110 Popular Thai Girl Names: with Meanings

Find out which popular Thai girl names might be the right one for your baby girl.

Are you searching for popular Thai girl names that embrace your heritage but don’t seem to have much luck?

No worries! We’ve done some digging to collect meaningful and pretty Thai names for girls that display culture, charm, and authenticity. You’ll uncover exciting facts about Thai nicknames, witness the charm in their meanings, and see why traditional Thai female names are favored today.

Get ready to fall in love with these perfect Thai girl names for your little princess.

110 Pretty Thai Names for Girls

Discover the most popular Thai girl names, including their charming meanings and more!

  1. Achara – offers good energy with an angelic feel, meaning “pretty angel.”
  2. A-gun – is quite the opposite of what it seems, meaning “grape.”
  3. Ambhom – is full of wonder and lightness as it has the stunning meaning of “sky.”
  4. Amm – puts family first with its definition of “sister.”
  5. Anchali – is a welcoming, traditional Thai female name meaning “greeting.”
  6. Anong – translates to a “gorgeous woman” or “beautiful.” It’s a delightful name that can celebrate your daughter throughout her life.
  7. Apinya – means “magical power” and might be endearing for an October-born baby who puts a spell of love on you.
  8. Apsara – an ethereal name of Sanskrit origin meaning “moves in the clouds” or “angelic.”
  9. Arinya – an Aboriginal name meaning “kangaroo,” and in Thai, it means “beautiful and knowledgeable.”
  10. Boonsri – is an expressive option defined as “beautiful.”
  11. Boribun – a gratifying Thai name for girls meaning “complete”- perfect for the last baby born in the family.
  12. Bun Ma – a quirky name that promotes prosperity through its meaning of “good luck.”
  13. Buppha – meaning “flower,” Buppha could be a delicate way to capture the essence of your blossoming bud.
  14. Busaba – has the sweet meaning of “floral.” A likely choice for a daughter born in the Spring season.
  15. Busarakham – means “yellow sapphire,” which symbolizes prosperity and abundance.
  16. Cea Hying – provides the royal treatment with its meaning of “princess.”
  17. Chaem Choi – stands for “gracefulness,” offering a gorgeous alternative to the ever-popular Grace.
  18. Chai Charoen – has a victorious feeling with the meaning “triumphant.”
  19. Chailai – a mood-boosting Thai girl name meaning “pretty.”
  20. Chanthira – the dreamiest of Thai female names, meaning “moon.”
  21. Chatmanee – adds a touch of luxury with its precious “jewel” meaning.
  22. Chaveevan – is an attractive option that stands for “beautiful complexion.”
  23. Chimlin – brings your affection center stage as it means “cute.”
  24. Chinda – is a classic choice as it has the solid meaning of “precious stone.”
  25. Chirawan – an exquisite option referring to “eternal beauty.”
  26. Chomechai – a lengthy Thai girl name that positively means “beautiful girl.”
  27. Chuachan – has the noble definition of “generous.”
  28. Chuasiri – can provide a sense of comfort as it means “from a good family.”
  29. Chuenchai – providing a cool vibe as it means “refreshing.”
  30. Churai – is a humbling name that means “good heart.”
  31. Dang – is Vietnamese for “valuable” and means “red” in Thai.
  32. Dao – is celestial-related and defined as “star” in Thai, but is also a Chinese surname meaning “pottery” or “blessed.”
  33. Dara – a multicultural choice, meaning “pearl of wisdom” in Hebrew, “oak tree” in Irish, and “evening star” in Thai.
  34. Dok Ban Yen – is defined as a vibrant “petunia flower.”
  35. Dok Phi Sua – stands for the frilly “carnation flower.”
  36. Dok Rak – sweetly means “flower of love.”
  37. Duangkamol – displays an abundance of love as it stands for “right from the heart.”
  38. Duanphen – means “full moon,” which symbolizes completion or transformation.
  39. Fa Ying – is known as a “celestial princess” in Thai.
  40. Han – a unisex name meaning “one” in Korea, “God is gracious” in Scandinavia, and “audacious” in Thailand.
  41. Hansa – elegantly defined as “swan” in Sanskrit.
  42. Hathai – has the deeply moving meaning of “heart.”
  43. Hom – translates to “fragrant.”
  44. Isra – a name of significance with its Arabic meaning of “night journey” and “freedom” in Thai.
  45. Ittiporn – provides a bold choice defined as “powerful.”
  46. Junta – a sparkling Thai girl’s name meaning “star” or a Germanic spiritual version of Judith defined as “woman of Judea.”
  47. Kaew – has the rare meaning of “gem.”
  48. Kalaya – has feminine appeal as it represents a ”good lady.”
  49. Kamlai – a charming pick for a baby girl, meaning “bracelet.”
  50. Kanchana – is of Thai and Hindu origin meaning “gold.”
  51. Kanda – is Thai for “darling” and Japanese for “divine rice paddy.”
  52. Kantima – is a pleasant name that means “beautiful girl.”
  53. Kanya – represents “girl” in Thai and “virgin” in Hindi.
  54. Karawek – has a flighty meaning as it stands for “bird.”
  55. Keowmeans “green” which symbolizes growth and rebirth and is the official birthstone for May.
  56. Khaji – has the Thai meaning of “green” and an Indian definition of “Lord Buddha.”
  57. Kohsoom – means “lotus flower” and symbolizes purity and rebirth.
  58. Kulap – has the lovely meaning of “rose,” which is one of the most popular flowers and an equally common name.
  59. Kwang – means “deer” in Thailand, and in Korean, it stands for “wild.”
  60. Kwanjai – warmly means “sweetheart.”
  61. Lamai – means “soft,” similar to the delicate nature of newborns.
  62. Lawan – is a sentimental pick meaning “beautiful.”
  63. Madee – is a strong, optimistic name meaning “good beginning.”
  64. Mae Noi – could be perfect for your mini-me as it stands for “little mother.”
  65. Malai – has the fortunate meaning of “flower garland,” as floral necklaces or crowns are a welcome gift and symbol of good luck in places like Thailand and Hawaii.
  66. Malee – means “Molly” in Welsh and “jasmine flower” in Thai.
  67. Mekhala – beautifully means “goddess of the moon” in Thai, while in Sanskrit and Hindu, Mekhala means “slope of a mountain” or “belt.”
  68. Muan Nang – has a well-mannered meaning of “ladylike.”
  69. Naak – is a treasured choice as it means “golden.”
  70. Nan – is of English origin and a diminutive of Anne or Nancy, meaning “grace” or “poise.”
  71. Naowarat – means “nine gems” and is known as jewelry containing nine different gemstones representing status, wealth, and well-being.
  72. Ngam Chit – has an inspiring way with its meaning of “good heart.”
  73. Nin – a rich name of Hebrew origin meaning “grace” and Thai for “sapphire.”
  74. Nong Yao – feels respectable with its tender definition of “a young lady.”
  75. Orachon – a beautiful and dainty name meaning “delicate.”
  76. Pakpao – could provide a nostalgic feeling with its whimsical “kite” definition.
  77. Patcharee – a radiant gem among Thai names for girls, meaning “diamond.”
  78. Pen Chan – has an authentic Thai look and feel and means “full moon.”
  79. Pensri – is full of richness with its lovingly “beauty of the moon” meaning.
  80. Phailin – a gorgeous option with the piercing definition of “sapphire.”
  81. Phairoh – similar to a fairly popular Latin girl’s name, Pharaoh, meaning “ruler,” Phairoh means “pleasant-sounding” in Thai.
  82. Phawta – does a great job at being charming, known for meaning “pleasing to the eye.”
  83. Phitsamai – means “adorable” and is a lovely name, to sum up how you feel about your cutie.
  84. Phueng – sounds spirited, bright, and busy with its meaning of “bee.”
  85. Ploy – may appear simple but has an affectionate definition of “precious gemstone.”
  86. Pornthip – has a peculiar look that is redeemed with its angelic meaning of “divine blessing.”
  87. Praew – delivers on sentiment as it stands for “shining.”
  88. Preeda – a pretty choice among Thai girl names meaning “joyful.”
  89. Prisana -has a beautiful shyness expressed in its meaning of “mystery.”
  90. Rachini – has a superior and regal edge found in its definition of “queen.”
  91. Ratana – meaning “crystal,” which are stones believed to have healing properties.
  92. Ratanaporn – a spiritual name of Thai and Sanskrit origin meaning “crystal blessing.”
  93. Ratree – an attractive Thai name for girls, meaning “jasmine flower.”
  94. Rung – with Thai and Indian roots meaning “colorful” or “rainbow.”
  95. Rutna – meaning “gem” or “ruby,” which represents good fortune.
  96. Saengdao – has the dazzling meaning of “starlight.”
  97. Sanun – a gorgeous choice defined as “happy.”
  98. Sarakit – a special name that stands for a “memorable event.”
  99. Sirinat – an intellectual option meaning “scholar.”
  100. Som – a cheerful name of Thai, Sanskirt, and Hindi origin meaning “orange” or “nectar of immortality.”
  101. Suchada – an exemplary name that means “good sister.”
  102. Suda – appropriately stands for “daughter” or “girl.”
  103. Sukhonn – a punchy and feminine name that means “lovely fragrance.”
  104. Sup – a sentimental choice meaning “heart’s desire.”
  105. Taeng – has an appealing meaning of “melon.”
  106. Tha Kai Bok – a nature-related “T” girl’s name that translates to “willow tree.”
  107. Waan – delightfully translates to “sweet.”
  108. Waen – has the celebratory meaning of “ring.”
  109. Yindee – is a proud name defined as “pleasure.”
  110. Ying – is of Chinese origin, meaning “clever” or “answer,” but in Thailand, it means “woman.”

Thai Girl Names FAQs

What is the Most Popular Female Name in Thailand?

Most of Thailand’s most popular female names are pleasant-sounding and will positively accentuate your little girl.

There’s no recent data to support which name landed in the top ten, so we’ve compiled the overall most commonly used Thai female names (1):

  • Anong — “gorgeous woman” or “beautiful.”
  • Malee — “jasmine flower.”
  • Praew — “shining.”
  • Pornthip—“divine blessing.”

What Thai Girl Name Means Moon?

Celestial names are enlightening, are rising in popularity, and could make your baby feel one with the universe.

Thailand is no stranger to names that symbolize outer space, so we’ve gathered the Thai girl names that mean “moon:”

  • Chanthira — “moon”
  • Duanphen — “full moon”
  • Pen Chan —“full moon”
  • Pensri — “beauty of the moon.”

Which Thai Name for Girls Means Beautiful?

An abundance of names can capture the essence of your daughter’s stunning looks, but none more than these Thai names for girls that mean “beautiful.”

Here are five of the best Thai girl names that express appreciation for beauty:

  • Boonsri — “beautiful”
  • Chirawan — “eternal beauty”
  • Chomechai — “beautiful girl”
  • Lawan — “beautiful”
  • Kantima — “beautiful girl.”

How Do Thai People Choose a Nickname?

Thai people consider it a serious decision to name a child. Before they provide a formal name for their little one, they settle on a nickname to hold them over until they are ready to commit to an authentic Thai name.

In Thai culture, nicknames don’t always serve as a shortened version or an alternative to the child’s first name. Parents like to use nicknames to reflect the child’s appearance or personality.

They also pick Westernized nicknames that are simpler to say or write than their traditional Thai choices. The parents confer with monks or fortune-tellers before solidifying the baby’s official name, so nicknames act as a placeholder and are used much more than the true given name (2).

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