385 Beautifully Unusual Girl Names: for Daring Daughters

Kick boring names into the tall grass and choose unusual girl names instead.

If you want a name that stands out, raises eyebrows, or makes a statement, unusual girl names have it all. Whatever the reason, unique girl names are funny, edgy, and cute, with a touch of badass.

From Old French, English, and Latin to Arabic and Greek, unique female names are abundant. Check out this list of the best 385 quirky names to delight and surprise you.

385 Ultimate and Unusual Girl Names

As always, let’s kick off our naming journey with the letter A.

  1. Aaliyah – some unusual girl names come from Arabic – Aaliyah means “highborn, exalted, and ascending.”
  2. Aarti – this Sanskrit name means “love of God.”
  3. Abigail – derived from biblical Hebrew and means “my father’s joy.”
  4. Acacia – an authentic Greek name meaning “thorny.”
  5. Adison – meaning “son of Adam” in English, Adison is becoming popular with both sexes.
  6. Agatha – is derived from the Greek word “agathos,” meaning “good and honorable.”
  7. Aggie – a short form of Agatha, meaning “good, honorable, and pure.”
  8. Agnes – an old-fashioned Greek name that means “holy and pure.”
  9. Agnetha – the Scandinavian version of Agnes, meaning “holy and pure.”
  10. Ainslee – derived from the Old English “an” and “leah,” meaning “one wood or clearing.”
  11. Akari – this cool Japanese name means “lights.”
  12. Aksana – an unusual Greek name meaning “foreigner, stranger, and guest.”
  13. Alanis – some uncommon girl names are Hawaiian, like Alanis, meaning “precious and cheerful.”
  14. Alexa – a female short form of Alexander, meaning “defender of mankind” in Greek.
  15. Alexis – this gender-neutral Greek name derives from Alexander and means “defender of mankind.”
  16. Allegra – a classic Italian girl’s name meaning “happy and joyful.”
  17. Alma – of Italian, Hebrew, Arabic, and Latin roots, meaning “nourishing” and “kind soul.”
  18. Amal – this pretty Arabic female name means “hope and expectation.”
  19. Amber – derived from the Arabic “ambar,” meaning “jewel.”
  20. Amina – if you think your child is “honest and faithful, “Amina is the perfect Arabic name.
  21. Amity – this short and sweet Latin name means “friendship and harmony.”
  22. Anastasia – one of the prettiest Russian and Greek girl names meaning “resurrection.”
  23. Andra – derived from the Greek name Andrew, meaning “strong” and “defender of the people.”
  24. Andretta – taken from the masculine Greek name Andreas, meaning “manly.”
  25. Angelique – this French name is inspired by the Greek Angelicus, meaning “messenger” or “messenger of God.”
  26. Annalise – of Latin origin, meaning “graced with God’s bounty.”
  27. Antoinette – this famous and beautiful French name means “highly praiseworthy.”
  28. Anya – derived from the Russian name Anna, meaning “grace.”
  29. Arabella – the best unique girl names are cute, like Arabella, meaning “yielding to prayer” in Latin.
  30. Armani – a unique Italian girl name meaning “child of Armana” and “warrior.”
  31. Arya – this alluring Sanskrit name means “noble.”
  32. Ashanti – the first Ghanaian name on the list – Ashanti means “gratitude.”
  33. Astor – of Scandinavian and Icelandic origin, meaning “of Aster, hawk, and thunder god.”
  34. Astoria – derived from the Southern French “astur,” meaning “female hawk.”
  35. Astra – a badass Greek female name meaning “from the stars.”
  36. Astrid – this traditional Old Scandinavian female name means “divinely beautiful.”
  37. Athena – taken from Greek mythology, meaning “from Athens” and represents “wisdom.”
  38. Aubrey – a classic gender-neutral High German name derived from Alberich, meaning “elf ruler.”
  39. Aurora – named after the Roman dawn goddess, meaning “dawn.”
  40. Autumn – from the Latin “autumnus,” meaning “season of the harvest” and “fall.”
  41. Avalon – from Arthurian legend, this Celtic name means “island of apples.”
  42. Avery – of English and French origin, meaning “ruler of the elves.”
  43. Aviva – a beautiful Hebrew girl’s name with a meaning to match: “springtime, dewy, and fresh.”
  44. Avril – this French word for April comes from the Latin “aperire,” meaning “to open.”
  45. Bailey – this Old English name means “berry clearing, bailiff, and city fortification.”
  46. Barbarella – derived from the ancient Greek word “barbaros,” meaning “foreign woman.”
  47. Beatrice – this interesting English name derives from the Latin Beatrix and means “blessed one.”
  48. Beatrix – the Latin derivative of the English name Beatrice, with the same meaning.
  49. Belle – the most feminine French name meaning “fair and beautiful.”
  50. Bellona – another descriptive Latin name describing the “goddess of war.”
  51. Berni – a Greek, French, and German name meaning “victory bringer” and “brave bear.”
  52. Bernice – a cute Greek name meaning “bringer of victory.”
  53. Betania – derived from the Hebrew place name meaning “house of figs.”
  54. Bethany – possibly of Aramaic and Hebrew origin, meaning “desire of goodness” or “house of happiness.”
  55. Bianca – a trendy Italian name meaning “pure” and “white.”
  56. Blossom – a nature-friendly English name meaning “flower-like.”
  57. Bonnie – derived from Scottish and the French word “bon,” meaning “pretty.”
  58. Brandy – this stereotypical cheerleader name means “burnt wine” in Dutch.
  59. Bree – derived from the Irish Brigid and Brighe, meaning “noble and power.”
  60. Brianna – a cool Irish name meaning “exalted, noble, and high.”
  61. Brigitta – derived from the Irish female name Brighid, meaning “the high one” and “strength.”
  62. Brodie – this unisex Scottish name means “little ridge.”
  63. Bronte – is of Gaelic and Greek origin, meaning “bestower and thunder.”
  64. Bronwen – an Anglicized version of the Welsh Bronwyn, meaning “fair and blessed.”
  65. Bryony – is of Greek origin, meaning “climbing plant.”
  66. Caitriona – this Gaelic girl’s name originates from ancient Greek and means “pure.”
  67. Calista – a mixture of the Greek Kallisto and the Latin Callistus, meaning “most beautiful.”
  68. Cambria – this rarest of Welsh names means “the people.”
  69. Camilla – a feminine form of the Latin Camillus, meaning “servant for the temple” and “free-born.”
  70. Candace – the first Ethiopian name on the list, meaning “clarity and whiteness.”
  71. Cally – derived from the Greek Kallista, meaning “lovely one, cup, and beautiful flower.”
  72. Caprice – of French and Italian origin, meaning “whimsical and playful.”
  73. Celeste – this original name of Latin origin means “heavenly.”
  74. Chantal – derived from the Old Occitan word “cantal,” meaning “stone” in French.
  75. Charity – this cute girl’s name is different and means “giving and kindness.”
  76. Charlize – a feminine German version of Charles, meaning “free man.”
  77. Charmaine – an interesting Old English name meaning “charm.”
  78. Chastity – this virtuous name means “pure” in Latin.
  79. Cherise – derived from the French Cerise and Cherie, meaning “cherry.”
  80. Cherry – a fruit-inspired child’s name describing the small red fruit.
  81. Chita – unique girl names sometimes sound odd, like Chita, meaning “conception” in Latin.
  82. Christabel – a creative Latin name meaning “beautiful Christian.”
  83. Cinnamon – this modern name describes the Greek word for a “warm brown spice.”
  84. Clarice – derived from the French Clarisse and the Latin Clarissa, meaning “bright and clear.”
  85. Clover – a pretty British nature-inspired name meaning “meadow flower.”
  86. Constance – with roots in the Late Latin name Constantius – means “steadfastness.”
  87. Corinne – the perfect Latin name for little warriors, meaning “beautiful maiden” and “spear.”
  88. Dahlia – derived from the Swedish word “dal,” meaning “valley.”
  89. Dakota – this Native American Sioux name means “friend and ally.”
  90. Danica – a Slavic feminine name meaning “morning star” and “Venus.”
  91. Darby – a cool gender-neutral name of Old English origin, meaning “deer park.”
  92. Darcie – the female version of the male Darcy, meaning “dark” or “dark-haired.”
  93. Davina – is of Scottish and Hebrew origin, meaning “beloved.”
  94. Delia – from Greek mythology, this Romanian name means “from Delos.”
  95. Delilah – a popular Hebrew and Arabic name meaning “delicate.”
  96. Della – mainly of German origin, meaning “noble.”
  97. Demi – a short form of Demetria, this French name means “half” and “small.”
  98. Denver – of French and Old English origin, meaning “green valley” and “from Anvers.”
  99. Desiree – this beautiful French name means “much desired.”
  100. Destiny – a French version of the Latin “destinare,” meaning “to determine” and “one’s certain fortune.”
  101. Devika – an unusual Hindi and Sanskrit name meaning “little goddess.”
  102. Dido – many unique female names come from Greek, like Dido, meaning “wanderer.”
  103. Dolores – of Spanish origin, meaning “sorrows.”
  104. Dominique – from the Latin Dominicus, meaning “of or belonging to the Lord.”
  105. Drew – a short and sweet unisex Greek name meaning “strong and manly.”
  106. Dylan – a top Welsh name meaning “son of the sea” or “born from the ocean.”
  107. Eden – many rare girl names come from Hebrew, like Eden, meaning “place of pleasure or delight.”
  108. Eleanor – is of Hebrew origin, meaning “God is my light or candle.”
  109. Elkie – an Old English female name meaning “noble and kind.”
  110. Ellery – this gender-neutral British name means “joyful” and “lives by the alder tree.”
  111. Elora – with roots in Hebrew and Greek, this pretty name means “My God is my light.”
  112. Elsbeth – possibly of German and Scottish descent, meaning “pledged to God.”
  113. Ember – a cute British girl’s name meaning “spark” or “burning low.”
  114. Emery – some of the best unusual girl names are British – Emery means “power and industrious.”
  115. Enid – is of Middle Welsh origin, meaning “spirit, life, and purity.”
  116. Enya – this feisty Irish girl’s name means “fire, little seed” and “kernel.”
  117. Erica – an Old Norse name meaning “eternal ruler” and “ever powerful.”
  118. Esme – a short form of the Spanish Esmerelda, meaning “emerald,” or French, meaning “esteemed and beloved.”
  119. Esther – from the Old Persian name Stara, meaning “star.”
  120. Euphrasia – of Greek origin, meaning “delight and joy” and “good cheer.”
  121. Evangelina – a Greek name that spawned many nicknames, meaning “good news.”
  122. Evelyn – a modern-sounding Hebrew name meaning “life, desired child, and little bird.”
  123. Everley – a lovely unisex Old English name meaning “boar in a meadow.”
  124. Fae – this uniquely French name means “fairy.”
  125. Fawn – derived from the French “faon” and “feon,” meaning “young deer.”
  126. Fay – another French name meaning “fairy,” derived from the Latin “fata,” meaning “fate and destiny.”
  127. Felicity – derived from the Latin “felicitas,” meaning “luck and good fortune – Felicity means “happiness.”
  128. Fern – an Old English topographical name referring to “someone living among ferns.”
  129. Filipa – a modern respelling of the Czech, Croatian, and Polish name Philippa, meaning “friend of horses.”
  130. Fionne – derived from the Irish/Gaelic Fionn, meaning “white and fair.”
  131. Fleur – this delicate French name means “flower.”
  132. Flick – an Old English word meaning “happiness,” derived from the Latin Felicitas, meaning “fortunate.”
  133. Flora – this short and pretty girl’s name means “flower” in Latin.
  134. Flynn – perfect for kids with a “ruddy” complexion; it also means “descendant of Flann” in Irish.
  135. Francesca – an Italian alternative to Francis, meaning “free.”
  136. Frankie – a shorter playful version of Francesca, meaning “free” and “truthful.”
  137. Freya – derived from the Scandinavian Freyja, meaning “noble lady.”
  138. Gail – from the Hebrew name Abigail, meaning “my father rejoices.”
  139. Galene – a lesser-known Greek goddess – Galene means “calm weather or tranquility.”
  140. Gemima – possibly of Greek origin, meaning “dove” and “day by day.”
  141. Gemma – this once popular English name derives from Latin and means “gem or jewel.”
  142. Genevieve – this French name derives from the medieval name Genovefa and means “woman of the family.”
  143. Georgie – derived from the Greek Georgios, meaning “farmer” or “earth-worker.”
  144. Georgina – a feminine Greek version of Georgios, meaning “earth-worker” or “farmer.”
  145. Gerri – of Old French and German origin, meaning “spear ruler.”
  146. Gertrude – a classic Old German female name meaning “strength and spear.”
  147. Gerty – a short form of Gertrude, meaning “strong spear” in German.
  148. Ghislaine – derived from the Latin Gislenus and the Germanic Gislin, meaning “pledge.”
  149. Gilda – a mixture of Old English and Filipino, meaning “golden or gilded.”
  150. Gillian – a feminine Old English name derived from the Latin Juliana, meaning “youthful.”
  151. Ginerva – an Italian version of the French Guinevere, meaning “white and smooth.”
  152. Ginger – a common nickname for people with red hair; Ginger means “pure, chaste, and virginal.”
  153. Gita – a cool Sanskrit name meaning “sacred song or poem.”
  154. Grace – is of Latin and Greek origin, meaning “goodness and generosity.”
  155. Greta – this popular German name means “pearl.”
  156. Gretchen – similar to Greta, Gretchen also means “pearl” in German.
  157. Guinevere – a famous Welsh and English name meaning “white, fair, and smooth.”
  158. Gwen – a short form of the Welsh Gwenhwyfar (Guinevere), meaning “white and holy.”
  159. Gwendolyn – a well-loved Welsh female name meaning “fair bow” and “blessed ring.”
  160. Hadassa – this Hebrew name means “myrtle tree” and is associated with “peace and love.”
  161. Hadley – an unusual Old English female name meaning “heather meadow.”
  162. Hannah – a variation of the Hebrew name Channah, meaning “grace and favor.”
  163. Harlem – derived from the Dutch city of Haarlem, meaning “home on a wooded hill.”
  164. Harley – from the Old English “hera” and “leah,” meaning “hare’s meadow or clearing.”
  165. Harlow – an Old English name meaning “rock or army hill.”
  166. Hartley – similar to Harley, this Old English name means “deer meadow.”
  167. Heather – this botanical Old English/Scottish name refers to an “evergreen flowering plant.”
  168. Heddy – this unique German and Greek name means “delightful, sweet, and warrior.”
  169. Heidi – a short form of the German Adelheid, meaning “of noble kind or kin.”
  170. Henley – this topographical Old English place name means “high meadow.”
  171. Hester – this heavenly girl’s name of Persian origin means “star.”
  172. Hetty – a diminutive of Henrietta, meaning “home-ruler” in Old English.
  173. Honey – the Old English meaning of honey is “nectar and sweetness.”
  174. Honor – is derived from the Latin “honos,” meaning “honor and integrity.”
  175. Imaan – this Muslim child’s name means “faith and belief.”
  176. Imogen – derived from the Celtic name Innogen, meaning “maiden.”
  177. Imry – a unisex Hungarian name meaning “strength and power.”
  178. India – from the country and derives from the Sanskrit Sindhu, meaning “ocean or river.”
  179. Indiana – this classic gender-neutral Native American name means “land of the Indians.”
  180. Indigo – a gender-neutral name of Greek and English origin, meaning “deep blue” or “blue dye.”
  181. Inga – this Scandinavian female name means “guarded by Ing.”
  182. Ingrid – another Scandinavian name relating to Ing, meaning “fair” and “Ing’s beauty.”
  183. Iris – this short and sweet name means “rainbow” in Greek and “flower” in Hebrew.
  184. Isabeau – a variant of the Hebrew name Isabel, meaning “God’s promise or pledge.”
  185. Isadora – derived from the Greek Isadoros, meaning “Gift of Isis.”
  186. Issy – a short form of the Hebrew name Isabel, meaning “god’s promise.”
  187. Ivanka – the Slavic feminine form of Ivan means “God is gracious.”
  188. Ivetta – this super-chic French name means “yew.”
  189. Ivy – a classic Old English name meaning “climbing evergreen plant.”
  190. Jacinda – of Spanish, Portuguese, and Greek origin, meaning “beautiful.”
  191. Jacira – our first Brazilian entry on the list – Jacira means “honey and moon.”
  192. Jade – this gender-neutral English name refers to the precious stone from the Spanish phrase “piedra de ijada.”
  193. Jasmine – derived from the Persian name Yasmin, this pretty moniker means “gift from God.”
  194. Jewel – the perfect name for your little gem – Jewel means “precious stone” in Old English.
  195. Joelle – this French feminine version of Joel means “God will be willing.”
  196. Jolanthe – an unusual Spanish and Greek name meaning “violet blossom” and “purple flower.”
  197. Jolene – derived from the French “jolie,” meaning “pretty.”
  198. Josie – originating from the Hebrew Yosef, this feminine version means “God will add or increase.”
  199. Juanita – a popular Spanish name derived from the Hebrew John, meaning “God is gracious.”
  200. Jubilee – this celebratory name comes from Hebrew, meaning “ram’s horn.”
  201. Juno – a classic Roman and Latin name meaning “queen of heaven.”
  202. Kaitlen – this modern respelling of Caitlin is of Irish and Greek origin and means “pure.”
  203. Kalice – possibly of Jamaican origin, meaning “gift of God.”
  204. Kamala – this unusual Sanskrit name means “lotus flower.”
  205. Kara – derived from the Italian term “cara,” meaning “beloved or dear.”
  206. Katya – a Russian short form of Ekaterina, meaning “pure and perfect.”
  207. Kayla – derived from the Hebrew Kelila, meaning “slim and fair.”
  208. Kiera – an Anglicized version of the Irish Ciara, meaning “dark” or “dark-haired.”
  209. Kiki – has Spanish, Japanese, French, and Egyptian roots, meaning “double happiness.”
  210. Kiraz – a short and sweet Turkish girl’s name meaning “cherry.”
  211. Kirsten – this feminine Scandinavian name means “follower of Christ.”
  212. Kelsey – an Old English name meaning “ship’s victory.”
  213. Kendall – from the Old English “cyne” and “dael,” meaning “royal valley” or “valley of the kings.”
  214. Kensie – a pretty Jamaican name meaning “beautiful and gorgeous.”
  215. Kingsley – derived from the Old English Cyningesleah, meaning “from the king’s wood or meadow.”
  216. Kitty – a pet form of the Latin Katharina, meaning “pure.”
  217. Knoxlee – derived from the Old English/Scottish “cnoc,” meaning “meadow near a small hill.”
  218. Kristen – similar to Kirsten and means “follower of Christ” in Latin.
  219. Kylie – derived from the Aboriginal word “kiley” or “kila” and means “boomerang.”
  220. Larissa – this classic ancient Greek name means “citadel.”
  221. Lavender – an old-fashioned Old English name meaning “purple flowering plant.”
  222. Layla – is of Arabic and Hebrew origin, meaning “dark or night.”
  223. Layton – originating from an Anglo-Saxon name meaning “meadow settlement.”
  224. Leigh – derived from the Old English word “leah,” meaning “meadow” or “woodland clearing.”
  225. Leila – an alternative spelling of Layla, meaning “dark and night” in Arabic and Hebrew.
  226. Letitia – a sophisticated version of the Latin Laetitia, meaning “joy and gladness.”
  227. Lexi – derived from the Greek Alexandros, meaning “man’s defender.”
  228. Liberty – a fun-filled girl’s name derived from the Latin Libertas, meaning “freedom.”
  229. Lilac – this nature-inspired Latin name means “bluish purple flower or color.”
  230. Lilly – of Latin origin, Lily means “pure” and symbolizes innocence.
  231. Logan – a trendy Scottish female name meaning “little hollow.”
  232. Lola – derived from the Spanish Dolores, meaning “sorrow.”
  233. London – this famous city derives from the Roman Londinium or Lundenburh, with an uncertain meaning.
  234. Lorelei – a cool Germanic mythological name meaning “the enchantress.”
  235. Loren – of Latin origin, this unisex name means “laurel” or “from Laurenti(u)m.”
  236. Lucinda – another descriptive Latin girl’s name meaning “light.”
  237. Ludmila – a traditional Slavic name meaning “love of the people.”
  238. Lydia – of Greek origin, meaning “beautiful one” or “from Lydia/Persia.”
  239. Lyra – this Latin female name means “lyre and harp.”
  240. Mackenzie – derived from the Scottish/Gaelic MacCoinich and means “attractive and pleasant to look at.”
  241. Maeve – a stereotypical Irish name meaning “intoxicating” and “she who rules.”
  242. Maia – this mythological Greek name means “great” and “mother.”
  243. Mallory – once a male name and now unisex, meaning “unfortunate one.”
  244. Melody – derived from the Greek “melos” and “odos,” meaning “song or sing.”
  245. Mavis – a traditional French girl’s name meaning “songbird.”
  246. Mena – this German name derives from the Greek/Persian/Arabic Mina and means “love.”
  247. Meredith – a gender-neutral Welsh name meaning “great ruler.”
  248. Michaela – the female Hebrew version of Michael, meaning “who resembles God.”
  249. Mila – means “miracle” in Spanish, “hardworking” in Slavic, and “gracious” in Russian.
  250. Mildred – this vintage name means “gentle power” in Old English.
  251. Millicent – derived from the Old French and German Melisende, meaning “strong in work.”
  252. Mindy – means “gentle one and honey” in Greek, “love” in Old German, and “bitter” in Hebrew.
  253. Minerva – taken from the Roman goddess of wisdom, meaning “the mind.”
  254. Mischa – is of Russian and Hebrew origin, meaning “bee or honey” and “who is like God.”
  255. Misty – this English name describes a “light fog” or “haze.”
  256. Mona – possibly derived from Madonna, this Italian name means “noble and aristocratic.”
  257. Morgan – derived from the Welsh words “mor” and “cant,” meaning “white sea dweller.”
  258. Myah means “dreams” in Sanskrit, “great” or “nurse” in Latin, and “close to God” in Hebrew.
  259. Myrtle – derived from the Latin Myrtus, meaning “evergreen shrub.”
  260. Mystique – this French child’s name means “air of mystery.”
  261. Naomi – a popular Western name of Hebrew origin, meaning “pleasant and gentle.”
  262. Nelly – is of English and Greek origin, meaning “shining light” and “most beautiful woman.”
  263. Nerys – a quirky Welsh name meaning “noblewoman” and “hero.”
  264. Nester – a great name from Greek mythology – Nester means “traveler” or “voyager.”
  265. Nico – a shortened version of the Greek name Nicholas, meaning “victory of the people.”
  266. Nicolette – a French version of Nicholas, meaning “victory of the people.”
  267. Nika – this Greek, Persian, and Slavic name means “good, pure crystal water” and “chosen.”
  268. Nikita – a gender-neutral Slavic and Greek name meaning “unconquered” and “victor.”
  269. Nina – means “little girl” in Spanish, “God’s grace/favor” in Hebrew, and “fish enclosure” in Babylonian.
  270. Oceana – derived from the Greek Oceanus, meaning “ocean.”
  271. Odell – meaning “woad hill,” this Old English name refers to a plant that makes blue dye.
  272. Odessa – another Greek mythological character – Odessa means “wrathful” and “one who receives pain.”
  273. Odette – is of French and German origin, meaning “wealthy.”
  274. Olene – this unusual Russian and Ukranian name means “bright one” and “shining light.”
  275. Olga – is of Scandinavian origin, meaning “blessed, holy, and successful.”
  276. Oona – an Anglicized version of Una, this Scottish name also derives from the Latin for “universal.”
  277. Ophelia – a classic Shakespearian name meaning “aid and help” in Greek.
  278. Ophrah – this gender-neutral Hebrew name means “a fawn” and “young deer.”
  279. Orchid – a superb nature-inspired ancient Greek child’s name meaning “orchid flower.”
  280. Orla – this pleasant Irish name means “golden princess.”
  281. Paris – the French capital bears the name of a Greek mythological character with an unknown meaning.
  282. Pasha – this unisex Russian, Greek, and Latin name means “small” and “of the sea.”
  283. Pearl – of Latin origin; Pearl lacks a specific meaning but represents a precious gemstone.
  284. Persephone – another Greek name from mythology, meaning “bringer of destruction.”
  285. Petal – derived from the Greek “petalon,” meaning “leaf.”
  286. Petunia – an old-fashioned French name representing “a flower with white and pink blossoms.”
  287. Peyton – this Irish and English name means “fighting man’s estate.”
  288. Philipa – this Greek name is ideal for kids who love animals and means “lover of horses.”
  289. Philomena – this traditional Greek name means “friend of strength.”
  290. Phoebe – this Latin version of the Greek Phoibe means “radiant” and “shining one.”
  291. Piper – this occupational Old English name means “pipe or flute player.”
  292. Pixie – this Celtic/Swedish and Cornish female name derives from a mythological creature and means “fairy.”
  293. Priscilla – a trendy Latin name meaning “venerable” and “ancient.”
  294. Prudence – derived from the Latin “prudentai,” meaning “caution and discretion.”
  295. Quinn – a hipster Irish name meaning “wise, sense, and reason.”
  296. Raine – derived from the Latin Reginas, meaning “she is singing” in Sanskrit and “queen” in French.
  297. Raquel – this Spanish and Hebrew name means “innocent” and “innocent ewe or lamb.”
  298. Raven – derived from the Old English “hraefn,” meaning “dark-haired” or “wise.”
  299. Ray – this Old German nickname derives from Raymond and means “wise protector.”
  300. Reagan – is a famous Irish name meaning “little king.”
  301. Reece – for an unusual moniker, you can’t ignore Reece, meaning “enthusiasm” in Welsh.
  302. Renee – of Old French origin, meaning “born again.”
  303. Rina – of Latin, Greek, Hebrew, and Israeli origin, meaning “beloved, joyful, and melody.”
  304. Ripley – this Old English name means “strip or clearing in the woods.”
  305. Rhianna – derived from the Welsh name Rhiannon, meaning “great queen or goddess.”
  306. Roisin – is the Irish equivalent of the English name Rose, meaning “little rose.”
  307. Romy – of Old German origin, meaning “dew of the sea” and “famous ruler.”
  308. Roshelle – possibly a French place name meaning “little rock.”
  309. Rowena – this Old German name has charm and means “fame and happiness.”
  310. Ruby – derived from the Latin word “ruber,” this French name means “deep red precious stone.”
  311. Rumer – of Germanic and European origin, meaning “braggart, wanderer, and famous counselor.”
  312. Sabrina – of Celtic, Italian, English, and Latin origin, meaning “from the border” and “legendary princess.”
  313. Sadie – the perfect Hebrew name for your little “princess.”
  314. Salma – derived from the Arabic Salam, meaning “peace.”
  315. Saskia – means “Saxon woman” in German, “protector of mankind” in Slavic, and “valley of light” in Danish.
  316. Scout – this on-point, modern-sounding French name means “to listen and discover.”
  317. Selene – another classic Greek mythological figure – means “the moon.”
  318. Senga – possibly of Scottish origin, meaning “pure.”
  319. Seraphina – this Hebrew title stems from the Seraphim angels (“burning ones”) surrounding God’s throne.
  320. Shae – a pretty and catchy gender-neutral Gaelic name meaning “admirable.”
  321. Shakira – this famous Arabic female name means “grateful” and “thankful.”
  322. Sibyl – derived from the Latin and Greek Sibylla, meaning “prophetess” or “oracle.”
  323. Sinéad – this wonderful Irish name means “God is gracious.”
  324. Siobhán – is a 14th-century Irish name meaning “God is gracious.”
  325. Skye – this pretty hippy name is of Scottish origin and means “island of clouds.”
  326. Sloane – a trendy gender-neutral Irish name meaning “raider or warrior.”
  327. Solange – a rare French girl’s name meaning “solemn and religious.”
  328. Spirit – derived from the Latin “spiritus,” this Old English name means “spectral entity.”
  329. Stefania – the female Greek version of Stefanos, meaning “crown” or “garland.”
  330. Stephanie – an alternate English spelling of the Greek Stefanos, with the same meaning and origin.
  331. Summer – this self-explanatory English name is bright and cheerful.
  332. Tabitha – this Hebrew and Aramaic name means “gazelle and gracious.”
  333. Talulla – of Native American and Irish origin, meaning “leaping water” and “princess of abundance.”
  334. Tamar – another Hebrew name meaning “date or palm tree.”
  335. Tara – of Sanskrit and Gaelic origin, meaning “hill” and “star.”
  336. Tatiana – derived from the Latin/Roman Tatius and Tatianus, this Russian name means “fairy queen.”
  337. Taylor – this occupational French name means “tailor” for one who “cuts cloth.”
  338. Teagan – a rare Welsh and Irish name meaning “fair, pretty, blessed, and holy.”
  339. Temperance – the perfect Puritan name, meaning “moderation” in Old English.
  340. Tennessee – the U.S. state, meaning “where the water meets” and “gathering place” in Native American.
  341. Tertia – this Latin name is perfect for your “third” daughter.
  342. Thalia – many unusual girl names come from Greek, meaning “to blossom or flourish.”
  343. Thea – possibly a short form of the Greek Dorothea, meaning “goddess and godly.”
  344. Thelma – derived from the Greek name Thelema, meaning “will” or “volition.”
  345. Tilly – this variant of Tilda (Matilda) is of German origin and means “mighty in battle.”
  346. Tonya – is of Russian and Latin origin, meaning “praiseworthy.”
  347. Tuesday – derived from the Old English Tiwesdæg and translates as “Tiw’s day.”
  348. Uma – a well-loved Sanskrit name referencing a Hindu goddess – means “splendor, tranquility, and fame.”
  349. Una – derived from the Irish “uan,” meaning “lamb;” Una also means “one/only” in Latin.
  350. Ursula – from the Latin “ursa,” meaning “little she-bear.”
  351. Uzma – a sweet Muslim girl’s name with the magnificent meaning of “greatest” and “supreme and glorious.”
  352. Valencia – derived from the Latin Valentia, meaning “valor,” this Spanish name means “strong and healthy.”
  353. Vanna – a Cambodian name meaning “golden, and “God’s gift” in Hebrew.
  354. Vanya – this Russian version of the Slavic Ivan means “gracious gift of God.”
  355. Vera – sticking with the Slavic theme, Vera means “faith and truth.”
  356. Verity – although modern-sounding, this Latin/Puritan “virtue” name means “truth.”
  357. Veronica – is a Latin and Greek biblical name meaning “truth.”
  358. Veronique – this French version of Veronica has Greek/Latin roots and means “victory bringer” and “truth.”
  359. Vesper – an edgy Latin name meaning “evening star” and “evening prayer.”
  360. Violet – a pretty English name derived from Latin and means “purple flower.”
  361. Vixen – this Old English nature name refers to “a female fox.”
  362. Wallis – this gender-neutral Welsh name means “from Wales.”
  363. Wanda – a rare Slavic female name meaning “shepherdess” and “wanderer.”
  364. Wayan – the first Balinese name to make the list – means “eldest” or “firstborn.”
  365. Wednesday – dedicated to the Germanic god Woden; means “Woden’s day” in Old English.
  366. Wendy – this delightful English name means “friend.”
  367. Whisper – of American origin, meaning “soft voice.”
  368. Willow – taken from the Old English word “welig,” meaning “willow tree.”
  369. Winnie – similar to Wendy, Winnie is Welsh and means “gentle friend” and “friend of peace.”
  370. Winter – this unusual Germanic name means “time of water.”
  371. Wren – derived from the Old English and Irish “wrenna,” meaning “small bird.”
  372. Wyatt – this Old English word comes from “wyot,” meaning “war strength” and “brave warrior.”
  373. Xenia – this futuristic name means “hospitality” and “guest or stranger.”
  374. Yakira – a cool Hebrew name meaning “precious and beloved.”
  375. Yamuna – this Sanskrit habitational name means “from the River Yamuna.”
  376. Yasmin – either referring to the jasmine flower or derived from the Persian Yasmin, meaning “gift of God.”
  377. Yately – from the Old English “yate,” meaning “gate,” and “leigh,” meaning “clearing or meadow.”
  378. Yellow – a Middle English nickname derived from “yelewe,” referring to “hair color or complexion.”
  379. Yvette – is the French female version of Yves, meaning “yew.”
  380. Zadie – of Arabic origin, meaning “prosperous and abundant.”
  381. Zannie – an alternate spelling of the Hebrew Susan, meaning “lily.”
  382. Zaynab – such a pretty Arabic name meaning “beautiful plant” and “fragrant.”
  383. Zelda – a short form of Griselda, this German girl’s name means “gray battle” and “strong woman.”
  384. Zena – is a Russian variation of the Greek Xenia, meaning “hospitality” and “guest, stranger.”
  385. Zoella – is of Greek and German origin, meaning “complete life.”

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Which Unusual Girl Names Are English?

Unusual English girl names include Yately, Yellow, Willow, Ripley, Harley, Piper, and Raven. Additional unique English names are Kelsey, Lavender, Fern, Tuesday, and Misty.

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