100+ Smart Baby Names for Bright Little Sparks

Discover the brightest of smart baby names, perfect for intellectual infants.

Have you got a smart cookie in the oven? Congratulations! Why not ignite that brilliant little mind by choosing one of these fantastic smart baby names to bestow upon them?

Our all-knowing name seekers have put together this comprehensive list of the smartest names that mean wisdom and intelligence, and we hope it inspires you when picking out a name for your own baby genius. Keep reading to uncover the wisest of names and learn all there is to know about their meanings, origins, and more…

34 Smart Baby Names for Genius Girls

Show off your daughter’s brains and beauty with one of these adorable names meaning wisdom for girls.

  1. Akilah – romantic and assertive, this gorgeous Arabic girl’s name is perfect for a “bright, intelligent” little girl.
  2. Alberta – the feminine form of Albert, with the smart meanings of “noble, bright.”
  3. Alfreda – a lesser-heard feminine variant of Alfred, meaning “wise elf counsel.”
  4. Alohi – a Hawaiian girl’s name meaning “shining, brilliant,” just like your daughter’s creative mind.
  5. Athena – an almighty name for an Olympian hero, after the Greek goddess of war and wisdom.
  6. Basira – the female variant of Basir, meaning “wise” in Arabic.
  7. Cassidy – taken from Irish, Cassidy means “clever” or “curly-haired.”
  8. Farzaneh – an enchanting Persian pick among names that mean “intelligent” for girls.
  9. Fukayna – meaning “wise, intelligent, clever,” this Arabic girl’s name is ideal for a little smarty-pants.
  10. Irfana – a feminine variant of Irfan, an Arabic name meaning “wisdom, awareness.”
  11. Ismene – we don’t know why this gorgeous Greek girl’s name meaning “knowledgeable,” isn’t more popular!
  12. Ji-Min (지민) – a popular Korean girl’s name with the virtuous meanings of “clever, wisdom, intellect.”
  13. Labiba – an enchanting Muslim girl’s name for a “wise, intelligent” little soul.
  14. Maanasi – a captivating Sanskrit pick among smart baby names, meaning “deeply intelligent.”
  15. Maiara – this elegant pick means “clever, intelligent girl” from the Tupi language of Brazil.
  16. Minerva – after the Roman goddess of wisdom, this witchy-sounding Latin girl’s name means “the mind, intellect.”
  17. Minnie – a cuter, less severe-sounding nickname for Minerva, great for a curious little “mind.”
  18. Monica – stemming from Latin, this friendly name means “advisor,” full of insight and intellect.
  19. Pallas – another name for the Greek goddess Athena, Pallas means “wisdom, youth.”
  20. Phoebe – meaning “bright,” this cheerful Greek mythological name is perfect for an intelligent spark.
  21. Prudence – a classic virtue name for a cautious, wise little teacher.
  22. Ramona – a romantic name for a “wise protector” warrior baby from Spanish.
  23. Rhetta – a unique, feminine form of the smart English masculine name Rhett.
  24. Snotra – perhaps not the sweetest-sounding, this Old Norse name means “clever” and belonged to the goddess of wisdom.
  25. Sobiesława – let your daughter have it all with this charming Slavic girl’s name meaning “wisdom, fame.”
  26. Sonya – a poetic Russian girl’s name meaning “wisdom,” with Sonja being another cute spelling to consider.
  27. Sophia – a popular variant of Sophie, also with the smarty-pants meaning of “wise.”
  28. Sophie – one of the most popular feminine names, this Greek-rooted pick means “wise.”
  29. Star – an ethereal word name for a bright little clever clog.
  30. Talibah – this Muslim name means “seeker of knowledge,” making it perfect for an inquisitive little girl.
  31. Ulwazi – a sweet African (Zulu) girl name meaning “knowledge.”
  32. Umnaya – a Russian name, given to describe a smart, sly girl who creatively seeks the best opportunities!
  33. Veda – meaning “knowledge, wisdom,” this Sanskrit name refers to the sacred texts in Hinduism.
  34. Zosia – meaning “wisdom,” this Polish female name comes from the same scholarly stem as Sophia.

54 Smart Baby Names for Brilliant Boys

Your son will be the brightest spark with one of these enlightening names meaning intelligence.

  1. Aatos – a Finnish male name meaning “thought, idea,” great for a bright-thinking baby.
  2. Albert – a Germanic male name for a regal chap who is “noble” and “bright.”
  3. Alder – a wise-sounding, nature-inspired British boy name after the type of tree believed to offer sacred protection.
  4. Aldo – a German name for an “old, wise” soul.
  5. Alfie – this cute nickname from Alfred has become a popular standalone name in recent years.
  6. Alfred – an old-fashioned name with Anglo-Saxon roots, meaning “wise elf counsel.”
  7. Alim – a short Quranic name for boys, with the mighty meanings of “learned, all-knowing.”
  8. Alvis – meaning “all-wise,” you can’t go wrong with this smart baby name from Old Norse.
  9. Apollo – a fantastic name for a little spaceman, after the Greek god of knowledge and music.
  10. Azio – this Italian name meaning “owl” would be great for a clever little know-it-all!
  11. Basir – a strong Islamic name meaning “wise” in Arabic.
  12. Bertie – a cutesy nickname derived from Albert, meaning “noble, bright.”
  13. Bertrand – meaning “bright shield,” this German name is great for a strong-headed warrior.
  14. Cato – a Latin-rooted boy name meaning “wise,” borne by many great figures in ancient Roman history.
  15. Clarence – meaning “bright, famous, illustrious,” Clarence would be great for a driven little overachiever.
  16. Cuthbert – a very old-sounding name for a little lad who is “bright and brilliant.”
  17. Danish – not just a Scandinavian language, but also a Persian male name meaning “knowledge.”
  18. Darwin – meaning “dear friend,” this noble name would be fantastically suited to an “evolving” little biologist!
  19. Einstein – after the German surname meaning “one stone,” ideally given to the famous German physicist.
  20. Eldridge – an English name best bestowed upon an “old, wise ruler.”
  21. Favian – a charming, handsome Latin name for a curious “man of wisdom.”
  22. Fikri – this Arabic male name meaning “thoughtful, intellectual” is one to ponder.
  23. Frode – meaning “clever, learned,” this Old Norse name sounds fit for a wise wizard.
  24. Gilbert – an old-fashioned pick among smart baby names, meaning “illustrious, famous, bright.”
  25. Herbert – meaning “bright warrior,” this confident name is full of clever warrior spirit.
  26. Hubert – a classically vintage pick among German boy names for a little genius with “bright, shining intellect.”
  27. Hugh – a well-to-do name for a British gentleman, meaning “soul, bright, intellect.”
  28. Hugo – a name climbing back up the popularity charts; Hugo means “mind, intellect.”
  29. Huub – a cutesy Dutch short form of Hubert, meaning “bright, shining intellect.”
  30. Irfan – a smart, slick Arabic choice among names that mean “wisdom, learning, awareness.”
  31. Jarbig – a unique Armenian pick among names that mean “smart, clever, able” for boys.
  32. Jeston – a rarely-heard Welsh name for a tuned-in, little “clever thinker.”
  33. Kavi – a Sanskrit name full of intellect, meaning “wise one, sage.”
  34. Kwang-Min (광민) – a smart Korean name for a bright baby, with meanings including “light, quick, and clever.”
  35. Lalama – not the funny farm animal, but a Hawaiian boy’s name meaning “clever, fearless.”
  36. Manish – a Hindu name meaning “God of the mind, intelligent,” combining wit and religion beautifully.
  37. Mimir – a unique name after the Norse god of wisdom, with Mim as a cute nickname.
  38. Newton – an Old English surname meaning “new town,” but a great pick for a curious little scientist.
  39. Odin – after the Norse god who presided over war and wisdom, this chaotic name means “frenzied.”
  40. Orlando – a sunny-sounding Italian variant of Roland, wisely meaning “counsel, advice, rule.”
  41. Preecha – a Thai male name meaning “wisdom, intelligence,” that’d suit a smart little “preacher” perfectly.
  42. Pricha – a spelling variant of Preecha, also meaning “clever.”
  43. Pwyll – meaning “wisdom,” this Welsh mythology name is hard to get your mouth around, pronounced, “poowysh.”
  44. Raymond – a vintage boy’s name meaning “wise protector.”
  45. Rhett – an English name meaning “advice, counsel,” you can rely on a Rhett to always do the right thing!
  46. Riordan – this romantic Irish name means “poet king,” great for a budding literary genius.
  47. Ronald – an old Scandinavian name, best given to a leader who provides the best “advice, counsel,” and “rule.”
  48. Satoshi – meaning “intelligence, wisdom,” this fun Japanese boy name gets top grades from us!
  49. Senan – a powerful Irish male name meaning “old and wise,” great for a baby born before his time.
  50. Sobiesław – an epic Slavic pick among names meaning “wisdom, fame.”
  51. Trí – a Vietnamese boy’s name meaning “wisdom,” perhaps best suited to a third child?
  52. Uche – a spiritual Nigerian (Igbo) name meaning “intention, mind, sense.”
  53. Vivek – a strong Sanskrit entry among smart names meaning “wisdom” for boys.
  54. Zeki – a cute alternative to Zeke, this Turkish boy’s name means “clever, intelligent.”

16 Gender-Neutral Smart Baby Names for Clever Cookies

Any clever little clog will sound brainy with one of these brilliant, unisex names that mean smart!

  1. Beren – a badass unisex name, meaning “smart, strong” in Turkish.
  2. Chatura – a cute, gender-neutral pick among names meaning “intelligent” in Sanskrit.
  3. Cliste – a Gaelic word meaning “clever” that would work as a cool name for a smart bean.
  4. Dara – a unisex name of various origins, meaning “pearl of wisdom” in Hebrew.
  5. Hikmat – after an Islamic term meaning “wisdom,” Hikmat is a noble and divine name for a baby.
  6. Jada – a Hebrew name for a baby who’s “all-knowing” and “wise.”
  7. Kelly – derived from an Irish surname, this sweet, unisex pick means “bright-headed warrior.”
  8. Mandeep – this enlightening Sanskrit name means “mind full of light” – perfect for a bright baby spark.
  9. Mǐn – a unisex Chinese name element meaning “clever, quick.”
  10. Ray – from Raymond, Ray means “wise protector,” a smart pick for a little beam of sunlight.
  11. Sage – a cool and herby name, also used for a “wise prophet.”
  12. Schlau – meaning “smart, cunning, crafty,” this German name is great for an intuitive little prankster.
  13. Shū-Huì – a Mandarin pick among names meaning “intelligent,” pronounced “shoo-whey.”
  14. Sia – a divine name after the Egyptian deification of perception and wisdom.
  15. Sothy – a Cambodian smart baby name for a little “scholar.”
  16. Wisdom – a unique, gender-neutral word name for a big thinker.

Smart Baby Names FAQs

What Name Means “Wise Protector?”

Raymond is a popular name meaning “wise protector,” with Orlando as a cool alternative for a boy, Ramona for a girl, or Ray as a sweet, gender-neutral option. If you want something a little different, consider the nature-inspired Alder instead or the tough, warrior-ready names Bertrand or Herbert.

What Are Some Good Science Baby Names?

Why not name your baby after your scientific hero? We think that Newton and Einstein make fantastic given names for budding scientists, and Darwin’s adorable meaning of “dear friend” makes a charming option, too!

Can I Name My Baby After a God or Goddess of Wisdom?

Yes! Plenty of beautiful names inspired by various mythologies would sound perfect when borne by your new little knowledge deity. Consider Mimir, Odin, or Apollo for your sons, or Athena, Snotra, Pallas, or Minerva for genius girls.

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