201 Last Names That Start With P: Popular & Unique

Do you know the real meanings behind these popular last names that start with P?

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Here, we have assembled some of the most popular last names, starting with P, from around the globe. This includes occupational, topographic, and patronymic surnames written in various languages. Each has its own perfect origin and poetic meaning, so you’ll be a P surname pro in no time.

Keep reading to discover the prettiest, most pleasing P surnames, including everything you need to know about each one.

201 Perfect Last Names Starting With P

It’s hard not to be pleased by these pure P surnames.

  1. Pacheco – a great pick among Spanish surnames that start with P, for people “from France.”
  2. Păcuraru – a Romanian name meaning “shepherd.”
  3. Padilla – uniquely means “shallow dish,” a great pick among P last names for chefs.
  4. Pagan – this “country dweller” name dates back to the Middle Ages.
  5. Pagano – meaning “pagan,” a rustic pick among Italian last names that start with P.
  6. Page – a loyal and caring English and French name meaning “attendant.”
  7. Paget – a diminutive variant of Page, also meaning “attendant.”
  8. Pagonis – a Greek surname best for a vain family, meaning “peacock.”
  9. Paige – a variant of Page, also seen as a female given name.
  10. Painter – an inspired, artsy pick among occupational last names that start with P.
  11. Paisley – like the ornamental fabric pattern, also a surname meaning “church.”
  12. Palakiko – a Hawaiian form of Francis, great if you have roots in France and Hawaii.
  13. Palermo – an Italian last name inspired by the principal city in Sicily.
  14. Palfrey – an occupational surname for someone who works with saddle horses.
  15. Palma – meaning “palm,” this is a dreamy Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian place name.
  16. Palmer – meaning “palm-bearer,” referring to someone undertaking a spiritual pilgrimage.
  17. Palmieri – is the Italian form of Palmer.
  18. Palumbo – a chirpy, bird-inspired surname beginning with P, meaning “pigeon.”
  19. Panagiotopoulos – this “all-holy” Greek name means “son of Panagiotis.”
  20. Panettiere – a delicious Italian surname for a “baker.”
  21. Pantazis – to be carried like a wish, this Greek name means “live forever.”
  22. Papa – a notable 4-letter surname, meaning “priest, bishop, pope.”
  23. Papachristodoulopoulos – this priestly Greek surname is one of the longest surnames beginning with P.
  24. Papadakis – a Greek surname, for a “son of the priest.”
  25. Papadimitriou – means “son of Father Dimitrios,” another handsome Greek surname.
  26. Papadopoulos – the most common Greek surname, meaning “son of the priest.”
  27. Papageorgiou – meaning “son of Father George,” also from Greek roots.
  28. Papamichael – another Greek “Papa-” name, meaning “son of Father Michael.”
  29. Papanikolaou – means “son of Father Nikolaos” in Greek.
  30. Papoutsis – this honest Greek occupational surname means “shoemaker.”
  31. Papp – is a Hungarian surname meaning “priest.”
  32. Pappalardo – derived from an insult, this unbelievable surname means “hypocritical lard-eater.”
  33. Pappas – is the Greek word for “priest,” beautiful among European last names starting with P.
  34. Paredes – meaning “walls,” this topographic surname is Spanish in origin.
  35. Paris – a luminous locational name for those from France’s capital city.
  36. Park – a short name, perhaps referring to a park-keeper or one who lived in a park.
  37. Parker – a very commonly-heard English surname meaning “park-keeper.”
  38. Parkin – is of the same root as Peter, meaning “rock.”
  39. Parkinson – means “son of Parkin.”
  40. Parmet – a Yiddish surname meaning “parchment.”
  41. Pärn – this beautiful Estonian surname means “linden tree.”
  42. Parr – a U.K. town name, perhaps derived from the words “parish” or “parson.”
  43. Parry – this Welsh surname means “son of Harry.”
  44. Parsley – inspired by the garnish herb.
  45. Parsons – an excellent name for a parson’s son.
  46. Pascal – a pretty surname and unisex given name, meaning “Easter.”
  47. Pasqua – this Italian surname meaning “Easter” is full of the joys of springtime.
  48. Pasquale – another Italian surname relating to “Easter.”
  49. Pasteur – a French form of Shepherd for a keeper of a flock.
  50. Pastor – this Latin surname means “shepherd” or “spiritual leader.”
  51. Pastore – another name meaning “shepherd,” this one of Italian origins.
  52. Patel – a very common surname of Sanskrit origins, meaning “village chief” or “landowner.”
  53. Paterson – means “son of Patrick,” a common patronymic surname.
  54. Patil – similar to Patel, this beautiful surname means “village chief.”
  55. Patrick – meaning “nobleman, ruler,” famously borne by the patron saint of Ireland.
  56. Patterson – a slightly longer spelling of Paterson.
  57. Patton – also meaning “son of Patrick,” this one a familiar Scottish pick.
  58. Paul – a cozy given name and surname, meaning “humble, small.”
  59. Paulsen – a sweet patronymic for a “son of Paul.”
  60. Paulus – an Old Roman form of Paul, also meaning “small.”
  61. Pavlov – this common Russian surname comes from the same stem as Paul.
  62. Pax – a Roman goddess and Latin name meaning “peace.”
  63. Paxton – a beautiful name meaning “peaceful town.”
  64. Payne – an English name meaning “countryman, villager, rustic.”
  65. Paynter – a variant of Painter, also perhaps meaning “the end of the land” in Cornish.
  66. Payton – a surname and gender-neutral name meaning “fighting man’s estate.”
  67. Pearson – meaning “Pier’s son,” a smart pick among English surnames that start with P.
  68. Pecoraro – an Italian occupational name meaning “shepherd.”
  69. Pedersen – a Norwegian patronymic, meaning “son of Peder.”
  70. Peeters – the most common surname in Belgium, meaning “son of Peter.”
  71. Pegg – an English name, perhaps used as a nickname for a thin person.
  72. Pellé – rooted in an Old French nickname, meaning “bald.”
  73. Pellegrino – traditionally, this would have been a nickname for a “pilgrim, traveler.”
  74. Pelletier – a French occupational name meaning “fur trapper, furrier.”
  75. Peltz – means “pelt,” used by a furrier.
  76. Pendragon – this Celtic surname from Arthurian legend means “chief dragon.”
  77. Penn – a Welsh name with the gentle meaning of “hill.”
  78. Pera – a sweet and fruity Italian surname meaning “pear.”
  79. Percival – of French roots, meaning “one who pierces the valley.”
  80. Peregrine – a Latin unisex name meaning “traveler, pilgrim.”
  81. Pereira – a pretty Portuguese surname meaning “pear tree.”
  82. Perera – this Portuguese surname and variant of Pereira is most common in Sri Lanka.
  83. Pérez – is a Spanish surname common internationally, meaning “son of Peter.”
  84. Perón – a historical Spanish name, perhaps from the same stem as Peter.
  85. Perry – is a type of alcohol and an English and Welsh surname meaning “pear tree.”
  86. Persopoulos – this Greek surname would be given to those of Persian descent.
  87. Perun – is inspired by the Slavic sky god, thunderous among P names.
  88. Pescaru – a Romanian occupational surname meaning “fisherman.”
  89. Petek – this Slovene surname has the exciting meaning of “Friday.”
  90. Peter – a timeless name with the sturdy meaning of “rock.”
  91. Petersen – meaning “son of Peter,” popular especially in Denmark.
  92. Petit – the cutest 5-letter surname from France, meaning “small.”
  93. Petrov – very common in Bulgaria and Russia, from the same stem as Peter.
  94. Pettifer – an unusual English name from Old French roots, meaning “iron foot.”
  95. Pettigrew – this Norman name would denote a small-sized man.
  96. Pettyfer – a spelling variant of Pettifer.
  97. Peverell – of Old French roots, this musical name means “piper.”
  98. Peyton – a variant of Payton, perhaps meaning “fighting man’s estate.”
  99. Pfahl – a uniquely-spelled German surname for a “post-maker.”
  100. Pfeffer – this fun name means “pepper,” perhaps used for a spice trader.
  101. Pfeiffer – a famous occupational name, for a whistle or pipe player.
  102. Phantom – an undeniably cool and chilling vocabulary name, meaning “ghost.”
  103. Phelan – an Old Irish surname with the wild meaning of “wolf.”
  104. Philander – a Greek name for a “friend of man.”
  105. Philip – a regal given name and surname, meaning “friend of horses.”
  106. Philipps – this 8-letter name means “son of Philip,” great for a horse-loving family.
  107. Phoenix – a trendy celebrity name after the mythical bird.
  108. Phùng – a strong Vietnamese surname with various possible interpreted meanings.
  109. Piazza – an Italian surname meaning “market, town square.”
  110. Picard – traditionally denoting someone from the French region of Picardy.
  111. Piccio – a fruity Italian and Portuguese surname meaning “fig.”
  112. Piccirilli – this cool Italian name may hold the bird-inspired meaning of “magpie.”
  113. Pich – a name found internationally, with various meanings in different languages.
  114. Pichler – this South German name means “hill.”
  115. Pierre – a commonly-seen French form of Peter, meaning “stone, rock.”
  116. Pilarz – this Polish occupational surname means “sawyer.”
  117. Pilch – an English occupational name for a pilch seller.
  118. Pilchard – also for a maker or seller of “pilches,” a garment made of leather or fur.
  119. Pilgrim – used for a person on a spiritual journey or pilgrimage.
  120. Pilz – uniquely used for a mushroom-gatherer, this surname is of German origin.
  121. Pince – an uncommon English surname, strict and uppity-sounding.
  122. Pine – a handsome and wintery name, after the type of tree.
  123. Pinkert – rooted in Low German, meaning “blacksmith.”
  124. Pino – a Galician Spanish place name meaning “pine.”
  125. Pinto – common in various languages, meaning perhaps “painted” or “lively.”
  126. Piper – a musical surname for a pipe-player, also popular as a trendy given name.
  127. Pistorius – meaning “baker” or “miller,” another honest occupational name.
  128. Pitman – perhaps traditionally used for someone living near or in a pit.
  129. Platt – a traditional English surname meaning “flat land.”
  130. Plotnick – a Russian surname meaning “carpenter.”
  131. Plowman – an occupational surname for a person who uses a plow.
  132. Plowright – separate from Plowman, this would be used for a maker of plows.
  133. Plummer – a fruity occupational surname meaning “plumber.”
  134. Podmore – meaning “toad-more,” this English surname sounds rather severe.
  135. Poe – taken from a nickname, this short yet flamboyant 3-letter name means “peacock.”
  136. Poggi – this cute, 5-letter Italian surname means “small hill, knoll.”
  137. Poghosyan – is common in Armenia, meaning “son of Poghos,” a form of Paul.
  138. Pohl – a great pick among 4-letter surnames starting with P if you are “from Poland.”
  139. Polák – a Slavic surname used to refer to a “pole.”
  140. Polat – this tough Turkish surname means “steel.”
  141. Pollock – a Scottish region derived from the Gaelic “poll,” meaning “pool.”
  142. Pollux – inspired by the mythological twin to Castor, adorably meaning “very sweet.”
  143. Pomfrey – a no-nonsense, 7-letter surname rooted in the name of a Yorkshire town.
  144. Pompeius – this unique Roman family name means “five.”
  145. Popa – the most common Romanian surname, meaning “priest.”
  146. Pope – a very holy surname, full of religion and hope.
  147. Popescu – is very common in Romania, meaning “son of a priest.”
  148. Popoca – this rhythmic Aztec surname means “to smoke, smoking.”
  149. Popović – a common European surname meaning “son of the priest.”
  150. Popovitch – a spelling variant of Popović, also meaning “son of the priest.”
  151. Porcelli – an Italian nickname meaning “pig,” perhaps for someone who worked with or looked like one.
  152. Porcius – this Roman name also has the farmyard-inspired meaning of “pig.”
  153. Porter – meaning “gatekeeper, porter,” this occupational surname works as a trendy given name too.
  154. Portia – this feminine Latin 6-letter name means “offering.”
  155. Portier – a fancy occupational surname for a “porter, doorkeeper.”
  156. Portman – a good occupational name for a “gatekeeper, townsman.”
  157. Portnov – meaning “son of the tailor,” this surname is of Russian origin.
  158. Postumulenus – this obscure name chillingly means “last.”
  159. Potter – is a magical occupational surname for someone who made and sold pottery.
  160. Poulain – meaning “foal,” a cute, horse-inspired surname.
  161. Poulsen – meaning “son of Poul,” a Danish form of Paul.
  162. Poulter – an occupational name for a person who worked with poultry.
  163. Powell – a typical Welsh surname meaning “son of Hywel.”
  164. Powys – meaning “countryside dwellers,” this surname comes from the Welsh kingdom.
  165. Prak – a Cambodian surname meaning “silver.”
  166. Prakash – a beautiful Sanskrit surname meaning “bright light.”
  167. Prasad – an Indian name meaning “favor, gift,” after an offering to a deity.
  168. Prescott – a rustic Old English name meaning “priest’s cottage.”
  169. Presley – this musical Old English name means “forest clearing of the priest.”
  170. Preston – is a U.K. place name, meaning “priest’s town.”
  171. Price – a Welsh surname meaning “son of Rhys.”
  172. Priddy – from the Welsh word “prydydd,” meaning “bard.”
  173. Pride – a unique vocabulary name, great for a family of lions, perhaps.
  174. Priest – a holy and devout name, like the spiritual leader.
  175. Priestley – meaning “priest’s clearing,” a strong U.K. place name.
  176. Prifti – meaning “priest” in Albanian, one of the most common surnames in that country.
  177. Prince – is a regal title for royal families.
  178. Princeton – a prestigious name, meaning “princely town.”
  179. Principe – a Spanish and Italian surname meaning “prince, heir.”
  180. Priscus – great for history buffs, meaning “ancient.”
  181. Prishtina – for a person “from Pristina,” the capital of Kosovo.
  182. Pritchard – a Welsh surname for a “son of Richard.”
  183. Probert – this Welsh surname means “son of Robert.”
  184. Procházka – a Czech alternative to the English surname Walker.
  185. Proctor – an honest English surname for a “steward.”
  186. Prodger – means “son of Rodger,” also from Welsh.
  187. Prosser – another Welsh surname meaning “son of Rodger.”
  188. Prothero – means “son of Rhydderch,” a Welsh form of Roderick.
  189. Proudfoot – a cool surname for a confident family with swagger.
  190. Proulx – a uniquely-spelled French surname, from a nickname meaning “wise, valiant.”
  191. Prudhomme – a 9-letter French name for a “wise, honest man.”
  192. Prusseit – a historical surname for “a Prussian.”
  193. Psoamas – a Greek surname for a “baker.”
  194. Pualani – this dreamy Hawaiian name means “heavenly offspring.”
  195. Pugh – a short, fun-to-say surname for a “son of Hugh.”
  196. Pulitzer – a Hungarian-rooted surname meaning “from Pullitz.”
  197. Puma – an Italian surname with the fruity meaning of “apple.”
  198. Punter – has the unusual meaning of “toll-collector.”
  199. Purser – means “treasurer, bursar,” or perhaps refers to a maker of purses.
  200. Pütsep – this Estonian surname means “cooper.”
  201. Python – like the constricting snake, this is a rather badass surname.

Last Names Starting With P FAQs

What Is the Most Common Surname Starting With P?

Perez, Philips, Parker, Peterson, and Price are all among the most commonly heard P surnames in the U.S. Internationally, Patil, Papadopoulos, Peeters, Perera, and Popa are among the most commonly used names in their countries of origin.

What Are Some Spanish Last Names That Start With P?

If you’re looking for Spanish surnames starting with P, then Palma, Pino, Principe, Pacheco, Paredes, and Perón are all excellent options.

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