100 Top Strong Baby Girl Names: For Beautiful Badasses

Only the feistiest of strong girl names are listed here, perfect for fearless warriors!

Instill the power of virtue and might in your daughter’s life by choosing from these incredibly strong baby girl names.

By selecting one of our carefully curated tough girl names, you’ll set your baby princess up for a lifetime of bravery, resilience, and grit – all fantastic virtues for a little girl. Whether she’s a warrior, a leader, or a queen, we’re sure she’ll go on to achieve all the greatness in the world.

So, keep reading, and let these fearless, strong girl names speak for themselves…

100 Strong Girl Names for Fearless Females

Give your little girl a head start with one of these inspiring and powerful girl names.

  1. Adira – a romantic Hebrew pick among girl names meaning “strong.”
  2. Agrona – meaning “battle,” this fierce Celtic girl’s name is full of tough-gal power.
  3. Aila -as a Scottish female name, the unique Aila means “from the strong place.”
  4. Alala – an ancient Greek girl’s name meaning “battle cry” for the most triumphant of baby winners.
  5. Alessia – from the same stem as Alexandra, perfect for a feminine little “defender.”
  6. Alexandra – meaning “defender of man,” a popular pick among strong baby girl names.
  7. Alexis – a cool, fresh take on Alexandra, yet with that same resilient meaning.
  8. Aloisia – meaning “warrior,” this German option is one of the most beautiful tough girl names.
  9. Aluma – from Hebrew, this medieval name means “strong, brave.”
  10. Ama – a short Navajo pick meaning “she returns from battle,” perfect for a feisty survivor.
  11. Andrea – a feminine form of Andrew, for a girl who’s “strong” and “brave.”
  12. Artemis – a badass pick among mythological tough girl names, after the Greek goddess of the moon and the hunt.
  13. Athena – mighty and majestic, the Greek war and wisdom goddess is a great namesake for a girl.
  14. Audrey – an Old English girl’s name meaning “noble strength.”
  15. Baldey – meaning “strong island” in Icelandic, Baldey sounds like it would mean “hairless” in English!
  16. Bellicent – a unique Arthurian spin on Millicent, meaning “proper strength, power.”
  17. Beren – this pretty Turkish girl name is a unique pick among “smart, strong” baby girl names.
  18. Bernadette – a German name with bite, meaning “strong as a bear.”
  19. Bertha – a powerful Germanic name for a girl, with the radiant definition of “bright one.”
  20. Birget – a fun Viking variation of Bridget.
  21. Bree – whether it’s a form of Brígh or short for Gabriella, this cute girl’s name is powerfully meaningful.
  22. Brianne – or Brianna, both melodic choices among Celtic female warrior names meaning “strong, noble.”
  23. Bridget – a Gaelic-rooted pick among tough girl names, meaning “power, exalted, strength, virtue.”
  24. Bridie – a cute and chirpy Celtic pick for a “strong, exalted” girl destined for greatness.
  25. Brielle – a luminous and romantic French name meaning “God is my strength.”
  26. Brígh – a pretty yet unusual Gaelic option meaning “power, virtue,” just like Bridget.
  27. Bronisława – a great Slavic warrior name for a feisty little “protector of glory.”
  28. Bryndis – a glorious Scandinavian name for an “armored goddess” ready for battle.
  29. Caroline – with the liberating meanings of “strong, free,” this warrior girl’s name is full of possibility.
  30. Chasina – a unique Aramaic name meaning “strong, mighty.”
  31. Chike – a spiritual pick among strong African girl names, meaning “God of strength” in Igbo.
  32. Diana – full of strength, grace, and power, Diana was the Roman goddess of the hunt, meaning “divine.”
  33. Elfriede – a name from the Middle Ages; Elfriede means “elf strength,” full of power and whimsy.
  34. Elizabeth – one of the most queenly and elegant of strong female names, meaning “God is my oath.”
  35. Enni – this dainty Finnish girl’s name holds power and strength, meaning “she who fights with a sword.”
  36. Erika – or Erica, meaning “eternal ruler” – you won’t want to mess with this little lass!
  37. Ermentrude – a solid Germanic name for a tough girl, meaning “universal strength.”
  38. Etheldred – from the same root as Audrey, this medieval name means “noble strength.”
  39. Faith – a beautiful and divine virtue name for a baby with the strength to believe.
  40. Freja – or Freya, this all-powerful Norse goddess name means “lady.”
  41. Fuerte – the Spanish for “strong” is a very rare girl’s name, but it could work perfectly.
  42. Gabriella – meaning “God is my strength,” a divinely spiritual pick among biblical girl names.
  43. Geesi – a Somali name for a “courageous, brave hero.”
  44. Generys – a rare Welsh female name for a strong “girl hero.”
  45. Gertrude – meaning “strong spear,” Gertrude is among the more vintage of female warrior names.
  46. Gordia – meaning “good leader,” this Persian girl’s name has strong virtues behind it.
  47. Hedda – a war-ready pick among Scandinavian “female warrior” names.
  48. Hera meaning queen, this ultimate Greek goddess name is full of strength and roar.
  49. Hermine – a great Germanic “soldier” name for a girl.
  50. Hilma – meaning “determined warrior,” this German name is full of grit.
  51. Hiltrud – a firm, Old German name meaning “strong in battle.”
  52. Imara – an exotic Swahili girl’s name meaning “strong, brave.”
  53. Inga – a Norse name designed to be born by only the strongest “hero’s daughter.”
  54. Iphigeneia – a standout “I” name from Greek mythology, meaning “strong-born.”
  55. Ísveig – meaning “ice power” in Icelandic, great for a girl whose strength is inspired by winter.
  56. Kana – a Japanese girl’s name element meaning “powerful,” and a Hawaiian demigod.
  57. Khaing – a unique Burmese pick among “strong” baby girl names.
  58. Kinga – a Slavic feminine name meaning “brave,” which is a fantastic quality of strength to possess.
  59. Louise – an ever-popular English girl’s name meaning “renowned warrior.”
  60. Lovise – this tough “female warrior” name makes a unique alternative to Louise.
  61. Lulu – a cute and fluffy nickname for Louise, meaning “renowned warrior.”
  62. Maajida – an enchanting Muslim girl’s name meaning “powerful.”
  63. Magnhild – meaning “powerful in battle,” you know, any girl named Magnhild will be just fine!
  64. Mallt – a unique Welsh variant of Maud, meaning “strong in battle.”
  65. Matilda – meaning “strong in battle,” Matilda is a great literary pick among tough girl names.
  66. Mattie – a short form of Matilda, borne by the tough girl character in the powerful novel True Grit.
  67. Maud – a medieval version of Matilda that sounds even more aggressive and tough!
  68. Meja – in Old Norse, Meja holds the badass meaning of “power, strength.”
  69. Mélisande – romantic and continental, Mélisande is the French variant of Millicent.
  70. Mildred – meaning “gentle strength,” this Old English name is gorgeously humble.
  71. Millicent – meaning “hardworking, industrious,” this English name gives a girl the strength to go far.
  72. Millie – an adorable nickname from Millicent, making a pretty standalone name.
  73. Myla – a friendly yet feisty girl’s name meaning “soldier” and “merciful.”
  74. Neasa – a mythological Celtic name meaning “not gentle” for a driven gal who knows what she wants.
  75. Nerthus – a mythical Germanic name meaning “strong, healthy.”
  76. Nimerah – designed for a “tigress,” this Arabic name also means “beauty, strength, power.”
  77. Ola – a pretty Polish short form of Alexandra, meaning “defender of man.”
  78. Philomena – a bold Greek girl’s name meaning “friend of strength.”
  79. Qadira – a pretty Arabic name meaning “capable, powerful.”
  80. Reign – an effortlessly strong word name for a queen, radiating all the power to rule.
  81. Rhona – a smart Gaelic pick among names meaning “power” for girls.
  82. Ronalda – the feminine form of Ronald, with the strong, sage meaning of “wise ruler.”
  83. Roswitha – an Old German name meaning “strong fame.”
  84. Sandy – beachy and cool, yet also from the tough Alexandra stem, meaning “defender of man.”
  85. Shakti – a Hindu girl’s name meaning “power” in Sanskrit.
  86. Solveig – an Old Norse name perhaps meaning “strength of the sun,” great for a summer-born baby.
  87. Thrud – a Norse goddess name and a unique pick among names meaning “strong” for girls.
  88. Treasa – from Irish, the unique Treasa means “strength.”
  89. Trudi – a cute standalone girl’s name beginning with the letter T and is derived from a nickname for Gertrude, Ermentrude, and other impressive names.
  90. Tyra – you won’t want to mess with the stubborn Tyra, meaning “thunder warrior” in Norse.
  91. Valencia – a hot Spanish locational name, also meaning “strength, vigor” in Latin.
  92. Valentina – meaning “healthy, strong,” Valentina would be an adorable option for a February-born baby.
  93. Valerie – a Latin female name for a “strong, healthy, brave” little daughter.
  94. Valeska – another great Slavic pick among girl names meaning “strength.”
  95. Veronica – meaning “she who brings victory,” Veronica is a lovely Latin name for a successful daughter.
  96. Warrior – this non-conventional word was chosen as a middle name by Bindi Irwin for her daughter.
  97. Wei – a unisex Chinese name element with possible meanings including “power.”
  98. Wilhelmine – meaning “determined warrior,” perfect for a baby full of unwavering strength.
  99. Willa – a pretty and woody girl’s name beginning with W that means “strong-willed, resolute protection.”
  100. Zaila – an Arabic girl’s name that exudes “might, power.”

Strong Baby Girl Names FAQs

What Girl Name Means “God’s Strength”?

If you’re looking to bring the majesty of divine power into your daughter’s life, consider strong, spiritual names such as Gabriella (God is my strength), Chike (God of strength), or Elizabeth (God is my oath).

What are Some Brave Names for a Girl?

If you’re looking for tough girl names meaning “strong” and “brave,” you could consider Valerie, Kinga, Aluma, or Imara. Geesi is a fantastically unique option, too, from Somalia.

What Name Means “Warrior” for a Girl?

Louise is one of the most popular girl names meaning “ warrior,” and we also love the badass flair of Hedda, Hilma, and Tyra. You could simply pick Warrior itself as an inspired choice for a tough girl!

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