225 One-Syllable Girl Names: from Brilliant to Badass

Keep it simple and edgy with kickass, one-syllable girl names.

Why say it in two syllables when you can say it in one? One-syllable girl names are punchy, edgy, and no-nonsense, making them the perfect choice for the fast-paced world around us.

The joy of single-syllable girl names is that your baby will rarely suffer the fate of having a nickname, and because they’re easier to spell and pronounce, they should be less challenging for family and friends to write cards on special occasions.

So, let’s dive into 1-syllable girl names and bring you the latest trends and fashionable naming options for your special little bundle.

225 Unbelievable One-Syllable Female Names

You’ll be amazed at how catchy and pretty these one-syllable girl names are for your darling girl.

  1. Ai – let’s kick off this list with a Japanese girl name meaning “love” and “affection.”
  2. Air – an English nature-inspired name describing “the air we breathe.”
  3. Ames – the prettiest single-syllable girl names are often French – means “friend.”
  4. Anne – this biblical Hebrew name means “God has favored me.”
  5. Ash – derived from the Hebrew title Asher, meaning “happy.”
  6. Babs – formed from the ancient Greek Bárbaros, meaning “foreign” and “strange.”
  7. Banks – a genderless name of English origin, meaning “edge of the river.”
  8. Bao – this cute Chinese personal name means “precious treasure.”
  9. Bay – derived from the Middle English “baye,” meaning “to bathe” or “berry.”
  10. Bea – a short form of the Latin Beatrix, meaning “bringer of happiness.”
  11. Beau – a gender-neutral French name meaning “beautiful.”
  12. Beck – of German and Hebrew origin, meaning “brook” and “stream.”
  13. Belle – a short but exotic French name meaning “beautiful” and “fair” or “lovely one.”
  14. Bess – this charming Hebrew title means “God is my oath.”
  15. Beth – is the short form of Elizabeth, meaning “God is my oath or abundance.”
  16. Bette – this Dutch, English, and Hebrew-inspired name means “God’s promise.”
  17. Bex – a derivative of the Hebrew Rebecca, meaning “captivating” or “a snare.”
  18. Bird – this Scottish/English nickname derives from “burd” and means “slender or small person.”
  19. Blaine – a sunny Gaelic name describing someone with “yellow hair.”
  20. Blaire – derived from the Gaelic “blár,” meaning “battlefield, plain,” and “field.”
  21. Blaise – an unusual French name meaning “lisp.”
  22. Blake – this gender-fluid British name means “black, dark, bright,” and “shining.”
  23. Blanche – is a sophisticated French name meaning “white” or “pure.”
  24. Bliss – is of Old English origin, meaning “joy, cheer,” and “intense happiness.”
  25. Bloom – means “flower” in German and “ironworker” in Old English.”
  26. Blue – from the color, this melancholic name originates from the French “bleau.”
  27. Blye – this Old English name derives from “blide,” meaning “gentle or merry person.”
  28. Blythe – means “gentle and kind” in German and “joyous and pleasant” in English.
  29. Bo – is of Scandinavian origin, meaning “to live.”
  30. Bree – derived from the Irish “brighe,” meaning “noble” and “power.”
  31. Brenn – this Scandinavian name means “sword, little drop of rain, raven,” and “black-haired.”
  32. Brie – a modern variation on the French/Latin Brianna – means “marshland.”
  33. Britt – a Scandinavian version of the Irish/Gaelic Brighid, meaning “glorious, bright,” and “exalted.”
  34. Brooke – is of German and English origin, meaning “small stream.”
  35. Bryce – a classic Scottish unisex name meaning “freckled” or “speckled.”
  36. Bryne – this Norwegian girl’s name describes several farmsteads, meaning “brim or edge” and “meadow.”
  37. Caite – a French variation of the Greek Katherine, meaning “pure.”
  38. Cam – the perfect Scottish baby name describing a child with a “crooked nose.”
  39. Cass – is of Persian (Iranian) origin, meaning “clever” and “treasurer.”
  40. Cat – a short form of the Greek Kate, meaning “pure.”
  41. Chance – of French and Middle English origins, meaning “good fortune.”
  42. Charm – means “grace, kindness” in Greek and “charisma/ strong personality” in Old English.
  43. Chase – an Old English/Old French occupational name meaning “to hunt.”
  44. Cher – stems from the French Cherie, meaning “beloved” and “dear.”
  45. Cho – this Burmese (Myanmar) name means “sweet.”
  46. Chris – is a short form of Christopher, meaning “bearing Christ.”
  47. Claire – this common French name means “bright” and “clear.”
  48. Clove – an aromatic Latin name meaning “a nail” describing the shape of the spice.
  49. Cruise – means “cross” in Spanish and “brave and fierce” in Irish and English.
  50. Cyn – a cool Greek name meaning “moon goddess” and “Mount Kynthos.”
  51. Dale – from the Old English “dæl,” meaning “valley.”
  52. Dane – this British name describes a “person from Denmark.”
  53. Dawn – this descriptive Old English name means “daybreak” and “the first appearance of daylight.”
  54. Day – a baptismal name of Christian origin celebrating “daylight.”
  55. Deb – this short and sweet Hebrew name means “bee.”
  56. Dee – a gender-neutral Welsh name meaning “swarthy” and “dark.”
  57. Dor – with dual origins, this Hebrew and French name means “generation” and “of gold.”
  58. Dot – is a short form of the Greek Dorotheos, meaning “gift of God.”
  59. Dove – this British name symbolizes “peace.”
  60. Dream – an unusual name describing “joy” and “music.”
  61. Drew – this Welsh genderless name means “wise.”
  62. Duke – a powerful Latin name for a natural-born “leader.”
  63. Dune – has Dutch and German roots, meaning “sand hill.”
  64. Elle – what a perfectly cheerful Greek and Hebrew girl’s name – means “sun ray.”
  65. Elm – a nature-inspired English name meaning “red or brown,” after the elm tree.
  66. Eve – this Hebrew girl’s name means “to give life” and “to breathe.”
  67. Eyre – of English, Norse, and Scandinavian origin, meaning “gravel bank river.”
  68. Faith – a feminine name of Old English origin, meaning “trust” and “devotion.”
  69. Fate – with an uncertain origin, this Greek, French, English, or Latin name means “destiny.”
  70. Fawn – derived from the French “faon,” meaning “young deer.”
  71. Faye – from the Old Norman and French “fei,” meaning “belief, faith, loyalty,” and “fairy.”
  72. Fern – this nature-inspired topographical English name describes someone “who lives among the ferns.”
  73. Finn – primarily a boy’s name but gaining popularity as a girl’s name – means “fair.”
  74. Fleur – a delicate French name meaning “flower.”
  75. Flo – a trendy nickname derived from Florence or Flora, meaning “flower, flourishing,” and “prosperous.”
  76. Flynn – the perfect Irish name for “red-heads” – means “descendant of Flann” and “ruddy or reddish.”
  77. Fox – this wily wildlife name describes someone “sly and cunning.”
  78. Fran – a popular European name derived from Frances, meaning “from France” or “free one.”
  79. Frigg – from the wife of the Norse god Odin – means “beloved.”
  80. Gail – a short version of the Hebrew Abigail, meaning “gives joy” and “my father rejoices.”
  81. Gert – an aggressive German female name meaning “strong spear.”
  82. Glyn – derived from the Welsh Glyndwr, meaning “glen” and “valley.”
  83. Grace – is of Latin origin, referring to God’s grace – “the freely given, unmerited favor of God.”
  84. Gray – a simple English name describing someone with “gray hair” or “clothes.”
  85. Greer – an authentic Scottish name meaning “alert, watchful,” and “swift.”
  86. Gwen – a vintage Welsh name meaning “white” and “holy.”
  87. Hex – from the High German “hecke,” meaning “hedge” or “an evil spell that brings bad luck.”
  88. Hope – if your baby grows up with “expectation” and “belief,” this Middle English name is ideal.
  89. Jade – a British word describing the “green semi-precious stone.”
  90. Jai – a cool Indian and Sanskrit name meaning “victory” and “triumph.”
  91. Jan – a gender-neutral Swiss version of the Hebrew John, meaning “God is gracious.”
  92. Jane – of English origin, meaning “Yahweh is merciful.”
  93. Jay – a nature-inspired Latin name derived from “gaius,” meaning “to rejoice.”
  94. Jazz – this English unisex name possibly means “energy, vitality,” and “spirit.”
  95. Jean – is the French form of John, meaning “God is gracious.”
  96. Jem – means “gemstone” in English and “appointed by God” in Hebrew.
  97. Jez – of Polish and Slovenian origin, meaning “hedgehog.”
  98. Jill – this feminine English name means “youthful” and “child of the gods.”
  99. Jo – is an American gender-neutral name meaning “God is gracious.”
  100. Joan – originates from the Hebrew name Yochanan, meaning “God is gracious.”
  101. Joy – a wonderfully positive Latin name meaning “great pleasure” and “happiness.”
  102. Joyce – this common French-inspired girl’s name means “lord.”
  103. Jude – made famous by The Beatles – means “praised” in Greek.
  104. Jules – is a gender-neutral French name meaning “youthful.”
  105. June – related to the calendar month, this Latin girl’s name means “younger ones.”
  106. Kai – means “sea” in Hawaiian, shell” in Japanese, and “keeper of the keys to the earth” in German.
  107. Kat – a short form of the Greek Kate meaning “pure, clean,” and “clear.”
  108. Kate – one of many Greek Katherine-inspired names meaning “pure.”
  109. Kayce – a female version of the Irish Casey, meaning “alert and watchful.”
  110. Kerr – a Scandinavian name describing “a swampy place.”
  111. Ki – a short and sweet Korean name meaning “arisen.”
  112. Kim – means “golden” in Korean – the short form of the Old English Kimberley, meaning “Cyneburg’s meadow.”
  113. Kit – is a shortened version of Christopher, meaning “bearing Christ.”
  114. Knox – from the Scottish/Gaelic “cnoc,” meaning “hillock” or “hump.”
  115. Kris – an alternative to Christopher, meaning “bearing or following Christ.”
  116. Lake – derived from the Anglo-Saxon “lacu,” meaning “body of water.”
  117. Lane – an uncommon feminine first name meaning “narrow road” in Old English.
  118. Lark – this fun-filled English name describes a “playful, lighthearted songbird.”
  119. Leaf – derived from the Scandinavian Leif, meaning “heir.”
  120. Leigh – an Old English topographical and habitational name meaning “woodland clearing.”
  121. Lex – derived from the Greek Alexander, meaning “defender of men.”
  122. Lil – comes from the Latin “lilium,” meaning “lily flower.”
  123. Liv – this short but pretty Scandinavian name means “life.”
  124. Liz – a Hebrew girl’s name associated with Eliza and Elizabeth, meaning “God’s promise.”
  125. Lou – short for Louise, this catchy French and German name means “famous warrior.”
  126. Love – from the French “louve,” meaning “full of love” and “female wolf.”
  127. Luce – of Latin descent, meaning “light.”
  128. Lux – this unusual Latin name derives from luxury and means “light.”
  129. Lynne – derived from the Old Welsh “llyn,” meaning “lake” or “pool.”
  130. Lyre – a musical name from the Greek Lyris, meaning “a harp or Lyre.”
  131. Maeve – an Irish mythological name meaning “intoxicating” and “she who rules.”
  132. Mai – one of a few Japanese 1-syllable girl names – means “dance.”
  133. Maine – this Old French name means “residence, dwelling,” and “abode.”
  134. Maize – an agricultural Spanish girl’s name meaning “corn.”
  135. March – after the Roman god of war, Martius, is the “third month” of the calendar.
  136. Marge – derived from the Greek “margarites,” meaning “pearl.”
  137. Maude – a variant of the German Matilda, meaning “powerful battler.”
  138. Max – from the Latin Maximilian, this English short form of Maxwell means “the greatest.”
  139. May – named after the Roman earth goddess Maia and the “fifth month of the year.”
  140. Meg – ultimately derived from the Greek “margarites;” this Welsh version means “pearl.”
  141. Mel – a shorter version of the French Melanie, meaning “blackness” and “dark.”
  142. Merle – of French origin, meaning “blackbird.”
  143. Minh – a classic South Asian name meaning “brightness.”
  144. Mist – this nature-inspired Scandinavian name means “cloudy” and is the name of a Valkyrie.
  145. Mo – a nickname derived from the Irish Maureen, meaning “star of the sea.”
  146. Moll – closely related to Mary, this Hebrew name means “bitterness” and “beloved.”
  147. Nan – derived from the Hebrew Hannah, meaning “favor” and “grace.”
  148. Nell – of Latin, Greek, and English origin, meaning “shining light.”
  149. Neve – from the Latin “nivis;” this Irish name means “bright and radiant.”
  150. Nik – a shortened version of Nichola, derived from the Greek Nicholas, meaning “people of victory.”
  151. Nike – more than a sports brand – means “victory” in Greek.
  152. Noir – a dark but stylish French name meaning “black.”
  153. Noor – one-syllable female names are often Arabic – means “light” and “divine light.”
  154. North – this Old English name does what it says – means “someone from the North.”
  155. Nyx – inspired by the Greek goddess with the same name – means “night.”
  156. Oak – a nature-inspired unisex name meaning “oak tree.”
  157. Paige – this occupational French name describes a “young servant” in a noble household.
  158. Pam – a British diminutive of Pamela, meaning “all honey” and “sweetness.”
  159. Pat – short for Patrick, this Latin name is popular in Ireland and means “nobleman” and “patrician.”
  160. Peace – derived from the Anglo-French “pes” or “pais,” meaning “peace, reconciliation,” and “tranquility.”
  161. Pearl – the birthstone of June; this gem of a name represents “wisdom, purity,” and “spirituality.”
  162. Peg – is a diminutive of the Greek Margaret, meaning “pearl.”
  163. Pink – this English/German color name means “to decorate with a perforated pattern” and “to peck.”
  164. Pip – related to the Greek Philip, meaning “lover of horses.”
  165. Poe – a cool Old Norse name meaning “peacock.”
  166. Pru – some of the best one-syllable names are Latin – means “prudent and wise.”
  167. Prynne – derived from the Latin “primus,” meaning “first.”
  168. Psalm – this Old English name derives from the Greek “psalmos,” meaning “song sung to harp music.”
  169. Quinn – with strong Irish roots, meaning “wise, sense,” and “reason.”
  170. Raine – derived from the Hebrew and Sanskrit Rani, meaning “she is singing.”
  171. Raye – a gender-neutral Hebrew name meaning “ewe” or “female sheep.”
  172. Reef – derived from the North German “reep,” meaning “rope;” it also means “partly submerged ledge.”
  173. Reese – a cool Welsh girl’s name meaning “enthusiasm, fire,” and “ardor.”
  174. Reign – a genderless Old English name derived from “rægen,” meaning “ruler” or “king.”
  175. Ren – an uncommon Japanese name meaning “lotus.”
  176. Rogue – this edgy name is fantastic for “unpredictable” and “mischievous” kids.
  177. Rose – derived from the Latin name Rosa and means “rose flower.”
  178. Rouge – a color-inspired French name meaning “red.”
  179. Rue – means “street” in French and “herb” or “regret” in English and Greek.
  180. Ruth – this Old Testament Hebrew name means “compassionate friend.”
  181. Sade – means “rain” in Nigerian and “to become weary” in Old English.
  182. Sage – a biblical name meaning “wise, prophet,” and “herb.”
  183. Sam – of Hebrew origin and short for Samuel/Samantha – means “God hears” and “told by God.”
  184. Scout – an Old French occupational name for someone employed “to listen” or “discover.”
  185. Shane – derived from the Irish Sean, meaning “God is gracious.”
  186. Shay – means “gift” in Hebrew and “fortunate and admirable” in Gaelic.
  187. Shine – derived from the Old English “scīene,” meaning “fair and handsome.”
  188. Sid – this habitational Old English name means “hillside” or “slope.”
  189. Skye – a classic Scottish hippy name meaning “winged” and “island of clouds.”
  190. Sloane – a gender-neutral Irish name meaning “raider or warrior.”
  191. Snow – from the Old English “snaw,” meaning “snow” or “white-haired.”
  192. Song – of Korean and Chinese origin, meaning “strong, powerful,” and “soothing.”
  193. Spence – a shortened version of the Middle English Spencer, meaning “dispenser of provisions.”
  194. Spring – this wonderfully feminine Old English name depicts the season.
  195. Star – from the Latin “stella” and the Greek “aster,” meaning “luminous object in the night sky.”
  196. Storm – a British name derived from the Old Norse “stormr,” meaning “tempest.”
  197. Sue – derived from the Hebrew “shushannah,” meaning “lily of the valley.”
  198. Swan – an Old English name meaning “swineherd, peasant,” and “male servant.”
  199. Tai – with roots in Chinese culture, this mighty name means “vast, great,” and “extreme.”
  200. Tash – a shortened version of Natasha; this Russian/Latin name means “born on Christmas day.”
  201. Tate – this unique genderless British name means “cheerful.”
  202. Teal – a color-related Middle English name meaning “greenish-blue” and is a breed of “duck.”
  203. Tess – this short form of the Greek Teresa means “late summer.”
  204. Tor – a respelling of the Norse Thor, meaning “thunder” and “turtledove.”
  205. Trish – derived from Patricia, the feminine version of the Greek Patrick – means “noble and patrician.”
  206. Trix – this badass monosyllabic Latin name means “bringer of joy.”
  207. Val – with strong Latin roots, this cheeky name means “valiant, powerful,” and “healthy.”
  208. Vale – a mixture of French, English, and Latin, meaning “valley.”
  209. Verve – this creative French name means “expression, enthusiasm, animating performance,” and “artistic composition.”
  210. Vi – a short and sweet Latin abbreviation of Violet, meaning “purple” and “lively.”
  211. Vic – a slang version of the Latin Victoria, meaning “victory.”
  212. Viv – derived from the Latin “vivus,” meaning “lively” and “alive.”
  213. Vox – this modern-sounding Latin name is rare and means “voice.”
  214. West – an Old English directional name describing “someone from the West.”
  215. Whit – of Old English and Scottish origin, meaning “pale, white,” and “white-haired.”
  216. Wren – this awesome British girl’s name means “small brown songbird.”
  217. Wynne – a classic Welsh name meaning “white” and “blessed.”
  218. Xan – derived from the Greek Alexander, meaning “defending men.”
  219. Xen – this gender-neutral Asian name means “meditation.”
  220. Yael – a biblical Hebrew name – means “ibex (goat breed)” and “mountain goat.”
  221. Yaz – a short form of the Persian Yazmine, meaning “jasmine flower” and “gift from God.”
  222. Zan – one of many Chinese female names on the list – means “support” and “comfort.”
  223. Zee – related to the Hebrew name Zeeb, meaning “wolf.”
  224. Zen – a pretty Japanese name meaning “meditation.”
  225. Zo – one-syllable girl names don’t come any shorter than this – means “spiritual leader” in Ugandan.

One-Syllable Girl Names FAQs

Which One-Syllable Girl Names Are Cool?

Many one-syllable girl names are cool, but the best examples of cool names are Ash, Bay, Blaise, Cruise, and Fleur. Other examples like Leaf, Rogue, and Tate also score highly on the trendy scale.

Which Single-Syllable Girl Names Are Nature-Inspired?

Nature-inspired single-syllable girl names include Fleur, Oak, Leaf, Jade, Flo, and Glyn. Other examples like Fawn, Brooke, Sage, Rose, and Sid relate to wildlife and the countryside.

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