100 Traditional Old Man Names For Boys: With Cool Meanings

Bring back tradition with these unique, vintage, old man names for boys.

Old male names aren’t just for grumpy grandpas, you know! We’re seeing a lot of names once considered “old-fashioned” making a comeback in the popularity charts. With funky nicknames and that familiar, vintage feel, you may get a little lost in all their cuteness.

So, if you’re looking for the perfect old guy names for your little chap, we have gathered some of the most tasteful and traditional options around. With all the meanings, origins, and more behind each one fully explained, your baby gentleman will have the best name in no time.

100 Traditional Old Man Names for Boys

Traditional and cozy, you’ll love these vintage-feeling old guy names.

  1. Abel – meaning “breath,” Abel is a noble name from the Bible.
  2. Alan – a Celtic male name with meanings including “stone, noble, handsome, cheerful.”
  3. Albert – meaning “noble, famous,” this bright Germanic name offers the adorable nickname of Bertie.
  4. Alfred – meaning “elf counsel” – possibly the cutest meaning among English old man names.
  5. Amos – a rare biblical boy’s name meaning “carried by God.”
  6. Angus – a Celtic name meaning “one choice,” also like the beef cut.
  7. Archibald – while Archie is a popular nickname today, Archibald sounds middle-aged, meaning “bold, brave.”
  8. Arnold – an old-fashioned Germanic name meaning “eagle power.”
  9. Arthur – a timeless classic that’s great for medieval mythology fans, meaning bear.
  10. Barnabas – an old man name from the Bible, meaning “son of consolation.”
  11. Barry – an Irish choice for the old-at-heart, meaning “spear” or “fair-headed.”
  12. Benedict – meaning “blessed,” this Latin-rooted boy name is perfect for your new angel.
  13. Benjamin – a popular Hebrew name from the Bible, with the sweet meaning “son of the right hand.”
  14. Bernard – a grandfatherly Germanic name with the badass meanings of “bold, brave, hardy.”
  15. Boyd – if your lad is born with blonde locks, this Gaelic name meaning “yellow” is a great choice.
  16. Brian – meaning “high, noble,” this Irish and Breton name is perfect for a lad destined for great things.
  17. Bruce – this English and French-rooted name means “the man from the brushwood.”
  18. Bryn – meaning “hill,” and a cool Welsh choice among gender-neutral old person names.
  19. Cecil – a Welsh name derived from the Latin “Sextus,” meaning “sixth child.”
  20. Cedric – another Celtic pick among old guy names, meaning “bounty” or “kind.”
  21. Charles – a regal and ever-classic Old English name, meaning “free man.”
  22. Chester – a Latin name meaning “fortress,” like the walled city in England.
  23. Christopher – a classic, Greek-rooted male name meaning “bearer of Christ.”
  24. Curtis – a French name for a little boy who is “courteous” and “well-bred.”
  25. Damien – derived from Greek, this name means “to tame.”
  26. Donald – a Scottish name meaning “proud chief,” good for little old chaps and ducks.
  27. Douglas – a Scottish family name meaning “black river.”
  28. Edgar – a bold pick among old man names for boys, meaning “wealthy and prosperous” or “spear.”
  29. Edward – this classic old guy name will never go out of style, meaning “wealthy protector” from Old English.
  30. Edwin – a cool, old-fashioned variant of Edward, meaning “wealthy friend.”
  31. Egbert – derived from Germanic, Egbert means “bright sword edge.”
  32. Elgar – an old-timey Welsh name meaning “spearman.”
  33. Eric – an Old Norse pick among old man names for boys, meaning “eternal ruler.”
  34. Fergus – sounding very old-fashioned, this Scottish name means “strong, masculine.”
  35. Fitzgerald – a Celtic surname and old guy name, meaning “son of Gerald.”
  36. Ford – an Old English name meaning “by the ford,” most commonly heard as a surname.
  37. Frederick – meaning “peace-loving ruler,” this is a gentle, Old German choice among old man names.
  38. Gavin – a Gaelic-rooted male name with the cool meaning of “white hawk.”
  39. Geoffrey – an Old German name meaning “pledge of divine peace.”
  40. George – a Greek-rooted, ever-popular pick among old guy names, meaning “farmer.”
  41. Gerald – a Germanic-rooted name meaning “ruler with the spear,” you wouldn’t want to mess with this chap.
  42. Glenn – a Gaelic name with the earthy meaning of “valley” or “glen.”
  43. Godfried – a Dutch variant of Geoffrey, meaning “peace of God.”
  44. Gordon – a Celtic name meaning “great hill,” a monumental choice.
  45. Graham – an Old English name derived from the “gravelly homestead” place name Grantham.
  46. Hank – a short and simple choice of Old German origin, meaning “home and estate ruler.”
  47. Harold – a badass option among old man names, meaning “army ruler, commander.”
  48. Harry – an internationally-popular German and English name meaning “home-ruler.”
  49. Henry – an old man name that’s still fun and youthful in style, meaning “home-ruler.”
  50. Herbert – a Germanic name for a feisty little “bright warrior.”
  51. Hugh – meaning “heart, mind, spirit,” this upper-class English name sounds delightfully peaceful.
  52. Hugo – an Old French and German take on Hugh, meaning “heart, mind, spirit.”
  53. Humphrey – an uppity-sounding English name for an old chap, meaning “peaceful warrior.”
  54. Igor – a Slavic and Russian pick among old man names, meaning “warrior.”
  55. Jack – this classic English name will always be popular, meaning “God is gracious.”
  56. Jeffrey – a simpler, American spelling of the old man name Geoffrey.
  57. John – soft and biblical, this Hebrew-rooted name means “grace by God,” also a great middle name.
  58. Joseph – a vintage Hebrew name meaning “God will add.”
  59. Keith – a Scottish boy’s name with the earthy meaning of “wood.”
  60. Leopold – a strong choice of old names for boys, meaning “bold, brave,” from German.
  61. Lyle – derived from Anglo-Norman, this short male name means “from the island.”
  62. Manfred – meaning “man of peace and strength,” this Germanic name is tough yet gentle in nature.
  63. Maurice – meaning “dark, moorish” this French name is a cool choice among old male names.
  64. Napoleon rooted in Italian and French, this name is said to mean “lion from Naples.”
  65. Neil – an Irish name with the triumphant meanings of “passionate, victory, champion.”
  66. Nelson – a cool English place name, surname, and given name meaning “son of Neil.”
  67. Norbert – meaning “bright north,” Norbert is a German-rooted pick among old person names.
  68. Oscar – a Gaelic male name with the adorable meaning of “friend of deer.”
  69. Otis – a smart-sounding, traditional German and English name, meaning “wealth, prosperity.”
  70. Peter – derived from Greek, this classic old man name means “rock.”
  71. Philip – meaning “friend of horses,” this royal, old-fashioned name is of Greek origin.
  72. Ralph – an Old English name meaning “courageous counselor.”
  73. Raymond – a bright-sounding, German-rooted name meaning “wise protector.”
  74. Reginald – a regal Latin old man name, meaning “judicious ruler, king.”
  75. Robert – a German male name meaning “bright fame, renowned.”
  76. Roland – a French old man’s name meaning “famous land.”
  77. Ronald – meaning “ruler, counsel, advice,” this Old Norse-rooted name is great for a little leader.
  78. Roy – a short, Norman choice among old man names, with the regal meaning of “king.”
  79. Russell – a French boy name meaning “little red,” great for a baby born with fiery locks.
  80. Sheldon – from Old English, this old chap name means “from the steep valley.”
  81. Sidney – a unisex, English pick among gentlemen names, meaning “wide, watered land.”
  82. Simon – meaning “he who listens,” this Hebrew boy’s name is full of virtue.
  83. Solomon – a gentle Hebrew name from the Bible, with the gorgeous meaning of “peace.”
  84. Stanley – we love this outdoorsy Old English name meaning “stone clearing.”
  85. Stewart – a regal and confident name of Scottish and English origin, meaning “steward.”
  86. Stuart – an old-fashioned, variant spelling of Stewart.
  87. Theodore – meaning “gift of God” from Greek, with Theo as an adorable nickname.
  88. Travis – a French-rooted name meaning “to cross over, to traverse.”
  89. Trevor – a Welsh name meaning “homestead, settlement.”
  90. Ulysses – a presidential Latin name with the surprisingly dark meaning of “wrathful.”
  91. Uriel – meaning “God is my light,” this Hebrew name is a luminous choice for a lad.
  92. Vincent – this strong, Latin pick has the powerful meaning of “to conquer, victorious.”
  93. Virgil – a Roman male name with the fabulous meaning of “flourishing.”
  94. Waldo – stop searching, as this Old German name meaning “powerful ruler” is right here!
  95. Wallace – meaning “from Wales,” Wallace is a fun choice if you have Welsh heritage.
  96. Walter – a Germanic name meaning “army commander,” with Walt as a cute short form.
  97. Wilbur – meaning “wild boar” or “resolute,” this English and German name sounds very old-timey.
  98. Wilfred – an Old English name meaning “one who desires peace,” with Will and Freddie as standout nicknames.
  99. William – an ever-popular, German-rooted old guy name, meaning “resolute protector.”
  100. Winston – this Old English name means “joyful stone.”

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