123 Exotic Italian Last Names: For Cool Kids

These Italian surnames are full of culture and history!

There are many gorgeous Italian last names out there in the world. Whether they’re common, associated with famous faces, or reminiscent of the scenic Italian landscape, you’re bound to recognize at least some of these inspiring surnames.

In Italy, surnames are hereditary, yet each meaning comes with a rich backstory. Some may have derived from nicknames or occupations, and some were even thought up to refer to local landmarks!

Keep reading to discover some of the most popular Italian last surnames, including all you need to know about their meanings, origins, and more.

123 Inspiring Italian Last Names

From the powerful and popular to the wealthy and wondrous, these Italian surnames will impress and inspire you!

  1. Accardi – from the same stem as the Germanic Ekkehard, meaning “hardy, brave.”
  2. Acerbi – a surname with not the most pleasant of meanings, including “immature, cruel, bitter.”
  3. Acqua – meaning “water,” this surname may have been given to those who worked with or lived near water.
  4. Ajello – or Aiello, a surname derived from the Latin word “ager,” meaning “small field.”
  5. Amato – from a Late Roman given name meaning “beloved,” also a town in the Calabria region.
  6. Barbieri – the Italian form of Barber, an occupational surname for a hair-cutter.
  7. Barese – meaning “one from Bari,” a city in southern Italy.
  8. Barone – a fancy surname derived from the title “baron.”
  9. Basso – meaning “short,” this Italian surname would have originally been a nickname.
  10. Battaglia – ready for war, this surname means “fight.”
  11. Bellini – the sweetest of Italian girl last names, for a “little beautiful one.”
  12. Benevento – meaning “from Benevento,” the city in the region of Campania.
  13. Bernardi – like Bernard, this strong Italian surname means “bear-like, brave.”
  14. Berti – from the given name Berto, ultimately derived from a Germanic element meaning “bright.”
  15. Bianchi – meaning “white,” Bianchi is a fresh pick among common Italian last names.
  16. Bolognese – meaning “from Bologna,” this surname works for any Bolognese beauty.
  17. Bruni – another form of the surname Bruno, meaning “brown.”
  18. Bruno – a common Italian surname and given name meaning “brown.”
  19. Cafaro – a unique surname, said to mean “unbeliever.”
  20. Calo – derived from Greek, this cute surname means “beautiful, good.”
  21. Campagna – a town in the southern region of Campania, meaning “field, countryside.”
  22. Caputo – meaning “head,” this surname could signify a head-strong, or perhaps even a big-headed individual!
  23. Carbone – a hot surname meaning “coal.”
  24. Carrozza – an Italian surname of unknown meaning, also referring to the fried cheese sandwich in Italian cuisine.
  25. Caruso – a cool surname, meaning “apprentice, young boy.”
  26. Casella – derived from “casa,” meaning “house,” Casella may have signified the owner of a notable abode.
  27. Castelli – meaning “castle,” this surname is grand and regal.
  28. Cattaneo – say ‘aye ‘aye to this Italian surname, meaning “captain.”
  29. Colombo – meaning “dove,” Colombo was traditionally given to orphans.
  30. Conti – an Italian surname from the noble title of “count.”
  31. Coppola – after a traditional flat cap style, worn principally in Sicily and Calabria.
  32. Costa – this Italian surname has all the waves and breeziness of a “coast.”
  33. D’Angelo – with the beautiful meaning of “son of Angelo,” and therefore “son of angels.”
  34. De Angelis – like D’Angelo, this pretty “D” surname means “of the angels.”
  35. De Luca – meaning “son of Luke,” this handsome surname has ties with Lucas or Luciano.
  36. De Santis – a heavenly family name meaning “of the saints.”
  37. Donato – a courteous Italian surname meaning “giving, to give.”
  38. Esposito – meaning “exposed,” this sorrowful surname would have referred to an abandoned child.
  39. Fabbri – meaning “craftsman,” Fabbri is another occupational surname, perhaps for a blacksmith.
  40. Fabris – like Fabbri, this Italian surname was traditionally given to a “craftsman.”
  41. Falco – a badass surname meaning “falcon.”
  42. Farina – meaning “flour,” Farina would have been for a mill worker.
  43. Fava – a surname after a variety of beans.
  44. Fellone – with the alarming meanings of “traitor, felon, villain,” you’d better watch anyone named Fellone!
  45. Ferrari – a famous, high-speed Italian surname meaning “blacksmith.”
  46. Ferraro – another cool Italian last name meaning “blacksmith.”
  47. Fiore – an Italian surname and unisex first name, with the sweet meaning of “flower.”
  48. Fontana – meaning “fountain,” Fontana was traditionally given to those living by a water feature.
  49. Fumagalli – a surname with the unique yet literal meaning of “smoked poultry.”
  50. Furlan – the name given to a person from the region of Friuli.
  51. Gallo – an animal-inspired pick among Italian surnames, meaning “rooster, cockerel.”
  52. Gatti – a purr-fect Italian last name for an animal lover, meaning “cat.”
  53. Giordano – an Italian last and given name and version of Jordan, meaning “to descend.”
  54. Grasso – derived from a nickname for a “large, overweight, stout” individual.
  55. Greco – meaning “Greek,” an Italian surname used for a foreigner.
  56. Guerra – meaning “war” in Italian and Spanish, this last name is especially feisty.
  57. Leone – a name with bite, this animal-inspired surname means “lion.”
  58. Lombardi – given to those from the northern Italian region of Lombardy.
  59. Longo – like the English Long, this Italian surname originated as a nickname for a “long” person (limbs, height, e.g.)
  60. Lorusso – or Lo Russo, a form of the surname Russo, meaning “red.”
  61. Lucchese – a surname given to “one from Lucca.”
  62. Mancini – a common last name with the unique yet impressive meaning of “left-handed.”
  63. Marchesi – a noble Italian name meaning “marquis.”
  64. Marino – meaning “marine,” this surname works perfectly for a family of sailors.
  65. Martini – rooted in Latin, this name throws back to Mars, the Roman god of war.
  66. Mazza – an occupational surname for a “smith” or “toolmaker.”
  67. Messina – a locational Italian surname after the city of Messina in Sicily.
  68. Milanesi – meaning “from Milan,” this locational Italian surname may also be heard as “De Milano.”
  69. Montanari – meaning “highlander, mountaineer,” this surname is great for high reachers.
  70. Moretti – meaning “dark,” Moretti works well for those with brown hair.
  71. Neri – meaning “black,” originating as a nickname for one with dark hair or complexion.
  72. Pagano – a cool surname meaning “pagan.”
  73. Palermo – the name of the principal city in Sicily makes a handsome Italian surname.
  74. Palumbo – a chirpy-sounding pick among nature-inspired Italian last names, meaning “pigeon.”
  75. Papa – a surname to remember, meaning “priest, bishop, Pope.”
  76. Pappalardo – unbelievable, this last name is derived from an insult, meaning “hypocritical lard-eater!”
  77. Pasqua – meaning “Easter,” this Italian surname is reminiscent of the joyful holiday.
  78. Pasquale – like Pasqua, this Italian surname relates to Easter.
  79. Pastore – another occupational entry among Italian surnames, meaning “shepherd.”
  80. Pellegrino – originally a nickname for a “pilgrim, traveler.”
  81. Pera – full of sweetness, this Italian surname means “pear.”
  82. Piazza – meaning “market, town square” Piazza is a cool topographic Italian surname.
  83. Piccio – an Italian and Portuguese surname meaning “fig.”
  84. Piccirilli – a feathery Italian last name possibly meaning “magpie.”
  85. Pinto – a common surname in various languages, meaning “painted” or “lively.”
  86. Poggi – a cute surname meaning “small hill, knoll.”
  87. Porcelli – meaning “hog,” likely derived from a nickname for someone who worked with or looked like a pig.
  88. Puma – another fruity surname, Puma, means “apple.”
  89. Quaglia – another bird-inspired surname meaning “quail.”
  90. Revello – meaning “wild olive tree,” this Italian surname is earthy and sweet.
  91. Ricci – meaning “curly,” Ricci suits a person with luscious ringlets!
  92. Rizzo – a variant of Ricci, also meaning “curly.”
  93. Romano – meaning “Roman,” this Italian last name makes us think of ancient warriors and gods.
  94. Romeo – a romantic surname and given name from Italy, meaning “from Rome” or “Roman.”
  95. Rossetti – a name from Italian royalty, meaning “red one.”
  96. Rossi – meaning “red,” this adorable surname is one of the most common in Italy.
  97. Russo – a variant of Rossi, meaning “red,” commonly heard among Italian-Americans.
  98. Sabino – from the Sabines, the ancient population of people in central Italy.
  99. Sanna – a Sardinian surname commonly heard in that region, with the unique meaning of “fang, protruding tooth.”
  100. Sarto – another occupational surname among these Italian last names, meaning “tailor.”
  101. Schiavone – a long surname meaning “slav, slavic.”
  102. Scola – a name with value, this Italian surname means “school, place of education.”
  103. Serra – meaning “saw” in Italian, this last name would denote a carpenter.
  104. Siciliano – referring to one from Sicily, a charming option among Italian locational last names.
  105. Silvestri – meaning “son of Sylvester,” after the Roman-rooted name meaning “woodland.”
  106. Soprano – a famous family name meaning “higher, above.”
  107. Sorrentino – another charming locational surname, indicating a family from Sorrento.
  108. Spada – meaning “sword,” Spada is an occupational surname for a swordsman.
  109. Svizzera – this Italian surname with an awesome spelling means “Swiss, from Switzerland.”
  110. Tarantino – a famous surname meaning “one from Taranto,” the city in Italy.
  111. Torregrossa – meaning “big tower,” you can’t miss this exotic surname!
  112. Toscano – a popular surname given to a person from Tuscany.
  113. Tosto – meaning “headstrong, tough,” Tosto is one of the more powerful Italian last names for boys.
  114. Turchi – a rare yet rich surname meaning “Turkish” or “from Turkey.”
  115. Uccello – meaning “bird,” this surname is great for a high-flier.
  116. Ungaro – meaning “Hungarian,” Ungaro was used to denote those from Hungary.
  117. Urso – meaning “bear,” this animal-inspired surname is both snuggly and severe.
  118. Valentini – meaning “bold, valiant, brave,” you could say this is a romantic Italian last name.
  119. Verona – a locational Italian surname after the romantic city of Verona.
  120. Vescovi – a religious, occupational surname meaning “bishop.”
  121. Vicario – a spiritual entry among Italian last names, meaning “vicar.”
  122. Villa – meaning “town, dwelling” in Spanish and Italian, this surname has a wealthy feel.
  123. Zappa – meaning “hoe,” this Italian surname traditionally denotes a farmer or earth worker.

Italian Last Names FAQs

Where Do Italian Surnames Come From?

Like many other European last names, Italian surnames have various origins. Some may be locational based on where people live, such as Milanesi or Siciliano. Others, like Barbieri or Farina, may be occupational after someone’s trade. Names can be patronymic, after a father’s name, like De Luca or D’Angelo, or even be derived from nicknames, such as Rossi or Grasso.

What are the Most Common Italian Last Names?

The surnames Rossi, Russo, and Ferrari are said to be the most commonly-heard last names in Italy.

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