105 Cute Scottish Boy Names: With Meanings

These Scottish boy names are full of adventure - just like the highlands themselves!

Are you struggling to find names as unique and magical as your handsome little lad? Well, why not call upon the beauty of the highlands with these gorgeous Scottish boy names? We’ve assembled the best Scottish male names to help you find the perfect one to suit the newest addition to your clan.

With options ranging from medieval to modern, you can learn all about the meanings, origins, and more behind some of the best Scottish names for boys. Many are rarely heard outside Scotland, so they could inspire a bit of that unique Scottish culture wherever your son may go!

105 Strong Scottish Names for Boys

Keep scrolling to uncover the legends, meanings, and more behind these strong Scottish male names…

  1. Aidan – a popular choice for a feisty baby, meaning “fiery one.”
  2. Ainsley – an earthy Scottish surname meaning “solitary clearing.”
  3. Alastair – a traditional Scottish form of Alexander, meaning “defender of man.”
  4. Aleck – a sharp variant of Alexander, meaning “defender of man.”
  5. Angus – an anglicized spelling of the Gaelic Aonghus, meaning “one strength.”
  6. Aodh – a Gaelic word for “fiery,” making a hot, feisty middle name.
  7. Archibald – a strong Scottish male name derived from Germanic elements meaning “genuine, bold.”
  8. Archie – a super-popular diminutive of Archibald, meaning “genuine, bold.”
  9. Arran – the name of a Scottish island, with the rugged meaning of “pointy isle.”
  10. Artair – meaning “bear,” Artair is a handsome Scottish form of Arthur.
  11. Arthur – meaning “bear,” Arthur is a Scottish boy name full of British magic and legend.
  12. Artis – a feisty-yet-cuddly unisex Scottish name for boys, meaning bear.
  13. Athall – derived from Old Irish, Athall is said to mean “New Ireland,” referencing the ancient settlement of Scotland.
  14. Aulay – derived from the same stem as the Norse Olaf, Aulay means “descendant of ancestors.”
  15. Banner – a patriotic-sounding word name, meaning “flag bearer.”
  16. Barclay – derived from Old English, this gentlemanly name means “birch tree meadow.”
  17. Beathan – a medieval name derived from the Scottish for “life.”
  18. Blair – a fresh, modern-sounding unisex name, meaning “plain” or “field.”
  19. Brian – meaning “high, noble,” Brian is a name destined for success.
  20. Brodie – a unisex name derived from a surname of uncertain meaning, perhaps referring to the location in Scotland.
  21. Bruce – from a surname brought to Scotland by the Normans, meaning “from the willow lands.”
  22. Cailean – a unique yet fluffy choice, meaning “pup” or “young dog.”
  23. Cameron – derived from a Scottish clan name, Cameron holds the unusual meaning of “crooked nose.”
  24. Cathal – meaning “strong in battle,” Cathal is a true warrior name.
  25. Ciaran – a popular Scottish Gaelic form of Ciarán, meaning “little dark one.”
  26. Clyde – the sweet name of a famous Scottish river, of unknown meaning.
  27. Coinneach – meaning “handsome, fair,” Coinneach is the traditional Gaelic form of Kenneth.
  28. Colin – meaning “cub or whelp,” this makes an adorable name for your little pup.
  29. Colquhoun – a rich Scottish name meaning “narrow woods.”
  30. Craig – a popular given name and surname, meaning “crag, rock.”
  31. Donald – meaning “proud chief,” Donald is full of confidence.
  32. Dougal – meaning “dark stranger,” Dougal is alluring and mysterious.
  33. Dougie – a cute, funny diminutive form of the mature-sounding Douglas.
  34. Douglas – meaning “dark water,” Douglas is an intriguing, typically Scottish name.
  35. Duncan – a royal Gaelic choice borne by two kings of Scotland, meaning “dark chief.”
  36. Eanraig – a rare and unique form of Henry, meaning “home-ruler.”
  37. Edan – meaning “fire,” this unisex name is a hot choice in Scotland.
  38. Elliot – meaning “the Lord is my God,” this is a beautifully charming, spiritual option.
  39. Euan – an earthy choice, meaning “born of the yew tree.”
  40. Fergus – a manly, stereotypically Scottish boy name meaning “masculine one.”
  41. Fife – a unique but sweet locational name, after the county in Scotland.
  42. Filib – a Scottish form of Philip, derived from Greek and meaning “lover of horses.”
  43. Finlay – a popular Gaelic choice, meaning “white warrior.”
  44. Fionn – a modern, super-popular choice, meaning “white” or “fair-haired.”
  45. Frang – a Scottish form of Francis, meaning “Frenchman.”
  46. Friseal – a Scottish surname of unknown meaning with a cool ring as a given name.
  47. Gavin – meaning “white hawk,” Gavin always sounds ready and raring.
  48. Gordon – meaning “great hill,” Gordon towers beautifully over all the other names.
  49. Graeme – a common, traditionally Scottish spelling of Graham, meaning “gravelly homestead.”
  50. Graham – rugged and cozy, Graham means “gravelly homestead.”
  51. Griogar – a Scottish form of Gregory, meaning “watchful” or “alert.”
  52. Guthrie – a Scottish surname, place name, and unisex given name, meaning “windy place.”
  53. Hamish – a traditional option among Scottish male names meaning “supplanter,” also originating from the English James.
  54. Harold – a mighty Old English name meaning “army ruler.”
  55. Hendry – a sweet form of Henry, meaning “home-ruler.”
  56. Hugh – a charming choice with the spiritual meanings of “heart, mind, and spirit.”
  57. Iain – the traditionally Scottish spelling of Ian, meaning “God is gracious.”
  58. Ian – meaning “the Lord is gracious,” Ian makes a strong, spiritual choice.
  59. Iona – the name of a tiny Scottish island.
  60. Irvine – a river in Scotland with the intriguing meaning of “green water.”
  61. Irving – a cool surname-turned-given-name, derived from Irvine, the Scottish river.
  62. Islay – a cute, unisex, locational name after the Scottish island.
  63. Jack – an English name popular throughout the UK, meaning “God is gracious.”
  64. Jock – like Jack, Jock is a diminutive of John, also used as a nickname for someone from Scotland.
  65. Keith – meaning “wood,” Keith is an earthy, mature choice for a dashing lad.
  66. Kelvin – meaning “of the river,” Kelvin is the name of a river flowing through Scotland.
  67. Kenneth – meaning “handsome or fair,” Kenneth makes a charming choice indeed.
  68. Kenny – a fun diminutive of Kenneth.
  69. Kerr – a cool surname meaning “from the marsh or thicket.”
  70. Kyle – derived from the Gaelic “caol,” Kyle means “narrow or straight.”
  71. Lachlan – a romantic name from the Gaelic “loch,” meaning “one from the land of the lakes.”
  72. Lennox – a spicy surname-turned-first name meaning “elm grove.”
  73. Leo – a Latin name meaning “lion,” Leo is currently a popular choice in Scotland.
  74. Leslie – derived from a Scottish location, Leslie means “garden of holly.”
  75. Lindsay – from the Scottish clan name, and the location of Lincoln city in the English East Midlands.
  76. Mac – a sweet name meaning “son,” also used as a prefix to many surnames.
  77. Malcolm – a powerful name meaning “devotee of Saint Columba” – the Irish abbott.
  78. Menzies – pronounced “MING-is,” Menzies is a traditional Scottish clan name meaning “to reside.”
  79. Moray – a charming locational name from Scotland, meaning “seashore.”
  80. Morgan – a popular, powerful Celtic choice, meaning “sea chief.”
  81. Murdoch – meaning “sea warrior,” Murdoch sounds cool and ready for battle.
  82. Murray – a popular choice thanks to the area of Moray in Scotland, meaning “seashore.”
  83. Neacal – a cool form of the Greek Nicholas, meaning “victory of the people.”
  84. Nicol – a medieval version of the Greek Nicholas, with the triumphant meaning: “victory of the people.”
  85. Noah – this biblical boy name meaning “rest” is a consistently popular choice in Scotland.
  86. Norman – derived from Germanic elements meaning “north man,” Norman is a cool choice for a little Viking.
  87. Oisein – the Scottish Gaelic form of Oisin, meaning “little deer or stag.”
  88. Oliver – a Latin-rooted male name meaning “elf army,” consistently popular in the UK.
  89. Peadar – a cute form of Peter, with the sturdy meaning of “rock.”
  90. Rabbie – a friendly Scottish diminutive of Robert, meaning “bright fame.”
  91. Raghnall – a thunderous Gaelic choice, meaning “powerful counsel.”
  92. Ramsay – a cool given name and surname meaning “from the island of wild garlic.”
  93. Ranald – a form of Raghnall, this unique men’s name means “powerful counsel.”
  94. Rory – meaning “red king,” this Gaelic-rooted boy name works best for kids with fiery red locks!
  95. Ross – derived from Gaelic and meaning “headland,” Ross is a great, highland-inspired name.
  96. Rowan – meaning “little red one,” a rowan tree is believed to protect one against harm and evil magic.
  97. Ruairi – an attractive option among Scottish names for boys, similar to Rory, meaning “red king.”
  98. Scott – a simple yet classic choice, meaning “one from Scotland,” taken from the Latin “scoti.”
  99. Scottie – an untraditional yet adorable name to honor your son’s Scottish heritage.
  100. Stirling – a Scottish city, perhaps from the Old English “staerling,” relating to starling birds.
  101. Stuart – taken from an occupational surname for a steward of an estate.
  102. Tadgh – meaning “storyteller,” Tadhg is a lovely choice for a little dreamer.
  103. Tearlach – meaning “instigator,” or perhaps a form of the English name Charles.
  104. Tormod – a unique choice among Scottish boy names derived from Old Norse, meaning “mind or courage.”
  105. Wallace – a Scottish and English surname meaning “foreigner” or “Welshman.”


What Is A Rare Scottish Boy Name?

Neacal, Tormod, Athall, and Cailean are some of our top picks of rarely-heard Scottish names, all as beautiful as they are uncommon.

What Is The Most Common Scottish Male Name?

In recent years, names such as Jack, Noah, Leo, and Oliver have been consistent chart-toppers in Scotland. Traditional choices such as Archie, Fionn, Rowan, and Rory are popular choices at the moment, too!

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