101 Hilarious Illegal Names: Shocking and Outlandish

Get ready to raise your eyebrows at these ridiculous illegal names for babies.

Step on over to the dark side and check out this incredible list of illegal names for babies.

From the inappropriate to the insane, the outlandish to the offensive, these banned names will surely raise eyebrows among any parent. For some banned names, their reasons for outlawing are entirely understandable. With others, you might not believe your eyes!

Keep reading to discover the most outrageous banned baby names worldwide, including all their meanings, backstories, and more.

101 Incredibly Illegal Names

These are the most brutal banned names from around the world.

  1. # – no matter how trendy social media made the hashtag, it just isn’t an acceptable name!
  2. * – maybe choose Aster or Star instead of opting for a literal asterisk for your kid.
  3. 🙂 – emojis and pictographs are confirmed as banned in California and other American states.
  4. ; – is illegal because it’s a symbol, but interestingly, Semicolon has been used as a name.
  5. 4Real – because no kid is cool enough to pull off this name.
  6. 69 – you can’t use numbers, especially not potentially eyebrow-raising ones.
  7. Adolf – considered inappropriate in various countries.
  8. Akuma – meaning “devil,” this name is not advised in Japan.
  9. Alexander Brian Alfred Percival Wulfric James Victor Christian David Lachlan Brown – an example given on the Victoria (Australia) government website of an illegal name due to length.
  10. Allah – rejected in New Zealand, this spiritual name will surely raise eyebrows.
  11. Anal – banned for being vulgar, with Amal or Anna as possible, cleaner alternatives.
  12. Banker – is restricted if you’re anywhere near Nevada, as it relates to a financial institution.
  13. Batman – like the superhero, you can’t give away this identity.
  14. Blu – meaning “blue,” was once outlawed for girls in Italy as it didn’t correspond with the sex.
  15. Bonehead – not a very nice insult, even if you’re a paleontologist.
  16. Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116 – banned in Sweden in 1991; apparently, it’s pronounced: “Albin.”
  17. Cannabis – inspired by the drug whose legality is famously controversial.
  18. Charlotte – allegedly forbidden in Portugal due to being a “foreign” name.
  19. Chief – a title of status, thus illegal in various countries.
  20. Chlamydia – this one raised eyebrows in the U.K. when a parent wanted to use it for her daughter.
  21. ChloĂ« – Chloe is fine, but diacritical marks are forbidden in Texas and other parts of the USA.
  22. Chow Tow – means “smelly head,” this name was banned after alleged usage in Malaysia.
  23. Christ – perhaps the holiest among illegal baby names in various countries.
  24. Christmas Day – is allegedly illegal among Mexican babies, so consider Holly or Nicholas instead.
  25. Circumcision – is banned in various countries for various reasons, no doubt.
  26. Colonel – names that show rank are banned in various countries, in case they’re misleading.
  27. Covid – we’d advise against using this virus name for your child!
  28. Daddy – undeniably cute, but a bit unusual to use it for a baby.
  29. Devil – a creepy name, sure to raise some eyebrows.
  30. Dickhead – while Dick is a common nickname, Dickhead is just a bit too abusive.
  31. Doctor – you must complete many years of study to call yourself this.
  32. Duke of Edinburgh – only the Duke of Edinburgh can call himself this.
  33. Elvis – an awesome name, allegedly protested in a Swedish court.
  34. Emperor – like the regal title, with Emprah also a banned alternative.
  35. Facebook – is officially banned in parts of Mexico.
  36. Gesher – a parent served jail time for choosing this name, meaning “bridge” in Norwegian.
  37. God – is far too weighty to be used as a given name.
  38. Haha – a child is likely to be laughed at with this name.
  39. Heaven-Princezz-Star – this one was rejected by New Zealand in 2018.
  40. Hello – phrases and salutations are forbidden as names in parts of Australia.
  41. Hermione – this popular Harry Potter name is allegedly banned in parts of Mexico.
  42. Hitler – is banned in many countries for obvious reasons.
  43. III – along with numbers, Roman numeral names are also banned around the world.
  44. Ikea – this furniture giant brand name isn’t an acceptable baby moniker in Sweden.
  45. Isis – a pretty goddess name now banned in various countries due to its terrorism links.
  46. J – this single-letter name is among the frequently rejected illegal names in New Zealand.
  47. Jahstice – among spelling variants of Justice banned in New Zealand, along with Jusdyce and Justyce.
  48. Jesus Christ – like Christ, this is illegal due to religious significance.
  49. Jnr – despite Junior being an affectionate nickname, Jnr is banned due to a lack of phonetic significance.
  50. Joyeux – is allegedly banned in France despite its sweet meaning of “happy.”
  51. Justice – is banned in New Zealand as it’s used as a title for judges.
  52. Kiing – adding the extra “I” won’t help, as this name is illegal in various countries.
  53. King – is illegal in countries such as New Zealand, probably out of respect for royalty.
  54. Kohl – a political name allegedly banned in Germany.
  55. Lego – after the toy, this name clashes with company interests.
  56. Linda – this “sweet, beautiful” Western girl name is reportedly among illegal names in the UAE.
  57. LOL – no birth can be funny enough to name your child “laugh out loud.”
  58. Lucifer – a cool name, but with alarmingly devilish connotations.
  59. Mafia – a banned name due to political and public interest reasons.
  60. Majestee-Honours – was rejected in New Zealand in 2018, maybe because the baby wasn’t qualified enough?
  61. Major – another title name, perhaps best used for a pet dog.
  62. Manchester United – some favorite sports teams just don’t work as given names.
  63. Master – another title not to be used as a first name to avoid confusion.
  64. Medicare – you can’t reference public institutions with names in parts of Australia.
  65. Messiah – is one of the top “most rejected” banned baby names in New Zealand.
  66. Miss – among the illegal names in New Zealand, although Missy makes a cute, legal alternative.
  67. Mommy – like Daddy, this name will surely cause confusion, especially in the U.S.
  68. Nutella – this chocolatey brand name was banned in France; maybe Ella would make a better alternative.
  69. Passport – is illegal in parts of Australia as it references an administrative process.
  70. Patriste – like Joyeux, this “not sad” name was also apparently denied in France.
  71. Prime Minister – is illegal in countries with prime ministers, perhaps to avoid confusion.
  72. Prince William – no matter how much of a royalist you are, you can’t use this name.
  73. Princess – some countries will turn down this celebrity baby name, as it’s a royal title.
  74. Queen – along with King, this regal title cannot be used as a given name.
  75. Queen Victoria – Victoria is a gorgeous, regal name, but Queen Victoria just won’t fly.
  76. RoboCop – like the sci-fi character because no kid could live this name down.
  77. Royal – is considered too weighty in some countries, such as New Zealand.
  78. Royale – another banned form of Royal, along with Rhoyal and Royalty.
  79. Royal’Tee – one of many “royalty”-themed banned names in New Zealand in 2021.
  80. Saint – this celebrity baby name is surprisingly also often banned.
  81. Sandy – is apparently banned in Saudi Arabia despite being a common Western nickname.
  82. Sarah – is allegedly banned in Morocco due to its Hebrew spelling (Sara is fine).
  83. Satan – a demonic name, sure to cause alarm and discomfort.
  84. Scrotum – a generally unattractive name, banned for vulgarity.
  85. Sex Fruit – a gross choice, allegedly rejected in New Zealand.
  86. Shithead – is banned in countries due to offense and vulgarity.
  87. Shrek – we’d advise against using this name after the pop culture ogre.
  88. Sir – this title is illegal in various countries, due to being confusing.
  89. Sire – a medieval variant of Sir, but also still outlawed.
  90. Smelly – names can’t be insults, no matter how childlike.
  91. Sonic X – a Norwegian boy allegedly wrote to the king to request this name change, unsuccessfully.
  92. Suprintendent – a hilariously-spelled example of a banned name in New Zealand.
  93. Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii – ruled illegal after a New Zealand court case from 2018.
  94. Thor – this Norse god’s name isn’t legal in Portugal, no matter how cool it sounds.
  95. ™ – another illegal symbol; perhaps opt for just Mark instead of Trademark!
  96. Venerdi – means “Friday” in Italian and is banned in Italy for being ridiculous.
  97. William – this regal option is another “foreign name” allegedly banned in Portugal.
  98. Wolfeschlegelsteinhausenbergerdorffwelchevoralternwarengewissenhaftschaferswessenschafewarenwohlgepflegeundsorgfaltigkeitbeschutzenvonangreifendurchihrraubgierigfeindewelchevoralternzwolftausendjahresvorandieerscheinenvanderersteerdemenschderraumschiffgebrauchlichtalsseinursprungvonkraftgestartseinlangefahrthinzwischensternartigraumaufdersuchenachdiesternwelchegehabtbewohnbarplanetenkreisedrehensichundwohinderneurassevonverstandigmenschlichkeitkonntefortpflanzenundsicherfreuenanlebenslanglichfreudeundruhemitnichteinfurchtvorangreifenvonandererintelligentgeschopfsvonhinzwischensternartigraum – part of the Guinness World Record’s longest name; would be forbidden in New York for being over 40 characters!
  99. X Æ A-12 – Elon Musk changed this to X Æ A-Xii because numerals weren’t allowed.
  100. YOLO – like LOL, this acronym works better as a text message.
  101. Zoe – is surprisingly illegal in Iceland, as it doesn’t fit with the Icelandic language.

Banned Names FAQs

How Do I Know if a Name Has Been Banned?

If you are unsure whether your child’s name is legal, make sure to check the individual laws set by your country or state. Some countries have official lists of banned names, some offer strict guidance as to naming regulations, while others are less clear on what will or won’t be allowed. It’s always important to check!

Can I Name My Kid Batman?

Although it depends on what country you’re in, the name Batman is mostly not accepted as a valid given name for a baby.

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