaning “famed warrior.”
  112. Marlowe – this English name means “driftwood” and can be used as a surname.
  113. Meridian – a fantastic gender-neutral name meaning “middle or center.”
  114. Merrit – from Old English, meaning “boundary gate,” with a stylish feel.
  115. Micah – meaning “who is like God” Micah has grown in popularity among gender-neutral names.
  116. Miller – this English name meaning “one who grinds grain” was once masculine but not anymore.
  117. Moe – is short for Maurice and Maureen, meaning “to love” in Latin and Hebrew.
  118. Nat – short for Nathan and Natalie, this unisex Hebrew name means “gift of God.”
  119. Nico – this modern-sounding Greek name means “people of victory.”
  120. Nolan – this classic Irish surname means “champion” and makes a great nonbinary first name.
  121. Oakley – this popular agender name means “from the oak meadow.”
  122. Ocean – one of the most exotic gender-neutral names, meaning “sea” in Greek.
  123. Park – it’s either an occupational or topographic name, meaning “one who works in a park.”
  124. Parker – another Old English occupational name meaning “park keeper.”
  125. Peak – this English topographical name means “top of the mountain.”
  126. Perry – meaning “pear tree,” this French name is growing in popularity.
  127. Peyton – originally an English surname meaning “man’s fighting estate,” it’s now a Christian name.
  128. Pixel – a classic nonbinary gamer name, Pixel means “picture cell or element.”
  129. Poe – from American Horror master Edgar Allen, meaning “peacock” in English.
  130. Quest – if your little one “seeks adventure,” this Hebrew name fits the bill.
  131. Quill – from Irish and Gaelic, meaning “from the wood.”
  132. Quincy – this Roman clan name means “estate of the fifth son.”
  133. Quinn – another Gaelic name meaning “counsel” or “descendant of Con.”
  134. Rain – this one straddles both nature and nonbinary names perfectly.
  135. Raleigh – of Old English origin, meaning “roe deer’s meadow.”
  136. Ramsay – an Old English name possibly meaning “garlic island” or “raven’s island.”
  137. Ray – another Old English name meaning “counsel protection.”
  138. Reagan – while it means “little king” in Irish, it has a more genderfluid feel nowadays.
  139. Ridley – a super-cool nonbinary name, meaning “reed meadow” in Old English.
  140. Riley – of Gaelic origin, this trendy name means “valiant.”
  141. Robin – is of Old English and German origin, meaning “bright fame.”
  142. Rylen – derived from Ryan, this stylish agender name means “wise king.”
  143. Salem – a popular town in Massachusetts, meaning “peace” in Hebrew.
  144. Santana – a classic Spanish genderfluid name meaning “holy.”
  145. Sasha – derived from Alexander, Sasha means “defender of mankind.”
  146. Sawyer – of Old English origin derived from the occupation of a “woodcutter.”
  147. Sayer – keeping with the wood theme, Sayer means “carpenter, woodcutter, or reciter.”
  148. Scout – another occupational name of French origin, meaning “to listen.”
  149. Sheridan – is of Gaelic and Irish origin, meaning “seeker.”
  150. Sidney – possibly of French and English origin, meaning “Saint-Denis” or “wide water meadow.”
  151. Skyler – a classic gender-neutral name of Dutch origin, meaning “scholar.”
  152. Solo – this sci-fi name has several meanings, including “wisdom, peace, and alone.”
  153. Spencer – an occupational English name meaning “dispenser of provisions.”
  154. Storm – this weather-related name is a great nonbinary option.
  155. Sutton – derived from Anglo-Saxon, meaning “south” and “enclosure or village.”
  156. Tarot – of French origin describing the fortune-telling cards.
  157. Tate – for happy nonbinary kids, meaning “cheerful” in Old English.
  158. Tatum – another Old English name meaning “Tata’s homestead.”
  159. Taylor – is derived from the Latin, meaning “to cut, and the English for “tailor.”
  160. Teal – a duck breed with a greenish-blue color and a cool gender-neutral name.
  161. Tig – some think Tig relates to a wine brand, and others think it’s short for “Tiger.”
  162. Tommy – is short for Thomasina and Thomas, meaning “twin.”
  163. Truth – agender names are rarely as pretty as this inspiring one, meaning “honesty.”
  164. Urban – this gender-neutral name of Latin origin means “from the city.”
  165. Vale – a short and sweet name meaning “valley” in Old English.
  166. Valentine – is derived from the Latin word Valens, meaning “strong and healthy.”
  167. Vesper – a cool Latin unisex name meaning “evening.”
  168. Viper – from the Latin Vipera, meaning “serpent and snake.”
  169. Winter – a cool Germanic name that translates as “the wet season” or “time of water.”
  170. Wisdom – a great name for any smart nonbinary kid, meaning “knowledge and experience.”
  171. Wren – your “small songbird” will delight in this Old English name.
  172. Wylie – of Old English origin, meaning “well-watered meadow.”
  173. Wynn – means “friend” in Old English and “fair and white” in Welsh.
  174. Yael – meaning “Ibex or mountain goat,” this ancient Hebrew name is unusual.
  175. Yuri – in Russian, Yuri means “farmer” and “lily” in Japanese.
  176. Zaire – is a rare African agender name meaning “river.”
  177. Zane – of Hebrew origin, meaning “God is gracious,” belonging to novelist Zane Grey.
  178. Zealand – an Old English name meaning “from the sea land.”
  179. Zenith – of English, Spanish, and French origin, meaning “highest point in heaven.”
  180. Zephyr – from Greek mythology meaning “west wind.”

Non Binary Names FAQs

What are the Most popular Agender Names?

The most popular agender names include Taylor, Tate, Robin, Ray, and Kelly. Other examples like Addison, Ellis, Frankie, and Harper are prominent nonbinary names.

What Does Non Binary Mean?

Nonbinary has several meanings and varies from person to person. The term describes a person who no longer identifies as male or female and uses nonbinary as a third gender. However, nonbinary is also a genderfluid term under the transgender umbrella. It enables people to identify partly as male and female depending on which attributes best describe them.

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