165 Hot & Sexy Boy Names to Get Hearts Fluttering

Smoldering looks alone won’t cut it, so pick among these sexy male names for your little prince.

Our boys are beautiful, that’s a fact, but some are more attractive than others. So, if your prince has what it takes to front the new Dolce and Gabbana ad, you’d better give him a hot name to match.

Traditional or more common names, such as Kevin or Timothy, usually don’t sound super sexy (sorry, Kevin and Timothy!). He needs a name like Sebastian or Antonio if he’s to make it at all.

Let’s tour the glamorous world of sexy boy names below and reveal the meanings behind the titles smoldering with seductive charm.

165 Off-the-Scale Hot Boy Names

These alpha male names are perfectly seductive to set hearts fluttering.

  1. Abe – short, snappy, and damn sexy; Abe means “father of a multitude.”
  2. Ace – meaning “unity,” the top card in the deck is the best metaphor for your kid.
  3. Adam – “son of red earth” and Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine.
  4. Adonis – meaning “beautiful youth,” Adonis (pronounced uh-daw-nis) is the ultimate in sexy male names.
  5. Aiden – means “fiery;” Aiden is not an obvious choice, but it is gaining popularity.
  6. Ajax – a Greek boy name meaning “earth or land” and super-exotic as attractive male names go.
  7. Alaric – from ancient history, Alaric ticks the badass box and means “all-powerful ruler.”
  8. Alec – a hot alternative to Alex meaning “defender of men.”
  9. Alessandro – means “warrior” and is so hot it could self-combust!
  10. Alexander – means “defender of men,” when shortened to Xander, it sounds super-sexy.
  11. Amadeus – a commanding, sensual-sounding name, meaning “to love God.”
  12. Ambrose – your kid could achieve “immortality” with this name.
  13. Anders – a no-nonsense name, Anders means “manly and strong.”
  14. Andreas – so exotic, Andreas means “warrior,” which is enough to make anyone swoon.
  15. Ansel – an uncommon name meaning “follower of noblemen,” Ansel drips with mystery and seductive charm.
  16. Anson – with a mother called Anne, this name is both sexy and accurate, meaning “son of Anne.”
  17. Antonio – meaning “highly praiseworthy,” there’s only one badass Banderas.
  18. Apollo – Greek gods are so cool and don’t come any hotter than Apollo.
  19. Archer – if your kid is handy with a “bow and arrow,” Archer is a cool name.
  20. Argento – an exotic name meaning “silver,” Argento is hot because it ends with “o.”
  21. Armando – “soldier or army man” is about as hot as it gets in a name.
  22. Aron – a Spanish variation of Aaron meaning “mount of strength,” and Elvis Presley’s middle name.
  23. Austin – means to “increase” in English and is derived from Augustine.
  24. Avery – “means ruler of elves,” Avery makes a catchy and fun alternative name.
  25. Bain – a dark and brooding character from the Batman films, Bain means “white or fair.”
  26. Beau – means “handsome admirer” and is quintessentially French.
  27. Benedict – means “blessed,” and only became sexy thanks to Benedict Cumberbatch’s sophisticated allure.
  28. Bentley – means “coarse grass” and has the panache and style for your prince.
  29. Blaze – as the name suggests, your little prince will set hearts on fire.
  30. Brad – means “broad wood” in English; look no further than Brad Pitt for sex appeal.
  31. Bran – means “raven;” Bran Stark from Game of Thrones popularized this name.
  32. Brett – keep it sweet and sexy with Brett, meaning “from Brittany.”
  33. Brion – meaning “honorable,” swapping the “a” for an “o” makes it much cooler than Brian.
  34. Broderick – Nordic titles make hot boy names, with Broderick meaning “brother.”
  35. Brooklyn – means “beautiful brook,” is an N.Y.C suburb and is Brooklyn Beckham’s name.
  36. Brooks – it may mean “a small stream,” but your kid is a sexy fish in that brook.
  37. Bryant – means “honorable” and is a variation of Brian, with the “y” changing the feel completely.
  38. Caesar – great badass hot boy names come from history – Caesar means “ruler” from the Roman Emperor.
  39. Carlton – sounds like a butler’s name; Carlton is posh, sexy, and means “peasants settlement.”
  40. Chaz – a shortened version of Charles, meaning “free man;” anyone named Chaz should have charisma.
  41. Christian – about as biblical as a sexy name gets, meaning “follower of Christ.”
  42. Christopher – means “bearer of Christ,” Christopher can be shortened to Chris or Kit.
  43. Cohen – dripping with understated coolness, meaning “priest.”
  44. Cole – if you like your guy as “dark as charcoal,” this could be the perfect sexy name.
  45. Conan – the Barbarian, not the talk show host, meaning “wolf.”
  46. Cormac – of Irish descent, Cormac is quietly charming and means “charioteer.”
  47. Cristiano – a Spanish derivative of Christian, meaning “follower of Christ.”
  48. Damian – is posh and sexy, meaning “to subdue,” and more likely to be found in rich circles.
  49. Damon – a variation of Damian, and nonother than Jason Bourne actor Matt Damon.
  50. Dane – is a strong and brooding name that means “from Denmark.”
  51. Darcy – a unisex name, Darcy is French in origin, meaning “from Arcy.”
  52. Darius – sounds like a modern, sexy name, but Darius is ancient Persian, meaning “possessing goodness.”
  53. David – meaning “beloved,” David Beckham is one of the most desirable men on the planet.
  54. Daxon – is a unique name meaning “leader” and perfect for your boy’s rise to power.
  55. Dion – if you think your child is “of heaven and earth,” Dion is a suitable moniker.
  56. Donny – meaning “world ruler,” who can forget the original “crazy horse” Donny Osmond.
  57. Drake – is derived from “dragon” and is the name of the megastar rapper.
  58. Earl – means “warrior” in Old English and comes from British high society.
  59. Edward – the sexy vampire Edward Cullen from the Moonlight saga, meaning “wealthy guardian.”
  60. Elijah – of biblical origin, meaning “my God is Yahweh,” and has climbed in popularity in the U.S.
  61. Elon – meaning “oak tree,” associated with Elon Musk, the business magnate.
  62. Elvis – meaning “all wise,” Elvis is not as fashionable today, but he was attractive in his prime.
  63. Enrique – pimp up Henry by naming your child Enrique, meaning “home-ruler.”
  64. Evan – meaning “the Lord is gracious,” Evan is more common than you think.
  65. Everett – a unique English name meaning “brave as a wild boar.”
  66. Ezra – from Hebrew, meaning “help, aid, and protect” with a modern, edgy quality.
  67. Fabian – means “bean grower,” and calling your kid Fabian ensures they get noticed.
  68. Fabio – close your eyes and picture Fabio, the “bean grower;” we bet he’s rich, dreamy, and hot.
  69. Feliciano – means “happy and lucky” and sounds like a sensual name.
  70. Felipe – why not go full-on Spanish royalty and choose Felipe, meaning “lover of horses.”
  71. Felix – means “happy and fortunate,” and your kid will be both with Felix as a name.
  72. Fernando – a character in a famous ABBA song, Fernando means “bold voyager.”
  73. Fidel – means “faithful,” a great trait for any long-term relationship.
  74. Finlay – from the Celtic meaning “fair warrior,” try and imagine kilts and Scots clansmen.
  75. Fletcher – a fletcher was a “maker of arrows” and is one super sexy name.
  76. Fransisco – meaning “free man,” Francisco can be shortened to Cisco to make it hotter.
  77. Freddie – a cheeky name meaning “peaceful ruler,” Freddie derives from the harsh-sounding Frederick.
  78. Gabe – derived from Gabriel, meaning “God is my strength,” it sounds sexier when shortened.
  79. Gage – straight from the pages of Stephen King’s Pet Sematary, Gage means “oath or pledge.”
  80. Galileo – the man who discovered the earth is round, meaning “from Galilee.”
  81. Garrett – means “brave,” associated with the man who shot Billy the Kid.
  82. Gideon – such a cute name, and yet it means “destroyer” in Hebrew.
  83. Giles – a posh and cool name, Giles means “young goat.”
  84. Giovanni – an Italian version of John meaning “God is gracious,” which would you rather be called?
  85. Grayson – sexy in an upper-class way; Grayson means “son of a bailiff.”
  86. Gregor – seductive with a hint of authority; Gregor means “on the watch.”
  87. Harley – meaning “meadow,” what could be sexier than a Harley-Davidson motorcycle?
  88. Harrison – from the “son of Harry,” who can dismiss Harrison Ford in his prime?
  89. Harry – made cool again by Harry Potter and Prince Harry, meaning “army ruler.”
  90. Hawk – any kid named Hawk is beyond cool, referring to a “white falcon.”
  91. Hayden – from the German word Heiden, meaning “heathen,” it also has Welsh connections.
  92. Henri – drop the “y” and add the “i” to make Henry flirty; it means “rules his household.”
  93. Hercules – possibly the boldest name on the list, meaning “glory of Hera.”
  94. Heston – a unique English name, Heston means “one who came from Heston.”
  95. Horatio – meaning “hour or time,” Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson was a British Naval hero.
  96. Hugo – meaning “intelligence,” Hugo is famed as the fashion brand Hugo Boss.
  97. Hunter – there is no way we could leave Hunter off the list because it sounds so hot.
  98. Huston – a great name for a country singer, meaning “Hugh’s town.”
  99. Huxley – means “inhospitable place” and sounds unique because of the “x.”
  100. Indigo – from the indigo plant, Indigo is one of the most unusual sexy boy names.
  101. Inigo – a handsome character from The Princess Bride, meaning “fiery.”
  102. Isaac – “he will rejoice,” with this ultra-sophisticated Hebrew boy’s name.
  103. Jace – it sounds cooler when shortened from Jason and means “the Lord is salvation.”
  104. Jacob – from the Hebrew for “holder of the heel,” Jacob has a trendy religious feel.
  105. James – means “supplanter;” my name is Bond, James Bond.
  106. Jared – a Hebrew name that means “descent,” Jared Leto makes this name hot.
  107. Jason – sexy but traditional; Jason means “healer” and is a rugged name, thanks to Jason Bourne.
  108. Jasper – which means “jasper stone,” is a posh name but sensual enough to make you weak at the knees.
  109. Javier – pronounced Havier and means “new house,” a derivative of Xavier (Zavier).
  110. Josh – a sexy, fun name meaning “God is salvation.”
  111. Julian – from the Roman family name and derived from Julius Ceasar, meaning “youthful.”
  112. Keanu – no list of sexy male names would be complete without Keanu, meaning “cool breeze.”
  113. Kellan – an unusual entry on our list of hot boy names; Kellan means “swamp or slender.”
  114. Kian – in Gaelic, Kian means “ancient and distant,” but the Persian version means “the kings and royal.”
  115. Kiefer – made famous by Kiefer Sutherland, meaning “barrel-maker.”
  116. Laszlo – a catchy name with a trendy “o” at the end, meaning “glorious ruler.”
  117. Leandro – of Greek origin and dripping with seductive charm, Leandro means “lion man.”
  118. Leland – meaning “fallow land,” who can forget Leland Gaunt from the book Needful Things?
  119. Lennon – meaning “lover,” what could be hotter than the legendary former Beatle John Lennon?
  120. Leonardo – means “brave lion,” Leonardo de Caprio is the personification of hot.
  121. Liam – whether it’s Neeson or Hemsworth, Liam meaning “strong-willed warrior,” is one the best attractive male names.
  122. Logan – the perfect name for your little X-Man; Logan means “small hollow.”
  123. Lorenzo – is Latin for “Lawrence,” Lorenzo conjures smoky bars and hot Mafiosa hitmen.
  124. Luca – short and attractive, Luca means “bringer of light.”
  125. Lucian – means “light” in Latin and is one of the most exotic sexy boy names.
  126. Magner – is Germanic for “greatest,” Magner would suit any alpha male.
  127. Magnus – despite Magnus being Latin for “great,” it is most popular in Nordic countries.
  128. Marcelo – an exotic name derived from Spanish, French, and Latin, meaning “young warrior.”
  129. Mateo – compared to Matthew, there’s no competition in the sexy stakes; Mateo means “gift of God.”
  130. Micah – a unique and sensual name, Micah is an alternative to Michael, meaning “who is like God.”
  131. Milo – a gentle name packing a punch; Milo is a mythical Greek wrestler and means “merciful.”
  132. Morgan – meaning “sea chief,” close your eyes and imagine Morgan Freeman’s dreamy voice.
  133. Myles – another classic English sexy name, also spelled Miles and means “merciful.”
  134. Nathan – a traditional religious name meaning “given.”
  135. Nick – a shortened version of Nicholas, meaning “victory of the people,” Nick has a sexier feel.
  136. Noah – from the Hebrew, meaning “rest and repose,” Noah is a trendy name with an ancient pedigree.
  137. Oak – sturdy and strong, oak trees are steeped in mystery, making Oak a powerful name.
  138. Oliver – is Old Norse, meaning “ancestor’s descendants,” and the name of hot actor Oliver Jackson-Cohen.
  139. Orlando – from the Italian Roland, meaning “famous land,” who can forget Orlando Bloom?
  140. Orson – a brooding name associated with Orson Welles, meaning “bear cub.”
  141. Oscar – offers a cool, old-fashioned ring, meaning “God’s spear.”
  142. Patrick – meaning “noble,” there have been several smoking hot Patricks on stage and screen.
  143. Pierce – is Old English for “stone,” Pierce has a posh but sexy ring (think Pierce Brosnan).
  144. Rafael – a sensual name, meaning “God has healed.”
  145. Remy – oozing with French charisma, Remy means “oarsman.”
  146. Reuben – a classic name, Reuben means “behold a son” and is quietly attractive.
  147. Rhett – means “advice” and is featured in the classic novel Gone With the Wind.
  148. Rodrigo – a super-hot derivative of Roderick, and sexier when shortened to Rod, meaning “famous ruler.”
  149. Romeo – Shakespeare’s iconic lover and the son of David and Victoria Beckham.
  150. Rowan – meaning “little red one,” Rowan is a cool name for your boy.
  151. Ryder – means “messenger” in Old English; Ryder is a rugged name for badass boys.
  152. Sebastian – from the Greek word, Sebastos meaning “venerable,” it exudes upper-class charm.
  153. Seymour – dripping in English charm, meaning “marshy land near the sea.”
  154. Stefan – from German, Scandinavian, and Greek origin, Stefan is a cool name meaning “crown or Garland.”
  155. Sven – full of Nordic confidence, Sven means “youth.”
  156. Theo – a shortened, sexier version of Theodore, meaning “divine gift.”
  157. Toby – a shortened form of Tobias, Toby sounds sexy and means “God is good.”
  158. Todd – meaning “fox,” Todd has a fun and snappy feel.
  159. Travis – the perfect name for a country music star, meaning “crossing.”
  160. Tristan – an unbelievably posh English or French male name meaning “riot,” Tristan has a quiet sexiness.
  161. Vaughn – a slightly different spelling to Vaughan, meaning “small” in Welsh.
  162. Vincent – evolved from Victor, meaning “to conquer,” is popular in the U.S. and Europe.
  163. Wilf – a hotter version of Wilfred (“desiring peace”) because it loses its traditional feel.
  164. Xander – pronounced Zander meaning “defender of men,” any name starting with an “x” is hot.
  165. Zac – a shortened version of Zachariah, meaning “God has remembered.”

Sexy Boy Names FAQs

What Sexy Boy Names are the Most Popular?

Several sexy boy names are popular, including David, James, Sebastian, Zac, Harry, and Adam. Other favorite names are Toby, Xander, Patrick, Jason, and Keanu. The popularity of sexy male names depends on the current crop of on-trend celebrities, athletes, and politicians.

What Makes Some Names Sexy?

To make a name sexy, it has to have an exotic ring, unusual spelling, and conjure images of handsome strangers. Italian names are excellent choices because they have more sensual spellings of common names that make them sound sophisticated. These include Antonio, Alessandro, Leonardo, and Romeo, which are great examples of sexy boy names.

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