100 Beautiful Welsh Girl Names With Their Meanings

From the modern to the medieval, here are the most beautiful Welsh girl names to choose from for your new little princess.

Wales is a true gem of a country, home to magnificent landscapes, rugged coastlines, medieval history, and a passion for sports, arts, and culture. Rooted in all this Welsh fire are some of the prettiest names for beautiful baby girls, and we’re here to help you choose the perfect Welsh girl’s name for your new little princess!

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100 Traditional Welsh Names for Girls

Here are the most perfect and traditional Welsh girl names for you to consider for your beautiful little girl, including all the meanings, pronunciations, namesakes, and variations you need to know.


“Aeres” is the Welsh word for “heiress,” making it a pretty and majestic name for your new little namesake. Although it is pronounced more similar to Iris, Aeres still seems airy and light-hearted. Although completely unrelated, naming a baby girl born during the Aries astrological season Aeres seems rather adorable too.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Heiress
  • Pronunciation: eye-ress
Regal, Pretty


Aerona is a pretty and unique Welsh name for a girl. It is a feminine version of Aeron, which means “berry” or “fruit,” so a super-sweet sentiment to hold in a name. Another possible interpretation of the name could be to trace it to the Middle Welsh word “aer,” which means “battle.” There was a Welsh god of war named Aeron, offering powerful connotations to the name, although perhaps not the most gentle. As well as this, there is a River Aeron which flows through Ceredigion in Wales, making Aerona a lovely name to a baby with family ties to this area.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Berry, or battle
  • Variations: Aeronwy, Aeronwen
Nature-inspired, Locational, Unique


Alaw is a Welsh unisex name that rings out as tunefully as its meaning. There is a river on Anglesey in Wales named Afon Alaw, and also Llyn Alaw, a reservoir, and these waterway features may bring further significance to the name into your family. Alaw carries the meaning of “melodious,” so it would perfectly suit a chirpy baby born into a musical family.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Tuneful, melodious
  • Pronunciation: ah-low
Short, Locational, Nature-inspired


The popular English name Alice has been given a Welsh twist to create the name Alys! Meaning “noble,” this short, strong, and sweet name will always delight, especially since it sounds as though it has come straight out of Wonderland. Alys is a fresh Welsh way of spelling the name but may also be recognized as the first syllable from the American spelling of the longer name, Alysson.

  • Origin: Welsh, English
  • Meaning: Noble
  • Variations: Alice, Alysson
Short, Sweet, Popular


Angharad is a rather unique, old-fashioned-sounding girl’s name, but one which will be associated with power and intrigue nonetheless! In the Welsh mythological cycle The Mabinogion, Angharad was the name of the lover of Peredur, in a tale filled with witches, romance, and cunning. Angharad has also been a name borne by various noblewomen throughout Welsh history. For instance, the wife of Rhodri the Great was named Angharad, as was the daughter of Llywelyn the Great. Angharad carries an aura of regality and charm and is a name certain to be borne with pride.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Much love
Regal, Mythological, Unique


Ariana is a beautiful and popular name. It’s modern-sounding and rooted in a variety of different cultures and languages. In Welsh, Ariana holds the glittering meaning of “silver,” being an elaboration on the Welsh word for the shiny element, “Arian.” This gives the name a sparkling, worthy meaning which will perfectly suit your precious little girl. As well as Welsh, Ariana can be rooted in Persian, Latin, and Sanskrit and linked to the Ancient Greek mythological tale of Ariadne, the wife of Dionysus, god of wine. If you choose this name for your daughter, it has plenty of history and further culture to explore together as she grows older.

  • Origin: Welsh, Latin, Greek
  • Meaning: Silver
  • Variations: Ariadne, Arianna
  • Namesakes: Ariana Grande, an American singer. Ariana Rockefeller, an American fashion designer and model. Ariana DeBose, an American actress and musical theater performer.
  • Popularity: Ariana has ranked within the top 100 most popular baby girl names in the US throughout the 2000s and 2010s, making it a very popular name.
Popular, Pretty


Ariana may be a beautiful and popular name, but Arianwen is a simply perfect and charming variation. The “-wen” suffix offers that traditional Welsh feel while giving an already-feminine name more of a girlish charm. Arianwen is said to hold the meanings of either “white” or “holy silver,” so perfectly pure and wholesome, and was also the name of one of the daughters of the 5th-century Welsh chieftain Brychan. Arianwen is a longer name but one which easily rolls off the tongue with a melodic lilt. This name is perfect for a unique little princess.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: White, or Holy silver
  • Variations: Ariana
Pretty, Sweet, Heavenly


Not only is Avalon a cool, modern-sounding name for a badass girl, it is also a beautiful name rooted in medieval mythology. Etymologically, the name is said to have derived from the Welsh word “afal,” meaning “apple,” giving the meaning of “island of the apple trees.” This island is what features in mythology, specifically in Arthurian legend. It is said that the mighty and all-powerful sword Excalibur was forged on the island of Avalon and that King Arthur himself was taken there when gravely injured to heal. Avalon sounds perfect for a name, and we would absolutely love to see it gain in popularity as a kickass Welsh girl name!

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: The Island of Apple Trees (from mythology)
  • Variations: Avillion, Afallon, Avelion
Mythological, Pretty, Unique


Awel is a gorgeously airy name for a little girl, taken from the Welsh word meaning “wind” or “breeze.” Almost as if the breeze whispered this name to you itself, Awel is soft and sweet, yet strong enough to inspire. “A-” names are always strong-sounding and cool, and Awel makes for a particularly awesome choice for your daydreamy daughter.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Wind, breeze
Nature-inspired, Short, Pretty


With its feminine-sounding lilt and typically-Welsh spelling, we’re surprised that Aylwen is such an uncommon name. There is little history to be found on Aylwen, but it is said to hold the pure meaning of “fair-browed.” So, if you are looking for a unique name for your possibly blonde, one-of-a-kind little Welsh princess, Aylwen might be a stunning option to choose.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Fair-browed
  • Popularity: Aylwen is an uncommon name to choose.
Unique, Strong, Pretty
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Bethan is a Welsh variant on the regal English given name Elizabeth. A lesser-used twist on this ever-popular name, Bethan also carries the heavenly meaning of “God is perfection.” Particularly if used in tribute to a special relative named Elizabeth, Bethan would be a lovely option to consider. And, they would still share the adorable nickname Beth, making it all the more meaningful.

  • Origin: Welsh, English
  • Meaning: God is perfection
  • Variations: Elizabeth, Beth, Bethany
Heavenly, Strong


Braith is a beautiful name to use to highlight the adorable little features on your daughter’s sweet face. Meaning “freckled,” Braith refers to the cutest little natural markings which come out in the sun. Particularly for a summer-born baby, Braith would make a delightful name. Aside from its meaning, Braith sounds confident, being a strong unisex name of Welsh origin.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Freckled
Sweet, Pretty, Unique


Briallen is an adorably unique and floral name, having been derived from the Welsh word for “primrose,” “briallu.” Primroses are pretty little flowers that are often the first to appear in the new year, offering the first signs of brightness and beauty in the gray of winter. So, if your new little girl has brightened up your January, this would be a lovely flower to name her after. And, if there is any chance you and your partner are named Bree and Allen, this name is just about as close to perfect for your daughter as you could get!

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Primrose
Unique, Sweet, Floral


Perhaps the cutest thing about the sweet name Bronny is that it sounds so close to “bonnie” – a Scottish term of endearment for a cute little baby! Yet, Bronny is actually a feminine name of Welsh origin, being a fun variation on the popular given name Bronwen. Bronny holds the pure meanings of “fair” and “blessed” while also sounding upbeat, unique, and ready for adventure. The “-y” ending to Bronny is delightfully soft and innocent but could always be dropped and your daughter could go by Bron as she grows older – a more elegant, sophisticated, yet still attractive nickname.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Fair, blessed
  • Variations: Bronwyn
Fun, Pretty


The Welsh unisex name Brownwen is formed from the words “bron” and “gwyn,” which mean “breasted” and “white” or “holy,” respectively. So, Bronwen is considered to carry the heavenly and romantic meaning of “pure of heart,” a lovely sentiment for her to carry. Another spelling of this name would be Bronwyn, however since the suffix “-wyn” is traditionally considered masculine, we would suggest you reserve this variation for a boy’s name instead.

  • Origin: Welsh, Gaelic
  • Meaning: Pure of heart
  • Pronunciation: bron-win
  • Variations: Bronwyn, Branwen
  • Popularity: Bronwen is a rare choice of name in the US, having never made the SSA most commonly-used name charts.
Strong, Sweet


Take influence from the breathtaking beauty of the Welsh countryside when choosing your daughter’s name, and go with the short but sweet choice of Brynne. This is the more-feminine spelling of the masculine name Bryn, which means “hill” in Welsh. Full of majesty, pride, and homeliness, a hill would be a reassuring and comforting namesake for a high-flying little girl. Not to mention, the soft simplicity of the name Brynne is simply adorable!

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Hill, or raven
  • Pronunciation: brin
  • Variations: Bryn, Brynn
Nature-inspired, Short, Sweet


Buddug is a strong, punchy name of Welsh origin. It is one of those names whose pronunciation is likely to be misinterpreted from its spelling by those unfamiliar with the Welsh language, but in the case of Buddug, it looks just as cool on paper as it sounds when spoken aloud. Buddug holds the mighty meaning of “victorious,” so would be a great name for your new little winner. It is also the Welsh name for Boudicca, an ancient warrior queen of the Iceni tribe who led an uprising against the Roman Empire.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Victorious
  • Pronunciation: bee-th-ig, bu-th-ig
  • Variations: Boudicca
Fun, Unique


Cambrie is a rare, coined name, but one absolutely perfect for a baby girl of Welsh heritage. Cambria is the Latinized form of Cymru, which is the Welsh name for their country. Particularly with its soft and sweet sound, it is unsurprising that the name has evolved into a given name, too. Cambria may be the more obvious choice, but Cambrie is just as unique and adorable, especially if you like the name Bree.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Wales, from Wales
  • Variations: Cambria
Locational, Unique, Sweet


The sweetest of short names, Cari is a soft, gentle, and pure choice for a gorgeous girl. Like many names beginning with the letters “Car-,” Cari is derived from the Welsh word “caru,” meaning “to love.” Cari may be a nickname from names such as Caroline or Carys or a shortened version of Ceridwen. Soft and romantic, Cari is a sweet and simple choice for a name, but one which will be “loved” by all.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Loved, beloved
Pretty, Sweet, Pure


Caron is a lovely name for a baby girl, having been derived from the Welsh word “caru,” meaning “to love.” The name is pronounced the same as Karen, however, the spellings of each make Caron seem somewhat softer and more unique. Karen has evolved into quite the internet meme in recent years, with negative connotations linked to the supposed personality traits associated with the name. However, we think the variant Caron is different enough to comfortably distance itself from this stereotyping while still being gentle, pretty, and a gorgeous Welsh name for a little princess.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: To love
  • Variations: Karen, Caru, Carys
  • Popularity: Caron is a rare name in the US, having only briefly broken into the top 1000 most popular names between 1940 and 1960. Its variant Karen, however, is very popular, having been within the top 20 most popular names in the US between those same dates.
Pretty, Sweet
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Derived from the Welsh word “caru,” which means “to love,” Carys is a beautiful and romantic name for a pretty little girl. This stunning name carries so much affection while managing to sound almost floral in nature. We love this feminine choice of name for your newest little “loved one.”

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Loved one
  • Variations: Cerys
Sweet, Pretty


The Welsh form of Katherine, Catrin is a pretty, soft, and romantic name for a curious little girl. As well as this, Catrin may also be a German girl’s name, short for Katharina, another form of Katherine. There are many different variations from this popular name root in all different languages, but we like Catrin for its soft “C” start, simpler spelling, and sharper syllables. The Welsh poet Gillian Clarke penned a famous poem named “Catrin” in honor of her daughter and the inseparable yet real and tumultuous bond they share, a lovely tribute indeed.

  • Origin: Welsh, German
  • Meaning: Pure
  • Variations: Katherine, Katharina
Pretty, Sweet


Cecette is a pretty, sassy, and confident name for a girl. It is a variant on the name Cecilia, also of Old Welsh origin, yet originally comes from Seissylt, which means “sixth.” In this day and age, the need to have children’s names numerically up to six may be somewhat exaggerated – although not unheard of – so if this little girl is sixth in your clan, Cecette could be the perfect choice for her. If not, Cecette is still a beautiful and stunningly feminine name, which can easily be shortened to the cheeky nickname Cece.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Sixth, or blind
  • Pronunciation: SESS-seht
  • Variations: Cecilia, Cecul
Unique, Pretty


As well as being the name of a river running through the northeast of Wales, Ceirios is a sweet feminine name of Welsh origin, meaning “cherry.” Throughout many different cultures, the cherry tree is seen to be a symbol of springtime, representing renewal and the fleeting but beautiful nature of life. For a springtime baby, Ceirios is a gentle and unique name, with a sweet-as-cherry-pie meaning behind it.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Cherry
Nature-inspired, Unique, Locational


Ceri is a lovely name for a little girl, which carries a much softer spelling than its variant form Kerry. Ceri has origins in both Wales and Ireland, making it a great option for a baby born with lineage from both sides of the Irish Sea. In Welsh, Ceri is said to have derived from the word “caru,” which means “love,” making it a romantic and affectionate choice for your new little darling. Alternatively, Ceri may have derived from the Irish clan name Ciarraighe, which is used in reference to those from what was known as the kingdom of Ciar, now County Kerry. Whether you choose Ceri for its sweet Welsh origins, locational Irish origins, or both, this is a lovely and unique name for your little girl.

  • Origin: Welsh, Irish
  • Meaning: Love
  • Pronunciation: keh-ree
  • Variations: Kerry
Short, Sweet


If you appreciate magic and mystery, you’re bound to love the pretty name Cerridwen. According to medieval Welsh legend, Cerridwen was the name of a powerful enchantress, regarded as a goddess of poetry and inspiration. Her story is quite an odd tale, involving a potion to grant beauty and wisdom, swallowing a servant and rebirthing him, and transforming into different animals. Still, these magical and mythological links are certain to make Cerridwen a name of much intrigue and will certainly be a fascinating subject of conversation as Cerridwen grows older.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Blessed poetry
Pretty, Mythological


There is a river running through south Wales named Cothi, known locally in Welsh as the Afon Cothi. Although not a common name, Cothi evokes the scenic and tranquil beauty of the river and makes for a perfect name for any baby with sentimental ties to its banks. Cothi is also a recognized surname, with there being a 15th-century poet of that name who wrote in the Welsh language. Cothi sounds quirky and unique in tone, and we love this sweet choice for a baby girl.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Named after a river
  • Namesakes: Lewys Glyn Cothi, a 15th-century Welsh poet. ShΓ’n Cothi, a Welsh singer-songwriter and television personality.
Locational, Nature-inspired, Unique


Cragen is the Welsh word for “shell” and can be used as an earthy but rare given name for a girl. Shells themselves are beautiful and inspiring, but also strong and unique, just like your perfect little girl. Cragen is quite a feisty-sounding name but with a truly nice meaning and Welsh origins. Forget Shelly as a name for your beachy daughter, and choose Cragen instead.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Shell
  • Popularity: Cragen is an uncommon name.
Nature-inspired, Unique


Dee is a short, sweet, and sunny name for a little girl and a name that would be especially perfect for a baby born with both English and Welsh heritage. For Dee is the name of a river that rises in Snowdonia, Wales, runs through Chester, England, and meets the sea in a peninsula between both countries. So, not only is Dee a pretty name, but it also holds a sweet, nature-inspired sentiment to it, too! If your baby has parents from both England and Wales, especially, Dee could be the most lovely name to link the two nationalities together.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Dark, or named after a river
Nature-inspired, Locational, Short


The sweet and gentle name Delyth is derived from the Welsh “del,” meaning “pretty,” or “beautiful.” Delyth is a unique name which is strikingly feminine in pronunciation, with its lispy second syllable softening out the harsher “D-” sound at the start of the name. For a unique and pretty little girl, Delyth is a wonderful, Welsh-inspired name to consider.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Pretty, blessed
Unique, Sweet, Pretty
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Deryn is derived from the Welsh word “aderyn,” which means “bird,” thus giving this adorable unisex name the added freedom and flight of a beautiful bird! As well as this, Deryn may be considered a name of Greek origin, meaning “gift.” Deryn has a joyful pronunciation and looks sweet written down, making a lovely choice for your new, high-flying baby.

  • Origin: Welsh, Greek
  • Meaning: Bird
  • Pronunciation: DEH-rin
  • Variations: Aderyn, Derry, Derren
Animal-inspired, Nature-inspired, Sweet


It is hard not to love the name Dwynwen, for it really is adorable! The name is composed of two rhyming syllables and carries the affectionate meanings of “wave” or “fair, blessed one.” In Wales, Saint Dwynwen is recognized as the patron saint of lovers, whose day is celebrated on January 25th in a similar style to Saint Valentine’s Day. Dwynwen can be shortened to the sweet Dwyn as she grows older, staying stylish without losing the loveliness of her name.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Wave, or fair, blessed one
  • Variations: Dwyn
  • Namesakes: Saint Dwynwen, the Welsh patron saint of lovers.
Sweet, Pretty


If, like us, you love the idea of naming your baby after the month they were born, consider adding some Welsh flair to your April-born daughter and naming her Ebrill. Ebrill is the Welsh word for April and brings a sweet, unique twist to the popular name. Ebrill is short and full of sunshine, carrying all the springtime beauty of new beginnings through its meaning.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: April
  • Pronunciation: ehb-ril
  • Variations: April
Sweet, Unique


The sweetest of short names, Efa, is the Welsh form of the popular name Eva. From the same stem as Eve, this gives Efa biblical links to the first woman in the garden of Eden, as well as carrying the pure and glorious meaning of “life.” By switching the “v” to an “f,” Efa is somehow softer and more unique, yet still beautiful and accessible as a lovely name for a little girl.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Life
  • Variations: Eve, Eva, Aoife
Short, Sweet


Eiddwen is a lovely and unique name for a girl, derived from the Welsh elements “eiddun” and “gwen,” meaning “fond” and “holy, blessed” or “white, fair,” respectively. Llyn Eiddwen is a lake located in Ceredigion in Wales, known for being a site of special scientific interest, particularly due to its plentiful wildlife and status as a nature reserve. Thanks to this lake, Eiddwen as a name connotes tranquility, exploration, and friendliness to all living things.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Pure fondness
  • Pronunciation: aithe-wen
  • Namesakes: Eiddwen Harrhy, a Welsh soprano singer.
Heavenly, Unique, Locational


Eilir is a sweet and airy feminine name of Welsh origin, where it holds the beautiful meaning of “butterfly.” You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t love butterflies, with their vibrant colors, delicate wings, and almost fairy-like qualities – all attributes which would reflect a perfect beauty onto a little girl. Because of the wondrous metamorphosis butterflies undergo to become the magnificent beings they turn out to be, the species is often regarded as a symbol of positive change and transformation. Eilir itself sounds springlike and soft and perfect for your daydreamy little daughter.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Butterfly
  • Pronunciation: EY-lihr
Animal-inspired, Nature-inspired, Unique


The pretty and unique name Eilonwy is perhaps best associated with the name of a fictional princess from the children’s fantasy series of novels, The Chronicles of Prydain, written by Lloyd Alexander. As well as being a princess, Eilonwy was beautiful and fierce, possessing magical powers. Her character is also featured in Disney’s The Black Cauldron, an animated movie adaptation of the books. In terms of etymology, Eilonwy can be said to mean both “deer” and “melody, music,” as the word “eilon” translates to either of these meanings from Welsh. “-wy” is a diminutive suffix, adding that extra layer of sweetness to the name. Overall, we love Eilonwy as a pretty Welsh name for your magical little princess.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Deer, or melody
  • Pronunciation: eh-lon-wee, ay-lon-wee
Magical, Pretty, Unique


There are fewer things more magical than a fresh, white snowfall. Eira is a Welsh feminine name meaning “snow” and perfectly conveys the purity and beauty of a frost-covered morning through its soft, gentle sound. Eira would be an especially beautiful name for a baby born during the wintertime. Interestingly, Eira may also be a Sanskrit girl name meaning “the earth,” also a majestic and nature-inspired name of beauty.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Snow
  • Pronunciation: i-ra, ay-ra
Nature-inspired, Pretty, Unique


Eiriol is a wonderful Welsh baby girl name, which sounds very much like the Disney Princess name Ariel! Eiriol could have a couple of meanings behind it, the first being “snowy,” as a longer form of the Welsh name Eira, which also means “snow.” With this meaning, the name is cool, homely and playful, and would be a great choice for a winter-born baby girl. Alternatively, “eiriol-” is a Welsh very meaning “to advocate” or “to plead,” offering a meaning which can be left to your own interpretation. In sound, Eiriol is airy and unique, with a stand-out spelling and aura of fun.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Snowy, or to advocate
  • Pronunciation: eer-ee-ell
  • Variations: Ariel
Fun, Nature-inspired


Elin is a form of Elen, and both are short, sweet, and delightful girls’ names. In Welsh, Elin carries the magic meaning of “nymph,” so you could say the fun name blesses an aura of fairy magic and mischief upon its bearer. Elin may also be considered a variation on the names Helen or Elina, which mean “bright, shining light” from their Greek roots. A magical, glowing name, Elin is a delightful choice for your little fairy.

  • Origin: Welsh, Greek
  • Meaning: Nymph, or light
  • Variations: Ellen, Helen
  • Namesakes: Elin Jones, a Welsh politician. Elin Nordegren, a Swedish model. Elin Manahan Thomas, a singer of Baroque music.
Short, Magical, Pretty
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Eluned is a romantic and traditionally Welsh feminine name. There is a Saint Eluned who hailed from 5th-century Brecon in Wales. She was a virgin martyr who spent her time on the run and is celebrated today on her feast day of August 1. Eluned makes a great alternative to the name Eleanor, sounding almost ethereal and mysterious.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Idol, image
  • Pronunciation: el-in-ed, ehl-een-ed
  • Variations: Luned, Eiluned
  • Namesakes: Saint Eluned, a 5th-century Welsh saint.
Unique, Pretty


Enfys is a sweet and colorful unisex name and one which could hold a beautiful meaning to you and your family. Enfys is a Welsh name meaning “rainbow,” which is a lovely meaning on its own, yet to some, this holds true significance. The term “rainbow baby” is commonly given to a healthy baby born to parents who have previously lost a child, be it due to miscarriage, stillbirth, or any other tragic loss. Therefore, giving your “rainbow baby” a “rainbow” name can be a particularly touching way to honor their former sibling and carry their legacy on through your family. Yet, even without this associated meaning, Enfys is a sweet, gentle, and unique name to consider for your new little son or daughter.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Rainbow
  • Pronunciation: en-viss
  • Popularity: Enfys is an uncommon but magical modern name.
Heavenly, Nature-inspired, Sweet


With the meaning of “spirit” or “soul,” Enid is an ethereal, airy name for your little girl. Short and sharp in spelling and pronunciation, Enid may seem old-fashioned but could certainly be used today.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Spirit, soul
  • Pronunciation: ee-nid
  • Variations: Enaid
  • Namesakes: Enid Blyton, an English children’s author. Enid Dame, an American poet.
Short, Sweet


Erin is a pretty and popular name for a baby girl and one which may be a particularly attractive choice for families with ancestry between Wales and Ireland. Erin is actually a Welsh name meaning Ireland, derived from the Irish word for Ireland, “Γ‰ire.” Erin is romantic and earthy, making it consistently popular as a baby girl name not just in Wales and Ireland, but in the US too.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: From Ireland
  • Namesakes: Erin Brockovich, an American environmental activist and legal clerk. Erin Andrews, an American sports reporter.
  • Popularity: Erin is a popular name in the US, having ranked in the top 100 most popular names between 1971 and 2004 and comfortably within the country’s top 1000 girl names since 1947.
Locational, Popular, Short


Eurddolen is a rare but mighty Welsh feminine name to consider for your sweet girl. It is long but unlikely to be shortened and unique enough to be remembered by those who hear it. Eurddolen is said to have derived in the same vein as the fairytale name Goldilocks, meaning “golden ring” from the Welsh words “aur” and “dolen,” so “gold” and “ring,” respectively. Perhaps Eurddolen would make a brilliant name for a baby born on the fifth day of Christmas, like in the song?

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Golden ring
Unique, Strong


Those pretty, flowering perennial plants we know as foxgloves are actually named “ffion” in Welsh, and this is one of the reasons we absolutely love this stylish, sweet baby girl name. Ffion is floral and fun – both to hear and to say – and makes a delightful variation to Fiona. An alternative spelling to Ffion would bring us to Fionn, which is a Gaelic girl’s name meaning “fair” or “white.” Ffion is a fresh and colorful name that we truly love.

  • Origin: Welsh, Gaelic
  • Meaning: Foxglove, or fair
  • Variations: Fiona, Fionn
  • Namesakes: Ffion Morgan, a Welsh footballer. Ffion Bowen, a Welsh rugby union player.
Pretty, Nature-inspired, Floral


Fflur is a Welsh feminine name meaning “flower” and is a delightfully intriguing name for your new little petal. The double β€˜f’ spelling is attractively feminine and beautifully Welsh and gives this nature-inspired name quite an allure. Floral names are always popular, but mix it up with this delightfully unique alternative!

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Flower
  • Variations: Fleur, Flora
Floral, Pretty, Nature-inspired


Fioled is a rare Welsh girl name, but one we love for its vivid, floral nature. Fioled is actually the Welsh word for “violet,” which is not only a beautifully rich color but also a pretty flower, said to symbolize honesty and modesty. The color violet represents nobility and luxury, charming associations for your new little princess. Fioled itself sounds earthy and airy and is a name we’d love to see gain popularity in the future.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Violet
Floral, Unique


Gayna, and it’s more traditional, unisex variant Gaynor, are Welsh names that originate from the same root as Guinevere, taking the names back to medieval times. The spelling of Gayna is feminine and appears somewhat more modern to Gaynor, but both share the same pronunciation and pure, gentle meanings of “soft” and “fair.” For a sweet, precious little baby, these sentiments are truly perfect to hold in her name. As Gaynor is also a surname, Gayna may also work as a cool middle name for your baby girl too.

  • Origin: Welsh, Gaelic
  • Meaning: Soft, fair
  • Variations: Gaynor, Guinevere
Sweet, Short


Gladys – a feminine name of Welsh origin – was hugely popular back in the early 1900s but is rarely heard for new babies in more modern years. The name carries the pretty and regal meaning of “princess” – so perfectly sweet for your new little lady – but is also distinctly floral-sounding, thanks to the colorful species of summer blooms, the gladioli. A great namesake would be the brilliant Gladys Knight, known as the “Empress of Soul,” to impress the music lovers!

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Princess
  • Variations: Gwladus, Gwladys
  • Namesakes: Gladys Knight, an American singer. Gladys Blake, a 1930s American actress. Gladys Carmagnola, a Paraguayan poet.
  • Popularity: Gladys was in the top 100 most popular names in the US between 1900 and 1937! It dropped out of the top 1000 charts after 1999, so it is less popular now, but still frequently heard amongst older generations.
Regal, Floral
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Glain is a unique but traditional-sounding name, holding the precious meaning of “jewel.” It makes a great choice of name for your new little gem of a daughter, casting a shimmering and valuable light over her wherever she goes. Glain may also be a Hebrew name meaning “joy,” another delightful interpretation to hold.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Jewel
Pretty, Short, Unique


Glenda is a pretty and traditional name of Welsh origin, derived from the words “glΓ’n” and “da,” meaning “clean, pure” and “good,” respectively. Glenda sounds feminine and cute and would be sweet to use in the namesake of a family member called Glen. A perhaps more-magical variation of Glenda would be Glinda, made popular for being the name of the Good Witch from L. Frank Baum’s The Wizard of Oz.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Pure, good
  • Variations: Glinda, Gwenda, Glen
  • Namesakes: Glenda Farrell, a classic American actress. Glenda Goertzen, a Canadian author. Glenda Jackson, an English actress and politician.
Heavenly, Pretty


Grug may at first seem like an unusual choice of name for a sweet little girl, but we assure you it’s truly lovely and one you should consider. “Grug” is the Welsh word for “heather,” a beautiful and colorful floral shrub said to symbolize good luck and protection. Heather is also a lovely name, but Grug is a great, uncommon alternative that is traditionally pronounced “GREEG.” Opting for this name is a lovely way to bestow the sentiments of luck and protection upon your little girl, as well as helping her stand out with such a cool name.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Heather
  • Pronunciation: GREEG
Nature-inspired, Unique, Floral


Guinevere is a Welsh girl name of strong legendary meaning and certain to impress. In Arthurian legend, Guinevere was the beautiful wife of King Arthur himself. Although interpretations of her story vary – including tales of an adulterous affair with the knight Lancelot or her abduction by the evil King Melwas – Guinevere will always carry connotations of nobility, romance, and beauty. Therefore, this makes for a perfectly powerful and elegant name for a confident little girl. Guinevere may be shortened to the nickname Gwen, or perhaps even Eve, both equally sweet choices.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: White phantom, or blessed
  • Pronunciation: GWIN-a-veer
  • Variations: Guenevere, Gwen
Strong, Mythological


There is nothing like the beauty of the rising sun to take your breath away, and this is perfectly captured in the name Gwawr. A feminine name of Welsh origin, Gwawr carries the meaning of “dawn,” making it a lovely way to symbolize the start of a new chapter in your life, with the addition of this beautiful baby. Gwawr may be a hard name to learn how to pronounce at first, but we think it is certainly worth it and love this ancient name.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Dawn
  • Pronunciation: go-aar, goo-aor
  • Namesakes: Gwawr Edwards, a Welsh soprano.
Cool, Unique, Nature-inspired


Gwyneth holds the pure and wholesome meanings of either “blessed, fair” or “happiness,” making this an ethereal and glowing name for any bright little girl. Gwyneth may be shortened to the bubbly nickname Gwyn, but Gwyneth the name sounds charming and elegant, worthy of a Welsh princess. Gwyneth is derived from the name of the ancient kingdom of Gwynedd, which was formed in the 5th-century northwest of Wales.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Blessed, or happiness
  • Variations: Gwynedd, Gwyn
  • Namesakes: Gwyneth Paltrow, an American actress. Gwyneth Lewis, a Welsh poet.
Pretty, Popular, Fun


Haf is a name that would sound very unique to non-Welsh ears but is one that carries all the warmth of a bright day in August. Meaning “summer,” Haf is most commonly given to summertime-born babies as a middle name, to bring them a little bit of sunshine wherever they go. It could be used as a standalone given name, too, perfect for a fun-loving and smiley little girl.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Summer
  • Pronunciation: halve
Unique, Short, Nature-inspired


Although the meaning of the Welsh name Heledd is uncertain, we still believe it to be a beautiful, strong, and regal name to consider for your little girl. A 7th-century Welsh princess named Heledd has gone down in legend, and there is a famous collection of early Welsh poems named Canu Heledd. Don’t let the lack of concrete meaning to the name deter you, as we’re sure your daughter will write her own story to live up to anyway, and she will look awesome as she does so with the cool, confident name Heledd!

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Unknown
  • Pronunciation: HEL-edh, HEL-eth
  • Variations: Hyledd
Pretty, Unique, Regal


Bring all the joy of a bright summer day to your beautiful little girl by choosing the delightful name Heulwen to bless her. Meaning “sunshine” in Welsh, Heulwen is full of radiance and possibility, whilst still being a unique and fun Welsh feminine name.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Sunshine
  • Pronunciation: heyl-wen
Pretty, Unique


Ifanna is the feminine version of the name Ifan which, in turn, is a Welsh masculine name derived from the Hebrew name John. You wouldn’t think that Ifanna and John are related names, but they are, so this would make for a particularly riveting topic of conversation if you have a John in the family to use as a namesake! Ifanna (through John) holds the glorious and heavenly meaning of “God is gracious,” with beautiful religious spirit and joy. A fun variation would be Ifanwy, which is also beautiful and earthy, but Ifanna is feminine and pretty as it is.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: God is gracious, Gift from God
  • Variations: Ifanwy
Heavenly, Unique
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Iola is the feminine version of the Welsh boy name Iolo, which in turn could be used as a shortened version of Iorweth. These names hold the pure and heavenly meanings of “handsome, worthy lord.” Iola has the fun-to-say, rhythmic pronunciation of “YO-la,” which is both amicable and memorable whilst still being totally unique. Iola may also be classed as a Greek-rooted name, holding the floral meaning of “violet.”

  • Origin: Welsh, Greek
  • Meaning: Handsome, worthy lord
  • Pronunciation: YO-la
  • Variations: Yola
Unique, Fun, Heavenly


Iorwen is a strong and majestic name of Welsh origin and a feminine variation on the masculine Iorwerth. Iorwerth is derived from the Welsh elements “ior” and “gwen,” meaning “lord” and “blessed,” respectively, giving the name the meaning of “blessed lord.” The feminine Iorwen, therefore, can be said to hold the meaning of “blessed lady!” Pronounced “YOR-win,” Iorwen may sound like quite a sleepy name, but its uniqueness in spelling and style are sure to make it stand out above the rest.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Blessed Lady
  • Pronunciation: YOR-win
  • Variations: Irwen
Regal, Unique


As beautiful as the wintertime, Irwen is a great name for an adventurous little girl. A variation on the name Eirwen, Irwen is derived from the Welsh words “eira” and “gwyn,” meaning “snow” and “white, blessed,” respectively. A fresh, cool meaning, Irwen or Eirwen would make a delightful name for a baby born on a magical winter day.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: White snow
  • Variations: Irwyn, Eirwen
Nature-inspired, Cool


Isolde – also known as Iseult – was a medieval Celtic heroine, known for her romance with Tristan in the well-known Arthurian legend. A Welsh name with variants including Esyllt and Isolda, Isolde is a pretty but uncommonly-heard name. For a Welsh girl name rooted in myth and legend, Isolde would make a stunning choice. Just perhaps don’t name her brother Tristan, as that could confuse matters.

  • Origin: Welsh, Celtic
  • Meaning: Fair lady
  • Variations: Iseult, Esyllt, Isolda
Mythological, Pretty


Jennifer was originally the Cornish variant on the Welsh name Gwynhwyfar (or Guinevere) and has become such a popular name in the US. The name was formed from the Welsh elements “gwyn” and “hwyfar,” meaning “white, fair” and “spirit, fairy,” respectively. From this, Jennifer/Gwynhwyfar carries a pure, crisp aura of innocence and magic. Jennifer is also popular for its ability to be shortened into various nicknames, such as Jenn, Jenny, or Jenna. Although this name is not commonly associated with Welsh, we’re pleased to share these true origins.

  • Origin: Cornish, Welsh
  • Meaning: White wave, white fairy
  • Variations: Gwynhwyfar, Guinevere
  • Namesakes: Jennifer Aniston, an American actress. Jennifer Lopez, an American singer and actress. Jennifer Lawrence, an American actress.
  • Popularity: In the US, Jennifer was the most popular girl’s name from 1970 through 1984. As of 2020, it is still ranking comfortably within the top 500 names.
Popular, Pretty


Liliwen is a simply adorable name, sounding innocent and pure whilst also elegant and beautiful. Liliwen is a floral name, meaning either “white lily” or “snowdrop” in Welsh. Fresh and crisp, Liliwen is a lovely way to elongate the name Lily or Lila without losing its sweet, nature-inspired meaning. In Welsh folklore, Liliwen was the name of an elven farmer who watched over fruit crops in exchange for a fee. We love this name and would love to see it gain popularity!

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: White lily, or snowdrop
Floral, Sweet, Nature-inspired


Linette is a Welsh name derived from the same root as the romantic name Eluned. A more commonly-seen spelling would be Lynette, but Linette seems to be a softer variation, despite both being adorably feminine and gentle. Meaning “idol,” Linette holds positive, beloved connotations.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Idol
  • Variations: Lynette, Eluned, Lynn
Pretty, Sweet


Lowri is the pretty, Welsh version of the name Laura. Short, fun, and sweet, Lowri is an attractive and lively choice of name to consider for your bubbly baby girl. Lowri holds the beautiful, nature-inspired meaning of “laurel.” The laurel, of course, is an evergreen shrub that has become internationally recognized as an indication of glory and triumph, thanks to the symbol of a laurel wreath worn by victorious champions. Earthy and feminine, we love the name Lowri for your beautiful new daughter.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Laurel
  • Variations: Laura, Laurel
  • Popularity: Although mostly unheard outside of the country, Lowri is a popular name in Wales, ranking in the top 100 most popular girl names there.
Nature-inspired, Pretty, Fun


Madlen is the Welsh member of the family of names stemming from the biblical girl’s name Magdalene. Mary Magdalene was a key figure in the New Testament, and popular names such as Magdalena, Madeleine, Madison, and Magda were derived from this root. Madlen is a less-common but adorable version of these names and probably easier to learn to spell, too! As well as having biblical connotations, Madlen carries the strong meaning of “high tower.”

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: High tower
  • Variations: Madeleine, Magdaline
Strong, Pretty


Maelona is a rare but attractive Welsh name and is a feminine version of the masculine name Mael. Mael, or Maelon, is a Breton name that carries the meaning of “prince,” so naturally giving the coined feminine version Maelona the meaning of “princess.” There was a 5th-century saint named MaΓ«l who lived in Wales, and the name was also borne by a High King of Ireland. Mael is a popular name in France, with MaΓ«lle a sweet feminine version to consider also.

  • Origin: Welsh, French
  • Meaning: Princess
Regal, Unique, Pretty
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Mali is a fun, cool name for a precious little girl, carrying the lovely meaning of “wished-for child.” Mali is actually a Welsh variant on the pretty and popular name Molly. In Wales, there is a popular series of books featuring the title character of Sali Mali, created by the Welsh author Mary Vaughan Jones in the 1960s, which have been used as teaching aids for Welsh-speaking children, offering a sentimental value to the name also.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Wished-for child
  • Variations: Molly
Short, Cool, Pretty


Mallt is a rare but mighty name and one we love for a feisty little girl. Mallt is a Welsh form of the name Maud, which is ultimately derived from the Germanic name Matilda. These pretty names hold the powerful meaning of “strong in battle,” offering their bearer an aura of confidence, wit, and strength. Although Mallt is unique, it is a Welsh girl name bound to be admired.

  • Origin: Welsh, Germanic
  • Meaning: Strong in battle
  • Variations: Maud, Matilda
Strong, Unique


As well as being a French variation on the name Marie, Manon is an elegant and regal name of Welsh origin, meaning “beautiful queen.” A bold-sounding yet charming name, Manon is a mature choice to bless upon your daughter. However, the name is strong and pure enough that it will carry gracefully as she grows from a pretty princess into the “beautiful queen” she is destined to be, and we love this divine sentiment to the name.

  • Origin: Welsh, French
  • Meaning: Beautiful queen
  • Variations: Marie
Regal, Pretty


Mari is a pretty Welsh form of the Hebrew girl’s name Mary. Short, simple, but stunning, the name Mari will age well as your daughter grows, sounding timeless and elegant. Interestingly, Mari is also the name of a goddess in Basque mythology and could also be linked to Stella Maris, meaning “star of the sea,” a Latin title for Mary.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Of the sea, or beloved
  • Variations: Mary, Mair
Pretty, Short


Medi is a short, joyful name, meaning “September” in Welsh. Of course, this would make it perfect for a baby girl born during this month, allowing her to carry the cozy warmth of all things autumnal with her year-round. Whether it’s the changing colors of leaves on the tree, the excitement of back-to-school, or the tangy taste of apple cider, September is a birth month to be celebrated. Medi is a lesser-heard month name, especially when compared to beautiful names such as June and April, but we think it is a wonderful option to consider.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: September
Sweet, Short


Although the meaning of the pretty name Meleri is unknown, the name holds firm cultural significance in Wales and is a lovely choice of name for an independent little girl. There was a 5th-century saint named Meleri, who was also a Queen of Ceredigion in Wales. Most notably, Saint Meleri is recognized as being the grandmother of Saint David, the patron saint of Wales himself! Despite being a rare name, Meleri sounds upbeat and melodic, offering an aura of friendliness to those who hear it.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Unknown
  • Namesakes: Saint Meleri, the grandmother of Saint David.
Pretty, Unique, Heavenly


A regal and powerful name meaning “great lord,” Meredith is a confident choice for your new little ruler. Although Meredith is recognized mostly as a feminine name in the US, the name’s roots trace it back to Wales, where it was traditionally used as a masculine name. In terms of pronunciation, Meredith is more commonly spoken with the emphasis on the first syllable, but you may also choose to stress the “red” middle syllable instead if you prefer.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Great lord, sea lord
  • Pronunciation: MEH-red-ith, mur-RED-ith
  • Variations: Maredudd
  • Namesakes: Meredith Vieira, an American television host. Meredith Baxter, an American actress. Meredith Willson, an American musical composer.
  • Popularity: In the US, Meredith is much more popular as a girl’s name than a boy’s, peaking at rank 140 in the SSA baby name charts in 1980.
Regal, Popular, Pretty


Morcan is a cool name for a girl and makes a great variation of the more commonly-heard Morgan. Both derive from the same origin, yet Morcan sounds somewhat more adventurous and intriguing, thanks to its addition of the harder “c” sound in its second syllable. With the meaning of “sea dweller,” Morcan would make a great name for a baby born by the beach or along the magnificently rugged and iconic Welsh coastline.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Sea dweller
  • Variations: Morcant, Morgan
Cool, Fun, Nature-inspired


Mona is a popular name rooted in many different languages and cultures, making it a brilliant choice of name for a multicultural little girl. Mona’s significance as a Welsh name comes from location, as Mona is the name of a small hamlet in Anglesey, in the northwest of Wales, particularly noted for its RAF base. As well as this, Mona may be a Sanskrit name meaning “alone” or an Italian girl name meaning “noble,” amongst other meanings. Whichever way you choose to interpret this adorable name, it’s bound to be remembered and loved!

  • Origin: Welsh, Arabic, English, Italian, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Named after a town in Wales
Locational, Pretty


Morgan is a great name for both males and females and carries the awesome, badass meaning of “sea chief.” As a female name, Morgan is said to have derived from the Welsh elements “mor” and “cant,” meaning “sea” and “circle,” respectively. Morgan would make a brilliant name for your new little mermaid but also holds magical qualities too. For instance, in Arthurian legend, King Arthur’s sister was a powerful enchantress named Morgan Le Fay.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Sea chief, sea dweller
  • Variations: Morgana, Morgaine, Morrigan
Nature-inspired, Cool, Strong
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Nerys is a modern name of Welsh origin, said to have been coined from the word for “lord” (“ner”) and the sweet, popular suffix “-ys,” thus creating the given, feminine meaning of “lady.” Nerys is earthy and adventurous-sounding but makes an attractive alternative to other, more popular “-ys” names, such as Carys or Gladys.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Lady
  • Variations: Nerissa
Pretty, Unique, Sweet


Nesta is a truly lovely and summery-sounding name for a little girl. It holds the delicate meanings of “pure” and “chaste” while sounding fun-loving and chirpy to those who hear it. Nesta is said to be a Welsh form of Agnes and may also be used as a namesake for the family name Nestor. Best of all, you can shorten Nesta to the sweetest nickname Nessie!

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Pure, chaste
  • Variations: Ernesta, Agnes
Fun, Sweet


For a name so short, Nia holds a great deal of significance across many cultures and languages. As a Welsh name, Nia is a Welsh form of the Old Irish feminine name Niamh (pronounced NEEV,) which carries the luminous meaning of “bright.” Nia may also be a nickname for longer names such as Eugenia. As well as this, Nia may be taken from Swahili origins where, in East Africa, the name means “purpose.” Nia is also a principal of Kwanzaa, significant particularly to African-American culture. A lovely and charming name indeed, Nia will be appreciated by all who hear it.

  • Origin: Welsh, Old Irish
  • Meaning: Bright
  • Variations: Niamh
  • Namesakes: Nia Long, an American actress. Nia Sharma, an Indian actress. Nia-Malika Henderson, an American journalist.
Short, Sweet


If you are familiar with Arthurian legend, you will no doubt have heard about the powerful and beautiful sorceress Nimue. Known as the Lady of the Lake, Nimue guards the lake on Avalon, from which King Arthur obtained the sword Excalibur. A name filled with magic and myth, Nimue is a rare choice but certainly one to be admired. If you choose this name for your little girl, you could enjoy many hours reading up on medieval myth and legend while cozying up together!

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Lady of the Lake
  • Pronunciation: NIM-oo-ay, NIM-way
Mythological, Pretty


Non is a unique but interesting name that holds so much more depth than it may seem at first. Rich with religious history, Non holds the meaning of “nun” and is the name of various churches in Wales in honor of Saint Non. A particularly noteworthy namesake of Welsh importance, Saint Non was the mother of Saint David, the patron saint of Wales. If you like Non but would prefer another syllable or two, consider Nona or Nonita as nice alternatives.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Nun, posterity
  • Variations: Nona, Nonita
Short, Sweet, Heavenly


Owena is a feminine form of the masculine Welsh name Owain which has featured prominently throughout Welsh history and legend. A name traditionally reserved for those of more noble status, there was a 14th-century Welsh resistance leader named Owain, as well as one of the Knights of the Round Table, and a 6th-century Welsh prince. Owen is, of course, the anglicized form of Owain, and Owena stems from this. Fun-sounding and unique, it makes a great name for your new little princess.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Well-born, noble birth
Regal, Fun, Unique


Rhys is a traditionally masculine name borne by many rulers and noblemen throughout Welsh history, such as Rhys ap Gruffydd, the 12th-century ruler and the 16th-century rebel who had the same name. Reese is a variant spelling on this name, which has become recognized as a unisex form, thanks to the modern-day American actress and producer Reese Witherspoon. Meaning “enthusiasm,” Reese is upbeat and lively in nature while sounding pretty and adventurous in style.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Enthusiasm, ardor
  • Variations: Rhys, Reece, Rees
  • Namesakes: Reese Witherspoon, an American actress.
Fun, Sweet


If you are looking for a short, sweet, but delightfully feminine name, Rhian is a beautiful option to consider. Meaning “maiden,” the name is pure and innocent, having derived from the Welsh word “rhiain.” As well as being a shorter variation on names such as Rhiannon or Rhianna, Rhian could make for a cute, feminine namesake for a family member named Ryan, itself a Gaelic masculine name.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Maiden
  • Pronunciation: REE-an
  • Variations: Rhianu, Rhianna, Rhiannon
  • Namesakes: Saint Rhian, a Welsh abbot and saint. Rhian Benson, a Ghanaian-British singer. Rhian Edwards, a Welsh poet.
Short, Pretty


Rhonda is a fun-loving and lively name for a little girl. Its name may have two potential interpretations, but both root the name in Welsh origin. The first is that Rhonda could mean “good spear,” being derived from the Welsh elements “rhon” and “da,” meaning “spear, lance,” and “good,” respectively. Alternatively, there is also a valley region in southern Wales named Rhondda, which is said to mean “noisy.” Rhondda Valley was a former coal-mining region known for its impressive male voice choirs, so this could be why! If you’re a music fan, the song “Help Me, Rhonda” by the Beach Boys may be a great, conversational namesake to use, but this simple yet stunning name is beautiful regardless of how you interpret it.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Good spear, or noisy
  • Variations: Rondelle, Rhondda
Fun, Locational, Pretty


Rhosyn is the Welsh word for “rose,” making it the most perfectly delicate and romantic name for a beautiful baby girl. The unique spelling and pronunciation of Rhosyn make it a rare alternative to the classic name Rose, yet it does bear a striking resemblance to the Irish version of the name Roisin. You can still use the adorable and popular nickname Rosie from Rhosyn or even just Ross. Roses have a magical quality to them, and this is perfectly reflected within this beautiful, nature-inspired Welsh girl name.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Rose
  • Pronunciation: ross-in
  • Variations: Rose, Rosalyn, Roisin
Pretty, Floral, Nature-inspired
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Ethereal and luminous, we can see why the name Seren is so popular in Wales. The name means “star” in Welsh, making it a perfectly brilliant choice for your little girl. A close alternative to Seren would be Steren, which also means “star,” but this time in Cornish. Whichever option you choose, a “star” name is certain to cast light and magic over your daughter wherever she goes.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Star
  • Popularity: Seren is a name most popular in Wales, where it peaked as the 3rd most common girl name in 2009.
Heavenly, Sweet, Fun


SiΓ’n is actually a Welsh variation on Jane, bringing a much more intriguing and unique twist to the popular English name. Meaning “gift from God,” SiΓ’n is a beautifully heavenly and sentimental name to give your blessing of a daughter, and one we’re sure everyone will admire. Interestingly, Sian may also be considered a masculine name from Hindi roots, meaning “very intelligent.”

  • Origin: Welsh, English
  • Meaning: Gift from God
  • Pronunciation: shaarn
  • Variations: Jane, Siona, Sianya, Shani
  • Namesakes: Dame SiΓ’n Phillips, a Welsh actress. Sian Clifford, an English actress.
Heavenly, Pretty, Short


It’d be hard to find a baby name with more of an upbeat meaning than Siriol! Meaning “cheerful,” this delightfully fun-loving and sweet name brings out all the joy of a day in the sunshine, perfectly capturing that feeling you have when you lay eyes on your precious little daughter. Siriol is pronounced “sir-yol,” so you must make sure to deter those who try to pronounce it the same as “cereal”! A beautiful name with the most positive of meanings, Siriol is a great choice for your chirpy little girl.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Cheerful
  • Pronunciation: sir-yol
Fun, Sweet, Unique


Tegan is a great name of Welsh origin for a bubbly girl. Tegan is actually the Welsh word for “toy,” giving the name playful connotations, but also holds the adorable meanings of “favorite” or “loved one.” Tegan is sweet and feminine, with simple spelling and pronunciation, which you can’t help but smile at.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Favorite, loved one, or toy
Pretty, Sweet


If you are looking for a floral name for your little girl but would like something a bit more unique and special, Tegeirian and a wonderful option to choose. Meaning “orchid,” this stunning Welsh name includes the elements “teg” meaning “beautiful” and “eirian,” meaning “bright.” The ornate and delicate orchid flowers make for magical namesakes for your little girl, as each stunning flower is said to symbolize themes such as pure love, luxury, and beauty. Bless your daughter with each of these pure values, and name her the awesome Tegeirian.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Orchid
Floral, Unique, Nature-inspired


Tegwen is a rare but delightful name of Welsh origin. Its unique sound offers an aura of curiosity and adventure to the name, which you are sure to find intriguing. Tegwen holds the pure and positive meanings of “fair,” “blessed,” and “lovely” – all things nice for your little girl. There was a 6th-century Welsh saint named Tecwyn – a masculine variation of Tegwen – who is best associated with the county of Gwynedd in Wales, having been the patron saint and founder of the hamlet Llandecwyn. If you or your family hail from this region of Wales, Tegwen could be especially significant to you for this reason. If not, it is still a perfectly earthy name to consider for your new little explorer!

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Fair, blessed
  • Namesakes: Saint Tecwyn, a 6th-century Welsh saint.
Pretty, Unique


A magical and earthy name, Terrwyn is unique and intriguing for a baby girl name. It is of Welsh origin, said to mean “brave.” Braveness and courage are certain traits you’d love to inspire within your sweet baby girl, so this meaning is a lovely sentiment to hold in a name. The harsher spelling of Terrwyn makes this name sound particularly feisty and badass, which we love for a strong little girl.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Brave
Strong, Unique


Tirion is an upbeat, unisex name of Welsh origin, which holds the positive meanings of “kind,” “happy,” and “gentle.” Tirion sounds sophisticated and wise while Tiri makes for a sweet nickname, but both versions are amicable and attractive. Tirion is also quite often associated with various fantasy series, having been a name borne by various characters across different works. For instance, there is Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones, and Tirian, the last King of Narnia from C.S. Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia, amongst others.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Kind, happy
Sweet, Fun


Tristana is a feminine variant of the Welsh boy’s name, Tristan. Tristan was a character featured in medieval legend: a knight who was in love with Isolde. A cool and modern-sounding name, Tristan is actually originally derived from the French word “triste,” which means “sad.” Although this meaning may be a tad more sorrowful than you might have hoped for your beautiful new baby girl, Tristana still sounds upbeat and intriguing to those who hear it, and this feminine version is unique and pretty. Trista may be a cute, shorter version, but Tristana sounds regal and elegant in its longer form.

  • Origin: Welsh, French
  • Meaning: Sad, sorrowful
  • Variations: Trista
Pretty, Sweet


Wynn is a winner of a name! Yes, that might sound cheesy, but this adorably sweet and short name of Welsh origin holds the purest of meanings while still sounding fun and adventurous. Wynn on its own is a strong unisex name but could also be a shortened version of feminine names such as Winifred or Gwynevere. Wynn is also a traditional Welsh surname and would work as a great middle name in tribute to any of these names in the family. Not to mention, of course, that Winnie is perhaps one of the sweetest nicknames for a cuddly little baby!

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Holy, blessed, pure
  • Variations: Winnie, Winifred, Gwynn
Short, Heavenly, Sweet
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Welsh Names FAQs

What Is the Most Popular Welsh Female Name?

Welsh female names are truly adorable, so we can see why some of them are so popular! Some beautiful Welsh girl names currently holding strong in the charts are Ffion, Seren, and Lowri. However, names such as Erin, Ariana, and Carys remain popular too.

What Welsh Name Means Love?

The Welsh word for β€œto love” is β€œcaru,” and many beautiful feminine names are derived from this verb. For instance, names such as Ceri, Carys, Cari, or Caron are all adorable choices for your new little love! On a slightly different note, names such as Tegan hold the meaning of β€œloved one,” which is also precious!

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