800 Incredible Celtic Last Names: for Cool Celtic Kids

Ditch the dull and keep it cool with Celtic last names.

From Western and Central Europe to Britain and Ireland, the Celts were a collection of ancient tribes with similar cultural, spiritual, and societal connections. Many Celtic last names are still in use today, and their influence has spread across the globe through mass migration, especially from Ireland and Scotland.

Celtic surnames are diverse, sophisticated, and relevant, so we decided to list the best 800 examples for you to discover what makes these names so unique.

800 Colorful Celtic Last Names

Let’s get stuck into crazy-cool Celtic surnames.

Celtic Last Names Beginning With A

  1. Abraham – some Celtic last names come from Hebrew – means “father of a multitude.”
  2. Agan – this charming unisex name is of Scottish origin, meaning “beautiful, handsome, and intelligent.”
  3. Agnew – a classic Irish/Scottish name derived from the French name Agneaux, meaning “action and activity.”
  4. Ahearn – this badass Celtic name means “horse lord.”
  5. Ahern – an alternate spelling of Ahearn with the same meaning.
  6. Anglim – an Anglicized version of the Irish name O’ hAnluinn, meaning “a meadow beside the water.”
  7. Anglin – this surname of Irish origin means “son of Anglninn.”
  8. Ansbro – derived from the ancient Anglo-Saxon meaning “high or chief fortified place.”
  9. Armstrong – possibly derived from a Middle English nickname for “someone with a strong arm.”
  10. Art – from the Celtic “artos,” meaning “bear,” short for Arthur.
  11. Ashe – a popular Irish surname meaning “ash tree.”
  12. Athey – a classic Anglo-Saxon topographical name meaning “dweller at the enclosure.”

Celtic Last Names Beginning With B

  1. Baldwin – this Old French and German name means “bold friend.”
  2. Balfe – derived from the Gaelic “balbh,” meaning “stammering and dumb.”
  3. Ballagh – from the Middle English word “bullok,” meaning “young bull.”
  4. Bane – a badass Slavic name meaning “glorious defender.”
  5. Banfield – with roots in Old English, meaning “field of beans.”
  6. Banfill – an Anglo-Saxon topographical name meaning “dweller at a field where beans grow.”
  7. Banks – an Old English term for the “edge of a river.”
  8. Bannan – an old Gaelic word meaning “to summon under proclamation” or “descendant of Banain.”
  9. Banwell – a topographic English name meaning “dweller at the field where beans grow.”
  10. Barclay – an alternate form of Berkeley, meaning “birch tree meadow.”
  11. Bardeen – this classic Irish name means “descendant of the bard.”
  12. Barnes – a short and sweet English habitational name for “someone living near or in a barn.”
  13. Baron – this regal-sounding German name means “free man.”
  14. Barr – possibly means “big hill” in Old English or “maker of bars.”
  15. Barrington – an upper-class Old English name meaning “fair-haired.”
  16. Barry – is from the Gaelic surname O’Baire, meaning “fair-haired.”
  17. Basnett – a prominent 16th-century Dublin name meaning “low stature.”
  18. Beams – an Old French name meaning “beautiful dwelling.”
  19. Bean – possibly an occupational English name for a “bean grower.”
  20. Beary – possibly Old English or Irish, meaning “at the borough” or “small community.”
  21. Beers – of Germanic and Latin origins, meaning “beverage and to drink.”
  22. Begley – this traditional Irish name means “little hero.”
  23. Behan – some Celtic surnames are unique, like Behan, meaning “bee.”
  24. Beirne – of Old Norse and Irish origin, meaning “bear.”
  25. Belton – possibly meaning “beautiful settlement or town of bells,” this English name is pretty.
  26. Bergin – this Gaelic/Irish name possibly means “spear-like” or “wonderous birth.”
  27. Berkeley – a classy Old English name meaning “birch tree meadow.”
  28. Berkery – this uncommon Irish name has a meaning to match – meaning “son of sharp pleading.”
  29. Bermingham – derived from the English city, meaning “homestead of the place.”
  30. Berne – a classic Old German name meaning “bear.”
  31. Berrigan – believe it or not, this surname is of Spanish origin, meaning “young man and warrior.”
  32. Berry – is a gender-neutral Old English name meaning “small fruit.”
  33. Biden – this Old English name derives from the French word “boton,” meaning “button.”
  34. Bigley – derived from the Old English word “bicca,” meaning “pickax.”
  35. Bilbo – this classic Tolkien name derives from the French “bilbaud,” meaning “ball or bold.”
  36. Bird – a great Anglo-Saxon name for someone working as a “birder” or with “bird-like features.”
  37. Birns – a variant of the Irish/Scottish name Burns describing someone “living by a stream.”
  38. Blake – is possibly English, describing someone with “black hair or skin.”
  39. Blanchfield – an Irish name of Norman origin, meaning “passionate and intelligent.”
  40. Blaney – this Irish name derives from the Welsh name Blethyn, meaning “yellow.”
  41. Blarney – a fun Irish name that means “to persuade or influence using charm.”
  42. Bleigh – derived from the Old English word “blide,” meaning “gentle or merry person.”
  43. Boal – derives from “bo,” meaning “fort, and “al,” meaning “hillside” in Old English.
  44. Boden – a unique Gaelic name meaning “blond” or “floor.”
  45. Bodkin – derived from Anglo-Saxn, describing a “short pointed weapon.”
  46. Bogan – an occupational name for a bowmaker taken from the Old English “buga,” meaning “to bend.”
  47. Bogue – possibly a Viking name or an Old English/Irish moniker meaning “victorious.”
  48. Bohan – derived from the Gaelic word “buadhach,” meaning “victorious.”
  49. Bohanan – this ecclesiastical Gaelic name means “the seat of the canon.”
  50. Bolan – an uncommon Irish surname meaning “little poet.”
  51. Boland – possibly Scottish or Irish, denoting someone who lived in an area of Dumfriesshire.
  52. Bole – of Irish origin, derived from the Old English word for a “bull.”
  53. Bolger – in Irish, it means “descendant of Bolgodhar” and “leather worker” in Old English.
  54. Bonar – a cute French name meaning “gentle.”
  55. Bonfield – a classic Norman/Old English surname meaning “good settlement.”
  56. Boran – possibly of Turkish origin, meaning “thunderstorm.”
  57. Boreen – some Celtic last names are unusual, like Boreen, meaning “cow path.”
  58. Bougham – probably of Old Welsh origin, meaning “son of Owen.”
  59. Bovaird – this rare Irish name for immigrant Huguenots means “board.”
  60. Bow – derived from the Scottish word “bowie,” meaning “blond.”
  61. Bowden – possibly means “one who brings news or shelter” or “blond” in Gaelic.
  62. Bowen – derived from the traditional Welsh name Owain, meaning “well-born or noble.”
  63. Bowes – a habitational name for someone “dwelling at the arch of a bridge.”
  64. Bowlan – possibly an Anglicized version of O’Beollain, meaning “descendant of Bjolan.”
  65. Boyce – from the Old French word “bois,” meaning “wood.”
  66. Boylan – a classic Irish surname beginning with B, meaning “descendant of Baoighheallan.”
  67. Boyland – this English habitational name means “of Borland.”
  68. Boyle – derived from the Irish word “geall,” meaning “to pledge.”
  69. Boyles – an extended version of Boyle with the same meaning.
  70. Boyne – taken from the famous Battle of the Boyne, meaning “white cow.”
  71. Bracken – from the Gaelic name O’Breacain, meaning “speckled.”
  72. Brackeen – a more extended version of Bracken with the same meaning.
  73. Brackin – another Irish version of Bracken, meaning “speckled.”
  74. Bradley – originally spelled Bradleya in Old English, meaning “broad meadow.”
  75. Bradeen – a classic Irish name meaning “salmon.”
  76. Braden – from the Gaelic O’Bradain, meaning “descendant of Bradan (salmon).”
  77. Bradigan – possibly derived from the Gaelic Bradach, meaning “spirited.”
  78. Brady – possibly means “spirited” or “descendant of Bradach” in Gaelic.
  79. Bragan – a derivative of Bracken, meaning “little speckled one.”
  80. Brain – probably an Irish variant of Brian, meaning “noble or high.”
  81. Branagan – a great Gaelic name for Irish kids, meaning “little raven.”
  82. Brandon – a classic Old English surname meaning “fiery or steep hill.”
  83. Braniff – an Anglicized version of the Gaelic O’Branduibh, meaning “descendant of Brandubh.”
  84. Brannaugh – one of the most Irish-sounding Celtic surnames, meaning “Welshman.”
  85. Brannen – possibly derived from the Gaelic word “braon,” meaning “sorrow, teardrop, prince, or sword-blade.”
  86. Brannick – a typical Celtic/Irish name meaning “the descendant of Breathnach.”
  87. Brannigan – derived from the Gaelic word “bran,” meaning “raven.”
  88. Brannock – an Anglicized version of the Gaelic Breathnach, meaning “raven cliff or hill.”
  89. Brassil – an uncommon Gaelic/Celtic name meaning “strife.”
  90. Brawley – this classic Old English name means “meadow at the slope of a hill.”
  91. Bready – an alternate form of Brady, meaning “descendant of Bradach.”
  92. Brean – possibly a variant of Brian, meaning “noble and high,” but also means “the fairy place.”
  93. Brecheen – one of the more unusual Celtic last names, meaning “son of the judge.”
  94. Bredin – a topographical Gaelic name meaning “hill.”
  95. Bree – means “hill” in Cornwall, “noble” in Ireland, and possibly “power and exalted one” in Gaelic.
  96. Breene – possibly means “intelligence and innovation” in Gaelic.
  97. Breheny – similar to Brecheen, meaning “son of the judge.”
  98. Brennan – a classic Irish and Gaelic name meaning “descendant of Braonán.”
  99. Breslin – a patronymic Irish name meaning “descendant of Breislean.”
  100. Bresnan – possibly meaning “pioneer and inventiveness,” this Gaelic name is cute.
  101. Brewin – an unusual name with an even more bizarre meaning of “moisture drop.”
  102. Brian – one of the oldest Gaelic names, meaning “noble, high, and exalted.”
  103. Briant – an alternate spelling of Brian, with the same meaning.
  104. Brick – possibly means “bridge” or “solid good guy” in Old English.
  105. Brickley – an alternate form of Berkeley, meaning “birch tree meadow.”
  106. Bride – a classic Irish girl’s name meaning “strength and exalted one.”
  107. Brien – another variation of Brian, meaning “noble and high.”
  108. Broderick – possibly a Scandi/Norse name meaning “brother” or is Irish for “descendant of Bruadair.”
  109. Brodigan – a traditional Irish name derived from Bradigan, meaning “spirited.”
  110. Brosnan – an ideal Irish name if you’re a “dweller near the Brosna river.”
  111. Brothers – from Middle English, meaning “kinsmen or member of a guild or brotherhood.”
  112. Bryson – a top Celtic last name meaning “son of Brice.”
  113. Byrnes – a common Irish name meaning “descendant of Banach” and “raven.”

Celtic Surnames Beginning With C

  1. Cabe – a Celtic name steeped in Old French, meaning “rope-maker.”
  2. Caden – a feisty Welsh name meaning “spirit of battle.”
  3. Cafferty – a Gaelic boy’s name meaning “son of Godfrey.”
  4. Cagney – derived from the Gaelic O’Caingne, meaning “grandson of the advocate.”
  5. Cahalan – possibly from Hereford in England, meaning “farmstead or estate of the freeman.”
  6. Cahill – from the Gaelic O’Cathail, meaning “descendant of Cathal.”
  7. Cairny – a famous Scottish surname possibly meaning “from the land of Cardney” in Perthshire.
  8. Calhoon – in Old English, Calhoon means “warrior, and “narrow woods” in Irish.
  9. Calkin – an Old English name meaning “son of Nicholas.”
  10. Callaghan – a classic Irish name meaning “bright-headed.”
  11. Calvey – first introduced during the Norman conquests – means “someone who tends cattle.”
  12. Cammack – a Celtic habitational name for a bend in the river, meaning “crooked one.”
  13. Cannon – this medieval English word derives from Latin and means “clergyman.”
  14. Carberry – possibly meaning “tree hedge,” derived from the Gaelic O’Cairbre.
  15. Carey – a simple Irish name meaning “from the fort.”
  16. Carlton – an Old English name meaning “settlement of free men.”
  17. Carney – a top Irish name meaning “victorious.”
  18. Carr – this English, Scottish, and Irish name means “spear” or “wet ground.”
  19. Carragher – possibly means “elegant, knowledgeable, and inventive” or “dear man” in Irish.
  20. Carrick – derived from the Gaelic word “arraig,” meaning “rock.”
  21. Carver – an English occupational name for a “wood carver.”
  22. Casey – of Irish and Gaelic origin, meaning “vigilant, watchful, and noisy.”
  23. Cashen – a classic Irish/Gaelic surname meaning “crooked.”
  24. Cassidy – derived from the Gaelic name O’Caiside, meaning “descendant of Caiside.”
  25. Caughlin – is of Irish and Gaelic origin, meaning “grandson of Cochlan.”
  26. Cavanaugh – a top Irish surname starting with C, meaning “follower of Kevin.”
  27. Cawley – according to some, this Scottish name means “relic.”
  28. Charlton – a variation of Carlton, meaning “settlement of free men.”
  29. Clare – a short and sweet Latin name meaning “bright and famous.”
  30. Clarey – an extended version of Clare, meaning “bright and famous.”
  31. Clinton – of Old English origin, derived from “clynn,” meaning “hill,” and “tun,” meaning “settlement.”
  32. Cloherty – an occupational Gaelic name meaning “stone worker” or “worker with stone.”
  33. Clooney – this Irish surname is the name of a famous actor and means “descendant of Cluanach.”
  34. Clunes – a traditional Celtic name meaning “deceitful rogue.”
  35. Coffey – a gender-neutral Irish name meaning “victorious.”
  36. Coghlan – this Gaelic name possibly means “descendant of Coghlan” or “hooded.”
  37. Collins – a unisex Old English name meaning “family of Coilean.”
  38. Colman – a common Irish surname with the pretty meaning of “little dove.”
  39. Combes – derived from the Anglo-Saxon word “cumb,” meaning “valley.”
  40. Commerford – this Irish name is of English origin and means “son of Cumascach.”
  41. Conery – this gender-neutral Irish name means “wise person.”
  42. Conlin – a variant form of the Gaelic name Conlan, meaning “hero.”
  43. Conlon – another version of Conlin, meaning “hero.”
  44. Connelly – derived from the Gaelic O’Conghaile, meaning “fierce as a hound.”
  45. Creighton – a cool Old English name meaning “hilltop town” or “rocky place.”
  46. Crilley – introduced after the Norman Conquests, and means “descendant of the rakish one.”
  47. Crowley – an Irish name describing personal features such as a “hunch back.”
  48. Cunningham – in Scottish, it means “rabbit home,” and descendant of the chief” in Irish.
  49. Curran – derived from the Gaelic and Irish name O’Corrian, meaning “dagger” or “hero.”

Celtic Last Names Beginning With D

  1. Dacy – taken from the Irish word “dorcha,” meaning “dark.”
  2. Dade – an ancient Anglo-Saxon name meaning “deed or exploit.”
  3. Dagnan – either a manufacturer of “daggers” or a habitual wearer of one.
  4. Daley – a popular Celtic surname starting with D describing someone who “lives in the valley.”
  5. Danahy – according to some, this classic Irish name means “friendly, teacher, and confidence.”
  6. Dane – a gender-neutral Old English name meaning “from Denmark.”
  7. Daniel – is of Hebrew origin, meaning “God is my judge.”
  8. Danvers – a French habitational name for someone “from Anvers.”
  9. Darcy – in Norman French, Darcy means “fortress” and “descendant of the dark one” in Irish.
  10. Daugherty – derived from the Gaelic word “dochartach,” meaning “hurtful.”
  11. Davey – a variant of the Scottish and English name David, meaning “beloved.”
  12. Davitt – derived from the patronymic name Mac Daibheid, meaning “son of David.”
  13. Dawley – in English, Dawley means “woodland clearing” and “assembly or gathering” in Irish.
  14. Deady – translated from the Old English word “daed,” meaning “a deed or exploit.”
  15. Deane – an Old English habitational name meaning “valley or church official.”
  16. Dearmond – a pretty Celtic name meaning “black trooper or wild/brave man.”
  17. Deavers – possibly a German occupational name for a “dove keeper,” referring to a “male pigeon.”
  18. Deehan – another patronymic Gaelic name meaning “descendant of Díochú.”
  19. Deely – this Irish name possibly means “caring, assembly, charisma,” and “master of their own destiny.”
  20. Deighan – this Gaelic name describes someone with “black hair.”
  21. Delacey – of Norman and French descent, meaning “noose.”
  22. Delahunt – an uncommon Irish name meaning “descendant of Dulchaointeach.”
  23. Delaney – in English, it means “grove of alder trees” and “dark challenger” in Irish.
  24. Dennehy – with roots in Cork, Ireland, this Gaelic name means “humane.”
  25. Denning – derived from the Old English name Dynna, meaning “brown and dun-colored.”
  26. Denny – possibly short for the Greek name Dennis, meaning “follower of Dionysos.”
  27. Dermott – taken from Irish mythology, Dermott means “free from jealousy.”
  28. Derrick – a popular Germanic name meaning “ruler of the people.”
  29. Devaney – possibly meaning “dark hair,” this Irish name also means “descendant of Dubheamhna.”
  30. Devlin – an edgy Irish name meaning “unlucky.”
  31. Diffley – a variation of Duffy, meaning “black” and “lad” in Gaelic.
  32. Dillon – a variation of the Welsh boy’s name Dylan, meaning “born of the ocean” in Irish.
  33. Dineen – a patronymic family name derived from O’Duinnin, meaning “descendant of Duinnin.”
  34. Dockins – an unusual Gaelic surname with an even stranger meaning: “the kin of David.”
  35. Dolan – probably a Celtic surname that reflects someone with “dark hair.”
  36. Donaghue – a super-cool Gaelic name meaning “dark warrior.”
  37. Donavan – a Celtic name that probably refers to “dark hair or skin.”
  38. Donelan – another regal Gaelic surname meaning “descendant of Domhallan.”
  39. Donnelly – some Celtic surnames have noble meanings, like “brave.”
  40. Doogan – an Irish variant of Dugan, meaning “dark and swarthy.”
  41. Dooley – another stereotypical Irish surname meaning “dark hero.”
  42. Doolin – some surnames just sound Irish, like Doolin, meaning “black sword.”
  43. Doone – is found in Ireland, Scotland, and England, meaning “hill or mountain.”
  44. Dorcey – comes from the French D’Arcy, meaning “from Arcy” or “dark one.”
  45. Dorian – derived from the Greek word “doron,” meaning “gift.”
  46. Dornan – from the Gaelic name O’Duirnin, meaning “male descendant of the strong-fisted one.”
  47. Dowley – derived from the Gaelic “dubh,” meaning “dark,” and “laoch,” meaning “hero.”
  48. Drennon – a patronymic Irish name meaning “son of Draighnean.”
  49. Driskel – possibly an alternate spelling of Driscol, meaning “interpreter.”
  50. Duffy – derived from the Gaelic word “dubh,” meaning “black.”
  51. Duggin – an Anglicized version of Doogan, meaning “black.”
  52. Dunlavy – possibly a derivative of Dunleavy, meaning “fortress.”

Celtic Surnames Starting With E and F

  1. Eagan – a great name for feisty kids, meaning “little fire.”
  2. Earley – an Old English name meaning “eagle wood” or “noble.”
  3. Ennis – derived from the Irish word “inis,” meaning “island.”
  4. Enright – some Celtic last names have strange meanings, like “son of the attacker.”
  5. Fagan – a famous fictional character, meaning “little ardent one” in Gaelic.
  6. Fahy – a short and sweet Celtic name derived from “fothadh,” meaning “foundation.”
  7. Farley – linked to the Gaelic name Fearghal, meaning “fern wood.”
  8. Farmer – put simply, this English name means “one who farms.”
  9. Farrel – this classic Gaelic name means “hero” and “man of courage.”
  10. Feehan – of Gaelic origin, possibly meaning “villager” or “peasant.”
  11. Feeney – possibly means “soldier or warrior,” although some say it means “little raven.”
  12. Fergus – the most Irish of names on the list – means “man of vigor.”
  13. Ferrall – derived from the Irish name Fearghail, meaning “man of valor.”
  14. Finlay – surprisingly, this name is of Scottish origin, meaning “fair-haired hero.”
  15. Finn – a short form of Finnegan meaning “white or fair.”
  16. Finnegan – derived from the Irish name Fionnagan, meaning “fair.”
  17. Fitzgibbon – kicking off the “son of” names, this one means “son of Gibbon.”
  18. Fitzharris – a classic Irish name beginning with F that means “son of Henry or Harris.”
  19. Fitzhenry – you guessed it – Fitzhenry means “son of Henry.”
  20. Fitzmorris – Fitz derives from the Latin “filius,” meaning “son of Morris.”
  21. Fitzpatrick – a popular Irish surname meaning “son of Patrick.”
  22. Fitzroy – a trendy name for the highest royalty meaning “son of the king.”
  23. Flaherty – another common and stereotypical Irish name, meaning “bright ruler.”
  24. Flannagan – a traditional Irish/Gaelic name meaning “red” or “ruddy.”
  25. Flatley – this name is apt for royalty, meaning “descendant of the prince poet.”
  26. Flynn – some Celtic surnames are short and sweet – means “son of the red-haired one.”
  27. Fogerty – a popular name in County Tipperary, Ireland, meaning “exiled.”

Celtic Family Names Beginning With G

  1. Gaffney – derived from the Irish name O’Gamhna, meaning “calf.”
  2. Gallagher – possibly means “foreign help” or “descendant of Gallchobhar” in Irish.
  3. Galway – the famous county in Ireland, meaning “the stony river.”
  4. Garrity – a patronymic Irish name meaning “son of Oireachtach.”
  5. Gately – has Old English and Irish roots describing a “goat wood or clearing.”
  6. Gaynor – a classic Welsh name meaning “white, smooth, or soft.”
  7. Geery – possibly derived from the Old German name Gerry, meaning “spear warrior.”
  8. Giffin – this Irish/Gaelic name derives from Mag Dhuibhfinn, meaning “black.”
  9. Gilhooley – this funny-sounding Gaelic name means “servant” or “disciple.”
  10. Gilligan – derived from the Irish word “giolla,” meaning “lad.”
  11. Gilroy – with Scottish, Irish/Gaelic origins, meaning “red-head” or “servant of a man with red hair.”
  12. Ginty – this snappy little Irish name possibly means “expert, charming, and good person.”
  13. Glasheen – a popular Irish surname meaning “green, blue-green, or gray.”
  14. Glaspey – comes from the Gaelic name Gilleasbuig, meaning “bishops servant.”
  15. Gleeson – this classic Irish surname means “descendant of Glasain.”
  16. Glenney – derived from the Gaelic word “gleann,” meaning “valley.”
  17. Goff – this Welsh name derives from the word “coch,” meaning “red.”
  18. Goggins – derived from the Gaelic Cogadhan, meaning “hound of war.”
  19. Golightly – this Scottish/English name means what it says: “to go swiftly or lightly.”
  20. Gooley – an Anglicized version of the French word “goulet,” meaning “forked.”
  21. Goonan – from the Gaelic word “gamhna,” meaning “calf.”
  22. Gordon – a popular Scottish name meaning “spacious or large fort” and “fertilized pasture.”
  23. Gormley – a Gaelic/Irish name possibly meaning “sad” or “blue spearman.”
  24. Gough – derived from the Old Welsh word “coch,” meaning “red.”
  25. Govern – unbelievably, this Irish name means “summer” or possibly “to exercise authority.”
  26. Gowan – possibly Irish or Scottish and the perfect name for a “smith or metal worker.”
  27. Grady – this Irish/Gaelic name means “noble, renowned, and descendant of Gradaigh.”
  28. Granahan – a unique patronymic Irish name meaning “son of Reannachan.”
  29. Grannan – possibly means “son of Raghnall” in Gaelic or “brave councilor” in English.
  30. Grealish – derived from the French/English name Greslet, meaning “pitted or scarred.”
  31. Green – this gender-neutral English name means “near the village green.”
  32. Greenan – a cool Gaelic and Irish name meaning “descendant or son of.”
  33. Gribbin – a derivative of Cribben, this patronymic Gaelic name comes from MacRoiben, meaning “son of Robin.”
  34. Griffin – a unisex Welsh, Irish, and Gaelic name meaning “strong lord.”
  35. Grimley – an Old English/Norman name meaning “Grima’s farm.”
  36. Grogan – derived from the Gaelic name O’Grugain, meaning “fierceness.”
  37. Growney – another patronymic Irish name meaning “son of Corrghamhain.”
  38. Grugan – similar to Grogan, this Irish name means “fierceness.”
  39. Guffey – a great Gaelic nickname – possibly meaning “dark features” or “lovely and quiet person.”
  40. Guilfoyle – a rare Irish surname meaning “descendant of the follower of St. Paul.”
  41. Guinan – of Scottish and Irish origin, meaning “son of Dugal” and “rabbit.”
  42. Guiney – a classic patronymic name meaning “son of Géibheannach.”
  43. Guinn – a short and sweet Gaelic name meaning “fair, white-blessed, and holy.”
  44. Gunnell – derived from the Old Norse name Gunnhildr, meaning “battle and strife.”
  45. Gunning – with roots in Old English, this name derives from “gundwein,” meaning “battle friend.”
  46. Guthrie – a super-cool Irish surname meaning “windy place.”
  47. Guttery – steeped in Pictish and Scottish influences, meaning “good, graceful, and captain.”

Celtic Surnames Starting With H

  1. Hackett – this German name meaning “little woodsman” sounds Gaelic.
  2. Hadden – Celtic last names can have cool meanings, like a “hill of heather.”
  3. Hade – in English, Hade means “hat” and “unseen” in Greek.
  4. Hafey – first used on the Scottish/English borders, denoting a “black man of peace.”
  5. Hagarty – an Anglicized version meaning “son of Éigceartach,” after the word “eigceartach” for “unjust.”
  6. Hagin – of Irish and Gaelic origin, meaning “little and young.”
  7. Hague – derived from the Old English word “haga,” meaning “dweller by the haw(thorn).”
  8. Hainey – in 2010, this was America’s 37,288th most popular name, meaning “hay field.”
  9. Hales – an Old English name describing someone “from the nook.”
  10. Hallahan – this patronymic family name beginning with H means “beauty” in Gaelic.
  11. Halley – a strong Scandinavian and Old Norse name meaning “army ruler and commander.”
  12. Halligan – a variation of the Gaelic name Hallihan, meaning “beauty.”
  13. Halloran – this classic Irish name means “stranger from overseas” or “foreigner.”
  14. Hamill – possibly referring to facial features, this Old English name means “scarred.”
  15. Hampson – with roots in Anglo-Saxon Britain, this popular name means “son of Hamon.”
  16. Hamrock – derived from the Old French word “amauri,” meaning “valiant and diligent ruler.”
  17. Hanagan – possibly meaning “compassion,” this Gaelic surname is popular.
  18. Hanbury – an Old English habitational name meaning “high or chief fortified place.”
  19. Handrahan – this unassuming Celtic name means warrior.
  20. Hanigan – derived from the Irish name Annach, meaning “descendant of Annagán.”
  21. Hanlon – this trendy Celtic surname means “descendant of Anluan.”
  22. Hannaway – an interesting Irish name with a fascinating meaning: “descendant of the stormy one.”
  23. Hannon – possibly means “warm feelings,” but it’s more likely to mean “descendant of Annan” in Irish.
  24. Hanratty – meaning “descendant of Annrachtach,” this Gaelic name also means “marauder attacker.”
  25. Hanson – a cute Anglo-Saxon name meaning “son of Han.”
  26. Harbin – an unusual Old French and German name meaning “light, bright warrior.”
  27. Hardman – this classic Old English name describes a “hard man.”
  28. Hardy – a popular Old English name describing a “courageous and strong” person.
  29. Hare – a simple English name with the simple meaning of “rabbit.”
  30. Harford – of Old English origin, meaning “ford of the hares.”
  31. Harkin – possibly describing someone’s hair color or clothes – means “dark red” in Irish.
  32. Harley – the Old English name for a “hare’s meadow.”
  33. Harmon – a collection of Old English, German, and French – means “soldier or army man.”
  34. Harnett – this Irish name means “descendant of Artnead” and “bear.”
  35. Harold – is of Old English and Scandinavian origin, meaning “army ruler.”
  36. Harrington – this powerful Irish name means “descendant of Arrachtán.”
  37. Harrity – this most Irish-sounding surname means “member of an assembly.”
  38. Harte – a short and sweet Gaelic surname meaning “stag, deer, strong, and brave.”
  39. Hartley – an Anglo-Saxon habitational name meaning “stags wood or clearing.”
  40. Hartnett – an uncommon Gaelic name meaning “descendant of Airtnéad.”
  41. Harty – Celtic surnames, such as Harty, are sometimes short and sweet, meaning “one who is daring.”
  42. Harvey – derived from the Breton name Haerviu, meaning “battle worthy.”
  43. Hastings – a great Celtic surname with an even better meaning of “son of the austere man.”
  44. Haughey – an Old Irish occupational name meaning “horseman.”
  45. Haverty – many Celtic last names mean “descendant of,” like Haverty, meaning “descendant of Ábhartach.”
  46. Hawe – a powerful Anglo-Saxon surname meaning “battle wide.”
  47. Hawkins – possibly of English or Irish descent, meaning “little hawk.”
  48. Hayden – this English name has many meanings, such as “fire, heathen, hay field, and descendant of Éideán.”
  49. Hays – this classic Old English name means “enclosure” or “hedged area.”
  50. Heagerty – derived from the Gaelic word “eigceartach,” meaning “unjust.”
  51. Healan – possibly Anglo-Saxon, meaning “the root,” derived from the Greek Helene, meaning “shining light.”
  52. Heanan – comes from the Gaelic word “eidhean,” meaning “ivy.”
  53. Hearn – a cool Irish surname meaning “horse-lord.”
  54. Heenan – is an alternate spelling of Heanan with the same meaning.
  55. Hefferan – an unusual Celtic surname meaning “demon.”
  56. Heggerty – an alternative version of Heagerty, meaning “unjust.”
  57. Hellen – derived from the Greek girl name Helene, meaning “shining light or torch.”
  58. Henehan – a stereotypical Irish family name meaning “bird.”
  59. Hennessey – from the Gaelic name O’ hAonghusa, meaning “descendant of Angus.”
  60. Henrick – possibly Dutch, Hungarian, or German, meaning “home-ruler.”
  61. Henry – derived from the Old Frankish name Heimeric, meaning “home-ruler.”
  62. Henson – this Anglo-Saxon name means “son of Henry.”
  63. Hernon – from the original Latin name Hermannus, meaning “warrior.”
  64. Heron – a gender-neutral Greek name meaning “hero.”
  65. Herrick – an imposing Old German name meaning “war ruler.”
  66. Hester – a variant of the Greek name Esther, meaning “star.”
  67. Higgins – a cool Gaelic surname meaning “descendant of Uigin.”
  68. Hilferty – a derivative of the Gaelic Halferty, meaning “descendant of Ailbeartach.”
  69. Hines – possibly comes from the English “hinde,” meaning “deer keeper,” or the German Heinz, meaning “home-ruler.”
  70. Hogan – derived from the Irish Ó hÓgáin, meaning “descendant of the young warrior.”
  71. Holloran – from the Gaelic word “uallach,” meaning “proud.”
  72. Holly – an Old English name from the word “holegn,” meaning “holly tree.”
  73. Hollywood – the famous LA neighborhood, meaning “land of the holly bush.”
  74. Hood – of Scottish origin, this occupational name means “hood maker.”
  75. Hooey – this Irish occupational name means “horseman.”
  76. Hoolihan – derived from the Gaelic word “uallach,” meaning “proud.”
  77. Hopkins – an English, Welsh, and Irish patronymic name meaning “son of Hob.”
  78. Horan – another Irish family name that means “descendant of,” in this case, “Ódhráń.”
  79. Horrigan – a cute Irish surname meaning “descendant of the gray-haired one.”
  80. Howard – a classic Scandinavian name meaning “noble watchman.”
  81. Howey – an alternate spelling of Howie, the seat of a Scottish family, meaning “hollow.”
  82. Howley – an Old English family name meaning “ground ivy.”
  83. Hoyle – a wonderful Welsh name from the English word “holh,” meaning “hole.”
  84. Huey – a trendy Irish name meaning “bright in mind and spirit.”
  85. Hughes – possibly meaning “heart and mind,” this Germanic name also means “son of Hugh.”
  86. Hughey – introduced to England after the Norman conquests, meaning “heart, mind, and spirit” in German.
  87. Hunt – from the Old English word “hunta,” this occupational name means “hunter.”
  88. Hurley – of Old Irish and Gaelic origin, meaning “sea tide.”
  89. Hurst – from the Old English word “hyrst,” meaning “wooded hill.”
  90. Hyland – a self-descriptive Old English name for “someone living on a high patch of ground.”
  91. Hynds – derived from the Old English “hind,” meaning “gentle or timid.”

Celtic Family Names Beginning With I, J, and K

  1. Innes – a great Scottish and Irish name for someone living on an “island.”
  2. Irvin – this Gaelic name has many meanings – “high cliff, freshwater, boar friend, and friend of the sea.”
  3. Ivers – an occupational Scandinavian name for an “archer.”
  4. Judge – this English/French name comes from the Latin “iudex,” meaning “one who declares the law.”
  5. Junkin – possibly means “John” and derives from the Middle English name Jenkin.
  6. Kahoun – is an Irish variant of the Scottish name Colquhoun, meaning “corner, nook, or narrow wood.”
  7. Kane – possibly of Welsh origin, meaning “warrior.”
  8. Karnes – derived from the Gaelic word “ciar,” meaning “black or dark brown.”
  9. Karney – from the Celtic word “cearnach,” meaning “victorious.”
  10. Kary – either means “Ciar’s people” or represents the County of Kerry in Ireland.
  11. Kavanaugh – of Middle English and Irish origin, meaning “born handsome” or “son of Caomhan.”
  12. Keady – a short and snappy Irish surname meaning “son of Céadach.”
  13. Keahey – possibly a derivative of Keogh; in Irish, it’s a variation of Mac Eochaidh, meaning “warmth in others.”
  14. Kealy – derived from the Gaelic name O’ Ceallaigh, meaning “bright-headed.”
  15. Keane – an Irish name with two meanings – “fighter” and “sharp-eyed.”
  16. Keating – taken from the Old English patronymic name Cyting, meaning “kite.”
  17. Keaveney – a stylish Gaelic name meaning “descendant of Géibheannach.”
  18. Keedy – meaning “son of Céadach,” this Celtic surname is typically Irish.
  19. Keeffe – taken from the Gaelic word “caomh,” meaning “gentle.”
  20. Keegan – possibly meaning “son of Aodhagan,” this Irish name also means “small and fiery.”
  21. Keelan – derived from the Celtic Caelen, meaning “slender and fair.”
  22. Keeley – the perfect name for “beautiful” Celtic kids.
  23. Keenan – from the Gaelic word “cian,” meaning “distant,” it also means “son of Cianán.”
  24. Kegley – derived from the Gaelic word “coigeal,” meaning “unkempt hair.”
  25. Keightley – possibly a habitational Anglo-Saxon name; some say it means “inspiring.”
  26. Keily – taken from the Gaelic word “cadhia,” meaning “graceful.”
  27. Keilty – a pretty Irish name meaning “slender and graceful.”
  28. Kelleher – possibly means “wise and prudent” or “companion dear” in Irish.
  29. Keller – an occupational Middle German name meaning “cellar master.”
  30. Kelley – a classic Irish name meaning “bright-headed.”
  31. Kelly – an alternative spelling of Kelley with the same meaning.
  32. Kemmis – a rare English surname meaning “smock, chemise, or long shirt.”
  33. Keneally – an Anglicized Irish name meaning “descendant of.”
  34. Kennedy – a famous Irish and Scottish surname meaning “helmet-headed.”
  35. Kenny – an abbreviation of Kenneth, this Scottish surname means “handsome.”
  36. Keough – a well-loved Gaelic surname meaning “son of Eochaidh.”
  37. Keown – another patronymic Irish name meaning “son of Eoghan.”
  38. Kermode – an unusual Gaelic surname meaning “son of Diarmaid.”
  39. Kernaghan – Celtic last names are typically Irish, meaning “descendant of Cearnachán.”
  40. Kernan – a dark name for dark kids; this Irish name means “black.”
  41. Kerns – derived from the Gaelic word “ciar,” meaning “black.”
  42. Kerrigan – of Irish origin, possibly meaning “dusty and dark,” it also means “son of Ciaragan.”
  43. Kerwin – an Irish surname meaning “little dark-haired one.”
  44. Kew – possibly an Old Norman word for a cook, meaning “keeper of an eating house.”
  45. Keyes – from the Old Norman and French for a “dock or quay.”
  46. Kielty – a short and sweet Celtic name meaning “slender.”
  47. Kieran – a classic Irish name meaning “little dark one.”
  48. Kiernan – a traditional Irish name meaning “dark-haired” or “son of a lord.”
  49. Kiggins – an unusual Irish surname meaning “son of the Viking.”
  50. Kilbane – a much loved Gaelic surname meaning “son of the fair-haired lad.”
  51. Kilbride – this Irish surname is very specific, meaning “son of the servant of St. Brigit.”
  52. Kilcoyne – derived from the Celtic word “cadhan,” meaning “wild goose.”
  53. Kilcullen – similar to Kilbride, meaning “son of the servant of St. Caillíń.”
  54. Kilday – there’s a pattern here – means “son of the servant of God” in Gaelic.”
  55. Kilduff – continuing the theme of Irish “son of” names – means “son of the black-haired lad.”
  56. Kiley – as a boy’s name, Kiley means “narrow straight,” and “near the church or wood” as a girl’s name.
  57. Kilfoyle – a classic Irish name meaning “descendant of a follower of St. Paul.”
  58. Kilgallon – this Gaelic surname has a non-specific meaning: “son of a servant.”
  59. Kilkelly – another “son of” name meaning “son of the devotee of St. Ceallach.”
  60. Kilkenny – an Irish county name meaning “the church of St, Canice.”
  61. Killeen – a great Irish name for “bright-headed” kids.”
  62. Killen – a variant of Killeen, with the same meaning.”
  63. Killian – a cool Gaelic surname meaning “little church” or “monk’s cell.”
  64. Killoran – more “son of” Irish names, meaning “son of a devotee.”
  65. Kilmartin – a variation of Kilgallon, meaning “son of the servant of St. Martin.”
  66. Kilpatrick – this Irish name means “son of the servant of St. Patrick.”
  67. Kilroy – in Gaelic, it means “son of the red-haired bard” and “son of the red-haired lad” in Irish.
  68. Kincannon – derived from the Scottish place name Kincaid, meaning “top or head of the pass.”
  69. Kinnan – a variant of Kinnon, meaning “one who is fair-born” in Gaelic.
  70. Kinsella – derived from the Irish name Cinnsealach, meaning “proud.”
  71. Kirby – possibly of Scottish, English, or Norse origin, meaning “village or settlement near a church.”
  72. Kirgan – this Irish surname possibly means “caring.”
  73. Kirk – a cool Scottish first and last name meaning “church.”
  74. Kirvan – derived from the Gaelic words “ciar” and “dubh,” meaning “black.”
  75. Kirwin – similar to Kirvan, this Gaelic name means “little dark one.”
  76. Kissane – is an Anglicized version of Ó Casáin, meaning “descendant of Casán.”
  77. Knight – derived from the Old English word “cniht,” meaning “servant or common soldier.”
  78. Knowland – from the Gaelic word “nuall,” meaning “noble or famous.”
  79. Knowles – a classic Old English name meaning “at the knoll.”
  80. Kough – possibly an Irish or Old Norse nickname for someone resembling a “jackdaw.”
  81. Koyle – this Scottish/Gaelic name derives from the word “caol,” meaning “person from a narrow/straight river.”
  82. Kyne – a short Irish name with a “royal” meaning.

Celtic Last Names Beginning With L and M

  1. Laferty – a stereotypical Irish surname meaning “bright ruler.”
  2. Laffan – possibly derived from the French word “l’enfant,” or “La Font,” meaning “child.”
  3. Lahiff – an unusual Irish surname meaning “son of the hero.”
  4. Lally – a cool gender-neutral Gaelic name meaning “descendant of the speckled one.”
  5. Lamb – derived from the Middle English Lambert – possibly a nickname for a “meek and timid” person.
  6. Lanagan – taken from the Gaelic Ó Lonagan, meaning “descendant of Lonagan.”
  7. Lanahan – possibly an ideal name for a seafarer, meaning “long, tall,” or “longship.”
  8. Lane – this short English name refers to a “small road or pathway.”
  9. Langan – a popular Irish name meaning “descendant of Longan.”
  10. Larkin – of Irish and Gaelic origin, meaning “rough and fierce.”
  11. Laverty – derived from Irish royalty, meaning “the second person.”
  12. Lavery – possibly meaning “spokesman,” this Gaelic name also means “descendant of Labhraidh.”
  13. Layden – this Gaelic name meaning “strong and well-loved” has an uncertain origin.
  14. Leahey – a popular name in County Tipperary, meaning “hero.”
  15. Leary – an Irish occupational name meaning “cattle keeper.”
  16. Leavey – a short form of the Irish Dunleavy, meaning “dear war.”
  17. Leddy – a trendy Irish surname meaning “descendant of Lideadh.”
  18. Lehane – a powerful Scottish family name meaning “descendant of Liathan.”
  19. Lenehan – derived from the Irish word “leanach,” meaning “sorrowful.”
  20. Lennon – one of the most famous Celtic last names, meaning “dear one.”
  21. Leonard – this Old German name derives from Latin, meaning “brave lion.”
  22. Lewis – of Latin, German, and French origin, meaning “renowned warrior.”
  23. Liddy – an ancient surname for someone “from Lydia” in modern-day Turkey.
  24. Linden – an Old English surname describing a “lime tree.”
  25. Livingston – a Scottish habitational name meaning “dear friend’s place.”
  26. Loftus – an Anglo-Saxon name describing a “dweller of a loft house.”
  27. Logan – derived from the Gaelic word “lagan,” meaning “hollow.”
  28. Lohan – according to some sources, this Irish surname means “the light.”
  29. Loughran – a classy Irish name meaning “descendant of Luchairean.”
  30. Loughrey – derived from the Gaelic word “luachair,” meaning “rushes and sedges.”
  31. Lowery – of English, Scottish, Irish, and Latin origin, meaning “the city of Laurels.”
  32. Ludden – an English surname meaning “of the hollow.”
  33. Lundrigan – an Anglicized form of O Longargain, meaning “descendant of Longargan.”
  34. Lundy – possibly Old Norse meaning “puffin island” or “Monday’s child or marsh” in Scottish.
  35. Lydon – this unisex Old English name means “descendant of Lodan.”
  36. Lynch – a great Irish name for a seafarer, meaning “mariner.”
  37. Lynott – derived from a powerful Norman family, meaning “descendants of Conn.”
  38. Lyons – an English and Scottish name of French origin, meaning “lion.”
  39. MacBride – a popular Scottish/Irish surname meaning “son of the servant of St. Brighid.”
  40. MacCarthy – a patronymic Irish name meaning “son of the loving one.”
  41. MacCartney – one of the most famous Irish surnames, meaning “son of Artan.”
  42. MacDonnell – a classic Irish surname meaning “son of Donhnall.”
  43. MacDowell – derived from Dougal, meaning “dark stranger,” this Gaelic name means “son of Dougal.”
  44. Mackin – a short and sweet “Mac” name meaning “son of Simon.”
  45. MacNamara – possibly derived from a Viking family, meaning “son of the hound of the sea.”
  46. MacNeil – you guessed it – MacNeil means “son of Neal” in Gaelic.
  47. Madigan – meaning “descendant of Madaihin” and “little dog” in Gaelic.
  48. Magann – an alternate spelling of McGann, meaning “son of Cana” and “wolf cub.”
  49. Mahan – derived from the Gaelic word “miadhach,” meaning “honorable.”
  50. Mahoney – from the Gaelic word “mathghamhan,” meaning “bear.”
  51. Maginnis – an alternative spelling of McGuiness, meaning “son of Angus” in Irish.
  52. Magrath – an alternate spelling of McGrath, meaning “son of Craith” in Gaelic.
  53. Maguire – typically Mcguire in Ireland; a popular surname starting with M meaning “son of Odhar,” from “odhar,” meaning “dun-colored.”
  54. Malcolm – this Scottish/Gaelic name derives from Maol Choluim, meaning “devotee of St. Columba.”
  55. Malloy – a straightforward Irish name with a straightforward meaning of “noble chief.”
  56. Malone – another religious Irish name meaning “devotee to St. John.”
  57. Manahan – derived from the Gaelic word “manach,” meaning “monk.”
  58. Mangan – taken from the Gaelic name O’ Mongain, meaning “hairy.”
  59. Mannering – an aristocratic Norman name derived from Manwaring, meaning “from “the manor of Warin.”
  60. Mansfield – a place in England – meaning “from the field by the small river.”
  61. Markham – possibly meaning “homestead on the boundary,” this English place name has royal connections.
  62. Maroney – of French and Gaelic origins, meaning “descendant of the follower of Ruan.”
  63. Matthews – is derived from the Latin Matthaeus, meaning “Gift of Jehovah.”
  64. Maughan – a habitational Cornish name for someone “from the village of Mawgan.”
  65. Maxwell – a Scottish surname meaning “great stream.”
  66. May – derived from Maia, the Roman earth goddess, possibly for those born in May.
  67. McAbee – we now start an extensive “Mc” name list – with McAbee meaning “son of life.”
  68. McAllen – possibly meaning “little rock,” this Irish name ultimately means “son of Allen.”
  69. McAnally – names starting with Mc typically mean “son of,” unlike this one, meaning “a poor man.”
  70. McBride – this Irish name is perfect if you are the “son of a follower of St. Brigid.”
  71. McCafferty – a typical Gaelic name meaning “son of Godfrey.”
  72. McCall – a short Irish name with a big meaning – meaning “son of the battle chief.”
  73. McCann – you guessed it – McCann means “son of Cana” in Gaelic.
  74. McCannon – possibly means “wolf cub” or “son of Amoinn” in Gaelic.
  75. McCarthy – a popular Celtic boy’s name meaning “son of Carthach” and “loving.”
  76. McCaslin – who knew a “Mc” name meant something other than “son of” – with McCaslin meaning “peace.”
  77. McClary – a classic Gaelic name meaning “descendant of Cleireach.”
  78. McClenehan – possibly Irish and Scottish, meaning “son of little Leannach.”
  79. McCluskey – an Anglicized version of the Gaelic Mac Bloscaidh, meaning “son of Bloscadh.”
  80. McColgan – sticking with the patronymic theme, meaning “son of Colga.”
  81. McConnell – an Irish family name meaning “son of Conall.”
  82. McCory – the Irish and Scottish are the kings of patronymic names – means “son of Rory.”
  83. McCourtney – derived from the Gaelic Mac Cartaine, meaning “son of Artan.”
  84. McCoy – a classic Scottish male name meaning “son of Aodh” and “fire.”
  85. McCready – a cool Irish and Scottish name meaning “son of Riada.”
  86. McCreery – originates from the Gaelic Mac Ruidhri, meaning “son of Rory.”
  87. McCullen – taken from the Gaelic word “cuileann,” meaning “son of Holly.”
  88. McCullough – this rare “Mc” name possibly means “wild boar.”
  89. McDade – derived from the Irish patronymic name Mac Daibheld, meaning “son of David.”
  90. McDaniels – a popular Scottish surname meaning “son of Daniel.”
  91. McDermott – taken from the Gaelic Mac Diarmada, meaning “son of Diarmaid.”
  92. McElheny – an ancient Scottish surname with a classic Celtic meaning – “son of the servant storm.”
  93. McEnroe – a famous Scottish name meaning “hound of the promontory (high ground).”
  94. McEvoy – this popular Irish/Scottish name means “son of the yellow-haired lad.”
  95. McGann – this well-loved Old Irish name means “son of the wolf cub.”
  96. McGarry – derived from the Gaelic name Mag Fhearadhaigh, possibly meaning “manly.”
  97. McGeady – mainly of Scottish and Gaelic origin, meaning “son of Céadach.”
  98. McGee – means “son of Aodh;” this Irish name also means fire.
  99. McGinley – some Celtic surnames have cool meanings, such as “son of the fair hero.”
  100. McGinty – a popular Gaelic name meaning “son of Fionnshneachtach,” referring to “fair snow.”
  101. McGlynn – possibly meaning red or crimson, this Gaelic surname could also mean “ruddy.”
  102. McGonagle – this popular Gaelic name comes from County Donegal and possibly means “son of Donegal.”
  103. McGovern – of Irish origin, this strong family name means “son of Samhradhan” or “summer.”
  104. McGuigan – derived from the Gaelic name Mag Uiginn, meaning “son of the Viking.”
  105. McGuiness – an alternate spelling of Magennis, meaning “son of Angus” in Gaelic.
  106. McInaly – a patronymic Irish name meaning “son of the fair hero.”
  107. McKeighan – a variant of McKeegan, meaning “son of Aodhagán” in Gaelic.
  108. McKennon – derived from the Irish personal name Finnion, possibly meaning “fair born, white, and ascend.”
  109. McKnight – possibly meaning “son of a knight” or “son of a horseman” in Gaelic.
  110. McLaughlin – a strong Gaelic/Viking name meaning “son of Lochlann.”
  111. McMahon – derived from the Gaelic word “mathghamhan,” meaning “bear.”
  112. McManus – from the Latin Magnus, meaning “great,” this Gaelic surname means “son of Manus.”
  113. McMenamy – this classic Irish surname possibly means “son of the spirited one.”
  114. McMurphy – this Irish “son of” name possibly means “sea warrior.”
  115. McNamara – a popular Gaelic/Celtic surname meaning “son of the hound of the sea.”
  116. McNeil – you guessed it – McNeil means “son of Neil” in Gaelic.
  117. McNicholas – as obvious as McNeil – means “son of Nicholas” in Irish.
  118. McNulty – Celtic surnames are primarily Irish and Scottish – meaning “son of the Ulsterman.”
  119. McQuinn – this patronymic Irish name means “son or descendant of Conn.”
  120. McSweeney – this classic Irish surname means “son of Suibhne” and “pleasant.”
  121. McTigue – from County Galway in Ireland, meaning “son of Tadhg.”
  122. Meehan – an Anglicized version of the Gaelic name O’ Mathain, meaning “descendant of Moathan.”
  123. Megan – this popular Welsh name derives from the Greek word “margaritas,” meaning “pearl.”
  124. Mehaffey – originally of Scottish origin, this unusual name means “black man of peace.”
  125. Melody – a cool and trendy Greek name meaning “song.”
  126. Melville – a Scottish habitational place name meaning “settlement or infertile land.”
  127. Merrick – possibly a Scottish name meaning “fork in the road” or “fame and power” in Welsh/Germanic.
  128. Merriman – possibly an English nickname for a “merry man.”
  129. Milford – an Old English place name meaning “mill by the ford.”
  130. Millerick – a pretty Gaelic surname meaning “devotee of St. Geiric.”
  131. Millholland – possibly a variant of Mullholland meaning “descendant of Maolchalann.”
  132. Milligan – derived from O’ Maolagain, meaning “bald” in Gaelic.
  133. Mills – from the Latin word “molere,” this Old English occupational name means “to grind.”
  134. Milroy – a unique Irish name meaning “the son of the red-haired lad.”
  135. Minnick – possibly meaning “powerful and capable,” this Irish name derives from Minogue.
  136. Miskell – an unusual Gaelic name meaning “descendant of Meiscill.”
  137. Molloy – a classic Irish name meaning “proud chieftain.”
  138. Moloney – a religious Gaelic name meaning “descendant of a servant of the church.”
  139. Monahan – this Irish/Celtic surname has links to religion – meaning “monk.”
  140. Moonan – possibly means “descendant of Moanán,” but it also means “dumb.”
  141. Moone – this funny Gaelic surname is perfect for rich kids because it means “wealth.”
  142. Morgan – popular in Wales, this ancient name means “of the sea.”
  143. Morris – a popular Western name with roots in Latin, meaning “dark-skinned.”
  144. Morrisey – a typical Irish-sounding name meaning “choice of the sea.”
  145. Mowen – possibly derived from the Welsh name Morwen, meaning “maiden.”
  146. Moyer – a gender-neutral Scottish name meaning “assistant” and “right-hand man.”
  147. Moylan – a cool Gaelic name with a not-so-cool meaning: “son of the bald.”
  148. Moynihan – a popular Irish surname meaning “male descendant of the Munster man.”
  149. Muldoon – a stereotypical Irish name meaning “descendant of Maolduin.”
  150. Muldrew – an Irish variant of Mulgrew, meaning “contentious chief.”
  151. Mulhearn – a religious Gaelic name for a “devotee of St. Kieran.”
  152. Mullane – a cute Gaelic name for a “pleasant” kid.
  153. Mullaney – this name of Gaelic origin means “descendant of Maoilsheanaigh.”
  154. Mullholland – another patronymic Gaelic name meaning “descendant of Maolchalann.”
  155. Mulligan – a variant of the Irish name Milligan, meaning “bald.”
  156. Mulrooney – an ancient and well-loved Irish surname meaning “descendant of Rooney.”
  157. Mulvaney – another “descendant” Irish name meaning “descendant of Maoilmheana.”
  158. Munster – a place name in Ireland and possibly of German and Dutch origin, meaning “monastery.”
  159. Murdoch – this popular Gaelic surname means “sea and sea warrior.”
  160. Murphy – possibly the most common Irish surname, meaning “sea warrior.”
  161. Murray – is of Scottish and English origin, meaning “from the town by the sea.”
  162. Murtagh – a cool Gaelic surname meaning “skilled navigator.”
  163. Murty – a Scottish occupational name meaning “skilled mariner or sea warrior.”
  164. Myers – possibly French, meaning “physician,” Old English, meaning “mayor,” or German, meaning “bailiff.”
  165. Mylott – is of Norman origin, meaning “a grower or seller of millet.”

Celtic Last Names Beginning With N and O

  1. Nally – this Irish name is unlikely to win admirers – means “poor man.”
  2. Naughton – possibly a Scottish name meaning “pure, while others think it means “descendant of Nechtan.”
  3. Nealy – a great Gaelic name for your little “champion.”
  4. Neason/Neeson – a famous Irish surname meaning “from the headland.”
  5. Neil – derived from the Irish name Niall, meaning “champion.”
  6. Neily – a Gaelic variation of Nealy, meaning “champion.”
  7. Nelligan – an Anglicized version of O’ Niallagain, meaning “descendant of Niallagan.”
  8. Neville – derived from the French “neuville,” possibly describing someone from a “new town.”
  9. Nevin – a classic Scottish and Irish name meaning “little saint.”
  10. Nolan – another Gaelic surname that means “champion.”
  11. Noonan – a typical Irish surname meaning “descendant of the loved one.”
  12. Noone – derived from the Old English word “nunne,” meaning “nun.”
  13. Norton – is of Old English and German origin, meaning “Northern town.”
  14. Oakes – the perfect Anglo-Saxon name for someone “living near an oak tree.”
  15. O’Bannon – the first of the “O” names – possibly means “descendant of the fair or white one.”
  16. O’Berry – in English, Berry means “small fruit,” but in Irish, it means “descendant of Béara.”
  17. O’Boyle – according to some, O’Boyle means “having profitable pledges” in Gaelic.
  18. O’Bryan – a classic Irish family name meaning “descendant of Brian.”
  19. O’Byrne – the Irish word for “crow” is “bran” – means “descendant of Bran.”
  20. O’Caine – similar to O’Keane, this Irish surname means “descendant of Cathain.”
  21. O’Callaghan – the perfect name for “bright-headed” kids – means “descendant of Ceallachan.”
  22. O’Carroll – a popular name in County Tipperary – means “descendant of Cearbhall.”
  23. O’Connell – originally meant “descendant of Conn” but also meant “strong as a wolf.”
  24. O’Connor – possibly means “hound of desire” or “descendant of Conchobhar” in Gaelic.
  25. O’Daniel – an alternate spelling of O’Donnell – means “descendant of Domhnall.”
  26. O’Dean – an interesting Irish religious name meaning “descendant of the deacon.”
  27. O’Doherty – a prominent Irish surname meaning “descendant of Dochartach.”
  28. O’Donnell – a popular Gaelic name meaning “descendant of Domhnall or Donal.”
  29. O’Donoghue – many Celtic last names begin with “O” – means “descendant of Donnchadh.”
  30. O’Donovan – the Irish love names starting with O, especially when it means “descendant of Donnubán.”
  31. O’Dowd – this Gaelic family name possibly means “black or dark complexion.”
  32. O’Driscoll – a Gaelic royal name meaning “descendant of the messenger.”
  33. O’Farrell – derived from the Gaelic name O’Fearghail, meaning “a valiant warrior.”
  34. O’Flanagan – this traditional Irish name means “descendant of Flannagán.”
  35. O’Flynn – possibly related to a person’s complexion or hair color – means “ruddy” in Gaelic.
  36. O’Grady – a popular Irish surname meaning “descendant of Gráda.”
  37. O’Guinn – continuing the “descendant” theme, O’Guinn means “descendant of Conn.”
  38. O’Hagan – this Gaelic name means “young” and “descendant of Agán.”
  39. O’Haire – means “descendant of Aichear” and “stony ground” in Gaelic.
  40. O’Halloran – this interesting Irish name means “descendant of Allmhurach” and “pirate.”
  41. O’Hanlon – who would have thought this Gaelic name means “son of Hanlon?”
  42. O’Hara – some Celtic surnames are popular, like O’Hara, meaning “descendant of Eaghra.”
  43. O’Hearn – possibly meaning “descendant of the swarthy one” – also means “lord of the horses” in Gaelic.
  44. O’Keefe – this patronymic Irish name means “descendant of Caomh” and “son of a kind man.”
  45. O’Leary – meaning “descendant of Laoghaire,” and belongs to a 5th-century Irish king.
  46. O’Malley – another Gaelic name with religious links – means “descendant of a follower of St. John.”
  47. O’Mara – a popular Irish surname meaning “descendant of Meadhair.”
  48. O’Neil – possibly one of the oldest adopted Irish surnames – means “descendant of Niall” and “champion.”
  49. O’Reilly – one of the most common Irish surnames – means “descendant of Raghallach.”
  50. Ormond – another Irish name that describes a person’s features or hair color – means “red.”
  51. O’Rourke – meaning “descendant of Ruairc,” possibly imported by Norse settlers to Ireland.
  52. O’Ryan – the name of an Irish clan leader – means “little king” and “descendant of Maelruain.”
  53. O’Shea – possibly means “descendant of Seaghda” or “hawklike” in Irish.
  54. O’Sullivan – this charming Gaelic surname possibly means “descendant of the one-eyed or black-eyed one.”
  55. Oswald – this Anglo-Saxon, Scottish, and German name means “God’s power or rule.”
  56. O’Toole – the family name of a powerful Irish clan – means “descendant of Tuathal.”
  57. Owens – derived from the great Welsh warrior Owain Glyndŵr, meaning “well-born or noble.”

Celtic Surnames Starting With P, Q, and R

  1. Padrick – possibly derived from Padraig, meaning “patrician and noble” in Irish.
  2. Palmer – a popular name in the Middle Ages in Britain – means “palm tree.”
  3. Parsons – an English occupational name for a “clergyman.”
  4. Patterson – a popular name in County Galway, Ireland, meaning “son of Patrick.”
  5. Peck – this short English name derives from “pekke,” meaning “top of a mountain or hill.”
  6. Perrigan – possibly has roots in France and means “falconer.”
  7. Phelan – a popular Irish surname meaning “wolf.”
  8. Philbin – of French/Norman origin, meaning “family of Philip.”
  9. Pike – a Middle English name derived from a weapon – means “spear.”
  10. Pogue – possibly an insulting term for “non-combatant military personnel,” or it means “kiss” in Gaelic.
  11. Powell – a classic Welsh first and last name meaning “son of Howell.”
  12. Prendergast – this British/Irish/Germanic name has an uncertain meaning of “fire and wasteland.”
  13. Prunty – a cute Irish surname meaning “descendant of Proinnteach.”
  14. Pry – this extremely rare Gaelic and English surname means “head of the monastery.”
  15. Quade – of Latin origin, meaning “son of Uaid” and “fourth.”
  16. Quaife – derived from the Old French word “coif,” meaning “close-fitting cap.”
  17. Qualey – possibly from the Norwegian name Kval∅y, meaning “whale island.”
  18. Quarry – means a “place where rocks are extracted” in Latin or from the French “quarriere,” meaning “square stone.”
  19. Quillen – an alternate spelling of Quillan, meaning “cub” in Gaelic.
  20. Quillian – similar to the Gaelic name Quillen; some believe it means “young bear.”
  21. Quin – a short and sweet Irish surname meaning “descendant of Conn.”
  22. Quinlan – possibly a long form of Quin, meaning “descendant of the handsome man.”
  23. Radigan – derived from the Gaelic word “reacht,” meaning “decree.”
  24. Rafferty – from the Old Irish word “rath,” meaning “prosperity.”
  25. Rainey – derived from the Latin girl’s name Raina, meaning “queen.”
  26. Rairdon – possibly a variant of the Irish name Riordan, meaning “bard and royal poet.”
  27. Ratchford – a habitational Anglo-Saxon name for someone “living near a marsh or reedy ford.”
  28. Rattigan – a great Celtic name derived from the Gaelic word “reacht,” meaning “decree.”
  29. Reagan – a popular gender-neutral first and last name meaning “little king” in Gaelic.
  30. Reardon – a theatrical Irish name meaning “royal bard.”
  31. Reavey – derived from the Gaelic name Riabhach, meaning “brindled (brown) and grizzled.”
  32. Redmond – a classic boy’s name of Irish descent, meaning “wise protector.”
  33. Reilly – Celtic last names are rarely as Irish as Reilly, meaning “courageous and valiant.”
  34. Rian – a short and sweet Irish name meaning “king.”
  35. Riordan – a variant form of Rairdon, meaning “bard and royal poet.”
  36. Roarke – a great Irish name for people with “red hair;” it also means “king.”
  37. Rogan – this Gaelic name describes someone with “red hair.”
  38. Roger – derived from the Germanic Hrotger and the French Rogier, meaning “famous warrior” or “spear.”
  39. Ronan – of Irish and Breton origin, meaning “little seal.”
  40. Rooney – this popular Gaelic surname means “descendant of the champion.”
  41. Rush – a classic Irish name describing someone with a “ruddy complexion or red hair.”
  42. Ryan – possibly means “little king” or “illustrious” in Gaelic.

Celtic Family Names Beginning With S and T

  1. Sally – this cheerful English first and last name means “princess.”
  2. Sarsfield – introduced by the Norman conquerors and represents dwellers of the Sarnesfield settlement in England.
  3. Savage – an Old English name meaning “wild one.”
  4. Sayers – an occupational English and Welsh name for a “woodcutter.”
  5. Scanlon – possibly means “little trapper” or “descendant of Scannlan” in Gaelic.
  6. Sculley – a great Irish name for a “town crier.”
  7. Sealy – derived from the Old English word “saelig,” meaning “happy and blessed.”
  8. Sexton – this place name derives from the Old English “Seaxe tun,” meaning “Saxon village.”
  9. Shannahan – derived from the Gaelic name O’ Seanachain, meaning “old.”
  10. Shannon – named after the Shannon River in Ireland – also means “descendant of Seanan.”
  11. Sharkey – derived from the Gaelic name O’ Searcaigh, meaning “beloved.”
  12. Shaughnessy – a cool Irish surname meaning “descendant of Shaughnessy.”
  13. Shay – a variant of the Gaelic name Shea, meaning “fortunate and admirable.”
  14. Shea – possibly means “fortunate,” but it also means “hawk-like” in Gaelic.
  15. Sheahan – a pretty Irish/Celtic name meaning “peaceful.”
  16. Shehane – similar to Sheahan, with the same meaning.
  17. Shields – a Celtic classic derived from the Old English word “sceld,” meaning “shield.”
  18. Shimmin – the first Isle of Man name to appear on the list – means “son of Sigmundr.”
  19. Skahill – this locational English name is rare and comes from “Scarth Hill,” a lost medieval village.
  20. Skerry – from the Old Norse word “sker,” meaning “rock in the sea.”
  21. Slattery – a popular Gaelic surname meaning “descendant of Slatra.”
  22. Sloane – this upper-class Irish name means “raider.”
  23. Somers – this Anglo-Saxon name is so descriptive – means “son of summer.”
  24. Stapleton – derived from the Old English “stapol,” meaning “post,” and “tun,” meaning “settlement.”
  25. Staunton – this Old English habitational name means “from the stony farm.”
  26. Stranahan – a Scottish topographical name meaning “valley of the Aan (Strath Aan).”
  27. Sullivan – this Gaelic/Irish surname possibly means “dark-eyed” or “keen eye.”
  28. Sweeney – derived from the Gaelic word “suibhne,” meaning “pleasant.”
  29. Taaffe – possibly a habitational name for the “River Taff,” or it means “David” in Welsh.
  30. Teague – an Anglicized version of the Scottish name Tadhg, meaning “poet or bard.”
  31. Teahan – derived from O’ Taechain, meaning “descendant of Teachain.”
  32. Terry – from the French male name Thierry, meaning “powerful ruler.”
  33. Thornton – a cool Old English name meaning “from a thorny town.”
  34. Tiernan – derived from the Irish name Tigernan, meaning “little lord.”
  35. Tierney – from the Gaelic name Tigernach, meaning “lord.”
  36. Tigue – this ancient Irish name represents “poets and philosophers.”
  37. Timmons – an Anglicized version of Mac Toimin, meaning “son of Toimin.”
  38. Timothy – derived from the Greek Timotheos, meaning “honoring God.”
  39. Tobin – a masculine name of Hebrew roots, meaning “God is good.”
  40. Toohey – a popular name in County Galway – means “ruler.”
  41. Toole – this ancient Irish name with royal connections means “ruler of the people.”
  42. Tooley – derived from the Gaelic O’ Tuathail, meaning “people mighty.”
  43. Tracy – an Irish surname meaning “descendant of the fierce one.”
  44. Trainor – this classic Gaelic surname translates as “strong man.”
  45. Tucker – taken from the Old English word “tucian,” meaning “to torment.”
  46. Tully – with multiple meanings, including “powerful people, flood, hill, and peaceful.”
  47. Tyrone – a place in Ireland originally named the “land of Eoghan.”

Celtic Surnames Starting With V, W, and Y

  1. Vahey – a rare Irish name derived from “fothadh,” meaning “foundation” in Gaelic.
  2. Vaughan – this Welsh surname derives from “bychan,” meaning “small.”
  3. Veale – possibly French or English, meaning “calf breeder or dealer.”
  4. Vincent – a French version of the Latin male name Vincentius – means “conquering.”
  5. Walsh – this Irish surname means “Briton or foreigner.”
  6. Warner – this English and French name means “armed defender, park keeper, or army guard.”
  7. Waters – possibly an Old English name depicting a “dweller by a stream or lake.”
  8. Weir – derived from the Old English word “wær,” meaning “weir or dam on a river.”
  9. Welsh – refers to Welsh people and means “stranger or foreigner” in Gaelic.
  10. Wheelan – a cool Irish surname starting with W, meaning “young wolf.”
  11. Wholley – from the Old English word “holegn,” meaning “holly.”
  12. Wogan – this Welsh/Irish name means “honor and glory.”
  13. Woods – this simple English surname describes someone “of the woods.”
  14. Wrenn – a classic English nature name derived from the songbird, the “wren.”
  15. Wynne – derived from the Welsh word “gwyn,” meaning “fair and white.”
  16. Yately – this Old English name possibly means “a gate near a forest clearing.”

Celtic Last Names FAQs

What Are the Most Common Celtic Last Names?

The most common Celtic last names have the prefix Mac, Mc, O’, Kil, and Fitz, making names like O’Reilly, Fitzpatrick, MacCartney, McDonnell, and Kilkenny very popular. Other patronymic names like O’Carroll, Fitzroy, Reagan, and Walsh are well-loved Celtic surnames.

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