194 Spectacular Mythical Girl Names: From Around the World

There’s no title quite as heroic as these mythical girl names from around the world!

Sometimes, a daughter is so magical that only a mythical girl name from magical folklore will do. From Greek to Roman, Hindu, Norse, and more, there are so many international mythologies to delve into that the options among spectacular mythical female names are endless!

Whether you adore the stories associated with international mythologies or just love the drama and intrigue behind each name, we’re sure you’ll find a myriad of magical, mythical monikers here. Keep reading to discover the most unique mythology names for girls, including a snippet of all diverse stories, meanings, and more.

19 Ancient Roman Mythical Names for Girls

Delve into the magic and majesty of ancient Rome with these empowering mythological girl names for little goddesses.

  1. Aurora – fit for a Disney princess, after the Roman goddess of morning.
  2. Bellona – feisty and brave, after the goddess of war.
  3. Ceres – after the Roman goddess of agriculture and fertility.
  4. Fauna – after the Roman goddess of animals and nature, for friendly and curious little girls.
  5. Felicitas – a charming name for a Roman goddess of luck.
  6. Flora – a flowery name borne by the goddess of springtime.
  7. Fortuna – after the goddess of fortune and chance, this could go perfectly twinned with Felicitas.
  8. Fulgora – after the personification of lightning, for babies born in a storm.
  9. Hersilia – means “delicate,” after a Sabine lady who married one of the founders of Rome.
  10. Hydra – a watery name after a dragon from Greek and Roman mythologies.
  11. Juno – the Roman queen of the gods, perfect for a lady born in June.
  12. Larunda – with the fun meaning of “talkative,” this nymph name is great for a chatty child.
  13. Luna – dreamy and ethereal, like the Roman moon goddess.
  14. Maia – like the month of May, this Roman fertility goddess’s name is fresh and spirited.
  15. Minerva – after the Roman goddess of wisdom, warfare, and bravery.
  16. Nona – the goddess of pregnancy, thus beautiful to bestow upon your new bundle of joy.
  17. Pax – short yet special, after the goddess of peace.
  18. Venus – after the sexy goddess of love and desire.
  19. Vesta – after the goddess of the hearth, home, and family.

50 Famous Ancient Greek Mythology Girl Names

The most iconic female names from ancient Greek myth and legend.

  1. Acantha – is spiky yet alluring, meaning “thorn.”
  2. Achlys – eerily means “mist,” after the personification of sorrow.
  3. Antigone – a great literary name, meaning “in place of parents.”
  4. Aphrodite – the goddess of love and beauty, uniquely meaning “foam.”
  5. Arachne – this creepy yet feminine Greek myth name means “spider.”
  6. Ariadne – is gorgeous among Greek mythological names, meaning “most holy.”
  7. Artemis – a tough girl’s name, after the goddess of the moon and the hunt.
  8. Astraea meaning star, after the goddess of justice.
  9. Astrape – inspired by the goddess of thunder and lightning.
  10. Athena – for the most powerful woman, inspired by the goddess of war and wisdom.
  11. Calliope – for a Greek mythology Muse with the most “beautiful voice.”
  12. Cassandra – a Trojan prophetess, meaning “to shine.”
  13. Circe – a standout Greek choice, meaning “bird.”
  14. Clio – after a Muse (one of the Greek inspirational goddesses), this triumphant name means “glory, celebration.”
  15. Cynthia – is no better name for an ethereal, mythological “moon goddess.”
  16. Daphne – borne by a tragic nymph, this pretty name means “laurel.”
  17. Demeter – the Greek goddess of agriculture.
  18. Diana – the Roman goddess of the hunt, bearing a “divine” name.
  19. Diantha – meaning “divine flower,” Diantha is a pretty alternative to Diana.
  20. Elara – a mythical princess with the warrior meaning of “spear.”
  21. Enyo – after a war goddess, a chaotic choice among Greek mythical names for girls.
  22. Eos – after the goddess of dawn, beautiful if you love short names for women.
  23. Eris – a tragic goddess name, meaning “strife.”
  24. Eurydice – this fascinating name means “wide justice.”
  25. Gaia – after the beautiful and majestic personification of the Earth itself.
  26. Halcyone – meaning “kingfisher,” this unique bird name offers many radiant nicknames.
  27. Hecate – this “far-reaching” mythical name is associated with the moon.
  28. Hecuba – after a badass mother figure, this name has a bite to it.
  29. Hemera – full of the spirit of a new day, inspired by the personification of “daytime.”
  30. Hera – for fearless protectors, inspired by the “queen” goddess herself.
  31. Ianthe – meaning “violet flower,” this nymph’s name is fresh and dainty.
  32. Iris – a flower and a Greek goddess of “rainbows.”
  33. Jocasta – a head-turning name meaning “shining moon.”
  34. Ker – short and eerie, this “doomed” name comes from the goddesses of violent death!
  35. Medea – a “cunning” name for a sly sorceress.
  36. Medusa – meaning “protector, ruler,” after a Gorgon with snakes for hair.
  37. Menodora – full of fantasy inspiration, Menodora means moon.
  38. Nereida – sounds pretty among mythical girl names, meaning “nymph.”
  39. Nyx – sparky and exciting, meaning “nighttime.”
  40. Oizys – with a standout spelling, actually borne by the personification of misery and anxiety.
  41. Pandora – the first human woman in ancient Greek religion, meaning “all-giving.”
  42. Persephone – after the queen of the underworld, meaning “destruction.”
  43. Phoebe – a “bright” name for a strong Titan woman.
  44. Rhea – another motherly name, meaning “earth, ground.”
  45. Selene – dreamy and feminine, after a Titan lunar deity.
  46. Styx – refers to the river that runs between the land of the living and the underworld.
  47. Titaia – borne by the mother of the Titans, meaning “burning.”
  48. Tyche – after the goddess of fortune, this name carries “luck, providence.”
  49. Urania – this Greek goddess name is truly angelic and “heavenly.”
  50. Xanthre – for a “golden-haired” girl.

17 Norse Mythical Girl Names

These epic female names from Norse mythology are fit for the most fiery women of legend!

  1. Alta – is adventurous among Norse mythical female names starting with A, after a water goddess.
  2. Alvilde – with the cute meaning of “elf army,” rich in Norwegian legend.
  3. Astrilde – a Norse goddess of love.
  4. Drífa – meaning “snow drift,” inspired by a mythical Old Norse snow princess.
  5. Freja – or Freya, an all-powerful name meaning “lady.”
  6. Frigg – is unique among mystical girl names from Norse mythology, meaning “beloved.”
  7. Gefion – or Gefjon, after a fertility and prosperity goddess.
  8. Grid – a unique, mathematical-sounding name, meaning “harmony, peace” as a Norse mythological name.
  9. Hilda – rooted in Norse legend, meaning “protector” or “battle.”
  10. Jörð – a Norse mother goddess and personification of the Earth.
  11. Sif – after a Norse earth goddess.
  12. Sigyn – a “friend of victory” and a fun name from Norse mythology.
  13. Sjöfn – a soft, gentle name for a “woman,” after the Norse goddess of love.
  14. Snotra – for your “clever” little wisdom goddess.
  15. Thrud – sounds “strong” among Norse goddess names for fiery girls.
  16. Urd – inspires “fate,” like the Norse goddess of destiny.
  17. Valkyrie – a spectacular mythology name, meaning “chooser of the fallen.”

24 British & Irish Mythology Girl Names

Discover the finest girl names from British, Irish, Gaelic, and Celtic mythologies, including other enchanting folklore.

  1. Áine – after the “radiant” goddess of summer, wealth, and sovereignty in Irish mythology.
  2. Angharad – an old-fashioned Welsh name from mythology, carrying “much love.”
  3. Avalon – from Arthurian legend, after “the Island of Apple Trees.”
  4. Banshee – for a girl who comes out wailing after a Celtic mythical creature.
  5. Beibhinn – meaning “fair lady,” borne by figures such as a giantess and goddess in Irish myth.
  6. Brangaine – borne by a noble and loyal friend in Celtic folklore.
  7. Cailleach – another creepy pick, after various “hag”-like features in Gaelic myth.
  8. Cerridwen – from medieval Welsh legend, this name means “blessed poetry.”
  9. Cliodhna – after a tragic Irish heroine, meaning “shapely.”
  10. Danu – after a Celtic earth mother goddess.
  11. Deirdre – after another tragic Irish heroine, for a “sorrowful” girl.
  12. Ériu – after the mythical goddess of Ireland, fabulous if you have Irish heritage.
  13. Etain – rich in “jealousy” and “passion” from whirlwind Irish mythology.
  14. Finola – or Fionnulala, after a cursed character from a legendary Irish folk tale.
  15. Guinevere – rooted in Arthurian legend, perhaps meaning “blessed,” from Welsh origins.
  16. Isolde – or Iseult, after a Celtic heroine who fell in love with Tristan.
  17. Líadan – meaning “gray lady,” a figure from Irish folklore.
  18. Morgan – also recognizable from Arthurian legend, this enchantress’s name is dazzling.
  19. Morrigan – this rhythmic Irish pick means “phantom queen.”
  20. Muirne – a “festive, beloved” name from Irish mythology.
  21. Nessa – after an Irish princess, this name means “not gentle.”
  22. Niamh – a mythical Irish princess whose popular name means “brightness, radiance.”
  23. Nimue – for an Arthurian temptress, this name means “lady of the lake.”
  24. Sylph – a type of mythical air spirit, full of ghostly aura.

12 Slavic Mythology Names for Girls

There are some captivating Slavic stories behind these womanly names.

  1. Danica – the personification of the morning star for ethereal newborns.
  2. Devana – after the goddess of hunting and forests.
  3. Dodola – after a Slavic rain goddess, full of life and refreshment.
  4. Koleda – after a deity of the winter sun, perfect for a Christmas legend.
  5. Kupala – truly enchanting, after the goddess of magic, joy, and water.
  6. Lada – full of romance, after the goddess of fertility, marriage, and harmony.
  7. Morana – after the goddess of death and winter this name has a chill about it.
  8. Prija – after the Slavic goddess of good wishes, thus perfectly prosperous to bestow upon a baby.
  9. Vesna – after the Slavic goddess of spring and fertility.
  10. Vila – inspired by a type of fairy-like creature from Slavic mythology.
  11. Zarya – after the Slavic personification of daybreak, meaning “dawn.”
  12. Zvezda – adorably inspired by the Slavic personification of the “morning star.”

15 Other European Mythological Girl Names

Even more spectacular names from mythology and lore across Europe.

  1. Abnoba – this uncommon pick is inspired by a Gaulish forest and nature goddess.
  2. Akka – inspired by the Finnish earth spirit and fertility goddess.
  3. Alara – pretty and dainty, this Turkish name refers to a “water fairy, water sprite.”
  4. Cel – after an Etruscan earth goddess, dazzling among mystical names for girls.
  5. Laima – meaning “luck, fate” in Latvian, borne by a Baltic faith goddess.
  6. Lamina – inspired by a mythical species of water nymph from Basque legend.
  7. Lechosława – a patriotic pick for a Polish woman after Lech, the mythical founder of Poland.
  8. Lorelai – or Lorelei, inspired by an alluring mythical enchantress of European folklore.
  9. Nerthus – inspired by an ancient Germanic goddess, meaning “strong, healthy.”
  10. Prendre – an Albanian goddess of love, wearing a rainbow as a belt.
  11. Šárka – after a legendary, feminist heroine from Czech folklore.
  12. Saulė – means “sunlight,” after a Baltic solar goddess.
  13. Umay – after a Turkish goddess of fertility and protection.
  14. Vellamo – this Finnish water goddess name makes us think of mermaids.
  15. Žemyna – borne by the Lithuanian mother goddess, with that cool Z initial.

12 American Mythological Girl Names

These enchanting names are all rooted in lore from across the Americas.

  1. Akycha – borne by an Inuit sun goddess, worshiped in Alaska.
  2. Alemoa – after a ghostly, seductive, blonde figure from Brazilian mythology.
  3. Amitola – this “rainbow” name from legend is rich in Native American and Mexican culture.
  4. Angra – an epic pick after a goddess of fire in Tupi-Guarani mythology.
  5. Asiaq – cool and unique, inspired by an Inuit weather goddess.
  6. Atina – a dainty name meaning “mother,” yet all-powerful in Native American Arikara mythology.
  7. Chepi – meaning “fairy” or “ghost,” after deathly spirits from Algonquian Indian mythology.
  8. Godasiyo – inspired by a legendary female chief from Native American lore.
  9. Iara – or Yara, after a siren-like “mother of the water” from Tupi and Guarani mythology.
  10. Ixchel – a Mayan goddess of midwifery, meaning “rainbow lady.”
  11. Kachina – a rare name inspired by spiritual beings from various Native American mythologies.
  12. Selu – borne by a goddess of “corn” in Cherokee lore.

10 African Mythology Girl Names

Uncover these mystical girl names from Africa, including picks from ancient Egyptian mythology and more.

  1. Ammit – the most alarming Egyptian mythology girl name, meaning “devourer of the dead.”
  2. Amunet – an ancient Egyptian “hidden” goddess known for problem-solving, peace, and protection.
  3. Bast – after the ancient Egyptian goddess of cats and the sun.
  4. Bunzi – in Kongo mythology, Bunzi was a goddess of rain.
  5. Hathor – is rare among ancient Egyptian myth names, after the goddess of the sky, love, and more.
  6. Heqet – uniquely borne by the frog-headed Egyptian goddess of fertility.
  7. Isis – after the all-powerful and iconic Egyptian goddess, great for a feisty lady.
  8. Mehit – or Mehyt, after an ancient Egyptian lion goddess.
  9. Njeri – a gorgeous Kikuyu name from mythology, meaning “traveling one.”
  10. Ọya – after a Yoruba rain goddess, tempestuous among African mythical names for girls.

9 Mystical Girl Names from Hinduism

These Hindu names are worthy of the finest, most spiritual goddesses.

  1. Aditi – a “limitless” choice, after the Hindu goddess of motherhood.
  2. Aranyani – inspired by the magical Hindu forest goddess.
  3. Astra – a weapon in the Hindu religion, full of supernatural, spiritual, and stellar power.
  4. Gauri – this Hindu goddess name sounds pure and pristine in “white.”
  5. Lakshmi – after the Hindu mother goddess, spectacularly feminine and elegant.
  6. Parvati – a Hindu goddess of power and energy.
  7. Uma – another name for the Hindu goddess Parvati.
  8. Urvashi – this nymph name is destined for a girl able to “control the hearts of others.”
  9. Ushas – after a heavenly Hindu dawn goddess.

20 Other Asian & Polynesian Mythical Female Names

Check out the most vibrant mythological girl names from Asian and Polynesian legends.

  1. Apalala – inspired by the water dragon, or Nāga, from Buddhist mythology.
  2. Cybele – unique yet musical, inspired by an Anatolian goddess of the earth.
  3. Dianmu – inspired by a Chinese goddess of lightning.
  4. Fèngyīng – a popular Chinese girl name, capturing the meaning of “phoenix beauty.”
  5. Haumea – a Hawaiian goddess of birth.
  6. Hina – inspired by a Hawaiian goddess who travels upon a rainbow.
  7. Houtu – this Chinese goddess name means “queen of the earth.”
  8. Ishtar – a Mesopotamian queen goddess and gorgeously rich girl’s name.
  9. Kohara – borne by a Polynesian goddess of tuna, meaning “lightning flash.”
  10. Laka – a Hawaiian goddess of Hula, full of grace and culture.
  11. Lilith – this creepy Babylonian name is fit for a girl “belonging to the night.”
  12. Loan – or Luan, after a type of bird from traditional Vietnamese lore.
  13. Manzat – dreamily inspired by a goddess personification of the rainbow in Western Asian myth.
  14. Nǚwā – is borne by an ancient Chinese mother goddess.
  15. Orochi – after a dragon in Japanese mythology.
  16. Padma – a popular Indian name rooted in myth and religion, symbolizing a “lotus flower.”
  17. Papa – a Hawaiian nature goddess and earth mother, short for Papahānaumoku.
  18. Thoai – inspired by a Vietnamese mother goddess.
  19. Tiamat – inspired by a Babylonian sea goddess, appearing as a dragon.
  20. Waka – another cool name from Hawaiian religion, after a lizard goddess.

6 Other Unique Mythical Girl Names

Even more magical names for girls destined to stand out.

  1. Dragon – an undeniably cool name internationally for fire-breathing babies.
  2. Fae – relating to fairies, for the most dainty and magical supernatural girls.
  3. Griffin – a legendary creature crossed between an eagle and a lion.
  4. Phoenix – inspired by the mythical bird that rebirths from its own ashes.
  5. Siren – fit for any alarmingly beautiful new mermaid daughter.
  6. Unicorn – an unconventional name for your unique and magical baby.

Mythical Girl Names FAQs

What Are Some Girl Names from Arthurian Legend?

If Arthurian legend speaks to you, consider the girl names Guinevere, Nimue, or Morgan. Avalon, after the Island of the Apple Trees, would also make an enchanting option.

What Is a Cool Name for a Goddess?

Some of the most iconic goddess names for girls include Hera, Aphrodite, Artemis, Juno, Diana, and Venus. We also love Prija, Vesna, Vellamo, and Amunet for more unique options.

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