100 Adorable Vietnamese Girl Names: With Gorgeous Meanings

These ultra-feminine and meaningful Vietnamese girl names are perfect for sweet, happy little angels!

Vietnam is a gorgeous and inspiring country, so choosing from these Vietnamese names for girls is a fantastic way to carry its vibrant culture and heritage into your family.

Here, we have selected some of the most beautiful Vietnamese girl names, each rich with positive influences from nature, family virtues, and admirable traits. Whichever you choose to bestow upon your daughters will surely bring happiness, luck, and admiration from those who hear them.

So keep reading, and we’ll explore some of these amazing Vietnamese female names and uncover their special meanings, origins, and more.

100 Sweet & Pretty Vietnamese Names for Girls

  1. Ai’ – an old name of Chinese and Vietnamese origin, perfectly meaning “love, beloved.”
  2. Am – meaning “lunar,” this name would be gorgeous for a graceful angel born at night.
  3. An – short and sweet, the “peace or quiet” meaning of this name sounds dreamy for a baby girl.
  4. Anh – a gender-neutral name with meanings including “flower,” “hero, ” and “brave,” thus perfect for a nature warrior.
  5. Bạc – a great way to show off a glittering personality; Bạc means “silver.”
  6. Bảo – not a delicacy, but a gorgeous Sino-Vietnamese female name for a little “treasure.”
  7. – meaning “little, small,” this name is perfect for a precious newborn.
  8. – with a slightly different tone (reflected in spelling,) this cute girl’s name means “doll.”
  9. Bian – popular in China and Vietnam, this alluring option is designed for a “woman with secrets.”
  10. Bích – meaning “jade,” this name carries the beauty of the blue-green color and precious, symbolic gemstone.
  11. Bình – the “level” or “even” meaning of this name gives it a lovely sense of “peace.”
  12. – designed for “the eldest,” this would be a great choice for a firstborn.
  13. Cae – means “feminine” and is one of the most gorgeous Vietnamese names for girls.
  14. Cai – a variant of Cae, meaning “feminine,” would be stunning for a Vietnamese English speaker.
  15. Cais – if you love Vietnamese names for girls full of spirit, you’ll adore Cais, meaning “rejoicer.”
  16. Cam – meaning “orange” in Vietnamese, is also recognized as a nickname for the unrelated English name Cameron.
  17. Cảnh – refers to “scenery,” great if your new daughter’s eyes are the most beautiful sight to behold.
  18. Cát – this “lucky, fortunate” name will always carry hope and well-wishes.
  19. Chau – meaning “pearl,” this sweet option is like a hidden gem.
  20. Chi – meaning “branch, twig,” Chi is a great namesake for the newest addition to your family tree!
  21. Chiêu – a “luminous” name for a bright spark with a golden aura.
  22. Chim – translating to mean “bird,” for a girl set to fly to high places.
  23. Cúc – perfectly delicate and romantic, this floral pick among Vietnamese girl names means “chrysanthemum.”
  24. Dang – a sweet, feminine name meaning “valuable” in Vietnamese and “red” in Thai.
  25. Da’o – this one is pretty and sweet, with the floral meaning of “peach blossom.”
  26. Dậu – means “rooster,” so a great choice for a baby born in the year of the rooster.
  27. Dep – simply means “beautiful,” just like your precious baby girl.
  28. Diệp – meaning “leaves,” this one has a beautiful autumn feel.
  29. Diệu – this Sino-Vietnamese name meaning “exquisite, mysterious” also has the divine translation of “God” in French.
  30. Dông – a cool, gender-neutral choice, meaning “winter” or “east.”
  31. Duyên – meaning “fate, charm,” Duyên sounds like a perfectly mystical choice among Vietnamese girl names!
  32. Gia – is a recognizable nickname for many international names, meaning “excellent” in Vietnamese.
  33. Giang – meaning “river,” this gentle, unisex name sounds full of surprises.
  34. – meaning “river,” this short female name carries such beautiful grace and depth.
  35. Han – an international girl name said to mean “moral” in Vietnamese, great for Star Wars-loving parents!
  36. Hoa – means “flower,” making a gorgeous name to pick!
  37. Hong– meaning “pink, rosy,” this name sounds like the cutest little blush.
  38. Hong Hanh – meaning “pink apricot blossom,” this romantic name encapsulates elegance and purity.
  39. Huệ – after the pretty and symbolic “lily flower.”
  40. Khánh – which means “congratulate, celebrate,” perfectly captures the joy of having your family blessed with a new arrival.
  41. Khiêm – a dreamy virtue name suitable for boys and girls, meaning “modesty.”
  42. Khuyến – meaning “advise, advisor,” this name would suit a baby smarty-pants.
  43. Kiều – a cool and stylish name, perhaps meaning “pretty” and “loveable.”
  44. Kim – a popular international name of various origins and meanings that shines like “gold” as a Sino-Vietnamese option.
  45. Kỳ – another charm of a name that means “good luck, fortune.”
  46. Lam – a vibrant name after a rich shade of “indigo, blue.”
  47. Lâm – is a slight variant of Lam, with the adventurous meaning of “forest.”
  48. Lan – a flowery name with Chinese and Sino-Vietnamese roots, meaning “orchid.”
  49. Lang – a cute choice for your little “sweet potato” baby.
  50. Lanh – an uplifting choice with the simple meaning of “good, happy.”
  51. – the Vietnamese word for “pear” also makes a fun, fruity name choice.
  52. Lien – a romantic, melodic name for a girl as pretty as a “water lily.”
  53. Liễu – meaning “willow,” this nature-inspired name is rather majestic.
  54. Linh – is one of the most popular Vietnamese names for girls, with the charming meanings of “spirit, soul.”
  55. Loan – or Luan, a magical choice after a bird from traditional Vietnamese mythology.
  56. Long – a Chinese and Vietnamese unisex name with the powerful, fiery meaning of ” dragon.”
  57. Lương – another strong, typical virtue name, meaning “good, respectable.”
  58. – a fruity pick for a little “plum” of a daughter.
  59. Mai – a gorgeous Vietnamese girl alternative to the popular May or Mei, meaning “plum flower or cherry blossom.”
  60. Minh – a famous, revolutionary unisex Vietnamese name meaning “bright.”
  61. Mỹ – my oh my, this name sure is “beautiful”!
  62. Mycau – an adorable yet mighty name, said to mean “great.”
  63. Ngân – this one’s shimmering and splendid, meaning “silver.”
  64. Ngọc – another great Vietnamese girl name that means “jade” – after a precious stone.
  65. Nguyen – the most common surname, may also make a smart given name for a baby.
  66. Nguyệt – meaning ” moon,” this Sino-Vietnamese name has an ethereal, enchanting aura.
  67. Nhung – translating to mean “velvet,” this name is soft yet full of class.
  68. Nữ – meaning “female,” this may be the most literal of Vietnamese women’s names!
  69. Oanh – a lovely Vietnamese name inspired by animals, after a sweet type of bird.
  70. Phúc – like a new little charm, this cool name means “blessing, good fortune.”
  71. Phượng – like Phường but with a difference in tone, this magical name means “phoenix.”
  72. Phường – meaning “direction,” this name could be the “way” to go!
  73. Ping – a unique choice, said to carry the gentle meaning of “peace.”
  74. Quý – a name fit for your new treasure, meaning “precious.”
  75. Quỳnh – a dreamy name after a unique genus of flowers that blooms at nighttime.
  76. Sang – for a “bright one,” this name is full of stardust and ambition.
  77. Sen – another sweetly floral and calming pick, meaning “lotus.”
  78. Sương – meaning “frost, dew,” this name is as full of possibilities as a crisp morning.
  79. Tài – is an effervescent choice for a “gifted, talented” little superstar.
  80. Tam – a delicate, gender-neutral name meaning “heart” in Vietnamese.
  81. Thanh – is a popular choice among Vietnamese Americans, meaning “bright blue” and “brilliant.”
  82. Thao – a strong virtue name for a child who is “respectful of parents.”
  83. Thoai – is a vibrant and elevated girl name choice after a Vietnamese mother goddess.
  84. Thom – with the adorable meaning of “sweet-scented,” this name would suit a baby who seems cute enough to eat!
  85. Thu – meaning “autumn,” this name holds all the crisp, golden beauty of a fall sunrise.
  86. Thủy – dreamy, natural, and pure, this gorgeous name meaning “water” is fit for any mermaid.
  87. Tiên – beautifully magical and ethereal, Tiên means “fairy” or “celestial being.”
  88. Trang – meaning “adornment,” this Vietnamese girl’s name is pronounced, “chang.”
  89. Trinh – this Vietnamese-rooted girl’s name means “virginal,” making it sound pure and innocent.
  90. Trúc – uniquely meaning “bamboo,” this is a cool choice among Vietnamese female names inspired by nature.
  91. – another vibrant name for a girl full of “elegant beauty.”
  92. Tuyen – a heavenly alternative to Tiên, meaning “angel.”
  93. Tuyết – the meaning of “snow” gives this name a cool, wintertime feel.
  94. Uoc – an unusual name that’ll have you shooting for the stars, meaning “wishes.”
  95. Ut – meaning “last,” this name may be given to the youngest member of your family.
  96. Vân – meaning “cloud,” this sweet name sounds fluffy and bright.
  97. Vinh – a Sino-Vietnamese choice with the triumphant meaning of “glory.”
  98. Vui – meaning “radiant, amusing, joyful,” Vui is one of the most uplifting Vietnamese female names.
  99. Xuân – perfect for a March-born baby, this glowing pick means “springtime.”
  100. Yên – this soft and gentle name beginning with Y will spread “calmness and peace” over your baby.

Vietnamese Girl Name FAQs

How Do Vietnamese Names Work?

In Vietnam, personal names begin with a family name (usually taken from the father’s line, though sometimes a combination of father and mother,) followed by a middle name (optional), and then a given name. Often, the middle name can be part of the given name, with given names chosen to reflect virtues and values wished to be bestowed upon a child.

What Are Some Flower Vietnamese Names for Girls?

If you’d love to “pick” a Vietnamese girl’s name inspired by a flower, there are plenty of options to choose from. We love Cúc (“chrysanthemum”), Sen (“lotus”), Huệ (“lily flower”), and Lan (“orchid”), with Anh and Hoa meaning “flower,” too!

What Vietnamese Girl Name Means “Beautiful”?

Dep and Mỹ both mean “beautiful” in Vietnamese, making gorgeous options for pretty little ladies. Alternatively, Tú is perfect for a girl of “elegant beauty,” while Bê’s meaning of “doll” sounds cute and beautiful.

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