296 Outstanding Southern Girl names: for Bodacious Belles

Unleash your Southern spirit with our list of the top Southern girl names.

The deep South of America is steeped in myths, legends, superstition, and the downright bizarre. It has been a melting pot of French, English, Dutch, and Caribbean influences that have shaped Southern culture, language, food, music, and names for centuries.

Southern girl names are edgy, cute, badass, and unusual. If you’re starting your naming journey, Southern names for girls is a great place to start, so let’s get started!

296 Sensational Southern Female Names

From Alabama and Virginia to Oklahoma and Kentucky, Southern names for women are simply the best.

  1. Abigail – some Southern girl names are Hebrew, like Abigail, meaning “my father’s joy.”
  2. Abilene – is of Hebrew origin, meaning “grass area, stream” and “meadow.”
  3. Ada – this Hebrew and German Southern name means “noble” and “adornment.”
  4. Adalee – sticking with the Hebrew theme – means “God is my refuge.”
  5. Addison – an Old English name meaning “son of Adam.”
  6. Adeline – derived from the Old German “adal,” meaning “noble.”
  7. Alabama – from the Native American word “Albaamu,” meaning “thicket clearers or gatherers.”
  8. Alanna – of German and Hawaiian origin, meaning “beautiful offering” and “precious.”
  9. Aletta – with Dutch and Scandinavian roots, meaning “of noble kin.”
  10. Alice – a classic German name meaning “noble” and “exalted.”
  11. Alma – this unique name is Latin and means “nourishing” and “kind soul.”
  12. Amalie – this Latin girl’s name is similar to Amelie and means “industrious.”
  13. Amelia – a cute German name derived from Amala, meaning “industrious” and “hardworking.”
  14. Anise – possibly after the spice – also means “gracious” in Arabic.
  15. Annabelle – so many beautiful country names are Hebrew, including Annabelle, meaning “favored grace” and “beauty.”
  16. Annalee – a mixture of Hebrew and Old English, meaning “favor, grace” and “meadow.”
  17. Annamae – another Hebrew and English mash-up, meaning “He (God) has favored me.”
  18. Annie – a Hebrew name popular in Scotland and Ireland, meaning “full of grace.”
  19. Arabella – in Latin, it means “yielding to prayer” and “beautiful lion” in Old English.
  20. Audine – derived from the father of all Norse gods, Odin, meaning “furious anger” and “mad.”
  21. Augusta – this regal Roman name means “majestic” and “grand.”
  22. Aurelia – derived from the ancient Roman surname Aurelius, meaning “the golden one.”
  23. Ava – from the Latin “avis,” meaning “bird-like” and “bird.”
  24. Azalea – this floral name is of Greek origin, meaning “dry.”
  25. Bailey – timeless Southern names for girls are often Old English – means “city fortification” and “bailiff.”
  26. Barbara – from the Greek word “barbaros,” meaning “foreign or strange.”
  27. Bea – a short form of Beatrice, meaning “bringer of happiness” and “blessed.”
  28. Beatrice – the Latin long form of Bea, derived from “beatus” – also means “rich.”
  29. Belinda – derived from the Italian Bella, meaning “beautiful.”
  30. Belle – the perfect name for any Southern belle, meaning “beautiful” and “fair.”
  31. Bessie – a popular Hebrew nickname for Elizabeth, meaning “pledged to God.”
  32. Beth – a short form of Elizabeth and Bethany, meaning “house” or “pledged to God.”
  33. Betsie – is vintage among Southern female names, meaning “God’s promise” and “God is my oath.”
  34. Birdie – a variation of the Old English Byrd, meaning “bright, famous” and “bird.”
  35. Blanche – a traditional French name meaning “white” and “pure.”
  36. Blossom – a pretty nature-inspired Southern name meaning “flower-like” and “to flourish or thrive.”
  37. Bonnie – this traditional Scottish girl’s name means “pretty” and “beautiful.”
  38. Brandy – is of Dutch origin, meaning “burnt wine.”
  39. Callie – derived from the Greek Callisto, meaning “beautiful” and “lovely.”
  40. Candy – the perfect English/American name for “sweet” kids.
  41. Carlin – an Irish moniker that works as a first and middle name – means “little champion.”
  42. Caroline – of Scottish, French, and Italian origin, meaning “free woman” and “strong.”
  43. Cassidy – this Irish surname derives from Caiside, meaning “clever” or “curly-haired.”
  44. Chantilly – a super cute French name meaning “singer.”
  45. Charity – is the perfect English name for “kind” and “giving” children.
  46. Charlene – a feminine Old German version of Charles, meaning “free, free thinker” and “spirit.”
  47. Charlotte – is of French origin and the feminine version of Charles, meaning “free man” and “petite.”
  48. Cheyenne – a classic Native American name meaning “people of a different language.”
  49. Claire – a popular French name meaning “bright.”
  50. Clara – similar to Claire, this Latin name means “bright” and “famous.”
  51. Clarabelle – this sweet Latin name means “beautiful and bright.”
  52. Clarise – this French version of the Latin Clara, meaning “famous” and “bright.”
  53. Claudette – the French feminine version of Claude, meaning “lame” and “enclosure.”
  54. Clementine – this Old English version of Clement means “gentle and merciful.”
  55. Clover – a classic nature-inspired Old English name meaning “meadow flower.”
  56. Colee – an Old English name meaning “swarthy, dark-skinned” and “coal-black hair.”
  57. Colleen – derived from the Old Irish word “caile,” meaning “woman” or “girl.”
  58. Collins – typically used as a surname, this Irish moniker means “holly.”
  59. Connie – taken from the Latin Constantia and Constantem, meaning “steadfast.”
  60. Constance – the long form of Connie with the same meaning and origin.
  61. Cordelia – derived from the Latin “cor,” meaning “heart.”
  62. Daisy – another flower-inspired name meaning “day’s eye.”
  63. Dakota – from the Native American Sioux tribe, meaning “friend or ally.”
  64. Dallas – a gender-neutral name of Scottish origin, meaning “the valley meadows.”
  65. Daphne – a mythological Greek female name meaning “laurel tree.”
  66. Darby – another gender-neutral Old English name meaning “deer park.”
  67. Darlene – a fitting British name for your little “darling.”
  68. Darwin – derived from the Old English Deorwine, meaning “dear friend.”
  69. Deanna – dating to the 19th-century, this British name means “valley” or “church leader.”
  70. Delaney – a popular Irish female name meaning “dark challenger” and “from the alder grove.”
  71. Delilah – a feminine name of Hebrew origin, meaning “delicate.”
  72. Della – of German origin, meaning “noble.”
  73. Delta – this fourth letter of the Greek alphabet also means “river-mouth.”
  74. Diana – related to the Latin word for “sky” and “daylight” – Diana means “divine.”
  75. Dixie – a popular French nickname for the old South, meaning “ten or tenth.”
  76. Dolly – is of Greek and English origin, meaning “gift of God” or “cute girl.”
  77. Dorothy – the Greek long form of Dolly, meaning “God’s gift.”
  78. Dorrie – related to the Greek, German, and Latin name Adora, meaning “a gift.”
  79. Dottie – a quirky short form of Dorothy, meaning God’s gift.
  80. Edie – with roots in Old English, meaning “prosperous in war.”
  81. Effie – a short form of the Greek Euphemia, meaning “well-spoken.”
  82. Elaine – is of French origin, meaning “shining light” and “sun ray.”
  83. Eleanor – similar to Elaine, this Greek and French name means “shining light” and “light-hearted.”
  84. Eliza – a cool gender-neutral name of Hebrew origin, meaning “God is satisfaction.”
  85. Ella – a short and sweet name of English, Hebrew, and German origin, meaning “fairy maiden.”
  86. Ellen – some of the best Southern girl names are Greek, meaning “shining light.”
  87. Ellie – a short form of Ellen or Eleanor, meaning “shining light” or “God is my light.”
  88. Elodie – derived from the Greek Alodia, this French name means “foreign riches.”
  89. Eloise – a cool German girl’s name meaning “famous warrior.”
  90. Emery – introduced after the Norman conquests, this English name means “industrious and power.”
  91. Emma – of German origin, meaning “entire, whole” and “universe.”
  92. Emmeline – another German name meaning “industrious and hardworking.”
  93. Estelle – a trendy girl’s name of Latin origin, meaning star.
  94. Etta – a short form of the Old English and German Henrietta, meaning “house ruler.”
  95. Faith – this pretty Old English name means “trust and devotion.”
  96. Fallon – a unisex Irish name meaning “superior” or “descended from a ruler.”
  97. Fannie – derived from the Latin name Frances, meaning “free one” and “from France.”
  98. Faye – from the Norman/French “fei,” meaning “fairy, loyalty,” and “belief.”
  99. Florence – taken from the Latin “florentius,” meaning “blossoming, prosperous” and “flourishing.”
  100. Floretta – derived from the Roman/Latin “floris,” meaning “flower.”
  101. Florrie – this Latin name represents the goddess of flowers and means “flourishing.”
  102. Frances – is of Latin origin, meaning “from France” and “free one.”
  103. Francine – similar to Frances, this Latin name has the same meaning and origin.
  104. Fretta – possibly Italian or Icelandic, meaning “caretaker and courage.”
  105. Gemma – a lovely girl’s name of Latin origin, meaning “gem” or “jewel.”
  106. Genevieve – this sophisticated French name means “of the race of women.”
  107. Georgette – a feminine version of the Greek Georgios, meaning “farmer” and “earth-worker.”
  108. Georgia – another female version of the Greek Georgios, with the same meaning and origin.
  109. Gillie – this Scottish and Gaelic name means “servant” or “attendant” (especially on a hunt).
  110. Gladys – derived from the Welsh Gwladus/Gwladys, meaning “princess.”
  111. Grace – a pretty Latin name meaning “favor and blessing.”
  112. Grady – with Irish and Gaelic roots, this edgy name means “noble.”
  113. Hadley – a gender-neutral Old English name meaning “heather meadow.”
  114. Hallie – is of Old English origin, meaning “praise the Lord” and “dweller at the meadow.”
  115. Hannah – derives from the Hebrew Channah, meaning “favor and grace.”
  116. Harper – this Old English name sounds modern but means “harp player.”
  117. Harriette – a French female version of the German Harry, meaning “home-ruler.”
  118. Hattie – a short form of Harriet with the same meaning and origin.
  119. Hayley – is of Old English origin, meaning “hay meadow.”
  120. Heddy – of Hebrew, Greek, and German origin, meaning “delightful, sweet” and “warrior.”
  121. Helen – is of Greek origin, meaning “light” and “torch.”
  122. Henrietta – a feminized version of the German Henry, meaning “home-ruler.”
  123. Hollis – this British unisex name means “holly tree.”
  124. Holly – of English origin, meaning “holly tree, one like a dove,” perfect for Christmas babies.
  125. Hope – a positive Old English name meaning “faith, desire” and “expectation or belief.”
  126. Ida – another German name meaning “industrious” and “prosperous.”
  127. Ima – of Japanese origin, meaning “now or present.”
  128. Imogen – derived from the Celtic Innogen and “inghean,” meaning “maiden.”
  129. Iris – this simple Greek name is brimming with color, meaning rainbow.
  130. Irma – a noble German name meaning “universal, complete” and “entire.”
  131. Isabelle – is of Hebrew and French origin, meaning “pledged to God” and “God is my oath.”
  132. Ivory – connected deeply to the animal world, this English name means “pale white.”
  133. Ivy – a nature-inspired name meaning “climbing evergreen plant.”
  134. Jean – a French name meaning “God is gracious.”
  135. Jemima – a pretty Hebrew name meaning “dove.”
  136. Jessa – an eye-catching Hebrew name that means “God beholds.”
  137. Jessie – is of Hebrew origin, meaning “He sees” and “the Lord exists.”
  138. Jettie – a derivative of the English name Jet, meaning “black semi-precious stone.”
  139. Jezebel – a famous biblical name with Hebrew roots meaning “pure and virginal.”
  140. Joanie – this English-sounding name is Hebrew and means “God is gracious.”
  141. Joetta – sticking with the Hebrew theme, Joetta means “the Lord is God.”
  142. Joline – this most Southern-sounding name is of Hebrew origin and means “Jehovah increases.”
  143. Josephine – a French feminine version of the Hebrew Joseph, meaning “God will increase.
  144. Josette – is another variation of Josephine, sometimes shortened to Fifi.
  145. Josie – a cute, short form of Josette and Josephine, meaning “God will increase.”
  146. June – a gender-neutral name meaning “young” in Latin.
  147. Juniper – of Latin origin, meaning “young” and “evergreen.”
  148. Kasey – a fashionable American name meaning “alert” and “vigorous.”
  149. Kay – rooted in Greek, this short form of Katherine means “pure.”
  150. Kayla – a Greek name popular in Ireland, meaning “crown of laurels.”
  151. Kinsey – derived from the Old English Cynesige, meaning “royal” or “king’s victory.”
  152. Kitty – taken from the Latin and Greek Katherine, meaning “pure and clear.”
  153. Lacey – this habitational Norman name means “from Lassy” and “braid.”
  154. Lainey – a charming French name meaning “bright, shining light.”
  155. Latrice – derived from the Latin Patricius, meaning “noble” and “patrician.”
  156. Laverne – of Roman and Latin origin, meaning “of spring, the alder tree” and “of Laverne.”
  157. Layla – is possibly of Arabic and Hebrew origin, meaning “dark” or “night.”
  158. Lemon – from the Middle English Lefman, meaning “lover” and “sweetheart.”
  159. Leona – this unique Latin name means “lioness.”
  160. Lessie – an Old English name meaning “garden of hollies” and “sacred garden.”
  161. Lettie – a quirky English name meaning “joy and gladness.”
  162. Lillian – derived from the Latin Lilium, meaning “purity” and “lily.”
  163. Lola – a cheeky Spanish girl’s name meaning “sorrows” and “free woman.”
  164. Loretta – a classic Italian name meaning “laurel” or “laurel tree.”
  165. Lorraine – an Old French name derived from the Germanic Lothar, meaning “famous army” and “of Lorraine.”
  166. Lottie – a diminutive of the French Charlotte, meaning “little, petite” and “free woman.”
  167. Louise – is of German and French descent, meaning “famous warrior.”
  168. Love – a unisex Old English name meaning “full of love” and “female wolf.”
  169. Lucille – a sweet girl’s name of French origin, meaning “light.”
  170. Lucinda – a sophisticated female name of Latin origin, meaning “light.”
  171. Lulu – a nickname for Louise, this African and Hawaiian name means “precious, peaceful” and “protected.”
  172. Lydia – this Greek name means “beautiful,” “noble one,” or “from Lydia (Persia).”
  173. Mabel – is of Latin origin, meaning “lovable.”
  174. Maddie – this Hebrew name means “from Magdala, young” and “maiden.”
  175. Madeline – a Hebrew girl name popular in English, meaning “high tower” and “woman from Magdala.”
  176. Madison – this English name derives from the alternate spelling of Mathieson and means “son of Matthew.”
  177. Mae – of Roman origin, signifying spring; Mae is the “goddess of spring growth.”
  178. Maggie – a classic Greek short form of Margaret, meaning “pearl.”
  179. Magnolia – this fragrant Southern belle’s name means “Magnol’s flower” in Latin.
  180. Maisie – a Scottish diminutive of Margaret, meaning “pearl.”
  181. Mamie – sticking with the Margaret theme, Mamie is also a derivative, meaning “pearl.”
  182. Maribelle – this Latin baby name means “beautiful Marie.”
  183. Marietta – derived from the Greek Marie, meaning “beloved, rebellious” and “star of the sea.”
  184. Margaret – is a popular Greek name meaning “pearl.”
  185. Marigold – a traditional Old English name meaning “golden flower.”
  186. Marsha – a variant of Marcia, this Russian girl’s name means “dedicated to Mars.”
  187. Mary – is of Aramaic and Hebrew origin, meaning “beloved.”
  188. Maude – most German names are strong, like Maude, meaning “powerful battler.”
  189. Mazie – is an alternative spelling of the Scottish Maisie, meaning “child of light” and “pearl.”
  190. Melanie – derived from the Greek name Melania, meaning “blackness.”
  191. Mellie – with Greek, French, and Latin roots, meaning “black.”
  192. Mertie – an Old English habitational name meaning “from a sea town.”
  193. Millie – possibly of German and Latin origin, meaning “gentle strength” and “strong in work.”
  194. Mimi – either a short form of Naomi, meaning “loveliness,” or a diminutive of Marie, meaning “rebellious.”
  195. Minnie – as a pet form of Mary, this Old English name means “beloved, rebellious” and “intellect.”
  196. Miranda – derived from the Latin verb “mirir,” meaning “to admire” and “worthy of admiration.”
  197. Monnie – is a shortened version of the Latin Monica, meaning “advisor.”
  198. Monroe – is of Scottish origin, meaning “from the hill.”
  199. Myrtle – derived from the Latin shrub “myrtus,” meaning “evergreen shrub.”
  200. Nancy – is of Hebrew and French origin, meaning “favor” and “grace.”
  201. Nellie – stems from the Latin name Cordelia and means “horn” and “sun ray.”
  202. Nessie – this Scottish short form of Agnes means “pure, holy” and “chaste.”
  203. Nonnie – of Greek, Latin, and French origin, meaning “ninth,” “other,” and “shining light.”
  204. Nora – taken from the Hebrew Norah, meaning “light” or “divine light.”
  205. Odessa – this habitational Greek name means “long journey.”
  206. Odette – is a cool feminine German and French name meaning “wealthy.”
  207. Olivia – an old-fashioned name meaning “olive tree.”
  208. Onita – derived from the Latin name Antonia, meaning “priceless, strong” and “praiseworthy.”
  209. Opal – is an unusual Southern girl’s name, meaning “precious stone.”
  210. Ora – this short and sweet Latin name means “prayer.”
  211. Paisley – a habitational Scottish name meaning “place of worship.”
  212. Palmer – of Old English origin, meaning “he who holds the palm” and “pilgrim.”
  213. Patrice – a female variant of the Latin Patricius, meaning “noble” or “aristocrat.”
  214. Paulette – of French, German, and English origin, meaning “small” and “humble.”
  215. Pauline – a popular French name derived from the Latin Paulina, meaning “small and humble.”
  216. Pearl – a classic Old English name describing a “precious stone.”
  217. Penelope – this classic Greek mythological name means “weaver.”
  218. Peyton – this gender-neutral name of Irish and English origin means “fighting man’s estate.”
  219. Piper – an Old English occupational name describing a “pipe player” or “flute player.”
  220. Polly – is of Latin origin, meaning “star of the sea.”
  221. Posie – a traditional English nickname meaning “small flower posie.”
  222. Precious – this Latin name means “of great worth” and “highly esteemed.”
  223. Presley – derived from the Old English word “preost” and “leah,” meaning “priest’s meadow.”
  224. Primrose – a pretty and sophisticated 19th-century Old English name meaning “first rose.”
  225. Priscilla – an unusual name meaning “ancient and venerable.”
  226. Prudence – derived from the Latin “prudentia,” meaning “caution or discretion.”
  227. Quinn – from the Old Irish word “ceann,” meaning “wise, sense” and “reason.”
  228. Quinnie – originally written as Ó Coinne, this Irish name means “descendant of Coinneach.”
  229. Rae – derived from the Hebrew Rahel, meaning “ewe” or “female sheep.”
  230. Raleigh – is of Old English origin, meaning “deer’s meadow.”
  231. Reese – a gender-neutral Welsh name meaning “enthusiasm, fire” and “ardor.”
  232. Regina – the perfect name for your Southern princess – means “queen.”
  233. Renetta – an attractive Latin female name meaning “reborn.”
  234. Rey – a regal Spanish name meaning king.
  235. Rhea – of Greek origin, meaning “flowing” or “flowing stream.”
  236. Rhetta – this feminine name is of Latin origin and means “speaker.”
  237. Riley – is of Irish and Gaelic origin, meaning “rye meadow” and “valiant.”
  238. Rita – derived from the Spanish and Greek name Margarita, meaning “pearl.”
  239. Rosalie – a classic French feminine name meaning “beautiful rose.”
  240. Rose – a classic old lady redneck name meaning “flower” and “rose” in Latin.
  241. Rosie – a familiar Old English nickname for someone called “rose.”
  242. Roxie – this edgy Persian name means “dawn.”
  243. Ruby – a vibrant Latin name that deserves a meaning to match – means “deep red precious stone.”
  244. Ruthie – a variant of the Hebrew name Ruth, meaning “friend.”
  245. Sadie – the perfect Hebrew name for your little Southern “princess.”
  246. Sally – an Old English baby name derived from Hebrew, meaning “princess.”
  247. Savannah – this modern-sounding name is of Spanish origin and means “treeless plain.”
  248. Sawyer – a gender-neutral Old English occupational name meaning “woodcutter.”
  249. Scarlet – a famous Southern belle’s name of French origin, meaning “red.”
  250. Scout – this Old French occupational name means “to listen” and “to discover.”
  251. Selina – a sweet Greek mythological name meaning moon.
  252. Selma – of Old German, Celtic, and Arabic origin, meaning “God’s helmet” and “beautiful view.”
  253. Serena – this Latin name belonged to one of the first saints and means “tranquil and serene.”
  254. Shania – the most apt Southern name is Native American and means “I’m on my way.”
  255. Shelby – is of Old Norse origin, meaning “from the ledge estate.”
  256. Shirley – derived from the Old English “scire” and “leah,” meaning “bright meadow.”
  257. Sienna – a classy Italian girl’s name meaning “orange-red.”
  258. Sookie – this funny name is of American origin, meaning “lily.”
  259. Sophie – a diminutive of the Greek Sophia, meaning “wisdom, knowledge” and “experience.”
  260. Suellen – double-barreled monikers are synonymous with Southern girl names – means “lily.”
  261. Summer – this ideal name for children with a sunny side means “summer season.”
  262. Susannah – an English version of the Hebrew Shoshana, meaning “lily.”
  263. Sutton – of Old English origin, this unisex name means “southern settlement or town.”
  264. Sylvie – a trendy French girl’s name meaning “from the forest.”
  265. Tabby – the Aramaic/Hebrew short version of Tabitha, meaning “gazelle” and “gracious.”
  266. Tabitha – the long form of Tabbie with the same meaning and origin.”
  267. Tallulah – some Irish names are sassy, like Tallulah, meaning “leaping water” and “lady of abundance.”
  268. Tammie – possibly Old English and Hebrew, meaning “date palm tree.”
  269. Tandy – derived from the Old Norse word “tandr,” meaning fire.
  270. Tanya – this Slavic/Russian girl’s name means “fairy queen.”
  271. Taylor – of French origin, this occupational name describes a “tailor” and a “cutter of cloth.”
  272. Tennie – derived from Dutch and German, meaning “appointed one” or “heavenly.”
  273. Thelma – originating from the Greek Thelema, meaning “will” or “volition.”
  274. Thyra – a mighty Scandinavian name meaning “thunder warrior, follower of Thor” and “Thor’s battle.”
  275. Tilly – this German variant of Tilda means “mighty in battle.”
  276. Trennie – an unusual Greek name meaning “of the holy trinity.”
  277. Trinity – referring to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in Christianity, this Latin name means “triad.”
  278. Victoria – some Southern names for girls are old-fashioned, like Victoria, meaning “victory.”
  279. Vida – such a simple but vibrant Spanish name meaning “life.”
  280. Viola – a Latin and Italian girl’s name meaning “purple” and “violet.”
  281. Violet – some English baby names are old-fashioned, like Violet, meaning “purple.”
  282. Vira – is of Sanskrit origin, meaning “brave, heroic” and “wise.”
  283. Virginia – derived from the Roman name Virginius, meaning “pure, maid” and “virgin.”
  284. Vivian – of Latin origin, derived from Vivianus, meaning “lively.”
  285. Weslyn – is of Old English origin, meaning “west wood clearing or meadow.”
  286. Whitney – this famous girl’s name is of Old English origin and means “white island.”
  287. Willow – from Old English, meaning “willow tree” or “freedom.”
  288. Wilma – a German name from the 1950s- means “resolute protector.”
  289. Winnie – some Southern names for women are Welsh, meaning “gentle friend” and “friend of peace.”
  290. Wynona – one of the more famous Native American names for girls, meaning “first-born.”
  291. Yonnie – is possibly of Hebrew origin, meaning “God is merciful” or “gift of God.”
  292. Yvonne – of French and Spanish origin, meaning “yew.”
  293. Zadie – an Arabic girl’s name meaning “prosperous” and “abundance.”
  294. Zelda – a classic German name meaning “gray fighting maid.”
  295. Zerah – a beautiful gender-neutral Hebrew name meaning “glowing” and “dawn.”
  296. Zoe – this short and sweet name is of Greek origin and means “life.”

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What Southern Girl Names Appear In Famous Literature?

Many Southern girl names, such as Alma, Scout, Sawyer, Blanche, Scarlet, and Sookie, feature in famous literature. Other names linked to literature include Harper, Virginia, Minnie, Margaret, and Daphne.

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