100 Beautiful Mexican Last Names: Full of Meaning

These Mexican last names have meanings as rich and enchanting as Mexico itself!

Are you looking to learn more about your Mexican surname? We’ve gathered this list of the most popular Hispanic last names, along with all their meanings, sure to intrigue and amuse any Mexican familia!

With many holding Spanish origins and other Hispanic influences, these Mexican surnames provide a fantastically rich window into the culture and international heritage behind a family. Whether you’re inspired by a location, a family name, a personality trait, or otherwise, there are plenty of captivating histories, origins, and more for you to discover.

So keep reading, and let’s explore the most pretty, popular, and perfect Mexican last names.

100 Cool & Cultured Mexican Last Names

These handsome Mexican last names are sure to bring joy and culture to your familia!

  1. Aguilar – meaning “eagle,” Aguilar is an epic pick among Mexican family names inspired by nature.
  2. Aiza – rooted in Basque, this short yet tough surname means “rock, cliff.”
  3. Alba – full of light and possibility, this “white” Latin name also means “dawn” in Spanish.
  4. Alberto – from the same stem as the Germanic Albert, this cool surname means “noble, bright.”
  5. Álvarez – a popular surname meaning “son of Álvaro.”
  6. Álvaro – a common entry among Hispanic names for males, meaning “guardian” and “elf warrior.”
  7. Andrés – a “manly” choice among common Mexican last names for boys.
  8. Banderas – a triumphant and proud surname for a “flag-bearer, banner-carrier.”
  9. Barrera – meaning “barrier,” perhaps for a fenced-off family?
  10. Bastidas – a powerful Hispanic surname with French roots, after various place names.
  11. Bautista – a noble and honest Hispanic surname, meaning “baptist.”
  12. Bello – meaning “beautiful,” Bello is certainly one of the most lovely Mexican family names.
  13. Bravo – a Hispanic name worth applauding, meaning “fierce, bold, brave.”
  14. Campo – or Campos, derived from the Spanish word for “field.”
  15. Cano – from the Latin “canus,” meaning “old, white-haired,” Cano is full of aged wisdom.
  16. Cantú – a Mexican form of the Italian surname Cantù, after a town in Lombardy.
  17. Carrillo – uniquely meaning “cheek, jaw,” traditionally used as a nickname for someone with a peculiarity in those parts.
  18. Castañeda – a Spanish place name with the autumnal meaning of “chestnut grove.”
  19. Castillo – the Spanish word for “castle” makes a mighty surname for knights and maidens.
  20. Castro – a tough, typical surname for someone living near or in a “castle.”
  21. Chávez – a radiant star of a name, meaning “golden, blonde.”
  22. Citlalpopoca – a rare but fascinating Aztec surname for a “smoking star, comet.”
  23. Coatl – meaning “serpent,” great if you’re looking for Native Mexican last names with bite.
  24. Contreras – a locational name meaning “from the surrounding areas,” that sounds unusual but homely.
  25. Cortéz – or Cortés, perfect for a family with “courteous, polite” values.
  26. Cruz – a shorter pick among basic Mexican family names, with the devout meaning of “cross.”
  27. de la Cruz – a common variant of Cruz, this commanding surname means “of the cross.”
  28. Díaz – a starry patronymic name meaning “son of Diego.”
  29. Domingo – a heavenly surname sent “of the Lord,” also the Spanish word for “Sunday.”
  30. Dominguez – a longer pick among Mexican surnames, used for a “son of Domingo.”
  31. Espinoza – also spelled Espinosa, this prickly pick means “thorny.”
  32. Evangelista – another entry among spiritual and religious surnames, this international pick means “evangelist.”
  33. Ferro – from Latin, this name means “iron,” used to denote an ironworker, perhaps.
  34. Flores – one of the most common Mexican family names, this “flower” pick is a springtime delight.
  35. Franco – a famous surname with the possibility-filled meaning of “free.”
  36. García – one of the most popular Hispanic surnames internationally, García means “young” or “bear.”
  37. Garza – a handsome name after the Spanish word for “heron,” a water-dwelling bird.
  38. Gómez – for a “son of Gome,” this gothic-rooted name is impressively masculine.
  39. González – for a “son of Gonzalo,” a “noble warrior,” this name is radiant and battle-ready.
  40. Guerrero – a badass surname option for a battle-ready “warrior.”
  41. Gutiérrez – from the same stem as the “powerful” name Walter, Gutiérrez means “son of Gutierre.”
  42. Hernández – this top most common Mexican surname means “son of Hernando.”
  43. Herrera – an occupational “H” surname for a “blacksmith, iron worker.”
  44. Huitzil – an awesomely petite pick among Aztec Mexican surnames, meaning “hummingbird.”
  45. Ibarra – a Basque-originated surname for a dweller by the “valley” or “river.”
  46. Jiménez – meaning “son of Jimeno” or just “son,” this is a noble choice among Mexican boy last names.
  47. Lara – this pretty Mexican surname is also a common female name of various origins and meanings.
  48. López – meaning “son of Lope,” itself a Latin-rooted male name meaning “wolf.”
  49. Lozano – this sunny surname originated as a nickname for an elegant person.
  50. Luna – one of the most delightfully dreamy of popular Mexican girl last names, meaning “moon.”
  51. Marín – a delightful Latino name for an adventurous family born “of the sea.”
  52. Márquez – a familiar and noble patronymic name, denoting a “son of Marcos.”
  53. Martínez – another top-five most common pick among Mexican surnames, meaning “son of Martin.”
  54. Mata – short yet full of stature, this cute surname connotes “forests, wood, shrubs.”
  55. Medina – a common locational surname of Spanish and Arabic roots, meaning “city, town, dwelling.”
  56. Méndez – a common surname with gothic roots, for a “great, immense” “son of Menendo.”
  57. Mendoza – with all the strength “of a mountain,” Mendoza is a mighty Basque entry among common Mexican surnames.
  58. Miranda – a common international surname and feminine given name for a family “worthy of admiration.”
  59. Montoya – a cool “M” surname with all the might and majesty of a “mountain.”
  60. Morales – an autumnal, sweet name meaning “mulberry, blackberry tree.”
  61. Muñoz – a medieval Spanish name for a “son of Muño.”
  62. Ochoa – a feisty, Basque-rooted surname with the howling meaning of “wolf.”
  63. Olvera – from the international “olive” root and an earthy, attractive surname in Mexico.
  64. Ortega – another spiky pick among Mexica
  65. n family names, meaning “nettle.”
  66. Ortiz – meaning “son of Orti,” after the Latin word “fortunius,” meaning full of “fortune.”
  67. Padilla – meaning “shallow dish,” this place name would make a great one for chefs, perhaps?
  68. Pérez – meaning “son of Peter,” a widely common surname in Hispanic countries and beyond.
  69. Popoca – a fun-to-say surname of Aztec (Nahuatl) origin meaning “to smoke, smoking.”
  70. Ramírez – a name fit for a “wise judge,” thanks to its meaning of “son of Ramiro.”
  71. Ramos – a very common name meaning “branches” or “bouquets,” after various Spanish towns bearing this name.
  72. Redondo – an uncommon surname with the unusual meaning of “round, plump.”
  73. Reyes – for a family of “kings,” you can’t go wrong with this royal word name.
  74. Rico – a cool given name and prosperous surname meaning “rich, wealthy.”
  75. Rivera – a serene and exotic-sounding surname meaning “riverbank.”
  76. Robles – meaning “oaks, oak grove,” this name feels magical and outdoorsy.
  77. Rodrigo – a common male given name and surname meaning “famous ruler,” via the Old German Roderick.
  78. Rodríguez – a name hugely common among Mexican Americans, meaning “son of Rodrigo.”
  79. Rojas – from the Spanish word “rojo,” meaning “red,” a vivid, fiery pick among Mexican surnames.
  80. Romero – traditionally for a “Roman” or “Italian,” Romero is perfect for proudly showing a multicultural lineage.
  81. Rosales – meaning “rose bushes,” this would make a gorgeously floral pick among Mexican last names for girls.
  82. Rubio – from Latin, this rustic surname means “red,” likely suiting a cute redhead.
  83. Ruiz – if you have nobility in your bloodline, this name is perfect for a “son of the famous ruler.”
  84. Salazar – the “old hall, manor house” meaning of this name gives it a haughty sense of grandeur.
  85. Sanchez – meaning “son of Sancho,” this is a gloriously “holy” surname to behold.
  86. Santiago – a surname derived from the Spanish place name, also works as a stylish male name.
  87. Santos – also seen as Santo or Dos Santos, all beautiful holy names that mean “saints.”
  88. Serrano – meaning “mountain range,” this would be a great pick for a hill-dwelling familia.
  89. Sierra – the Spanish word for “mountain range” makes a great surname for high-achievers!
  90. Silva – this Portuguese surname is also common in Mexico, meaning “forest, woodland.”
  91. Soto – a magically earthy Hispanic surname meaning “wood, grove of trees.”
  92. Torres – with the tall meaning of “towers,” this cool Spanish word name is protective and strong.
  93. Valencia – the best tribute surname to the region of Valencia in Spain.
  94. Vargas – a surname of Castilian origins, meaning “slope, pasture.”
  95. Vásquez – a Basque name for a “son of Vasco,” also seen as Vazquez.
  96. Vega – any “mountain-dweller” would sound cool and stylish with this handsome surname.
  97. Velasco – a fun, medieval name rooted in Basque, meaning “crow” or “raven.”
  98. Vicario – rooted in Latin, this honest surname means “vicar” in Spanish.
  99. Vidal – full of “life, energy,” Vidal is rooted in the Latin name Vitalis.
  100. Villa – a common surname and element, meaning “town, settlement.”
  101. Villanueva – combines “Villa” with the Spanish for “new,” meaning “new town, settlement.”

Mexican Last Names FAQs

What are Some Powerful Mexican Surnames?

If you’re looking for a Mexican surname with a “powerful” meaning, consider Gutiérrez, Méndez, or Guerrero. Names such as Castro, Castillo, Serrano, and Montoya also hold strong, “mountainous” meanings, and Reyes is fabulous for any regal family.

What are the Most Common Mexican Last Names?

The most commonly-found surname in Mexico right now is Hernández. García, Martínez, González, and López also rank in the top five most popular names, with Rodríguez, Pérez, Sánchez, Ramírez, and Flores all in the top ten most heard Mexican surnames.

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