150+ Super Sexy Girl Names: With Hot Meanings

Give your daughter a name so hot it burns to match her smokin’ personality.

Drop-dead gorgeous daughters need sexy girl names to match. Hot girl names have an edgy feel, with a slice of Hollywood glamour and a side of mischief. Consign Agnes and Daphne to the history books and focus on seductive names like Natasha and Roxie.

So, put on your lipstick, paint your nails, and strut down the catwalk of sexy female names as we bring you the hottest examples for you to choose from.

155 Smokin’ Hot Sexy Girl Names

Sensible names are like sensible shoes, comfortable and practical – but we want sexy woman names as badass as six-inch heels.

  1. Abby – meaning “father’s joy,” Abby comes from the Hebrew girl name Avygail.
  2. Acadia – means “idyllic place or place of plenty” and is the French name for Nova Scotia.
  3. Adele – is German for “noble;” English singer-songwriter Adele is adored worldwide.
  4. Adriana – meaning “from Adria,” belonging to smokin’-hot footballer Adriana Martin.
  5. Adrienne – means “from the city, Hadria,” and is the female version of Adrian.
  6. Alessandra – a sexy name meaning “defender of men,” sounding badass and cute.
  7. Alexa – derived from Alexandra, meaning “defender of men.”
  8. Amber – from the gemstone, Amber is a sassy and fun name.
  9. Amelia – a sensual name meaning “industrious,” best known as the female aviator Amelia Earhart.
  10. Anais – from north-west Spain, this Galician name means “grace.”
  11. Angel – means “messenger” in Latin; do we need to explain why this name is popular?
  12. Angelique – means “angelic, like an angel” and is the fastest-rising girl’s name of 2021.
  13. April – an old-fashioned girl name meaning “to open” and a great seasonal name.
  14. Aria – refers to a solo in an opera; Aria means “air” in Italian.
  15. Ashley – sexy girl names are rarely unisex except for Ashley, meaning “ash tree clearing.”
  16. Aurora – naming your daughter after a goddess of dawn would be a real treat for her.
  17. Bea – is shortened from Beatrix or Beatrice, meaning “voyager.”
  18. Becky – a shortened form of Rebecca, meaning “join, tie, captivated, and snare.”
  19. Blair – an attractive unisex Scottish name meaning “battlefield.”
  20. Bonita – is Spanish and Portuguese for “cute or pretty.”
  21. Brandy – meaning “burnt wire” and a stereotypical cheerleader’s name.
  22. Brianna – this modern-sounding name means “strong” and has been popular since the 16th-century.
  23. Bridget – means “exalted one” from the Irish goddess of poetry, healing, and wisdom.
  24. Brooke – meaning “someone who lives near a brook,” this English name is hot.
  25. Buffy – means “pledged to God” and is the kickass cheerleader and vampire slayer.
  26. Cadence – musical girls will love Cadence because it means “rhythm.”
  27. Camille – a sultry French name meaning “helper to the priest.”
  28. Candace – from Ethiopia, meaning “queen mother,” Candace can be shortened to Candy.
  29. Carina – a unique Roman girl’s name meaning ”beloved” and also a star constellation.
  30. Carmen – a Hebrew name meaning “garden,” need we say any more than Carmen Elektra?
  31. Cat – a trendy name meaning “pure” and a short form of Kate or Catherine.
  32. Chastity – meaning “purity,” Chastity has a quietly sexy feel.
  33. Claire – from the French meaning “bright, clear, and famous,” a popular name n the U.S.
  34. Clementine – meaning “mild and merciful,” this French and Latin name is perfect for your daughter.
  35. Cora – is Latin for “maiden,” Cora appears in the novel The Last of the Mohicans.
  36. Courtney – from the Gaelic surname O’Curnain, meaning “short” and “descendant of Curnan.”
  37. Daisy – an adorable flower name meaning “day’s eye.”
  38. Desiree – meaning “desired and wished,” hot girl names don’t come any sexier than this.
  39. Devon – a county in England or from the French word “devin,” meaning “divine.”
  40. Dixie – associated with the southern United States, Dixie means “tenth child.”
  41. Elise – the German form of Elizabeth, meaning “God is my oath.”
  42. Emily – a beautiful English name meaning “rival” and the nickname of King George II’s daughter.
  43. Emma – a Germanic girl name meaning “whole, universal,” and a romantic novel by Jane Austin.
  44. Emmerson – of French and German descent, this English variation means “son of Emery.”
  45. Erica – means “mighty ruler,” and a great description of your badass little diva.
  46. Erin – an English name of Irish descent meaning “Ireland.”
  47. Eve – a Hebrew name meaning “life,” Eve was the first among women in the Bible.
  48. Faith – popularized by the Puritans in the 17th-century, meaning “to trust.”
  49. Fern – from the shade-loving plant and an earthy Old English name.
  50. Fleur – means “flower” in French and the alluring Fleur Delacour in Harry Potter.
  51. Frankie – a unisex name of American origin meaning “free or truthful.”
  52. Freya – an Old Norse name meaning “lady” and the goddess of war, death, love, and beauty.
  53. Georgie – a flirty feminine form of George, meaning “farmer.”
  54. Gigi – a stereotypical French showgirl name; Gigi means “earth-worker.”
  55. Ginger – the ideal name for redheads, meaning “lively” in Old English.
  56. Grace – a traditional English name meaning “goodness” or “gracious” with a modern feel.
  57. Greta – meaning “pearl” in German, it’s a great description of your gem of a daughter.
  58. Hailey – means “clearing in the hay” in English; Haley, Hallie, and Hayleigh are wonderful alternatives.
  59. Hannah – from the Hebrew, meaning “grace and favor,” it’s as wholesome as it is sexy.
  60. Harmony – meaning “unity and concord” in Latin, with an innocent feel.
  61. Heather – from the flowering shrub, and popular in the U.S. in the early 20th-century.
  62. Holly – meaning “holly tree,” it’s the ideal name for Christmas babies.
  63. Hope – from Old English meaning “expectation and belief” and a great Egirl name.
  64. Isobel – an alternative Hebrew name for Elizabeth, meaning “God is my oath.”
  65. Jade – in Spanish, Jade means “stone of the bowels” because of its healing properties.
  66. Jasmine – from the flower and a popular tea in Okinawa, meaning “gift of God.”
  67. Jenna – derived from a medieval nickname for Jane, meaning “God is gracious.”
  68. Jenny – meaning “white phantom,” sexy female names can be cute too.
  69. Jessie – derived from the Hebrew male name Jesse for “gift.”
  70. Jolene – an English name meaning “pretty” and a famous song by Dolly Parton.
  71. Jordan – an ancient Christian name meaning “flow down or descend.”
  72. Josephine – is French for “Jehovah increases,” and the lover of Napolean.
  73. Julia – this cute name means “youthful” in Latin, but in Roman, it means “supreme god.”
  74. Juliet – a French version of Julia with the same meaning.
  75. Kaitlin – another seductive Irish feminine name meaning “pure.”
  76. Kate – is of Latin and English origin, meaning “pure,” Kate is sexier than Katherine.
  77. Kayla – a Hebrew name with multiple meanings, from “crown of laurels” to “god-like.”
  78. Keira – means “little dark one;” who’s sexier than Keira Knightley?
  79. Kelly – from Irish meaning “bright-headed,” ideal for the most attractive redheads.
  80. Kimberley – means “from the wood of a royal forest,” Kimberley is a sexy name, shortened to Kim.
  81. Kylie – is of Australian origin, meaning “boomerang,” and super-hot Kylie Jenner.
  82. Lacy/Lacey – meaning “lace-like and cheerful,” Lacey is also a European town.
  83. Larisa – from Latinized Greek meaning “citadel,” with a subtle sexiness.
  84. Lauren – in French, Lauren is masculine, and the English version means “crowned with laurels.”
  85. Layla – this Arabic female name meaning “ night” is popular in the U.S.
  86. Lena – has Russian, Greek, Hebrew, and Persian roots, meaning “light.”
  87. Lexie – is an English name meaning “man’s defender,” derived from Alexandra.
  88. Liza – meaning “God is my oath,” Liza is a shortened form of Elizabeth.
  89. Lola – a Spanish girl’s name meaning “sorrow” and is unique among sexy woman names.
  90. Lucia – means “ light” in Latin and is the ideal name for your little ray of sunshine.
  91. Macy – an Old French word for “weapon” and popular as sexy female names go.
  92. Maddison – is even sexier when shortened to Maddy or Mads, meaning “son of Maud” in English.
  93. Maisie – meaning “pearl” in Scottish, belonging to actress Maisie Williams from Game of Thrones.
  94. Mallory – a beautiful name meaning “unlucky” in French.
  95. Margot – of Greek and French origin, meaning “pearl,” and hot actress Margot Robbie.
  96. Maria – a Latin name with several meanings, including “Star of the Sea” and “rebellious.”
  97. Marianne – is French for Mary, meaning “Star of the Sea” and “grace.”
  98. Marissa – is similar to Marianne, which in Portuguese, means “of the sea.”
  99. Maya – means “illusion” in Sanskrit and “ water” in Hebrew.
  100. Meadow – meaning “a grassy field,” exotic names rarely sound this earthy.
  101. Melinda – is of Greek origin, this Hungarian name means “ dark and black.”
  102. Melissa – an attractive name meaning “honey bee” in Greek.
  103. Melody – an enchanting Greek musical name meaning “song.”
  104. Michelle – the French female form of Michael, meaning “who is like God.”
  105. Milla – a Ukrainian name meaning “grace and dear,” Milla Jovovich is a hot actress.
  106. Molly – an English medieval form of Mary, meaning “Star of the Sea.”
  107. Morgan – a unisex Welsh name that means “circular sea.”
  108. Nadia – meaning “tender and delicate,” Nadia is popular in Arabic countries.
  109. Naomi – a Hebrew name meaning “pleasantness” and “beautiful and direct” in Japanese.
  110. Natalia – means “birthday” in Latin, specifically relating to Jesus’s birthday.
  111. Nell – meaning “bright, shining one,” some sexy girl English names make great middle names.
  112. Nicole – the French female form of Nicholas, meaning “victory of the people.”
  113. Odette – a French name meaning “wealthy” and a character from the ballet Swan Lake.
  114. Olivia – the Latin feminine form of Oliver meaning “olive tree.”
  115. Paige – meaning “servant,” Paige is a cool English name with French and Greek origins.
  116. Pandora – meaning “all gifts” in Greek mythology, Pandora was the first woman.
  117. Patience – a traditional Latin girl’s name meaning “to suffer,” with sexy undertones.
  118. Piper – from the Old English for “pipe player,” Piper is a great musical name.
  119. Pixie – as cute as it is sexy, a Pixie is a Celtic or Cornish fairy.
  120. Poppy – a bright and happy Latin name meaning “red flower.”
  121. Quinn – means “counsel,” Harley Quinn is a provocative character played by Margot Robbie.
  122. Rachel – belonging to the super-hot Rachel in Friends, meaning “ewe” in Hebrew.
  123. Raven – meaning “dark-haired and wise,” sexy goth girls would love this English name.
  124. Reagan – from the Irish surname meaning “kingly or little king.”
  125. Rene – a unisex French name meaning “reborn.”
  126. Riley – an English name meaning “clearing in the rye,” with a badass modern feel.
  127. River – from the Latin word “ripa,” meaning “riverbank.”
  128. Roxanne – meaning “dawn” in Persian, and a super-sexy song by The Police.
  129. Ruby – means “red” after the gemstone and is perfect for girls born in July.
  130. Sade – the exotic 80s singer, Sade is an African girl’s name meaning “honor confers a crown.”
  131. Saffron – from the crocus plant producing spice, meaning “yellow” in Arabic.
  132. Samantha – meaning “told by God” in Hebrew, sounds sexier when shortened to Sam.
  133. Sarah – is Abraham’s wife in the Old Testament, meaning “noblewoman or princess.”
  134. Sasha – a gender-neutral Greek name meaning “man’s defender” from Alexander or Alexandra.
  135. Savannah – meaning “grassy plain” from the indigenous Bahamian language.
  136. Scarlett – an Old English name meaning “red,” there’s only one Scarlett Johansson.
  137. Selene – the Greek goddess of the moon who rode a sparkling chariot.
  138. September – from the Roman calendar, meaning “seventh month,” ideal for September-born babies.
  139. Shelby – is Old Norse for “willow farm” and the super-cool Shelby Cobra car.
  140. Skye – a sexy hippy name from Old Norse, meaning “cloud.”
  141. Sloane – means “man of arms” and is the fashionable Sloane Square in London.
  142. Stacy – a cute unisex name meaning “fruitful.”
  143. Suki – a charming Japanese girl’s name meaning “loved one.”
  144. Tatiana – is a sexy Russian-sounding female name but of Roman descent meaning “fairy princess.”
  145. Taylor – a gender-neutral name meaning “to cut,” belonging to the singer-songwriter Taylor Swift.
  146. Trixie – a bubbly, sexy name from Latin meaning “bringer of joy.”
  147. Vanessa – created by Jonathan Swift in 1726 for the poem “Cadenus and Vanessa,” meaning “butterfly.”
  148. Veronica – from Roman, meaning “bringing victory,” from the Greek “phero nike.”
  149. Whitney – a popular name since the 80s, meaning “white island.”
  150. Winona – meaning “firstborn daughter;” Winona Ryder proudly bears this name.
  151. Winter – a hot “W” name for a cold season, possibly meaning “time of water.”
  152. Xena – from the TV show Warrior Princess, Xena means “stranger and foreigner.”
  153. Yasmin – in Arabic, Yasmin means “jasmine (the flower)” and is popular in Pakistan and Egypt.
  154. Zara – sounds posh and sexy, meaning “seed or blooming flower” in Arabic and Hebrew.
  155. Zita – from the exotic Italian word “zitta,” meaning “young girl.”

Sexy Girl Names FAQs

What are the Sexiest Girl Names?

The sexiest girl names tend to be exotic and sassy. Names like Trixie, Saffron, Lola, and Lexie have style, attitude, and sex appeal. Other hot girl names include Abby, Becky, Courtney, and Sasha.

Are There any Sexy Unisex Names?

There are several sexy unisex names, depending on your preference, including Shelby, Taylor, River, Morgan, Jordan, Georgie, Frankie, Ashley, and Courtney.

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