125 Cool Space Names For Boys And Girls: With Meanings

You’ll find these beautiful space names for kids out-of-this-world!

We have searched the galaxy to find the most extraordinary and unique space-related baby names, helping you find the perfect one for your son or daughter.

With intergalactic meanings, origins, and more to discover, you’re bound to find a cosmic fit for your new little star. After all, who said the sky had to be the limit?

125 Space Names For Kids That Are Out-Of-This-World

Read on to find a stellar space name that you’ll love to the moon and back.

Space Names For Girls

  1. Adhara – derived from Arabic, meaning “maidens,” Adhara is one of the brightest stars in the Canis Major constellation.
  2. Aditi – meaning “boundless” or “infinite” from Sanskrit, Aditi is the name of a Hindu goddess.
  3. Andromeda – meaning “ruler of men,” Andromeda is a constellation, galaxy, and mythological figure.
  4. Aquaria – a feminine form of Aquarius, a zodiac constellation meaning “water-carrier,” in Latin.
  5. Artemis – Artemis was the Greek goddess of the moon, a powerful space name for your little ruler.
  6. Astra – originating in Latin, Astra means “of the stars.”
  7. Astrid – star-like in sound, Astrid is a Scandinavian girl name, meaning “divine beauty.”
  8. Aurora – meaning “dawn” in Latin, an “aurora” is the magical light spectacle in the Earth’s sky.
  9. Ayla – a gorgeous Turkish name symbolizing the aura of light that shines around the moon.
  10. Aylin – a pretty Turkish female name, meaning “of the moon.”
  11. Callisto – a moon of Jupiter, meaning “most beautiful” in Greek.
  12. Celeste – an out-of-this-world Latin girl’s name meaning “celestial.”
  13. Chandrakanta – a gorgeous Hindi feminine name derived from Sanskrit, meaning “beloved by the moon.”
  14. Csilla – pronounced “CHEEL-la,” this pretty, feminine name comes from the Hungarian “csillag,” meaning “star.”
  15. Danica – in Slavic folklore, Danica is the personification of the morning star.
  16. Diana – an ancient Roman moon goddess whose name means “heavenly” or “divine.”
  17. Elara – meaning “spear,” Elara is a moon of Jupiter and a mythological Greek princess.
  18. Estella – a pretty form of the Latin Stella, meaning “star.”
  19. Esther – a Persian girl’s name offering loads of celestial charm, meaning “star.”
  20. Estrella – the Spanish word for “star,” Estrella would make an adorable girl’s name.
  21. Gaia – the name of the beautiful personification of the Earth in ancient Greek mythology.
  22. Galaxy – a rarely heard English name derived from the Greek “galaxias” for “milky.”
  23. Gemini – a constellation and zodiac sign, Gemini is Latin for “twins.”
  24. Halley – inspired by astronomer Edmond Halley, a namesake for Halley’s Comet, meaning “of the hall in the clearing.”
  25. Heaven – a gorgeous angelic choice for your new little cherub.
  26. Helene – a pretty Greek girl’s name meaning “light,” Helene is also one of Saturn’s moons.
  27. Helia – inspired by the Heliades or “daughters of the sun” in Greek mythology.
  28. Hoshi Japanese for “star,” Hoshi makes a sweet choice for a girl.
  29. Hoshiko – as if Hoshi wasn’t cute enough, Hoshiko means “star child.”
  30. Juno – belonging to various spacecraft after Juno, the Roman queen of the gods.
  31. Kalyke – is a moon of Jupiter, named after Calyce, a figure in Greek mythology.
  32. Larissa – a moon of Neptune and also a city in Greece.
  33. Luna – meaning “moon” in various languages, Luna was also a Roman moon goddess.
  34. Lyra – a constellation in the northern sky, said to resemble a lyre.
  35. Mahina – a lunar deity in Hawaiian mythology, “mahina” means “moon” in Hawaiian.
  36. Moon – dreamy and mysterious, Moon makes a pretty choice among space-themed names for girls.
  37. Neoma – derived from Greek, Neoma means “new moon.”
  38. Nevaeh – a popular modern choice, Nevaeh is the word “heaven” spelled backward.
  39. Nova – derived from the Latin for “new,” in astronomy, a “nova” is the phenomenon of a star suddenly increasing in brightness before fading.
  40. Nyx – the personification of nighttime in ancient Greek mythology.
  41. Ourania – meaning “heavenly,” Ourania was the ancient Greek goddess of astronomy.
  42. Portia – a Shakespearian name derived from the Latin for “pig,” Portia is also a Uranian moon.
  43. Rosalind – meaning “beautiful rose” in Latin and belonging to a Uranian moon, Rosalind offers many beautiful nicknames.
  44. Sanjna – the Hindu cloud goddess whose pretty name means “image” or “sign.”
  45. Saranyu – meaning “quick” in Sanskrit, Saranyu is another name for Sanjna, the Hindu cloud goddess.
  46. Selena – derived from Greek, this ethereal name means “moon.”
  47. Seren – pretty and fairy-like, this beautiful space name means “star” in Welsh.
  48. Sidra – an adorable Latin name meaning “like a star.”
  49. Soleil meaning “sun” in French, Soleil is a shining choice among astrology names.
  50. Star – a perfect choice for any ethereal baby girl!
  51. Starla – an invented name from “star,” like an astronomical alternative to Carla.
  52. Stella – arguably the most “stellar” of choices, as Stella means “star” in Latin.
  53. Stellaluna – an ethereal name combining the Latin Stella (“star”) and Luna (“moon”).
  54. Steren – meaning “star” in Cornish, Steren is very similar to its Welsh form, Seren.
  55. Sterre – a celestial Dutch girl’s name meaning “stars.”
  56. Tähti – a rare choice fit for a princess, meaning “star” in Finnish.
  57. Tara – meaning “star” in Sanskrit, Tara is also the name of a Hindu goddess.
  58. Urania – the Latinized name of a Greek goddess, meaning “heavenly.”
  59. Vanessa – a name created as a version of Esther, derived from the Persian for “star.”
  60. Vega – an Arabic feminine name meaning “swooping” and also a star in the Lyra constellation.
  61. Venera – a version of Venus, after the planet and Roman goddess, derived from the Latin for “love.”
  62. Venus – the name of a planet in our solar system, plus the Roman goddess of love.
  63. Yllita – a feminine form of Ylli, this sweet name is derived from “yll,” Albanian for “star.”
  64. Zvezda – in Slavic mythology, Zvezda (“star”) was the personification of Venus as the morning star.

Space Names For Boys

  1. Aero – a prefix meaning “of the ai,” and a cool choice among space names for boys.
  2. Apollo – spaceflight programs, a crater, asteroids, and the Greek god of sunlight all bearing this super-space-y name!
  3. Aries – with the fleecy meaning of “ram” in Latin, Aries is also a constellation and zodiac sign.
  4. Aruna – a Sanskrit name referring to the reddish-brown hue of the rising sun and a Hindu god.
  5. Astrophel – created by 16th-century poet Philip Sidney, Astrophel means “star lover” in Greek.
  6. Aten – a handsome name of Egyptian origin, meaning “sun disk.”
  7. Atlas – meaning “enduring,” Atlas was a Titan in Greek mythology, condemned to hold up the heavens forever.
  8. Buzz – a name fit for any spaceman, from Aldrin to Lightyear!
  9. Caelius – derived from the Latin “caelum,” Caelius means “heaven.”
  10. Castor – one of the mythological Gemini twins, whose stars shine in the Gemini constellation.
  11. Cosmo – a prefix related to the universe, Cosmo makes a cool space name and fun cocktail.
  12. Dievs – a supreme god in Baltic mythology and creator of the universe who ruled the skies.
  13. Draco meaning “dragon” in Latin, Draco is the name of a constellation and a dwarf galaxy.
  14. Galileo – meaning “from Galilee” – a region in Israel – belonging to Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei.
  15. Helios – in ancient Greek mythology, Helios was the deity and personification of the sun.
  16. Horus -an ancient Egyptian god of the sky, is a vast and powerful namesake.
  17. Jiemba – an indigenous Australian boy’s name meaning “star” or “laughing star.”
  18. Jupiter – the largest planet and Roman king of the gods, who governed the skies and thunder.
  19. Khonsu – meaning “traveler,” Khonsu was the ancient Egyptian god of the moon.
  20. Leo – meaning “lion” in Latin, Leo is a zodiac sign and constellation in the night sky.
  21. Lintang – a unique Indonesian name for boys, meaning “star.”
  22. Luan – meaning “moon” from Portuguese, Luan also means “lion” in Albanian.
  23. Máni – meaning “moon” in Norse mythology, Máni is the personification of the moon.
  24. Mars – the feisty name for the “red planet” and the mighty Roman god of war.
  25. Mercury – the metal, the planet, and the Roman god, this Latin-rooted name means “trader.”
  26. Namid – a dreamy choice from Native American origins, meaning “one who dances among stars.”
  27. Neptune – the Roman god of the sea and the name of a planet in our solar system.
  28. Nuada – a strong, legendary Irish male name meaning “the cloud maker.”
  29. Orion – a Greek mythological huntsman and a constellation that’s visible worldwide.
  30. Ouranos – the strong original root of Uranus, “ouranos” means “the heavens” in Greek.
  31. Perëndi – meaning “god” or “heavens,” in Albanian mythology, Perëndi was the God of the sky and thunder.
  32. Perun – meaning “thunder,” Perun is the Slavic god of stormy weather.
  33. Pluto – inspired by the dwarf planet, the Roman god of the underworld, and an animated dog.
  34. Pollux – with Castor, Pollux was one of the mythological Gemini twins.
  35. Ra – the sun god in ancient Egyptian religion, believed to have created the world.
  36. Saturn – the name of a planet and the Roman god of agriculture.
  37. Solaris – meaning “of the sun” in Latin, Solaris is a hot choice among space names.
  38. Tarak – derived from Sanskrit, Tarak means “star” and “protector.”
  39. Taurus – meaning “bull-like” in Latin, Taurus is also the name of a constellation and astrological sign.
  40. Titan – is the largest of Saturn’s moons and a powerful group of gods in Greek mythology.
  41. Uran – a translation of Uranus in various languages and a less anatomically-awkward name option.
  42. Ylli – a uniquely-spelled name derived from the Albanian “yll,” meaning “star.”
  43. Zeus – meaning “sky,” Zeus was the Greek king of the gods who ruled over the sky.
  44. Zodiac – this cool word for the belts in the heavens would make a standout name for a little boy.

Unisex Space Names

  1. Ariel – a moon of Uranus and a Disney mermaid, Ariel means “lion of God” in Hebrew.
  2. Aster meaning “star” in Greek, Aster belongs to a genus of star-shaped flowers.
  3. Cielo – the dreamy Spanish word for “sky.”
  4. Hesper – a cool, starry choice derived from the Greek “hesperos” meaning “evening.”
  5. Hōkū – an exotic find among star names, “hōkū” means “star” in Hawaiian.
  6. Izar – “Izar” means “star” in Basque, a gorgeously unique find for names inspired by space.
  7. Jaci – in Tupi-Guarani mythology, Jaci was the god of the moon.
  8. Khaos – this Greek-rooted name relates to the gaping abyss of the universe.
  9. Nox – the Latin word for “night,” holding all the vastness and wonder of the skies above.
  10. Polaris – the brightly-shining star almost directly above the North Pole.
  11. Qamar – an Arabic unisex name meaning “moon” or “moonlight.”
  12. Shashi – a sweet Indian unisex name, taken from Sanskrit to mean “moon.”
  13. Sky – a charming word that sums up the vast, beautiful expanse above us!
  14. Sol – meaning “sun” in Spanish, Sol is also a god in Roman and Germanic mythologies.
  15. Sunny – a space-inspired word name for a baby as cute as a warm summer’s day.
  16. Terra – the Latin word for “earth” makes a cool, natural, planetary name for a new baby.
  17. Vesper – with the cute Latin meaning of “evening star,” Vesper is also a cocktail.


What Names Mean “Stars?”

Star is a beautiful outer-space name, but many other choices exist, meaning “star.” Stella, Hoshi, Nova, and Estrella are sweet international female name options, while Izar, Ylli, and Taraq make handsome male choices.

What Are Some Cool Galaxy-Related Names?

You can’t go wrong with Galaxy as an awesome, galaxy-related space name. However, Draco and Andromeda are also galaxy-related, being the names of galaxies themselves.

What Name Means “Universe?”

Cosmo and Khaos are unique futuristic unisex names meaning “universe.” Khaos is Greek in origin and relates to the gaping abyss of the universe, while Cosmo is also a prefix used in English to mean “universe.”

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