205 Last Names That Start With G: Gorgeous & Gracious

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Get ready to grasp the most incredible last names that start with G!
G surnames have all sorts of unique and glamorous stories behind them from across the globe. Whether inspired by occupations, places, landmarks, or even personal attributes, each of these last names, starting with G, is rich in culture and meaning.

To become a G surname guru, keep reading to discover the greatest list of last names starting with G, including their genuine meanings, origins, namesakes, and more.

205 Gorgeous Last Names That Start With G

Discover these fabulous surnames starting with G from across the globe.

  1. Gabai – a Jewish surname from the same root as Gabay.
  2. Gabay – from the Aramic Gabbai, meaning “warden.”
  3. Gabler – a German surname meaning “fork” for a maker of the utensil.
  4. Gábor – is a handsome Hungarian form of Gabriel.
  5. Gabriel – from the angelic biblical given name meaning “God is my strength.”
  6. Gabrielli – a pretty Italian name from the same stem as Gabriel.
  7. Gabrielson – a radiant name for a “son of Gabriel.”
  8. Gael – is great for a Gaelic family.
  9. Gaertner – this German surname means “gardener.”
  10. Gaffey – an Irish-rooted surname meaning “son of the smith.”
  11. Gaffney – an Irish patronymic, meaning “son of Gamhain.”
  12. Gagarin – a sciency Russian surname meaning “waterbird.”
  13. Gage – a French-rooted occupational surname relating to either money or measurements.
  14. Gagliardi – for a “strong, vigorous” Italian family.
  15. Gagne – a French surname meaning “to farm.”
  16. Gagneaux – a variant of Gagne, common among French Canadians.
  17. Gagnon – means “farmer” or “guard dog.”
  18. Galanis – means “azure,” spectacular for a blue-eyed family.
  19. Galatas – meaning “milk-seller,” cool among Greek last names that start with G.
  20. Galbraith – a unique Gaelic surname meaning “British foreigner.”
  21. Gale – with various origins and meanings, also inspired by the blustery wind.
  22. Gallagher – this common surname is rooted in the Old Irish name Gallchobhar.
  23. Gallego – a regional surname for a person from the Spanish region of Galicia.
  24. Gallo – this fun Spanish surname means “rooster,” among bird-inspired last names starting with G.
  25. Gallus – is another “rooster” name to have you up bright and early.
  26. Galvin – derived from the Irish word for “sparrow.”
  27. Gandhi – a notable Indic surname, traditionally denoting a “perfume seller.”
  28. Gans – this short Dutch word name means “goose.”
  29. Garbo – this Italian surname would best fit a “polite” individual.
  30. García – this common Spanish surname has meanings including “young” or “bear.”
  31. Garçon – is the French word for “boy,” a traditional surname for a servant.
  32. Gardiner – a slightly longer spelling variant of Gardner.
  33. Gardner – a great occupational name for a green-fingered clan.
  34. Garin – a “protective” surname to offer “shelter” and “guard.”
  35. Garland – a festive sounding name, meaning “wreath.”
  36. Garner – means “grain,” thus an occupational name for someone who worked in a granary.
  37. Garnet – a pretty name after the deep red gemstone.
  38. Garnier – not just a shampoo brand but also a surname meaning “defender.”
  39. Garofalo – this Italian name has the floral meaning of “carnation.”
  40. Garrett – this tough name means “spear strength.”
  41. Garrick – this tough masculine name and surname means “spear ruler.”
  42. Garrido – one of the most attractive G last names, meaning “beautiful, elegant,” from Spanish origins.
  43. Garrison – this name offers “strength” and “protection.”
  44. Gartner – another German surname meaning “gardener.”
  45. Garvan – a boyish Gaelic name meaning “little rough one.”
  46. Garwood – means “fir forest” or “spearhead,” with strong English origins.
  47. Garza – this handsome name comes from the Spanish word for a “heron.”
  48. Gashi – taken from an Albanian tribe name.
  49. Gates – a rich topographic surname, relating to a walled or gated town.
  50. Gatlin – a handsome German name meaning “friend, companion.”
  51. Gatsby – a great literary-inspired surname, perhaps for an extravagant party-throwing family.
  52. Gatti – a sweet Italian animal-inspired name, meaning “cat.”
  53. Gaunt – a creepy option, meaning “slim, haggard, skeletal.”
  54. Gauthier – with French and German roots, this commanding name means “army ruler.”
  55. Gavel – is a French occupational name meaning “harvester.”
  56. Gavriilidis – a standout Greek name derived from the angelic Hebrew Gabriel.
  57. Gaynor – also used as a Welsh female name, meaning “soft, fair.”
  58. Gbala – a common African surname of uncertain meaning.
  59. Geary – means “spear,” also with the fun definition of “fickle” or “wayward.”
  60. Gehring – this name comes from the same stem as Gerhard.
  61. Geier – a Yiddish surname meaning “peddler, vulture.”
  62. Geiger – meaning “fiddle-player,” this surname is particularly musical.
  63. Geissler – means “goat herd,” a German occupational surname.
  64. Geminius – great for astrology fans; this name means “twin.”
  65. Genovese – an Italian surname denoting a person from Genoa.
  66. Gentile – the most “gentle” among Italian last names starting with G.
  67. Gentry – this high-profile name carries “nobility, aristocracy.”
  68. George – this regal given and last name has the humble meaning of “father.”
  69. Georgeson – means “son of George.”
  70. Georgiadis – is a Greek name, meaning “son of George.”
  71. Georgiev – is a Bulgarian surname from the George stem.
  72. Georgiou – another Greek name for a “son of George.”
  73. Gerard – a manly name, meaning “spear strength, brave, hardy.”
  74. Gerardson – for a “son of Gerard,” this name sounds tough.
  75. Gerber – meaning “tanner,” this is a cool 6-letter German surname.
  76. Gerhard – a very old Germanic name meaning “hardy, strong spear.”
  77. Germain – a beautiful, “brotherly” surname to behold.
  78. German – a great surname if you have roots in Germany.
  79. Gerritsen – a Dutch patronymic meaning “son of Gerrit.”
  80. Gevorgyan – is an Armenian patronymic for a “son of Geovrg.”
  81. Ghazaryan – another Armenian patronymic surname, meaning “son of Ghazar.”
  82. Ghost – an edgy, haunted name to bear.
  83. Giannopoulos – a Greek name meaning “son of Giannis.”
  84. Gibbs – a shorter form of Gibson, with a sweet, 5-letter ring.
  85. Gibson – this famous Old English name means “son of Gilbert.”
  86. Gideon – a deliciously gothic Hebrew name, meaning “great warrior.”
  87. Gil – has many international origins, meaning “naive” or “shield-bearer” in Spanish.
  88. Gilbert – this vintage male name means “illustrious, bright, famous.”
  89. Giles – a French-rooted surname and given name, of various possible meanings.
  90. Gill – this familiar nickname and surname may be pronounced with either a “g” or “j” sound.
  91. Gillespie – a Gaelic surname meaning “bishop’s servant.”
  92. Giordano – meaning “to descend,” this Italian name comes from the same stem as Jordan.
  93. Girard – a “strong, brave” French surname, meaning “son of Gerard.”
  94. Giuliani – an Italian patronymic meaning “son of Julian.”
  95. Gjoka – this common Albanian name is from the same stem as Jacob.
  96. Gjon – a common Albanian clan name and a form of John.
  97. Glass – traditionally used for a person who worked with glass or a glazier.
  98. Glazer – an occupational surname for a glazier.
  99. Glenn – full of outdoorsy spirit, this name means “valley, glen.”
  100. Glick – an upbeat Yiddish surname radiating “happiness.”
  101. Glöckner – a German name meaning “bell,” perhaps for a bell-tower worker.
  102. Glover – unsurprisingly, an occupational surname for a glove maker.
  103. Glück – this fun German surname carries great “luck.”
  104. Glyn – an earthy, 4-letter Welsh form of Glenn.
  105. Godfrey – a charming, 7-letter choice, meaning “good, peace.”
  106. Goette – a unique German name, perhaps meaning “godfather.”
  107. Gold – a gilded surname, great for a family with glowing blonde locks.
  108. Goldschmid – this 10-letter surname means “goldsmith.”
  109. Goldsmith – a shimmering name for someone who worked with the metal.
  110. Golubić – a Serbian surname, sweetly meaning “pigeon.”
  111. Gómez – a gothic name meaning “son of Gome.”
  112. Gonçalves – a Portuguese surname for a “son of Gonçalo.”
  113. Goncharov – this firm Russian surname means “potter.”
  114. González – a common Hispanic name, meaning “son of Gonzalo.”
  115. Good – a simple, sweet, yet special sort of surname.
  116. Goodman – a great choice for an all-round good guy.
  117. Goodwin – like Goodman, this charming and caring surname means “good friend.”
  118. Goossens – this Dutch surname meaning “son of Goos” is common in Belgium.
  119. Gordian – given to those from the ancient Turkish city of Gordium.
  120. Gordon – a Scottish surname, with possible meanings including “great fort.”
  121. Gore – uniquely referring to a “triangular plot of land.”
  122. Gorgon – a unique name, inspired by demonic creatures in Greek mythology.
  123. Gorter – is a 6-letter Dutch surname used for a barley grower.
  124. Gosling – a celebrity surname, after the word for baby geese.
  125. Goth – a creepy, dark name, sounding practically vampiric.
  126. Gough – this artsy name comes from the Welsh “coch,” meaning “red.”
  127. Govedarica – this awesome Serbian surname means “cowboy.”
  128. Gow – a short, 3-letter occupational name meaning “smith.”
  129. Goyle – used in Harry Potter, perhaps derived from the word “gargoyle.”
  130. Grabowski – a Polish place name meaning “hornbeam tere.”
  131. Grace – is more commonly seen as a feminine given or middle name, full of gorgeous virtue.
  132. Grady – from an ancient Irish clan name, meaning “noble, illustrious.”
  133. Graf – a German title of nobility, similar to a count.
  134. Graff – an old occupational name meaning “scribe, clerk.”
  135. Graham – a typically Scottish name, meaning “gravelly homestead.”
  136. Grahn – a green Swedish name, meaning “spruce.”
  137. Grainger – a homely and rustic name meaning “grain, farm worker.”
  138. Grammatikopoulos – an impressively long Greek surname, meaning “secretary.”
  139. Granger – also meaning “grain,” perhaps for a farmer.
  140. Grant – a commanding British and French-rooted surname, meaning “tall, large.”
  141. Granville – a Norman name after a place in northern France.
  142. Grasso – an Italian surname from a nickname, meaning “large, overweight, stout.”
  143. Gratian – an Old Roman name from the Latin “gratus,” meaning “grace.”
  144. Gray – a cool English color surname.
  145. Grbic – an unusually-spelled Serbian name meaning “hunchback.”
  146. Graeme – a warm variant of Graham.
  147. Grech – a common Maltese surname, derived from an Italian name meaning “Greek.”
  148. Greco – a 5-letter Italian surname meaning “Greek.”
  149. Green – another color-inspired pick among surnames starting with G.
  150. Greene – a 6-letter spelling variant of Green.
  151. Greengable – making a fantastic literary reference if your first name is Anne.
  152. Greenley – a pretty, 8-letter last name, meaning “green clearing.”
  153. Greensmith – this humble occupational name means “coppersmith.”
  154. Greenwood – a colorful and rural surname, full of the beauty of a forest.
  155. Greer – this Scottish surname has the watchful meaning of “guardian.”
  156. Gregory – fit for an attentive family, meaning “watchman.”
  157. Gren – a plucky 4-letter surname, meaning “branch.”
  158. Grenfell – is a variant of Granville.
  159. Grey – a variant of Gray, spelled in British English!
  160. Greyback – a strict-sounding surname and term for a confederate soldier.
  161. Greyson – a Middle English name meaning “son of the steward.”
  162. Grieve – a Middle English occupational name for a “steward” or “estate manager.”
  163. Griffin – is a variant of Griffith.
  164. Griffin – separately, inspired by the mythical lion/eagle hybrid creature of legend.
  165. Griffith – this gruff Welsh family name means “strong lord, chief.”
  166. Grigoryan – this Gregory variant is most common in Armenia.
  167. Grimes – a rough-sounding English surname for a “fierce” family.
  168. Grimm – inspired by the literary Brothers Grimm, known for their dark fairy tales.
  169. Grindelwald – a great name from the Harry Potter universe, after a village in Switzerland.
  170. Grindley – a variant of Greenley, meaning “green clearing.”
  171. Groom – traditionally used for a person who worked with horses.
  172. Gross – this European surname means “big, great.”
  173. Groszek – a Polish surname related to money.
  174. Grover – a rustic and outdoorsy surname relating to a “grove” of trees.
  175. Gruber – meaning “pit, mine,” is the most common surname in Austria.
  176. Gruffudd – a fun title meaning “prince, lord.”
  177. Gruijters – this Dutch occupational name relates to hulling grains for brewing.
  178. Grün – a German surname meaning “green.”
  179. Grünberg – meaning “green mountain,” this German surname sounds as pretty as a postcard.
  180. Gryffindor – a heroic Harry Potter house name, inspired by a “griffin of gold.”
  181. Gryffudd – a variant of Gruffudd, with homely Welsh origins.
  182. Gue – a short French name for a person living near a “ford” or “crossing.”
  183. Guerra – a badass surname, meaning “war” in Italian and Spanish.
  184. Guerreo – a form of Guerra, great for a feisty “warrior.”
  185. Guinness – is popular among Irish stout drinkers, derived from the surname McGuinness.
  186. Gulyás – a Hungarian occupational name for a “herdsman.”
  187. Gump – meaning “to clown,” best associated with Forrest, the movie character.
  188. Gunn – of Nordic origins, this loaded name means “war.”
  189. Gunnar – a fiery Slavic name meaning “warrior, gunner.”
  190. Gunther – meaning “battle warrior,” this name is fiery and tough.
  191. Guntram – a vampiric, no-nonsense name, meaning “war raven.”
  192. Guo – a common Chinese surname, referring to an “outer city wall.”
  193. Gupta – a beautiful Indian surname meaning “protector, guardian.”
  194. Gurtler – a German-rooted surname, traditionally used for a person who made belts.
  195. Gus – a 3-letter surname and given name, short for longer names like Augustus, Fergus, or Gustav.
  196. Gutenberg – a historical name, meaning “good mountain.”
  197. Guth – a German surname that simply means “good, able.”
  198. Guthrie – this 7-letter name means “windy place,” after a Scottish location.
  199. Gutiérrez – means “son of Gutierre,” from the same “powerful” stem as Walter.
  200. Guy – a familiar term for a bloke, this British and French name means “man, guide.”
  201. Guzman – taken from a town in Burgos, a gothic Spanish name.
  202. Gwilym – a Welsh form of William, meaning “protector.”
  203. Gyatso – this dreamy Tibetan name means “ocean,” associated with the Dalai Lama.
  204. Gyles – a variant of Giles.
  205. Gynt – a great literary surname beginning with G, notably used by playwright Ibsen.

Last Names That Start With G FAQs

What Are Some Common Last Names That Start With G?

García, Green, Gonzalez, Gomez, and Gray are commonly heard last names starting with G in the U.S.

What Italian Last Names Start With G?

Greco, Grasse, Giordano, Giuliani, Gabrielli, Garbo, Gagliardi, Gatti, Genovese, and Garofalo are all great Italian last names that start with G.

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