110 Posh Baby Names: for Fancy Boys and Girls

If you think your baby deserves a silver spoon, give them a posh name to match.

We all like to think we are upwardly mobile, and striving for a better life for our kids is natural. Choosing the best posh baby names is vital if you want your prince or princess to move into upper-class circles.

Whether you want posh boy names or have an eye for posh girl names, we have more than enough aristocratic ideas to keep you happy.

51 Awesome Posh Boy Names

If your little Lord Fauntleroy deserves the best in life, get your teeth into our prestigious list of posh boy names below.

  1. Albert – means “noble” and was the name of Queen Victoria’s husband.
  2. Alexander – one of the greatest historical leaders, Alexander the Great, immortalized this classic.
  3. Andrew – if it’s good enough for Queen Elizabeth’s middle son, it’s perfect for your child.
  4. Angus – of Scottish origin, it means “the one,” which fits given the snooty nature of the list.
  5. Anthony – many wealthy families choose this name, meaning “highly praiseworthy.”
  6. Archibald – was unfashionable until Harry and Meghan’s baby boy received this title.
  7. Barnaby – a stylish male name easily shortened to Barney.
  8. Bartholemew – if you like the ridiculously posh, consider Bartholemew, meaning “son of Talmai” in Hebrew.
  9. Charles – three British kings have had the name Charles, making it popular with high society.
  10. Daniel – favored by movers and shakers for years, meaning “God is my judge.”
  11. Darius – Darius is the ultimate badass name, meaning “rich” and “king.”
  12. David – has a regal ring, whether it’s David and Goliath or Sir David Attenborough, meaning “beloved.”
  13. Dominic – means “belonging to the lord” – a stalwart name of the upper classes for years.
  14. Edward – the Queen’s youngest son, bears this name with historical pedigree.
  15. Edwin – from Old English, meaning “wealthy or prosperous friend,” Edwin has all the classy elements you need.
  16. Emerson – means “brave and powerful,” retaining the exclusivity needed in posh boy names.
  17. Fabian – anyone named Fabian is destined for a glittering and glamorous career.
  18. Ferdinand – means “daring” and is the name of the murdered Duke who triggered the Great War.
  19. Francis – means “French man,” if Francis is good enough for a pope, it is suitable for your little charmer.
  20. George – with three kings called George, and Kate and William picking it for their oldest; it certainly has pedigree.
  21. Gregory – has a papal ring to it and means “watchful and alert.”
  22. Henry – history is littered with noblemen called Henry, including Shakespeare’s famous play.
  23. Hugo – of Germanic origins, Hugo has always been a favorite in sophisticated society.
  24. James – means “supplanter,” James Bond is also the world’s poshest secret agent.
  25. Julian – a preppy name from the pagan Roman Emperor, Julian the Apostate.
  26. Julius – friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your name (Julius Ceasar, in case you didn’t know).
  27. Laurent – positively drips with pretentious extravagance, so it is perfect for your little prince.
  28. Leonardo – from Da Vinci to De Caprio, Leonardo is elegant and cool, meaning “lion.”
  29. Luther – translates in Latin as “heir,” which is fitting given the nature of posh boy names.
  30. Magnus – translates as “great” in Latin; Magnus is also the name of an 11th-century Norwegian king.
  31. Matteo – means “gift from god,” which he undoubtedly is, and deserving of such a posh-sounding name.
  32. Maximilian – the Latin meaning of “greatest,” no wonder emperors and rulers love this name.
  33. Montague – extravagant and ridiculous, but so posh that it comes with a stately home and butler.
  34. Octavious – an old Roman name, Octavious has that rarity factor, dripping with eccentric charm.
  35. Parker – as posh boy names go, Parker is up there with Piers and Julian.
  36. Peregrine – dial up the snobby to 11 because Peregrine (“traveler”) is the embodiment of posh male names.
  37. Phineas – an eccentric Victorian character from Around the World in 80 Days, meaning “oracle.”
  38. Pierre – a popular name in French society and a variant of the English name Peter, meaning “rock.”
  39. Piers – from the English name Peter, Piers is the ultimate upper-class moniker for your tiny tot.
  40. Quentin – posh in every sense of the name, but rare these days, meaning “fifth.”
  41. Quincy – posh and trendy, with famous bearers including Quincy Jones.
  42. Roland – if you think your child will be “celebrated throughout the land,” Roland is a perfect gift.
  43. Rufus – if your boy has a mop of red hair, name him Rufus because it means “fiery red hair.”
  44. Rupert – if your child deserves an expensive upbringing, Rupert translates as “fame and glory.”
  45. Spencer – the old surname of Princess Diana, Spencer has a royal pedigree.
  46. Theodore – aside from the American President, Theodore translates as a “gift from God.”
  47. Titus – another cracking name from the Shakespeare collection, Titus Andronicus.
  48. Tristan – from Arthurian legend, Tristan (“sad”) was a knight of the round table.
  49. Vincent – all hail the mighty because Vincent means “conquering” in Latin.
  50. William – from the Conqueror in 1066 to the current Prince of Wales, William has a rich history.
  51. Xavier – means “castle” and is probably a contender for the poshest name on the list.

59 Outstanding Posh Girl Names

When choosing posh girl names, there are infinite possibilities. We list classic monikers from royalty and high society and delve into the more bizarre for inspiration.

  1. Alexandra – the female version of Alexander and a favorite with royalty.
  2. Allegra – this posh-sounding name has a musical ring, meaning “joyous.”
  3. Anastasia – give your daughter a chic name; Anastasia means “resurrection.”
  4. Angelica – we all think our kids are gifts from heaven, and Angelica means “angel.”
  5. Anouska – means “grace and favor” and is an extravagant choice for wealthy Russians.
  6. Antoinette – the French variant of Anthony, meaning “highly praiseworthy.”
  7. Aurelia – from the Roman word Aurelius, perfect for your “golden” girl!
  8. Beatrice – royal history is littered with Beatrice’s, and Princess Beatrice of York is keeping that tradition alive.
  9. Bijou – your child is the jewel in your crown, and Bijou means “jewel” in French.
  10. Bunty – the sort of British girl name you’d hear on the hockey fields of expensive posh schools.
  11. Camilla – UK’s Queen Consort bears this name, so why not your classy little princess?
  12. Celeste – from “celestial,” Celeste is perfect because all children are heaven-sent.
  13. Charlotte – meaning “free man,” Charlotte is the second born of the Prince and Princess of Wales.
  14. Clara – means “bright and famous,” and hopefully, a sign of things to come.
  15. Clementine – is the female variation of Clement, meaning “merciful.”
  16. Constance – means “steadfast” and is derived from the Roman name Constans.
  17. Cordelia – is from the Latin word “cor,” which means “heart.”
  18. CzarCzar – means “ruler” in Russian and sounds similar to the elegant actress Zsa Zsa Gabor.
  19. Daniella – the female version of Daniel, meaning “God is my judge,” adored by Spanish royalty.
  20. Daphne – means “laurel tree” and is straight out of the Bridgerton character list of stylish names.
  21. Debonair – okay, we think this fancy name wins because it means “suave and refined.”
  22. Diana – represents the “divine” and was the most famous royal of modern times, Princess Diana.
  23. Elizabeth – what more do we need to say about Queen Elizabeth?
  24. Emmeline – an elegant French name similar to the Germanic “Amelina.”
  25. Eugenie – an unusual name that means “well born,” belonging to Prince Andrew’s daughter.
  26. Evangeline – this cute girl’s name means “good news” and is perfect for your bundle of joy.
  27. Felicity – delicate and regal; Felicity can be shortened to an even posher moniker, Fliss.
  28. Florence – such a beautiful name meaning “to flower,” best associated with Florence Nightingale.
  29. Francesca – a stylish pick among posh baby names of Spanish origin, meaning “from France.”
  30. Gabriella – with an exotic ring to it, Gabriella means “woman of God.”
  31. Genevieve – a blast from the past; Genevieve is the patron saint of Paris.
  32. Gethsemane – the gardens where Jesus was arrested; Gethsemane has posh and religious meanings.
  33. Giovana – a name that oozes charm and elegance; Giovana means “God is gracious.”
  34. Henrietta – the female version of Henry, meaning “keeper of the hearth” in French.
  35. Hermione – the daughter of the King and Queen of Sparta, Hermione fits the brief perfectly.
  36. India – your daughter may not be the ruler of India, but at least she can bear the same name.
  37. Isabella – one of the most popular nickname titles, can be shortened to Bella, Isa, Bell, and Ella.
  38. Jemima – a sophisticated society name meaning “dove” that looks at home in snobby publications.
  39. Juliet – the famous lover of Romeo in Shakespeare’s tragedy Romeo and Juliet.
  40. Lilliana – an alternative and more pretentious spin on Elizabeth.
  41. Natalia – a derivative of Natalie, meaning “born during Christmas.”
  42. Octavia – if your child is eighth in line to the throne, Octavia is perfect.
  43. Odette – taken from the classic ballet “Swan Lake,” meaning “wealthy.”
  44. Ophelia – another name from the stable of Shakespeare’s masterpieces.
  45. Paris – naming your kid after a city is cool, but avoid Dull (a Scottish town) at all costs.
  46. Penelope – straight from the pages of Greek mythology, Penelope is Odysseus’s wife.
  47. Persephone – the daughter of Zeus, Persephone is the goddess of spring.
  48. Phillipa – close your eyes, and you can hear Phillipa saying, “Mummy’s got a Porsche.”
  49. Portia – a double whammy because it sounds like the sportscar and ticks the classic Shakespeare box too.
  50. Rosalind – meaning “beautiful rose,” Rosalind is a stylish choice for your little girl.
  51. Seraphina – from mythology and derived from Seraphim, is said to be the most powerful of angels.
  52. Sophia – a favorite with European royalty, meaning “wisdom.”
  53. Tabitha – from Greek legend, Tabitha was resurrected from the dead by Saint Peter.
  54. Valentina – an exotic name, Valentina means “healthy and strong.”
  55. Veronica – from the saint who wiped the blood from Jesus’s face and his image imprinted on the cloth.
  56. Victoria – one of the most regal names on the list, belonging to Queen Victoria.
  57. Violette – a delicate name, Violette drips with class and style for your little flower.
  58. Vivien – for an even posher impact, change the spelling to Vivienne.
  59. Xanthe – pronounced “Zan-the,” how many girls’ names start with an X?

Posh Baby Names FAQs

What Makes a Baby Name Posh?

To make a baby name posh, it has to be used in upper-class circles and reflect the family’s pedigree. Britain has a long history of picking the same names for kings and queens, elevating the name’s status, and preserving the class system.

What Does Posh Mean?

Some historians believe that Posh means “port out starboard home” and was first introduced on P and O ocean liners between Britain and India in the days of the Raj. Wealthy passengers would ask for better cabins to avoid the sun’s glare and had their tickets stamped with “P.O.S.H.”

However, there is no hard evidence for this popular theory. In the early 1900s, “posh” became an English term meaning “stylish, smart, elegant, or classy.”

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