125 Fabulous French Last Names: for Fancy Families

These beautiful French last names and meanings are all très chic!

Whether you are learning the French language, delving into the country’s fascinating history, or even have French lineage, the topic of French last names can be a fantastic one to explore.

Here, we have gathered some of the most common and best-known French last names and meanings to help you better understand the rich cultural origins behind each one. Some you may recognize, and some may surprise you, but we’re sure you’ll find each of these French surnames simply delightful!

125 Fabulous French Last Names

These gorgeous French last names and meanings are charmingly continental!

  1. Allard – meaning “noble, brave, hardy,” this surname starting with A is undeniably heroic.
  2. André – a French stem from the international Andrew name root, meaning “manly.”
  3. Barbier – a normal French occupational surname meaning “barber.”
  4. Beaumont – another gorgeous “Beau-” name, meaning “beautiful mountain.”
  5. Bellamy – a delightful French family name meaning “beautiful friend.”
  6. Bellerose – this adorable name meaning “beautiful rose” sounds fit for a pretty maiden.
  7. Berger – a cross-cultural surname meaning “shepherd” in French or “mountain, hill” in German.
  8. Bernard – a trendy French and German name and surname meaning “brave, strong bear.”
  9. Blanc – meaning “white,” this would suit a fair-haired family perfectly.
  10. Blanchard – a common variation of Blanc, yet meaning “white-ish.”
  11. Blanchett – an elegant, famous variant of Blanc.
  12. Bonfils – with “bon” meaning “good” and “fils” meaning “son,” this name is perfect for an angelic heir.
  13. Bonheur – meaning “good time” and “lucky,” this sweet name will suit your family like a charm.
  14. Bouchard – a Norman name common among French Canadians, meaning “strong, brave fort.”
  15. Boucher – meaning “butcher,” this occupational surname is a meaty option.
  16. Boulanger – the French word for “baker” also makes a great occupational surname for a foodie family.
  17. Bourbon – a strong, regal, and historical surname after the ruling house of France during the 1800s.
  18. Boutilier – wine aficionados will appreciate this Old French occupational surname for a “wine steward.”
  19. Bouvier – a hardworking name for a “cow herd.”
  20. Brisbois – translating to “breaks wood,” Brisbois would traditionally be used for a forest clearer.
  21. Brodeur – an occupational surname for a detail-oriented “embroiderer.”
  22. Carpentier – the French word for “carpenter” makes a solid family name.
  23. Cauvin – this surname meaning “bald” eventually gave way to the popular name Calvin, of the same meaning.
  24. Cerf – a short, sweet, medieval French name meaning “deer, stag.”
  25. Chandler – a fun and friendly given name and surname meaning “candlemaker.”
  26. Chaplin – meaning “clergyman,” this famous surname has both religious and comic connotations.
  27. Chaput – meaning “cloak, hood,” Chaput is one of the more mysterious French last names.
  28. Chastain – an earthy entry in this list, meaning “chestnut, chestnut tree.”
  29. Chesney – a handsome choice meaning “oak grove” or “camp.”
  30. Chevalier – a regal choice for a “knight” in shining armor.
  31. Clement – an old French surname meaning “merciful.”
  32. Cloutier – this unique occupational name means “nailer” for someone who sells or makes nails.
  33. Côté – a beautifully beachy surname for someone who lives by a riverbank or on the coast.
  34. Delacroix – meaning “of the cross,” this upper-class name has spiritual connotations.
  35. De La Fontaine – is an exotic option for a family living near a fountain.
  36. Descoteaux – a dramatic-sounding yet picturesque surname for a family residing “on the hillside.”
  37. Desjardins – meaning “from the gardens,” this name sounds fit for fairies.
  38. Devall – after a French town, meaning “of the valley.”
  39. Dior – one of the most high-fashion entries among French surnames, meaning “golden.”
  40. Donadieu – originally a nickname meaning “given to God,” meaningfully symbolic of an orphaned child.
  41. Dubois – one of the most commonly-heard French surnames, with the fairytale meaning “of the forest.”
  42. Dumas – a sweet, rural choice among French last names for someone “from the farm” or “farmhouse.”
  43. Dumont – a common pick in Belgium for a family “from the mountain.”
  44. Dupont – meaning “of the bridge,” another cool topographic surname.
  45. Durand – stubborn or tough, this common French name is fit for an “enduring” individual.”
  46. Duval – similar to Devall, this surname means “of the valley.”
  47. Émile – rooted in Latin, this “rival” surname is also a charming given name in France.
  48. Escoffier – an unusual French surname of unknown meaning but with a fantastic spelling.
  49. Favre – the French occupational surname for a “blacksmith.”
  50. Fay – a romantic pick among local French last names for those who dwell “by the beach trees.”
  51. Fortin – meaning “strong, fort,” this name has admirable resilience.
  52. Fournier – a very old French occupational surname for a “baker.”
  53. François – from the very proud and patriotic given name, meaning “Frenchman.”
  54. Gagneux – meaning “to farm,” the variant Gagne is particularly common among French Canadians.
  55. Gagnon – another name meaning “farmer,” or translating as “guard dog,” perhaps for a snappy person.
  56. Garnier – a great surname for a “defender,” although it’s likely best associated with shampoo.
  57. Gauthier – a German-rooted French name popular especially in Canada, meaning “army ruler.”
  58. Granger – or Grainger, meaning “grain,” perhaps referring to a farmer.
  59. Jacques – from the classic French given name, a form of the Hebrew Jacob, meaning “may God protect.”
  60. Jenner – a famous celebrity surname rooted in the word “engineer,” perfect for innovators.
  61. Labelle – another beautiful name with a “beautiful” meaning.
  62. Lambert – with French and German origins, this recognizable surname shines with its “bright land” meaning.
  63. Langlais – referring to “an Englishman,” this name is great for highlighting multi-national heritage.
  64. Laurant – a common pick, especially in Belgium, rooted in Roman and meaning “bright, shining.”
  65. Lavigne – for a family who lives near or works in “a vineyard.”
  66. Lavoie – a very old surname with the rare meaning of “the way, the road.”
  67. Leclerc – a pretty name for an attentive “clerk” or “secretary.”
  68. Lefèvre – also Lefebvre, meaning “craftsman” or “smith.”
  69. Lejeune – full of playfulness and youth, this charming name refers to a “young” person.
  70. Lemaire – meaning “the mayor,” this French name is great for a family with status.
  71. Lenoir – meaning “darkness,” this name has a rather spine-chilling allure.
  72. Lepage – or just Page, meaning “servant, page.”
  73. Leroux – another French last name referring to a color- fit for a “red” haired person.
  74. Leroy – very popular in France, this fancy surname means “the king,” as a variation of Rey.
  75. Levesque – derived from an Old French word for “bishop,” this is a peaceful, spiritual surname.
  76. Lowell – a cute French surname turned male given name, meaning “young wolf.”
  77. Lyle – or Lisle, fit for a family “from the island.”
  78. Mallory – although sounding upbeat and pretty for girls, Mallory holds the dismal meaning of “unfortunate, unlucky.”
  79. Marchand – meaning “merchant,” Marchand is another hardworking occupational French name.
  80. Marseille – this beautiful French city can now also be heard as a family name.
  81. Martin – the most common surname in France, derived from that of the Roman god of war, Mars.
  82. Mason – a strong surname and given name meaning “stonemason,” rooted in Old French.
  83. Matisse – from the same beautiful root as the Hebrew Matthew, this noble surname means “God’s gift.”
  84. Mercer – from the Old French “mercier,” another French surname meaning “merchant.”
  85. Messier – an occupational surname for a “harvest master,” in charge of hay and crops.
  86. Meunier – the French form of Miller, another cool occupational pick in the list.
  87. Michel – taken from the common French form of the biblical name Michael, asking, “who is like God?”
  88. Monet – a richly artistic name formed from given names with the “mon” element, such as Simon or Edmond.
  89. Moreau – this common pick is rooted in Old French, meaning “dark, dark-skinned.”
  90. Morin – a pretty name meaning “dark” or “of the sea.”
  91. Mullins – from Norman French, this occupational surname also means “miller.”
  92. Noël – the French word for “Christmas” makes a festive surname and given name for a December baby.
  93. Olivier – a French surname from the Oliver root, one of the very few French last names beginning with O!
  94. Paris – a fantastic locational name for those who hail from France’s iconic capital city.
  95. Pascal – a patronymic surname taken from the Francophone Pascal, meaning “Easter.”
  96. Pasteur – like the English version of Shepherd, this surname would traditionally belong to a flock keeper.
  97. Pellé – meaning “bald,” originally rooted in an Old French nickname.
  98. Petit – the sweetest of the top-ten most common surnames in France, meaning “small.”
  99. Picard – a locational surname, Picard denotes a family from the French region of Picardy.
  100. Pierre – meaning “stone, rock,” this typical male given name and surname is a French form of Peter.
  101. Portier – a fancy name taken from the occupation of a “porter” or “doorkeeper.”
  102. Poulain – if you like horses, you’ll appreciate this surname’s sweet “foal” translation.
  103. Proulx – a unique surname derived from a nickname, meaning “wise, valiant.”
  104. Prudhomme – this longer name comes from “prud’homme,” literally meaning a “wise, honest, sensible man.”
  105. Renard – this Old French name is a form of the Germanic Raginhard, meaning “strong decision, advice.”
  106. Rey – perhaps the most royal of classic French surnames, meaning “king.”
  107. Richard – a top-ten pick among popular Old French surnames for a family who is “strong in rule.”
  108. Robert – a common surname in French, after the international male given name meaning “bright fame.”
  109. Rochefort – a classy French surname to bear with pride, meaning “strong castle.”
  110. Rousseau – a famous variation of Roux, meaning “red.”
  111. Roux – meaning “red,” this short name has hot, fiery connotations.
  112. Roy – with Old French and Norman origins, Roy is a commonly seen variant of the “kingly” Rey.
  113. Sauvageon – for wild families, this “savage, untamed” name sure stands out!
  114. Sergeant – an Old French surname from Latin, meaning “servant,” later a military rank.
  115. Simon – a common surname from the biblical male given name, meaning “he has heard.”
  116. Tailler – the French equivalent of Taylor meaning, you guessed it, “tailor.”
  117. Tatou – unusually, the French word for “armadillo” makes an elegant and romantic-sounding surname.
  118. Thomas – a common international surname taken from the beautiful biblical given name, meaning “twin.”
  119. Travis – another cool entry among French occupational surnames for a “toll gatekeeper.”
  120. Tremblay – the most common French surname in Canada, referring to beautiful aspen trees.
  121. Trudeau – a fancy, presidential surname best known in Canada, of uncertain meaning.
  122. Vanier – meaning “basket-maker,” another handsome, crafty, occupational surname.
  123. Vigneron – another fancy, wine-related surname for a “vintner.”
  124. Visage – meaning “face” in French, this could be used for an especially beautiful or striking person.
  125. Yves – a captivatingly sweet surname after the classic French male given name, pronounced: “EEV.”

French Last Names FAQs

What is the Most Common French Surname?

In France, the most common surname is Martin, with Bernard, Dubois, Thomas, and Robert also in the top five. In French Canada, Tremblay is the most popular surname, with Gagnon and Roy ranking highly.

What are Some Powerful French Surnames?

If you like strong, confident French last names, you’ll love Fortin (“strong, fort”), Richard (“strong in rule”), Bernard (“brave bear”), or Renard (“strong decision”). Chevalier (“knight”) also has a tough, warrior feel to it, as does Garnier (“defender”).

What are Some Pretty French Last Names?

We think Bellerose is one of the most attractive French last names, with the delicate meaning of “beautiful rose.” Names such as Paris and Marseille hold all the prettiness of France itself, while earthy choices such as Tremblay (“aspen trees”), Côté (“riverbank”), and Chastain (“chestnut”) have a gorgeous, nature-inspired beauty.

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