81 Dreamy Hawaiian Last Names: Full of Polynesian Power

Discover the most beautiful Hawaiian last names, full of island culture and spirit.

Evoke the majesty of islander culture within your ‘ohana, and discover the most enchanting Hawaiian last names. With captivating Polynesian influences of myth, nature, and history, you’ll find a fascinating story behind each title, and we wonder which ones will call you.

Did you know that traditionally, up until the mid-1800s, native Hawaiians didn’t use surnames? Many on this list began as given names, taking influence from different languages, or are direct translations from other Western surnames.

Prepare to explore these gorgeous and modern Hawaiian surnames, from the popular to the poetic…

81 Beautiful Hawaiian Last Names

Discover some of the richest Hawaiian family names – is yours on this list?

  1. Abela – is rare yet romantic, meaning “breath” or “breathing spirit.”
  2. ‘Ailana – a romantic and tender feminine Hawaiian name and surname, meaning “loving.”
  3. Aiona – this pretty, Asian-rooted surname of unknown meaning, is cute in Hawaii.
  4. Akiona – meaning “ancient, old,” commonly heard among those of Chinese Hawaiian descent.
  5. Aka – a radiant light of a surname, meaning “noble, affectionate.”
  6. Akana – this surname is of Japanese origins, with various meanings depending on the kanji used.
  7. ‘Akamu – the Hawaiian form of Adam makes a lovely, biblical surname for a child “of the Earth.”
  8. Alamai – this Hawaiian word means “clever,” great for a family of smarty-pants!
  9. Alana – also a unisex given name, Alana is “fair and beautiful” among Hawaiian family names.
  10. Alika – interestingly, a Hawaiian form of Alexander, rooted in Greek and meaning “defender of mankind.”
  11. Alohi – is radiant among this list of Hawaiian surnames and given names, meaning “shining, brilliant.”
  12. Anani – associated with a “fragrant citrus,” a unisex Hawaiian given name and surname.
  13. Anela – this feminine Hawaiian name meaning “angel, messenger” works as a heavenly surname for a cherub.
  14. ‘Aukai – a powerful, adventure-filled name for a family of “seafarers.”
  15. Brown – this color name is very common throughout the U.S., with English origins.
  16. Chang – a common Chinese-rooted surname, perhaps meaning “forever” or “extending.”
  17. Fuimaono – this American-Samoan surname is of unknown meaning but sounds beautiful.
  18. García – an internationally common surname of Spanish origin, meaning “young” or “bear.”
  19. Hale – the Hawaiian word for “house” makes a cozy, familiar surname.
  20. Hasegawa – a Hawaiian surname from Japanese, meaning “long river valley.”
  21. Hauata – a great Polynesian surname, albeit of unknown meaning.
  22. Havika – a treasured last name, meaning “beloved.”
  23. Hekekia – derived from the biblical name Hezekiah (“God strengthens”), a sturdy, spiritual choice.
  24. Hoapili – a noble and historic Hawaiian name for a trustworthy individual, meaning “very close friend.”
  25. Ioane – meaning “God’s child,” Ioane would make a handsome pick among Hawaiian surnames for boys.
  26. Iona – a biblical pick among Hawaiian family names, being the equivalent of Jonah, meaning “dove.”
  27. Iosua – a Hawaiian form of Joshua, a beautiful pick among Hawaiian boys’ last names.
  28. Johnson – with Anglo-Saxon roots, this surname, meaning “son of John,” is popular across the U.S.
  29. Kaʻanāʻanā – said to mean “black magic,” this name oozes intrigue and allure.
  30. Kaanga – a very rare Hawaiian surname believed to mean “corn.”
  31. Ka’aukai – a variant of ‘Aukai using the “ka” article, meaning “the seafarer.”
  32. Kahale – like Hale, Kahale is a comforting Hawaiian family name meaning “the home.”
  33. Kahanamoku – a surname for champions, after the legendary Hawaiian 90’s Olympic swimmer Duke Kahanamoku.
  34. Kahananui – this noble entry among Hawaiian last names signifies “hard work.”
  35. Kahele – meaning “the moving,” this unique surname represents a beautiful journey.
  36. Kahue – a vegetable-inspired surname, great if you like “gourds.”
  37. Kai – this Hawaiian word for “ocean” would make a simple yet magical last name.
  38. Kaiwi – said to signify life and old age, a humble-sounding pick among Hawaiian surnames.
  39. Kalama – a Hawaiian word for “torch,” sure to light the way as a surname.
  40. Kalani – a noble and “heavenly” name for a “royal one.”
  41. Kalawai’a – one of the occupational Hawaiian surnames, meaning “fisherman.”
  42. Kale – this Hawaiian form of Charles would make a great surname, meaning “free man.”
  43. Kalili – a type of flower, yet also holding the green meaning of “jealousy.”
  44. Kamaka – a beautiful last name, meaning “eye” or “child.”
  45. Kamakau – meaning “the hook,” notably borne by a famous Hawaiian historian.
  46. Kameāloha – is radiant among the longest Hawaiian girl last names, meaning “the beloved one.”
  47. Kamehameha – is among the most famous Hawaiian last names, after the first ruler of Hawaii.
  48. Kāne – meaning “male,” making a great, manly pick among Hawaiian family names.
  49. Kaniela – this Hawaiian form of Daniel, makes a gracious and spiritual surname.
  50. Kapena – a great name for a guy, meaning “captain.”
  51. Kapono – “righteous” and “good” among uplifting Hawaiian surnames.
  52. Kapule – one of the most enchanting Hawaiian last names, meaning “magic, prayer.”
  53. Ka’uhane – resembling “the soul, spirit,” for a gorgeously ethereal name.
  54. Kawai – meaning “from the water,” not to be confused with the cutesy Japanese “kawaii” phenomenon.
  55. Keahi – a male name and surname meaning “fire, flames” for a hot family.
  56. Kealoha – a beautiful name to capture the Hawaiian spirit of aloha, roughly translating to “the love.”
  57. Keawe – an ancient and royal Hawaiian surname meaning “the cross.”
  58. Kekoa – a great surname to highlight a “brave warrior.”
  59. Kelekolio – from the given name, surprisingly a form of Gregory, meaning “watchful, alert.”
  60. Keli’I – a no-nonsense name for a leading family, meaning “chief.”
  61. Kim – a common surname and given name internationally, the third most-heard last name in Hawaii.
  62. Lau – a Chinese-rooted surname, perhaps meaning “from the lion.”
  63. Lee – this hugely common and international surname is Hawaii’s most-found last name.
  64. Mahelona – a handsome surname, perhaps rooted in the Hebrew boy’s name, Mahlon.
  65. Mahi’ai – meaning “farmer,” a humble and honest surname to behold.
  66. Māhoe – offering twice the sweetness, meaning “twin.”
  67. Mānaiakalani – relating to the demigod Maui’s fishhook, this fantastic Polynesian name also links to a constellation.
  68. Mele – a common surname prefix, this Hawaiian word represents a type of “song, dance, chant.”
  69. Miller – an English surname that’s found its way to Hawaii, traditionally denoting a mill-worker.
  70. Nahele – meaning “forest,” Nahele is full of rustic adventure and magic.
  71. Nakamura – with Japanese roots, this surname means “middle village.”
  72. ʻŌpūnui – a cool surname, yet with the hilariously unusual meaning of “big-bellied.”
  73. Palakiko – a gorgeous form of Francis, wonderful for a family with French and Hawaiian roots.
  74. Pualani – an affectionate Hawaiian name meaning “heavenly offspring.”
  75. Smith – one of the most common surnames in the U.S., meaning “blacksmith.”
  76. Teheiura – a Tahitian surname for Pacific Islanders, is said to mean “red crown.”
  77. Tetuanui – a rhythmic Tahitian surname of native Polynesian origins, yet with unknown meaning.
  78. Ualoheke – a very rare name, perhaps meaning “he has listened.”
  79. Wailani – a romantic name meaning “heavenly, royal water.”
  80. Williams – this common surname in Hawaii has Germanic roots, meaning “warrior, protector.”
  81. Wong – the second most common last name in Hawaii, Wong has Chinese origins.

Hawaiian Last Names FAQs

What Are the Most Common Surnames in Hawaii?

Interestingly, the most common surnames in Hawaii today are Lee, Wong, and Kim. Hawaii is the only one in the United States with these three as the most popular names.

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