125 Catchy Short Boy Names: From Unusual to Cool

These trendy short boy names have as much personality as any lengthy choice!

If you’re looking for the best name for your little one that’s easy to spell, we have just the list for you! Here are the most attractive short boy names you could ever find with charming meanings.

These catchy short male names will make searching for the perfect option for your son smooth sailing. The fascinating historical facts and cool celebrities associated with these masculine short boys’ names make them way more special.

Get ready to see which short boy’s name is right for your sweet boy!

125 Attractive Short Boy Names

  1. Abe – this Hebrew diminutive for Abraham means “father of multitudes,” inspiring the biblical nursery rhyme, Father Abraham.
  2. Ace – is a popular Latin short boy name meaning “one, unity.”
  3. Adam – has a spiritual connection meaning “son of the red Earth” in Hebrew.
  4. Aden – an Irish variant of Aidan with the punchy meaning “little and fiery.”
  5. Al – an old-fashioned short name for boys meaning “all-powerful ruler” in German.
  6. Alex – this abbreviated version of Alexander means “defender of men” in Greek.
  7. Ali – an Arabic name meaning “supreme, exalted,” attached to famous boxer Muhammad Ali.
  8. Amir – is royally charming, meaning “prince” or “ruler” in Arabic and Hebrew.
  9. Art – this variant of Arthur means “noble one” or “bear man.”
  10. Axl – a rock and roll diminutive of Axel, this Scandinavian short boy name means “father of peace.”
  11. Beau – a luxurious short male name meaning “handsome” in French.
  12. Ben – a diminutive of Benjamin, this Hebrew short name for boys means “son of.”
  13. Bo – an adorable Norse nickname among short boy names, meaning “to live.”
  14. Bob – is a shortened version of Robert meaning “bright fame” with a mature feel.
  15. Cal – has a preppy style as the diminutive of Calvin, meaning “devotion to God.”
  16. Case – a short male name of British origin meaning “case-maker.”
  17. Cash – a trendy name best associated with musician Johnny Cash, meaning “hollow” in English and Latin.
  18. Clay – an earthy choice among short names for boys meaning “boundary with clover” in English.
  19. Cole – this rare English boy name refers to the color meaning “swarthy (dark-skinned)” or “coal black.”
  20. Colt – has a playful nature with its meaning “young horse,” perfect for a baby boy!
  21. Cruz – is a sleek, Spanish boy name meaning “cross.”
  22. Cy – a punchy diminutive of Cyrus with the illuminating meaning of “sun.”
  23. Dan – a diminutive of Daniel and a biblical male name meaning “God is my judge” in Hebrew.
  24. Dax – this French name meaning “leader” is also a place in Southwestern France known for spas.
  25. Dean – an English name meaning “church official” and a popular character in the Gilmore Girlsseries.
  26. Dom – a variant of Dominic meaning “belonging to the Lord” in Latin.
  27. Dov – this unique Hebrew short name for boys means “bear,” a super cuddly choice!
  28. Ed – a shortened version of Edward, meaning “wealthy guardian” in English.
  29. Eli – a religious short boy’s name meaning “ascended, uplifted, high” in Hebrew.
  30. Enzo – this Italian variant of Lorenzo or Henry, meaning “home-ruler,” is topping popularity charts.
  31. Eric – meaning “eternal ruler,” this Old Norse short boy name could easily suit your little prince!
  32. Evan – this sacred short male name means “the Lord is gracious” in Welsh.
  33. Ezra – has a generous side with its Hebrew meaning of “help.”
  34. Finn – a lovely Irish name for boys meaning “fair” or “white.”
  35. Fox – this daring name of British origin represents the sly animal from the canine family.
  36. Gael – a stunning short boy name meaning “Gaelic” in Welsh and Celtic.
  37. Gil – has a simple style and a Hebrew meaning of “happiness.”
  38. Gus – this charming diminutive of Augustus or Angus means “one strength” in Irish.
  39. Guy – a trendy sounding French short name for boys meaning “guide” or “leader.”
  40. Hal – though this variant of Harold and Henry feels dated, it ironically means “youthful.”
  41. Ham – a funny Hebrew boy name meaning “hot” or “warm.”
  42. Ian – the Scottish version of John meaning “the Lord is gracious.”
  43. Ike – meaning “laughter,” this diminutive of Isaac is commonly attached to rock and roll icon Ike Turner.
  44. Ira – a unique Hebrew short “I” name for boys meaning “watchful one.”
  45. Irv – is typically derived from Irvin or Irving, meaning “green” or “freshwater” in Scottish.
  46. Ivan – Ivan has a lovely, spiritual charm, meaning “God is gracious” in Russian.
  47. Ivo – this German male name meaning “yew wood” or “archer” is very masculine!
  48. Jace – a variant of Jason, this cool Hebrew name means “the Lord is my salvation.”
  49. Jack – a nickname for Jackson or John, meaning “God is gracious” in English.
  50. Jad – a powerful Arabic boy’s name meaning “serious.”
  51. Jax – a modern version of Jack, meaning “God is gracious.”
  52. Jay – this Latin short name for boys means “jaybird” and is the perfect pet name for Jayden.
  53. Jeb – a diminutive of Jebediah, meaning “beloved friend” in Hebrew.
  54. Jed – another catchy version of Jedidiah meaning “beloved of the Lord” in Hebrew.
  55. Jet – a mysterious short boy’s name believed to mean “black gemstone” or “home-ruler.”
  56. Joe – a frequently used nickname for Joseph, meaning “God will add.”
  57. John – a tried and true short name for boys meaning “God is gracious” or “gift of Jehovah.”
  58. Jose – a lively Spanish and Portuguese take on Joseph, meaning “Jehovah will increase.”
  59. Jude – a beautiful Latin diminutive of Judah meaning “praised.”
  60. Kai – a calming Hawaiian boy’s name meaning “sea.”
  61. Kane – a strong Welsh, Irish, Hawaiian, and Japanese name meaning “warrior.”
  62. King – a top choice among short male names beginning with K that refers to a monarch in English.
  63. Kip – a rare English and American nickname for Christopher, meaning “bearer of Christ.”
  64. Knox – has a boyish appeal meaning “round hill” in Scottish.
  65. Koa – an assertive Hawaiian short name for boys meaning “warrior.”
  66. Kobe – meaning “tortoise,” this Swahili boy’s name belonged to the late NBA player Kobe Bryant.
  67. Kyro – a trendy spelling of Cairo representing a place in Egypt, meaning “virtuous” in Arabic.
  68. Lee – a basic English moniker for Leroy meaning “pasture” or “meadow.”
  69. Leo – a fierce Latin abbreviation for Leonardo, meaning “lion.”
  70. Lev – of Hebrew and Russian origin, meaning “heart” or “lion.”
  71. Levi – the famous denim brand and a favorite short name for boys meaning “joined” or “attached” in Hebrew.”
  72. Liam – this popular variant for William means “resolute protection.
  73. Luca – a spunky Italian version of Lucas or Luke, meaning “man from Lucania,” an ancient region in Southern Italy.
  74. Luis – the German and French diminutive of Luis, pronounced “loo-EES” or “loo-iss,” meaning “renowned warrior.”
  75. Mac – a Scottish or Irish variant of Mackenzie meaning “son of.”
  76. Mark – a Latin boy’s name meaning “warlike.”
  77. Max – a rich English and German diminutive of Maximilian or Maxwell, meaning “the greatest.”
  78. Milo – meaning “soldier” or “merciful,” this short male name is of Latin or German origin.
  79. Moe – a fun variant of Moses, meaning “delivered” in English.
  80. Nash – this nature-related short boy’s name means “by the ash tree” in English.
  81. Nat – a traditional diminutive of Nathan or Nathaniel, meaning “given.”
  82. Ned – an English moniker for Edward meaning “wealthy guardian.”
  83. Neo – a Latin or Tswana (Botswana) name meaning “new” or “gift,” a character from the Matrix movies.
  84. Nev – a Hebrew or English variant of Nevin, meaning “he will prosper,” “new town,” or “holy.”
  85. Nico – a playful version of Nicholas, meaning “people of victory” in Greek.
  86. Noa – a shorter variant of Noah meaning “rest” or “repose” in Hebrew.
  87. Onyx – this dazzling short name for boys means “black gemstone” in English.
  88. Owen – a Welsh short boy’s name meaning “young warrior” or “well-born.”
  89. Oz – an uncommon Hebrew boy’s name meaning “strength,” powerful,” or “courageous.”
  90. Pat – a nickname for Patrick meaning “noble” or “patrician.”
  91. Pax – a tranquil short male name beginning with P, meaning “peaceful” in Latin.
  92. Per – a Scandinavian variation of Peter meaning “rock” or “stone.”
  93. Pim – a weird Dutch diminutive of Willem or William, meaning “resolute protection.”
  94. Poe – famously attached to writer Edgar Allen Poe, this English short boy name means “peacock.”
  95. Ray – a diminutive of Raymond, meaning “wise protector.”
  96. Rex – a Latin name for boys meaning “king” and a quirky dinosaur in the Toy Story franchise.
  97. Rio – this adorable Spanish variant of Mario means “river.”
  98. Rob – an English pet name for Robert meaning “bright fame.”
  99. Roy – a mature French boy’s name meaning “king” or “red-haired” in French or Celtic.
  100. Ryan – this short male name meaning “little king” in Irish is authoritative and calm.
  101. Sam – an English diminutive of Samuel meaning “told by God.”
  102. Sean – the Irish form of John meaning “God is gracious.”
  103. Seb – an Egyptian beauty meaning “God of the earth.”
  104. Sid – a shortened diminutive of Sidney meaning “wide island” English.
  105. Sim – a Scottish diminutive of Simon, meaning “the listener.”
  106. Tal – the shortest of Hebrew boy names meaning “rain” or “dew.”
  107. Tau – an unusual short boy name of Australian origin meaning “dusk,” “twilight,” or “lion.”
  108. Tate – a delightful English short male name meaning “cheerful” that could put you in a good mood!
  109. Teo – this Spanish variant of Teodoro, meaning “gift of God,” has an attractive look and sound.
  110. Theo – this shortened form of Theodore means “gift of God.”
  111. Tim – a Greek diminutive of Timothy meaning “honoring God.”
  112. Troy – a Greek and French name meaning “of Troyes,” a commune in France.
  113. Ty – is a classic moniker for Tyler, referring to a “tiler” (the profession) in British.
  114. Uzi – this peculiar Hebrew choice means “Jehovah is my strength.”
  115. Van – has a masculine style and an unusual Dutch meaning, “of.”
  116. Vic – a diminutive of Victor meaning “champion” or “winner” in Latin.
  117. Vin – a form of Vincent with a badass meaning of “conquering,” associated with the actor Vin Diesel.
  118. Wade – a gentle short name for boys meaning “at the river crossing” in English.
  119. Wes – this preppy, English short boy name means “western meadow.”
  120. Wyn – a vibrant Welsh short boy’s name meaning “fair, blessed.”
  121. Zak – a punchy diminutive of Zachary, meaning “the Lord has remembered.”
  122. Zane – a popular variant of John, meaning “God is gracious,” offers a fresh sound.
  123. Zeb – a version of Zebediah or Zebulon with the inspiring meaning “gift of Jehovah.”
  124. Zen – a short and sweet Japanese boy’s name meaning “meditation.”
  125. Zion – this stunning short male name means “highest point” in Hebrew.
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