172 Incredible Anime Girl Names: for Daring Daughters

Give your daughter one of these action-packed anime girl names to match her kickass personality.

Anime is the Japanese art of highly detailed, action-packed animation. It deals with friendship, love, myths, legends, and superpowers in a way that connects with adults and kids alike.

So, choosing one of these anime girl names for your darling daughter may say something about your personality and your daughter’s.

Female anime names can be fun, feisty, and flirty, but they can also have deeper meanings linked to history, religion, and folklore. Let’s dive right in to bring you the best anime names for girls.

172 Incredible Anime Girl Names

Let’s take a tour of the coolest anime names for your darling girl.

  1. Abigail – of Hebrew origin, meaning “my father is joy,” from the anime series Great Pretender.
  2. Ai – a short and sweet Japanese manga name meaning “love and affection.”
  3. Aiko – meaning “little loved one,” this anime name is cute and cool.
  4. Aimi – this cool anime name means “beautiful love.”
  5. Aina – the famous anime voice actress Aina Aiba, meaning “difficult birth.”
  6. Airi – is such a cool anime name meaning “love and affection” and “beloved Jasmine.”
  7. Akane – a Japanese word meaning “deep red.”
  8. Akemi – is the perfect anime name for “bright and beautiful” girls.
  9. Aki – a famous devil hunter from the anime series Chainsaw Man, meaning “autumn.”
  10. Akira – meaning “bright, clear, and cheerful” from one of the original manga novels.
  11. Ami – a former Hidden Leaf Ninja Academy warrior, meaning “beloved” in Japanese.
  12. Ana – meaning “bone, cave, and hole,” and an English character in Strawberry Marshmallow.
  13. Anita – a Spanish version of Anna, meaning “gracious and merciful.”
  14. Aoi – from the anime show Aoi Bungaku, this gender-neutral name represents the hollyhock flower.
  15. Asami – from The Legend of Korra anime series, meaning “beautiful linen.”
  16. Asuka – anime girl names are often pretty, like this one meaning “smell of tomorrow.”
  17. Aya – this short and sweet anime name means “woven silk.”
  18. Ayako – a classic manga character whose name means “color and design.”
  19. Ayame – a kind and cheerful Tenchu character, it means “iris.”
  20. Ayane – meaning “colorful sound,” Ayane is an anime voice artist.
  21. Ayano – from the stealth action video game, meaning “color and design.”
  22. Ayumu – meaning “dream, vision, and walk” and a Japanese manga character.
  23. Beryl – this English name meaning “light green semiprecious gemstone” features in the anime show Sailor Moon.
  24. Celty – a name invented for the anime show Durarara!!, with an unknown meaning.
  25. Chieko – if your daughter is a “child blessed with wisdom,” Chieko is perfect.
  26. Chiharu – this powerful and cool manga character’s name means “a thousand.”
  27. Chika – an anime name with several meanings, including “wisdom, scatter, good, fine, and flower.”
  28. Chikako – meaning “friendly parent,” this anime character features in the Osomatsu-kun series.
  29. Chinatsu – anime female names rarely have such a beautiful meaning as “a thousand summers.”
  30. Chiyo – from the anime series Naruto, this name means “world” and a “thousand generations.”
  31. Chiyoko – a long form of Chiyo with the same meaning.
  32. Cho – a short and sweet pick among anime names for girls, meaning “butterfly.”
  33. Chouka – starring in the anime series Hero’s Tales, meaning “versatility, enthusiasm, and agility.”
  34. Dai – is the orphan in Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai, meaning “great.”
  35. Daiki – if your anime daughter is “noble and great,” this Japanese name is perfect.
  36. Diane – with Latin roots, Diane means “divine.”
  37. Emi – such a short name with a wonderful meaning of “beautiful, blessed, and favor.”
  38. Emiko – if your daughter is a “child graced with beauty,” Emiko would make a perfect choice.
  39. Eri – meaning “my protector,” Eri is a character from My Hero Academia.
  40. Etsuko – this wonderful Japanese name means “joyful child.”
  41. Excel – a name created for the anime series Excel Saga, meaning “to succeed in life.”.
  42. EzraScarlet – a tough anime girl character, meaning “gift of God” and “red.”
  43. Fabuki – of Japanese origin, possibly meaning “snowstorm.”
  44. Faye – is derived from Old English and French, meaning “fairy.”
  45. Fumiko – the perfect Japanese name for a “child of beautiful wealth.”
  46. Hana – this simple Japanese name means “flower, bud, blossom, and favorite.”
  47. Hanako – meaning “flower girl,” this anime name appears in Toilet Bound Hanako-Kun.
  48. Haruka – from the Japanese anime series Free, meaning “faraway and distant.”
  49. Haruko – an ideal manga name for a “spring child.”
  50. Harumi – some daughters are blessed with “springtime beauty.”
  51. Haruna – your little “spring flower” deserves one of the best anime names.
  52. Hikari – anime nicknames don’t come any better than this, meaning “light.”
  53. Hina – meaning “sunshine and greens,” Hina appears in the anime series Naruto.
  54. Hinata – another Naruto character, meaning “sunny place” or “in the sun.”
  55. Hiroko – is the perfect anime name for “broad-minded children.”
  56. Hisako – a badass magician from Hunter x Hunter, meaning “child of an old story.”
  57. Hitomi – a famous Japanese singer and model, referring to the “pupil of the eye.”
  58. Honoka – a character from the Naruto anime series, meaning “faint and indistinct.”
  59. Hoshi – is popular in Hinduism, meaning “star” in Japanese.
  60. Hoshiko – a long form of Hoshi with the same meaning.
  61. Ika – the Japanese word for “squid,” and a character in the anime show The Squid Girl.
  62. Izumi – appearing in the anime show Naruto, meaning “fountain and spring.”
  63. Junko – this Japanese manga name is ideal for an “obedient child.”
  64. Kaguka – from the anime show Gintama, meaning “easy” and “God.”
  65. Kamiko – such a pretty anime/kawaii name meaning “little princess.”
  66. Kanon – meaning “an official of the church,” Kanon is also a visual novel and video game.
  67. Kaori – this cute Japanese name means “fragrant.”
  68. Kaoru – from “SK8 the Infinity,” it means “fragrant.”
  69. Kasumi – female anime names, like Kasumi, can be badass and unique, meaning “mist.”
  70. Kei – the professional name of the famous Korean singer, meaning “sandy, white.”
  71. Keiko – this is a great anime name for your “lucky child.”
  72. Kiko – such a unique name for a “happy and rejoicing child.”
  73. Kiku – the Japanese name for the chrysanthemum flower.
  74. Kimi – from the Japanese movie Your Name, it means “a beautiful story.”
  75. Kimiko – this classic Japanese name is ideal for your little “noble empress.”
  76. Kin – this short and sweet unisex anime name means “golden.”
  77. Kino – a kawaii anime name meaning “wandering soul.”
  78. Kiyoko – from the anime series Haikyū!!, meaning “pure child.”
  79. Kiyomi – a Japanese citrus fruit, meaning “clean, clear, hope, beautiful, and serene.”
  80. Kiyoshi – meaning “bright and shining clear,” this Japanese anime name is badass.
  81. Kohaku – a character from the animation series Crazy: B, meaning “amber.”
  82. Kotone – a recurring Pokemon character, meaning “sound of the koto.”
  83. Kumiko – from the second Karate Kid movie, meaning “braid.”
  84. Kurisu – the Japanese word for a “chestnut” from the anime show Steins Gate.
  85. Kyo – has an unusual meaning of “cooperation, village, and apricot.”
  86. Kyoko – a character featured in the anime series Katekyo Hitman REBORN, meaning “mirror.”
  87. Lacus – a Latin name meaning “award,” appearing in the series Gundam.
  88. Latifa – of Arabic origin, this anime name means “gentle and kind.”
  89. Lina – a short and sweet Japanese name meaning “palm tree.”
  90. Lucy – meaning “born at dawn,” Lucy features in the anime series Fairy Tail.
  91. Machi – meaning “ten thousand,” Machi appears in the anime show Blue Orchid Island.
  92. Maki – from the manga series Jujutsu Kaisen, meaning “true.”
  93. Mami – a popular magical girl in the Puella Magi Madoka Magica series, meaning “true beauty.”
  94. Mana – from a popular video game series called Legend of Mana, meaning “supernatural power.”
  95. Manami – a top Japanese name meaning “love and beauty.”
  96. Mao – meaning “true center,” this Japanese manga series is trendy.
  97. Mariko – is Wolverine’s love interest in the Marvel comics, meaning “ball and circle.”
  98. Masami – from the Amazing World of Gumball, meaning “beauty.”
  99. Masumi – a high school detective from the manga series Detective Conan, meaning “beauty.”
  100. Masuyo – meaning “benefit and world,” is also a dark and evil character in anime.
  101. Mayu – as Japanese nicknames go, Mayu means “gentle truth.”
  102. Mayumi – a traditional Japanese name meaning “true bow.”
  103. Megumi – this sweet Japanese name means “blessing.”
  104. Mei – is predominantly used in Chinese and Japanese, meaning “beautiful.”
  105. Michi – a famous Japanese singer, meaning “righteous way.”
  106. Michiko – from the anime series Michiko and Hatchin, meaning “passing child.”
  107. Midori – is a character in the Naruto series, meaning “green.”
  108. Mieko – a great anime name for your daughter if you are “already prosperous.”
  109. Miho – this anime name has multiple meanings, including “truth, beauty, and care.”
  110. Mika – is featured in Seraph of the End; this anime name means “God’s child.”
  111. Miki – means “three trees together” and “quick and nimble.”
  112. Miku – a martial arts-loving anime character, meaning “beautiful, sky, and long time.”
  113. Minako – this traditional Japanese girl’s name means “beautiful.”
  114. Mio – a dark humanoid character, meaning “cherry blossom and beautiful.”
  115. Misaki – from the anime show Another, meaning “beautiful bloom.”
  116. Mitsuko – this charming Japanese manga name means “child of the light.”
  117. Miu – from the action show Danganronpa, Miu means “beautiful feathers.”
  118. Miwa – featured in the 2012 film Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, meaning “beautiful harmony.”
  119. Miyako – meaning “beautiful night child,” this top anime archer is badass.
  120. Miyu – meaning “beauty, gentleness, and superiority” from the anime show Vampire Princess Miyu.
  121. Miyuki – meaning “beautiful snow” or “beautiful happiness,” this manga name has class.
  122. Mizuki – from the anime series One-Punch Man, meaning “beautiful moon.”
  123. Moe – meaning “to love” and “dark-skinned,” Japanese slang nicknames are so descriptive.
  124. Momoko – means “peach child” and is the main protagonist in the novel series Momo Kyun Sword.
  125. Moon – is a unisex name from the Fly Me to the Moon anime.
  126. Moriko meaning “forest,” this anime name features in Recovery of an MMO Junkie.
  127. Nagisa – this unique anime name means “a calm beach.”
  128. Nami – from the One-Piece anime franchise, meaning “wave.”
  129. Nana – from the manga series of the same name, meaning “grace.”
  130. Nanami – meaning “seven seas,” anime usernames like Nanami are pretty.
  131. Nao – means “honest, esteem, and giant,” depending on the kanji characters used.
  132. Naoko – the perfect anime name for an “obedient child.”
  133. Naomi – of Hebrew origin, this manga name means “pleasant and beauty.”
  134. Natsu – the ideal manga name for children “born in summer.”
  135. Natsuki – depending on the kanji characters used, Natsuki means “summer, hope, moon, green, and vegetable.”
  136. Natsuko – an extended version of Natsu, meaning “summer child.”
  137. Natsumi – a variation of Natsuko meaning “summer beauty.”
  138. Noa – an Old Testament female name meaning “motion.”
  139. Nobuko – a character from the anime show Bungo Stray Dogs, meaning “faith and child.”
  140. Nori – this unisex anime girl’s name means “seaweed.”
  141. Noriko – meaning “law, rule, code, ceremony,” and a famous Japanese voice artist.
  142. Ren – a popular name with anime and manga animation and video games, meaning “lotus.”
  143. Revy – an evil character from the anime series Black Lagoon, describing a “golden heart.”
  144. Rika – a young female character from the anime show Jujutsu Kaisen, meaning “loved.”
  145. Riko – means “white jasmine” or “reason and logic” from the anime series Made in Abyss.”
  146. Rina – with multiple meanings, this rare anime name means “beloved, peace, pure, queen, and melody.”
  147. Rio – this Spanish name for “river” appears in the anime series Gensouki.
  148. Ryoko – means “good or refreshing child” from the popular show Space Pirates.
  149. Sachiko – an anime name that means “child of bliss and happiness.”
  150. Sailor – refers to a “boatman” from the anime cartoon Sailor Moon.
  151. Saki – meaning “blossom and hope,” Saki appears in the manga series of the same name.
  152. Sakura – a character from the Naruto manga show, meaning “cherry blossom.”
  153. Satomi – some daughters have “wise beauty.”
  154. Sayuri – a top character in the Seraph of the End anime show, meaning “small lily.”
  155. Setsuko – meaning “occasion, period, and melody” from the Graves of the Fireflies anime show.
  156. Shin – from the anime series Kingdom, Shin means “real and true.”
  157. Shinobu – for your kid to be a top anime character, they need “endurance.”
  158. Shizuka – from the Naruto anime series, meaning “quiet, calm” and “summer.”
  159. Sora – is a Kingdom Hearts anime series character meaning “sky.”
  160. Sumiko – anime girl names are rarely as cute, meaning “child of goodness.”
  161. Suzu – of Japanese origin, this character name from the anime show Heroes means “bell.”
  162. Suzuki – from the Overlord series, meaning “bell tree.”
  163. Suzuko – belongs to a well-known Japanese voice actress, meaning “bell child.”
  164. Suzume – a pretty anime name meaning “sparrow.”
  165. Takara – a famous member of the girl band Busters, meaning “precious object and treasure.”
  166. Tomiko – a demon slayer in the anime world, meaning “most beautiful child.”
  167. Umeko – from the Japanese manga show Those Snow White Notes, meaning “plum blossom child.”
  168. Wakana – perfect for musical anime kids, Wakana means “harmonious music.”
  169. Yoko – means “good positive child,” and was the wife of ex-Beatle John Lennon.
  170. Yori – a character in the manga novel From the New World, meaning “reliable.”
  171. Yumi – a short and sweet manga name meaning “beautiful.”
  172. Yuzuki – another famous anime voice artist, meaning “small citrus fruit.”

Anime Girl Names FAQs

What Are the Most Popular Anime Girl Names?

The most popular anime girl names include Michi, Ryoko, Takara, Yuzuki, and Akane. Other examples like Yori, Mayumi, Mio, and Emiko are also well-loved.

What Are the Most Popular Anime Shows?

The most popular anime shows include Naruto, Space Pirates, My Hero Academia, and Detective Conan. Other shows, like Kingdom Hearts, One-Punch Man, and Jujutsu Kaisen, are also well-liked.

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