155 Boy Names That Start With D (for Little Darlings)

Choose boy names that start with D for daring and descriptive monikers.

Finding inspiration for your unborn child’s name is tricky, especially with so many choices! Where do you even start? A good option is to check out letters of the alphabet, so where better to start than with these cool boy names that start with D?

From Dorian to Dallas, D names for boys don’t have to be humdrum. So, let’s demonstrate the incredible potential of these daring and distinguished male names that start with D.

155 Boy Names With D

Choosing guy names that start with D is a great way to find the perfect monicker.

  1. Da – this snappy Chinese male name means “intelligent, achieve, and arrive.”
  2. Dacre – a family name with roots in Northern England, meaning “trickling stream.”
  3. Dael – an alternative spelling of Dale, meaning “valley.”
  4. Daelyn – is an Old English variation of Dale, meaning “small valley.”
  5. Daffy – derived from the Greek name Daphne, meaning “laurel tree.”
  6. Dagwood – a classic English name meaning “from the bright one’s forest” and “Daggerwood.”
  7. Daiki Japanese names for boys that begin with the letter “D” typically have positive meanings, like “big/shining.”
  8. Dakari – some African boy names with D have beautiful meanings, like “rejoice.”
  9. Dakota – this Native American name means “friendly or ally.”
  10. Dale – is a popular Old English name meaning “valley.”
  11. Daley – a well-loved Irish name meaning “lives in the valley.”
  12. Dalibor – the first Czech name to make the list, meaning “faraway fight.”
  13. Dallas – surprisingly, this place name is Scottish and means “from the dales” or “valley meadows.”
  14. Dalton – a classic Old English name meaning “town in the valley.”
  15. Damari – a Greek and Irish name meaning “gentle and eternal.”
  16. Damian – is of Greek and Syrian origin, meaning “to tame and subdue.”
  17. Damocles – referring to the Greek fable, meaning “the people” or “tyrant of Syracuse.”
  18. Damon – derived from the Greek name Damianos, meaning “to tame or subdue.”
  19. Dana – possibly derived from the more common name Dan, meaning “judge” in Hebrew.
  20. Dane – an Old English name for someone “from Denmark.”
  21. D’Angelo – an Italian masculine name from the Latin “angelus,” meaning “messenger.”
  22. Daniel – some popular boy names that start with D are Hebrew, meaning “God is my judge.”
  23. Danny – a short form of the Hebrew name Daniel, meaning “God is my judge.”
  24. Dante – belongs to a famous Italian writer, meaning “enduring.”
  25. Daquell – possibly meaning “wise,” this French name could also mean “dream.”
  26. Dara – this Irish name is of Hebrew origin, meaning “nugget or pearl of wisdom.”
  27. Darby – the English version of D’Arby, possibly meaning “deer park or village where deer are kept.”
  28. D’Arby – means “free one/ancient Persian” in French and “village where deer are kept” in English.
  29. Darcy – is the English version of D’Arby, meaning “fortress and dark.”
  30. D’Arcy – a classic French male name meaning “dark.”
  31. Dargan – possibly derived from the Irish name Deegan, meaning “black-haired.”
  32. Dariel – is French and Old English, meaning “dearly loved” and “open.”
  33. Dario – primarily an Italian name that means “gift, upholder of the good, and rich and kingly.”
  34. Darius – names for boys that start with D can have beautiful meanings, like “possessing goodness.”
  35. Darnell – an American-sounding name from Old English, meaning “hidden nook.”
  36. Darnley – guy names that start with D sometimes have simple meanings, like “grassy meadow.”
  37. Darrell – an 11th-century French name meaning “open.”
  38. Darren – an English and Irish surname meaning “oak tree or small rocky hill.”
  39. Darsh – this Indian masculine name of Sanskrit origin means “sight, handsome, and Lord Krishna.”
  40. Dart – this habitational name stems from the River Dart in the UK and means “oak.”
  41. D’Artagnan – best known as one of the Three Musketeers, meaning “from Artagnan.”
  42. Darwin – from the Old English “deorwine,” meaning “dear friend.”
  43. Dash – a short and sweet English name meaning “from the Ash.”
  44. Dashawn – this modern-sounding American name means “who is like God.”
  45. Dashiel – derived from the French surname de Chiel, meaning “page boy.”
  46. Datu – the first Phillipino name on the list, meaning “chief.”
  47. Daud – this unusual Persian name means “beloved.”
  48. David – from biblical Hebrew, meaning “beloved.”
  49. Davion – another Americanized version of David, meaning “beloved.”
  50. Davis – from the Hebrew name David, meaning “son of David.”
  51. Davit – derived from the Middle French and English, meaning “little David.”
  52. Davon – possibly a combination of David and Devon, this English name means “beloved.”
  53. Davy – of Hebrew and Old English origin, meaning “beloved” and “son of David.”
  54. Dax – in French, Dax means “water” and “badger” in Bavarian.
  55. Daxton – an English habitational name meaning “from the town of Dax.”
  56. Daylin – this Americanised variant of the English name Dallin means “beautiful day.”
  57. Daylon – an Americanized version of Waylon, meaning “land by the road.”
  58. Dayton – this gender-neutral English name means “bright and sunny town.”
  59. Daytona – from the famous American beach town, meaning “town of Day” after founder Matthias D. Day.
  60. Deacon – derived from the Greek word “diakonos,” meaning “messenger and helper.”
  61. De’Andre – of French origin, this Americanized version means “strong and courageous.”
  62. Dee – a short and sweet Welsh name meaning “swarthy.”
  63. Deegan – an unusual Irish name meaning “black-haired.”
  64. Deforest – from the Latin word “de forestis,” meaning “of the forest.”
  65. Delano – this unusual Irish and French name means “from the forest of nut trees.”
  66. Delbert – of Old English origin, meaning “day-bright” or “noble and bright.”
  67. Delmar – of Spanish and French origin, meaning “of the sea.”
  68. Delphine – derived from the Greek place name Delphi, meaning “dolphin.”
  69. Delroy – of French origin, meaning “the king” or “servant of the king.”
  70. DeMarco – a patronymic name of Italian, English, and American origin, meaning “of Mark.”
  71. DeMarcus – possibly derived from the Latin name Marcus, meaning “son of Marcus.”
  72. Demir – an occupational name of Turkish origin, meaning “iron.”
  73. De Montfort -this French place name means “imaginative, wealth, and adventurer.”
  74. Demos – a classic Greek boy’s name meaning “the people.”
  75. Dempsey – in Gaelic, it means “proud and haughty” and “descendent of Diomasach.”
  76. Denim – meaning “strong cloth,” this unusual boy’s name is French.
  77. Den – this Roman short form of Dennis means “son of Dennis” or “follower of Dionysos/Dionysius.”
  78. Denholm – this habitational Scottish name refers to a “piece of dry land in a valley.”
  79. Dennis – of Greco-Roman roots, meaning “devotee of Dionysos.”
  80. Denton – an Old English habitational name describing a “farm or village in a valley.”
  81. Denver – the US city, derived from Old English and French, meaning “green valley.”
  82. Denzel – is of Cornish origin, meaning “from the high stronghold.”
  83. Deonte – possibly a derivative of the Italian name Dante, meaning “an outgoing man.”
  84. Derren – an alternative spelling of the English name Darren, meaning “oak tree.”
  85. Derrick – derived from Old German, meaning “people’s ruler.”
  86. Derrie – possibly from the place in Ireland, meaning “red-haired.”
  87. Desmond – is of Irish and Gaelic origin, meaning “from South Munster.”
  88. Dev – with Indian and Irish origins, meaning “God.”
  89. Devereaux – possibly with Celtic roots, this French name means “from the Eure river.”
  90. Devlin – a classic Irish and Gaelic name meaning “fierce courage.”
  91. Devonte – is of English and American origin, meaning “fawn and ox.”
  92. Dewayne – a popular American version of the Gaelic Duane, meaning “swarthy, dark, and wagon maker.”
  93. DeWitt – an Americanized version of the Dutch name meaning “blonde or white one.”
  94. Dewy – this American-sounding name is Welsh, meaning “beloved.”
  95. Dexter – of Latin and Old English origin, meaning “fortunate, right-handed, and woman who dyes.”
  96. Dharma – a deeply religious Buddhist name meaning “decree and custom.”
  97. Diamond – from the precious gem, meaning “of high value.”
  98. Dick – this German and English short form of Richard means “fellow, man, and powerful leader.”
  99. Diedrich – this powerful German name means “ruler of the people.”
  100. Diego – is of Spanish origin, meaning “supplanter.”
  101. Dieter – another German name makes the list, meaning “army of the people.”
  102. Digby – a Norse/Scandinavian name meaning “town by the ditch.”
  103. Diggory – this derivative of the French word “egare” means “astray and lost one.”
  104. Dilbert – possibly an alternative Old English spelling of Delbert, meaning “day-bright.”
  105. Dillon – is an Irish/Gaelic/Welsh unisex name meaning “like a lion, loyal, and born from waves.”
  106. Dino – this masculine name of Italian origin, means “little sword.”
  107. Diondray – possibly an Americanized spelling of Andre, meaning “man and warrior.”
  108. Dior – an exotic French first and last name meaning “golden.”
  109. Dipak – an old-fashioned Hindi Sanskrit name meaning “light, little lamp, and shine bright.”
  110. Dirk – a diminutive of the German name Diederik, meaning “the people’s ruler.”
  111. Dixon – a classic English name meaning “son of Dick.”
  112. Dmitri – this Slavic boy’s name derives from the Greek name Demetrius, meaning “follower of Demeter.”
  113. Doc – possibly short for the Welsh name Madoc, meaning “wise person.”
  114. Dodge – another Germanic name, this one means “famed spear.”
  115. Dolph – this Germanic diminutive of Randolph means “wolf.”
  116. Domingo – a Spanish version of the Latin male name Dominic, meaning “lord.”
  117. Donahue – a classic Irish/Gaelic name meaning “dark fighter.”
  118. Donal – an Irish derivative of Donald, with the same meaning.
  119. Donald – a Scottish and Gaelic name meaning “world ruler” and “proud chief.”
  120. Donnelly – this Irish baby boy’s name means “valor and brave.”
  121. Donnie – from Irish mythology, Donn was the king of the underworld.
  122. Donovan – this modern-sounding Irish name means “descendent of Donndubhán.”
  123. Donte – derived from the Latin “dante,” meaning “everlasting.”
  124. Dorian – a classic Greek name meaning “from the sea.”
  125. Doru – derived from the Romanian word “dor,” meaning “longing.”
  126. Dotson – is an old-fashioned English name meaning “son of Dot.”
  127. Douglas – from the Scottish Gaelic “dubh glas,” meaning “black stream.”
  128. Doyle – many D names for boys are from Ireland, meaning “descendent of Dubhghall.”
  129. Draco – a classic wizarding boy’s name meaning “dragon.”
  130. Drake – a Middle English name derived from the Greek “drakon,” meaning dragon.”
  131. Drax – this 11th-century English name means “thinker.”
  132. Dre – a pet form of the Dutch, English, and Greek name Andre, meaning “dream.”
  133. Dren – is the first Albanian word on the list, meaning “deer.”
  134. Drew – a variation of Dru, of Welsh origin, meaning “wise.”
  135. Driscoll – an Old Gaelic/Irish name meaning “descendent of the interpreter.”
  136. Drogo – an Old German name derived from “dragen,” meaning “to bear or carry.”
  137. Dru – some male names that start with D are French or Welsh, meaning “wise.”
  138. Drummond – from the Gaelic word “drumainn,” meaning “ridge.”
  139. Drury – this gender-neutral name means “love and friendship.”
  140. Duane – this cool Irish name means “little dark one.”
  141. Dudley – an ancient English name meaning “from the meadow or clearing.”
  142. Duffy – with roots in Gaelic and Old Irish, meaning “swarthy or dark.”
  143. Dufre – of French origin, meaning “kind, dynamic, and enormous.”
  144. Duke – a medieval noble title with Anglo-Norman roots, meaning “leader.”
  145. Dumas – from Old French, Dumas is a unique name meaning “farmstead.”
  146. Dumisani – of African Zulu origin, meaning “give praise.”
  147. Dunbar – a habitational Scottish boy’s name meaning “summit fort.”
  148. Dune – either a “pile of sand” or a “brown-skinned soldier” in Scottish.
  149. Dupree – an Old English word of French origin, meaning “from the meadow.”
  150. Durk – with German roots, Durk means “ruler of the people.”
  151. Dustin – possibly meaning “Thor’s stone,” Dustin also means “brave warrior” in German.
  152. Dusty – a cute-sounding name with a less charming meaning: “full of dust.”
  153. Dutch – typically refers to one “of the Netherlands” in English.
  154. Dwayne – derived from Gaelic, meaning “swarthy.”
  155. Dwight – possibly Old English Flemish, and German, meaning “white or blond.”

Boy Names That Start With D FAQs

What Are the Most Popular Boy Names That Start With D?

The most popular boy names that start with D include Daniel, Donald, Dennis, Diego, and David. Other examples, like Dmitri, Donte, Darius, and Dwayne, originate from Russia, Italy, Ireland, and Persia.

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