100 Traditional Norwegian Names for Girls

Check out these popular Norwegian girl names that range from goddesses to warriors and the exciting history of how they came to be!

Whether you’re hoping to honor family or introduce strong women figures to your daughter, these popular Norwegian girl names can help you out!

We’ve done the research to find ancient history, rich meanings, and fun namesakes of the best Norwegian names for girls so you don’t have to!

The most beautiful and interesting names are right at your fingertips and with these names, you may just be that much closer to settling on the perfect name for your new baby girl.

100 Popular Norwegian Girl Names

Let’s get started on learning all about the meanings, variants, and more for these popular Norwegian girl names.

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👧 Girl 🏷️ Affectionate, Comforting
  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Nourishing, soul
  • Popularity: In Norway, Alma placed 12th for 2021, which was seriously popular.

Alma has a gentle but noticeable appeal. Alma is defined as “nourishing” or “soul.” Alma may do a wonderful job of comforting your daughter as it suggests content and thriving soul.


👧 Girl 🏷️ Spiritual
  • Origin: Spanish, Hebrew
  • Meaning: Merciful, gracious
  • Variations: Anne
  • Namesakes: Anita Baker is an American soul singer.

Anita is a diminutive of Anne that deserves more time to shine. Anita has a feminine air that makes it an easy choice for a baby girl. Anita means “merciful” or “gracious.” Don’t be shy about letting everyone know just how much your daughter means to you when Anita could do the trick.


👧 Girl 🏷️ Spiritual
  • Origin: French, Hebrew, English
  • Meaning: Grace, God has favored me
  • Variations: Annette, Ann, Anna

Anne has a spiritual meaning of “grace” or “God has favored me.” If you believe your baby is covered by God’s grace, you might name her Anne. You may consider calling her Annie as a pet name.


👧 Girl 🏷️ Spiritual
  • Origin: Norwegian
  • Meaning: Woman engaged to God
  • Variations: Ann, Anna

Aslaug is an authentic Norwegian name, one with a spiritual meaning. Aslaug stands for “woman engaged to God,” brilliantly telling of a connection that can’t be broken. Aslaug could symbolize the natural bond between you and your baby.


👧 Girl 🏷️ Magical, Affectionate
  • Origin: Norwegian, Greek
  • Meaning: Star-like, love

Asta is a celestial-inspired, sparkly choice for parents who desire a girly name. Asta stands for “star-like” or “love.” Asta will light up your world with her twinkling eyes and abundance of love that starchild will be the only way to think of her.


👧 Girl 🏷️ Affectionate
  • Origin: Scandinavian
  • Meaning: Divinely beautiful

Astrid is a futuristic, out-of-this-world type of name. With a celestial sound and meaning of “divinely beautiful,” Astrid could be a dazzling choice. Astrid may have your sweet girl feeling ultra special with its affectionate nature.


👧 Girl 🏷️ Comforting, Smart, Affectionate
  • Origin: German
  • Meaning: Divine wisdom

Asvoria glistens as it proves to be a wonderful name for any little girl. Asvoria stands for “divine wisdom,” an understanding and mind so vast, it’s compared to God. Asvoria has a youthful energy that can hang with the newer generation of kids.


👧 Girl 🏷️ Cool
  • Origin: Norwegian
  • Meaning: Wild, fury, goddess of water

Atla is blindly adventurous with a meaning like “wild.” It’s reminiscent of the word atlas, which we know to be a book of maps. Atla is also the Norse goddess of water, whose big stature was attention-grabbing. Like raging oceans, Atla is making waves as a beautiful baby girl name.


👧 Girl 🏷️ Unusual
  • Origin: Norwegian, French
  • Meaning: Deserted, empty, prosperous
  • Variations: Auda, Audra
  • Popularity: Astrid was the 18th most popular baby girl name in Norway for 2020.

Aud is simple and to the point, but it’s not lost on a rich meaning. Aud stands for “deserted” or “empty” in Norsk, which might be dark, though it can really be beautiful for a first-born child. Aud might be understood as a baby born into a house with no children living there. Aud has an alternative French definition that means “prosperous,” which in theory complements our earlier interpretation.


👧 Girl 🏷️ Affectionate, Spiritual
  • Origin: Danish
  • Meaning: Blessed

Bente has a soft touch as it stands for “blessed.” Bente is a stunning, spiritual option for a family who wants to sing the praises of their new baby girl. Benny may be a unique nickname for Bente.

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👧 Girl 🏷️ Spiritual, Comforting
  • Origin: Norwegian
  • Meaning: Protection, light will save

Bergljot is a challenging but divine Norwegian girl name. Bergljot is defined as “protection” or “light save,” a beautifully spiritual name. Bergljot provides an unexplained peace that could be a symbol of your baby.


👧 Girl
  • Origin: Scandinavian
  • Meaning: Exalted, lofty
  • Style: Affectionate, Cool

Berit could have your little lady on cloud nine with its definition of “exalted” or “lofty.” Berit may be a charming way to let your daughter-to-be know how highly you think of her. Berit could produce the pet name BeBe.


👧 Girl 🏷️ Spiritual
  • Origin: Norwegian
  • Meaning: Help, salvation
  • Variations: Björg

Bjørg is a common Nordic middle name, so you may consider it as a secondary pick for your baby. Bjørg means “help” or “salvation.” Bjørg might symbolize how your baby has brought you out of a dark time in your life.


👧 Girl 🏷️ Unusual, Strong
  • Origin: Norwegian, Danish
  • Meaning: Battle will cure

Bodil is atypical outside of the Nordic culture, but just keep reading to see why you might love it. Bodil has a definition, “battle will cure.” If you struggled to become parents, Bodil might happily represent the fight that rewarded you with your baby girl as the outcome.


👧 Girl 🏷️ Mysterious
  • Origin: Scandinavian
  • Meaning: Raven, black-haired, little drop of water
  • Variations: Brynn

Brenn gives off a cool and mysterious vibe, one that might be worthy enough for your dynamite baby girl. Brenn stands for “black-haired” or “raven,” which is reminiscent of a newborn’s sometimes shiny, dark hair. It also is said to mean “little drop of water.” Both meanings are full of wonder, just like your gorgeous girl.


👧 Girl 🏷️ Affectionate
  • Origin: Norwegian, Irish, Swedish
  • Meaning: Noble, exalted one
  • Variations: Britta, Brittany, Bridget
  • Description: Britta is a delightful variant of Brittany. Britta has a pleasant meaning of “noble” or “exalted.” It takes thinking highly of yourself to a whole new level. Fun fact, Brita is a well-known water filtration brand.


👧 Girl 🏷️ Feminine, Spiritual
  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Pure
  • Variations: Catherine, Cathy, Katherine, Kathy, Caterina, Katerina, Catrina, Katrina

Cathrine’s ethereal meaning will have you believing you’ve given birth to an angel. Cathrine stands for “pure,” a common term used to describe newborns. Cathrine is known for its varied spellings, which you may prefer to this version. Cathrine is usually called Cat for short.


👧 Girl 🏷️ Unusual
  • Origin: Norwegian, Danish, Latin
  • Meaning: Blind
  • Variations: Cecilia, Cecily, Secily, Secilia

Cecilie is a variant of Cecilia. Cecilie means “blind.” You may be so madly in love with your little girl that you are oblivious to anything happening around you, which might make Cecilie an appropriate choice. CeCe could be a playful nickname for your baby.


👧 Girl 🏷️ Comforting, Spiritual
  • Origin: French, Latin
  • Meaning: Heavenly
  • Variations: Selene, Celina, Celena, Selina, Selena
  • Namesakes: Céline Dion is a French-Canadian singer who is most known for her big ballads like “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now” and “My Heart Will Go On.”
  • Popularity: Céline was the 458th name for girls in 2020, making it a fairly common name in America.

Céline is whimsical and comforting, as it means “heavenly.” A darling expression of love, Celine might show your daughter that she is your angel. Fun fact, Céline is a French luxury brand known for its leather handbags.


👦👧 Unisex 🏷️ Spiritual, Comforting
  • Origin: Scandinavian
  • Meaning: New day

Dagny is a form of Dagmar. Dagny could be an excellent way to commemorate the beginning of life, as it means “new day.” Dagny was almost made for a new year’s baby, one who rolls in right before or after the stroke of midnight.

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👧 Girl 🏷️ Cool, Spiritual
  • Origin: Norwegian, Arabic
  • Meaning: Glowing embers, God is salvation

Eisa has two rich meanings that put this name in a league of its own. Eisa stands for “glowing embers” and “God is my salvation.” It can be interpreted as a burning desire that the Lord fulfilled. Eisa is a result of your heart’s faithful and passionate wish.


👧 Girl 🏷️ Spiritual
  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Pledged to God
  • Variations: Elizabeth, Elisa, Eliza
  • Namesakes: Elisabeth Harnois is an actress who starred in the Disney Channel movie, My Date with the President’s Daughter and in the TV series CSI: Crime Scene Investigations.

Elisabeth is a classic name for a girl as it belongs to many well-respected women. Elisabeth means “pledged to God.” Choosing Elisabeth for your daughter may symbolize that you are spiritually connected with her. Ellie would be a sweet pet name for Elisabeth.


👧 Girl 🏷️ Unusual
  • Origin: German, English
  • Meaning: Young girl, all, completely
  • Variations: Ellen, Elena, Eleanor, Elizabeth

Ella means “young girl,” “all,” or “completely,” which might be understood as being young and ready to tackle the world. Ella is a diminutive of quite a few names like Alia, Eleanor, and Elizabeth. Ella could be the best name for your pretty girl.


👧 Girl 🏷️ Spiritual
  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: God’s promise
  • Variations: Elsa, Elsie

Else is a diminutive of Elisabeth. Else means “God’s promise.” You can think of Else as a unique form of the much too famous, Elsa. Else has a spiritual meaning of “God’s promise.” Else could represent your baby girl being a gift from God for your faithfulness.


👧 Girl 🏷️ Comforting
  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Lucky, happy
  • Variations: Felisha, Felicity
  • Namesakes: Felicia Day is an American actress who played Vi (Violet) in the TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Felicia is a pretty diminutive of Felicity. Felicia means “lucky” or “happy.” We imagine you feel lucky to be experiencing this time in your life and what better way to share your joy than by naming your baby Felicia? Fee (or Fee-Fee) is a trendy moniker for Felicia.


👧 Girl 🏷️ Cool
  • Origin: Irish
  • Meaning: Fair

Finna is the female variant of Finn. Though of Irish origin, Finna made its rounds in Nordic countries like Norway, Greenland, and Iceland. The meaning “fair” could speak to a lighter skin tone or a beauty so darling that you just can’t get enough.


👧 Girl 🏷️ Dreamy
  • Origin: Danish, Latin
  • Meaning: Pearl
  • Variations: Margaret, Margrete, Gretta, Greta

Grete is a short form of Margaret. Grete stands for “pearl.” Pearls are jewels from the sea. Grete can be a beautiful way to describe how precious your daughter is to you.


👧 Girl 🏷️ Feminine, Comforting, Unusual
  • Origin: Scandinavian
  • Meaning: Harmony, peace

Grid is quite different as it traditionally means parallel lines that form boxes, but in Nordic culture, Grid is “harmony or “peace.” A calm tone and hopeful tone, Grid pleases the soul as a comforting name for a baby girl. In Norse mythology, Grid was one of Odin’s (the “father of all gods” and Thor’s biological dad) many wives and Vidar’s mother.


👧 Girl 🏷️ Cool
  • Origin: Norwegian, Icelandic
  • Meaning: Gardener

Groa rises high as a special little girl name meaning “gardener.” The act of nurturing and tending to your seed is the epitome of parenting. Groa could be a stunning choice for the most perfect baby girl.


👧 Girl 🏷️ Fierce
  • Origin: Norwegian, Danish, Swedish
  • Meaning: Alert in war

Gunvor sounds like a girl who can handle her own. Gunvor means “alert in war.” Gunvor may be a powerful option for your little lady to let her know she’s in control of her destiny.

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👧 Girl 🏷️ Fierce
  • Origin: German
  • Meaning: Strife, contention, battle war
  • Variations: Hannah, Hanne

Hedda is a diminutive of Hedwig. Hedda means “strife” or contention, which might symbolize being headstrong. If your daughter is born under the Taurus star sign, Hedda could make a swell option as they are known as “bull-headed.”


👧 Girl 🏷️ Mysterious, Cool
  • Origin: Norwegian, Scandinavian, Danish
  • Meaning: Meditation, divine woman, successful
  • Variations: Helga

Hege is a variant of the classic Helga. It lends a cool and inspiring touch to the little lady who wears this name. Defined as “meditation,” “successful,” and “divine woman,” Hege overflows with positivity. You may want to touch elbows with Hege so some of that good flowing energy finds its way into your life.


👧 Girl 🏷️ Affectionate, Feminine
  • Origin: French, Greek
  • Meaning: Shining light, shining one
  • Variations: Helena, Helen, Ellen
  • Description: Helene might make the best choice for the only child of the family. Helene stands for “shining light” or “shining one.” Once your baby girl is born, you’ll feel like no one else compares, which Helene could wonderfully exemplify.


👧 Girl 🏷️ Comforting, Spiritual
  • Origin: Scandinavian, Greek
  • Meaning: Sun ray, shining light, holy
  • Variations: Helen, Helga

Hella may feel like an obscenity that the gen-z uses, but it’s a variant of Helen which is derived from the Greek word “hêlios,” meaning sun. Hella means “sun ray” or “holy,” with its additional Scandinavian origin. Hella has a comforting and inviting purpose that could be a beautiful name for your baby-to-be.


👧 Girl 🏷️ Cool
  • Origin: German, French
  • Meaning: Army man
  • Variations: Herminia, Hermione
  • Popularity: In Norway, Hermine placed 48th in 2021, which is a common girl name.

Hermine is the female variant of Herman, which means “army man.” Hermine sounds tough and cool with its strong definition. Hermine might be a powerful option to give your warrior.


👧 Girl 🏷️ Cool
  • Origin: Norwegian
  • Meaning: Sage

Hervör is a sassy, stunning option that has an exotic flair. Hervör means “sage,” a girl full of maturity and wisdom, or in other words, your daughter is a smarty pants! Hervör could also be understood as the aromatic herb used in dishes to accentuate the flavor. Your little star has come to kick things up a notch in your life, so a name like Hervör may be fitting.


👧 Girl 🏷️ Fierce
  • Origin: German, French
  • Meaning: Ready for way, battle strong
  • Variations: Hilda, Hildy, Brunhilde

Hilde is another girl’s name that represents unrivaled strength. Hilde means “ready for war” or “battle strong.” Hilde might grow up believing she can achieve anything because her name says so. Hilly is the sweetest nickname for Hilde.


👧 Girl 🏷️ Fierce, Magical
  • Origin: Norwegian
  • Meaning: She-wolf

Hunnulv is all bark and bite as it dominates with a meaning like “she-wolf. On the night of a full moon, your baby may decide to arrive, which could put Hunnulv in the lead as her name. Hunny may be an extra sweet nickname for Hunnulv.


👦👧 Unisex 🏷️ Unusual
  • Origin: German, Scandinavian
  • Meaning: Yew wood
  • Variations: Ivo

Though Iben may seem weird, it’s quite popular in Norway. Iben means “yew wood,” a term used to describe coniferous trees, like pine. Iben may work pleasantly for a December-born baby to commemorate the festively decorated trees and holly.


👧 Girl 🏷️ Fierce
  • Origin: German
  • Meaning: Hardworking
  • Variations: Aida

Ida may appear soft on the outside, but it’s equipped with a tough interior. Idais a strong, pretty, and feminine name that might make any little girl proud to have. Ida stands for “hardworking,” which could represent an independent child that loves a challenge and has a great work ethic.

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👧 Girl 🏷️ Affectionate
  • Origin: Norwegian, Scandinavian
  • Meaning: Fair, Ing is beautiful
  • Popularity: Ingrid placed 10th in Norway for most popular baby girl name in 2020.

Ingrid is a gorgeous name that will compliment your daughter’s beauty. Ingrid means “fair” or “Ing is beautiful.” Ingrid might be a lovely way to remind your baby that she’s attractive, whether or not someone else.


👧 Girl 🏷️ Affectionate
  • Origin: Norwegian
  • Meaning: Love
  • Variations: Inga, Ingeborg

Ingunn sounds tough as nails with its hardcore ending, but it’s actually the opposite of this assumption. Ingunn is a diminutive of Ingeborg and it’s defined as “love.” Ingunn is a staple in Scandinavia but originated in Norway. Wrap your baby girl in all of your love with the beautiful name Ingunn.


👧 Girl 🏷️ Cool
  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Peace

Irene is a punchy name that sounds like a girl who is a whole lot of fun. Irene means “peace,” a feeling your baby girl may evoke from you upon her arrival. Irene dazzles as a gorgeous selection for a princess on the way.


👧 Girl 🏷️ Dreamy, Feminine
  • Origin: Norwegian, Scandinavian
  • Meaning: Love of horses

Jorunn is magical and feminine, meaning “lover of horses.” Jorunn came from the Old Norse words “jór” (stallion/horse) and “unna” (to love). Beloved animals that symbolize elegance and freedom, Jorunn may be a wise name to let your child know her worth.


👧 Girl 🏷️ Affectionate
  • Origin: French
  • Meaning: Youthful, downy-haired
  • Variations: Julia, Juliana, Juliet
  • Popularity: Julie placed 613th in 2020, making it a pretty well-liked name in the U.S.

Julie makes a great name for a girl as it stands for “youthful” or “downy-haired.” Though a go-to name in the mid-1900s, Julie’s popularity calmed down as it ranks in the top 1000 now. Julie could be a reflection of your little doll, who is new to the scene.


👧 Girl 🏷️ Cool
  • Origin: Scandinavian, Swedish, Finnish
  • Meaning: Born in June
  • Variations: Junie, Juniper
  • Description: Juni is a fun and youthful name that would work well for a newborn. you didn’t already guess it, Juni means “born in June.” Juni is a jovial choice for a baby that’s due in summer. Are you getting excited to see your baby in those sun hats you’re stocking up on?


👧 Girl 🏷️ Affectionate
  • Origin: Norwegian
  • Meaning: The greatest champion
  • Variations: Kendra

Kindra is an adorable variant of Kendra. A punchy name, Kindra stands for “the greatest champion.” There’s no shortage of girl power in a name like this. Kinny could be a sweet pet name for Kindra.


👧 Girl 🏷️ Spiritual
  • Origin: Norwegian, Danish
  • Meaning: Christian
  • Variations: Christine, Christa, Christen, Krista, Kristen

Kjersti is a stylish Nordic take on Christine. If your family is religious, you’ll enjoy this spunky girl name that symbolizes faith. Kjersti brings a calming emotion, much like that of the heavenly father.


👧 Girl 🏷️ Fierce
  • Origin: Norwegian
  • Meaning: Sword
  • Variations: Brenda

Labrenda is a fierce and forward choice that lets everyone know your daughter means business. Labrenda stands for “sword.” Many ancient tales of Nordic people include the battles that took place during those times. Labrenda is just one of the hundreds of baby names that relate to fighting. If you want to remind your baby that she’s tough, you could use the incomparable Labrenda.


👧 Girl 🏷️ Dreamy, Magical, Feminine
  • Origin: Norwegian
  • Meaning: Goddess of springs and wells of water

Laga is a beautiful, dazzling, and special name that is well-known in Nordic countries. Laga is mythological for the goddess of wells and springs. Water being a symbol for purity, makes Laga a meaningful choice for a new baby girl.

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👧 Girl 🏷️ Cool, Dreamy
  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Night
  • Variations: Layla, Leila, Lela, Lila
  • Namesakes: Laila Robins is an actress known for her movies Planes, Trains, and Automobiles and Welcome Home, Roxy Carmichael.

Laila is a sweet baby name that has Arabic roots. Its smooth pronunciation makes it roll off the tongue fluidly. Laila stands for “night.” A baby born in the darkest hour or one with luxurious, black locks of hair may be perfectly suited to be a Laila.


👧 Girl 🏷️ Affectionate, Spiritual
  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Delicate, weary
  • Variations: Lea, Leigha
  • Popularity: Leah was 45th in America in 2020 and 8th in Norway during 2022, making it a popular choice near and far.

Leah is a biblical girl name that derived from the Hebrew word “le’ah,” which means “weary.” Leah was known for her tumultuous marriage to Jacob and for bearing many children. Though her life was stressful, Leah was revered for her kind eyes and gentle spirit. An admirable name, Leah may be the right choice for your newborn.


👧 Girl 🏷️ Fierce
  • Origin: Latin, French, German
  • Meaning: Lioness, brave
  • Variations: Leona, Leonia

Leonie doesn’t disappoint with its definition of “lioness” or “brave.” Its prefix “Le-” can be pronounced two ways, by leaning into it with an “-ee” or stopping short with an accent that sounds like “lay.” Full of strength that rumbles loudly, you might prefer a name like Leonie to symbolize your powerful girl.


👧 Girl 🏷️ Affectionate
  • Origin: Spanish, Portuguese, Italian
  • Meaning: Beautiful, pretty
  • Variations: Belinda, Belinde, Belle, Bella
  • Popularity: Linda placed 824th in the United States in 2020, which is pretty common.

Linda is a gorgeous, bubbly name that will have a sweet girl feeling on top of the world. Linda is a variant of Belinda, meaning “beautiful” or “pretty.” Who wouldn’t want to have a name that boosts their confidence? Fun fact, Linda was the center of a 2014 viral video where a funny little boy affectionately debates with his mommy saying, “listen Linda.”


👧 Girl 🏷️ Nature
  • Origin: Scandinavian, Swedish
  • Meaning: Lime tree

Linnea is a generous and bountiful name that represents a beautiful fruit. Linnea means “lime tree.” Linnea might signify the growth that took place over the duration of your pregnancy. Lin could work as a pretty pet name for Linnea.


👧 Girl 🏷️ Spiritual
  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: God’s promise
  • Variations: Lisa

Lise is a diminutive of Lisa and Elisabeth. Lise stands for “God’s promise.” Trusting a spiritual being to guide you might be hard at first, but it’s a part of having faith. You may have believed God for having your own family and now you’re expecting a baby girl. Lise could perfectly exemplify this experience.


👧 Girl 🏷️ Affectionate
  • Origin: Norwegian, Swedish, Danish
  • Meaning: Shelter, protection, life
  • Variations: Olivia, Livia
  • Namesakes: Liv Tyler is the daughter of famous rocker Steven Tyler and an actress who starred in the TV series 911: Lone Star.
  • Popularity: At the 666th spot, Liv was a pretty popular baby girl name in America for 2020.

Liv derived from the Old Norse word, hlíf. Liv is defined as “life” or “shelter.” Commonly used as a nickname for Olivia, Liv took off as a given name when the actress Liv Tyler debuted. Liv could boldly indicate you will be there to protect and provide for your sweet baby.


👧 Girl 🏷️ Feminine
  • Origin: Celtic
  • Meaning: Princess

Maëlia is such a fresh female name with a majestic meaning. Wouldn’t you want your daughter to think of herself as royalty? Maëlia stands for “princess,” which is so much better than the ever-present Sarah. Maëlia could have you responding to her every beck and call once she arrives, but we bet you won’t mind one bit.


👧 Girl 🏷️ Spiritual
  • Origin: Scandinavian, Finnish, Swedish
  • Meaning: High tower, woman of Magdala
  • Variations: Magdalena, Magda

Malin has a rich, biblical meaning of “high tower” or “woman of Magdala.” These definitions mean standing tall in the face of fear and having come from a fishing town, which played an important role during the first century CE. Malin speaks to a girl who walks by faith, not sight, something you might wish to instill in your daughter.


👧 Girl 🏷️ Cool
  • Origin: French, German, Greek
  • Meaning: Battle maiden
  • Variations: Matilda, Tilly, Mattie

Girl names that are symbolic of bravery, such as Mathilde, may deliver a boost in the confidence department. Mathilde means “battle maiden,” which is strong and honorable. Mathilde produces two super cute nicknames, Tilly and Mattie.

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👧 Girl 🏷️ Feminine
  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: Goddess Maia
  • Variations: Maia

May fills the air with the smell of sweet flowers and warm sunshine. Who wouldn’t want to be associated with that? May is defined as “goddess Maia,” Arcadian pleiad nymph and mother of Hermes, who was known as very shy and nurturing. A name so pretty and girly might be a nice option for your little bee.


👧 Girl 🏷️ Feminine
  • Origin: Norwegian, Scandinavian
  • Meaning: Lady of the house
  • Variations: Marta, Martha

Marte, a diminutive of Martha, has a spicy quality. Marte stands for “lady of the house” – a dominant role. Baby girl isn’t even here yet and already running the show! Marte could easily reflect that.


👧 Girl 🏷️ Dreamy
  • Origin: Norwegian, German, Scandinavian
  • Meaning: Pearl
  • Variations: Margaret, Maggie

Mette is an elegant, more modern Norse variant of Margaret that shines like no other. Mette’s definition of “pearl” could adorn a precious little girl similar to a dreamy necklace laced with a milky white jewel. Full of grace and femininity, Mette may be a wonderful name for a family expecting a baby girl.


👧 Girl 🏷️ Cool, Mysterious
  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: Cloud, droplets of water
  • Variations: Misty, Misti, Mitzi

Mist is a playful and free-spirited name that will sprinkle some joy your way. Mist is a shortened form of Misty. Meaning “cloud” or “droplets of water,” Mist is primarily popular in Iceland, which is no surprise due to its gorgeous hot springs and waterfalls. Your daughter may enjoy a name that makes a splash.


👧 Girl 🏷️ Affectionate, Feminine
  • Origin: Norwegian, Greek
  • Meaning: Great, mother
  • Variations: Moya, Maia

Moja is comparable to Maia and has an easygoing appeal. Moja is warmly defined as “great” or “mother.” Mama, you’ve certainly earned a pat on your back and what better way to recognize yourself than to select a beautiful name like Moja for your daughter. Mo is a charming nickname that works well for Moja.


👧 Girl 🏷️ Unusual
  • Origin: Latin, Greek
  • Meaning: To advise, solitary
  • Namesakes: Monica Arnold is an American R&B singer.
  • Popularity: In the USA, Monica was 703rd in 2020, which is a fairly common girl name still.

Monica sounds harmonious and rich, like it’s of a lot of importance. Its definition speaks to a wealth of information as Monica means “to advise.” All the new things you’ll learn from your baby’s presence surely warrant a deep name like Monica. It also stands for “solitary,” meaning someone who knows how to enjoy their own company. That’s a solid piece of knowledge to have, Monica may grow to her own best friend — and yours too, of course!


👧 Girl 🏷️ Fierce
  • Origin: Scandinavian
  • Meaning: Courageous

Nanna is widely recognized as a term for a grandmother, but in Nordic culture, Nanna is brave. Nanna takes on the role of fearless with its meaning of “courageous.” The double “n’s” are to distinguish itself from the association mentioned above and is considered as a fierce name for a girl. Nanna may boldly set your daughter apart from anyone.


👧 Girl 🏷️ Fierce
  • Origin: Slavic, Greek, Latin
  • Meaning: Fiery, intense, passionate
  • Variations: Niecy

Neci is a wild, bold, and powerful force to be reckoned with, so strap into your seat when you consider this name. Neci, sometimes spelled Niecy, is typically a nickname for Denise. But Neci stands alone with meanings of “fiery,” “intense,” and “passionate.” Neci may feel boundless and ready to take on the world, and who are we to stop her?


👧 Girl 🏷️ Feminine
  • Origin: Spanish
  • Meaning: Little girl
  • Variations: Nena

Niná is innocent but charming with a Spanish origin. It is the given name of female children in mostly northern parts of Nordic countries like Norway, Sweden, and Finland. Niná means “little girl,” which could be the most adorable way to welcome your new baby.


👧 Girl 🏷️ Affectionate
  • Origin: Irish, Latin
  • Meaning: Light, honor
  • Variations: Norah, Eleanor, Honora
  • Namesakes: Norah Jones is an American jazz and folk singer/pianist.
  • Popularity: In Norway, Nora was the number one baby girl name of 2020, the most favorite one that year.

Nora has a softness that balances the rush of life. Nora means “light” or “honor.” Affectionately driven, Nora could be a sweet name for your daughter to symbolize being there to hold her hand.

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👧 Girl 🏷️ Comforting, Affectionate
  • Origin: Norwegian
  • Meaning: Ancestor

Defined as “ancestor,” Olaug carries the tales of those that came before. It’s favored for the importance placed on family. Olaug might be a joyous name to remind your daughter of her ancestral roots.


👧 Girl 🏷️ Spiritual
  • Origin: Norwegian, Scandinavian, Russian
  • Meaning: Holy
  • Variations: Helga

Olga gets overlooked for its old reputation of belonging to plus-sized Russian women who are angry. Olga is also tied to Norway and Scandinavia and has a bright meaning. Olga has the capacity to lift spirits as it stands for “holy.” A glowing name for your angel to capture her divine energy.


👧 Girl 🏷️ Fierce, Comforting
  • Origin: French, German
  • Meaning: Prosperous in battle, rich

Ottilie is a proud name meaning “prosperous in battle,” or essentially, a winner. Ottilie stands strong in making its presence known. It could fiercely symbolize a baby that was born to rise to the occasion.


👦👧 Unisex 🏷️ Affectionate
  • Origin: Norwegian, German
  • Meaning: Admired, beautiful
  • Variations: Miranda

Randi is a lovely, gender-neutral name, but the “i” ending adds a stunning girly flair. Randi is also a variant of Miranda. Randi does a fine job of making someone feel good with the definition “admired” or “beautiful.” It’s an ideal baby name to keep your daughter beaming from ear to ear.


👧 Girl 🏷️ Feminine
  • Origin: Spanish
  • Meaning: Pearl
  • Variations: Margarita
  • Namesakes: Rita Ora is a singer and actress that had roles in films Fast & Furious 6 and the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy.

Rita is derived from Margaret and hails from Spain. Rita is another graceful name of this list meaning “pearl.” You’ve got your fair share of classy girl names to mull over that cherished gem.


👧 Girl 🏷️ Mysterious
  • Origin: Scandinavian, Japanese
  • Meaning: Secret tradition, moon
  • Variations: Rune, Luna

Runa has a mysterious glow that stems from its definitions of “secret tradition” or “moon.” Runa is the perfect trade-off for the trendy name Luna. The essence of giving birth to a person you’ve yet to meet makes Runa a cool play on an unknown tradition.


👧 Girl 🏷️ Magical, Feminine
  • Origin: Norwegian, Scandinavian, Swedish
  • Meaning: Goddess of poetry and history
  • Popularity: At the 37th spot, Sága was a popular name in Norway for 2021.

Sága is a catchy name with a rich history. Sága means “goddess of poetry and history,” likely due to her ability to see into the future per Norse mythology. She is also said to be connected to the Pisces sign, which could be a cool name if your baby is born under this star sign.


👧 Girl 🏷️ Spiritual
  • Origin: German
  • Meaning: Helmet of God (safe)
  • Variations: Salma
  • Popularity: Selma landed in 17th place in Norway, which was a popular girl name in 2021.

Selma sounds poetic like it floated from the strings of a harp. Selma stands for “helmet of God” so it can be looked at as divine protection. Do you want a subtle, spiritual name for your precious girl? If yes, Selma could get the job done.


👧 Girl 🏷️ Cool
  • Origin: Scandinavian
  • Meaning: Beautiful victory

You may know Siri as the virtual assistant developed by Apple that helps you navigate their electronics, but she has a special meaning. Siri is defined as a “beautiful victory.” Exuding strong energy, Siri might symbolize the ability to overcome any obstacle. Si Si could be a darling pet name for Siri.


👧 Girl 🏷️ Feminine
  • Origin: Norwegian
  • Meaning: Woman

Sjöfn pronounced similarly to the word “soften,” feels just like that, delicate. Its tenderness doesn’t go unnoticed as Sjöfn’s meaning is “woman.” Sjöfn is the goddess of love in Norse mythology. How pretty would Sjöfn be for a baby girl born on Valentine’s day? Sjöfn is even lovely enough to show affection for your daughter no matter the day she arrives.

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👧 Girl 🏷️ Dreamy
  • Origin: Norwegian
  • Meaning: High soaring

Skögul is dreamy, whimsical, and perfect enough to brighten the day. Meaning “high soaring,” Skögul really rises above the rest for building confidence. Skögul was a valkyrie in Norse mythology, which is females in charge of who lives or dies in a battle. Talk about powerful!


👧 Girl
  • Origin: French, German, Greek, Dutch
  • Meaning: Wisdom
  • Style: Smart
  • Variations: Sophie, Sophia, Sofia
  • Popularity: At the 3rd spot, Sofie was a top choice in Norway in 2021.

Sofie is a variant of Sofia, which has a multicultural background. Sofie is smart-sounding as it stands for “wisdom.” Some children come into the world more prepared than we imagine or are even “old souls.” If you’re not a fan of the more traditional way of working Sophie, consider giving this one a try.


👧 Girl 🏷️ Dreamy, Feminine
  • Origin: Scandinavian
  • Meaning: Temple of the sun

That moment when the sun peeks through your curtain at the start of the day is the only way to summarize Solvi. Solvi means “temple of the sun.” Once your little girl is born, you’ll have a ray of light to guide your way.


👧 Girl 🏷️ Dreamy
  • Origin: Scandinavian
  • Meaning: Like a swan

Svana is a diminutive of Svanhildur. In Norse mythology, Svana was Sigurd and Gudrun’s daughter, a legendary couple who slew a dragon and avenged a death. Svana has a magical and charming meaning of “swan-like,” totally opposite of her tragic family history. Svana might symbolize grace and beauty as the new love in your life.


👧 Girl 🏷️ Dreamy, Affectionate, Spiritual
  • Origin: Scandinavian, Swedish
  • Meaning: Sun gift

Synnøve is a striking name for a girl born on the brightest day. Synnøve delivers with its meaning “sun gift,” which almost brags about the synergy between you and your baby — much greater together than you were without one another. It’s going to be pretty hard to pass up on a gorgeous name like Synnøve.


👧 Girl
  • Origin: French, Irish, Greek
  • Meaning: Harvester
  • Style: Comforting
  • Variations: Therese, Theresa, Teresa

Terese is an exotic, multicultural name that comes from Teresa. Meaning “harvester,” Terese may capture the hearts and minds of those she encounters. Boasting a go-getter personality, you’ll be letting your child know she can do whatever she sets her mind to achieve with Terese for a name.


👧 Girl 🏷️ Spiritual, Mysterious
  • Origin: Scandinavian, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish
  • Meaning: God Thor, holy
  • Variations: Tyra

Thrya is derived from an Old Norse word, “porr,” which stands for Thor and explains how its meaning came to be. Thyra is a name of power as it belonged to a Danish queen that is said to have forged a war against the Germans. If you’re looking for a badass girl name, Thyra might be at the top of the list.


👦👧 Unisex 🏷️ Unusual, Mysterious
  • Origin: Norwegian
  • Meaning: Alluring sounds
  • Popularity: In the 16th spot, Tiril was considered very popular in Norway for 2021.

Tiril is a mystery when it comes to its history, but it’s said to mean “alluring sounds.” Tiril is quite common in Norway, which is no surprise since that’s believed to be its origin. Tiril could represent the cooing your baby girl will do that will have you melting from such sweet noises.


👧 Girl 🏷️ Fierce, Cool
  • Origin: Scandinavian
  • Meaning: Thunder

Toril is a fierce variant of Torhild and it means “thunder.” Big, bold personality and fearless attitude are represented by a name like Toril. If you have a baby that’s been rumbling and tumbling in your belly, Toril may be a funny way to pay homage to her active spirit. Tor makes a cute moniker for Toril.


👧 Girl 🏷️ Affectionate
  • Origin: Norwegian, Swedish
  • Meaning: Beautiful
  • Variations: Tuva

A unique and vibrant contender, Tove is a true Nordic name that may need to be revived. Tove rarely occurs in modern society, but it means “beautiful,” which is plenty of reason to consider it for your girl.

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👧 Girl 🏷️ Spiritual, Feminine
  • Origin: Scandinavian, Greek
  • Meaning: Pure, Innocent
  • Variations: Trina, Katrina

Trine captures an unconditional love that is felt between parent and child. Trine means “pure” or “innocent.” You’ll be enamored by the gentle, brand new soul before you, ready to soak up all of your lessons and love, and Trine could be her name.


👧 Girl 🏷️ Comforting
  • Origin: Norwegian
  • Meaning: Becoming, happening

Life in motion is the best way to think of Verdandi. It’s defined as “becoming” or “happening.” Your pregnancy is likely in full swing and you’re on your way to being a parent. Celebrate this moment with Verdandi as a gorgeous pick for your princess.


👧 Girl 🏷️ Unusual
  • Origin: Norwegian
  • Meaning: Elf battle
  • Variations: Alvilde
  • Popularity: In 2021, Vilde came in 24th place in Norway, which is quite common.

Vilde derived from Alvilde. Vilde is unique to people outside of Nordic culture, so it seems unusual. Vilde means “elf battle,” which makes it a popular choice in Norway. Vile is a Norwegian slang term for “wild one.”


👧 Girl 🏷️ Dreamy
  • Origin: Scandinavian
  • Meaning: Wing

Vinga is a feminine, dream of a name with its “wing” definition. Vinga is a place in Sweden that is known for its eponymous lighthouse. Vinga is a lovely display of guidance and a sense of home that may help your baby-to-be always find her way.


👧 Girl 🏷️ Fierce, Smart
  • Origin: Scandinavian, German, Indian
  • Meaning: Battle refuge, wisdom
  • Variations: Vivica, Viveca

Viveka is a stunning variant of Vivica. Viveka dares to be different as it means “battle refuge” and “wisdom,” a killer combination. You may never have to worry about your little girl being able to handle herself with Viveka as her name. She’ll be kicking butt and taking names!


👧 Girl 🏷️ Mysterious
  • Origin: Slavic
  • Meaning: Wanderer, tribe of the vandals

A name stemming from drama, Wanda means “wanderer” or “tribe of vandals.” This group of troublemakers, known as The Vandals, wreaked havoc on Slavic cities. Wanda was also a well-known Polish queen in the 8th century. Between the two definitions, Wanda is a name that makes history.


👧 Girl 🏷️ Unusual
  • Origin: Norwegian, German
  • Meaning: Friend
  • Variations: Wenke, Edwine, Winfrieda

Wenche is not the archaic term that refers to a promiscuous girl. In this case, Wenche means “friend.” It has a light-hearted nature that could make Wenche a precious choice for any little girl.


👧 Girl 🏷️ Fierce
  • Origin: German
  • Meaning: Resolute protection, helmet
  • Variations: Wylla, Willow
  • Popularity: Willa ranked 348th in America and that is considered a popular baby girl name for 2020.

Willa is a name that won’t ever let you forget that you are secure on your journey as it means “resolute protection” or “helmet.” Willa delivers a stunning level of peace and comfort that makes it a welcomed baby name choice. Willa is the female form of William, so if there’s a male in your life of this name, Willa could sweetly honor them.


👧 Girl 🏷️ Smart
  • Origin: Scandinavian, Celtic, Hawaiian, Latin
  • Meaning: Affluent, gem of the sea, young
  • Variations: Ula, Ulli

Yulla has a beauty that speaks for itself. Yulla is a smart and elegant choice meaning “affluent, “young,” and “gem of the sea.” What a way to be described! Cheery and upbeat, Yulla could brilliantly represent your girl.


👧 Girl 🏷️ Mysterious
  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Shadow
  • Variations: Zilla

Zylla sounds like a fun play on the xylophone, though it’s not a musical name. Zylla has mystery and charm with its “shadow” meaning. Such a stunning name to symbolize a mini version of yourself is on the way. Zylla is so original that it’s likely for her name and personality to outdo mom.

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Norwegian Names FAQs

What is the Most Common Girl Name In Norway?

Norwegian girl names are a mixture of authentic Nordic names and international classics that are popular around the world.

As of 2021, the most common Norwegian name for girls was — Nora (1).

Nora means “light” or “honor.” Nora is of Irish and Latin origin but took first place in Norway. Nora may be a beautiful choice to help your daughter feel special.

Here are a few more Norwegian names for girls that landed in the top 100 as well:

    • Leah — “Delicate, weary.”
    • Sofie — “Wisdom.”
    • Astrid — “Divinely beautiful.”
    • Ingrid — “Fair, Ing is beautiful.”

    What are Some Unique Norwegian Female Names?

    Many Norwegian female names are quite unique and peculiar, but they are loved by their people.

    Below are four unique Norwegian girl names:

          • Vilde — “Elf battle.”
          • Labrenda — “Sword.”
          • Jorunn — “Love of horses.”
          • Hervör — “Sage.”
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