116 Elegant Victorian Girl Names: With Pretty Meanings

These Victorian-era girl names are as regal and proper as 19th-century Britain.

Evoke the charm of 19th-century Britain in your daughter’s life by seeking inspiration from these pretty, prim, and proper Victorian girl names.

England in the 1800s was a fascinating time for history and culture, and there are so many beautiful names from this era to inspire you on your baby-naming journey. Whether you prefer the timeless classics still popular today or the rare gems that take us back, you’re bound to find some new favorites in this collection.

So, travel back to the reign of Queen Victoria with us, and let’s learn all about the most popular Victorian girl names of the era!

116 Industrious Victorian Era Girl Names

Add some historic elegance and class to your daughter’s life by selecting from these adorable Victorian female names.

  1. Ada – short yet stunning, this Hebrew girl’s name means “adornment.”
  2. Agnes – a Greek-rooted girl’s name meaning “pure, holy” that may translate to Spanish as Ines.
  3. Alice – an Old French and German name meaning “from nobility,” perfect for a girl straight out of Wonderland.
  4. Amanda – translated from Latin, Amanda means “loveable,” making it a delightfully romantic Victorian dream.
  5. Amelia – derived from the Germanic “amal,” meaning “work,” this pretty name boasts all the industriousness of the Victorian era.
  6. Amy – precious and petite for your Victorian little women, this short name comes from France.
  7. Ann – perhaps a more old-fashioned spelling of Anne, meaning “grace, favor.”
  8. Anna – a sweet and ever-popular variation of Anne, also meaning “grace.”
  9. Annette – yet another Ann variant, this one decidedly more vintage-sounding.
  10. Arabella – a decidedly vintage alternative to Annabel, Arabella has the blessed meaning of “prayerful.”
  11. Barbara – meaning “strange, foreign,” which is fitting, since this Victorian name is rarely used among parents today!
  12. Beatrice – meaning “happy,” and “voyager,” Beatrice is a great name to set your daughter off on an adventure.
  13. Bertha – strong and commanding with German roots, Bertha is a great pick for a little “bright one.”
  14. Betsy – a playful and old-fashioned diminutive of Elizabeth, Betsy means “God is my oath.”
  15. Betty – another fun yet very Victorian-sounding nickname of Elizabeth, Betty also means “God is my oath.”
  16. Blanche – pure and chaste, this “saintly, white” name is beautifully Victorian.
  17. Bridget – a Gaelic-rooted girl’s name that’s typically vintage, Bridget shines with the meanings “power, exalted one, virtue.”
  18. Caroline – meaning “free woman,” a great name to bestow upon a Victorian princess.
  19. Catherine – meaning “pure,” Catherine is a soft spelling of the traditional, international name.
  20. Cecilia – a saintly pick among Victorian England girl names, meaning “blind.”
  21. Charity – a perfect virtue name for a generous little Victorian lady.
  22. Charlotte – from the same stem as the regal Charles, this fancy pick has the joyous meaning of “free.”
  23. Chastity – another virtue name that would compliment Charity, meaning “pure, innocent.”
  24. Clara – from Latin, Clara means “bright, clear,” just like your daughter’s shining future!
  25. Constance – a strong virtue name meaning “steadfast, constancy,” great for your new little star.
  26. Cordelia – although fizzling out of popularity since the late Victorian era, this “heart” name still sounds cute today.
  27. Daisy – fresh and floral, this cute name meaning “day’s eye” is a timeless pick among Victorian era girl names.
  28. Deborah – meaning “bee,” this Hebrew name could be the fuzziest of these Victorian girl names.
  29. Dorcas – a Greek-rooted name rarely heard today, Dorcas has the lively meaning of “gazelle.”
  30. Dorothy – meaning “gift from God,” this dreamy Victorian name is great for your new little munchkin.
  31. Edith – meaning “wealth,” this Old English name is a rich pick for a little girl destined for greatness.
  32. Edna – giving off vibes of “rejuvenation, pleasure,” this old-fashioned pick isn’t as common as it used to be.
  33. Eleanor – meaning “bright, shining one,” this radiant pick offers several adorable nicknames.
  34. Eliza -spiritual and honest, this divine Elizabeth variant means “pledged to God.”
  35. Elizabeth – you’d be hard-pressed to find a Victorian girl name so regal, meaning “God is my oath.”
  36. Ellen – a wise-sounding name meaning “shining light,” as a variant of Helen.
  37. Ellie – a pretty, perky nickname derived from luminous names such as Ellen or Eleanor.
  38. Emily – with the industrial meaning of “rival, to excel,” this ever-popular name oozes a hardworking Victorian spirit.
  39. Emma – derived from Germanic, this timeless girl name means “whole, universal.”
  40. Emmeline – a much older-sounding variant of Emily, meaning “hardworking.”
  41. Esther – a Persian-rooted female name meaning “star-like” and an earthy, timeless classic.
  42. Ethel – derived from Old English, this retro girl name means “noble.”
  43. Fanny – meaning “free,” this typically Victorian name’s ruder connotations in British English make it less popular today.
  44. Florence – meaning “flowering, flourishing,” this Victorian era girl’s name is divinely feminine in nature.
  45. Frances – a lively, unisex entry among Victorian era names, Frances means “free one.”
  46. Georgiana – a romantic yet humble name for a girl, meaning “earth-worker.”
  47. Gertrude – a unique, perhaps uppity-sounding entry among Victorian girl names, meaning “strong spear.”
  48. Grace – a beautiful virtue name that feels as fresh and popular today as it was in Victorian times.
  49. Gwen – a pretty name for a Welsh princess, meaning “white, holy.”
  50. Hannah – a name that has been popular since the Victorian era, this palindrome name means “grace.”
  51. Harriet – meaning “home-ruler,” this fun name is rarely heard today, yet remains as beautiful as ever.
  52. Helen – a vibrant Greek name meaning “shining light,” full of victory and life.
  53. Henrietta – this feminine Henry variant seems outdated today, despite its victorious meaning of “home-ruler.”
  54. Hester – an unusual literary pick for a little dreamer, Hester is Greek in origin and means “star.”
  55. Iris – a cute flower name, also belonging to the Greek goddess of “rainbows.”
  56. Isabella – ever-popular and sweet, this dreamy pick means “devoted to God.”
  57. Jane – one of the most popular of vintage times, meaning “God is gracious” – Jane is far from plain.
  58. Janet – perhaps best associated with older moms and grandparents; Janet means “God is gracious.”
  59. Jemima – a classic Hebrew name meaning “dove” that’s rather rare and outdated today.
  60. Joan – meaning “God is gracious,” this courageous Hebrew name is straight to the point.
  61. Joanna – meaning “God is gracious,” you may also like the Joanne variant of this Hebrew name.
  62. Judith – a classic name rarely heard among babies today, meaning “woman of Judea” in Hebrew.
  63. Julia – meaning “youthful,” this classic name sounds as fresh and dainty as it did back in the day.
  64. Kate – a sweet, popular name meaning “pure,” works great on its own or as a nickname for Katherine.
  65. Kathleen – an elderly cousin of Catherine, Kathleen means “pure.”
  66. Kezia – with the earthy meaning of “cassia tree,” this Hebrew classic may look modern.
  67. Kitty – a nickname from Katherine, meaning “pure,” is full of feline friendliness!
  68. Lavinia – one of the history buffs among us, Lavinia is a Latin-rooted female name, meaning “woman of Rome.”
  69. Letitia – a proper gothic Victorian era girl’s name, Letitia is uplifting in its meaning of “joy, gladness.”
  70. Lilian – an alternative, more traditional “pick” to Lily, meaning “lily flower.”
  71. Lois – meaning “most desirable,” this Greek-rooted name is a breath of fresh air.
  72. Lottie – an adorably fun and innocent nickname derived from Charlotte, meaning “free.”
  73. Louisa – meaning “renowned warrior,” this name may be soft in sound, but it sure is tough in nature.
  74. Louise – meaning “famous warrior,” this popular French and German name is as badass as it is traditional.
  75. Lucy – meaning “light,” Lucy is the most luminous of Victorian names for girls.
  76. Lydia – a pretty yet lesser-heard Greek name meaning “from Lydia,” after the ancient kingdom.
  77. Margaret – a favorite among Victorian girl names for grandmas, with the hidden-gem meaning of “pearl.”
  78. Maria – a fresh and romantic Latin variation of Mary, meaning “beloved, drop of the sea.”
  79. Marian – a watery-sounding variant of Maria or Mary, also meaning “bitter, beloved, pearl.”
  80. Martha – a handsome choice among Victorian names for girls, meaning “lady of the house.”
  81. Mary – you knew this name would be on here – a timeless biblical girl’s name meaning “beloved.”
  82. Matilda – a feisty name for a Victorian queen, this literary name means “strong in battle.”
  83. Mercy – a noble virtue name for a beautiful woman full of “compassion.”
  84. Mildred – this Old English name gives vintage vibes with its soft meaning of “gentle strength.”
  85. Millicent – a powerful English name for an “industrious, hard-working” little leader.
  86. Miriam – fresh and dainty, this ultra-feminine name is derived from Mary, meaning “beloved.”
  87. Myrtle – an old-timey Victorian girl’s name after the spiritual evergreen shrub.
  88. Nancy – a gorgeous name that will carry well to adulthood, this sweet British choice means “grace.”
  89. Olive – an old-fashioned take on Olivia, this vintage girl’s name means “olive tree.”
  90. Olivia – one of the most popular names today, this dreamy choice means “olive tree” in Latin.
  91. Pamela – a rhythmic English name meaning “honey, sweetness.”
  92. Patience – an honest name, Patience was a popular pick among virtue-conscious parents during the 1800s.
  93. Pearl – a dreamy gemstone name for your little Victorian mermaid.
  94. Peggy – surprisingly, Peggy originated as a nickname for Margaret, meaning “pearl.”
  95. Philippa – a feminine form of the British male name Philip, meaning “friend of horses.”
  96. Phoebe – a classic Greek name meaning “bright, radiant,” which sounds deceptively modern.
  97. Phyllis – dating back to Greek mythology, Phyllis holds lush imagery in its nature-inspired meaning of “foliage.”
  98. Polly – meaning “wished-for child,” this name is a gorgeous choice for your new little dream come true.
  99. Priscilla – a dignified name mostly unheard of today, meaning “ancient.”
  100. Prudence – one of the more vintage-sounding picks among virtuous Victorian era girl names.
  101. Rachel – an ever-popular Hebrew girl’s name with the wooly meaning of “ewe.”
  102. Rebecca – another consistently popular classic Hebrew name, great for a “captivating” child.
  103. Rosanna – a melodic combination of the floral Rose and delicate Anna, giving this popular Victorian pick.
  104. Rose – beautiful, floral, and romantic – what more could you want in a perfect baby girl’s name?
  105. Ruth – meaning “compassionate friend,” this vintage Victorian name is full of charm.
  106. Sally – a sweet Hebrew name meaning “princess,” offering carefree charm.
  107. Sarah – is a timeless classic name for a little “princess” of Hebrew origins.
  108. Selina – or Selene, both dreamy and ethereal names inspired by the moon above.
  109. Sophia – rooted in Greek and one of the most popular names for girls, meaning “wisdom.”
  110. Susan – prim and proper, Susan holds the delicately floral meaning of “lily.”
  111. Susannah – like Susan but with a bit more flourish, also meaning “lily.”
  112. Tabitha – believed to mean “gazelle” or “graceful,” this Aramaic girl’s name is also popular for pet cats today.
  113. Teresa – uniquely Iberian in origin, this continental name has the modest meaning of “harvester.”
  114. Victoria – the epitome of Victorian female names, this Latin-rooted pick means “victorious.”
  115. Violet – a vibrantly purple choice among Victorian era girl names, after the delicate flower.
  116. Winifred – an Old English girl’s name with the pure meaning of “holy, blessed, joy.”

Victorian Era Girl Name FAQs

What Are Some Rare Victorian Girl Names?

Names such as Blanche, Kitty, Kezia, Phyllis, and Tabitha are nowhere near as popular today as they were during Victorian times. While still pretty, names such as Winifred, Pamela, Myrtle, and Agnes have also dropped in popularity in recent decades.

What Are Some Posh Victorian Names for Girls?

If you’re looking for the fanciest of Victorian era girl names, consider timeless gems like Cordelia, Emmeline, Georgiana, or Jemima. Regal names such as Victoria, Philippa, or Margaret are also royally-approved choices!

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