105 Cool Swedish Boy Names: With Meanings

These Swedish boy names are great for any Scandinavian prince!

Finding the right name that perfectly captures your son’s unique Scandinavian spirit and heritage can be tricky!

So, we have gathered some of the best Swedish boy names for you here, including the meanings of the most popular names and some unique ideas you may have never thought of before.

105 Strong Swedish Boy Names

Read on to find the most suitable name for your new little legend.

  1. Åke – a short, loyal name meaning “ancestry.”
  2. Alma – a unisex name with the gentle meanings of “loving and nourishing.”
  3. Alva – meaning “elf,” Alva is cute and inquisitive.
  4. Alvar – meaning “elf warrior,” Alvar is not one to be underestimated!
  5. Arvid – exciting and inspiring, Arvid means “forest of eagles.”
  6. Axel – meaning “father of peace,” Axel is simultaneously fiery and loving.
  7. Baldur – a radiant name and the Norse god of light, meaning “prince.”
  8. Bengt – a stylish Swedish form of Benedict, meaning “blessed.”
  9. Bertil – a radiant Germanic male name meaning “bright.”
  10. Birger – meaning “helper,” perfect for an attentive little lad.
  11. Björn meaning bear, Björn is a fuzzy choice for your new gorgeous cub.
  12. Bo – meaning “to live, reside,” Bo is a vibrant choice for a lad.
  13. Börje – a nickname for names beginning with the “Birg-” element, meaning “helper.”
  14. Bosse – a Swedish male name and surname with the vibrant meaning of “to live.”
  15. Botvid – a Swedish male name of unknown meaning, Saint Botvid was an 11th-century missionary.
  16. Bror – tough as a bear, with the loving meaning of “brother.”
  17. Casper – meaning “treasurer,” Casper is a shiny name to behold.
  18. Claes – a fun variation of Nicholas, Claes triumphantly means “victory of the people.”
  19. Dag – from the Old Norse “dagr,” Dag has the illuminating meaning of “day.”
  20. Ebbe – a short, cool, popular Swedish men’s name meaning “strength.”
  21. Edvard – a Scandinavian form of Edward, this Swedish male name means “wealthy guard.”
  22. Edvin – meaning “rich friend,” Edvin is everything you’d want to be.
  23. Elias – a form of the classic Hebrew Elijah, meaning “God is my Lord.”
  24. Elof – meaning “heir forever,” Elof is a touching tribute to bless upon a son.
  25. Enar – meaning “lone warrior,” Enar is a Swedish male name for true heroes.
  26. Enok – a form of the Hebrew Enoch, meaning “dedicated and faithful.”
  27. Erik – a popular and stylish choice among Swedish boy names, meaning “eternal ruler.”
  28. Evald – a Germanic name meaning “powerful” and “law.”
  29. Evert – a Swedish boy name with the feisty meaning of “brave boar.”
  30. Finn – from Old Norse, Finn refers to a person from Finland.
  31. Folke – from the same Norse stem as “folk” (“people”), this cool name means “chief.”
  32. Fredrik – soft yet underestimated, Fredrik means “peaceful ruler.”
  33. Frej – meaning “lord,” Frej is a Swedish form of Freyr, the name of a Nordic god.
  34. Fritiof – an amusing option for Swedish names for boys, meaning “thief of peace.”
  35. Göran – a medieval Swedish form of George, with the rugged meaning of “farmer.”
  36. Gösta – a Swedish form of Gustav, Gösta means “royal staff.”
  37. Gottfrid – like the English Godfrey, Gottfrid is a Swedish pick meaning “peace of God.”
  38. Gry – a short, unique name to welcome the day’s first light, meaning “dawn.”
  39. Gunnar meaning fighter, Gunnar is trendy, confident, and feisty!
  40. Gustav – meaning “royal staff,” Gustav is commanding and cool.
  41. Hampus – a cutesy diminutive of Hans, Hampus means “God is gracious.”
  42. Hans – from the same stem as John, Hans holds the spiritual meaning of “God is gracious.”
  43. Helge – meaning “productive” or “holy,” Helge is full of wisdom and grace.
  44. Hjalmar – a legendary Swedish soldier, derived from the Old Norse name Hjálmarr, meaning “helmeted warrior.”
  45. Holger – from Old Norse, Holger is a stylish, masculine pick meaning “spear of the island.”
  46. Inge – a name belonging to the god Ing, meaning “lord or ancestor.”
  47. Ingmar – a cool choice, meaning “famous God.”
  48. Ingvar – the powerful Norse god of peace, whose name means “warrior.”
  49. Ivar – this name hits the target with the adventurous meaning of “archer.”
  50. Jacob – a Hebrew-derived boy’s name meaning “supplanter,” popular worldwide.
  51. Janne – an unusual form of Johannes, meaning “God is gracious.”
  52. Jarl – a Jarl is a Swedish nobleman, making it a majestic name for a little lord.
  53. Jörgen – from the same root as George, meaning “farmer.”
  54. Juni – meaning “June,” Juni would be great for a summertime baby.
  55. Kalle – from the same stem as Charles, Kalle means “free man.”
  56. Kåre – a sweet name with the unique, unusual meaning of “curved.”
  57. Kettil – an unusual name meaning “kettle” – a perfect choice for tea-lovers!
  58. Kjell – a version of Kettil, Kjell has a modern-looking spelling and a cool pronunciation of “SHEHL!”
  59. Klas – a cool nickname form of Nicholas, meaning “victory of the people.”
  60. Knut – an unusual but cool choice with the sturdy meaning of “knot.”
  61. Kristofer – a form of the traditional Greek Christopher, meaning “bearer of Christ.”
  62. Leif – a beautiful natural-sounding name meaning “heir,” Leif is adorable for your new descendant.
  63. Liam – an Irish boy’s name meaning “resolute protection,” Liam is popular internationally.
  64. Linus – meaning “flax” or “blonde,” Linus is derived from ancient Greek mythology.
  65. Lucas – meaning “bringer of light,” this Latin-rooted boy name is popular in Sweden.
  66. Ludvig – regal and bold, Ludvig stands tall and proud with the meaning of “famous warrior.”
  67. Måns – meaning “great,” this is a stylish first or middle Swedish boy name.
  68. Mauritz – an edgy Swedish boy name meaning “Moorish or dark.”
  69. Melker – a Swedish form of the radiant Hebrew Melchior, meaning “king of light.”
  70. Niklas – a Swedish version of Nicholas, meaning “victory of the people.”
  71. Nils – powerful and pure, Nils means “people of victory.”
  72. Noah – meaning “rest” in Hebrew, this biblical male name is popular worldwide.
  73. Noak – a Swedish form of the popular Noah, meaning “rest.”
  74. Odin – meaning “frenzied or raging,” Odin is a delightfully chaotic and powerful Norse god name.
  75. Olaf – a regal-borne, typical Scandinavian name meaning “descendant of ancestors.”
  76. Örjan – a medieval Swedish male name and form of George, meaning “farmer.”
  77. Orvar – this cool Old Norse name meaning “arrow” certainly hits the mark!
  78. Oscar – a popular name in Sweden, derived from Gaelic and means “friend to deer.”
  79. Otto – a sophisticated German name meaning “fortune” and “prosperity.”
  80. Ove – nobody wants to mess with a kid whose name means “full of terror!”
  81. Pär – an undeniably short-yet-sweet Swedish form of Peter, meaning “stone.”
  82. Peder – another Swedish version of the traditional Peter, meaning “stone.”
  83. Pelle – a sweet nickname for Pär and other Scandinavian forms of Peter, Pelle means “stone.”
  84. Petter – another Swedish take on Peter, meaning “stone.” Is Petter better? You decide.
  85. Rasmus – from the Greek Erasmus, meaning “beloved,” Rasmus is a charming baby boy name.
  86. Sami – a noble name relating to the Sámi people of Scandinavia.
  87. Sigfrid – meaning “victory or peace,” Sigfrid is soft and charming.
  88. Sixten – not a number, but an Old Swedish name meaning “stone of victory.”
  89. Sören – derived from the Latin “severus,” meaning “severe or serious.”
  90. Stefan – one of the best-recognized forms of the Greek Stephanos, meaning “crown.”
  91. Sten – the Swedish word for “stone,” Sten is a unique alternative to Peter.
  92. Stig – a cool, popular choice for an explorer, meaning “pathway” or “wanderer.”
  93. Svante – a stylish Swedish name for boys, meaning “blessed people.”
  94. Sven – a royally-borne Scandinavian name meaning “boy.”
  95. Tage – a popular choice among Swedish male names, meaning “to take or capture.”
  96. Thaddeus – meaning “courageous heart” from Greek, Thad makes a great nickname for a brave boy.
  97. Thor – meaning “thunder,” Thor was an almighty Norse god.
  98. Torbjörn – a powerfully epic and traditional Swedish name for boys, meaning “thunder.”
  99. Tore – derived from Old Norse, Tore has the most awesome meaning of “thunder warrior.”
  100. Torgny – meaning “the roar of Thor,” Torgny is loud and fierce!
  101. Torvald – an ancient name derived from Old Norse, meaning “Thor’s ruler.”
  102. Ulf – a rugged, animal-inspired Old Norse name meaning wolf.
  103. Vide – an earthy Swedish male name meaning “willow tree.”
  104. Viking – powerful and strong, an ideal word name for a Swedish American.
  105. Yngvi – an older name for the Norse God Freyr, meaning “lord.”


What’s a Popular Swedish Name for Boys?

In Sweden, international male names such as Oscar, Noah, and Liam are consistently popular. Popular Swedish names for boys include the awesome Ebbe, Erik, and Tage.

What’s a Good Viking Name for a Boy?

If you’re looking to name your little Viking, our top picks of Swedish boy names include Sixten, Örjan, and Stig. You could also opt for Viking as an almighty name choice for a boy!

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