100 Top Strong Baby Boy Names: for Little Legends

Bow down to these strong masculine boy names designed for the toughest warriors.

It’s humbling to be in the presence of such awesome and strong baby boy names!

Get ready to set your fierce little king up for success as we delve into the battle-ready world of these fantastic, strong names for boys. Only the most legendary little warrior will hold the power to bear one of these names – do you think your son is up for the challenge?

If he is, then keep reading, and learn about the most impressive strong male names, including all there is to know about their meanings, origins, and more.

100 Strong Baby Boy Names for Little Fighters

Strong in nature and spirit, these masculine boy names should be born by the finest fighters!

  1. Aaron – meaning “mountain of strength,” we can see why this Hebrew boy’s name is so popular.
  2. Adir – an all-mighty Hebrew name meaning “strong, majestic.”
  3. Aito – a unique Hawaiian male name with bite, meaning “warrior.”
  4. Alcaeus – a badass, know-it-all Latin name meaning “strength.”
  5. Alex – short yet popular and full of confidence, this unisex pick means “warrior” from Alexander.
  6. Alexander – meaning “defender of mankind,” this commonly-heard pick is a strong choice!
  7. Alkaios – a spelling variant of Alcaeus, meaning “strength,” derived from ancient Greek.
  8. Alvaro – meaning “protector of all,” Alvaro is a powerful Spanish boy’s name to live up to.
  9. Andrew – the hottest of strong names for boys, meaning “manly, brave, powerful.”
  10. Ari – meaning “lion” in Hebrew and “eagle” in Norse, this animal-inspired name is strong all-round.
  11. Armando – this Portuguese boy’s name means “soldier,” so is ready and raring to go.
  12. Arnold – meaning “eagle power,” this name will swoop into your hearts!
  13. Asem – meaning “savior, defender,” this Arabic boy’s name is full of bravery and strength.
  14. Asura – a darker pick among “powerful” boy names used for demons in Hindy mythology.
  15. Atlas – after a strong Titan from Greek mythology, with the powerful meaning of “enduring.”
  16. Azaziah – a romantic, biblical Hebrew name for a lad carrying the “strength of the Lord.”
  17. Baldwin – this Old German surname means “brave friend,” making a fantastically admirable given name.
  18. Batu – a Turkish word name meaning “prevailing, influential,” like the kind of strong guy you’d look up to.
  19. Beren – a cool, gender-neutral Turkish name for a kid who’s “smart” and “strong.”
  20. Bernard – meaning “hardy, bear-like,” this is an epic pick among Germanic strong baby boy names.
  21. Bidziil – a Native American (Navajo) male name, recognizing your son and that “he is strong.”
  22. Cathal – a romantic Irish male name for a chap who’s “strong in battle.”
  23. Cenric – a rare and unusual Old English name for a “bold ruler.”
  24. Chatzkel – meaning “God strengthens” and a Yiddish form of Ezekiel.
  25. Chidike – an African (Igbo) name meaning “God is strong or strength of God,” full of devotion and might.
  26. Claude – one interpretation of this Latin male name is “strong-willed,” although others argue it means “crippled.”
  27. Clovis – an unconventional French name meaning “renowned warrior.”
  28. Duncan – meaning “dark warrior,” this Scottish masculine name works for a strong, dark-haired guy.
  29. Ethan – a popular Hebrew name for a lad with “strong, solid” morals.
  30. Eyal – it may be short, but this Hebrew masculine name is full of “might.”
  31. Ezekiel – a romantic, biblical boy’s name meaning “God’s strength” in Hebrew.
  32. Ferdinand – a strong and assuring German name meaning “brave, bold voyager.”
  33. Fernando – a smart Spanish variant of the “bold” Ferdinand, great for ABBA fanatics.
  34. Gabriel – meaning “God is my strength,” this name is positively angelic.
  35. Gang – a Chinese boy name element meaning “hard, strong,” great for a tough guy.
  36. Gavril – a Slavic variant of Gabriel, meaning “God is my strength.”
  37. Gebhard – from Old High German, this vintage pick means “brave, hardy.”
  38. Gerald – similar to Gerard, this Germanic name means “rule of the spear.”
  39. Gerard – a Germanic male name with all the strength and sturdiness of a “spear.”
  40. Gerry – a shortened form of the “spear”-like the names Gerald or Gerard, also spelled Jerry.
  41. Gideon – a cool and rhythmic biblical name meaning “great warrior.”
  42. Hamza – meaning “strong, steadfast,” this Arabic name would be well-suited to an athlete.
  43. Harold – meaning “army ruler,” Harold exudes power and command.
  44. Hartmann – a German surname that’d make a badass masculine given name, meaning “strong man.”
  45. Harun – an Arabic variation of Aaron, meaning “mountain of strength.”
  46. Hero – none of these strong boy names are quite as “heroic” as Hero!
  47. Hlífar – meaning ” protector, army,” this Icelandic name has definitely got your back.
  48. Howard – meaning “brave heart,” this strong man’s name is noble and gracious.
  49. Humphrey – it may be uppity-sounding, but this English name has the loyal meaning of “peaceful warrior.”
  50. Ikaika – a non-traditional name meaning “strong” in Hawaiian.
  51. Jabbar – an Arabic word name with the all-powerful meanings of “giant” and “almighty.”
  52. Jango – a cool African boy name for Star Wars fans, meaning “brave warrior.”
  53. Jian – a Chinese name element meaning “strong, healthy.”
  54. Kaapro – a cool and devoted Finnish name, meaning “strong man of God.”
  55. Ken’ichi – or just Kenichi, a Japanese male name meaning “wise, strong, and healthy one.”
  56. Kenji – a Japanese name with meanings including “strong, healthy, wise.”
  57. Khaing – or Khine, both Burmese names meaning “strong, firm.”
  58. Koa – another unique Hawaiian name with the powerful meanings of “brave, bold.”
  59. Kuwat – a very uncommon name, said to mean “strong” in Javanese.
  60. Lenni – a cute pick for your new little cub, meaning “brave lion” in Finnish.
  61. Leo – a simple yet hardy option, short for longer “strong” names such as Leonard or Leopold.
  62. Leonard – meaning “brave lion,” Leonard would be perfect for the kid with the strongest roar.
  63. Leopold – a vintage German option among strong names for boys, meaning “bold, brave.”
  64. Louis – meaning “renowned warrior,” is another popular option among strong male names.
  65. Ludwig – a commanding entry for powerful boy names, meaning “famous in battle.”
  66. Magnus – one of the most majestic of strong boy names, meaning “great” in Latin.
  67. Mason – an occupational name after a stone mason, which is strong work indeed!
  68. Maynard – a firm Norman name meaning “hardy, strength.”
  69. Meinhard – a German spelling variation of the “hardy” name Maynard.
  70. Metin – a cool Turkish pick among powerful names for boys, meaning “strong.”
  71. Miles – a sweet Latin name meaning “soldier.”
  72. Mordecai – this badass option is incredibly tough-sounding, meaning “warrior” in Hebrew.
  73. Niall – a popular winner among Irish boy names, fit for a “champion.”
  74. Njål – a badass Viking variant of the popular Niall, meaning “champion.”
  75. Oz – a Hebrew nickname meaning “strength, courage,” and a great and powerful literary wizard!
  76. Perseus – a badass Greek mythological name for a strong little “destroyer.”
  77. Peter – this Greek-rooted male name means “rock” – a sturdy choice among popular middle names for boys.
  78. Philokrates – an unconventional Greek name, despite its cute “power of friendship” meaning.
  79. Qiang – a unisex Chinese name element meaning “strong.”
  80. Ranbir – meaning “brave warrior,” this strong Indian boy’s name will set your lad up for success.
  81. Ricardo – a cool Spanish or Portuguese variant of Richard, meaning “strong in rule.”
  82. Richard – a regal Old French pick among powerful male names, meaning “strong in rule.”
  83. Rico – another cute version of Richard, this one smart and continental-sounding.
  84. Sascha – a unique diminutive form of Alexander, meaning “defender of mankind.”
  85. Sendoa – a rare yet exotic-feeling Basque name meaning “strong.”
  86. Simba – a Swahili name meaning “lion” and “strength.”
  87. Sixten – this Old Swedish name meaning “stone of victory” demonstrates inner strength.
  88. Swithin – a saintly yet rare English name meaning “strong, quick.”
  89. Tank – a unique word name for a well-built baby you wouldn’t want to mess with.
  90. Thor – you can’t get more powerful than this “thunderous” Norse god name!
  91. Uzziah – a biblical Hebrew name meaning “strength of God,” with a unique spelling.
  92. Valentine – a romantic and saintly name for a baby born on Feb. 14, meaning “strong, healthy.”
  93. Valerius – rooted in Latin, Valerius is full of “strength, health.”
  94. Walenty – meaning “strong, healthy,” and a Polish variant of Valentine.
  95. Walter – meaning “army commander,” Walter is a strong title for a lad to behold.
  96. Wilhelm – a cool and virtuous Germanic name meaning “determined warrior.”
  97. Willihard – or Willard, both uber-masculine German names meaning “brave, hardy.”
  98. Wyatt – a slick, modern-sounding name for a strong warrior who’s “brave in battle.”
  99. Zeke – a smart, sassy short form of Ezekiel, meaning “God’s strength.”
  100. Zhirayr – a unique pick with a confusing spelling, said to mean “strong or active” in Armenian.

Strong Baby Boy Names FAQs

What Boy Names Mean “Brave?”

There are many gorgeous, strong boy names meaning “brave” such as Koa, Willihard, and Ranbir. If you like lions, you’ll love the brave, fighter spirit names Leonard and Leopold and their adorable nicknames Leo and Lenni.

What is a Strong Warrior Name for a Boy?

If you want to recognize your son’s warrior spirit, consider strong boy names such as Gideon, Duncan, Ranbir, or Humphrey. Louis and Alex are popular “warrior” names, while Jango and Mordecai are more unique options.

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