105 Fancy Welsh Last Names: With Amazing Ancestry

These traditional Welsh last names have all the charm and history of the beautiful countryside itself.

Take a trip to the vast and beautiful Wales as we explore these traditional Welsh family names.

Whether your clan has ancestral roots to the land of castles and dragons or you have a deep fascination with the culturally rich area, these fantastic surnames are sure to inspire.

So read on and uncover the magic, the myths, and the legend behind some of the most popular Welsh last names, along with their meanings and origins.

105 Rich Welsh Last Names

The ancestry behind each of these Welsh family names is amazing – keep reading to find out more!

  1. Ab – isn’t a surname but a Welsh prefix meaning “son of” (e.g. “ab Owain” means “son of Owain”).
  2. Alwyn – a handsome and dependable Welsh river name meaning “friend, generous.”
  3. Avalon – a magical name from Arthurian legend, meaning “The Island of Apple Trees.”
  4. Baines – a strong name with various British roots, including the possible Welsh meaning of “anvil.”
  5. Beddoe – a fancy Welsh surname believed to mean “prayer-house.”
  6. Bevan – a Welsh last name given to a “son of Evan.”
  7. Beynon – meaning “son of Enion,” after the male name meaning “anvil.”
  8. Bleddyn – a cool and wild Welsh male name and surname meaning “wolf.”
  9. Blevins – also meaning “little wolf,” this fun Welsh name will have you howling at the moon.
  10. Bowen – meaning “son of Owen,” with a soft, graceful appeal.
  11. Bradley – a common Celtic surname and given name meaning “broad meadow,” popular internationally.
  12. Braith – with the unique meaning of “diversely colored,” Braith would be cute for a freckled baby.
  13. Broderick – a traditional Welsh name meaning “son of Rhydderch.”
  14. Cadwaladr – a badass name to watch out for, meaning “battle leader.”
  15. Cambrie – a made-up surname derived from Cambria, after the Latinized name for Wales.
  16. Carew – traditionally given to a family who resided by a fort or slope.
  17. Castell – a cool surname given to one who lived in, near, or worked in a “castle.”
  18. Cecil – a common Welsh surname meaning “sixth” in Latin.
  19. Collins – a super-popular surname with the romantically earthy meaning of “hazel grove.”
  20. Cothi – a sweet-sounding, nature-inspired pick among Welsh last names, after the river Cothi.
  21. Cox – possibly derived from the Welsh “coch,” meaning “red,” for a redheaded family.
  22. Crowther – a musical name given to one who plays the Old Welsh instrument known as a crwth.
  23. Daffey – a surname adapted from Dafydd, a Welsh form of David.
  24. David – a surname derived from the male given name, beautiful to bestow in honor of the patron saint of Wales.
  25. Davies – the second most common of Welsh family names, meaning “son of David.”
  26. Davis – a commonly-seen variant of Davies.
  27. Dyfodwg – an impossibly-spelled surname after a 6th-century Welsh saint.
  28. Dylan – a popular unisex name and famous surname, meaning “son of the sea.”
  29. Edwards – meaning “son of Edward,” one of the most commonly-heard surnames in Wales.
  30. Ellis – meaning “kindly, benevolent,” Ellis is a noble pick among true Welsh family names.
  31. Evans – meaning “son of Evan,” after the Welsh male name meaning “God is gracious.”
  32. Fardd – meaning “poet,” this Welsh surname is excellent for a romantic little dreamer.
  33. Fflur – meaning “flower,” Fflur is one of the prettiest, most fragrant picks.
  34. Floyd – a musical variant of Lloyd, meaning “gray.”
  35. Fluellen – a variant of the typical Welsh name Llewellyn, with a potentially easier spelling.
  36. Foulkes – a smart surname, meaning “people, folk.”
  37. Gaynor – meaning “soft, fair,” Gayna is also a cool Welsh feminine given name.
  38. Glyn – an earthy Welsh word for a “valley,” used for a clan residing in such an area.
  39. Gough – a powerfully artistic name derived from the Welsh word “coch,” meaning “red.”
  40. Griffin – a variant of Griffith with a distinctly magical, legendary vibe.
  41. Griffith – a powerful and gruff Welsh family name meaning “strong lord, chief.”
  42. Gruffudd – or Gryffydd, both standout titles meaning “prince, lord.”
  43. Gwilym – meaning ” protector,” this Welsh surname is a standout form of William.
  44. Hanford – a Welsh surname of unknown meaning, perhaps derived from an English place name.
  45. Hier – meaning “long, tall,” this surname is deceptively short!
  46. Howell – derived from the medieval Welsh male name Hywel, meaning “eminent.”
  47. Hughes – a hot surname for a high-reaching family, meaning “fire” or “inspiration.”
  48. Irving – soft and poetic, this common Welsh surname means “sea friend.”
  49. Irwen – a romantic and wintery surname, meaning “white snow.”
  50. Iwan – a traditionally Welsh form of John, meaning “God is gracious.”
  51. Jenkins – meaning “son of John” or “little John,” made by adding that cutesy “-kins” suffix, meaning “little.”
  52. Jeston – not the most common, but this rare Welsh name means “clever thinker.”
  53. Jones – the most popular surname in Wales, meaning “son of John.”
  54. Kendrick – a sassy surname derived from the Welsh word “cynwrig,” meaning “champion.”
  55. Kimball – this fiery yet unique Welsh surname means “warrior chief.”
  56. Lewis – a Welsh spelling of Louis, used as a popular surname and given name, meaning “leader.”
  57. Lloyd – meaning “gray,” this surname and the male-given name sound mysterious and alluring.
  58. Llywellyn – a stereotypical Welsh name, hard to spell yet with the awesome meaning of “lion-like, leader.”
  59. Lush – a Gaelic surname and rich adjective meaning “luxurious.”
  60. Machen – after a town in Wales, whose name comes from the German verb meaning “to do.”
  61. Maddox – meaning “fortunate,” this cool Welsh surname also works as a modern male given name.
  62. March – a sweet month name and Welsh surname, meaning “legendary son.”
  63. Martyn – a Welsh variant of Martin, meaning “war-like,” after the Roman god of war, Mars.
  64. Medwin – or Medwyn, a saintly surname for a “strong friend.”
  65. Merrick – a Welsh form of Maurice, Merrick has the alluring meaning of “dark.”
  66. Mervyn – an earthy entry derived from Old Welsh elements said to mean “marrow, eminent.”
  67. Merwin – a fairy-like variation of Mervyn with the same rustic style.
  68. Morgan – popular as a given, middle, or last name, this mythical Welsh pick means “of the sea.”
  69. Morien – another nautical-inspired Welsh name, meaning “sea born.”
  70. Morris – from the same ancient stem as the Latin Maurice, meaning “dark.”
  71. Naegle – or Neagle both unique Welsh family names, yet with unknown meanings.
  72. Nannau – after a North Wales estate meaning “place of many streams.”
  73. Nanney – a surname derived from the Welsh estate name Nannau.
  74. Nash – a cool, one-syllable surname with bite, meaning “dweller by the ash tree.”
  75. Owen – one of the most traditional Welsh surnames and given names, meaning “noble, well-born.”
  76. Parry – from “ap Harry,” this Welsh surname means “son of Harry.”
  77. Powell – meaning “son of Hywel,” this typical Welsh family name is strong and confident.
  78. Powys – a surname after the Welsh kingdom, with the rural meaning of “countryside dwellers.”
  79. Price – meaning “son of Rhys,” combining the male name with the Welsh prefix “ap-” meaning “son of.”
  80. Priddy – a Welsh surname with stature, derived from “prydydd,” meaning “bard.”
  81. Pritchard – meaning “son of Richard,” created by the prefix “ap-” with Rhisiart, the Welsh version of Richard.
  82. Probert – meaning “son of Robert,” again thanks to the Welsh “ap-” prefix.
  83. Prodger – you guessed it, this one means “son of Rodger.”
  84. Prosser – another Welsh surname meaning “son of Rodger.”
  85. Prothero – means “son of Rhydderch,” a Welsh variant of Roderick.
  86. Pugh – a fun-to-say surname meaning “son of Hugh.”
  87. Rees – a common Welsh surname from the same stem as Rhys.
  88. Rheon – a unisex given name and sweet family name with the regal meaning of “little king.”
  89. Rhys – popular among Welsh family names and male given names, Rhys oozes “passion, enthusiasm.”
  90. Sayer – an occupational surname meaning “carpenter.”
  91. Tegan – a melodic Welsh first name and a rare family name, meaning “beautiful.”
  92. Thomas – a surname common in Wales, derived from the male name meaning “twin.”
  93. Tudor – one of the most famous and regal Welsh family names, meaning “gift of God.”
  94. Upjohn – a unique Welsh surname meaning “son of John.”
  95. Vaughan – or Vaughn, both familiar and comforting Welsh surnames with the cute meaning of “small.”
  96. Wales – the beautiful country name can be heard as a surname, a fantastic indicator of ancestry.
  97. Wallace – a fantastic pick among typically Welsh surnames, meaning “from Wales.”
  98. Walsh – technically an Irish surname, but its meaning of “Welshman” justifies its presence on this list!
  99. Watkins – originally a cutesy pet name from Walter, now a common surname meaning “power ruler.”
  100. Wiegold – a rare Welsh surname with a magical-sounding appeal but unknown meaning.
  101. Williams – very common in Wales, derived from the first name William, meaning “resolute protector.”
  102. Wogan – an earthy Welsh surname with possible meanings including “glory” or “little scowler.”
  103. Wynn – or Wynne, both spiritual Welsh last names meaning “holy, blessed, pure.”
  104. Yale – a cool American alma mater and a Welsh name meaning “from the fertile ground.”

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What are the Most Popular Welsh Surnames?

The top five most common family names in Wales are Jones, Davies, Williams, Evans, and Thomas. Do you know anybody with these names yourself?

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