115 Saint Baby Names: for Blessed Boys and Girls

These saint baby names are perfect for bestowing upon your beautiful blessing.

If you’re searching deep to find the holiest names for your new little blessing, we think these fantastic saint names for babies should do the job.

The church recognizes over 10,000 saints, and we have selected 115 of the most beautiful saint names to inspire you today. Ranging from the popular to the obscure, rest assured that each of these saint names has been lovingly picked to help you select the right one for your new angel.

Keep reading to discover the meanings and namesakes behind these blessed saint names, and your little love will be set to sound the cutest at their confirmation!

33 Blessed Saint Names for Girls

These female saint names are as glorious as your golden girl.

  1. Adwen – meaning “blessed,” Adwen was the Cornish patron saint of sweethearts.
  2. Agatha – an old-fashioned saint name making a comeback, meaning “good.”
  3. Aurelia – an enchanting pick among Roman saint names for girls, meaning “golden.”
  4. Barbara – despite the unusual meaning of “foreign,” Barbara is a holy and just name.
  5. Beatrix – a trickster-sounding name, actually saintly and meaning “blessed, voyager.”
  6. Berenice – or Bernice, both outdated Greek girl names meaning “she who brings victory.”
  7. Blanche – this blessed girl’s name means “saintly, white.”
  8. Bridget – or Brigit, a Gaelic saint name meaning “strength.”
  9. Catherine – rooted in Greek, this devoted and holy girl’s name means “pure.”
  10. Cecilia – after the Roman virgin martyr, whose name means “blind.”
  11. Clare – a simple yet stunning saint name, meaning “bright, clear.”
  12. Dwynwyn – a fun-to-say name meaning “blessed,” after the Welsh patron saint of lovers.
  13. Dymphna – meaning “fawn,” this pretty name belonged to an Irish patron saint of the mentally ill.
  14. Eithne – an unusual name borne by several Irish saints, meaning “kernel, grain.”
  15. Elizabeth – one of the most popular saint names for girls, meaning “God is my oath.”
  16. Eluned – meaning “idol,” this was a 5th-century virgin martyr saint from Wales.
  17. Felicity – a radiant Christian saint name meaning “happiness,” extolling the joys of devotion.
  18. Gertrude – after the virgin mystic Saint Gertrude the Great, with the almighty meaning of “strength.”
  19. Hyacinth – a great pick if you love saint names inspired by a beautiful flower.
  20. Íde – a unique Gaelic saint name, signifying a thirst for holiness and wisdom.
  21. Joan – meaning “God is gracious,” most notably borne by Joan of Arc.
  22. Kateri – like Catherine, after Kateri Tekakwitha, the first Native American recognized as a saint by the Catholic church.
  23. Kinga – a unique and honorable pick among Polish saint names, meaning “brave.”
  24. Lucy – a radiant choice among saintly names for girls, meaning “light.”
  25. Magdalene – perhaps meaning “high tower,” and a famous biblical girl’s name for beautiful babies.
  26. Mary – after the blessed virgin mother of Jesus, whose name meanings include “beloved” and “bitter.”
  27. Melania – a romantic saint name and variant of Melanie, meaning “dark, black.”
  28. Monica – or Monika, after the patron saint of women and mothers, meaning “advisor.”
  29. Non – a Welsh saint name meaning “nun,” great for devoted little church-goers.
  30. Santa – a cheery, festive name for Christmas fans and a feminine Spanish word meaning “saint, holy.”
  31. Santina – a blessed and religious Latin girl’s name, literally meaning “saint.”
  32. Theresa – an international girl’s name meaning “to harvest,” full of warmth and devotion.
  33. Ursula – a 4th-century Christian saint, meaning “little female bear” in Latin.

75 Devout and Dapper Saint Names for Boys

These handsome saint names for boys are ready for confirmation.

  1. Abban – a sweet Irish male name for a baby “abbot, saint.”
  2. Adriano – meaning “from Adria,” a strong Italian name after saints, popes, and even a Roman emperor.
  3. Alban – meaning “white” or “from Alba,” borne by the first British Christian martyr saint.
  4. Ambrose – meaning “immortal, divine;” a gorgeously eternal pick among Greek saint names for babies.
  5. Anatolius – meaning “sunrise,” this saintly Roman name sounds like the start of something beautiful.
  6. Andrew – a biblical saint and apostle, with the uber-masculine meaning of “manly.”
  7. Andrzej – a form of Andrew, meaning “manly,” belonging to a Polish saint and missionary.
  8. Ansgar – meaning “spear of God,” borne by the “Apostle of the North.”
  9. Anthony – meaning “priceless, praiseworthy,” this is a common choice among saint names for babies.
  10. Augustine – after the inspirational saint, this Latin name means “to increase.”
  11. Aurelius – a Roman emperor and saint name, meaning “golden.”
  12. Barnabas – meaning “son of consolation,” this cute name gave us the nickname Barney.
  13. Bartholomew – a long name for your saintly miracle-maker, meaning “son of furrows.”
  14. Benedict – a “blessed” pick among saint and pope names.
  15. Berach – cool and strong, this Irish saint name is fit for a “sharp” little fellow.
  16. Bernardino – meaning “brave,” this Italian boy’s name was borne by the obscure patron saint of advertising.
  17. Brendan – a popular Gaelic name for a saintly “prince.”
  18. Caius – a somewhat wizard-sounding Latin saint name, sure to make you “rejoice.”
  19. Canute – a sturdy Scandinavian name meaning “knot,” borne by the patron saint of Denmark.
  20. Casimir – after a patron saint of Poland and Lithuania, holding the chaotic meaning of “destroyer of peace.”
  21. Cathal – meaning “strong in battle,” this Gaelic saint name is holy, yet tough.
  22. Christopher – a devout Christian name, meaning “bearer of Christ.”
  23. Ciarán – strong and traditionally Gaelic, with the alluring meaning of “little dark one.”
  24. Cillian – or Killian, both awesome Irish saint names meaning “little church.”
  25. Clement – a sweet yet unusual French boy name meaning “merciful.”
  26. Conan – a great saint name if you have ties to the Isle of Man, meaning “little wolf.”
  27. Cyprian – a unique saint name that’s well-suited to a person “from Cyprus.”
  28. David – after the patron saint of Wales, this popular name means “beloved.”
  29. Declan – meaning “full of goodness,” this Gaelic saint name is beautifully blessed.
  30. Dominic – meaning “of the Lord,” many saints bore this Latin name throughout history.
  31. Drogo – the patron saint of coffee is a great namesake for a baby who always keeps you awake!
  32. Enoch – a cool Hebrew saint name, with the virtuous meaning of “trained, dedicated.”
  33. Felim – although uncommon, this Irish saint name meaning “ever good” is admirably divine.
  34. Felix – a charming Latin boy’s name, meaning “fortunate, lucky.”
  35. Fiacre – meaning “eagle, hunter,” after, believe it or not, the patron saint of people who suffer from hemorrhoids.
  36. Finnian – great if you like Finn, this “fair” Irish saint name exudes joy.
  37. Fintan – another confirmation-ready, Irish “Fin-” name, this one meaning “white fire.”
  38. George – a popular name meaning “farmer,” born by the dragon-slaying patron saint of England.
  39. Giles – a medieval name meaning “young goat” and the patron saint of breastfeeding.
  40. Gummarus – after the saint whose obscure patronage includes difficult marriages, cowherds, and childless people.
  41. Hubert – a cool, albeit vintage-sounding name for a “bright-minded” saint baby.
  42. Hugh – a gentlemanly British saint name meaning “fire” or “mind, spirit.”
  43. Íñigo – a hot Spanish saint name, best bestowed upon your “little love.”
  44. Jarlath – a regal Gaelic name borne by saints with “leader, princely” qualities.
  45. John – one of the most famous and popular biblical names, meaning “graced by God.”
  46. Joseph – a popular biblical boy’s name with the divine meaning of “God will give.”
  47. Julian – a welcoming name perhaps after Saint Julian the Hospitaller, meaning “youthful.”
  48. Justus – a virtuous pick among Roman saint names for boys, meaning “just.”
  49. Kentigern – a truly holy name after a 6th-century missionary in Scotland, with unknown meaning.
  50. Magnus – a badass Latin saint name meaning “great, mighty.”
  51. Malachy – after the first native-born Irish saint, meaning “messenger.”
  52. Mark – another strong biblical name, meaning “warlike,” as a form of Marcus.
  53. Maximilian – meaning “the greatest,” this Latin name has plenty of mighty namesakes attached to it.
  54. Maximus – you could say this is the “greatest” of Latin saint names for babies.
  55. Medwyn – a sweet Welsh name with the eternal meaning of “strong friend.”
  56. Michael – is an all-powerful and popular biblical name that asks, “who is like God?”
  57. Mungo – means “my dear” and is also the patron saint of Glasgow in Scotland.
  58. Naomhán – meaning “little saint,” this unusual Gaelic male name is baptism-ready.
  59. Nicholas – meaning “victory of the people,” a saint name best borne by a Christmas baby, perhaps?
  60. Odhran – with the unusual meaning of “little pale green one,” this Irish saint name sure stands out.
  61. Patrick – an honorable Latin name meaning “nobleman, ruler,” borne by the patron saint of Ireland.
  62. Paul – meaning “humble,” a noble pick among saint names for babies and common among middle names.
  63. Peter – is popular among saint baby names for boys, meaning “rock.”
  64. Piran – after the patron saint of Cornwall, Piran has the devoted meaning of “prayer.”
  65. Rémy – a charming French saint name with the athletic meaning of “oarsman.”
  66. Rocco – sweet and friendly, this “peaceful” Italian name was borne by a 14th-century French saint.
  67. Ronan – at least twelve saints have borne this cute boy’s name meaning “little seal.”
  68. Santino – another sweet name that means “little saint,” this one in Italian.
  69. Santo – meaning “saint” in Spanish, often seen as the surnames Dos Santos or De Santis.
  70. Sebastian – a Christian saint name meaning “venerable.”
  71. Stephen – a strong name meaning “crowned,” with popular spelling variations including Steven or Stefan.
  72. Swithun – a very rare English name for a nimble lad who’s “strong and quick.”
  73. Thomas – a popular and beloved biblical name meaning “twin.”
  74. Urho – meaning “brave,” interestingly after a fictional saint created by Finnish Americans symbolizing a figure of heritage.
  75. Valentine – this romantic name meaning “strong, healthy” is best suited for a February 14th-born baby.

7 Gorgeous, Gender-Neutral Saint Names for Babies

Any little angel will shine with these divine, unisex saint names.

  1. Ailbhe – pronounced “al-va,” this gender-neutral Irish saint name has the delicate meaning of “white.”
  2. Francis – meaning “free man” or “French man,” after the patron saint of animals and the environment.
  3. Jude – a powerful and famous apostle name meaning “praised,” after the patron saint of lost causes.
  4. Rowan – an earthy, nature-inspired, unisex name meaning “little red one,” also borne by an Irish Apostle.
  5. Saint – a cool yet blessed word name recently popularized by Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.
  6. Tegan – meaning “beautiful,” this Welsh saint’s name glows with elegance and grace.
  7. Tierney – a pretty, gender-neutral, saintly first name and surname, meaning “lord, master” in Irish.

Saint Names FAQs

What Are Some Popular Saint Names for Babies?

Male saint names such as Patrick, Thomas, Nicholas, Michael, Brendan, and Anthony are all very popular picks among parents. Catherine, Clare, and Lucy have commonly heard saint names for girls.

What Are Some Obscure Saints to Name Babies After?

If you like the idea of choosing an obscure saint to name your baby after, consider Bernardino (the patron saint of advertising,) Gummarus (difficult marriages,) or Drogo (coffee). Perhaps the loveliest names are Dwynwyn, after the Welsh patron saint of lovers, and Adwen, the Cornish patron saint of sweethearts!

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