100 Beautiful African Girl Names: and Meanings

Find the perfect baby name with this amazing list of African names for girls.

Looking for an African American girl’s name for your new baby daughter? Our list of African-inspired girl names is just what you need.

We have carefully selected some of the most beautiful African girl names for you to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a unique or popular name, cute or strong, there are some amazing names on this list that just might be the perfect fit for your little one.

African baby names are meaningful and inspiring for African American parents who want to pay homage to their roots. Welcome your adorable baby girl into the world with a beautiful African American name for girls from our list.

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100 Beautiful African Names for Girls

Get inspired with these unique, strong and popular African girl’s names.


Abba is a strong and traditional name that’s loved by many. Abba is a trendy name amongst parents who knew the band Abba in the 1970s.

  • Origin: Ghana
  • Meaning: Born on Tuesday
  • Variations: Aba
  • Namesakes: Abba was a Swedish pop group, popular worldwide in the 1970s and beyond.
Modern, Cool


The Bible describes Abigail as an intelligent, loyal and beautiful woman. Families with a strong Christian faith tend to like this name for their baby girl.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: My father’s joy
  • Variations: Abby, Abigail
  • Namesakes: Abi, short for Abigail, was one of the wives of King David in the old testament. Abigail Spencer, an American actress who has played Timeless, Mad Men and All My Children.
  • Popularity: This name appears in the top 25 list for 2021 for all baby girl names in the USA.
Uplifting, Charming, Inspiring


Aisha was the favorite wife of prophet Mohammad making it a lovely expression of an intelligent and beautiful girl.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Alive and well
  • Pronunciation: ah-EE-shah
  • Variations: Aishah, Ayesha, Aysha
  • Namesakes: Aisha Tyler, a black American actress and comedian known for hosting Whose Line Is It Anyway and The Talk.
Free-spirited, Freedom-loving


This is primarily a female Arabic name given to African girls. Amina is a charming name that belonged to the mother of the prophet Muhammed, making it a well-loved and timeless name among Muslims.

  • Origin: Tanzania
  • Meaning: Honest
  • Pronunciation: a-MEEN-a
  • Variations: Ameena, Amena
  • Namesakes: Queen of Zazzau. Amina Mohammed, a Nigerian diplomat, politician and Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations. Mother of the prophet Muhammed.
Compromising, Passive, Tactful


Ashia means “life” in Swahili. Parents who have hoped for a child for a long time enjoy this name for their daughter.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Hope
  • Pronunciation: ah-SHEE-ah
  • Variations: Salima, Amila
  • Namesakes: Ashia Hansen, British triple jumper who came 4th in the 1996 Olympics. The wife of a demigod in Hindu mythology
  • Popularity: If you’re looking for a unique name, Ashia has not been high in name popularity charts.
Diplomatic, Sensitive


Becca is a beautiful name that exudes confidence. The name is a short form of Rebecca, the beloved bride of Isaac in the Old Testament.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: God’s servant, To bind
  • Variations: Becka, Bek, Beckett, Rebeckah, Becky, Rebecca
  • Namesakes: Becca Romijn played the role of Alexis in the series Ugly Betty.
  • Popularity: While Rebecca has been a popular name, Becca itself is more unique and has never ranked in the top 1000 names.


Berni is one of the many versions of the Greek name Bernice, which was popular among ancient Egyptian queens and Judean princesses. Associated with bringing victory, Berni is a powerful name for a girl.

  • Origin: Africa, Greece
  • Meaning: Brings victory
  • Pronunciation: B(E)-rni/BER-ni
  • Variations: Bernice, Bernie, Bernadine, Berny
  • Namesakes: Bernie Mac, a male American stand up comedian.


The name Brisanne elicits excitement, emotions, and enthusiasm. It’s a beautiful name well suited for your little girl, and you can go for the cute nickname Bri to match it.

  • Origin: Africa
  • Meaning: Charismatic, Pretty, Energetic, Ambitious
  • Variations: Brisan, Brisana,Brisann, Brisani
  • Popularity: It’s a rare name, never ranking in the top1000 list of baby girl names.
Intelligent, Courageous, Confident


Blom sounds similar to the English word “blossom.” In Afrikaans, this name has meanings such as “blooming,” and “flowering,” and “petal” – making it a perfect name for a sweet little girl.

  • Origin: South African (Afrikaans)
  • Meaning: Flower, Creative
  • Pronunciation: BLAAM
  • Variations: Bloma, Blomar, Blome
  • Namesakes: Jacqueline Blom, a dutch television actress.
  • Popularity: Very rare name, never ranking in the top 1000 names.


Caimile is an unusual name often chosen by parents who value the name’s a deeper meaning which is to be free, a care-taker or noble.

  • Origin: African
  • Meaning: Free-born, Care-taker, Noble
  • Pronunciation: KEY-MAHL
  • Variations: Camilla, Camil, Kaamil
  • Popularity: Not a popular girl’s name in the USA.
Affectionate, Sociable
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The endearing name Cara reached its highest popularity from the 1970s to the 1990s. Although the name isn’t very prevalent today, it might gain popularity again due to the rise of celebrity Cara Delevingne, a model and actress.

  • Origin: African, Latin
  • Meaning: Beloved, Cherished, Friend, Dear
  • Pronunciation: KAR-ah
  • Variations: Caralee, Kara, Carissa, Carola, Oscara, Carina, Carolina
  • Namesakes: Cara Black, a famous tennis player.
Contemporary, Endearing, Simple


Chidee derives from African-Igbo origins. This simple name makes a profound statement that exudes confidence and faith in God. It can be a great choice for devout parents and a lovely sentiment about your child.

  • Origin: North African
  • Meaning: God exists
  • Pronunciation: CH-ehDiy or CH-IHDiy
  • Variations: Chidie, Chidi, Chidy, Chidea, Chidiya, Chideah, Chidey, Chadee, Chimdi
  • Popularity: A unique name. Chidee is not popular in the US.
Attractive, Short


Cassyah is a name with positive meanings. Parents who tend to be positive thinkers like this name for their daughters. Girls named Cassyah often go by the nickname of Cassy or Cass.

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Health, Fortune, Flowering, Spirituality, Practicality
  • Pronunciation: C(A)-SS-YAH
  • Variations: Casia, Kasiah, Cassiah, Casya, Casiah, Kasia, Cassia, Kassiah, Kassia
  • Namesakes: Cassyah Faria, a popular Brazilian musician.
  • Popularity: A very rare name in the US.
Progressive, Hardworking


Dalia was the goddess of fate and weaving in Lithuanian mythology. She was the taker and giver of property and goods. If you are the parent of a strong baby girl meant for great things, Dalia is a great name to choose.

  • Origin: Tanzania
  • Meaning: Branch, Gentle
  • Pronunciation: D-AHLiy-aa
  • Variations: Daliah, Daliyah, Dalya
  • Namesakes: Dalia Contreras, taekwondo practitioner. Dalia Hertz, Israeli poet. A dahlia is also a type of flower.
  • Popularity: A unique name.
Wise, Religious, Analytical


The name Dana conveys a highly charged personality, attracting powerful ideas. In Arabic, Dana also holds the beautiful meaning of “the brightest and biggest pearl.” There can be confusion with this name over pronunciation – long A or short A?

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Arbiter, God is my judge
  • Pronunciation: DAN-na
  • Variations: Dena, Dane
  • Namesakes: Dana Bash, well-known American journalist.
  • Popularity: While not extremely popular, this name is well-known and somewhat common.
Diplomatic, Gentle, Cooperative


Dina is a feminine name that exudes an element of delicacy and prettiness combined with strength and purpose.

  • Origin: Zimbabwean
  • Meaning: From the valley, Judged
  • Pronunciation: Diy-NAA
  • Variations: Dinah, Adena, Dena
  • Namesakes: Daughter of Jacob in the Bible. Dina Merrill, an American actress popular for her role in the movie called The Courtship of Eddie’s Father.
  • Popularity: This name is not very common but it’s also not unusual.
Practical, Strong-willed


Another version for Donnae is Donna, which was among the top five most famous names in the 1960s. Although the name is unique and rare today, Donnae is still a badass name for a strong and determined young lady.

  • Origin: SouthAfrican, Italian
  • Meaning: Woman, Lady
  • Pronunciation: DOH-nay-oh
  • Variations: Dona, Donalie, Donella
  • Namesakes: Donnae Marie, the reality star of the show called Black Ink Crew.
  • Popularity: Donnae is not a particularly popular name in the US.
Strong, Determined, Stubborn


Davina is a name that’s strong and traditional. It’s one of the most loved female forms of the name David, such as Davidina and Davinia. If you want a confident and unique baby girl’s name with some history to it, Davina is a good choice.

  • Origin: Hebrew, Zimbabwean
  • Meaning: Beloved
  • Pronunciation: daa-VEE-nuh
  • Variations: Daviana, Daviane
  • Namesakes: Davina McCall, a U.K. presenter from the Big Brother show and others.
Steady, Balanced


Esi is a cute girl name that means “born on Sunday.” Esi is an excellent choice for parents looking for an easy and sweet name for a baby girl born on Sunday (but she doesn’t have to be). After all, what could be more memorable than the day your child is born?

  • Origin: Ghana
  • Meaning: Sunday born
  • Variations: Esea, Eseah, Esey, and Esy
  • Namesakes: Esi Awuah, academic and former vice chancellor of a university in Ghana, Africa.
  • Popularity: Esi has never been ranked as a popular name in the US.
Creative, Artistic


Eva is the counterpart of the name Eve, who was the first woman in the Bible. Because many Africans believe Eva to mean ‘mother of life’ or ‘full of life,’ it is often chosen as the perfect name for a firstborn daughter.

  • Origin: South African
  • Meaning: Life, Living one
  • Pronunciation: Eh-va
  • Variations: Eva, Evie, Eve, and Evita
  • Namesakes: Eva Mendes, film actress, model and businesswoman.
  • Popularity: Eva is a somewhat popular name in the USA and is one that has both tradition and staying power.
Resourceful, Daring
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Ebby means father of light, traditionally a male name but used for both sexes. Ebby also has its roots in the biblical Hebrew name Abner.

  • Origin: Afrikaans (South Africa)
  • Meaning: Father of light
  • Pronunciation: EHBiy
  • Variations: Ebbea, Ebbee, Ebbey
  • Namesakes: Ebby Weyime, Kenyan-born actress and hula hoop enthusiast.
Highly Flexible


Elisa traces back to the ancient Hebrew name Elisheva. “El” means “God”, and “Sheva” means “promise.” Parents naming their child Elisa feel blessed by the birth of their daughter and have hope for her future. Elisa is a unique name choice because Eliza and Elizabeth have been the more popular forms of the name in history.

  • Origin: Afrikaans (South African)
  • Meaning: God is a promise
  • Pronunciation: eh-LEE-sa
  • Variations: Alisa, lisa, Elsa
  • Namesakes: Elisa, a famous Italian singer-songwriter.
Pioneering Spirit, Highly Focused


Everlyne is of South African English origin, meaning “wished for a child.” Couples who have been trying to have a child often choose this name for their miracle child.

  • Origin: South African
  • Meaning: Wished-for child
  • Pronunciation: EHV-lynn
  • Variations: Evaline, Evalyn, Eveleen
Gentle, Cooperative


Femi is a modified form of “Olufemi, ” meaning “The Lord loves me” in the Nigerian language. Femi describes captivating beauty, kindness, and being socially active. Choosing Femi as your daughter’s name is a bold choice, especially if you want her to have a unique name that interests others.

  • Origin: Nigeria
  • Meaning: Marry me, Love me
  • Variations: Olufemi, Femy, Oluwafemi, Feme, Nifemi, Olorunfemi, Fehmi, Jesufemi, Babafemi, Feymi
  • Namesakes: Femi Emiola, an American actress popular for her role in Wicked Wicked Games.
  • Popularity: Femi is an extremely rare name in the US.
Humble, Organized


Faith represents mystery, respect, and independence. It was a popular name among 17th century Puritans and continues to be loved by Christians. Faith denotes a robust and unquestioning trust in God. Naming your baby girl Faith is a good choice if you have a strong belief system.

  • Origin: Kenya
  • Meaning: Confidence, Unquestioning belief, Trust
  • Variations: FiFi, Faithe, Faithy, Faye, Fae Fae, Fay, Fidelia
  • Namesakes: Name of a song by George Michael. Faith Hill is a popular country singer.
  • Popularity: Faith is a very popular name in the USA and common within the black community.
Cool, Popular


Fariza means “light” in Urdu and is a popular name for girls among Muslims worldwide. It is a fantastic bright name for a little angel.

  • Origin: Arabic/Urdu
  • Meaning: Light
  • Variations: Farizel, Farizeh, Farizad, Farizan, Farize, Farizah, Farizi
  • Popularity: Fariza is a unique African girl’s name, not ever ranked in the top 1000 names list.
Thoughtful, Visionary


Fatima was the favorite daughter of the prophet Muhammed and her name is found in the Koran. She was also called “Fatimah Zarah” or “Fatimah the shining one.” This name is well renowned and loved by Muslims.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Shining one, Beautiful, Abstains, Motherly
  • Pronunciation: FAT-ә-muh, FAH-TIH-MAH, FAH-TEE-MAH
  • Variations: Fateema, Fettoosh, Fatma, Fadime, Fatemeh, Fattoom, Fotima, Fadumo, Fatna, Fadma
  • Namesakes: Prophet Muhammad’s daughter. Iran’s Islamic shrine – the Fatima Masumeh Shrine.
  • Popularity: A popular name for black girls that ranks at no. 342 in the US.
Bright, Freedom Lover


Genn represents honesty, organization, responsibility, calmness, stability, and reliability. It is a shortened form of the more common name “Jennifer” and traces back ultimately to “John.” Genn is a great name choice for your daughter if you want to give her an African slant to a popular girls name.

  • Origin: Mozambique
  • Meaning: White shadow, Savior, White wave
  • Pronunciation: JHENN
  • Variations: Jennifer, Gen, Jenne, Chenn, Jenn, Jenny
  • Namesakes: Jenny Slate, an actress, author, and comedian in the US. There are many famous Jennifers – Jennifer Aniston (actress), Jennifer Lopez (singer, actress), Jennifer Hudson (singer, actress) and more.
  • Popularity: Genn spelled with a G is not popular, however Jen or Jennifer has been a very popular name.
Rare, Logical


Gina became popularized in the 1950s with the actress Gina Lollobrigida. For Hindus, it’s believed to be a good name for daughters born under the star Dhanishta. Gina is a universal name found among Africans, Germans, Italians, Spanish, Indians, and many more.

  • Origin: Italian, Indian, Greek
  • Meaning: Queen, Earth, Well-born, Work
  • Variations: Geena, Regina, Gena, Georgina, Jeana, Eugenia, Jeanna, Virginia, Luigina
  • Namesakes: Gina Torres, an African American actress known for roles in the Matrix and legal drama, Suits.
  • Popularity: Gina is growing in popularity as a female African name and in the wider population.
Gorgeous, Universal


In Nigeria, Ginika is a name that is more popular among Christians. It comes close to meaning, “Nothing is greater than God.” In India, however, the name means “gold” or “small gold coins.” Ginika is a perfect name for a precious daughter.

  • Origin: Indian, Nigerian
  • Meaning: Small gold coins, God’s the greatest, No one’s greater than God
  • Pronunciation: GINI-KA
  • Variations: Ginikachukwu, Nika
  • Popularity: A unique name in the US.
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“Princess” and “sword” are two beautiful meanings of the name Gladys. The name is also related to the word “gladiator.” Gladys is an excellent name for a daughter you want to raise to be both graceful and courageous.

  • Origin: Ghana
  • Meaning: Princess royalty, Small sword, Land, Nation
  • Variations: Gwladus, Gwladys, Gladdis, Gladis, Gwyladyss, Gladdys
  • Namesakes: Gladys Shelly, who is an American composer, Gladys Swarthout an American opera singer and Gladys Knight, an African American singer known as the “Empress of Soul”.
  • Popularity: This is a somewhat popular name for girls within the black community.
Exotic, Patriotic


Habiba stems from the name Habib that means “beloved.” It signifies a person with a free spirit and who loves freedom. If you are a parent who wants to encourage a free-spirit and fun-loving attitude in your baby girl, Habiba is a great name choice.

  • Origin: Ethiopia
  • Meaning: Beloved
  • Variations: Habibah, Habeeba, Habyba
  • Namesakes: Marguerite Habiba, well-known singer, dancer and actress who is called “North Africa’s First Superstar”.
  • Popularity: This name is pretty uncommon but it is out there.
Uplifting, Inspiring


Hasina, meaning “beautiful,” is a popular girl’s name among Africans and Indians. Hasina is a good name choice for parents who desire to watch their baby daughter bloom in beauty inside and out.

  • Origin: Tanzania
  • Meaning: Beautiful
  • Pronunciation: Hah-SEE-nah
  • Variations: Haseena
  • Namesakes: Sheikh Hasina, a female and long serving prime minister of Bangladesh with an amazing smile.
  • Popularity: Hasina is a rare African girl’s name in the US.
Stimulative, Talkative


Haeba is a unique African name for a charming baby daughter. It is a unisex name that is also given to African boys.

  • Origin: African-Swahili
  • Meaning: Charming
  • Pronunciation: Ha-EHBah
  • Variations: Haebah, Haba, Habah
  • Namesakes: Haerani Nur Haeba, scholar
  • Popularity: Haeba is a rare girl’s name and is generally not found in the top 1,000 girl names in the US.


Ibby is a short form of Elizabeth and is seemingly popular in African countries. It has various interesting meanings in different African languages, such as “like charcoal” or “the kola nut. Some parents with a strong Christian faith choose this name for it’s meaning, “God is my oath.”

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: God is my oath
  • Pronunciation: IHBBiy
  • Variations: Libby
  • Namesakes: Ibby VK, a singer-songwriter from Dubai.
Gentle, Intuitive


The name Inge is related to the Germanic god Ing and denotes being guarded by God. While primarily a masculine name in Sweden and Norway, it is a feminine name in other places. It is a perfect “I” name for the baby daughter whom you lovingly protect and guard.

  • Origin: Dutch
  • Meaning: Guarded by
  • Pronunciation: Ing-ay
  • Variations: Inga, Yngvi, Yngve
  • Namesakes: Inge Lehmann who was a Danish scientist and discovered that there is a solid inner core in the center of the Earth.
  • Popularity: While Inge is not a popular name in the US, it is a popular name for the Afrikaans community in South Africa.
Ambitious, Progressive


Isabis is a sweet African name that means “something beautiful” – like your baby girl! Isabis is perfect if you’re looking for a unique and attractive name for your beloved daughter.

  • Origin: African
  • Meaning: Something beautiful
  • Pronunciation: Is-ab-is
  • Variations: Isabiss, Isabisse, Isabyss
  • Namesakes: Isabis Couture, stylist and fashion designer.
  • Popularity: Isabis is an extremely rare black girl’s name.
Understanding, Tolerant


The name Imara is appealing because it’s one of those girl’s names that mean strong, powerful, and brave. This meaningful and exotic name is a lovely expression of a bold and strong girl.

  • Origin: Swahili
  • Meaning: Strong, brave
  • Pronunciation: Iy-MAA-Raa
  • Variations: Immara
  • Namesakes: Imara Malik Khan, diplomat
  • Popularity: Imara is not a very popular African girls name in the US.


Jamelia is another lovely baby girl name that means “beautiful.” It is the feminine form of the Arabic boy name Jamal. This sweet-sounding African girl name expresses radiance, kindness and beauty.

  • Origin: Tanzania
  • Meaning: Beautiful
  • Pronunciation: ja-MEEL-yah
  • Variations: Jameelah, Jamila
  • Namesakes: Jamelia Davis, American singer.
Steady, Balanced


Japera is a name that has a unique meaning of “we have finished” – which many parents may well relate to with their many accomplishments in life – including the birth of their little girl! Japera also means “one who gives thanks.” To be thankful for all that you have is a wonderful sentiment to go through life with.

  • Origin: African, Zimbabwe
  • Meaning: We have finished, One who gives thanks
  • Pronunciation: jah-PEH-rah
  • Variations: Japeira, Japerah, Japerra
  • Popularity: Japera is an unusual black girl’s name in the US.
Bold, Materialistic
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Jana has different meanings in other languages, such as “My dearest, my soul” in Persian and “Queen of the seas” in Brazilian Portuguese. In Hebrew, Jana is another girl name deriving from John, making it a good name for your baby girl if you would like a name with a Christian heritage.

  • Origin: Hebrew, South African (Afrikaans)
  • Meaning: God is gracious, Yesterday
  • Variations: Jannah
  • Namesakes: Jana Kramer, actress popular for her role in One Tree Hill.
Generous, Compassionate


Jina is a short and easy-to-pronounce African-American girl’s name that is most popular among Muslims. It is also a trendy name beginning with J in India with a variant meaning of “victorious.”

  • Origin: Tanzania
  • Meaning: Named child
  • Pronunciation: j-ee-n-aa
  • Variations: Jinae, Jinah, Gina


Khethiwe is an exotic-sounding cool name with a beautiful meaning for your princess. Khethiwe is also a known character in the Mzansi Magic drama series eHostela.

  • Origin: Zulu
  • Meaning: Chosen one
  • Pronunciation: Khe-thi-we
  • Variations: Amahle, Bundile
  • Namesakes: Khethiwe Buthelezi, actress.
  • Popularity: Khethiwe is a very rare African American girls’ name.
Mysterious, Independent


Kanene is a beautiful African girl name with a unique and thought-provoking meaning. It has a rich and melodic sound to it when you pronounce it the right way as “kaa-NEY-Niy.” Kanene is a good choice for parents who love being with their children.

  • Origin: Kenya
  • Meaning: Little thing is prominent in the eye
  • Pronunciation: kaa-NEY-Niy
  • Variations: Kaneneh
  • Namesakes: Lilian Kanene, Kenyan media personality
  • Popularity: Kanene isn’t a very popular black girls name in the US.
Meditator, Peacemaker


Kesia is the perfect name for your favorite girl in the world. If you would like your daughter to grow up to be down to earth and one of the closest people to you, Kesia is a great choice.

  • Origin: African
  • Meaning: Favorite, Earthbound
  • Pronunciation: Kes-ee-uh
  • Variations: Kesiah, Keziah
  • Namesakes: Kesia Elwin, actress popular for her role in Miracle at St Anna.
  • Popularity: Kesia is not a very popular black girl’s name in the US.
Uplifting, Inspiring


Naming your baby girl Keva encourages her to be gentle-spirited and kind. This cute and short name is the female equivalent of Kevin. You could also choose the longer form Kevina and use Keva as a nickname.

  • Origin: Irish, South Africa
  • Meaning: Gentle, Beautiful
  • Pronunciation: Ke-va
  • Variations: Kevina, Kevyn
  • Namesakes: Keva Rosenfeld, producer popular for his documentary called All American High.
  • Popularity: Keva is a unique African American girls name, ranking in the top 20 000 names in the US.
Smart, Confident


The name Kesi is associated with the desire for freedom and adventure. Kezia, the Hebrew form of Kesi, was the second daughter of Job in the Bible, the others being Jemima and Kerenhappuch. The daughters of Job were important characters as they are mentioned in the Bible rather than the sons’ names.

  • Origin: Swahili, Hebrew
  • Meaning: Born when the father is in trouble
  • Pronunciation: KEH-see
  • Variations: Kesee, Kesy
  • Namesakes: Pat Kesi, former American footballer.
  • Popularity: Kesi is an uncommon African American girls name.
Inspiring, Full Of Life


What could be a better feeling than to love and to be loved? Lerato is a simple name that will be a life-long reminder to your daughter that she is beloved.

  • Origin: South African
  • Meaning: Beloved woman, Love, Passion, Song of my life
  • Pronunciation: Leh-RAA-Tuw, Leh-RAH-to
  • Variations: Luthando, Thando, Noluthando
  • Namesakes: Lerato Mbele, UK-based South African journalist/broadcaster.
  • Popularity: Not ranked; quite a rare name in the US.
Balance, Power


Liyana is an elegant name for a girl. The root word “lyn”, which means “soft and delicate”, is found in several places in the Quran. Parents looking for an arty-sounding name that has deep meaning will enjoy this name for their daughter.

  • Origin: South African, Arabic
  • Meaning: Soft-hearted, Tenderness, Delicate, It’s raining, Dedicated to Jupiter
  • Pronunciation: Lee-AH-na
  • Variations: Lilly, Juliana, Lily, Yana, Liana, Leeana, Lyana, Leana
  • Namesakes: An eight-member Zimbabwean band
  • Popularity: Lianne and Lianna may be somewhat popular but this spelling of the name is pretty unique.
Trendy, Simple


Lukhona is a unique name with a distinctly African sound to it. The meaning of “there is love” is a really beautiful sentiment for your daughter to take through her life.

  • Origin: South African
  • Meaning: It’s available, Care, There is love
  • Pronunciation: LU-KOR-NU
  • Popularity: Lukhona is not a popular name for African American girls.
Focused, Noble
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Lulu is a unique name with traditional roots in the common English name Louise. It has various beautiful meanings in different languages, such as “pearl” in Arabic and “precious” in Hawaiin. Lulu is a prevalent name in Africa.

  • Origin: English/Arabic/Latin/Swahili
  • Meaning: Famous warrior, Precious, Pearl, Remarkable one, Peaceful, Protected, Calm
  • Pronunciation: L(U)-LU
  • Variations: Louise, Luise, Luella, Lucienne, Lou, Lucy, Tallulah, Eluned, Louisa, Luisa, Louella, Lucille
  • Namesakes: Lulu Kennedy-Cairns, an actress, singer, TV personality and entrepreneur in Scotland. She’s known for her powerful voice.
  • Popularity: An uncommon name in the USA.


Lesedi is an adorable name for a girl who lights up the world for others. You can match this name with the cute nickname of Lessie. Families with a Christian faith often choose this name because of its meaning, “Gift from God.”

  • Origin: Southern Africa
  • Meaning: Light, Woman of light, God’s light, Gift from God, Shining
  • Variations: Lessie, Lisa, Dee
  • Popularity: Lesedi is a unique black girl’s name.
Sensitive, Complex


Mhambi is a traditional Zulu name that pertains to travel, luck and destiny. If you’re from a family of explorers who like to learn about new cultures and people, Mhambi is a great name choice. It’s unlikely to find this name outside of the Zulu community so that it will be a unique pick for your little one.

  • Origin: South African (Zulu)
  • Meaning: Traveler, Luck, Wanderer, Destiny
  • Variations: Mambi
  • Popularity: Mhambi is a rare female African name and doesn’t rank in the US.
Bold, Enthusiastic, Dynamic


Mara is a trendy and feisty name in Africa, meaning “joy” in Arabic. If your daughter will be the light of your life, Mara is a great feminine choice of name.

  • Origin: Kenya
  • Meaning: Eternally beautiful, Woman, Joy, Sea
  • Pronunciation: MAHR-ah
  • Variations: Maria, Samara, Mary, Mira, Tamara, Maya, Amara, Marija, Mia
  • Namesakes: Mara Wilson, actress popular for her role in the movie Mrs Doubtfire.
  • Popularity: Mara is a popular African American girl’s name.
Smart, Passionate


Mandisa is another original South African name with a beautiful meaning. The meaning of “whose presence evokes happiness” would be a wonderful thought to take through life.

  • Origin: South Africa (Zulu/Xhosa)
  • Meaning: Sweet, Sweetness, Whose presence evokes happiness
  • Pronunciation: M(A)-NDI-SA, MAN-DISA, man-DEE-sah
  • Variations: Manndisa, Mandi, Mandisia, Mandy, Manndissa, Mandiesa, Mendisia, Mandeesa, Mandysa
  • Namesakes: Mandisa Mfeka, famous South African pioneer combat pilot.
  • Popularity: A rare name in the USA.
Assertive, Proud


Mashika is a traditional African name that means “born during the rainy season.” It’s a creative name choice for parents and definitely a name that is both unique and quite African sounding.

  • Origin: African (Swahili)
  • Meaning: Born during the long rainy season
  • Pronunciation: MA-SHI-KA, ma-SHEE-kuh
  • Variations: Mysheka
  • Popularity: Rare name for black girls in the US.
Wise, Artistic, Diplomatic


Many Arabic parents name their daughters Mona because it is a lovely expression of “desire” and “wish.” If you’ve been praying for a baby girl, this is a great name to choose. Mona is also a classic name and your daughter won’t run into the “how do you say that” or “how do you spell that” issues some other names bring about.

  • Origin: African, Greek, Arabic, Italian
  • Meaning: Wish, The Lord’s with you, Noble, Solitary, My lady, Adviser, Wishes fulfilled, Peaceful, Wise protector
  • Pronunciation: MOH-na
  • Variations: Moni, Monica, Monique, Muna, Monya, Monca, Simona, Simone, Ramona, Mouna, Monah, Ramonda, Raymona
  • Namesakes: Mona Lisa featured in the famous Leonardo da Vinci portrait.
  • Popularity: Mona is a unique name for African American girls.


If you’d like to raise your daughter to be strong but treated well and respected, Nandi may be a great name to add to your list. Nandi was the mother of Shaka, a famous Zulu warrior king, making this a strong historical African name. Nandi can also be a feminine form of Ferdinand.

  • Origin: African
  • Meaning: Strong-willed, Princess
  • Pronunciation: Naan-dee
  • Variations: Nandy, Nandie
  • Namesakes: Nandi Madida, a famous South African singer.
  • Popularity: This is a rare name in the USA.
Active, Daring


Nini is an original African girl name and a short form of Niambi, also a beautiful name. Nini is a great name for a music-loving family. If the birth of your baby girl brings joy to your heart, Nini is a good choice.

  • Origin: African
  • Meaning: Melody
  • Variations: Ninni, Ninie
  • Namesakes: Nini Carlina, a famous Indonesian musician.
  • Popularity: Nini is growing in popularity for African American girls names in the US but it’s still rare.
Active, Daring


Neema is an African name that has its origins in Swahili. This girl’s name beginning with N indicates prosperity and is often heard in the African-American community.

  • Origin: Swahili
  • Meaning: Born in Prosperity, Prosperous
  • Pronunciation: N-ee-m-uh
  • Variations: Neemah, Neyhema, Nahema
  • Namesakes: Neema Barnette, the first African American woman to direct primetime sitcoms.
Impressive, Noble, Elegant
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Nozipho is a girl’s name originating from Zulu. This name is exotic yet easy to pronounce and describes a girl who is the best gift you could ever get. It will make a great name if you want to be faithful to your African roots.

  • Origin: Zulu
  • Meaning: Mother of all gifts
  • Variations: Noziphi, Nosipho
  • Popularity: Nozipho is a very popular name in Africa but does not rank as a popular African American girl’s name in the US.
Active, Non-conventional


Parents looking for a name that’s strong, meaningful, and beautiful may want to choose Ode for their daughter. Because of the name’s meaning, many parents who are artistic, musical or have a love for the written word pick this name for their daughter. In Nigerian, this is a unisex name that also means “born along a road.”

  • Origin: Nigerian, English
  • Meaning: Born along a road, A lyric poem
  • Variations: Odette, Odie, Oday
  • Namesakes: Alache Ode, Gospel Musician in Africa.
Full Of Joy


Oni is a name that implies you are blessed. It traces back its roots to Hebrew. The name also expresses being in the presence of God and being favored by God. Oni is also a great short and cool name beginning with O.

  • Origin: Malawi, Hebrew
  • Meaning: Born on holy ground, God has favored me
  • Pronunciation: Oh-nee
  • Variations: Onie, Ohni, Onny
  • Namesakes: Oni Buchanan, American poet and pianist.
  • Popularity: Oni is a strong but unique name for African American girls in the US.
Persuasive, Loving


The baby name Oseye suits a happy and bright little girl perfectly. The origin and use are both in the African language and Oseye has a uniquely African sound to it.

  • Origin: African
  • Meaning: A happy person
  • Pronunciation: oh-SHE-yeh
  • Variations: Osayee, Osiyo


Powamana has its origins in the Lunda-speaking tribes and has a rhythmic ring to it. Mothers of beautiful firstborns often choose this name for their baby girl. It’s a bold and unconventional choice for a baby who will grow into an eternally beautiful woman.

  • Origin: Lunda, Congo
  • Meaning: Beautiful woman
  • Variations: Powamanah, Poamana
  • Popularity: This is a very rare name.


The name Pemba originates from African-Bamara and is related to strength. It is also the name of a Tanzanian island and a sacred limestone chalk used in Afro-Brazilian rituals. Parents looking for a girl’s name with strong African roots should consider Pemba.

  • Origin: African
  • Meaning: Force of existence
  • Pronunciation: PEH-MBaa
  • Variations: Pembah, Pembea, Pembiah
  • Popularity: Pemba is a rare African American girl’s name in the US.
High Concentration


Pili is a short and cute name that comes from the Swahili language. It can also be the short form of Pilar. Because of the name’s meaning, parents often choose it for their second-born child.

  • Origin: African (Swahili)
  • Meaning: Secondborn
  • Pronunciation: pi-li
  • Variations: Pilly, Pilli
  • Popularity: Pili is an unusual African American girls name but still growing in popularity in the US.
Imaginative, Visionary


Having Persian, Iranian origins, Pari is a well-loved and delicate name. The Turkish form of Pari is Peri. Pari is an excellent name for families who think there is more to life than what you can see or like the more mystical side of things.

  • Origin: Iran
  • Meaning: Fairy
  • Pronunciation: Pa-ri
  • Variations: Paari, Pahri, Peri
  • Namesakes: Pari Chopra, actress and Indian celebrity.
  • Popularity: In 2021, it was a only a somewhat popular female name.
Contented, Confident


Palesa is another fresh floral African girl name for your newborn. It’s a perfect choice for the baby girl you want to watch bloom beautifully.

  • Origin: Lesotho
  • Meaning: Flower
  • Pronunciation: PAE-LEH-SAH
  • Variations: Pelesa, Palisa
  • Namesakes: Palesa Madisakwane, a famous African actress.
Sophisticated, Stylish


Portia comes from Latin and means “offering.” Portia was a heroine in Shakespeare’s ‘The Merchant of Venice’. If you want a name that exudes intelligence and academic ability, and also has some history behind it, Portia is a good choice.

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: An offering
  • Pronunciation: PAOR-SHaa
  • Variations: Porcia, Porsha, Porchia
  • Namesakes: Portia de Rossi, actress, philanthropist and wife of Ellen Degeneres.
Intelligent, Intuitive
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Penzima is an ancient African name that comes from Swahili. It is a popular choice for traditionalist families wanting to maintain their strong cultural roots.

  • Origin: African
  • Meaning: Desire, Lust
  • Variations: Penzimah
  • Popularity: A rare and unique name.


Coming straight from Ethiopia, Qwara is a girls’ name that represents her African roots. It is a unique name that is both pretty and short.

  • Origin: Ethiopia
  • Meaning: People of Ethiopia
  • Pronunciation: Kwa-Rah
  • Variations: Quasar
  • Namesakes: Esther Abu Qwara, singer.
  • Popularity: Very uncommon.
Inspiring, Creative


Ramila is a trendy name used primarily among Hindus and Muslims. It’s a beautiful name that, due to its rareness, is a good choice for a baby you know will have a unique personality.

  • Origin: Gujarati, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Lover
  • Variations: Ramilla, Ramile, Ramell
  • Namesakes: Ramila Bara, Indian politician.
  • Popularity: Ramila is a very rare name for African American girls in the US but popular in other parts of the world.


Rehema is a name of African origins. There is beauty and nobility in forgiveness and compassion. It is a perfect name for a daughter you want to grow up having these strong characteristics.

  • Origin: Swahili
  • Meaning: Forgiveness, Compassion
  • Pronunciation: Reh-HHEH-Maa
  • Variations: Rahema, Rehemah, Rheema, Rahima
  • Namesakes: Neema Rehema, a popular Rwandan musician.
  • Popularity: Rehema is not particularly popular in the US.
Intelligent, Witty


Reka is a beautiful African name that means “sweet” – something your little girl is! Reka is a refreshing choice for modern parents who emphasize family togetherness and caring for one another.

  • Origin: South Africa, Hungary
  • Meaning: Sweet
  • Pronunciation: RAY-ka
  • Variations: Rekha, Rekah
  • Namesakes: Reka Szocs, famous female Hungarian soccer player.
  • Popularity: Reka is growing in popularity as a girls name in the US but is still a pretty unique name.
Honest, Reliable


Riya comes from the ancient Sanskrit language and represents creativity and ability. African parents enjoy the exotic sounding element of this name. Because the name means “singer” it is a good choice for a musical family or family of entertainers.

  • Origin: African, Sanskrit, Persian
  • Meaning: Singer
  • Variations: Riyah, Ria, Riyaa
  • Namesakes: Riya Sen, actress and model in India.
  • Popularity: The name is a popular African American girl’s name and is 573 most popular girl’s names in 2021 in the US.
Independent, Respectable


Roma is a timeless name among Hindus as it is another name for the Hindu goddess Laxmi. It also is short for “Roman” in Italian. Roma is the perfect “R” name for lovely little girls with big hearts.

  • Origin: Indian
  • Meaning: The one with shiny hair
  • Pronunciation: r-OH-m-aa
  • Variations: Rohma, Roman, Rooma
  • Namesakes: Roma Flinders, politician and Australia’s first female judge.
  • Popularity: Roma is an increasingly popular girl’s name in the US.
Compromising, Passive


Sindisiwe comes straight from South Africa and means “saved.” It is a perfect choice for spiritual parents who believe in redemption.

  • Origin: South Africa
  • Meaning: Saved, Redeemed
  • Pronunciation: Sin-dee-see-weh
  • Variations: Sindiswe, Sindi, Sandisiwe
  • Namesakes: Sindisiwe Khambule, an actress in Africa.
  • Popularity: The name is very unique.
Independent, Respectable


Shani is a traditional African name that is cute, easy to pronounce, and easy to spell. This Swahili name is found throughout different African cultures. If you think that your daughter will be absolutely magnificent, this is a great name for her.

  • Origin: Kenya
  • Meaning: Marvelous
  • Pronunciation: Sh-ai-n-ee
  • Variations: Shanie, Shaani, Shanny
  • Namesakes: Shani Pride, actress famous for her role in the movie Knocked Up.
  • Popularity: Shani is a unique African American girl’s name that is gaining traction in the US.
Creative, Artistic


Sisi is another pretty African girl name. Similar to “Esi”, Sisi also means “Sunday born.” Alternatively, it can be a short form for the biblical girl’s name Elizabeth. In some countries, sisi is used to refer to someone’s sister.

  • Origin: South African
  • Meaning: Sunday born
  • Variations: Sissi, Cici, Sisy
  • Namesakes: Sissy Spacek, an actress famous for her role in the movie The Coal Miner’s Daughter.
  • Popularity: Sisi is extremely popular as a female name in Africa but isn’t particularly popular in the US.
Optimistic, Outgoing
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Sizani is a badass African girl’s name that is similar to the common Suzanne, but with a unique African twist. It signals inclusion, family and helping with it’s meaning of “you all help” and if this is something you’d like to promote within your family, Sizani is a great choice.

  • Origin: Zulu
  • Meaning: You all help
  • Variations: Siani, Sazani
  • Namesakes: Sizani Ngubane, Human rights activist in Africa.
  • Popularity: This name is unique and very uncommon.


Shona is a feminine form of the Hebrew word John. Interestingly, Shona also happens to be the name of an ethnic group that lives in Zimbabwe. Because of the name’s meaning, christian families often consider it for their new daughter.

  • Origin: Zimbabwean
  • Meaning: God is gracious
  • Pronunciation: Sh-oh-n-ah
  • Variations: Shonagh, Shoana
  • Namesakes: Shona Brown, famous international business theorist.
  • Popularity: Shona becomes more popular as an African American girl’s name with each year.
Ambitious, Confident


Thabisa is of Zulu, Xhosa origins and makes a lovely expression of joy. This rare and beautiful African name has a familiar sound that can easily adapt across cultures. If your daughter will be a wonderful source of joy in your life, Thabisa is a perfect choice.

  • Origin: South Africa
  • Meaning: Brings joy
  • Pronunciation: Tha-BEE-sa
  • Variations: Tabisa, Thabisha
  • Popularity: Thabisa is very uncommon in the USA.


Thobeka is a noble African name that represents another great characteristic – humbleness. Parents who are down to earth and humble may choose this name for their daughter simply because it is beautiful and has a meaning that is valuable to them.

  • Origin: South Africa
  • Meaning: Be humble
  • Variations: Thobela, Tobeka
  • Popularity: Thobeka is not ranked in the US.


Tabia is a name of African origins that has a feminine feel to it. It is rare, but growing in popularity in communities where modern-sounding girl’s names are becoming popular.

  • Origin: Egypt
  • Meaning: Talents, Gifts
  • Pronunciation: Taa-BIY-aa
  • Variations: Tabya, Tabiah
  • Popularity: Tabia is a very rare African American girl’s name.


Tanya traces its roots back to Russia and comes from Tatiana. Tanya is both historical and well known which will help you avoid any pronunciation or spelling difficulties for your future daughter. If you’d like to think of your daughter as your little queen, Tanya is a great name choice.

  • Origin: Russian, South Africa (Afrikaans)
  • Meaning: Fairy Queen
  • Variations: Tania, Tanyah
  • Namesakes: Tanya Tucker, American country singer.
  • Popularity: Tanya is a popular name for African American girls, ranking in the top 900 in 2021 in the US.


Takia is the modern English variant of the Arabic name Taqiyya. The name portrays affection and finding joy in comforting others. Both Christian and Muslim families often pick this name for its meaning.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: God-fearing, pious
  • Variations: Takiyah, Taki, Takiyya
  • Popularity: Takia is a very rare African girl’s name in the US.


Uchenna is a rhythmic Nigerian girl’s name that relates to God’s will. It is the perfect “U” name for your daughter if you have a strong belief system or are looking for something unique for your baby girl’s name.

  • Origin: Nigeria
  • Meaning: The will of God
  • Variations: Uche, Ache
  • Namesakes: Uchenna Emedulo, retired Nigerian sprinter.
  • Popularity: Uchenna has gained popularity and but it’s still very uncommon.


Unita is a variation of the word “unity” in Middle English. This unusual but meaningful name can be a perfect choice that expresses oneness.

  • Origin: Angola
  • Meaning: Oneness
  • Variations: Aneeta, Aneta, Anita, Onita
  • Popularity: While Anita can be a pretty popular name, Unita is a unique twist and quite rare.


Uzima is one of the thoroughly likable Swahili baby names. This is a rock-solid African name that is perfect for a girl who will be sure to be energetic and full of life.

  • Origin: Tanzania
  • Meaning: One who is full of life, Energetic
  • Variations: Uzeema,Uzumma
  • Popularity: Uzima is a very rare name in the USA.
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Do you want your child to appreciate learning, wisdom and knowledge?? If so, Ulwazi may be a perfect name. This name is a gem that African-Americans can use to celebrate their roots in a meaningful way.

  • Origin: Zulu
  • Meaning: Knowledge
  • Variations: Uzie
  • Namesakes: OOL-Wuh-Zee
  • Popularity: Ulwazi is a very popular South African name but is much more uncommon in other countries.


Vasha comes from India relating to being agreeable and willing. Coincidentally, it is also the name of a language spoken in Africa. Vasha is a pretty, feminine choice for a little girl.

  • Origin: Indian
  • Meaning: Agree, Control, Submissive
  • Variations: Vash, Vesh
  • Popularity: There is no record of female African Americans ever being called Vasha.


Viona is a classic name with a modern-day feel that comes from Africa. It is a perfect fit for a little girl who will grow up to be a beautiful woman.

  • Origin: Ghana
  • Meaning: Fair Woman
  • Variations: Vionna, Veona
  • Namesakes: German ice hockey player Vionna Harrer.
  • Popularity: Viona is not a name that is well-known in the USA.


Wanda is conventionally interpreted as a form of the word “wanderer.” In today’s modern world, this name has struck a chord with many parents. If this word rings true to you, why not pick it for your little one? Additionally, a whole novel was written by Ouida called Wanda in 1883.

  • Origin: Afrikaans (South Africa)
  • Meaning: Traveler, Wanderer, Healer
  • Variations: Wan, Wande, Wendy
  • Namesakes: Wanda Jewell, Olympic medallists who took home 11 bronze medals in 1954. Wanda Sykes, African American comedian and actress.
  • Popularity: Wanda is a very popular name in the US, ranking 47th in 2020.


Wilma is an out and out feminine name that comes from William. This moniker is small but has a powerful meaning that suits a warrior girl and is a great strong girl’s name.

  • Origin: Afrikaans (South Africa)
  • Meaning: Warrior, Resolute protector
  • Variations: Vilma, Vilmna, Wilhelmina
  • Namesakes: Wilma Burgess (1939-2003), American musician.
  • Popularity: Wilma is ranked overall #1447 most used name in the world so it’s pretty popular.


This name is formed by the elements “Willa” and “Marie”. This name is a perfect choice if you want a name that rings familiar to both African and English ears.

  • Origin: Afrikaans (South Africa)
  • Meaning: Perseveres and never tires
  • Variations: Willmarie, Wilmary, Wilmari
  • Namesakes: Wilmare Sena, actress in a TV show called Orange is the New Black.
  • Popularity: Wilmarie is not a very common African American girl’s name.


Xola is a gender-neutral name hailing from South Africa. It’s an uncommon yet meaningful name that advocates peace.

  • Origin: South Africa
  • Meaning: Stay in peace
  • Pronunciation: Z-OH-l-uh
  • Variations: Xael, Xaila, Xexilia
  • Popularity: Xola is a rare and unique name.


Xolani is a popular name among the Zulu, Xhosa in South Africa. It’s never been overused in the western world and will make your baby girl’s name stand out from the crowd. Like Xola, this name advocates peace and forgiveness.

  • Origin: South Africa
  • Meaning: Please forgive, Peace
  • Pronunciation: Z-OH-l-uh-nee
  • Variations: Xylon, Xylona
  • Namesakes: Xolani Mdaki, South African famous footballer.
  • Popularity: Xolanis is not ranked in the US as a popular baby name.




Yolisa is a perfect name for parents who are overjoyed with the birth of their new daughter. You could shorten it to Lisa for a nickname. Baby Cele, a South African actress, chose this name for her daughter.

  • Origin: South Africa
  • Meaning: Happiness
  • Variations: Yoliswa, Yoliza
  • Namesakes: First Black female CEO of M-Net, a broadcasting network in Africa.
  • Popularity: Yolisa is an unusual name in the US.


Zanele is another fancy name hot out of Africa. It can mean “there are enough girls” or simply “there are enough children.” The meaning may not be very typical, but it sure has a great sound to it and is a great African girl name that starts with Z!

  • Origin: Zulu
  • Meaning: They are enough
  • Variations: Zanelle, Zanel
  • Popularity: Zanele currently doesn’t rank as a common baby girl’s name in the US.
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