100 Strong Scottish Girl Names: with Meanings

Find a name for your little girl as beautiful as the Scottish highlands!

Choosing the perfect name for your little girl that accurately captures her beauty and that of her Scottish heritage can be challenging. So, we have gathered some of the most gorgeous Scottish girl names and found their meanings, origins, nicknames, and more.

Are you ready to call upon the beauty of the highlands for your new little daughter? Keep reading!

100 Strong Scottish Names for Girls

Discover the prettiest Scottish girl names for your Gaelic girl.

  1. Aileen – fresh and vibrant, Aileen means “bright light.”
  2. Ailis – a pretty Scottish form of Alice, meaning “noble.”
  3. Ailsa – a delicate and melodic-sounding choice derived from the name of a small, uninhabited island off the coast of Scotland.
  4. Ainsley – an earthy gender-neutral Scottish surname meaning “solitary clearing.”
  5. Alba – the Scottish Gaelic name for Scotland itself. Alba also means “dawn” in Spanish and Italian and “white” in Latin.
  6. Annabel – meaning “loving,” Annabel is a beautiful way to tie in two favorite names for girls – Anna and Belle.
  7. Annag – a diminutive of Anna, holding the gorgeous meaning “full of grace.”
  8. Annan – meaning “from the brook,” Annan is also the name of a Scottish river.
  9. Annis – said to be a form of Agnes, Annis is a rare yet amicable-sounding Scottish girl name meaning “pure” or “holy.”
  10. Arabella – a sweet twist on Annabel, with a floral-sounding lilt and the pure and loyal meaning of “prayerful.”
  11. Artis – a feisty Scottish unisex name, meaning bear.
  12. Beitris – the sweet Scottish form of Beatrice, meaning “she who brings happiness.”
  13. Blair – a fresh and stylish-sounding unisex name, holding the airy, adventurous meanings of “plain” or “field.”
  14. Bonnie – frequently used as an adjective meaning “pretty” or “good” in Scotland, making it an adorable choice for a girl.
  15. Bridie – a form of the Celtic-rooted female name Bridget, meaning “exalted,” not to be confused with the regional meat pasty from Scotland.
  16. Brodie – a cool and popular unisex name derived from a Scottish surname of uncertain meaning, perhaps referring to the location in Scotland.
  17. Cairistiona – a rhythmic and particularly feminine-sounding form of Christina, perfect for a little girl born into the Christian faith.
  18. Caitrìona – the traditional Scottish form of Katherine, meaning “pure,” easily shortened to nicknames like Kate or Caty for some added sass.
  19. Callie – a fun choice referring to Caledonia, the name given to Scotland by the Roman Empire.
  20. Cameron – a unisex name derived from a Scottish clan name, with the unique yet adorable meaning of “crooked nose.”
  21. Clara – an Anglicized form of the radiant Scottish girl name Sorcha, meaning “brightness.”
  22. Dee – a cute nickname for a girl from Aberdeen, Dee is also the name of a river flowing through southwestern Scotland.
  23. Donalda – the feminine form of the popular Scottish male name Donald, Donalda holds the almighty meaning of “ruler of the world.”
  24. Donaldina – a stylish and exceptionally feminine-sounding alternative to the cute Donalda.
  25. Edan – meaning “fire,” this unisex name is a hot alternative to the biblical girl name Eden.
  26. Effie – the sweet and upbeat nickname for names such as Elizabeth, Oighrig, or Elspet.
  27. Eilidh – meaning “light,” this Scottish girl name is an adorable choice for your new, radiant ray of sunshine.
  28. Eilionoir – a pretty, traditionally Scottish variant of Eleanor, meaning “light-hearted” and “shining one.”
  29. Eimhir – a Scottish form of the Irish female name Emer, Eimhir is a magical choice with the snappy meaning “quick.”
  30. Elsie – an adorable nickname of Elizabeth or Elspet and a popular standalone name in the UK.
  31. Elspet – meaning “God is my oath,” Elspet is a Scottish form of the classic English name, Elizabeth.
  32. Fenella – also spelled Finella, a cute Scottish take on the Gaelic-rooted feminine name Fionnuala, meaning “fair-shouldered.”
  33. Ferelith – a rare but cool choice, Ferelith is a form of the Scottish girl name Forbflaith, meaning “ruler.”
  34. Fife – a rare locational name, taken from the historic county and kingdom in eastern Scotland.
  35. Fiona – meaning “fair,” a pretty fit for any little princess.
  36. Fionn – derived from Gaelic, this cool, gender-neutral name means “white” or “fair-haired,” fantastic for a baby born with luminous locks!
  37. Flora – derived from the Latin word for “flower,” a perfect fit for your pretty little petal.
  38. Forbflaith – a unique, eye-catching Gaelic name meaning “ruler” and “overlord.”
  39. Giorsail – a rare yet stunning Scottish Gaelic form of the popular English name, Grace.
  40. Glenn – meaning “valley,” Glenn is a gender-neutral name heard more frequently for males than females.
  41. Greer – we have our eye on Greer as an up-and-coming Scottish name, holding the rather fitting meaning of “watchful” or “alert.”
  42. Guthrie – a cute unisex name from a Scottish surname and place name, meaning “windy place.”
  43. Heather – the pretty, flowering heather shrub commonly found in the rocky lands of Scotland, a sweet, nature-inspired choice for your little flower.
  44. Iona – honor the historic and beautiful Scottish Iona island by choosing this stylish name for your pretty little girl.
  45. Iseabail – a unique and magical-sounding Scottish form of Isabel, Iseabail may be a more challenging name to spell but offers a stunning result.
  46. Ishbel – perhaps an easier way of spelling Iseabail, Ishbel is a rare alternative to Isobel, and a charming Scottish name for girls.
  47. Isla – Isla is derived from “Islay,” the name of an island off the coast of Scotland. Also, the Spanish word for “island” adds further beauty to the pretty choice.
  48. Isobel – a Scottish form of the popular Isabelle, holding the spiritual and pure meaning of “God is my oath.”
  49. Jamesina – a beautiful Scottish girl name if your heart is set on James – a Hebrew boy’s name meaning “supplanter,” but you need a feminine equivalent.
  50. Janette – related to Jean, with the extra-feminine suffix “-ette,” a beautifully elegant Scottish name for girls, meaning “God is gracious.”
  51. Jean – short and strong, with the loyal meaning “God is gracious.”
  52. Jessie – a nickname from the popular Jessica, meaning “to behold,” Jessie was traditionally used in Scotland as a variant of Jean.
  53. Kenna – a feminine form of Kenneth, born by a handful of Scottish kings, Kenna means “born of fire” or “handsome, comely.”
  54. Kenzie – a cute, short form of Mackenzie, a traditional Scottish surname meaning “son of Kenneth.”
  55. Lainey – a sing-song Scottish girl name meaning “bright, shining light,” Lainey could also be used as a cute nickname for Elena or Madeleine.
  56. Leithmeaning “water,” Leith is the name of a river flowing through Scotland, making a unique alternative to Lily.
  57. Lennox – a spicy Scottish surname-turned-first-name, meaning “elm grove.”
  58. Lesley – a traditional unisex name derived from a Scottish location and clan name meaning “garden of holly.” While Lesley works for girls, you can use Leslie for little lads.
  59. Lilias – an adorably rhythmic Scottish form of Lilian, either a form of Elizabeth or Lily.
  60. Liosa – a rare yet beautiful Scottish form of Lisa, derived from the same stem as Elizabeth, meaning “God is my oath.”
  61. Lorna – perhaps derived from the Scottish place name Lorne of unknown meaning, Lorna makes an earthy and rustic choice for adventurous little girls.
  62. Mackenzie – originally a Scottish surname meaning “son of Kenneth,” Mackenzie has become a trendy choice for girls, particularly in the U.S.
  63. Maggie – a short form of Margaret, with the cute meaning of “pearl.”
  64. Mairead – a pretty, fairy-like alternative to Margaret, which holds the delicately enticing meaning of “pearl.”
  65. Maisie – as fresh as a daisy with the shining, expensive meaning of “pearl.”
  66. Malvina – meaning “smooth brow,” this Scottish girl’s name makes an adorable choice for a smiling baby.
  67. Marjorie – another old-fashioned yet cute, Scottish diminutive of Margaret, meaning “pearl.”
  68. Maud – a medieval name meaning “powerful in battle,” also located in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.
  69. Mhairi – the gorgeous Scottish form of the traditional name Mary, meaning “beloved.”
  70. Milread – a Scottish form of Mildred, meaning “gentle strength,” and holding the adorable nickname options of Millie or Milly.
  71. Mirren – a pretty, chirpy-sounding Scottish form of Mary, meaning “beloved.”
  72. Moira – a lesser-heard form of Mary, meaning “beloved,” and a strong choice for a confident little girl.
  73. Mòr – meaning “great one,” Mòr makes a mighty choice for the newest hero in your family.
  74. Morag meaning “sun” and “great,” Morag radiates the beauty and power of the highlands. Morag is considered the Celtic equivalent of Sarah!
  75. Morven – a unique and witchy-sounding name meaning “big peak,” or “by the sea,” referring to various locations throughout Scotland.
  76. Muireall – meaning “bright sea,” this Celtic girl’s name is as mighty as the waves crashing gloriously in the ocean.
  77. Nandag – a punchy and sweet alternative to Nancy and from the same root as Anna, Nandag means “graceful.”
  78. Neilina – the feminine form of the Scottish-rooted masculine name, Neil, meaning “victorious.”
  79. Nessa – as well as being linked to Neasa, from Irish mythology, Nessa could be even cooler when referring to the mysterious Loch Ness!
  80. Oighrig – a stand-out Scottish girl name sure to impress, Oighrig is said to hold the unique yet sweet meaning of “speckled.”
  81. Olibhia – meaning “olive tree,” an alternative to the popular Olivia, Olibhia is the rare Scottish Gaelic spelling of this beautiful name.
  82. Paisley – as well as being an attractive, ornamental pattern found on fabrics, Paisley is a stylish Scottish surname-come-given name meaning “church.”
  83. Peigi – ultimately derived from Margaret, Peigi is the Scottish spelling of Peggy, meaning “pearl.”
  84. Rhona – with Gaelic roots meaning “power,” Rhona may also be given when referring to the rugged Scottish island of Rònaigh, or Rona.
  85. Rodina – a feminine form of the Scottish male name Roderick, meaning “famous, glorious ruler.”
  86. Ronalda – a Scottish female form of the masculine Ronald, Ronalda holds the powerful meaning of “wise ruler.”
  87. Rory – meaning “red king,” this Gaelic-rooted name works for both boys and girls with fiery red locks.
  88. Rowan – a gorgeous, unisex name meaning “little red one” and the name of a tree believed to be a sacred protector against harm and evil magic.
  89. Rut – the Scottish form of Ruth, a floral name with the adorable meanings of “friend” or “friendship.”
  90. Scottie – an untraditional but adorable name to honor your daughter’s Scottish heritage.
  91. Senga – we don’t know what’s more unique about Senga – its unusual meaning of “slender” or its backward spelling of Agnes.
  92. Shona – meaning “God is gracious,” a rugged and earthy choice among Scottish girl names for your sweet, adventurous daughter.
  93. Sìle – from the same root as Sheila or Cecilia, this pretty Scottish name for girls holds the unique meaning of “blind.”
  94. Sìne – a Scottish variant of Jane, Sìne is a pretty choice that holds the spiritual meaning of “God is gracious.”
  95. Skye – meaning “from the Isle of Skye,” this name holds all the beauty of the dreamy and everlasting heavens above us and a sweet locational nod to the stunning Scottish island.
  96. Sophie – one of the most popular names in Scotland and beyond, this gorgeous choice means “wise.”
  97. Sorcha – meaning “brightness,” this Scottish female name makes an adorable choice for a little girl born with a sparkle in her eyes!
  98. Struan – this unisex name means “stream,” offering a cool, earthy flow that seems to glitter every time we stop to admire it.
  99. Tay – the River Tay runs through Scotland, making this a cute locational name, and a great alternative to the trendy Taylor.
  100. Teasag – traditionally used as a short form of Jean, meaning “God is gracious,” Teasag is a unique yet stylish alternative to Jessie.


What Are Some Unusual Or Uncommon Scottish Names For Girls?

Traditional Scottish girl names such as Forbflaith, Giorsail, and Nandag are rarely heard today, making them some of the best choices if you are looking for something rare for your daughter. Fife is another unusual name, mainly used as a place name.

What Is A Cool Scottish Girl Name?

There are so many cool Scottish names for girls, so it’s just a matter of finding the perfect one for you and your family! Our top picks include Brodie, Struan, and Nessa, and names such as Fionn, Kenzie, and Paisley are popular among cool kids today!

What Are The Most Popular Female Names In Scotland?

Olivia remains the top choice for baby girls born in Scotland, with Emily, Isla, Ava, and Sophie also rank high amongst Scottish parents.

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