100 Gothic Vampire Last Names: for Devilish Boys and Girls

These amazing vampire surnames will have your blood curdling with fright.

If you reside in a creaking castle surrounded by a creepy coven, these Vampire last names may be exactly what you’re looking for. Full of blood-curdling meanings, spine-chilling history, and wicked associations, these vampiric family names are precisely the sort to have the neighbors reaching for the garlic and a stake.

Dare you read on and uncover the mysteries and histories behind these grim and ghastly vampire surnames? Be warned: once you enter this blood-sucking lair, there’s no turning back…

22 Vampiric Last Names with Chilling Meanings

These eerie vampire family names boast the most spine-tingling, terrifying meanings.

  1. Akako – a Japanese given name meaning “red” or “red child,” great for bloodthirsty beings.
  2. Alizarin – a unique name after a shade of red, with sexy, bloody-sounding undertones.
  3. Ammit – a mythological Egyptian name, hideously suited to any “devourer of the dead.”
  4. Asra – a short Arabic last name with the eyebrow-raising meaning of “night traveler.”
  5. Athanasia – or Athanasius, are ancient Greek vampire last names starting with A, meaning “immortal.”
  6. Banpiro – the Basque word for “vampire” sounds like a pretty funky family name option.
  7. Bǫlverkr – a badass name meaning “evil-doer, malefactor.”
  8. Bones – a spine-chilling word with the cute meaning of “good” from Old French.
  9. Bonner – a more noble choice among blood-related surnames, meaning “good bloodline.”
  10. Cadmus – meaning “dragon’s teeth,” this vampiric name is hungry and ready to draw blood.
  11. De Sangre – meaning “of blood” in Spanish, this name perfectly fits a vampire bloodsucker.
  12. Duncan – meaning “dark warrior,” this Gaelic male given name and last name sounds cunning and shady.
  13. Eilif – a Scandinavian surname meaning “immortal,” which would sound fantastic in any gothic, eternal family.
  14. Emrick – a bright-sounding vampire family name, perhaps meaning “immortal.”
  15. Flanagan – this Irish surname means “blood-red” and is as chilling as can be!
  16. Himura – meaning “red town,” this Japanese surname indicates bloodthirsty vampires are near.
  17. Karayan – meaning “dark-souled,” this name sounds deliciously tormented for a vampire.
  18. Kieran – meaning “little dark one,” this Gaelic pick among vampire surnames for boys is rather spectacular.
  19. Lilith – this Jewish girl’s name makes a cool demonic vampire surname, meaning “of the night.”
  20. Portia – a Latin feminine name meaning “offering” comes with chilling connotations.
  21. Trahaearn – a badass Welsh name for a vampire “as strong as iron.”
  22. Vamp – a cool, shortened form of the word “vampire,” popularized by the British pop band.

39 Famous and Historical Vampire Surnames

When naming your own vampire clan, take inspiration from vampires in history and popular culture.

  1. Addams – meaning “earth,” this name is best related to the haughty, morbid family from popular culture.
  2. Afanas – borne by a Baron in the TV series, What We Do in the Shadows, meaning “immortal.”
  3. Angel – a heavenly last name for a little cherub or a famous vampire from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
  4. Barlow – meaning “from Barlow, England,” associated with Stephen King’s vampiric Kurt in his novel Salem’s Lot.
  5. Barnabas – meaning “son of encouragement” or “son of consolation,” after the vampy lead in Dark Shadows.
  6. Bates – meaning “bat,” you won’t want to check into a hotel run by a scary family with this name.
  7. Black – meaning “dark,” this enticing name belonged to the main werewolf character in Twilight.
  8. Blade – a sharp name after the iconic Dhampir character from the movie Blade.
  9. Brown – a very common last name borne by the infamous historical vampire Mercy Brown.
  10. Buffy – after the iconic vampire slayer, also a pretty Hebrew name meaning “promise of God.”
  11. Claeg – a videogame vampire whose name holds the lofty meaning of “mortal.”
  12. Collins – referring to Barnabas, the 175-year-old vampire in Dark Shadows.
  13. Compton – a place name best associated with vampire Bill Compton featured in True Blood.
  14. Cullen – the vampire clan’s surname in Twilight has various meanings, including “handsome, holy,” or “a colony.”
  15. Dandridge – after the vampiric Fright Night character, an Old English surname likely meaning “from the hill.”
  16. Doyle – suspiciously meaning “dark stranger,” a great reference to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, writer of Vampire Stories.
  17. Dracula – a Transylvanian treasure meaning “son of the dragon,” borne by the iconic vampire created by Bram Stoker.
  18. Duckula – after the animated Count Duckula, perfect for any fun, waterfowl-loving blood-suckers.
  19. Edward – this famous male name and surname reminds us of the dashing vampiric lead in Twilight.
  20. Fester – another fun Addams family name with a particularly putrid theme.
  21. Hale – a pretty British last name meaning “from the valley” or “from the nook,” and the heroic Twilight vampires.
  22. Kiryu – after a handsome anime vampire, with the fiery meaning of “dragon.”
  23. Krueger – one of the most terrifying surnames out there, this horror-villain pick means “tavern keeper.”
  24. Lecter – this one reminds us of the iconic, terrifying cannibal of nightmares, Hannibal Lecter.
  25. Malfoy – this Harry Potter antagonist name represents “bad faith” – a cool choice among vampire family names.
  26. Munster – a monstrous-sounding surname popularized by the vampiric family sitcom The Munsters.
  27. Nosferatu – an iconic vampire movie and archaic Romanian word possibly meaning “vampire.”
  28. Orlok – after the famous count in the 1920s silent vampire film Nosferatu.
  29. René – with the chilling meaning of “reborn,” this French given and last name is also featured in Twilight.
  30. Salvatore – an Italian name for a “savior,” as heard in The Vampire Diaries.
  31. Sauron – great for Tolkien fans, this frightful, fictional name means “foul, awful.”
  32. SeLanmere – a powerful surname belonging to “the Pale Knight” from D&D Forgotten Realms.
  33. Shan – a cool surname borne by the title character in the Darren Shan vampire novel series.
  34. Stoker – meaning “fire-tender,” best associated with the Irish author and creator of Dracula.
  35. Swan – an elegant and graceful bird surname borne by the lovestruck heroine in Twilight.
  36. Viscardi – this “brave, hardy” Italian last name sounds deliciously visceral for a vampire.
  37. von Count – after the mathematically-minded vampire parody character from Sesame Street.
  38. von Schlotterstein – taken from the famed children’s fantasy novels, The Little Vampire by Angela Sommer-Bodenburg.
  39. von Zarovich – after another fictional character from D&D, for the most villainous vampire.

15 Vampire Last Names for Dark Dhampirs

Moody, morbid, and morose, these vampire last names all have deliciously dark meanings.

  1. Bertram – meaning “bright raven,” this chilling bird’s name is full of dark, sinister energy.
  2. Bran – meaning “raven” in Irish, this wholesome-sounding name is watchful and alert.
  3. Catahecassa – a Native American pick among vampire family names, meaning “black hoof.”
  4. Ciaran – an elusive Gaelic pick among vampiric last names meaning “dark one.”
  5. Donovan – another Gaelic surname with a shadowy, vampiric feel, meaning “descendant of the dark.”
  6. Dougal – meaning “dark stranger,” Dougal makes an intriguing pick for a vampire.
  7. Douglas – a Scottish surname meaning “dark stream” sounds like the start of a grim fairy tale.
  8. Dubhán – an Old Irish name for a “little dark one,” full of enticing yet intimidating appeal.
  9. Engilram – a Germanic pick meaning “angel raven,” sounds fit for a standout vampire family.
  10. Guntram – with the dark meaning of “war raven,” this dark vampire name isn’t to be messed with.
  11. Hrafn – great for Norse vampires; Hrafn means “raven.”
  12. Kearne – meaning “dark, swarthy,” a mysterious Gaelic pick among vampiric family names.
  13. Lenoir – meaning “darkness,” Lenoir would best suit a French vampire.
  14. Melanthios – a blood-thirsty Greek surname, perhaps meaning “dark flower.”
  15. Sullivan – an Irish surname given to one with “dark eyes” or an eye for blood, perhaps?

24 Vampire Family Names with Austere Associations

All of these unique surnames have meanings that make us think of vampires and their chilling covens!

  1. Ambrosia – meaning “immortal,” this Greek food of the gods would make a unique name for a vampire family.
  2. Astaroth – taken from demonology, this evil family name is unfalteringly gothic.
  3. Blood – a rare surname, but it does exist, full of creepy, vampiric haughtiness.
  4. Count – a noble, intimidating title, borne by the high-society vampires among us.
  5. Countess – a great name for badass female vampires of nobility.
  6. Crimson – this lustrous dark red shade reminds us of blood, very vampiric.
  7. Dhampir – the Balkan folkloric creatures bred from a relationship between a human and a vampire.
  8. Ebenezer – meaning “stone of help,” this Victorian literary name would be great for outcasts.
  9. Fledermaus – a long, German entry among Vampire family names, meaning “bat.”
  10. Goth – the ultimate vampire family name, sounding fresh from a derelict Victorian manor house.
  11. Hades – a great villain name from Greek mythology, after the shady god of the underworld.
  12. Hallow – we love the gothic associations of this name, that just screams spooky season!
  13. Hunter – come over to the light side by choosing a name fit for a Vampire-busting “hunter” family!
  14. Igor – a Russian “warrior” name, best suited to a monstrous sidekick.
  15. Likho – use the Slavic embodiment of evil and misfortune as a traumatizing namesake for your vampire clan.
  16. Mondragon – a Basque locational name meaning “dragon mountain,” just where you’d expect vampires to reside.
  17. Moros – a scary name belonging to an ancient Greek god, meaning “doom.”
  18. Myskia – this Old Swedish name means “bat,” an iconic vampire sidekick.
  19. Phantom – a scary, spine-chilling word name, perfect for vampiric ghouls masquerading among us.
  20. Popa – meaning “priest,” the most common Romanian surname, perfect for a Transylvanian clan.
  21. Raven – a popular vampire name after the most sinister-seeming of birds.
  22. Reaper – a unique surname meaning “harvester,” associated with the deadly, vampiric Grim Reaper.
  23. Strigoi – taken from the name of terrifying vampiric spirits from Romanian mythology.
  24. Vlad – this historical Slavic name sounds typically vampiric, meaning “to rule.”

Vampire Last Names FAQs

What are Some Famous Vampire Last Names?

If you’re looking for vampire family names from popular culture, consider Angel, Orlock, Munster, or Lecter. Shan, Stoker, Cullen, and Doyle also make great vampire surnames for literary lovers.

What are Some Dark Last Names?

Choosing a surname meaning “dark” can be very vampiric! Our top picks include Douglas, Kearne, and Sullivan; however, we love the French feel of Lenoir, and the epic Greek appeal of Melanthios, too.

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