130 Girl Names That Start With J: Meanings & History

Give your daughters a head start by choosing girl names that start with J.

Choosing a specific alphabet letter and exploring name options is a fun way to find an original girl’s name. So why not continue the search among these awesome girl names that start with J? And you’re in great company, as dozens of famous faces have names beginning with the letter J.

There are also plenty of J names for girls, from Joanna to Jenny and Jacinda to Jessica. Let’s lift the lid on these 130 stunning female names that start with J and explore their meanings and origins.

130 Joyous Girl Names With J

Women’s names that start with J are descriptive and original.

  1. Jace – is a short form of the Greek name Jason, meaning “healer.”
  2. Jacinda – this unique Spanish and Portuguese name means “hyacinth.”
  3. Jacinthe – is a variation of Jacinda with the same meaning.
  4. Jackie – a common name in the middle ages, meaning “God is gracious.”
  5. Jacklyn – an edgy French name with Hebrew origins, meaning “supplanter.”
  6. Jacqueline – a stylish French name meaning “he who supplants.”
  7. Jada – possibly means “precious stone” or “wise” in Hebrew.
  8. Jade – this English name means “precious green stone.”
  9. Jaden – is of Hebrew origin, meaning “God has heard.”
  10. Jadis – a popular fictional character name meaning “magic, witch, and long ago.”
  11. Jadwiga – is a Polish name derived from the German Hedwig, meaning “battle fight.”
  12. Jael – a popular Hebrew girl’s name meaning “mountain goat.”
  13. Jaelynn – with roots in Hebrew, this American name means “supplanter.”
  14. Jagger – is an occupational English name meaning “carter” or “peddler.”
  15. Jailynn – an American name meaning “God may protect.”
  16. Jaime – a Spanish version of the Hebrew name James, meaning “supplanter” or “I love.”
  17. Jalani – of African origin, possibly meaning “most loving person” or “prince of the realm.”
  18. Jaleah – is an Arabic or Hebrew name meaning “fragile and happy.”
  19. Jaliyah – possibly derived from the Hebrew Aliyah, meaning “ascent” or “god is gracious.”
  20. Jamaica – the Caribbean country – means “land of wood and water” or “rich in springs.”
  21. Jamie – women’s names that start with J can be unisex – meaning “one who supplants.”
  22. Jamila – an alternative spelling of the Arabic Jamilia, meaning “beautiful.”
  23. Jamilia – derived from the Arabic word “jamal,” meaning “beautiful.”
  24. Jan – female names that start with J can be short and sweet, like Jan, meaning “God is gracious.”
  25. Jana – of Hebrew origin, meaning “God is gracious.”
  26. Janaya – a modern English name meaning “God has answered.”
  27. Jane – a female version of the Hebrew name John, meaning “Yahweh is merciful.”
  28. Janelle – another alternative spelling of Jane, meaning “God is gracious.”
  29. Janessa – is of Scottish and Norwegian origin, meaning “God is gracious.”
  30. Janet – you guessed it, another variation of Jane with the same Hebrew meaning.
  31. Janeth – an alternative Hebrew form of Jane, meaning “God is gracious.”
  32. Janie – a nickname derived from Jane, meaning “gift from God” in Hebrew.
  33. Janis – J names for girls can be cool – meaning “God is gracious” in Hebrew.
  34. Janiya – is of African and Hebrew origin, meaning “beloved.”
  35. January – names for girls that start with J are fun, like January, meaning “Janus.”
  36. Jasmine – this classy girl’s name of Persian origin means “gift from God.”
  37. Jaune – possibly of French origin, meaning “yellow.”
  38. Jaycee – this English, Greek, and Hebrew name means “healer” or “the Lord is my salvation.”
  39. Jayda – derived from the Hebrew word “yadha,” meaning “wise” and “he knows.”
  40. Jayde – an alternative spelling of Jade, meaning “precious green stone.”
  41. Jayden – a Hebrew name meaning “thankful.”
  42. Jayla – means “God will protect” in Hebrew – also “jaybird or blue-crested bird.”
  43. Jaylani – possibly means “blue-crested bird” or “heaven and sky” in Hawaiian.
  44. Jaylee – is similar to Jaylene, meaning “blue-crested bird.”
  45. Jaylene – derived from the Latin “Jae,” meaning “blue-crested bird.”
  46. Jazelle – this cool American name means “pledge.”
  47. Jazz – is named after the popular American style of music.
  48. Jazzlyn – a cute and unique Spanish girl’s name meaning “Jasmine.”
  49. Jean – a feminine form of the Hebrew name John, meaning “God is gracious.”
  50. Jeanette – a Scottish and French feminine version of John, meaning “God is gracious.”
  51. Jed – a short form of the Hebrew name Jedidiah, meaning “beloved of the Lord.”
  52. Jelena – possibly derived from the Greek name Helen, meaning “bright, light, and torch.”
  53. Jemma – in Hebrew, Jemma means “dove” and “precious stone” in English.
  54. Jenella – another Hebrew derivative of Jennifer, meaning “God is gracious” or “maiden.”
  55. Jenesis – an alternative spelling of the Hebrew word Genesis, meaning “origin or birth.”
  56. Jenna – this English diminutive of Jennifer means “heaven” or “fair phantom.”
  57. Jennica – possibly of Welsh origin derived from Gwenhwfar, meaning “fair and smooth.”
  58. Jennie – a shortened version of Jennifer, meaning “white wave.”
  59. Jennifer – possibly a Cornish variation of Guinevere, meaning “fair, soft, and white wave.”
  60. Jenoah – according to some, Jenoah is of Dutch or Asian origin and means “peace.”
  61. Jersey – a quaint island located off the French coast, meaning “grassy island.”
  62. Jerusalem – the biblical city in Israel – means “foundation of peace” or “dwelling of peace.”
  63. Jerusha – a sweet girl’s name of Hebrew origin, meaning “inheritance.”
  64. Jess – this gender-neutral Hebrew name means “God exists.”
  65. Jessa – a diminutive form of Jessica, meaning “God beholds” in Hebrew.
  66. Jessamine – derived from the Persian name Yasmin meaning “jasmine flower.”
  67. Jessica – this Shakespearean name is based on the biblical name Jesca, meaning “God beholds.”
  68. Jessie – of Hebrew or Scottish origin, possibly meaning “God is gracious” or “wealthy.”
  69. Jesslyn – an alternative spelling for Jessica, meaning “he sees” in Hebrew.
  70. Jewel – this pretty generic name for a precious stone is perfect for your little gem.
  71. Jezebel – from the Latin Iyzebel, this ancient name means “not exalted” or “Ba’al exalts.”
  72. Jhene – possibly Ethiopian, meaning “garden of paradise” or from Sanskrit, meaning “gift of God.”
  73. Jiana – is a short and sweet Greek baby name meaning “God is gracious.”
  74. Jilian – this Latin pet form of Gillian means “youthful.”
  75. Jill – possibly meaning “child of the gods,” or it could also mean “Jove’s child” in Latin.
  76. Jillie – is of French and Latin origin, meaning “youthful.”
  77. Jimena – this rare Spanish name means “son,” but weirdly is a girl’s name.
  78. Jimmie – a variant of the Hebrew name James, this unisex name means “supplanter.”
  79. Jinia – a variation of the Latin name Virginia, meaning “maiden.”
  80. Jinny – an uncommon variation of Jenny or Jane, meaning “white wave.”
  81. Jinora – from Sanskrit, possibly meaning “essence of victory” or “gold and embroidered.”
  82. Jiselle – is derived from the French and German name Giselle, meaning “pledge.”
  83. Jo – a cute nickname derived from Joanna, meaning “God is gracious.”
  84. Joan – is of Hebrew origin, meaning “God is gracious.”
  85. Joanna – a lovely variant of Joan with the same meaning.
  86. Joanne – from the Latin Johanna, meaning “God is gracious.”
  87. Jocelyn – a classic German girl’s name meaning “from the Gauts tribe.”
  88. Jodie – derived from Judith (Hebrew, Yehudit), referring to a “Jewish woman” from the tribe of Judah.
  89. Joella – of French origin, meaning “Jehovah is God.”
  90. Joelle – a feminine form of Joel, meaning “Jehovah is God” in Hebrew.
  91. Joey – this cute English name means “God will increase.”
  92. Johanna – this German baby girl’s name comes from Hebrew and means “God is gracious.”
  93. Jolene – a unique Southern state’s name derived from the French Jolie, meaning “pretty.”
  94. Jolie – taken from the French Jolie, meaning “pretty.”
  95. Jones – derived from the Welsh name Sion, meaning “son of John.”
  96. Jonty – an American nickname derived from the Hebrew Jonathan, meaning “gift of Jehovah.”
  97. Joplin – this boho English name means “son of Job.”
  98. Jordan – is of Hebrew and Greek origin, meaning “to flow down.”
  99. Jordie – a short form of Jordyn, meaning “down-flowing.”
  100. Jordyn – many J names for girls are Hebrew, such as Jordyn, meaning “down-flowing.”
  101. Joselyn – of Old German origin, meaning “little Goth” or “to rejoice” in Middle English.
  102. Josephine – a classic French name of Hebrew origin, meaning “Jehovah increases.”
  103. Josie – a short form of Josephine, meaning “Jehovah increases.”
  104. Journee – an alternative modern spelling of Journey meaning “expedition or trip.”
  105. Journey – of Old English origin, meaning “expedition or trip.”
  106. Jovie – this modern American name means “Yahweh is gracious” or “joyful.”
  107. Joy – is of Latin origin, meaning “great pleasure and happiness.”
  108. Joyce – the feminine form of the Celtic baby name Jodoc, meaning “cheerful and merry.”
  109. Jream – this modern mix of Jean and dream means “beautiful one.”
  110. Juana – a short form of Juanita, meaning “God is gracious.”
  111. Juanita – is of Spanish and Hebrew origin, meaning “God is gracious.”
  112. Jubilee – from the Hebrew word “yobel,” meaning “ram’s horn.”
  113. Jude – a pretty Hebrew gender-neutral name meaning “praised.”
  114. Judith – this Old-fashioned name means “woman from Judea.”
  115. Judy – a common nickname for Judith, meaning “beautiful and loving.”
  116. Juju – in Hindi, Juju means “jelly bean, and “plaything” in French.
  117. Jules – a diminutive of Julie and Julia, meaning “youthful.”
  118. Julia – meaning “youthful,” this Latin name derives from “juvenile.”
  119. Juliana – is from the Latin Julius, meaning “youthful and Jove’s child.”
  120. Julianne – this French name meaning “youthful” is one of the prettiest girl names with J.
  121. Julie – a French, Danish, and Norwegian variant of Julia, meaning “youthful.”
  122. Juliette – is the most beautiful French name meaning “youthful” and “Jove’s child.”
  123. Juliettea – derived from the Latin Julius, meaning “youthful” and “Jove’s child.”
  124. Julissa – this Spanish/American name has Latin roots and means “youthful and forward-thinking.”
  125. June – derived from the Roman goddess Juno, meaning “young.”
  126. Juniper – this Latin girl’s name refers to the berry and means “evergreen, youth, and young.”
  127. Juno – the Roman goddess of love, Juno means “queen of heaven.”
  128. Jupiter – an ancient Greek and Roman name meaning “father Zeus.”
  129. Justice – from the classic biblical name Justus, meaning “just and righteous.”
  130. Justine – girl names that start with J are pretty, like Justine, meaning “just and fair” in French.

Girl Names That Start With J FAQs

Which Celebrities Have Girl Names That Start With J?

Celebrities with girl names that start with J include Jennifer Anniston, Janet Jackson, Jamie Lee Curtis, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Lawrence, and Jada Pinkett Smith. Other famous J names feature J.K. Rowling (Joanne Kathleen Rowling), Judy Garland, Jodie Foster, and Janis Joplin.

What Are the Most Popular Girl Names That Start With J?

The most popular girl names that start with J include Julie, Jennie, Juliette, Joanna, Jade, and Jackie. Other well-loved examples like Judy, Jane, Jemma, and June are of Roman, Greek, and Hebrew origin.

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