103 Popular Thai Boy Names: With Meanings

See how these popular Thai boy names are as stunning as the beaches.

It can be challenging to pick the best name for your little one, so we’ve put together a list of popular Thai boy names to make things easier.

After much research, we’ve found Thai names for boys that are ethnic, encouraging, and truly unique. You’ll discover where these traditional Thai male names originated, some mythological history, and more!

Don’t delay finding the most meaningful and unique Thai name for your baby boy.

103 Popular Thai Boy Names

Sift through these popular Thai boy names to see their funny meanings and more.

  1. Abhisit – a charming Thai word for “privilege.”
  2. Aisoon – meaning “the greatest one,” this Thai boy’s name gives high regard to your little one.
  3. Annop – a refreshing option, meaning “sea.”
  4. Anuman – a Thai male name displaying transparency with its “impatient” meaning.
  5. Anurak – in Thai mythology, Anurak has the heavenly meaning of “angel.”
  6. Aran – a biblical boy’s name meaning “forest” or “goat” in Hebrew and Thai.
  7. Arkhom – a whimsical name meaning “magic.”
  8. Aroon – meaning “dawn,” Aroon beautifully symbolizes a new day.
  9. Arthit – a warm Thai name meaning “of the sun.”
  10. Asnee – a striking Thai name for boys, meaning lightning.
  11. Athin – meaning “ambitious” or “hardworking,” Athin is a motivating option.
  12. Atid – a glowing name for “sun” in Thai.
  13. A-wut – has brawn and fighting power with its “weapon” definition.
  14. Badin – takes a seat on the throne with its “king” meaning.
  15. Banyat – a sophisticated name meaning “law.”
  16. Benz – a gracious and spiritual Thai male name meaning “blessed.”
  17. Boon-mee – meaning “lucky,” Boon-mee represents good fortune.
  18. Boon-nam – encourages success and positivity with its “prosperous” meaning.
  19. Chai – an energy-filled choice among Thai boy names, meaning “lively.”
  20. Chaisai – meaning “winner,” Chaisai symbolizes a champion.
  21. Chai Son – a boisterous choice meaning “mischievous boy” in Thai.
  22. Chaiya – offers a sense of accomplishment with its “victory” definition.
  23. Chakan – focuses on wellness with the meaning “healthy body.”
  24. Chakrii – is an authoritative Thai name for boys meaning king.
  25. Chalerm – the perfect commemorative option for your boy, meaning “celebrated.”
  26. Channarong – meaning “experienced warrior,” Channarong exudes strength and wisdom.
  27. Chao Fah – feels luxurious with its “prince” meaning.
  28. Chaow – highlights wit and brilliance with its meaning “quick mind.”
  29. Chatchom – an adorable and heartfelt pick, meaning “praiseworthy.”
  30. Chatri – honors a strong fighter with its “brave knight” definition.
  31. Chet – a masculine Thai male name meaning “brother.”
  32. Chongrak – known as “faithful,” Chongrak represents spirituality.
  33. Daw – offers a wondrous sparkly feel with its “beautiful stars” meaning.
  34. Decha – means “powerful,” which reflects courage and might.
  35. Direk – is the Thai version of Derek, meaning “smart ruler” or people’s ruler.”
  36. Jirayu – meaning “long life” in Sanskrit, Jirayu represents wisdom.
  37. Kamnan – makes a noble option among Thai names for boys, meaning “brave leader.”
  38. Kasem – a stunning Thai boy name meaning “happiness.”
  39. Kasemchai – meaning “celebration,” Kasemchai emphasizes a joyous occasion.
  40. Khemkhaeng – a lengthy Thai male name meaning “a strong man.”
  41. Kiet – meaning “honorable,” Kiet is a gorgeous, sincere choice.
  42. Kittisak – with meanings like “renowned” or “powerful,” Kittisak is a Thai male name worth recognizing.
  43. Klaew Kla – delightfully means “brave boy.”
  44. Kob Chai – openly expresses gratitude with its meaning, “thankful.”
  45. Kongphop – a lavish choice with its “famous” definition.
  46. Kovit – this Thai word for “expert” represents confidence.
  47. Kraisee – has a fierce and kingly presence with its meaning of “lion.”
  48. Krid – a brilliant Thai boy name meaning “ingenious.”
  49. Kukrit – meaning “great power” or “authority,” Kukrit takes on a masculine role.
  50. Lamon – has a delicate nature with its “gentle” meaning.
  51. Lek – a popular Thai nickname meaning “small.”
  52. Mee Noi – is a wholesome and protective name, perfect for nature-lovers, meaning “little bear.”
  53. Mongkut – an authentic Thai name meaning “crown.”
  54. Nakhun – a modern and inspiring Thai name for “kindness.”
  55. Namo – is a cheerful name meaning “an introductory Hindu greeting.”
  56. Narong – boldly means “a brave fighter.”
  57. Navin – stands for “new” or “novel” in Hindu and means “sailor” in Thai.
  58. Niran – meaning “eternal,” Niran reflects an undying love.
  59. Paithoon – is a unisex Thai name meaning “cat’s eyes.”
  60. Pakorn – means “story,” which symbolizes the journey of life.
  61. Panit – showcases affection with its “beloved boy” definition.
  62. Phichit – richly means “prosperous male” or “a winner.”
  63. Phoom – meaning “the Earth,” Phoom symbolizes our existence.
  64. Piyabutr – is a prideful option for daddy’s little boy, meaning “father’s son.”
  65. Pravat – this Thai male name is unforgettable, meaning “history.”
  66. Preed – is the happy and lively Thai name for “joyful.”
  67. Prem – meaning “contentment,” Prem offers a sense of peace and satisfaction.
  68. Pricha – means “clever,” which symbolizes a sharp mind.
  69. Punyaa – shows your little guy’s intellectual side with its “smart boy” meaning.
  70. Ram – is a riveting choice with the Thai meaning, “loud thunder.”
  71. Rama – has a rich royal appeal with the meaning “king.”
  72. Ritthirong – is a traditional Thai name for boys meaning “good fighter.”
  73. Ruang Rit – stands its ground with its fearless meaning of “mighty.”
  74. Rune – is a vibrant expression of joy, meaning “happy boy.”
  75. Sakda – represents dominance and masculine strength with its “power” meaning.
  76. Saksit – meaning “sacred,” Saksit solidifies itself as holy.
  77. Si Fah – has a boyish charm with its Thai meaning of “blue.”
  78. Sirichai – is a celebratory choice as it means “winner.”
  79. Sittichai – meaning “success,” Sittichai could perfectly capture your son’s significant accomplishments.
  80. Somchai – labeled as “a real man” – a gracious compliment to your little man in the making.
  81. Somchair – this spunky Thai boy name means a “macho man.”
  82. Som Phon – exudes gratitude with its “blessing” definition.
  83. Somsak – an eye-opening name of strength meaning “worthy of honor.”
  84. Sud – a bold, animalistic choice, representing a “tiger.”
  85. Sumate – a beautiful Thai male name meaning “an intelligent boy.”
  86. Sunan – meaning “word of goodness,” Sunan symbolizes an angelic spirit.
  87. Tanawat – a stunning nod to wisdom meaning “a knowledgeable boy.”
  88. Tanet – speaks prosperity over your baby with its “rich man” definition.
  89. Tawin – embraces the beauty of youth with its “innocent” meaning.
  90. Thahan – meaning “soldier,” Thahan is an honorable and courageous name for your little hero.
  91. Thaksin – a prideful option, meaning “a boy from the south” in Thai.
  92. Thanin – an extravagant choice among our beautiful Thai boy names, meaning “big city.”
  93. Thanwa – might give you the festive vibe with its “December” meaning.
  94. Thinnakorn – a bright, joyous name, beaming down from the sky with its beautiful “sun” meaning.
  95. Udom – a Thai name for boys with an excellent moral compass, meaning “principled.”
  96. Ukrit – a top-tier Thai male name meaning “supreme boy.”
  97. Vasin – is of Thai and Hindu origin meaning “authoritarian.”
  98. Veera – meaning “a brave and daring boy” in Thai, Veera offers a courageous outlook.
  99. Wat – also spelled Watt, is the Thai variant of Walter meaning “army ruler.”
  100. Whitt – means “well-rounded” or “philosopher” in Thai and “white” in English.
  101. Wiriya – shows determination through its meaning “a persistent boy.”
  102. Wisit – a darling Thai name for boys meaning “a glorious or prosperous boy.”
  103. Yut – represents fearlessness and bravery with its “war” meaning.

Thai Boy Names FAQs

What is the Most Popular Male Name in Thailand?

Thai boy names are some of the most stunning, loving, and fearless names you could choose for your little one. We were unable to locate definitive reports of the number one name in Thailand, so here are a few of the most popular Thai male names around (1):

  • Arthit — “of the sun.”
  • Kittisak —“renowned” or “powerful.”
  • Somchai — “a real man.”
  • Somsak — “worthy of honor.”
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