105 Awesome Spanish Last Names: For Hispanic Heroes

These top Spanish last names are fabulous for any familia!

With their vibrant energy and rich cultural significance, it’s not hard to see why one would seek out the brightest Spanish last names to bestow upon their familia!

Recognized and admired worldwide, these gorgeous names carry the beauty of Hispanic culture and history, with a captivating tale to uncover behind each one.

To help you learn more about the fantastic world of Spanish surnames, we have compiled a list of the most iconic and popular ones for you to admire below. As you uncover their meanings and origins, you’ll be an expert in no time!

105 Top Traditional Spanish Last Names

These awesome Hispanic surnames are as vibrant and radiant as the Spanish sun!

  1. Alba – a Latin given name and surname meaning “white,” also “dawn” in Spanish.
  2. Alonso – a male given name and cool surname for a guy who’s “noble, ready.”
  3. Álvarez – a cute, magical surname for a “son of Álvaro.”
  4. Álvaro – also seen as a surname, this charming name means both “guardian” and “elf warrior.”
  5. Bello – the most lovely of Hispanic last names, meaning “beautiful.”
  6. Blanco – the Hispanic equivalent of the surname “White” is a crisp, pristine option.
  7. Bolívar – a wholesome yet mighty Basque name meaning “mill” and “riverbank.”
  8. Borbón – the most regal of names belonging to the Spanish royal family, derived from a French location.
  9. Bosque – meaning “forest, woodlands,” and the Spanish surname equivalent of Wood.
  10. Bueno – literally meaning “good,” this surname is radiant and angelic in nature.
  11. Burgos – named after a city in Spain, this is a common locational pick among Spanish family names.
  12. Caballero – meaning “knight,” Caballero comes shrouded in shining armor.
  13. Campo – meaning “field,” this vibrant surname may also be seen as Campos.
  14. Caro – a lovely as can-be surname for your “beloved.”
  15. Castillano – or Castilla, after a person from Spain’s medieval “castle” region.
  16. Castro – a famous surname for a person living near or in a “castle.”
  17. Catalán – traditionally indicating a person from the eastern Catalonia region of Spain.
  18. Cervantes – a famous pick among Spanish surnames for geniuses, meaning “servant” or “stag.”
  19. Chávez – derived from the “golden, blonde” Latin Flavius root, this pretty surname is radiant and stellar.
  20. Colón – a beautiful Spanish variant of the Italian Colombo, bearing the peaceful meaning of “dove.”
  21. Cortés – this beautiful surname can reflect a “courteous, polite” personality.
  22. Cruz – meaning “cross,” this name is sharp and spiritual all at once.
  23. De la Cruz – this cool Spanish surname means “of the cross.”
  24. De la Fuente – meaning “of the fountain,” this name has a rather romantic, serene ring to it.
  25. Delgado – meaning “slim,” a common choice among Spanish surnames derived from nicknames.
  26. De Sangre – a rather morbid pick for a family born “of blood.”
  27. Díaz – this popular “D” surname meaning “son of Diego” may be short, but it sure has a presence.
  28. Diego – a popular Spanish male given name that also works as a surname, originally a form of Santiago.
  29. Domingo – the Spanish word for “Sunday” is also a heavenly given name and surname, meaning “of the Lord.”
  30. Dominguez – traditionally used for a “son of Domingo.”
  31. Dos Santos – another divine choice among Spanish last names, meaning “of the saints.”
  32. Duerte – an Iberian surname for a “son of Eduardo.”
  33. Escarrá – or Esguerra, uniquely derived from the Basque “ezkerra,” meaning “left-handed.”
  34. Espinosa – meaning “thorny,” this fun name has some sharp, prickly connotations.
  35. Esteban – this surname and male given name is a Spanish form of Stephen, royally meaning “crown.”
  36. Estévez – a cute patronymic name for a “son of Esteban.”
  37. Evangelista – a long yet beautiful name meaning “evangelist.”
  38. Felipe – another surname that doubles as a male given name, this one for a “lover of horses.”
  39. Félix – a good-luck charm of a name, meaning “fortunate, lucky.”
  40. Fernández – meaning “son of Fernando,” great for a “brave traveler.”
  41. Figueroa – a Galician surname with the rich, earthy meaning of “fig tree.”
  42. Fonseca – a unique pick among Hispanic surnames, with the unusual meaning of “dry well.”
  43. Fontana – a romantic last name, capturing all the beauty and intricacy of a “fountain.”
  44. Gallego – a regional surname denoting a family from the Spanish region of Galicia.
  45. Gallo – totally separate from the surname Gaellgo, Gallo actually means “rooster.”
  46. García – an internationally-popular surname, most common in Spain, meaning “young” or “bear.”
  47. Gil – an international name of many origins, meaning “naïve” or “shield-bearer” in Spanish.
  48. Gómez – a common choice meaning “son of Gome,” rooted in a gothic name meaning “man.”
  49. González – another top choice in many Hispanic countries, meaning “son of Gonzalo,” a “noble warrior.”
  50. Guerra – the Spanish word for “war” makes a feisty surname for baby warriors.
  51. Gutiérrez – meaning “son of Gutierre,” the Spanish form of Walter, meaning “powerful army.”
  52. Guzmán – a cool name with gothic roots, after a town in Burgos.
  53. Hernández – means “son of Hernando” and is the most common among Mexican families.
  54. Herrera – a name fit for any blacksmith, meaning “iron works, iron mine.”
  55. Huerta – meaning “garden,” this green-fingered name radiates the joys of springtime.
  56. Iglesias – meaning “churches,” a more spiritual pick among Spanish family names.
  57. Jiménez – a cute, friendly surname meaning “son,” or “son of Jimeno.”
  58. Jorge – the Hispanic form of George, meaning “earthworker, farmer.”
  59. León – after a Spanish region, León means “lion” and “fierce, brave warrior” in Spanish.
  60. López – derived from the Latin “lupus,” López means “son of Lope,” a “wolf.”
  61. Marín – meaning “of the sea,” this Latino name oozes adventure and possibility.
  62. Martínez – a common choice for a “son of Martin.”
  63. Matalon – a rare entry among haughty last names that mean death, from the verb “matar,” meaning “to kill.”
  64. Méndez – a shorter and perhaps more frequently-heard variant of Menéndez.
  65. Mendoza – this Basque-rooted surname has the strength and might of a “mountain.”
  66. Menéndez – for a “son of Menendo,” this “great, immense” name has unique gothic roots.
  67. Molina – for a family living or working near a “mill.”
  68. Morales – the meaning of “mulberry, blackberry tree” gives this name the sweetest autumnal vibe.
  69. Moreno – this dreamy surname would suit a “brunette” or person with a darker complexion beautifully.
  70. Muñoz – a fun surname for a “son of Muño” and a medieval Spanish name of uncertain meaning.
  71. Navarro – a locational surname for a resident of Navarre in the Basque region of northern Spain.
  72. Núñez – a Spanish form of the Portuguese Nunes, meaning “son of Nuno” (“grandfather”).
  73. Ortega – meaning “nettle,” this prickly pick comes from various villages in Spain bearing this name.
  74. Ortiz – for a “son of Orti,” rooted in the Latin word “fortunius,” meaning “fortunate.”
  75. Pérez – a Spanish surname also hugely common in Israel, meaning “son of Peter.”
  76. Ramírez – meaning “son of Ramiro,” after the coolest Spanish given name for a “wise judge.”
  77. Ramos – after many Spanish towns of this name, Ramos means “branches” or perhaps “bouquets.”
  78. Reyes – a regal option for a family of noble “kings.”
  79. Rivera – a serene surname for a family residing near a “riverbank.”
  80. Rodríguez – meaning “son of Rodrigo,” after the Germanic-rooted, “rich in fame” name Roderick.
  81. Romero – traditionally denoting a Roman or Italian, Romero is a cool, multi-cultured pick among Hispanic surnames.
  82. Rubio – a famous pick among Spanish last names for “blonde, fair-haired” families.
  83. Ruiz – from the same stem as Rodrigo, Ruiz means “son of the famous ruler.”
  84. Sanchez – a devout pick for a baby “son of Sancho,” after a Latin-rooted name meaning “holy.”
  85. Santiago – a cool given name and surname, after various places in Spain with this name.
  86. Santos – a handsome Spanish and Portuguese surname meaning “saints,” perhaps also Santo or Dos Santos.
  87. Sanz – a short but fancy surname, perhaps a form of Sancho, meaning “holy.”
  88. Serrano – a very popular surname meaning “highlander” for the adventurous mountaineers out there.
  89. Silva – although more popular in Portuguese-speaking countries, this Latin-rooted surname means “forest.”
  90. Sosa – a Spanish form of the Portuguese surname Sousa, after the river whose name perhaps means “salty.”
  91. Suárez – a slick patronymic surname for a “son of Suero;” a heavy, powerful name indeed.
  92. Torres – meaning “towers,” this elevated name will certainly make you stand tall.
  93. Valiente – this “brave” surname is one to wear with pride.
  94. Vargas – a rugged-sounding Castillian surname meaning “slope, pasture.”
  95. Vásquez – or Vazquez, meaning “son of Vasco,” a Basque-rooted name of uncertain meaning.
  96. Vega – this surname meaning “meadow-dweller” sounds fit for a fairy.
  97. Vela – a cautious name for a “watchman,” also translates to “sail” in Spanish.
  98. Vicario – a Spanish word for “vicar” for a devout, spiritual family.
  99. Vicente – best suited to a winner, Vicente is a cool Hispanic name meaning “conqueror.”
  100. Vidal – rooted in the Latin name Vitalis, this name radiates “life and energy.”
  101. Villa – a cozy name choice meaning “town, dwelling.”
  102. Villalobos – this uncommon meaning of “wolf town” will have you howling at the moon!
  103. Villanueva – meaning “new settlement,” this one serves fresh, homey vibes.
  104. Villaverde – meaning “green settlement,” this Spanish place name sounds like the start of a fairytale.
  105. Zapatero – an occupational Spanish surname meaning “shoemaker.”

Spanish Last Names FAQs

What are the Most Common Spanish Last Names?

The top most common last names in Spain today are García, Fernández, González, Rodríguez, and López. In Mexico, it is Hernández that has the top spot.

What are Some Holy Spanish Last Names?

Many Spanish surnames have religious connotations. We like Sanz or Sanchez, with Santos or Dos Santos also having “saintly” meanings. Alternatively, Iglesias (“churces”) has a beautifully spiritual meaning, as does Vicario (“vicar”).

What Spanish Surnames Mean Powerful?

If you’re hunting for the most “powerful” of Spanish last names, we’d encourage you to check out Gutiérrez, Álvaro, or Alonso. Warrior names such as Guerra, León, Matalon and González all have feisty meanings to them, too.

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