441 Unbelievable Unisex Names: for He, She, and They

Go stress-free and choose one of these unisex names for an easier life.

Unisex names are perfect for parents who don’t want to know the sex of their child and are happy to make the naming decision after birth. It certainly removes the stress of choosing separate names for both genders.

Some gender-neutral names might surprise you. What was once a traditional male or female name may apply differently in today’s gender-fluid world. Names like Blake, Drew, Taylor, and Parker work no matter what the sex of your child.

So, let’s get started on your genderless names journey and kick-start your inspiration with our definitive list of unisex names.

441 Genius Gender-Neutral Names

Make life easier, and choose a name that fits both girls and boys.

  1. Aidyn – a modern respelling of the Gaelic Aiden, meaning “little fire.”
  2. Ajani – an unusual Nigerian name meaning “the victor.”
  3. Akari – some unisex names are Japanese, like Akari, meaning “light.”
  4. Akira – another cool Japanese name meaning “bright, clear” and “ideal.”
  5. Alex – a multigender Greek name meaning “defender of the humankind.”
  6. Alexis – similar to Alex, this Greek name means “defender” and “protector.”
  7. Amari – means “promised by God” in Hebrew, “strength” in Yoruba, and “immortal” in Sanskrit.
  8. Amaris – a variation of the unisex Amariah, this Hebrew name means “promised by God.”
  9. Amen – a deeply religious Hebrew name meaning “certainty.”
  10. Amiri – a popular Maori name meaning “prince” or “treetop.”
  11. Amor – an alluring French unisex name meaning “love.”
  12. Angel – this heavenly name is of Greek origin, meaning “messenger.”
  13. Arden – an edgy Old English name meaning “valley of the eagle” and “high.”
  14. Ari – a popular gender-fluid Scandinavian name meaning “eagle” and “lion.”
  15. Arie – an androgynous Hebrew name meaning “lion of God.”
  16. Ariel – similar to Arie, this Hebrew name was also used as an alternative name for Jerusalem.
  17. Aries – named after the Roman god of war, this celestial name means “ram.”
  18. Arin – a derivative of the biblical Aaron, meaning “mountain of strength” and “enlightened.”
  19. Aris – this Greek mythological name means “best, ruin” and “bane.”
  20. Arlen – a cute Anglo-Saxon name meaning “hare island.”
  21. Armani – a fashionable Italian name meaning “child of Armano” and “warrior.”
  22. Arrow – this gender-neutral English name refers to the “pointed projectile fired from a bow.”
  23. Artemis – a top bisexual Greek name meaning “apollo” and “butcher.”
  24. Ashtin – of British origin, meaning “ash tree town.”
  25. Asiah – a Greek variation of Asia, meaning “alive” and “sunrise.”
  26. Aspen – after the North American aspen tree – means “shaken tree.”
  27. Aster – a pretty 5-letter asexual name meaning “star” and “flower” in Greek.
  28. Atley – of British origin, meaning “the meadow.”
  29. Auden – derived from the English Alden, meaning “half Danish” and “old friend.”
  30. Austin – a Latin-inspired ambiguous name meaning “majestic, great” and “magnificent.”
  31. Azariah – a classic Hebrew name meaning “helped by God” and “to help or support.”
  32. Azul – this unisex Spanish name means “blue.”
  33. Baker – derived from the Old English “baecere,” meaning “to dry with heat” and “baker.”
  34. Basil – this unassuming Greek name means “royal” and kingly.”
  35. Baylor – an occupational Old English name for “someone who delivers goods.”
  36. Beaux – a pretty French name meaning “beautiful” and “handsome.”
  37. Bellamy – of French, Irish, and Norman origin, meaning “handsome” or “fine friend.”
  38. Bentley – a classy British name meaning “meadow with coarse grass.”
  39. Blaine – a gender-neutral Scottish and Gaelic name meaning “yellow.”
  40. Blake – derived from the Old English “blac,” meaning “black, dark” and “bright, shining.”
  41. Bleau – believed to derive from the French Belleau, meaning “lovely water.”
  42. Blessing – this unisex English name means “divine gift.”
  43. Braelyn – possibly of Scottish or Welsh origin, meaning “of Braillen” and “primrose.”
  44. Brecken – this ambiguous Irish name means “speckled” and “freckled.”
  45. Brennan – of Irish origin, meaning “teardrop, sorrow” and “raven.”
  46. Briar – a trendy British name meaning “thorny bush of wild roses.”
  47. Brighton – the famous English city – means “bright or beautiful town.”
  48. Bowie – a pretty intersex Scottish name meaning “yellow-haired” or “blond.”
  49. Cadence – of Italian and English origin, meaning “rhythmic and flowing.”
  50. Callahan – with Irish and Gaelic roots meaning “bright-headed.”
  51. Camari – an Irish variant of Cameron meaning “crooked nose.”
  52. Camden – this Scottish name means “winding valley.”
  53. Cameron – formed from the Gaelic “cam sron,” meaning “crooked nose.”
  54. Campbell – gender-neutral names are sometimes Scottish – means “beautiful field.”
  55. Carsyn – an alternate spelling of the Scottish Carson, meaning “son of the marsh-dweller.”
  56. Casey – is of British origin, meaning “land next to a river.”
  57. Cedar – this nature-inspired Latin name means “cedar tree.”
  58. Chandler – descended from the French “chandelier,” meaning “candle maker or seller.”
  59. Channing – this French and English name means “young wolf” and “official of the church.”
  60. Charlie – a genderless name of German origin, meaning “free man or person.”
  61. Chevy – derived from the French Chevalier, meaning “horseman” or “knight.”
  62. Clarke – a gender-neutral Latin occupational name describing a “clerk” or “scholar.”
  63. Cody – a pretty Irish name for “decent and helpful” kids.
  64. Colby – of Old Norse origin, meaning “swarthy person’s settlement.”
  65. Conley – an Anglicized version of the Gaelic O’Conghaile, meaning “wise” and “great chief.”
  66. Cooper – an occupational Old English name meaning “barrel maker.”
  67. Corbin – an Anglo-Norman wildlife name meaning “crow.”
  68. Cory – derived from the Irish “coire,” meaning “in a hollow” or “cauldron.”
  69. Courtney – a French name meaning “from the court” or “short nose.”
  70. Cove – our surroundings inspire the best unisex names – means “small bay” in Old English.
  71. Crosby – a Scandinavian habitational name describing “someone living at the cross.”
  72. Cypress – derived from the Greek “kyparissos,” meaning “evergreen tree.”
  73. Dakota – our first Native American name on the list – means “friend or ally.”
  74. Dallas – a cool Scottish unisex name, meaning “from the meadow dwelling.”
  75. Dara – of Hebrew and Irish origin, meaning “pearl of wisdom, gift” and “oak tree.”
  76. Dawson – means “jackdaw” in Old English and “beloved and favorite” in Hebrew.
  77. Daylin – this pretty name is of American origin and means “beautiful day.”
  78. Denali – a Native American name describing “the high one.”
  79. Denim – this French name derives from the phrase “de Nimes,” meaning “from Nimes” and “strong cloth.”
  80. Denver – of French and Old English descent, meaning “green valley” and “from Anvers.”
  81. Destin – a cool French name meaning “destiny or fate.”
  82. Devin – a French name reserved for the highest kings – means “divine” and “godlike.”
  83. Devon – an Old English name meaning “deep valley dwellers.”
  84. Diamond – a dazzling British name describing something “of high value” and “brilliant.”
  85. Dillon – this 12th-century name means “like a lion” and “loyal.”
  86. Dior – with links to fashion; this French name means “golden.”
  87. Divine – derived from the Latin “divinus,” meaning “heavenly” or “of the gods.”
  88. Drew – one of a few Welsh names on the list – means “wise.”
  89. Dru – a derivative of Drew with the same origins, meaning “man or warrior” and “wise.”
  90. Easton – this gender-neutral Old English name means “east town.”
  91. Echo – a sweet baby name of Latin and Greek origin, meaning” reflected sound.”
  92. Eden – a classic Hebrew name meaning “paradise” or “place of pleasure.”
  93. Egypt – the translation of Egypt is “temple or mansion of the soul of Ptah.”
  94. Eldridge – of German and English origin, meaning “sage ruler.”
  95. Elia – of Hebrew roots, Elia means “God has answered.”
  96. Ellington – this jazzy English name means “Ellis’s town.”
  97. Elliot – of Hebrew origin, meaning “the Lord is my God.”
  98. Ellis – this Welsh name sounds modern and means “kind and benevolent.”
  99. Ellison – this simple name of British origin means “son of Ellis.”
  100. Emerson – a cute German name meaning “brave and powerful” and “child of Emery.”
  101. Emery – similar to Emerson, this German name means “brave, powerful” and “ruler.”
  102. Emony – this medieval early English name means “great treasure.”
  103. Emory – a German variant of Emery meaning “home strength” and “industrious leader.”
  104. Emrys – one of a few Welsh names to make the list – means “immortal.”
  105. Eris – with roots in Old Greek, this name means “discord” and “strife.”
  106. Everest – the Tibetan name for Everest is Qomolangma and means “holy mother.”
  107. Everett – derived from the German Eberhard, meaning “wild boar.”
  108. Evrin – an alternative of the Turkish Evren, meaning “universe” and “cosmos.”
  109. Ezrah – from the Hebrew Ezra, meaning “helper” or “assistance.”
  110. Fender – an Old English name meaning “from the defender.”
  111. Finch – this sweet English name means “small bird.”
  112. Finley – derived from the Gaelic Fionnlagh, meaning “fair hero” and “white warrior.”
  113. Finn – similar to Finley, this Irish name means “white and fair.”
  114. Florian – a pretty Latin-inspired name meaning “flower.”
  115. Frankie – a French name of Latin origin, meaning “free, truthful” and “Frenchman.”
  116. Gentry – from the French “genterie,” meaning “high-born” and “well-born.”
  117. Georgie – derived from the Greek Georgos, meaning “farmer” and “earth-worker.”
  118. Gianni – a stylish Italian name meaning “God is gracious.”
  119. Gracen – an alternative spelling of Grayson, meaning “son of the Gray-haired.”
  120. Gray – an English “feature” name describing someone with “gray hair” or a “gray beard.”
  121. Grayson – this alternative Old English spelling of Gracen also means “son of the bailiff.”
  122. Greer – is of Latin origin, meaning “watchful” and “alert.”
  123. Guadalupe – this unusual Spanish name means “wolf valley” and “river of the wolf.”
  124. Guthrie – a descriptive Scottish name describing a “windy place or spot.”
  125. Haddon – an Old English habitational name meaning “heathland hill” and “heather-covered hill.”
  126. Hadley – another Old English habitational name describing a “heather field.”
  127. Hagan – of Norse and German origin, meaning “noble, youthful,” and “exalted son.”
  128. Halo – this heavenly Greek name means “a divine, bright disc.”
  129. Halston – an Old English name meaning “settlement by the water” and “estate on the hill.”
  130. Hampton – a famous English town – means “homestead settlement.”
  131. Harbor – derived from the Old English “herebeorg,” meaning “shelter, lodging,” and “sheltered port.”
  132. Harland – of Anglo-Saxon origin, meaning “hare’s land” and “gray land.”
  133. Harlem – a cool name of Dutch origin, meaning “home on a wooded hill.”
  134. Harley – another Old English name meaning “hare’s wood or clearing.”
  135. Harlow – originating from Anglo-Saxon, meaning “rocky or army hill.”
  136. Hartley – an Old English name describing a “stag or deer’s meadow or wood.”
  137. Haven – derived from the Old English “haefen,” meaning “sea” and “refuge, sanctuary.”
  138. Haze – this German and Dutch name is perfect for nature lovers and means “hare.”
  139. Henley – a posh English Thameside town – means “hen wood, high meadow,” and “high wood.”
  140. Hensley – a cool unisex name meaning “stallion’s clearing.”
  141. Hero – related to the Greek “helos,” meaning “brave one of the people.”
  142. Holby – of Old English and Danish origin, meaning “farm or settlement” and “hollow or rounded valley.”
  143. Holland – an Old Dutch name meaning “woodland.”
  144. Hollis – another nature-inspired English name meaning “holly tree.”
  145. Honor – is of Latin origin, meaning “integrity” and “honor.”
  146. Hudson – a patronymic Old English name meaning “son of Hudd (hood-maker)” and “son of Hugh.”
  147. Huntley – comes from Old English, describing a “meadow of the hunter.”
  148. Iman – is of Arabic descent, meaning “belief” or “faith.”
  149. Indiana – this multigender Native American name means “land of the Indians.”
  150. Indie – a snappy nickname derived from “independent” or “Indian.”
  151. Indigo – derived from the Greek “indikon,” meaning “from India” and “deep blue dye.”
  152. Ira – a short and sweet Hebrew name meaning “watchful.”
  153. Isa – with German and Arabic roots, this genderless name means “strong-willed” and “salvation of God.”
  154. Jack – a British version of the Hebrew Jacob, meaning “God is gracious.”
  155. Jagger – this Old English occupational name describes “a carter” (one who carries small loads).
  156. Jalani – derived from the Greek Jalan, meaning “calm.”
  157. Jamie – is of Hebrew origin, meaning “he who supplants.”
  158. Jay – with origins linked to the Hebrew John, meaning “cheerful” and “joyful.”
  159. Jayce – of Greek and Hebrew origin, meaning “healer” or “cure.”
  160. Jaylin – similar to Jalani, this gender-neutral American name means “clam.”
  161. Jenson – an edgy Scandinavian name meaning “son of Jen.”
  162. Jericho – an Arabic name inspired by the biblical city – means “city of the moon.”
  163. Jersey – an unusual Viking name derived from the Norse Geirr, meaning “Geirr’s island.”
  164. Jesiah – a classic Hebrew name meaning “the Lord exists.”
  165. Jessie – another genderless Hebrew name meaning “God is gracious.”
  166. Joey – derived from the Hebrew Joseph, meaning “God will increase.”
  167. Jonty – an upper-class British name that means “gift of Jehovah.”
  168. Jordan – a popular Hebrew name meaning” to flow down.”
  169. Jordi – the Catalan version of George, meaning “down-flowing.”
  170. Josey – of Hebrew origin, meaning “he will add, fame,” and “praise taken away.”
  171. Jovi – a Slavic diminutive of Jovan, meaning “God is gracious.”
  172. Jude – this famous unisex Greek name means “praised.”
  173. Jules – of French origin, meaning “youthful and downy.”
  174. Juno – a Roman mythological name meaning “queen of heaven.”
  175. Jupiter – a descriptive Latin name meaning “the supreme God, Jove, heaven” and “god of the sky.”
  176. Justice – taken from the Latin “iustus,” meaning “just and righteous.”
  177. Kacey – a modern-sounding Irish name meaning “vigilant.”
  178. Kadence – a modern respelling of Cadence, meaning “rhythmic and flowing.”
  179. Kai – with Welsh, Scandinavian, and Greek roots, this unique name means “keeper of the keys.”
  180. Kamari – a pretty celestial Arabic name meaning “moon.”
  181. Kapri – derived from the Italian Island of Capri, meaning “goat” or “wild boar.”
  182. Kash – comes from the Sanskrit Akash, meaning “universe” and “sky.”
  183. Kashmir – another famous Sanskrit name meaning “land desiccated from water.”
  184. Keagan – this Irish name means “fiery, ardent” and “descendant of Aodhagán.”
  185. Kelly – sometimes spelled Kelley, this Irish name means “lively, bright-headed” and “war.”
  186. Kendall – a unisex Old English name describing “the Kent River Valley.”
  187. Kenley – this once popular surname is Old English and means “the king’s meadow.”
  188. Keoni – the first Hawaiian entry – means “God is gracious.”
  189. Khamari – once a female name and now unisex, this Arabic moniker means “moon.”
  190. Kiara – means “light, clear” in Italian and “dark, black” in Irish.
  191. Kingsley – a non-gender English name meaning “king’s meadow.”
  192. Kirby – this Old English name means “church settlement.”
  193. Kit – this popular nickname derived from Christopher and Katherine means “bearing Christ.”
  194. Kobi – this Hebrew and Swahili name means “supplanter” and “holder of the heel.”
  195. Kodi – a non-binary name meaning “helpful.”
  196. Lake – derived from the Old English “lacu,” meaning “body of water.”
  197. Lamar – surprisingly, this trendy name is German and means “the water” and “land famous.”
  198. Landon – an Old English topographical name meaning “long hill.”
  199. Landry – this cute French name means “ruler.”
  200. Lane – sometimes spelled Laine, this English name means “small roadway or path.”
  201. Laramie – a unique French name describing the city in Wyoming, meaning “leafy grove.”
  202. Larkin – a unisex Irish name meaning “rough” and “fierce.”
  203. Laurie – this Latin name refers to laurel and sweet bay trees and means “symbol of victory.”
  204. Leighton – derived from the Old English “leac,” meaning “leek” – Leighton means “leek garden” or “meadow settlement.”
  205. Lennon – of Irish descent, meaning “lover.”
  206. Lennox – a cool Scottish/Gaelic gender-neutral name meaning “elm grove.”
  207. Lenny – of British origin, meaning “brave as a lion.”
  208. Levy – this genderless Hebrew name means “joined” and “joined in harmony.”
  209. Lexington – the town in Massachusetts, meaning “town of the new law.”
  210. Linden – a unique Germanic name meaning “made from limewood” and “lime tree.”
  211. Linley – a gender-neutral English name meaning “flax meadow.”
  212. Logan – descended from the Gaelic “lag,” this Scottish name means “hollow.”
  213. London – this ancient capital city has Roman origins with an uncertain meaning.
  214. Lonnie – derived from the Spanish Alonso and means “noble” and “ready for battle.”
  215. Lou – a German and French name meaning “famous warrior.”
  216. Lowen – the first Cornish name on the list, meaning “happy.”
  217. Lowry – this Old Scottish nickname means “laurel.”
  218. Lyndsey – one of the best names for both genders – means “a place of linden trees.”
  219. Lyric – derived from the Greel “lyrikos,” meaning “songlike” and “lyre.”
  220. Madden – from the Irish “madra,” meaning “little dog.”
  221. Maison – means “house” in French and “stoneworker” in Old English.
  222. Marion – this gender-neutral French name means “star of the sea” and “beloved.”
  223. Marley – a cool British name meaning “marshy meadow” and “pleasant wood.”
  224. Marlow – this English Thameside town has the meaning of “driftwood.”
  225. Maze – an unusual Old English name meaning “dweller at or near the maze.”
  226. Memphis – a mixture of Greek, Egyptian, and American, meaning “enduring and beautiful.”
  227. Merle – of French origin, meaning “blackbird.”
  228. Merritt – an appealing Old English name meaning “boundary gate.”
  229. Meyer – this Hebrew name means “bringer of light.”
  230. Michele – a popular French name of Hebrew origin, meaning “who resembles God.”
  231. Mickey – an alternate nickname of the Hebrew Michele, meaning “who resembles God.”
  232. Mika – of Russian, Japanese, and Hungarian origin, meaning “beautiful fragrance.”
  233. Milan – this Slavic and Roman name means “kind, loving,” and “gracious.”
  234. Miller – an occupational Irish, Scottish, and English name meaning “one who grinds grain.”
  235. Misha – this popular Russian name has Hebrew origins and means “who resembles God.”
  236. Monroe – this classy Scottish and Irish name means “mouth of the River Roe.”
  237. Montana – a genderless Latin name meaning “mountain.”
  238. Murphy – this popular Irish name means “sea warrior.”
  239. Namari – an uplifting Arabic name meaning “a truly pure heart.”
  240. Niles – this Scottish and Gaelic name means “son of Neil.”
  241. Niven – a cool Latin name meaning “servant of the saint’s disciple,” “little bone,” and “sacred.”
  242. Noa – of Hebrew origin, meaning “rest” and “motion.”
  243. Noel – the perfect French name for a Christmas baby, meaning “of or born on Christmas.”
  244. Noor – a unisex Arabic name meaning “light” and “the divine light.”
  245. Nova – this Latin name derives from “novus,” meaning “new.”
  246. Nyx – a classic Greek mythological name meaning “night.”
  247. Oak – this Old English name describes the mighty oak tree.
  248. Oakland – an unusual unisex name meaning “land of the oak.”
  249. Oakley – a trendy Old English name meaning “meadow of oak trees.”
  250. Obi – this Igbo/Nigerian sci-fi name means “heart.”
  251. Ocean – derived from the Greek Oceanus, meaning “sea.”
  252. Ollie – a catchy and quirky nickname derived from the Latin “olivarius,” meaning “olive tree.”
  253. Olson – of Scandinavian origin, meaning “son or Ole or Olaf.”
  254. Orrie – this short and straightforward Gaelic name means “the pale one.”
  255. Ozzy – an Old English nickname derived from Oswald/Osborn, meaning “divine power or protector.”
  256. Palmer – a unique Old English moniker meaning “pilgrim” and “one who holds the palm.”
  257. Parker – a descriptive Old English name meaning “keeper of the park.”
  258. Payson – this patronymic Old English name means “son of peace.”
  259. Perry – a fruity Old English name meaning “dweller by the pear tree,” “traveler” and “pilgrim.”
  260. Peyton – a gender-neutral name of English and Irish origin, meaning “fighting man’s estate.”
  261. Phoenix – a mighty Greek mythological name meaning “crimson” and “dark red.”
  262. Porter – derived from the Old French “portier,” meaning “gate or doorkeeper.”
  263. Qadira – this pretty Arabic name means “capable.”
  264. Quade – meaning “son of Uaid,” this Latin name is more gender-fluid today.
  265. Quest – a wonderful Middle English and French name meaning “to seek” and “mission.”
  266. Quill – the perfect Irish name for an author’s child – means “scribe” and “descendant of Coll.”
  267. Quiller – of Old English origin, meaning “scribe.”
  268. Quinby – an Old Norse name describing the “estate of a woman.”
  269. Quince – this Old English name means “apple-like fruit” and “fitth.”
  270. Quincy – derives from the Roman Quintus, meaning “the fifth.”
  271. Quinlan – an attractive Irish name meaning “fit, strong” and “shapely.”
  272. Quinn – derived from the Irish Conn, meaning “counsel” and “wisdom.”
  273. Radcliffe – this sophisticated Old English name means “red cliff.”
  274. Raiden – derived from the god of lightning and thunder; this Japanese name means “god spirit.”
  275. Rainer – of Old German origin, meaning “deciding warrior.”
  276. Raleigh – a charismatic Old English name meaning “deer’s meadow.”
  277. Ramsey – this topographic Old English name means “low-lying land.”
  278. Randy – is of British origin, meaning “shield” and “wolf.”
  279. Raven – derived from the Old English “hraefn,” meaning “dark-haired” and “wise.”
  280. Rawleigh – a delightful Old English name describing a “roe deer’s meadow.”
  281. Reagan – this Gaelic name means “little ruler” and “descended from kings.”
  282. Rebel – of Old English origin, meaning “defiant person.”
  283. Reece – this fabulous Welsh name means “enthusiasm.”
  284. Reggie – a short form of Reginald; this German/Latin name means “king” and “queen.”
  285. Reid – of Anglo-Saxon origin, meaning “red-hair” and “red-skinned.”
  286. Reilly – the most Irish of Irish names meaning “courageous.”
  287. Remington – this Old English name means “raven’s town” and “place on a riverbank.”
  288. Remi – with triple meanings, Remi stands for “oarsman, remedy” and “cure.”
  289. Rey – a regal Spanish name meaning “king.”
  290. Rhodes – derived from the Old English Rhoades, meaning “where the roses grow.”
  291. Rian – another noble Gaelic name meaning “king.”
  292. Ricky – a short form of Richard, meaning “powerful leader” and “peaceful ruler” in German.
  293. Ridley – a habitational Old English name describing a “reed meadow.”
  294. Riley – means “rye woodland clearing” in English and “courageous, valiant” in Irish.
  295. Rio – a friendly Spanish name meaning “river.”
  296. Ripley – this nature-inspired Old English name means “a strip or clearing in the woods.”
  297. River – a popular English nature-lover’s name meaning “flowing body of water.”
  298. Robbie – a pet form of the German Robert, meaning “famous and bright.”
  299. Robinson – a patronymic Old English name meaning “son of Robin.”
  300. Rocket – possibly derived from the Italian “rocchetto,” meaning “spindle” or “jet-propelled tube” in English.
  301. Romney – one of a few Welsh entries – means “winding river.”
  302. Ronnie – a diminutive of the Norse Ronald, meaning “ruler, advice” and “bringer of victory.”
  303. Rooke – derived from the 7th-century English “hroc,” describing “dark hair” or “physical features.”
  304. Rooney – a classic Irish name meaning “descendant of the champions.”
  305. Roux – this typically French name means “russet” and “reddish.”
  306. Rowan – of Irish and Scottish origin, meaning “little red-head.”
  307. Royce – this goofy German name means “fame.”
  308. Rudy – a short form of the German Rudolph, meaning “famous wolf.”
  309. Ryder – an Old English occupational name meaning “horseman” or “rider.”
  310. Ryker – the perfect gender-neutral German name for “rich” kids.
  311. Sable – this adorable Slavic name means “black.”
  312. Sage – an English name for “a herb,” meaning “wise and healthy” in Latin.
  313. Sailor – a unisex German name meaning “sea-farer” or “boat person.”
  314. Saint – derived from the Latin “sanctus,” meaning “holy.”
  315. Salem – of Hebrew and Arabic origin, meaning “peaceful, safe” and “complete.”
  316. Sam – a short for Samual and Samantha; this Hebrew name means “God hears.”
  317. Sandy – a short form of the Greek Alexander, meaning “man’s defender.”
  318. Sasha – the Greek Alexander inspired this Russian name, meaning “healer” in Hebrew.
  319. Sawyer – an occupational Old English name for a “woodworker” or “woodcutter.”
  320. Scottie – a quirky nickname for someone “from Scotland.”
  321. Scout – a French name perfect for nosey kids – means “to listen” and “to discover.”
  322. Seattle – the U.S. city named after Chief Sealth – means “man of high status” in Native American.
  323. September – the ninth month of the year, named after the Latin “septum,” meaning “seven.”
  324. Shafer – derived from the German “shaffaere,” meaning “shepherd” and “one who cares for sheep.”
  325. Shane – stems from the Irish Sean and means “God is gracious.”
  326. Shannon – derived from the Irish Sionnainn, meaning “wise river.”
  327. Shaughnessy – digging into Irish roots, this name means “descendant of Seachnasach.”
  328. Shay – this gender-neutral Irish name is perfect for “fortunate” kids.
  329. Shea – derived from the Irish O’Shea, meaning “the stately and dauntless one.”
  330. Shelby – a super-trendy Norse name describing a “willow” or “the ledge estate.”
  331. Shelly – of Old English origin, meaning “meadow’s edge” and “clearing on the bank.”
  332. Sheridan – this unusual Irish name means “searcher.”
  333. Sherrard – sticking with the Irish theme, Sherrard means “of glorious valor.”
  334. Sherrod – with ancient Anglo-Saxon roots, Sherrod means “hard.”
  335. Shiloh – a quirky Hebrew name meaning “tranquil, abundance,” and “His gift.”
  336. Shirley – derived from the Old English “scire” and “leah,” meaning “bright meadow.”
  337. Shuyler – this unique Dutch name means “scholar.”
  338. Sidney – many genderless names are Old English – means “island in a river” or “riverside meadow.”
  339. Silver – is derived from the Latin word for silver, “argentum,” meaning “white or shining.”
  340. Siren – this Greek mythological name stems from “seiren,” meaning “enchantress.”
  341. Skip – taken from the Dutch “schipper,” meaning “skipper” and “sea captain.”
  342. Skye – a hippy name meaning “island of clouds” and “winged.”
  343. Skylar – derived from the Dutch Schuyler, meaning “scholar.”
  344. Sonnie – this Greek name is gender-neutral and means “wisdom.”
  345. Sorin – originating from the Romanian noun “soare,” meaning “sun.”
  346. Sorrel – of Old German origins, meaning “reddish brown.”
  347. Sparrow – a quaint Old English name meaning “small” and “chirpy.”
  348. Spencer – derived from the Old French “despensier,” meaning “steward” and “administrator.”
  349. Stacy – from the Greek Eustace, meaning “steadfast” and “fruitful.”
  350. Starling – possibly an Old English nickname meaning “bird,” for someone “resembling a starling.”
  351. Steele – the perfect English name for kids as “hard as steel.”
  352. Stevie – a diminutive of the Latin/Greek Stephanus and Stephanos, meaning “garland” and “crown.”
  353. Stockard – a Scottish variant of the German Stockhardt, meaning “hard or heavy tree.”
  354. Storm – this Old English name comes from the Norse “stormr,” meaning “to uproar” and “blow a gale.”
  355. Summer – derived from the Old English “sumor,” meaning “the beauty of the sought-after season.”
  356. Sunny – a catchy English nickname meaning “cheerful temperament.”
  357. Talbot – from the Germanic Talbald, meaning “bright, proud” or “bold valley.
  358. Taron – similar to Tarrin, this Celtic name means “earth-man” and “thunder.”
  359. Tarrin – related to Terran, this English/Celtic name means “earth-man.”
  360. Tate – a quirky and upbeat name meaning “cheerful.”
  361. Tatum – a modern-sounding English name meaning “Tate’s homestead.”
  362. Taylor – a top gender-neutral English name meaning “cutter of cloth” and “tailor.”
  363. Teagan – this pretty Irish name means “attractive, beautiful,” and “perfect.”
  364. Teddy – a diminutive of the French Theodore, meaning “wealthy protector, brave people,” and “God’s gift.”
  365. Tempest – an Old English name meaning “turbulent” and “stormy.”
  366. Tennessee – a Cherokee/Native American name meaning “bend in the river.”
  367. Terrell – this genderless French name means “to pull” or “puller.”
  368. Terry – derived from the Latin Terentius, introduced after the Norman invasion – means “powerful ruler.”
  369. Thandie – one of a limited number of African names – means “beloved” and “fire.”
  370. Theo – means “God’s gift” in Greek and “brave or bold people” in German.
  371. Tiernan – derived from the Old Irish “tigerna,” meaning “lord.”
  372. Tigris – the ancient Mesopotamian river, meaning “tiger” in Latin.
  373. Tirian – of Welsh origin, meaning “kind and gentle.”
  374. Titan – some gender-neutral names are Greek, like Titan, meaning “defender.”
  375. Toby – an upper-class English and Hebrew name meaning “God is good.”
  376. Tommy – derived from the Greek Thomas, meaning “twin.”
  377. Toni – some transgender names are simple, like Toni, meaning “beyond praise” in French.
  378. Tory – derived from the Latin name Victoria, meaning “victory.”
  379. Tracy – from the Irish O’Treasaigh, meaning “warlike, fighter,” and “higher, superior.”
  380. Tremaine – this Celtic name derives from the Cornish “tre” and “man,” meaning “stone settlement.”
  381. Trey – the perfect name for the third child, meaning “three.”
  382. Tristan – from the French word “triste,” this Welsh, Cornish, and Breton name means “sorrowful.”
  383. Tully – an old-fashioned Irish name meaning “flood, peaceful” and “hill.”
  384. Turing – a habitational name describing someone originating “from Thuringia” and migrating elsewhere.
  385. Tyrone – a cool Irish name meaning “from the land of the yew tree.”
  386. Ula – this soft Scandinavian name means “gem of the sea” and “wealthy.”
  387. Ulan – this short and sweet Filipino name means “rain.”
  388. Ulrich – an unusual German name meaning “heritage” and “rich, powerful.”
  389. Ulrika – traditionally a Scandinavian girl’s name, now feels more gender-neutral – means “wealthy ruler.”
  390. Umi – means “sea” in Japanese and “mother” in Arabic.
  391. Usha – from the sacred Hindu language, Sanskrit, meaning “dawn.”
  392. Valentin – derived from the Latin Valentinus, meaning “strong, healthy,” and “power, rule.”
  393. Valentine – a variation of Valentin and the patron saint of the pagan, Valentine’s Day.
  394. Vanya – of mixed heritage, this Russian, Slavic, and Hebrew name means “gracious gift of God.”
  395. Verdell – a cool Latin girl/boy name meaning “truth.”
  396. Vermont – this French name for the U.S. state means “green mountain.”
  397. Verne – a rare French name meaning “alder grove.”
  398. Vic – a Latin/Greek short form of Victor, meaning “conqueror” or “champion.”
  399. Vida – many bigender names have positive meanings, like Vida, meaning “life” in Spanish.
  400. Vinny – from the Latin Vincent, this diminutive means “prevailing.”
  401. Viv – the perfect Latin name for “lively” kids.
  402. Vivian – a classic neutral Latin name meaning “lively.”
  403. Wakeley – of Old English origin, meaning “damp meadow.”
  404. Walker – derived from the Old English “wealcere,” meaning “to walk” or “tread.”
  405. Wallis – this Welsh name describes someone “from Wales.”
  406. Ward – derived from the Old English “wearde,” meaning “to watch” or “guard.”
  407. Waverley – a wonderfully descriptive British name meaning “meadow of quivering aspens.”
  408. Wendell – from the German “wenden,” meaning “traveler” and “wanderer.”
  409. West – a classic non-gender English name meaning “western stream.”
  410. Whitley – an original English name meaning “white meadow.”
  411. Willie – derived from the German Wilhelm, meaning “resolute protector.”
  412. Willoughby – an Old English habitational name describing someone “from the farm by the willows.”
  413. Wilmot – related to the Old German William, meaning “will” and “helmet.”
  414. Winnie – a vintage non-binary Welsh name meaning “gentle friend” or “friend of peace.”
  415. Winter – a German name referring to the season and means “time of water.”
  416. Wister – this nature-inspired name is of German origin, describing the “wisteria plant.”
  417. Wyatt – a British first and last name meaning “war strength” and “brave warrior.”
  418. Wynn – of Old English and Welsh origin, meaning “friend, fair,” and “pure.”
  419. Xander – pronounced “ZAN-dur,” this bigender name hails from the Greek Alexander, meaning “defender of humankind.”
  420. Xandy – a diminutive of the Greek Alexander, meaning “man’s defender.”
  421. Xia – pronounced “SHYAH,” this Chinese name means “glow of sunshine.”
  422. Xidorn – this American name is pronounced “Zee-dorn” and means “truth-seeker.”
  423. Yael – a classic biblical Hebrew name meaning “mountain goat.”
  424. Yancy – this American literary name possibly means “son of Jan” or “Yankee.”
  425. Yanis – of Hebrew and French origin, meaning “gift of God.”
  426. Yannick – this Hebrew name is widely used in France and means “God is gracious.”
  427. Yarra – refers to the Australian Yarra River, meaning “spring” and “new life” in Arabic.
  428. Yen – a genderless Vietnamese name meaning “peace, safe” and “stand still.”
  429. Yonah – a variant of the Hebrew Jonah, meaning “dove.”
  430. Yujin – some no-gender names are Korean – means “valuable” and “abundant.”
  431. Yuki – a beautiful Japanese name meaning “snow, snow flower,” and “happiness.”
  432. Zaccaria – a variant of the Hebrew Zachariah, meaning “the Lord recalled.”
  433. Zade – this 4-letter name is not just for girls – means “abundance or growth.”
  434. Zariah – an Arabic gender-neutral name meaning “radiance and blossom.”
  435. Zen – a truly spiritual Japanese name meaning “meditation.”
  436. Zephyr – with such a beautiful aesthetic, this Greek name means “west wind.”
  437. Ziggy – primarily a German name meaning “victorious protector.”
  438. Zion – this unique Hebrew name means “highest point.”
  439. Zoe – a short and sweet Greek name meaning “life.”
  440. Zuma – of Arabic and Aztec origin, meaning “peace.”
  441. Zuni – a Native American unisex name meaning “beauty.”

Unisex Names FAQs

Which Unisex Names Are Irish?

Many unisex names are Irish, including Tyrone, Reilly, Kelly, Teagan, Reagan, and Sheridan. Other examples, like Cory, Brennan, Cody, and Murphy, are also classic Irish monikers.

What Are Some Vintage Gender-Neutral Names?

Some of the best vintage gender-neutral names include Zaccaria, Winnie, Tristan, Sidney, Jonty, and Ronnie. Finley, Cameron, and Basil are also popular old-school names.

What Is the Rarest Unisex name?

The rarest unisex names include Zen, Vanya, Nyx, Maze, and Artemis. Zion, Zuma, Wister, Niles, and Verdell are also less obvious or obscure names.

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