100 Beautiful Slavic Girl Names: With Meanings

Find the best Slavic female name to bestow upon your beautiful new warrior, and uncover its meanings, origins, history, and more!

With influences from culture, mythology, language, and more, there are so many beautiful Slavic names for girls to choose from for your daughter.

Here we have gathered some of our top picks, from the medieval to the modern, and given you all the meanings, origins, namesakes, and more behind each one, to help you choose the perfect name for your little warrior.

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100 Beautiful Slavic Girl Names

Read on to find the perfect Slavic girl name to bestow upon your beautiful new princess…


Agnessa is a regal, Russian form of the timeless name Agnes, which was derived from Greek origins and holds the wholesome meanings of “pure” and “holy.” If you like Agnessa, there are so many variations to this stem to consider, with many of which being top choices in their respective languages. Our top picks include the Polish Agnieszka, or perhaps the Lithuanian form, Inesa.

  • Origin: Russian, Greek
  • Meaning: Pure, holy, chaste
  • Variations: Agnes, Agneta, Inesa, Agnieszka, Ines
  • Namesakes: Saint Agnes of Rome, a virgin martyr and Catholic saint.
  • Popularity: Agnessa and other names derived from the Agnes root are very popular for baby girls, with variations being top choices in countries including Poland, Sweden, Belgium, and Hungary.
Pretty, Heavenly


Derived from the Latin girl’s name Alba, Albinka is a beautifully dreamy Slavic girl name, which holds the brilliant meaning of “white” or “bright.” This makes Albinka an adorable choice of name for a baby born with stunning golden locks, or perhaps for a little girl whose future is certain to shine brightly!

  • Origin: Polish
  • Meaning: White, blonde
  • Variations: Alba
Sweet, Fun


Aleksandra is one of many feminine forms of the powerful, Greek-rooted name Alexandros. Other popular forms include Alexandra, Aleksandrina, or Alessandra, all of which are mighty and attractive options to bless smart girls. Best of all, the meaning of “defender of man” makes Aleksandra a triumphantly feminist choice of name, which would suit a wise and powerful little leader beautifully.

  • Origin: Slavic, European, Greek
  • Meaning: Defender of Man
  • Variations: Alexandra, Alexandrea
  • Popularity: Just like Alexandra in the US, Aleksandra is a consistently popular choice of baby girl name in many countries, such as Poland.
Strong, Popular


Alica is a sweet Slavic form of the ever-pretty and popular English name Alice. Full of wonder and curiosity while also holding the regal meaning of “noble,” this beautiful name is sure to be adored by all those who hear it. Cute alternatives include the Polish Alicja or the Russian Alisa, but all of which hold that same, Wonderland-worthy magic.

  • Origin: Slavic, Slovak
  • Meaning: Noble
  • Variations: Alice, Alicja, Alisa
Pretty, Sweet


Dreamy and ethereal, Alina is a beautiful Slavic girl name to consider for your new little angel. As well as serving as a sweet nickname form of longer names such as Albina or Adelina, Alina is a popular choice independently, too, holding the gorgeous meanings of “noble” and “bright.”

  • Origin: European
  • Meaning: Noble, bright
  • Popularity: Alina is a very popular name all across the world, and has recently shot up the charts in the US, sitting within the top 200 most popular baby girl names since 2014.
Popular, Pretty


Aliona is a beautifully sweet Russian female name that rolls off the tongue melodically. It stemmed from the ancient Greek name Helena, therefore holding the luminous meanings of “bright” and “light.” A different Russian equivalent to Aliona is Yelena, which could also be considered if you’re a fan of the name’s luminous glow.

  • Origin: Russian, Greek
  • Meaning: Light, bright
  • Variations: Alyona, Helen, Yelena
Pretty, Sweet


Anastasia is a gorgeous and popular Slavic name for girls, derived from the Greek masculine name Anastasius. Meaning “resurrection,” Anastasia is full of hope and vitality and would make an especially sweet choice for a baby born during the Easter period. Although Anastasius has stemmed from other masculine forms like Anastazy, the feminine variations of the name are consistently popular, including Anastazja and Anastasiya, which also bring the adorable nicknames Stasia, Ana, or Tasia.

  • Origin: Slavic, Greek
  • Meaning: Resurrection
  • Variations: Anastazja, Anastasiya
  • Popularity: In the US, Anastasia has sat within the top 1000 most popular girl names ever since 1900! It has peaked in recent years, climbing to the top 150 in 2018 and 2019.
Popular, Regal


Annushka is a great choice of Slavic girl name if you like Anna, but are looking for something with a little more flair. Annushka takes the beautiful, ever-popular, Hebrew-rooted name Anna and adds that zesty second syllable, which is both fun to pronounce and admirable to hear.

  • Origin: Russian, Hebrew
  • Meaning: Grace
  • Variations: Anna, Anoushka, Anuschka
Strong, Heavenly


As a Slavic name, Anya is a gorgeous and sweet diminutive form of the Hebrew name Anna, thus holding the virtuous meaning of “grace.” It is popular in Russia and works especially well as a shortened form of Anastasia, but we think its sophisticated style allows it to work perfectly as an independent name, too. Interestingly, Anya can also be found amongst other languages, being the Hungarian word for “mother,” the Igbo word for “eye,” and can also be recognized as a Kurdish name, meaning “power!”

  • Origin: Russian, Hebrew
  • Meaning: Grace
  • Variations: Anna, Ania
Pretty, Short


Pure and crisp, Běla is a beautifully simple choice of Slavic name to bestow upon your newest arrival. Traditionally, Běla is used as a masculine name, yet its similarity to Bella – used as a diminutive form of female names such as Isabella or Annabelle – leads us to assume you’d be safe choosing this adorable name for little girls as well as boys!

  • Origin: Czech, Slavic
  • Meaning: White
Sweet, Short
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Bogdana is a cool Slavic girl name, derived from the elements “Bog,” meaning “God,” and “dan,” meaning “given,” thus making a beautiful choice to bestow upon your new, “God-given” blessing. Bogdana is a feminine version of the masculine names Bożydar or Bogdan, and alternative spellings for you to consider include Bohdana or Bogdanka. With a punchy sound complemented by the most heavenly of connotations, Bogdana is a smart choice for your new daughter indeed.

  • Origin: Slavic
  • Meaning: Given by God
  • Variations: Bogdanka, Bohdana
Strong, Heavenly


Many parents will tell you that they consider their child to be their greatest achievement. With the meaning of “great glory,” the Slavic female name Bolesława is a perfect choice for your own pride and joy if you share these feelings completely! Bolesława is a strong female form of the masculine Bolesław, a name that was famously borne by the first king of Poland, all the way back in 1024.

  • Origin: Slavic, Polish
  • Meaning: Great glory
Regal, Strong


The fun and sassy name Branka is derived from names which contain that Slavic element of “bran,” which holds the loyal meanings of “to defend” or “to protect.” This element appears in Slavic given names such as Branislav or Branimir, as well as some surnames too, making Branka a particularly sweet diminutive choice if you are looking to honor a “Bran” in your family.

  • Origin: Slavic, Serbian
  • Meaning: To defend, to protect
Strong, Cool


Bronisława is the feisty female form of the attractive Polish masculine name, Bronisław. These names are derived from Slavic elements which carry the heroic meanings of “to protect, to defend” and “glory,” giving Bronisława a passionate and loyal spirit we simply adore.

  • Origin: Slavic, Polish
  • Meaning: Protector of glory
  • Variations: Bronislava
  • Namesakes: Bronislava of Poland, a 13th-century Polish nun.
Strong, Stylish


For a little girl born with stars in her eyes, Celestyna is a beautiful choice of name to bless upon her. A name that is as spiritual as it is historical, Celestyna is derived from the ancient Roman girl’s name Caelestinus, which was notably borne by five popes. Meaning “of the sky,” or “heavenly,” the dreamy Celestyna shimmers and shines, offering a unique aura that is simply out of this world.

  • Origin: Polish, Roman
  • Meaning: Heavenly, of the sky
  • Variations: Celestine, Celeste
Heavenly, Pretty


Punchy and unique in style, Dagmar is an awesome choice of Slavic girl name to opt for your baby girl if you’re looking for something a little different. Dagmar is originally derived from Old Norse elements meaning “day maiden.” The name may be softened by adding an “a” on the end to create Dagmara, but we think Dagmar rocks just as it is.

  • Origin: Scandinavian, Slavic, Old Norse
  • Meaning: Day maiden
  • Variations: Dagmara
Unique, Strong


Girl names beginning with that friendly “Dani” element are always popular, and we think Danica is a beautiful and unique option you’ll love. In Slavic mythology, Danica was the name of the personification of the morning star, a luminous and ethereal namesake that would make a gorgeous choice for a sunrise-born baby.

  • Origin: Slavic
  • Meaning: Morning star
  • Popularity: Danica is one of a few Slavic girl names which has become popular in the US. It entered the top 1000 chart in 1977, and although it slipped out after 2018, it did peak as the 307th most popular name in 2007!
Heavenly, Nature-inspired


Darva is a cute Slavic female name with an equally adorable meaning! If you love springtime, flowers, and all things sweet, you’ll appreciate Darva’s unique meaning of “honey bee,” a fun meaning that also connotes hard work, ethical resourcefulness, and creativity.

  • Origin: Slavic
  • Meaning: Honey bee
Sweet, Unique, Nature-inspired


Devana is the name of the Slavic goddess of hunting and forests, akin to the Roman goddess Diana or the Greek goddess Artemis. A beautiful name for a feisty warrior, Devana is full of adventure and exploration, while rolling off the tongue beautifully as a pretty and enticing female name.

  • Origin: Slavic
  • Meaning: Relating to the Slavic goddess Devana
Earthy, Cool, Mythological


Dobroniega is a unique Slavic girl name that is simply brimming with positivity! The Slavic element “dobro” means “good” or “goodness,” while “niega” means “delight,” and Dobroniega is an upbeat combination of both. So, for a little girl who is born smiling, Dobroniega is a gorgeous choice of name to bestow upon her!

  • Origin: Slavic, Polish, Ukrainian
  • Meaning: Goodness, delight
Cool, Unique
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Dorota is a gorgeous name to choose for your new little munchkin! A Slavic form of the popular name Dorothy, this stylish alternative holds the heavenly meaning of “gift of God,” derived from the Greek elements “doron” and “theos.” Pretty and fun, Dorota is somewhat more punchy than Dorothy or even Dorothea, making it a lovely, fresh option for you to consider instead.

  • Origin: Slavic, Greek
  • Meaning: Gift of God
  • Variations: Dorothea, Dorothy, Dosia
Pretty, Sweet


Doubravka is a stylish and earthy choice of Slavic female name, having been derived from an old Slavic word meaning “oak grove.” This lush meaning seems to connote adventure, stability, and might, making it a beautiful choice for an outdoorsy little girl full of wonder and curiosity.

  • Origin: Slavic
  • Meaning: Oak grove
Earthy, Cool


Ekaterina is a pretty and sassy Slavic girl name, which is derived from the same root as the popular name Katherine. Ekaterina may be an alternative form of Yekaterina, also a stylish Russian choice, which has a spicier flair than the softer Katherine. Meaning “pure,” Ekaterina is wholesome and true, making it a beautifully noble choice for your new little love.

  • Origin: Slavic, Russian, Greek
  • Meaning: Pure
  • Variations: Yekaterina, Katerina, Katherine
Pretty, Popular


Elisaveta is a soft and fairy-like Slavic form of the ever-popular, English choice of name, Elizabeth. Regal in style and connotations, this Hebrew-rooted name holds the divine meaning of “God is my oath.” Elisaveta is a truly pretty variation to consider, with Elisa, Eliza, or even Veta making adorable nicknames.

  • Origin: Bulgarian, Macedonian, Slavic, Hebrew
  • Meaning: God is my oath
  • Variations: Elizabeth, Lizaveta
Sweet, Pretty, Regal


Ewa is a beautiful Polish form of the ever-pretty Hebrew girl’s name Eve, which holds the vibrant meanings of “life,” or “to live.” Although spelled with a “w,” Ewa still maintains that same, earthy “v” sound in its pronunciation, making it a stand-out yet familiar choice at the same time. Better still, there are plenty of Slavic variants to this beautiful name stem for you to consider, not just Eve and Eva, but also Yeva or Eeva, too.

  • Origin: Polish, Hebrew
  • Meaning: Life, to live
  • Pronunciation: eh-va
  • Variations: Eve, Eeva, Eva, Yeva
Earthy, Short, Pretty


Galina is a pretty and earthy Slavic name for girls, although it was ultimately derived from the Greek male name Galen. This gives Galina the soft and melodic meanings of “calm” and “serenity,” beautiful virtues which we hope will shine upon your beautiful newborn angel.

  • Origin: Slavic, Greek
  • Meaning: Calm, serenity
  • Variations: Gayla, Halina
Pretty, Sweet


Gorana is an earthy Slavic name for girls and a feminine form of the masculine Goran. Meaning “highlander” or “one from the mountains,” Gorana makes a great choice of name for a little girl born somewhere elevated, or perhaps for a daughter you know is going to reach high places one day with her amazing achievements!

  • Origin: Slavic
  • Meaning: Highlander, from the mountains
Earthy, Cool, Regal


Gordana is the feminine form of the Slavic male name Gordan, which holds the regal meanings of “proud” and “dignified.” We love the stylish edge the name Gordana holds, offering both sophisticated grace yet an inner confidence we should all strive to possess ourselves – beautiful virtues to bestow upon your daughter.

  • Origin: Slavic
  • Meaning: Proud, dignified
Regal, Stylish


Helenka is an adorable choice of Slavic girl name, with a meaning of “bright, shining light” to cast an ethereal glow on the pretty girls who bear it. Helenka is actually a diminutive form of the popular name Helen, making it a particularly sweet choice of independent name if you already have a Helen in the family.

  • Origin: Polish, Slavic
  • Meaning: Bright, shining light
  • Variations: Helena, Helen
Sweet, Fun


Irina is a gorgeously soft and melodic Slavic girl name and a form of the popular international girl’s name Irene. Irina’s meaning of “peace” stems from the ancient Greek mythological goddess of peace, Eirene, which is a cool, divine snippet to share with your daughter if you choose this pretty name for her. Alternative Slavic forms of Irina include the friendly Irenka or the adorable Arina.

  • Origin: Slavic
  • Meaning: Peace
  • Variations: Irene, Arina, Irenka
Pretty, Heavenly
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Ivana is the regal, feminine form of the popular Slavic male name Ivan, which is used internationally and holds an aura of power and might. Interestingly, Ivan and Ivana are actually derived from the same root as the Hebrew name John, thus giving the names that beautifully spiritual meaning of “God is gracious.”

  • Origin: Slavic
  • Meaning: God is gracious
  • Variations: Ivanka, Ifanna, Ivanna
Regal, Heavenly


Jagoda is a Slavic female name that is simply as sweet as can be! Meaning “strawberry,” Jagoda is full of summertime fun and adventure, loved by all, and welcome addition to any gathering! A unique name but adorable nonetheless, we simply adore Jagoda as a beautiful choice of name for a baby girl born under the glorious summer sunshine.

  • Origin: Slavic
  • Meaning: Strawberry
Fun, Sweet


Jarosława is the feminine form of the Polish male name Jarosław, which holds the mighty meaning of “powerful glory.” A name to rule over all others, this epic name seems like a perfect choice for a new little heroine goddess, spelled with traditionally Slavic elements and a strong sense of adventure!

  • Origin: Polish, Slavic
  • Meaning: Powerful glory
Unique, Strong


Jasna is a cool name for unique little girls, derived from the South Slavic word “jasno,” thus holding the pure meanings of “clear” and “sharp.” Clarity is a brilliant virtue to bestow upon your daughter, and we hope this “jazzy” name offers nothing but good vibes for her on all her adventures!

  • Origin: Slavic
  • Meaning: Clear, sharp
Stylish, Unique


Joasia is a sweet and girly Polish form of the beautifully timeless name Joanna, itself derived from the Latin Iohanna. Stemmed from the same root as the traditional Hebrew masculine name John, Joasia holds the heavenly meaning of “God is gracious.” As well as working as an independent name, Joasia may be used as a nickname form of Joanna, or you could shorten it even further to sweet Asia. All these choices are soft and playful, but we truly love Joasia as an adorable Slavic name for girls.

  • Origin: Polish, Latin, Hebrew
  • Meaning: God is gracious
  • Variations: Joanna, Iohanna, Asia
Sweet, Pretty


If you love nature-inspired names that just happen to be rich in Slavic culture, Kalina is sure to be a favorite. A “kalina” is the equivalent of what we would refer to as “viburnum” in English, which is a beautiful and delicate genus of shrub, that produces the cutest clusters of tiny white or pink flowers when in bloom. Particularly in Russia and Ukraine, the kalina plant and its berries are recognized as natural symbols, adding culture and significance to what is already a delightful and earthy Slavic girl name.

  • Origin: Slavic
  • Meaning: Viburnum
  • Variations: Kalyna
Pretty, Earthy, Nature-inspired


Katya is a stylish and spicy diminutive form of the gorgeous Slavic girl name Ekaterina. Ekaterina is a form of the English Katherine, which would make Katya an equivalent to Cathy or Katy. Both of these nicknames are popular choices in English-speaking countries, so if you’re looking to mix it up a bit, we definitely recommend Katya as a bubbly and fashionable alternative.

  • Origin: Slavic, Russian
  • Meaning: Pure
  • Variations: Ekaterina, Katherine
Fun, Pretty


Fun but full of virtue, Kinga is a sweet choice of Slavic girl name to choose for your new arrival. Meaning “brave,” Kinga has a brilliant inner power, with that chirpy, amicable sound on the surface. Kinga may also be used as a form of the longer, Germanic-rooted name Kunigunde, derived from elements meaning “family” and “war.”

  • Origin: Polish, Slavic, Germanic
  • Meaning: Brave
  • Variations: Kunigunde
  • Namesakes: Saint Kinga of Poland, patroness of Poland and Lithuania.
Sweet, Fun


Ignore that unusual meaning of “lame” and “crippled,” as we think Klavdiya is a strong Slavic female name that is full of strength and power! Klavdiya is a form of the pretty name Claudia, itself derived from the ancient Roman family name Claudius. The Slavic “K-” spelling adds a fun bite to this already-stylish name beginning with K, making it a great choice for a mighty little madam.

  • Origin: Slavic, Roman
  • Meaning: Lame, crippled
  • Variations: Claudia, Klava
Pretty, Strong


In Slavic mythology, Koleda – or Koliada – is a mythological deity that personalizes the winter sun. Similarly, Koleda/Koliada is the Slavic name for the Christmas period, full of traditions, celebrations, and festivals. This makes Koleda a wonderful choice of name for a December-born baby, full of festive cheer and merriness while also incorporating Slavic tradition in a beautifully holy way.

  • Origin: Slavic
  • Meaning: Relating to Christmas
  • Variations: Koliada
Sweet, Mythological
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Kupala is a gorgeous Slavic female name that sounds fit for a fairy! In Slavic mythology, Kupala is the name of the goddess of magic, joy, and water, whose name holds the unique meaning of “to bathe.” Kupala’s legend is truly dazzling, making her name a simply spellbinding choice for your own little goddess.

  • Origin: Slavic
  • Meaning: To bathe, or relating to the Slavic goddess Kupala
Mythological, Unique


Květa is a delightful Slavic girl name that is full of the joys of spring, having been derived from the Czech word “květ,” meaning “flower.” A longer form of this name would be Květoslava, which combines the floral element with the Slavic “slav,” adding an extra meaning of “glory” to the already powerful-sounding name. Květa is soft and sweet in style, full of sunshine, and fun time spent outdoors with friends.

  • Origin: Slavic, Czech
  • Meaning: Flower, blossom
  • Variations: Květoslava
Nature-inspired, Sweet, Pretty


In Slavic mythology, Lada is the name of the goddess of fertility, beauty, marriage, and harmony, making her a dazzling namesake for your perfect little lady. Lada may also be used as a nickname form for longer Slavic names that contain that “lad” element, such as Wladysława or Ladislava. Short and unique, Lada is a really sweet option to consider for your new princess.

  • Origin: Slavic
  • Meaning: Relating to the Slavic goddess Lada
Unique, Pretty, Mythological


According to Slavic mythology, the founder of Poland was named Lech, whose legend features in tales dating all the way back to the early 14th century. This has made Lech a strong choice of Slavic masculine name, and Lechosława is a pretty, feminine stem from this confident root. Bold and regal, Lechosława is a beautiful choice of Slavic girl name to choose, particularly if your daughter has Polish heritage within her that she will love to carry with her through her name.

  • Origin: Polish, Slavic
  • Meaning: From Poland
  • Variations: Lesława
Strong, Unique


Lenka is an adorable Slavic girl name, which rolls off the tongue perfectly and can’t help but make you smile. Originating as a short form of longer names such as Helena or Magdalena, Lenka has evolved into an awesome choice of independent name, much like the similar choice, Lena. Whether you’re using it as a nickname or just on its own, Lenka really is an upbeat name for a happy little lady.

  • Origin: Slavic
  • Meaning: Meaning unknown
Fun, Popular, Cool


If you adore the name Lily but want something a tad more sophisticated, consider the stunning Ljiljana for your beautiful new arrival. This dazzling Slavic name is full of beauty and grace, just like the lily flower itself, which is recognized as an international symbol of peace, grief, and fertility. Although it may get confusing arranging all those similar-looking characters as you spell the name on paper, Ljiljana is a worthwhile choice that will always be admired.

  • Origin: Slavic
  • Meaning: Lily
Pretty, Nature-inspired


A beautiful name used not just in Slavic countries but all across Europe and beyond, Magdalena is a stunning choice to bestow upon your daughter. A form of Magdalene, this name root is best associated with Mary Magdalene, the biblical saint who bore witness to Jesus’ resurrection. Rhythmic and pure, Magdalena makes a lovely choice of name, but if you would prefer something slightly different, you may also wish to consider variants such as Magda, Madeleine, or Magalie, instead.

  • Origin: Slavic, European, Hebrew
  • Meaning: Tower
  • Variations: Magdalene, Madeleine, Magda
Popular, Strong


Mahulena is a great name to consider if you are looking for something unique for your little girl but full of magic nevertheless. This unique choice was actually created by the Czech writer Julius Zeyer for his 1898 play Radúz and Mahulena, a tale of drama, mythology, and romance between lovers from feuding kingdoms.

  • Origin: Czech
  • Meaning: Meaning unknown
Unique, Mythological


Malina is an especially sweet name to “pick” for your daughter, as the pretty word actually translates to mean “raspberry” from a handful of Slavic languages! Soft and sweet with a hidden tang, Malina is a perfect name to bring sunshine and summertime adventures into your family. Interestingly, the fruity name Malina may also be used as a feminine form of the masculine Malcolm, which adds some Scottish Gaelic influences to the name, too.

  • Origin: Slavic
  • Meaning: Raspberry
Sweet, Nature-inspired, Pretty


As well as sounding funky and unique, Marzanna makes an epic choice of edgy Slavic girl names to consider for your new little warrior. In Slavic mythology, Marzanna is another name for Morana, the mythical goddess of death and winter. Marzanna is a snazzy alternative to Morana, but still keeps that eerie intrigue and cool style that we can’t help but be fascinated by!

  • Origin: Polish, Slavic
  • Meaning: Relating to the Slavic goddess Marzanna
  • Variations: Morena, Maruha
Cool, Mythological, Unique
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Masha is a simply adorable Russian diminutive form of the traditional name Maria. Friendly and comforting, this unique name is undeniably fun, and its gorgeous meaning of “beloved” certainly amps up its cuteness factor! If you like Masha but would prefer something more formal, consider Mariya as another gorgeous Slavic form of Maria instead.

  • Origin: Russian
  • Meaning: Beloved
  • Variations: Maria, Mariya
Fun, Sweet


Unique but full of fun, we love Milka as an exciting choice of name for your new baby girl. This Slavic female name is actually used as a diminutive form of longer names that hold that cute “mil” element, such as Milena or Emilia, but we think it is pretty enough to use independently. The fact that “Milka” is also the name of a brand of European chocolate adds so much sweetness, too.

  • Origin: Slavic, Polish
  • Meaning: To excel
  • Variations: Emilia, Milena
Sweet, Fun, Unique


Mirna is a pretty and gentle Slavic name for girls, derived from the element “mir,” which means “peaceful.” This gorgeously soft name is most popular in Serbia and Croatia, and is a perfect choice for tranquil little babies who are happy to observe the world with a curious yet joyful eye.

  • Origin: Slavic
  • Meaning: Peaceful
Sweet, Pretty


Morana is an awesome name to consider if you are looking for something dark, edgy, and magical as, in Slavic mythology, Morana is the name of the mythological goddess of death and winter. Some may say this makes Morana a rather cold name, but we would argue it’s cool and a great choice for a feisty little baby who isn’t afraid of the darkness.

  • Origin: Slavic
  • Meaning: Relating to the Slavic goddess Morana
  • Variations: Marzanna, Marena, Mara, Maruha
Cool, Mythological


Nadezhda is a pretty Slavic name for girls full of wishes and dreams, as the name holds the adorable meaning of “hope” in both Russian and Bulgarian. An alternative form would be the Polish Nadzieja, which has the same meaning. Pure and dreamy, Nadezhda is a lovely name to bless your gorgeous daughter.

  • Origin: Slavic
  • Meaning: Hope
  • Variations: Nadzieja, Nadejda
Strong, Sweet


Natasha is a beautiful Slavic girl name derived from the same stem as the Latin-rooted Natalia. Meaning “Christmas day,” Natasha makes a great choice of name to bestow upon a December-born baby as a way of ensuring she carries around that cozy, spiritual, festive joy with her wherever she goes.

  • Origin: Russian, Latin
  • Meaning: Christmas day
  • Variations: Natalia, Natalya, Natascha
  • Namesakes: Natasha Lyonne, an American actress. Natasha Bedingfield, a British singer.
Sweet, Popular, Pretty


Neda is a short form of the cool Slavic name Nedeljka, which is derived from Croatian and holds the meaning of “Sunday.” So, for a baby girl born on a Sunday, Neda is a wonderful choice of name indeed! Spiritual, restful, yet full of adventure, this makes a wonderful option if you and your family love Sundays spent together, especially with your beautiful new addition!

  • Origin: Slavic, Croatian
  • Meaning: One born on a Sunday
  • Variations: Nedeljka, Nedda, Nedlka
Short, Cool


Nevena is a dreamy choice of name for a newborn, full of powerful symbolism we can’t help but adore. This charming Slavic name holds the meaning of “marigold,” making Nevena a sweet, floral name, which is already pretty and feminine in itself. A marigold flower is similar to the sun in its associations, representing power and glowing light that shines against all odds. These connotations are beautiful sentiments to link to a name, making Nevana a truly special choice of name indeed.

  • Origin: Slavic
  • Meaning: Marigold
Pretty, Nature-inspired


As a Slavic name, Nikita is traditionally masculine, having been derived from the Greek name Niketas, which holds the strong meaning of “victor.” However, that “Niki-” element is a popular diminutive of English-language feminine names, too, such as Nicola or Nicolette. So, we think the triumphant Nikita would work perfectly for little girls as well as boys. In fact, as well as being a Slavic name, Nikita is also recognized as an Indian feminine name, where it holds the cozy meaning of “house.”

  • Origin: Slavic, Greek, Indian
  • Meaning: Victor
Cool, Fun


Oksana is a cool and stylish Slavic girl name, with the delightfully spiritual meaning of “praise to God.” Oksana makes a great variation to the similar-sounding Roxanne, and fun alternative spellings to consider would include Oxana or Aksana. In style, Oksana is earthy and adventurous – a great choice for an inquisitive little explorer!

  • Origin: Ukrainian, Slavic
  • Meaning: Praise to God
  • Variations: Aksana, Oxana
Stylish, Heavenly
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Olga is a form of the Scandinavian female name Helga, which is rooted in an Old Norse word meaning “holy” or “blessed.” With a strong, feisty sound and a soft, spiritual meaning, the “O” name Olga is a well-rounded name indeed.

  • Origin: Slavic, Old Norse
  • Meaning: Holy, blessed
  • Variations: Helga, Helge
Strong, Sweet, Short


If you’re a fan of the beautiful name Olivia, which has always been one of the highest-ranking names internationally, you’re bound to love the pretty Polish version, Oliwia. Derived from Latin, Oliwia holds the fresh meaning of “olive” or “olive tree,” a plant that is recognized as an international symbol of peace, thus blessing hope and prosperity upon all those who bear the name.

  • Origin: Polish, Latin
  • Meaning: Olive, olive tree
  • Variations: Olivia
Sweet, Popular, Nature-inspired


In Slavic mythology, Prija is the name of the goddess of good wishes, and what could be a more perfect wish than the arrival of a beautiful baby girl? This charming name holds an exciting sense of magic to it, making it an attractive choice for your new little princess. Although unrelated, the Slavic girl name Prija is similar in sound and style to the Indian female name Priya, which holds the meaning of “beloved,” also making a gorgeous choice.

  • Origin: Slavic
  • Meaning: Relating to the Slavic goddess Prija
Pretty, Mythological


Upbeat in both meaning and sound, Radmila is a great choice of name to bestow upon a chirpy little girl with a gorgeous grin. Derived from separate Slavic elements which give the name those joyous meanings of “happy” and “gracious,” it’s hard not to adore a name that is so perfectly positive in tone.

  • Origin: Slavic
  • Meaning: Happy, gracious
  • Variations: Radomila
Sweet, Fun


A name most perfect for royalty, you’ll love Raina as a regal choice for your new little ruler. Meaning “queen,” this Slavic girl name works well as a variation on the Latin Regina, with other alternatives including Reina or Rayna. However, that stunning “Rain-” element gives the name fresh, earthy connotations, making it a brilliant choice for little queens who can rule even in the stormiest of weather.

  • Origin: Slavic
  • Meaning: Queen
  • Variations: Reina, Rayna, Regina
Regal, Sweet


Richeza is a Slavic girl name of particularly regal connotations, making it a great choice for your newest little lady! This charming name is one that has been borne by a handful of noblewomen throughout history, including Richeza of Denmark, a former queen of Sweden; Richeza of Sweden, Queen of Poland; Richeza of Berg, a Duchess of Bohemia; and others. Furthermore, Richeza’s fun meaning of “wealthy” certainly amps up that “rich” feeling to the name!

  • Origin: Polish, Germanic
  • Meaning: Wealthy
Regal, Cool


If you like short names, Ruf is one you simply must consider. A Russian form of the pretty name Ruth, Ruf is a unique but pretty alternative, which still carries that loyal meaning of “friend.” Other Slavic alternatives to this name would include Ruta or Ruut, but we love the sweet softness of Ruf. Some may say that, on paper, it may look like a noise a puppy would make, but we would argue that this just adds to the cute, “friendly” appeal to the name!

  • Origin: Russian, Slavic
  • Meaning: Friend
  • Variations: Ruth, Ruta, Ruut
Short, Sweet


Ruža is a charming Slavic form of the beautifully delicate and feminine name, Rose. Soft and gentle yet with hidden thorns for protection, this fragrant choice of name represents purity, femininity, and courage. All in all, Ruža is a stunningly romantic choice of name for your own little petal princess.

  • Origin: Slavic
  • Meaning: Rose
  • Variations: Rose, Rosa
Nature-inspired, Pretty


If you want a Slavic girl name that is feminist, badass, and legendary, Šárka is the one for you! According to Czech folklore, Šárka was the name of a beautiful heroine who helped lead an uprising against men. She tied herself to a tree to trick men into coming to her aid, only to spike them with a sleeping potion once they arrived to free her. As they slept, the army of rebel maidens came along to slaughter all the men, thus declaring victory for womanhood. If that story isn’t enough reason for you to choose this name for your own feisty little warrior, we don’t know what is!

  • Origin: Czech
  • Meaning: Relating to the Czech legendary heroine Šárka
  • Popularity: Šárka is a very popular name in the Czech Republic but is mostly unheard of in the US.
Cool, Mythological


Šarlota is a Czech form of the ever-pretty and popular English name Charlotte, yet with a unique flair we can’t help but adore. With the meaning of “free,” Šarlota is adventurous and enthusiastic, and we love how this variant adds a charming Slavic twist on a name we already know and love.

  • Origin: Czech
  • Meaning: Free
  • Variations: Charlotte, Carolina, Sarolta
Stylish, Pretty
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Simona is a pretty form of the Hebrew masculine name Simon, used throughout Europe and beyond. Holding the honest and noble meanings of “to hear” and “to listen,” Simona connotes wisdom and truth, as though it would make a beautiful choice to bestow upon a little girl destined to be a great friend and leader. Simone is a pretty and popular variant, but we simply adore the melodic sound of Simona.

  • Origin: Slavic, Italian, Hebrew
  • Meaning: To hear, to listen
  • Variations: Simone, Symona
Pretty, Popular


If you are looking for a perfect name to honor your daughter’s Slavic heritage, what could be more fitting than Slavena? This pretty choice literally holds the meaning of “Slavic woman,” making it a confident name to wear with pride. That Slavic “slav” element on its own also holds the triumphant meanings of “glory” and “fame,” making Slavena even more of an awesome name for your beautiful little warrior.

  • Origin: Slavic
  • Meaning: Glory, fame, or Slavic woman
  • Variations: Slavina, Slavka
Pretty, Regal


Sobiesława is a charming Slavic female name, which may be an uncommon choice, but one that will certainly be admired by history buffs or those who adore unique, regal names! Sobiesława is the feminine form of Sobiesław, a powerful name borne by two dukes of Bohemia, and one of Pomerania. Unique in flair but enticing nonetheless, we urge you to consider the dazzling Sobiesława for your beautiful new daughter!

  • Origin: Slavic, Polish
  • Meaning: Wisdom, fame
Strong, Regal, Unique


Sonya is a pretty Russian girl name, which is surprisingly used as a diminutive form of the pretty and popular name Sophia. Meaning “wisdom,” Sonya is strong and virtuous, as if ready and raring for anything! In the US, Sonya fell out of the baby name popularity charts after 2003. Why not bring it back in fashion by choosing it for your perfect new daughter?

  • Origin: Russian, Slavic
  • Meaning: Wisdom
  • Variations: Sonja, Sonia
  • Popularity: In the US, Sonya was an especially popular choice of baby girl name during the late 1900s, spending most of the 1960s and 1970s comfortably within the top 200 names.
Popular, Pretty


Svetlana is a dazzling Slavic name for girls, derived from the Russian element “svet,” meaning “light.” This popular choice is both strong and distinctly feminine, making it a gorgeous option to shine upon the newest little star in your life.

  • Origin: Russian, Slavic
  • Meaning: Light
  • Popularity: Pretty and radiant, Svetlana is a popular choice of name throughout Slavic countries.
Pretty, Popular


Ulyana is a pretty Slavic form of the popular, Roman-rooted feminine name Juliana. “U-” names are always appealing thanks to their rarity, and Ulyana offers a unique, more alluring alternative to the almost floral-sounding Juliana while keeping its international appeal. Plus, with the adorable meaning of “youthful,” Ulyana is a gorgeous name to bestow upon a newborn baby, who will hopefully keep her childlike curiosity and sense of adventure as she grows up.

  • Origin: Slavic
  • Meaning: Youthful
  • Variations: Juliana, Yuliana, Uliana
Unique, Sweet


Urška is a gritty yet sweet Slovene diminutive form of the Latin-rooted name Ursula. As well as being the name of the evil sea witch in the Disney animated classic The Little Mermaid, Ursula has become a rather stylish choice, thanks to its unique “U-” spelling and cool lilt. Urška is a fun variation to consider, sounding friendly yet sassy and, with the adorable meaning of “little female bear,” a perfect choice for a feisty little lady.

  • Origin: Slovene
  • Meaning: Little female bear
  • Variations: Ursula
Strong, Animals


Valeriya is a pretty and almost mythical-sounding Slavic girl name to bless upon your new little goddess. Valeriya is derived from the Roman family name Valerius, which holds the heroic meanings of “strength” and “bravery” – perfect virtues to bestow upon a little girl. Valeria is an alternative spelling you could consider, although the masculine forms Valeriy, Valery, and Valeri may also look quite cool.

  • Origin: Slavic, Roman
  • Meaning: Strength, bravery
  • Variations: Valeria
  • Namesakes: Valeriya, a Russian singer and model. Saint Valeria of Milan, an early Christian martyr.
Strong, Pretty


Valeska is a spiky and adventurous diminutive form of the Slavic girl name Valeriya, itself derived from the Roman Valerius, meaning “strength” and “bravery.” Valeska is a cool alternative to consider, with that sassy yet feminine pronunciation and strong undertones. Think Vanessa, but with an edgy, Slavic twist!

  • Origin: Slavic
  • Meaning: Strength, bravery
  • Variations: Valeška, Valeria
Cool, Unique, Strong


With the meanings of “strange” and “foreign,” the Slavic female name Varvara has a natural aura of intrigue and mystery to it, making it a perfect option for your out-of-this-world baby girl. Varvara is actually a Slavic form of the Greek-rooted name Barbara, yet sounding somewhat more modern and unique.

  • Origin: Slavic, Greek
  • Meaning: Foreign, strange
  • Variations: Barbara
Strong, Fun
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Vesna is a beautifully earthy choice of Slavic girl name, inspired by the Slavic goddess of spring and fertility. The personification of springtime, Vesna would make a delightful choice of name for a baby girl born during that time of year as a lovely way to bless upon her that magic and excitement of new beginnings wherever she goes.

  • Origin: Slavic
  • Meaning: Springtime, or relating to the Slavic goddess Vesna
Nature-inspired, Mythological, Earthy


A pretty and more enticing form of Vera, Viera is a magical and noble Slavic name for girls. Viera holds the lovely meaning of “faith,” yet could also be linked to “verus,” the Latin word for “truth.” Whichever of these virtues you choose to associate the name with, Viera is set to be a divine choice for your new little angel.

  • Origin: Slavic
  • Meaning: Faith, truth
  • Variations: Vera
Pretty, Sweet


With the vibrant meaning of “full of life,” Vitaliya is a stunning choice of Slavic girl name to bestow upon your new bundle of energy! Vitaliya is derived from the Latin masculine name Vitalis, which also translates to mean “vital” or “life.” Several saints bore this smart name, and Vitaliya is a beautiful female equivalent to stem from this gorgeous root.

  • Origin: Slavic, Russian, Ukrainian, Latin
  • Meaning: Full of life
  • Variations: Vitalia, Vitalja
Fun, Pretty


Vlasta is a warming Slavic name for girls which holds all the heart and comfort of home. This unique-sounding yet awesome choice is derived from the Slavic element “vlast,” which holds the charming meaning of “homeland,” making it a perfect choice if you’re looking to honor Slavic heritage in your baby girl’s name. Vlasta could also be used in reference to the longer, masculine Slavic names which also contain this element, such as Vlastimil or Vlastimir, which could be especially meaningful if you have people of these names in your family already.

  • Origin: Slavic
  • Meaning: Homeland
Sweet, Cool


According to Polish folklore, it is said that Princess Wanda was the daughter of Krakus, the legendary founder of the city of Krakow. As well as these legendary influences, Wanda has also shot to popularity lately amongst superhero fans, thanks to Marvel Studios’ all-powerful character of Wanda Maximoff. The name itself is said to have been derived from the name of the Wends, a historical name for tribes of Slavic people living near Germanic settlements. Popular and full of strength, this gorgeous name beginning with W is a great one to choose for your daughter.

  • Origin: Polish, Germanic
  • Meaning: Wends
Cool, Popular, Strong


Wiktoria is the Polish form of the popular and regal name Victoria, making it a brilliant and triumphant choice for your new little heroine. Wiktoria is a lovely option if you like Victoria but want to add a Polish influence. However, there are many other spelling variations to consider across Slavic languages as well, including Viktorija, Viktoria, or Viktoriya.

  • Origin: Polish
  • Meaning: Victorious
  • Variations: Victoria, Viktoria, Viktorija
Strong, Popular, Pretty


Wojciecha is a truly awesome choice of name for your feisty little princess! A female form of the masculine Wojciech, the name is derived from the archaic elements “wój” and “ciech,” meaning “war” and “joy” respectively. This meaning of “joyous warrior” gives us the image of a positive little girl who has the incredible ability to remain upbeat and strong even in the toughest of situations, a beautiful quality to have indeed.

  • Origin: Polish, Slavic
  • Meaning: Joyous warrior
  • Pronunciation: voi-cheh-ka
Strong, Cool


“X-” names are undoubtedly awesome, with their sharp sound and cool, unique flair. Yet, when you add in the adorably soft connotations of the Slavic girl name Xenia, you get a wonderful name that seems perfect in every way. Derived from Greek, Xenia holds the charming meanings of “welcome,” “hospitality,” and “guest,” giving the name a warm, loving spirit that is sure to be admired by all. If you like the sound of Xenia, you could also consider the variant spelling Ksenia, which is also sparky in its own right!

  • Origin: Slavic, Greek
  • Meaning: Hospitality, welcome, guest
  • Variations: Xena, Xeniya, Ksenia
Cool, Stylish


Yana is a pretty Slavic form of Jane, having been ultimately derived from the Hebrew masculine name, John. Meaning “God is gracious,” Yana is soft and spiritual, with a loyal feel and warming tone. Yanina would make a cute diminutive form of Yana, or you could opt for Jana for a similar style.

  • Origin: Slavic, Hebrew
  • Meaning: God is gracious
  • Variations: Jana, Jane, Yanina, Ivana
  • Namesakes: Yana, a British singer.
Heavenly, Short, Sweet


A luminous name for bright, shiny little girls – you can’t go wrong with the beautiful Yelena. This classic Russian name is a form of the Greek-rooted Helen, which holds those radiant meanings of “light” and “bright.” Yelena casts a warming glow over any girl who bears this gorgeous name, offering a bit of sunshine wherever she may go.

  • Origin: Russian, Slavic
  • Meaning: Light, bright
  • Variations: Jelena, Helen
Sweet, Pretty
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Yeva is a cool Slavic variation on the popular, Hebrew-rooted name Eve. This biblical girl’s name holds the vibrant meanings of “life” and “to live,” which provides a beautiful sentiment to sum up the power and honor of a newborn baby. Eve and Eva are both popular choices in English-speaking countries, so mix it up by opting for Yeva. You could also consider the Polish form of this name too, which is the short but sweet Ewa.

  • Origin: Slavic, Hebrew
  • Meaning: Life, to live
  • Variations: Eve, Ewa
Sweet, Short


Traditionally, Yuri is a masculine Slavic name which, believe it or not, is actually a form of the popular English boy name George! Meaning “farmer” or “earthworker,” Yuri is honest and humble, making it a popular choice for little boys. However, in Japanese, Yuri is a pretty feminine name element that holds the beautiful meaning of “lily,” and this floral connotation leads us to believe that Yuri would make a fantastic choice of unisex name, whichever origin you choose to associate it with!

  • Origin: Slavic, Greek, Japanese
  • Meaning: Farmer, earthworker, or lily
Short, Cool


For a baby born during that magical time of the morning when the sun is just starting to peek out above the horizon, Zarya is a gorgeous name to consider. In Slavic mythology, Zarya – also known as Zorya – is a female personification of daybreak, thus giving this beautifully ethereal name that luminous meaning of “sunrise” or “dawn.” Zarya sounds full of charm and wonder, a beautiful choice for an inspiring little girl.

  • Origin: Slavic, Russian
  • Meaning: Dawn, sunrise
  • Variations: Zorya
Nature-inspired, Pretty, Mythological


Zdena is a stylish feminine form of the Slavic masculine name Zdenko. Derived from a Slavic element meaning “to build” or “to create,” this gorgeously unique name connotes hard work and inspiration, making it a wonderful choice for a baby girl with a bright future ahead. If you like the “k” addition in the masculine form, consider the feminine Zdenka as a fun alternative to Zdena, too.

  • Origin: Czech, Slavic
  • Meaning: To build, to create
  • Variations: Zdenka
Strong, Unique, Stylish


With the meaning of “bringer of glory,” Zdzisława is a fantastic choice of name to bestow upon a daughter whose future you have high hopes for! A feminine form of the Polish male name Zdzisław, Zdzisława may seem like a bit of a mouthful to non-native speakers, but we assure you this mighty name is worth the pronunciation barrier. Triumphant and passionate, Zdzisława makes a lovely blessing of a name for your new little warrior queen.

  • Origin: Polish, Slavic
  • Meaning: Bringer of glory
  • Pronunciation: zhjee-swa-fa
Unique, Cool, Strong


According to Slavic mythology, Živa was the name of a goddess of life and fertility, best associated with the Polabian Slavs. Her earthy, ethereal spirit adds beautifully soft and outdoorsy connotations to the name, making Živa an especially gorgeous choice for a baby born in the springtime.

  • Origin: Slavic
  • Meaning: Living, or relating to the Slavic goddess Živa
  • Variations: Zhiva, Siwa
Earthy, Mythological, Nature-inspired


Zofia is a pretty and attractive Slavic variant of the popular name Sofia, which is ultimately rooted in Greek. With the meaning of “wisdom,” Zofia is a wonderfully virtuous choice of name, encouraging education and bravery in your new little princess. The cute diminutive Zosia is an adorable option to consider, too!

  • Origin: Slavic, Greek
  • Meaning: Wisdom
  • Variations: Sophia, Sofia, Zosia
Pretty, Popular


Zora is a beautiful Slavic girl name that holds the dazzling meaning of “dawn.” This could be used as a gorgeous metaphor for the birth of your daughter being like a new sunrise in your life, or it may just be a sweet way to commemorate a baby born on a particularly dreamy morning. Zora is a pretty option for a short girl name, but may be elongated to Zorana or Zorka, which are both also fun Slavic choices.

  • Origin: Slavic
  • Meaning: Sunrise, dawn
  • Variations: Zorana, Zorka
  • Namesakes: Zora Neale Hurston, an American author and anthropologist.
Nature-inspired, Short, Pretty


Zornitsa is an especially “stellar” choice of name for a baby girl, as it holds the celestial meaning of “morning star.” Bright and luminous, this pretty name has a unique pronunciation but stylish appeal, and would sound beautiful if bestowed upon your own little ethereal goddess.

  • Origin: Bulgarian
  • Meaning: Morning star
Nature-inspired, Unique, Pretty


A celestial choice for an out-of-this-world little goddess, we love the name Zvezdana for your little girl. Meaning “star,” this pretty Slavic girl’s name beautifully captures the shimmer of hope and inspiration that comes with the arrival of a newborn. Alternative forms of this name include the longer Zvjezdana, or the shorter Zvezda. Either way, we adore the double “Z” appeal of this name, as it just adds that extra air of awesomeness!

  • Origin: Slavic
  • Meaning: Star
  • Variations: Zvezda, Zvjezdana, Dvezda
Strong, Nature-inspired
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