101 Victorian Boy Names: For a Sophisticated Little Man

Your son will sound like a perfect English gentleman with one of these fun and fancy Victorian-era boy names!

Do you have a little gentleman on the way? Why not take inspiration from 19th-century England, and choose one of these fancy Victorian boy names to bestow upon him?

Biblical names were very common throughout 1800s England, with many just as popular in England today. The Victorian era also saw the rise of many Germanic-rooted names, with Queen Victoria’s spouse being German-born himself.

Whether you prefer timeless classics or gothic gems, you’re bound to find a favorite among these Victorian names for boys. So, delve into history, and keep reading to uncover the most sophisticated choices for your new English gent.

101 Vintage Victorian Era Boy Names

From the uppity to the unusual, all these handsome Victorian boy names will transport you into the glorious 1800s.

  1. Abel – a fresh, biblical choice among Victorian male names, meaning “breath.”
  2. Abraham – a presidential Hebrew name for a little leader in the making, meaning “father of a nation.”
  3. Albert – a bright Germanic name after Queen Victoria’s Prince Consort, meaning “noble, famous.”
  4. Alfred – meaning “elf counsel,” this could be the most magical pick among Victorian-era boy names.
  5. Ambrose – derived from late Latin, this fancy male name means “immortal.”
  6. Andrew – a typical masculine male name meaning “manly, brave, strong” in Greek.
  7. Arthur – a legendary name for your handsome boy, this British classic means “bear.”
  8. Benjamin – another sweet Hebrew name, meaning “son of the right hand,” with adorable nicknames: Ben or Benji.
  9. Bennet – a Latin-derived given name and surname with the divine meaning of “blessed.”
  10. Bernard – meaning “brave, bold, hardy,” this vintage-sounding Victorian name sure sounds tough.
  11. Bertram – a strong German boy’s name with the animal-inspired meaning of “bright raven.”
  12. Byron – popularized in the 19th century by the famous English romantic poet Lord Byron, referring to “cowsheds.”
  13. Charles – a timeless classic name for a regal guy, meaning “free man.”
  14. Charlie – a gorgeous, gender-neutral nickname derived from Charles that’d suit any little Victorian lad.
  15. Christopher – a beautifully spiritual and popular name meaning “bearer of Christ” in Greek.
  16. Clarence – a Latin name for a “bright, famous, illustrious” boy that’s fallen dramatically out of popularity since Victorian times.
  17. Claude – some say this powerful Latin boy’s name means “strong-willed;” others declare it to mean “lame, crippled.”
  18. Clement – very popular in the 1800s but relatively unheard today, this French male name means “merciful.”
  19. Clyde – with the protective meaning of “keeper of keys,” this Scottish name is reliable and strong.
  20. Cuthbert – a shining beacon among Victorian-era names for boys, meaning “famous, bright” in Old English.
  21. Cyril – derived from the Greek Kyrillos, this regal Victorian male name has the high-statured meaning of “lordly.”
  22. Daniel – an ever-popular biblical name, meaning “to judge, God is my judge.”
  23. David – a dreamy and popular biblical boy name meaning “beloved.”
  24. Dick – this was a popular nickname from Richard, yet its rude connotations seem to have slowed it down today.
  25. Ebenezer – a literary name for a Victorian Christmastime Scrooge, meaning “stone of help” in Hebrew.
  26. Edgar – with meanings including “wealthy, prosperous, spear,” Edgar is a battle-ready choice among Victorian boy names.
  27. Edmund – a proper Old English name, this strong Edward alternative means “wealth, riches,” and “protector.”
  28. Edward – as popular today as it was in Victorian times, this Old English name has the noble meaning of “wealthy protector.”
  29. Edwin – a rarer variation of Edward, meaning “wealthy friend.”
  30. Eli – a short, unisex name with the limitless meaning of “high, elevated” in Hebrew.
  31. Elias – a variation of the biblical name Elijah that was popular through Victorian times, meaning “the Lord is my God.”
  32. Elmer – a very old name of British and Germanic origin for a baby destined for “fame” and “nobility.”
  33. Emanuel – also Emmanuel or Immanuel, a biblical Hebrew name with the assured meaning “God is with us.”
  34. Enoch – an unusual name from the bible, this Hebrew boy’s name means “trained, dedicated.”
  35. Ernest – meaning “earnest, serious,” this Germanic-rooted name sure is honest.
  36. Eugene – meaning “well-born,” Eugene is perfect for your well-to-do, fancy little Victorian gent.
  37. Frank – a short form of names including Francis or Franklin, also after the Germanic people known as Franks.
  38. Franklin – meaning “free landowner,” Franklin is a smart-sounding English male name and surname.
  39. Fred – an easy-going and straightforward nickname from Frederick.
  40. Frederick – a gentle choice for a lad who’s old at heart, meaning “peace-loving ruler.”
  41. George – a regal and familiar name for a son, with the humble meaning of “farmer.”
  42. Gideon – a gorgeously gothic Hebrew name that’d be perfect for a “great warrior.”
  43. Gilbert – a typically vintage boy name for an “illustrious, bright, famous” guy.
  44. Godfrey – combining elements meaning “good” and “peace,” this classy English name is full of positivity.
  45. Grover – a rustic and earthy name relating to a “grove” of trees.
  46. Gus – a cutesy-sounding nickname for names such as August, Fergus, and Gustav, and a fun, standalone Victorian name.
  47. Guy – a short British and French name meaning “man, guide,” also a familiar term for a chap.
  48. Harold – meaning “army ruler, commander,” you’ll want to listen to anyone bearing this badass name!
  49. Harry – a timeless name as popular now as ever, meaning “home-ruler.”
  50. Henry – a variant of Harry, this kingly name also means “home-ruler.”
  51. Herbert – meaning “bright warrior,” this Germanic-rooted name is full of energy and spirit.
  52. Herman – an ancient Germanic name for a rough-and-ready little “army man.”
  53. Howard – a German-rooted given name and surname best bestowed upon one with a “brave heart.”
  54. Hugh – an upper-class English name with the beautiful meanings of “heart, mind, spirit.”
  55. Isaac – a biblical Hebrew name with the uplifting sweet meaning of “one who laughs.”
  56. Jabez – a lesser-heard name from the Bible, this Hebrew name has the sad meaning of “sorrowful.”
  57. Jack – a popular, familiar, easy-going English name meaning “God is gracious.”
  58. Jacob – meaning “supplanter,” this biblical name is still as popular and handsome as it was back in the day.
  59. James – a timeless English name meaning “supplanter,” with nicknames including Jamie, Jim, and Jimmy.
  60. Job – a rare name today, Job also came from the Bible and has the bleak meaning of “persecuted.”
  61. Joel – a smart-sounding Hebrew name meaning “the Lord is God” – a charming variant of Joseph.
  62. John – a biblical classic among the most popular Victorian boy names, meaning “grace by God.”
  63. Jonathan – a handsome and popular pick among vintage Victorian male names, meaning “God has given.”
  64. Joseph – meaning “God will add,” this Hebrew name also gives us the fun nickname of Joe.
  65. Leonard – a name with a roar, meaning “brave as a lion, lion-hearted,” in German.
  66. Leopold – chosen by Queen Victoria herself for her son, this posh name means “bold, brave.”
  67. Leroy – dating back to Norman times, this smart name is derived from the French “le roi,” meaning “the king.”
  68. Levi – a trendy, biblical pick for a lad, this relatively modern-sounding name means “joined in harmony.”
  69. Louis – another timelessly popular boy name, Louis means “renowned warrior” and may also be spelled as Lewis.
  70. Matthew – a handsome and timeless Victorian boy’s name from the bible, meaning “gift of God.”
  71. Maxwell – a rural-sounding Scottish male name and surname, meaning “Mack’s stream” or “great stream.”
  72. Meriwether – a unique name meaning “merry weather,” perhaps for a sun born under golden sunshine.
  73. Michael – meaning “gift of God,” this divine Hebrew name has been a top-20 choice among parents for decades.
  74. Milton – an upper-class English name from a surname meaning “mill town.”
  75. Nathaniel – meaning “gift of God, God has given,” this beautiful Hebrew name is full of grace and faith.
  76. Nelson – meaning “son of Neil,” Nelson is also a warm English place name and surname.
  77. Oscar – meaning “friend of deer,” this Gaelic male name is decidedly sweet and loveable.
  78. Oswald – an old-timey name for a lad, derived from Anglo-Saxon elements meaning “god” and “ruler.”
  79. Otto – meaning “wealthy,” this posh German name is a “rich” pick indeed.
  80. Paul – a fatherly-sounding name, this short choice has the petite meanings of “humble, small.”
  81. Peter – meaning “rock,” this Greek-rooted male name is as timeless and sturdy as it sounds.
  82. Philip – one of the most regal names for a little prince, meaning “friend of horses.”
  83. Raymond – meaning “wise protector,” Raymond is a lovely, trustworthy Victorian name for a gentleman.
  84. Richard – a regal and romantic Old French name for a Victorian chap who’s “strong in rule.”
  85. Robert – meaning “bright fame, renowned,” this cool German name is perfect for a man destined for success.
  86. Roderick – meaning “famous ruler” in German, Roderick is spicy and gothic.
  87. Roger – with the brute-worthy meaning of “famous spear,” this popular Victorian-era name came from the Normans.
  88. Roy – meaning “king,” this short, Norman name is a great choice for your new little leader.
  89. Samson – meaning “sun child,” Samson is a divine Hebrew name full of light and splendor.
  90. Samuel – a blessing among Victorian names for boys, this Hebrew pick means “God has heard.”
  91. Silas – a slick pick among Victorian-era boy names, with the earthy meaning of “forest” in Latin.
  92. Stewart – also spelled Stuart, Stewart is an old Scottish and English name meaning “steward.”
  93. Theodore – a lovely Victorian name meaning “gift of God,” with Theo as a handsome nickname.
  94. Thomas – a top choice among parents for a whole decade, this sweet choice has the cute meaning of “twin.”
  95. Tom – an easy and accessible nickname for Thomas, Tom would be a cute standalone name if you choose.
  96. Ulysses – this presidential name comes from Latin, with the sinister-sounding meaning of “wrathful.”
  97. Victor – a triumphant Latin name meaning “champion” and a perfect throwback to the Victorian era.
  98. Wallace – a great option if you have Welsh heritage, this old guy’s name means “from Wales.”
  99. Walter – meaning “army commander,” Walter is a loud choice among Victorian boy names of Germanic origin.
  100. William – one of the most popular names in Victorian England, this German-rooted boy’s name means “resolute protector.”
  101. Zachariah – a fancy Hebrew name meaning “God remembers” and a vintage-feeling variant of Zachary.

Victorian Boy Names FAQs

What Are Some Common Victorian Era Boy Names?

The most common boy names during the Victorian era in England included John, William, George, Charles, Frank, and James. Many of these are just as popular today.

What is a Rare Victorian Name for a Boy?

Some Victorian-era boy names that are less common today include Ebenezer, Meriwether, Job, and Cuthbert.

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