110 Catchy Short Girl Names: From Modern to Unique

These short female names still pack a punch with fewer letters.

Finding a name that suits your baby girl doesn’t have to be hard! Check out our list of modern short girl names with a ton of personality and without all the fuss.

You’ll learn the meanings of these beautiful short female names, their interesting mythological connections, famous namesakes, and more.

See which catchy and unique short names for girls are perfect for your small fry!

110 Modern Short Girl Names

Mull over these beautiful short female names for your petite babe.

  1. Ada – a charming German girl name meaning “noble.”
  2. Aja – this Hindi name meaning “goat” might work well as a middle name!
  3. Ala – means “nobility” in Polish and “excellence” or “supreme in Arabic.
  4. Amy – this classic French short girl name means “beloved.”
  5. Ann – has a delicate style meaning “grace” in Hebrew or English.
  6. Anya – this smooth Russian diminutive of Anna means “grace.”
  7. Aria – a trending short girl name representing “air,” “song,” or “melody” in Italian.
  8. Ava – a popular short name for girls meaning “life,” “bird,” “water,” or “island” in Latin.
  9. Aya – a beautiful name of Hebrew, Japanese, and Arabic origin meaning “colorful,” “bird,” or “sign.”
  10. Bay – a cheeky gender-neutral Latin name meaning “berry.”
  11. Bea – this shortened variant of Beatrice means “she who brings happiness.”
  12. Brie – a unique French and Latin name meaning “cheese,” “strength,” or “marshland.”
  13. Cali – has a pleasant style meaning “beautiful” or “fairest” in Latin.
  14. Cam – a unisex option among short girl names, meaning “crooked nose” in Scottish.
  15. Cara – a lovely, petite name meaning “dear,” “friend,” or “face.”
  16. Cat – a short girl name derived from Catherine, which means “pure.”
  17. Cia – a diminutive of Cynthia, meaning “moon goddess” or “woman from Kynthos.”
  18. Cleo – holds your baby girl in high regard with its Greek “glory” definition.
  19. Cora – a Greek female name meaning “maiden.”
  20. Dana – a precious English choice, meaning “gift” or “wise.”
  21. Dawn – has the vibrant English meaning of “sunrise” or “daybreak.”
  22. Deb – a short and sweet Hebrew variant of Deborah meaning “bee.”
  23. Demi – is the badass variant of Demetria, meaning “half” or “small.”
  24. Di – an adorable moniker for Diana, meaning “divine” in Latin.
  25. Doe – an earthy short name for girls meaning “a female deer” in English.
  26. Dot – this variant comes from Dorothy, meaning “gift of God” in English.
  27. Drew – a gender-neutral option meaning “strong and manly” or “wise” in Greek.
  28. Eden – a biblical girl name meaning “place of delight” or “pleasure” in Hebrew.
  29. Ella – an English and German option meaning “fairy maiden” or “completely.”
  30. Elsa – a German version of Elisabeth meaning “pledged to God.”
  31. Emma – has a deep, German meaning of “whole” or “universal.”
  32. Enya – this Irish girl’s name will spark your interest with its “fire” definition.
  33. Erin – an Irish name meaning “Ireland” or “from the island to the west.”
  34. Etta – a British diminutive of Henrietta, meaning “ruler of the house.”
  35. Eva – meaning “life,” this Latin variant of Eve symbolizes purpose.
  36. Eve – a biblical favorite for short female names, meaning “life” in Hebrew.
  37. Faye – this magical short female name means “fairy” in English.
  38. Fia – of Italian, Irish, and Portuguese origin meaning “wild” or “weaver.”
  39. Flo – a Latin diminutive of Flora meaning “flower.”
  40. Gaia – this short name for girls means “rejoicing” or “the Earth” in Greek.
  41. Gal – an uncommon name meaning “wave.”
  42. Gem – a glamorous Latin short girl name for “jewel” or “precious stone.”
  43. Gia – this Italian option was a movie name and means “God’s gracious gift.”
  44. Gwen – a Welsh version of Gwendolyn meaning “white or “holy.”
  45. Halo – has the angelic meaning of “divine aura.”
  46. Hope – of British origin meaning “desire of fulfillment,” a gorgeous pick among short girl names.
  47. Ida – a German short name for girls meaning “industrious one.”
  48. Iris – this chipper short girl’s name represents a flower or “rainbow” in Greek.
  49. Isa – is a modern choice for girls and boys, meaning “strong-willed” in German.
  50. Isla – a beautiful Spanish and Scottish girl name meaning “island.”
  51. Ivy – this name is climbing popularity charts meaning “vine” in English.
  52. Jade – a solid Spanish female name meaning “stone of the side.”
  53. Jan – an old-fashioned unisex variant of John, meaning “God is gracious.”
  54. Jane – a humble Hebrew name meaning “God is gracious.”
  55. Jen – an abbreviated version of Jennifer meaning “white shadow” or “white wave” in Welsh.
  56. Jo – is short for Josephine, meaning “God is gracious.”
  57. Joy – of Latin or English origin, meaning “happiness” or “great pleasure.”
  58. June – a Latin girl name representing “the goddess Juno” and “a calendar month.”
  59. Kaia – means “to rejoice” or “the sea” in Hawaiian, Scandinavian, and Latin.
  60. Kay – a pretty diminutive of Katherine, meaning “pure.”
  61. Kia – this ethnic option means “season’s beginning” in African.
  62. Kim – comes from Kimberly, meaning “Cyneburg’s meadow” or “gold” in British and Korean.
  63. Kira – a compelling Russian short girl name meaning “throne.”
  64. Kori – meaning “lamb,” this unisex option has a lovely adolescent feel.
  65. Lana – an English variant of Alana, meaning “rock” or “handsome.”
  66. Lani – a charming Hawaiian female name meaning “sky” or “heaven.”
  67. Lexi – a strong short girl name derived from Alexandra, meaning “defender.”
  68. Lia – a variant of Leah meaning “weary” in Italian or Russian.
  69. Lily – a feminine name meaning “flower” or “pure” in English or Latin.
  70. Lin – a cute version of Linda meaning “pretty” in Spanish, Portuguese, or Italian.
  71. Liv – a common nickname for Olivia, meaning “life” that has thrived beautifully on its own.
  72. Liz – a short variant of Elizabeth meaning “pledged to God” in Hebrew.
  73. Lua – this sparkling pick among short names for girls means “moon” in Portuguese.
  74. Luz – a well-known Spanish name meaning “light.”
  75. Lyla – an Arabic short girl name meaning night.
  76. Mae – a popular and dainty form of Margaret meaning “bitter” or “pearl.”
  77. Maya – a sweet multicultural favorite meaning “water,” pretty popular among short female names.
  78. Mel – a short girl name derived from Melanie, meaning “dark” or “black.”
  79. Mia – a frequently used Italian and Scandinavian option meaning “mine” or “bitter.”
  80. Mila – meaning “gracious” or “dear” this short girl’s name is easy and affectionate.
  81. Min – a peculiar Chinese name meaning “quick.”
  82. Neve – has a chilling charm with its Latin or Irish “snow” definition.
  83. Nia – of Swahili origin meaning “resolve” or “brilliance.”
  84. Noor – the prettiest Arabic name for your tiny star, meaning “light!”
  85. Nora – an illuminating choice of Irish or Greek origin meaning “light.”
  86. Nova – a modern short female name meaning “new” in Latin.
  87. Page – a French name meaning “page” or “attendant.”
  88. Pam – this sweet variant of the old-fashioned Pamela means “all honey” in English.
  89. Pia – a short female name full of Latin flair meaning “from Mount Olympus.”
  90. Rae – a spunky diminutive of Rachel, meaning “ewe” or “female sheep.”
  91. Reba – this rare Hebrew name means “fourth.”
  92. Reva – is a simple Hindi short name for girls meaning “rain.”
  93. Rhea – has a gentle nature with its “flowing stream” definition.
  94. Rory – a unisex Irish pick meaning “red king.”
  95. Roxy – is a catchy variant of Roxanne, meaning “dawn” in Persian.
  96. Ruby – this stunning Latin short girl name means “deep red precious stone.”
  97. Rue – a popular short name for girls meaning “herb” or “regret.”
  98. Ruth – is full of warmth with its Hebrew meaning of “compassionate friend.”
  99. Sage – this gorgeous herb name means “wise” in Latin.
  100. Shay – an Irish and Hebrew short female name meaning “stately” or “gift.”
  101. Sky – a charming pick for boys or girls meaning “cloud” or “sky” in Norse.”
  102. Sol – this fiery short girl’s name represents “sun” in Portuguese and Spanish.
  103. Tai – an adorable Chinese girl name meaning “great extreme.”
  104. Tea – a short Greek female name meaning “gift of God.”
  105. Tia – a Portuguese and Spanish girl name for “aunt.”
  106. Ula – has a dreamy, magical appeal, meaning “gem of the sea” in Celtic.
  107. Uma – belongs to the famous actress Uma Thurman meaning “light,” “peace,” or “nation.”
  108. Wren – this delicate English option means “small bird,” the cutest pick among short names for girls
  109. Zoe – a popular pick for short girl names, meaning “life” in Greek.
  110. Zuri – a gorgeous Swahili name meaning “beautiful.”

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