99 Cute Vietnamese Boy Names: With Unique Meanings

These Vietnamese boy names and meanings will inspire and amaze!

Honor the beauty of your culture and family history by bestowing one of these gorgeous Vietnamese boy names upon your new little prince.

With all these choices full of virtue, hope, and prosperity, your son will undoubtedly grow to adore the rich meaning and honor behind his Vietnamese name. Furthermore, we’re sure these names will help any lad shine brightly!

Read on to discover some of the most popular and unique Vietnamese names for boys. You’ll learn more about their meanings and become inspired along the way.

99 Beautiful Vietnamese Boy Names

These Vietnamese male names are full of bountiful blessings and beauty for boys.

  1. Ái – a gorgeous Chinese and Vietnamese name, signifying “affectionate, sentimental love.”
  2. An – soft and admirable, this Sino-Vietnamese and Chinese name means “safe” or “peace.”
  3. Anh – perfect for warriors of nature, Anh has meanings including “brave,” “hero,” and “flower.”
  4. Bảo – meaning “treasure,” this name sparkles preciously.
  5. Bảy – a rare name meaning “seven,” perhaps for a seventh-born child?
  6. Bình – a great, gender-neutral name for a baby who makes things “peaceful.”
  7. – a traditional choice for your “first or eldest” baby.
  8. Cadao – a melodic name meaning “song,” sounds fit for a boy with the voice of an angel.
  9. Cais – an upbeat choice, believed to mean “rejoicer.”
  10. Cam – meaning “orange,” possibly the most zesty-sounding among Vietnamese male names!
  11. Châu – a unique yet stylish name for boys and girls, meaning “pearl or gem.”
  12. Chí – this name’s “will or spirit” meaning gives it a sense of admirable strength and power.
  13. Chi – in this tone, Chi translates from Sino-Vietnamese to mean “twig, branch.”
  14. Chiến – is a badass pick for a “combative” little fighter dude.
  15. Chinh – set your boy on a “righteousness” path with this mighty name.
  16. Cường – is a badass pick for a “strong, vigorous” man of power.
  17. Danh – if your lad is destined for greatness, the “famous” meaning behind Danh will suit him perfectly.
  18. Đất – taking it back to mother nature, Đất means “soil, earth.”
  19. Diệp – the autumnal meaning of “leaves” gives Diệp a peaceful, natural vibe we adore.
  20. Dông – meaning both “winter” and “east,” we love the adventurous feel of this Vietnamese boy’s name.
  21. Đức – means “virtue,” a lovely pick among Vietnamese boy names for babies destined for greatness.
  22. Dũng – this courageous name meaning “brave or bravery” is fit for any hero.
  23. Dương – meaning “willow,” this nature-inspired name sounds graceful and strong.
  24. Duy – a steadfast name choice, meaning “to maintain, to preserve.”
  25. Giang – we love the gentle flow of this tranquil name, meaning “river.”
  26. – also meaning “river,” we love the grace of this gender-neutral name.
  27. Hải – holds all the vast, inspiring beauty of the “sea or ocean.”
  28. Hào – a cool, gender-neutral name for a “good and heroic” individual.
  29. Hien – if you have a “virtuous gentleman” on your hands, this is the name to choose.
  30. Hieu – a “respectful” name for a “pious” little angel.
  31. Hoàng – this Sino-Vietnamese boy’s name meaning “expanse of water” is full of depth.
  32. Hùng – another brave name for a “courageous, manly” little guy, pronounced “HOWNG.”
  33. Hưng – pronounced a softer “hing,” meaning “prosperity, flourishing,” for a thriving little chap.
  34. Huy – one of the most radiant Vietnamese names for boys, meaning “brightness, shining.”
  35. Huynh – perfect for an “older brother,” and perhaps if you plan on having more children.
  36. Khắc – a champion name for a cute little “winner.”
  37. Khánh – if parenthood has you feeling effervescent with joy, you’ll love Khánh’s meaning of “congratulate, celebrate.”
  38. Khoa – suave and sophisticated; Khoa means “knowledge, intellect, and science.”
  39. Khuê – with the confident meaning of “stride,” this is also a cool name if you’re into astronomy.
  40. Khuong – this sweet name poses an “offer of help.”
  41. Kim – a common name and surname internationally, referring to “gold” or “metal” in Vietnam.
  42. Lan – a beautiful, traditional flower name for boys and girls, meaning “orchid.”
  43. Lanh – a perfect name to bless “good, happy” vibes upon a son.
  44. Liêm – a charmingly handsome choice for a man who’s “truthful and honest.”
  45. Linh – is one of the most popular Vietnamese names for boys and girls, with the ethereal meaning of “spirit, soul.”
  46. Lôc – means “luck, blessings,” and also the sweet “flower bud.”
  47. Long – meaning “dragon,” this Chinese and Vietnamese name is full of fire and might.
  48. Lực – meaning “power, force,” and “strength” for any Vietnamese superheroes.
  49. – a powerful name in Vietnamese history, meaning “reason.”
  50. Minh – this famous, revolutionary name holds the prosperous meaning of “bright.”
  51. Nam – meaning “south” and “manly,” while also sometimes used as a colloquial term for Vietnam itself.
  52. Ngiêm – an uncommon yet sweet baby name for a boy born with a “serious” face.
  53. Ngọc – this gemstone name meaning “jade” isn’t just for girls, it’d suit beautiful boys, too.
  54. Nguyên – in this tone, Nguyên means “original,” so it would be great for a firstborn son.
  55. Nguyen – the most popular surname in Vietnam also works as a smart, familiar given name for a son.
  56. Nhất – in this tone, Nhất may mean “first, one,” or perhaps “long life.”
  57. Nhật – just like the beautiful summertime, this name symbolizes “sun” or “day.”
  58. Nhung – perhaps for a baby whose cheeks are deliciously soft and squishy, this cute name means “velvet.”
  59. Oanh – a unique, Sino-Vietnamese name meaning “oriole,” a type of bird.
  60. Phong – great for a baby born on a blustery day; Phong means “wind.”
  61. Phú – bless your child with abundance by choosing this name, meaning “rich, wealthy.”
  62. Phúc – bestow the best with this glorious name meaning “blessing, good fortune.”
  63. Phung – a smart, popular name said to possess the magical and symbolic meaning of “phoenix.”
  64. Quân – a feisty name for a fiery lad, meaning “army, soldier.”
  65. Quang – meaning “pure, bright, clear,” like a baby born in the beautiful rays of springtime.
  66. Quế – translating from Vietnamese to mean “cinnamon,” this name is a spicy pick!
  67. Quoc – meaning “country,” this would make a fantastic patriotic name option for a lad.
  68. Quý – a “precious” name for a boy who’s as good as gold.
  69. Quyen – a Vietnamese surname and first name, meaning “power” or after a type of bird.
  70. Quỳnh – a rich, floral, unisex name after a kind of flower that blooms at night.
  71. Sa’ng – this “bright” name is fit for a little superstar.
  72. Sơn – high and mighty, this elevated name means “mountain.”
  73. Suong – said to mean “fog,” Suong holds a sort of enchanting, mysterious allure.
  74. Tam – said to mean “heart,” this sweet name is a delicate pick for a lad.
  75. Thanh – a vibrant pick for a baby with “brilliant, bright blue” eyes, popular among Vietnamese Americans.
  76. Thảo – a cute, handsome choice among Vietnamese boy names, meaning “herbal, grassy,” or “respectful, honorable.”
  77. Thu – meaning “autumn,” this Sino-Vietnamese choice connotes crunchy leaves and cinnamon spice!
  78. Thuần – he’ll sound fresh as a daisy, with this name meaning “pure” and “clean.”
  79. Trai – an under-the-sea jewel of a name, meaning “oyster.”
  80. Trí – meaning “wisdom,” we can’t help but think this would be great for a third child!
  81. Triệu – a traditional Vietnamese surname that could be used as a first name, meaning “wave, tide.”
  82. Trúc – a fun, nature-inspired choice, meaning “bamboo” in Vietnamese.
  83. Trung – a popular Vietnamese male name, said to mean “loyalty.”
  84. – a glittering name for a “bright, sharp” baby “star.”
  85. – meaning “elegance, beauty,” we think this name is fit for Prince Charming himself!
  86. Tuân – you’ll adore the virtue meanings behind this name, including “honorable, chivalrous, obedient, gentlemanly.”
  87. Tùng – a warm, nature-inspired name meaning “pine tree,” reminding us of the festive season.
  88. Tuyen – one of the most gorgeous Vietnamese boy names, said to mean “ray” or the glorious “angel.”
  89. Vân – a fluffy, unisex pick for a baby with his head in the “clouds.”
  90. Văn – used in this tone, Văn means “literature,” ideal for a little scholar in the making.
  91. Viên – meaning “full, complete”… just like how your new addition will impact your life!
  92. Viện – with the unique meaning of “institute,” this is a rather old, prim, and proper-sounding name.
  93. Việt – meaning “Vietnamese,” Việt is a fantastic nod to heritage and culture.
  94. Vinh – this Sino-Vietnamese, gender-neutral name holds all the “glory.”
  95. – one of the most common Vietnamese surnames, also a cool given name meaning “feather” or “military.”
  96. Xanh – a cool color name, after a tropical shade of “green, blue.”
  97. Xuân – meaning “springtime,” this name sounds full of bright possibilities and new beginnings.
  98. Xương – you’ll adore this name, destined for a “flourishing” little boy.
  99. Yên – meaning “peaceful,” this delicate name oozes serenity.

Vietnamese Boy Name FAQs

How Does Vietnamese Naming Order Work?

In Vietnam, a family name will come first, followed by an optional middle name, then a unique first name. While it is traditional for the family name to come from the father, the mother’s name may also be used. Similarly, some parents will choose to use a middle name as part of the first name, while others will opt not to have a first name. In all cases, parents choose names to reflect positive virtues, qualities, or aspirations wished upon their new arrival.

What Vietnamese Boy Name Means “Brave”?

Names including Dũng, Anh, and Hùng all mean “brave,” while the “strong” meanings behind names such as Cường, Quyen, and Lực are all perfect for powerful little superheroes.

What are Some Lucky Vietnamese Boy Names?

There are plenty of beautiful name options if you’re looking to bestow luck and fortune upon your new baby boy. Lôc means “luck or blessings,” but we also love Phúc (“blessing, fortune”), Vinh (“glory”), and Xương (“flourishing”)!

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